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LeToya Luckett - Back 2 Life -
Published: 1 year ago By: LeToyaVEVO

By: LeToyaVEVOPublished: 1 year ago

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“Back 2 Life” is from LeToya’s forthcoming album titled ‘Back 2 Life'
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Idikima DiaBa
'Idikima DiaBa' 1 day ago
Letoya is very sweety and sings very good. I love her .
Marvim Oliveira
'Marvim Oliveira' 4 days ago
kimberly harris
'kimberly harris' 1 week ago
Their argument....that's Cynthia talking thru dude
Clarice Vernon
'Clarice Vernon' 1 week ago
This is what I went through but the funny part is y'all listen to this it was his own brother baby mother hmmmm feel me
Latoya Ausborn
'Latoya Ausborn' 1 week ago
First of all.. if I didn’t say the argument was over, it’s DEFINITELY NOT. And that hand clapping bs would’ve did it 🤬
Frances Kingston
'Frances Kingston' 1 week ago
Men favorite line “Stop trying to change me”. So you’re naturally a cheater? Unfaithfulness is your DNA?
daisy diaz
'daisy diaz' 2 weeks ago
Nothing but the truth 😕
mother abigail
'mother abigail' 2 weeks ago
Her voice is amazing
Alexandra Kirk
'Alexandra Kirk' 2 weeks ago
wow this was really good, even down to the video I was way into this like nah Toya im w you way too friendly lol
'cojack' 2 weeks ago
Woooooorrrrrrrkkkkkkk ........Ms. LeToya......this song and video is SICKENING.....
Genevieve Jimenez
'Genevieve Jimenez' 2 weeks ago
I literally just went through a breakup about an hour ago like this, for these reasons too wow. Crazy how music like this finds you when you need to hear it.
Bentley Blue92
'Bentley Blue92' 2 weeks ago
Man she did her thing the story line is so true this happens with women & men
Kayla Judge
'Kayla Judge' 2 weeks ago
I love this song!
Alanasha Pacheco
'Alanasha Pacheco' 2 weeks ago
I love this song I felt this shit 💯💯
Rico Sauvelone
'Rico Sauvelone' 2 weeks ago
Yooo did the friend and guy kiss in the end though 🤔🤔🤔
Deajene Horne
'Deajene Horne' 2 weeks ago
Sorry but I keep thinking of the fresh prince of bel air
Yazmin Estrada
'Yazmin Estrada' 2 weeks ago
Crazy how it’s like this sometimes and how accurate it is. This song should’ve won an award
Raquel C. Gary
'Raquel C. Gary' 2 weeks ago
Whole album is fiyah! I hae no idea why it was not number 1.
samantha barahona
'samantha barahona' 3 weeks ago
A little bit more respec..... boyyyyyyy I would have dipped so damn fast. If anything she under-reacted.
* Constellations of Me
I need this to be a whole movie; her acting is wonderful.
* Constellations of Me
Oh hell no. Don't you dare make me want to cut my hair, Letoya. NO.
bella K
'bella K' 3 weeks ago
the video is so relateable. it makes the song 10x better
Jude Parker
'Jude Parker' 3 weeks ago
Love every bit of that song
'Elibelle' 3 weeks ago
Who is the actor who plays the boyfriend
Emmie Luvay
'Emmie Luvay' 3 weeks ago
My life is a small nutshell. Smh
Nia Harris
'Nia Harris' 3 weeks ago
tell him toya
babatunde rufai
'babatunde rufai' 3 weeks ago
Boy listen to this beautiful flower. She doesn't demand much.
babatunde rufai
'babatunde rufai' 3 weeks ago
I hate it when we are so insensitive to each others concern.
'virgolove08281991' 3 weeks ago
pull through La Toya i luv this
Ronaldo Monroe
'Ronaldo Monroe' 3 weeks ago
Reality is a purpose for this is how we live.
D Jennings
'D Jennings' 3 weeks ago
all her videos she talk too much, it is no longer a music video What she call these --- extremely short short short MINI DRAMAS --- What she call these ( don't answer I can't hold on to this for the answer AND REALLY DON'T CARE
Mz Hollywood
'Mz Hollywood' 3 weeks ago
❤️ 2018
Farouk Musa
'Farouk Musa' 3 weeks ago
They don't reward talent. Only fame
Shayla Moultry
'Shayla Moultry' 3 weeks ago
Shavonte Collins
'Shavonte Collins' 3 weeks ago
Damn i lowkey snapped on my current girlfriend in the car like this dude did about my best friend who is a girl, and eventhough it took me a lil minute to empathise and understand how she felt i eventually cut back big time. My girlfriend and i been together for about a year we had some really bad fights, however honesty and loyalty is everything in a healthy relationship. Damn this video deserve a grammy or something.
'OHM' 3 weeks ago
Grammy!! Oscar!! Emmy!! Everything!!!
'OHM' 3 weeks ago
Fucking goosebumps 💜💜💜
Christina Hollede
'Christina Hollede' 3 weeks ago
this video!!! too fucking familiar.
Shamonn Wise
'Shamonn Wise' 3 weeks ago
Love this song
'Sugarymess' 3 weeks ago
I Would’ve had a record after that “friendly” meet up 🤔
'kamikazemind327' 3 weeks ago
leilani mccray
'leilani mccray' 3 weeks ago
Twitter brought me here
Ebut1099 H
'Ebut1099 H' 3 weeks ago
This song is deep...chills!🤦🏾‍♀️ I'm so late smh
demetrice jones
'demetrice jones' 3 weeks ago
Ain’t gone lie I got a girl best friend that come with that same energy old me would’ve hit my girl with the “you tripping” but mature me now can see that’s some unacceptable shit when you got a girl
Shamiya Battles
'Shamiya Battles' 3 weeks ago
Wow, such a touching message!
hyphyassvee !
'hyphyassvee !' 3 weeks ago
hold on.. is that cuddle buddy from being mary jane? 😂😂😂 girl
India Amour
'India Amour' 4 weeks ago
Damn this song was deep made me cry
Arana Riley
'Arana Riley' 4 weeks ago
That's right leave his a__
Leanna Brown
'Leanna Brown' 4 weeks ago
LeToya girl I feel this Shit
samiya houston
'samiya houston' 4 weeks ago
u right girl
Denise Moyler
'Denise Moyler' 4 weeks ago
Love this video
Iesha Carthen
'Iesha Carthen' 4 weeks ago
Love it!!!!!
Lorraine G.
'Lorraine G.' 4 weeks ago
One thing for sure you Dont have to stay in a relationship with a person who mistreats you or dimisses you for another person or anything else
Shakira Rose
'Shakira Rose' 4 weeks ago
no way I'd allow a bish to be on my man like that... like xcuse me?? she rubbing his neck n stuff ?
Mcclenton Jnecia
'Mcclenton Jnecia' 4 weeks ago
Go go go go luckett I wanna hear more of u keep working hard..ur vocals are beautiful...I wanna hear it
'I'm EnVi' 4 weeks ago
guizmou Muñoz²
'guizmou Muñoz²' 1 month ago
she's a good actress and a singer too .
Alicia Purnell casey
Sick of the games
ezekiel jose
'ezekiel jose' 1 month ago
2018 ??💕💕
Samantha Robinson
'Samantha Robinson' 1 month ago
Wear Montgomery
'Wear Montgomery' 1 month ago
Wear Montgomery
'Wear Montgomery' 1 month ago
'J'Amores World' 1 month ago
This song and video is amazing
'J'Amores World' 1 month ago
I love her 😍😍😍🌹
Cierra Washington
'Cierra Washington' 1 month ago
My life story
Rochelle Gross
'Rochelle Gross' 1 month ago
This video is on point. .love it
jade davis
'jade davis' 1 month ago
I Cry Everytime I Listen To This Song 😔 But It’s So Good So Similar So Real & Relatable. It’s Kind Of Scary ❤️ .. At The Same Time , It Also Brings Happiness Because I’ve Learned How To Let Go & Move On. Exactly Of What Letoya Is Doing. I’m Unbothered & Blessed Right Now 💕 & All My Opponents Are Wishing They Never Did Any Harm #God Bless
Alexander Scott
'Alexander Scott' 1 month ago
I love her
Svmurvi Blvck Zvck
'Svmurvi Blvck Zvck' 1 month ago
Nice sample
Mica Monroe
'Mica Monroe' 1 month ago
All women have that "intuition" and it's never wrong
'JacquelineChase93' 1 month ago
Excited is not the word, I’m so ready to get my listen on!!!!!!!!
Shannon Jackman
'Shannon Jackman' 1 month ago
this shit does happen
Kyyng Jayy
'Kyyng Jayy' 1 month ago
I was in a bus when I saw this on the TV that's on the inside and I absolutely loved it. As soon as I got home, I downloaded the song and had it on repeat.
Shea Kay
'Shea Kay' 1 month ago
He so damn fine
juanita PORTER
'juanita PORTER' 1 month ago
'BigPrimo33' 1 month ago
Props to Thomas Jones. My mans a good actor. Not bad for a former football player!
Suroh Uxhosa
'Suroh Uxhosa' 2 months ago
Damn not another transgender.. Latoya is a boy and its plain to see
Jane Doe
'Jane Doe' 2 months ago
This song and each CONTINUED VIDEO that followed SAVED ME EMOTIONALLY & SPIRITUALLY. This video drew me in. It was like watching the hardest part of my life precisely & as accurate it could be. Even the words scripted in this video seemed verbatim. EXCEPT, 1 verse; "cause I'm not the jealous type". -- I AM. 😞 I lost myself & my entire world the day my trust & love of my love became someone I didn't know or want to know, overnight. I literally became PHYSICALLY SICK after our breakup, & more so finding out he indeed gave himself to another woman. Abandoned, & left to suffer images my mind imagined (his touches, facial expressions, his intimacy), giving away what I thought was solely mine & would never be shared. Before finding out his betrayal, I can honestly say, I felt no less than SPIRITUAL BLESSED & HONORED to feel the passion & love created together. All awhile, he was doing me dirty. 😥 My faith has always believed: All of us in life have a purpose. Never doubt that or second guess it. (You'll understand why I point this out soon). I was on verge of taking my life this December 2017. I lost my 6 yr relationship June 2017, my mother August 2017, & my father October 2017. Then, out of the blue-- the video of LaToya's wedding was released ❤❤❤. I decided to go back & watch this here video BACK TO LIFE & the following 2-- music trilogies. Ending with the REAL LIFE wedding video...... Hence, (and the reason why I pointed out that EVERYONE was given a purpose here on earth passed down by God).... Its January "2018".... I'm alive. I did not take my own life. I was SAVED❤. Thank You LaToya & Tommicus!!!! The End
mirembe Rosette
'mirembe Rosette' 2 months ago
I love the story lines in her songs
'faithfortuneforever1' 2 months ago
LeToya is Bomb! Sza who?
Jana Jan
'Jana Jan' 2 months ago
I would’ve slapped that thin bang off her head, ain’t no need to be that friendly.
John Doe
'John Doe' 2 months ago
maybe its a lieee
Agelsom Reis
'Agelsom Reis' 2 months ago
Brasil: good work! Liked . Kiss
'perduebrittney21' 2 months ago
Yasss Letoya you sang the hell outta this song🔥
Aniah Nobles
'Aniah Nobles' 2 months ago
I felt this song on a spiritual level
Jarvaun Lindsay
'Jarvaun Lindsay' 2 months ago
great video!
Brittani Wiseman
'Brittani Wiseman' 2 months ago
love this!!!!
jessica thorpe
'jessica thorpe' 2 months ago
Im going through all of this right now smh IT ENDS TONIGHT
'AminaCentral' 2 months ago
arent you from The preachers Daughter
West Coast Cali
'West Coast Cali' 2 months ago
Real talk.....a woman's INTUITION is real af.....
paris braxton
'paris braxton' 2 months ago
I bought her album an I love she always make good records
Cynthia Ingram
'Cynthia Ingram' 2 months ago
How this fuckboy bring his girlfriend to meet his girlfriend...Boy now that's just too much power for any dude to have....But yeah okay!!...🤣
Sommer Kelsey Foard
'Sommer Kelsey Foard' 2 months ago
I looooooovvvvvveeee videos that match songs!!!! Tells a story!!! Not just ass & lingerie videos
Tracy Hubbard
'Tracy Hubbard' 2 months ago
Damn this is a great video,part one, then "IN THE NAME" when we find out he cheated that "friend"
BEAUTI 070812
'BEAUTI 070812' 2 months ago
puppy Moz
'puppy Moz' 2 months ago
2k unlike the video! This is insane! 😁
Arizona Shawty
'Arizona Shawty' 2 months ago
LOVE LOVE LOVE this song!
Rose Rosewood
'Rose Rosewood' 2 months ago
I love this song!
Bebe H
'Bebe H' 2 months ago
Maybe i need a Break now before i break down
'mxxsade' 2 months ago
"I can't change who my friends are. I can't change who I am to be in this relationship." -Every dudes #1 line with inappropriate female relationships
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