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LeToya Luckett - Back 2 Life -
Published: 2 weeks ago By: LeToyaVEVO

By: LeToyaVEVOPublished: 2 weeks ago

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“Back 2 Life” is from LeToya’s forthcoming album titled ‘Until Then”
Get ‘Back 2 Life’ -

Johnna Whitehead
'Johnna Whitehead' 4 minutes ago
Damn that was good
'BeChickaboom' 10 minutes ago
Yeah!! Letoya is back!! This is the best late Christmas present ever!
ana lucia graciliano
'ana lucia graciliano' 18 minutes ago
Le Toya e cantora atriz gosto dos trabalhos dela
'QuietStorm26' 23 minutes ago
the friend zone brought me here
'JulySummers' 27 minutes ago
That "Oh, no you didn't" look on LeToya's face @3:41 says it all. There'd be no need for further conversation for me at that point. Dude and his "like a sister/brother," homie-lover-friend could have each other. I'm done. 💯✌
Venus Eliyah
'Venus Eliyah' 1 hour ago
can't wait for part 2! Letoya's acting skills is getting better
'Kat' 2 hours ago
I actually like this better than Lemonade
Cosmic Travie
'Cosmic Travie' 2 hours ago
dont let these dudes play with ya mind... cause they will! anywho so ima nust say this put Latoya back on the map... def the best prodution of the year musically so far!
Paula K Wambua
'Paula K Wambua' 2 hours ago
Sherrie Burks
'Sherrie Burks' 3 hours ago
cool video
'jeannine90kb' 3 hours ago
Isn't he the guy from "Being Mary Jane"?
stay humble
'stay humble' 3 hours ago
Latoya Luckett is necessary to music i really dig her.
'ShareTheTaste' 3 hours ago
everytime I watch this, I can still feel pain in my heart. I can never understand him.
'SimplyT' 3 hours ago
love it
Carl Ellis
'Carl Ellis' 3 hours ago
great video ..this is how a video should be ..a reflection of the song a story. well done ..she got one wit this
Anabel Andrade
'Anabel Andrade' 3 hours ago
Dang nothing but the truth
Just burn down In chanel
if you got out your phone maybe you'll realize wtf you have...that part spoke to my soul!!
Detriona Young
'Detriona Young' 4 hours ago
was my situation for 2 1/2 yrs. wldv been 3.. but I believe in I patiently moved on!
'Madison' 4 hours ago
Great video
'identityiskey' 4 hours ago
Qwes 4ever
'Qwes 4ever' 4 hours ago
The End
'The End' 4 hours ago
He was Way to Friendly, than tried to make it seem like she was the trouble. If you find a guy like that you gotta let him go he bad news
'Markdancez' 4 hours ago
real life shit!! love this LeToya
Sasha B.
'Sasha B.' 5 hours ago
I see LeToya is back by popular demand!😎😍💙💁
Jonatan Bandeira
'Jonatan Bandeira' 6 hours ago
Beyonce, Kelly, and LeToya would be the ultimate DC.
Angela Vasquez
'Angela Vasquez' 6 hours ago
That's what he gets at the end
Angela Vasquez
'Angela Vasquez' 6 hours ago
nah he was acting funny on the phone with this bitch not paying me no mind nahh
Jannielle Brown
'Jannielle Brown' 8 hours ago
I love EVERYTHING about this! Letoya is back!
ee t
'ee t' 8 hours ago
This video is real. Never trust a dude when he says. A female friend is their "best friend", "like a brother" or the classic "MY HOME GIRL."
Safaa Esamsi
'Safaa Esamsi' 10 hours ago
Back 2 life - Sean kingston
lewis alexander
'lewis alexander' 10 hours ago
great video and song
Brittny K
'Brittny K' 11 hours ago
Damn my heart was beating so fast. I need more with the story
Dinnie Exodus
'Dinnie Exodus' 11 hours ago
Clip so interesting wanna see where this story goes.
Sandrine Kamdem
'Sandrine Kamdem' 11 hours ago
2nd part please ...hope You will kick his ass
'brkertffny2006' 11 hours ago
Love the video Letoya. You did your thing on this one. Kudos for having a real video to go along with it too.
Nievea Real
'Nievea Real' 12 hours ago
great song I love it she always looks amazing
Lemonade Show
'Lemonade Show' 13 hours ago
yeahhhhhhhhhhhhhhh she com back
Cannon Jon
'Cannon Jon' 14 hours ago
buy her talented Black artists....if we dont, no one else will
Cannon Jon
'Cannon Jon' 14 hours ago
YAAAS LETOYA Bring us the drama....YAAAAAAS. Bitch gave us an 8 minute movie...YAAAAS....and can we talk about how beautiful she is with the short me hollywood glamour looks!!! yesss!!
'YayyHigh' 14 hours ago
That was hard!
Karen Hardiman
'Karen Hardiman' 14 hours ago
I'm still mad you took rosewood money =( lol
Destiny Storm
'Destiny Storm' 15 hours ago
yo that was deep asf. I love this x
Latoya Latoya
'Latoya Latoya' 15 hours ago
good job toya
'ShallayBeNatural' 16 hours ago
this video and song was EVERYTHING <3
steve johnson
'steve johnson' 16 hours ago
dope ass video and song
steve johnson
'steve johnson' 16 hours ago
suge knight bodyguard got lucky in this video, lol
Ezra Brown
'Ezra Brown' 16 hours ago
favorite part when they argue and she says "you don't value what you have because you don't know what you fuckin have" yesss
Nohemy Clotilde
'Nohemy Clotilde' 16 hours ago
good job girl...
Don Dada
'Don Dada' 17 hours ago
UGHHHH I HATE LeToya ass yo.. Her videos always be so fuckin good I know I wanted to jump thru my damn phone a couple times. I'm a guy but that car scene when he was like"you need to show both of us more respect" yooooo my phone screen was literally 2 centimeters from my eyeballs I was looking at this nigga like you can't be serious😂😂 ik this nigga ain't just tell his GIRL she need to show him & his "FRIEND" more respect.. As a guy that was fucked up as hell and LeToya a good one bcuz CYNTHIA would've left the coffee shop with NO FUCKIN FINGERS deadass..
Be Vee
'Be Vee' 17 hours ago
That was DOPE
Latasha Ford
'Latasha Ford' 18 hours ago
Love the song and she's a great actor....
I swear I feel like this should be a movie or show or something, I swear I didn't want it to end, this song is definitely going in the playlist under heavy rotation!!!
Art Bark
'Art Bark' 18 hours ago
Lovely video LeToya
Art Bark
'Art Bark' 18 hours ago
Most black relationships are sooo unrealistic.This is not negativity. These are words to help build the spirit of our community.
Art Bark
'Art Bark' 18 hours ago
This is way two sexy people in a relationship can't stay together enough to build. Why? No one person in the relationship is willing to sacrifice their past or future to be with that one person. We have to find love in who God sends us and the person may not be what we imagined.
Courtney Stewart
'Courtney Stewart' 19 hours ago
I love the song and video but the way that trick was rubbing on him. I would've beat down both of them for disrespecting me👊🏾
J. Rochelle
'J. Rochelle' 19 hours ago
Tola Ajibola
'Tola Ajibola' 21 hours ago
Nah LeToya came back with a bang!
Hope Vashawn
'Hope Vashawn' 21 hours ago
That's fire!
Terrence rogers
'Terrence rogers' 21 hours ago
Man Latoya went in on this video. Any dude who been down this road should definitely feel this video
keisha A
'keisha A' 21 hours ago
love this video
melrosana silvera
'melrosana silvera' 22 hours ago
this my new favourite song on the internet
Malinda Malu
'Malinda Malu' 22 hours ago
This video is so good!! I didn't want it to end
Camille J
'Camille J' 22 hours ago
Dope Ass Fuck!!!!!
Lovell Robinson
'Lovell Robinson' 23 hours ago
I hope when she blew out the candles she wished for a NEW man
'mylifeaserica' 23 hours ago
Preacher's kid ain't here to play. YAS Letoya!
email myratgmailcom
'email myratgmailcom' 24 hours ago
Love this !
T Will
'T Will' 24 hours ago
The video's dope. The songs good too.
Will Ant
'Will Ant' 1 day ago
all these years and she's still hiding that forehead Lol I love her tho!!
aly l
'aly l' 1 day ago
I can connect to this soo much it's scary but soo real
Takiyah Iza
'Takiyah Iza' 1 day ago
On repeat 🔁🔥👌🏽✨
jewell lincoln
'jewell lincoln' 1 day ago
love this cut
H Jordan
'H Jordan' 1 day ago
That dude trippin
Tia Mck
'Tia Mck' 1 day ago
That Ghost Angela Tasha type🌚👀
Christina Silva
'Christina Silva' 1 day ago
she's a great actress and singer
mary burrell
'mary burrell' 1 day ago
Yes Toya yes
Sarah lovestosing
lyrics ?
Kori Hilson
'Kori Hilson' 1 day ago
This is amazing. Letoya did this song and video. #BringBackR&B
Olivia Carter
'Olivia Carter' 1 day ago
I love. This !
Ester “Essie” Klark
This song is beautiful and her voice is perfect for this, slay girl
Eazy E.
'Eazy E.' 1 day ago
very nice song about ..when you were single and just fine...and then you meet that fall in love....and realize they were only meant to be in your life for a season....can't/won't let it stop you...from getting back to you..back to life..I dig it
Ludevine Landveld
beauty and the beast
'MissEmpresss' 1 day ago
When he said "you should show me and her a lil more respect" both me and Latoya's head went back at the same time. Nah ninja you got the wrong one.
Jasmine Holmes
'Jasmine Holmes' 1 day ago
Best video I've seen in a while!!
Mich LaBelle
'Mich LaBelle' 1 day ago
_akhii 99
'_akhii 99' 1 day ago
Eni Caushi
'Eni Caushi' 1 day ago
Love it
K How
'K How' 1 day ago
yes MA'AM!! tht was fucking amazing!!!
Felly Youss
'Felly Youss' 1 day ago
till 2017 i'll be right here waiting for you just back to reality
Jamil Barker
'Jamil Barker' 1 day ago
Simply Just Love Her
Dave Humphrey
'Dave Humphrey' 2 days ago
ARE THERE GUYS OUT THERE THAT STILL REALLY THINKS TO HAVE THEIR HOME GIRL CLOSE TO THEM WHILE HAVING A GIRLFRIEND IS RIGHT? That shit would even drive me crazy if my girl would have his homme boy close when i am dating her
Dave Humphrey
'Dave Humphrey' 2 days ago
i want someone to apply cream on my face and lick it the same way she dd
The Power Is In Me
is that Thomas Jones!?!?
nosipho ngubane
'nosipho ngubane' 2 days ago
why did he even introduce them without setting boundaries with the best friend first? is he seriously implying he would be okay with a guy touching his girl like that? niggas ain't shit smh
'I'm Blue' 2 days ago
I'm a survivor😏💪🐝😂🍋
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