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LeToya Luckett - Back 2 Life -
Published: 5 months ago By: LeToyaVEVO

By: LeToyaVEVOPublished: 5 months ago

4, 755, 567 views

91, 396 Likes   1, 947 Dislikes

“Back 2 Life” is from LeToya’s forthcoming album titled ‘Back 2 Life'
Get ‘Back 2 Life’ -

That Girl Cesca
'That Girl Cesca' 9 hours ago
cheating dudes will say they cheated bc she was nagging too much
yenkos beb
'yenkos beb' 9 hours ago
ooh my LeToya...lovely queen...i want to hit that nigga
kinlaw kounts
'kinlaw kounts' 12 hours ago
Love this song and video! Caught LeToya in the first episode of Ballers. She is a naturally gifted actress and a great singer.
Ms. Dawn
'Ms. Dawn' 14 hours ago
Real life....she my best friend...really now? love this song
Akeem Manifold
'Akeem Manifold' 16 hours ago
#( I swear I saw dude in "straight outta Compton" )!!
Harley Quinn
'Harley Quinn' 1 day ago
tyler perry should finish this into a movie
'Trisha' 2 days ago
who are the 1,942 who don't like this video and why?
Erica76 G
'Erica76 G' 2 days ago
angel eyes
'angel eyes' 2 days ago
Tellem Toya!!!! Went in on him.
'kakinaz' 2 days ago
Wow..... this video is amazing, I was totally hooked. Man, so emotionally driven! I am feeling it.. I must say the next video clip is awesome.... Love it, totally love it..
Cheryl Mcleod
'Cheryl Mcleod' 3 days ago
Nya T
'Nya T' 3 days ago
It's Like I Watched A Good Lifetime Movie. Get It LeToya !! 😍😍
tania roman
'tania roman' 3 days ago
'TheProCure' 3 days ago
Is it bad that I want to straight up fight him like a dude when he says, "maybe you should show me and her a little more respect?" I'm thinking, "Me not punching you in the chiclets was me showing you respect. Get with it!"
'Lovnlace' 4 days ago
Real shit
Ssra Knoue
'Ssra Knoue' 4 days ago
Latoya gurlllllllllll so glad you're back. You did that!!!!!!!
Uriah Oden
'Uriah Oden' 4 days ago
I listen to this song everyday!! This video gives me life :) L.L. more please!!!
SIS TV Network
'SIS TV Network' 4 days ago
Love it!!! MY girl Toya is killin' it!
'Mi'Lecia Sims' 4 days ago
my current situation
'MsCcSexy' 5 days ago
that is one fine ass chocolate man.
Fair Game on
'Fair Game on' 5 days ago
They OVER LOOKED this TALENT in LeToya Luckett... If given the same chance she is just as good and possibly better than Beyonce in a different WAY. totally different Feeling about her skills!
Lewis Comeaux
'Lewis Comeaux' 5 days ago
dam this video is real deep real shit in a real reality
Shaiqua Jackson
'Shaiqua Jackson' 6 days ago
when get her cd so bed love her music so she is keill it ever bodly should get her music..n
Curly K
'Curly K' 6 days ago
I think it's time for me to get back to life
Rodrea Mackey
'Rodrea Mackey' 6 days ago
Girl this is too many of my relationships. Keep singing and bringing back real videos that reenact real life!
'D'Andre Manigo' 6 days ago
Like how this girl was always in the background of DC I will never understand.
Donnelle Halls
'Donnelle Halls' 6 days ago
I felt every inch of her pain regardless of the fact I have never been in such a situation. This means she is very convincing and talented actress and singer.
Morgan Townes
'Morgan Townes' 6 days ago
"don't don't do that" "don't don't do that" LMAO
Desmond Goldson
'Desmond Goldson' 6 days ago
Dis shit was sexy as hell
Shanty Love
'Shanty Love' 6 days ago
I love this!! when is she coming out with more music!!! I would def. love to go see her perform in person !!!
'yaya18aug' 6 days ago
Exceptional song and video, such a an underrated artist. Keep doing your thing.
dmartinez bush
'dmartinez bush' 6 days ago
I resonate with this on a spiritual level
Nikki Nicole
'Nikki Nicole' 7 days ago
Toya showed her ass on this song...She's so under-rated!
Courtney Palmer
'Courtney Palmer' 7 days ago
Can I just give this song AND the video a million thumbs up?? 👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍🙌🙌🙌🙌🙌🙌🙌🙌🙌🙌 Please.....
Candace Davis
'Candace Davis' 1 week ago
LaToya has the most beautiful eyes. I wish her much success
Chesiree Chance
'Chesiree Chance' 1 week ago
She playes on that church movie with tank
'Chocolategal20' 1 week ago
Now I remember him! He was Mary Jane's FWB in the tv show ''being mary jane''. Hes so fine *.*
Sarah Smile
'Sarah Smile' 1 week ago
I love the video, the song, the concept. People are sleeping on Toya. Purchase her music people. She is a rare artist.
barbara ross
'barbara ross' 1 week ago
congrats, for coming to your own women. i wish you many many blessings.
Titania Newman
'Titania Newman' 1 week ago
Omg I love LeToya Luckett! All her songs on Back to life is life . I listen to The whole Cd every day durning my workout.🙌🏾🙌🏾🙌🏾🙌🏾🙌🏾👏🏾👏🏾👏🏾👏🏾👏🏾
K. Smith
'K. Smith' 1 week ago
Great Job to the crew that put this together, your acting is great!!!!! Awesome job LeToya.
Jay moonbeam
'Jay moonbeam' 1 week ago
I love that short hair on her
Eneli Muhammad
'Eneli Muhammad' 1 week ago
Best Song She EVER MADE!!
'pinkphoenix1111' 1 week ago
Relating to this song hard today. Just had a similar blowout(not over a girl) with the love of my life. He left me alone in a hotel in a city I'm not from(he is ). Classy. Almost 20 years I've known him. But my love was 1 sided. Goodbye my love. I love myself more.
Raven Ovah
'Raven Ovah' 1 week ago
OMG I LOVE YOU,  this video is all on point in my life right now,  thank you  for the message at the end of this video  #LetoyaLuckett
'dai' 1 week ago
" i love ya even though you ain good for me " 😍😍😍😍 she such a baddie
Rodney Graham
'Rodney Graham' 1 week ago
OMG LATOYA you are amazing! talent knows no bounds. B should feel threatened by your talent!
'giftedsinger13' 1 week ago
That book she was reading is: How to prevent having a heart attack after sleeping with one of the finest living chocolate man on earth!!!!!...Lol:)
'TyAlwaysLit' 1 week ago
she look like the girl from Friday that Craig liked
Zanobia J
'Zanobia J' 1 week ago
Letoya is a great vocal talent. Was it the directors idea for the other woman to have more chemistry with the male actor? She knew how to touch and embrace that beautiful Mandingo body. Letoya looked alittle uncomfortable and out of element.
Tayana Cox
'Tayana Cox' 1 week ago
I can't believe ppl don't like this song..🙄
'Sha'Nya Taylor' 1 week ago
This really need to be a movie
Winter Clay
'Winter Clay' 1 week ago
This can be like a singing movie or something it look like a movie too
Zarina 13
'Zarina 13' 1 week ago
Good job Miss Luckett even tho your not with Beyonce anymore
Joy Brailsford
'Joy Brailsford' 1 week ago
he's is a two timing dog!...she needs to get rid of him she deserves better. friend my ass.....😵😡
lovie marshall
'lovie marshall' 1 week ago
I love this song an the video is awesome 💜
Tundica A
'Tundica A' 1 week ago
I could do with a part 2; it juicy!
Marvin Bryson
'Marvin Bryson' 1 week ago
Love this lady's perseverance, literally back from the abyss with recurring television and film roles, now this enlighten take on those with fidelity issues.
vernice mcneil
'vernice mcneil' 1 week ago
love the video and that song is everything
omar peters
'omar peters' 2 weeks ago
Le Toya , love your song. I went through the same shit. been single so long. I think I may never find the one. I work hard and want someone to be 100 . I am getting too old for this. I gotta get back to life back to reality, gotta be tru gotta look out for me. No one will, gotta be on your A game, i never stood out, everyone labled me a no name never into sports or fashion considered a lame. I want tru love tired of giz ames. So i want to get back to life back to reality.
Y Lomas
'Y Lomas' 2 weeks ago
this is so long, I just wanted to hear the song...I mean it's cute, but I like instant gratification​. PS, I'm not having any of that...😒😒 "you've known her longer, show her more respect" boy bye...
Musty MK47 Khan
'Musty MK47 Khan' 2 weeks ago
I want the original of this song.The old skool version
paulo ferreira
'paulo ferreira' 2 weeks ago
Its hard to me Been a Brazilian guy because i lost so many good musics that i dont even know that exist :(
Autumn Sampson
'Autumn Sampson' 2 weeks ago
@Heyparis brought me here
Ilana OConnor
'Ilana OConnor' 2 weeks ago
shes talented
Nanette Bell
'Nanette Bell' 2 weeks ago
Love this song, hits the point!
4MyAngels steve
'4MyAngels steve' 2 weeks ago
Latoya is so talented beautiful voice.
Michelle Johnson
'Michelle Johnson' 2 weeks ago
She is so naturally gorgeous....Sometimes less is more...
MercuryLove Ocean
'MercuryLove Ocean' 2 weeks ago
Toya is so damn beautifully gorgeous , and she has major talent... this video was ON POINT from start to finish .
lamicka gibbs
'lamicka gibbs' 2 weeks ago
a womans intusion or feelngs...a woman knows another woman.... making excuses lying fighting, its another way out or to leave,men have more insecurties than women......
Cute Doggo
'Cute Doggo' 2 weeks ago
Lmao I love these, where's ep 3😂😂
Tramaine Symoud
'Tramaine Symoud' 2 weeks ago
On the radio it sounded like Lloyd singing in background
Mary Turner
'Mary Turner' 2 weeks ago
Yesssss I love this letoya
'Aquawatereau.' 2 weeks ago
SOUL II SOUL "Back to life" (1989)
'mzdoright25' 2 weeks ago
im waiting on part 3 love this. i feel everything about it.
Markimeyon Fluellen
'Markimeyon Fluellen' 2 weeks ago
yesssss i loved every 8 minutes of it🎶🎶
Chae Beauty
'Chae Beauty' 2 weeks ago
Damn! That's a fine ass nig... man. A fine ass man 😩
Anita Jones
'Anita Jones' 2 weeks ago
+Talib moore I concur. I could totally see this as a remake of Boomerang (Eddie Murphy/Halle Berry) or new release. LeToya should totally act.
Ariyanna Mills
'Ariyanna Mills' 2 weeks ago
fake beyonce
'BeautyByCrisha' 2 weeks ago
Yes go in toya ., her and syvn streeter., dark skin baddies
Napoleon Wilson
'Napoleon Wilson' 2 weeks ago
and the Grammy goes to Letoya for best supporting actress!!!
Durrell Kitchen
'Durrell Kitchen' 2 weeks ago
Thomas and LeToya's Fight is a 💯👏👏👏
Durrell Kitchen
'Durrell Kitchen' 2 weeks ago
SIU and Texas Ranger Division Headquarters and C.D.'s Bar and Grill
Durrell Kitchen
'Durrell Kitchen' 2 weeks ago
1994 Dodge Ram 1500 (Walker's Truck) 1972 Plymouth Barra'Cuda (Nash's Car)
Durrell Kitchen
'Durrell Kitchen' 2 weeks ago
San Francisco Bay Area Dallas-Fort Worth Metroplex Nash Bridges. Friday Night at 9:00pm on CBS Walker,Texas Ranger. Saturday Night at 9:00pm on CBS
Durrell Kitchen
'Durrell Kitchen' 2 weeks ago
Nash Bridges and Caitlin Cross Nash Bridges and Kelly Bridges Cassidy Bridges and Evan Cortez
Durrell Kitchen
'Durrell Kitchen' 2 weeks ago
Cordell Walker and Alex Cahill Cordell Walker and Jimmy Trivette Francis Gage and Sydney Cook Nash Bridges and Joe Dominguez
Durrell Kitchen
'Durrell Kitchen' 2 weeks ago
Walker,Texas Ranger (1993-2001) Nash Bridges (1996-2001)
Dominique Harris
'Dominique Harris' 2 weeks ago
yasssssss 😍
Desiree M
'Desiree M' 2 weeks ago
That's why when I meet a man and says his ex girlfriend was "Crazy"...this is what I imagine he is talking about. He did something really disrespectful and his ex didn't stand by and take it..That's not crazy.
'indiaallen24' 2 weeks ago
Man this shit brought tears to my eyes..exact shit I'm going through right now..smh damn
AK Marie Hatton Israel
This song yesss
T.Y DaBoss
'T.Y DaBoss' 2 weeks ago
'DOJA BOY SLIM' 2 weeks ago
You should show me & her a little more respect 😂
md sadique
'md sadique' 2 weeks ago
md sadique
md sadique
'md sadique' 2 weeks ago
md sadique
richard keller
'richard keller' 2 weeks ago
I like the song and I'm black well half ..but do all black women in these comments think the same
Austin Iria
'Austin Iria' 2 weeks ago
Someone use her in a movie already...She's really good
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