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LeToya Luckett - Back 2 Life -
Published: 9 months ago By: LeToyaVEVO

By: LeToyaVEVOPublished: 9 months ago

5, 803, 946 views

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“Back 2 Life” is from LeToya’s forthcoming album titled ‘Back 2 Life'
Get ‘Back 2 Life’ -

cupcake 09
'cupcake 09' 8 hours ago
Toya Gholston
'Toya Gholston' 16 hours ago
Oh my Ra! This song spoke to me! Yes girl!
miss niki
'miss niki' 1 day ago
This song hit home 10 months ago when I found it. I cried and cried because this song was exactly what I went through. This song and video skit was real life and re-enactment of my life. In the end. I left just like she did, he did the same shit this guy did. Begging and begging for me back. I almost took him back but now he’s dating this bitch who he claimed was a friend lol smh same shit different boyfriend. I have platonic relationships with my male friends and I know a hoe when I meet one lol End of story I met the love of my life after the mistake of my life . Amazing how everything happens for a reason. I wanted to watch this video again after it’s been a few months and boy oh boy does this song give me goosebumps shit is live and real.
Blahh Xx
'Blahh Xx' 1 day ago
lowkey really wanted this video to be longer lmao
Genise Cook
'Genise Cook' 2 days ago
That natural beat face though!.
'sks' 2 days ago
damn..that's one sexy chocolate man. Oh, LaToya is gorgeous.
Winnie T
'Winnie T' 2 days ago
she is really pretty
Indo Reed
'Indo Reed' 2 days ago
My SO has a close female friend just like in this video. I didn't and refused to handle it well. I just ignored it when they hung out and kinda tested his romantic loyalty. Turned out, she was in love with him! He told me. She started stalking up. She tried to set me on fire! Long story short, men and women who're sexually mature cannot be friends. Someone will take it wrong, brutal feels will be hurt. She's in prison, now, btw.
Crafty SOL
'Crafty SOL' 4 days ago
Oh lord, this video. I cried the whole time.
Wanda Thompson
'Wanda Thompson' 5 days ago
Been down this mofo road before
Precious Mitchell
'Precious Mitchell' 6 days ago
I love this so period !!! ❣️
jaquan liljon
'jaquan liljon' 6 days ago
I love u Letoya 😍
Michele Rehers
'Michele Rehers' 6 days ago
thx girl reality check for me
Michele Rehers
'Michele Rehers' 6 days ago
thx girl reality check for me
Loop Hole
'Loop Hole' 1 week ago
She got mad talent. I so underrated.
Jasmine Shané
'Jasmine Shané' 1 week ago
These projects that she has been putting out are LOVE ! The visuals down to the record !
qien noora
'qien noora' 1 week ago
I want her to act!! She's good!
'SexyLiciousDiva' 1 week ago
My relationship summed up in a music video... Letoya how'd you do it
Shaniah Webb
'Shaniah Webb' 1 week ago
''or it might be you,'' - all calmness nd rationality goes out the door.
Carmen Taylor
'Carmen Taylor' 1 week ago
My life
Donald Green
'Donald Green' 1 week ago
I don't understand some cats you got yourself a smart beautiful woman who probably cook your meals wash your clothes raise your kids between the two of you a nice home cars cash in the bank but you still go outside the box and fuck up your home for a peice of ass
Aniya Rose
'Aniya Rose' 1 week ago
Letoya is so beautiful too pretty for him
Artea Busby
'Artea Busby' 2 weeks ago
I Luvvvvvvvv this jam!!!! Destiny child....whuuut. LMAO
'kamikazemind327' 2 weeks ago
real af
Arleen Garcia
'Arleen Garcia' 2 weeks ago
Love this video keep me hanging in there knowing I can do so much better but they are men who act like that and try to put the blame on the girl instead of looking at themselves
Rahman Talib
'Rahman Talib' 2 weeks ago
Oh boy said...." known her since the womb; born at the same hospital, on the same day." Why show her stupidity and insecurity by asking, "How long have you known Cyn". Other than that, the concept for the video is amazing.
Elisabeth Martinez
'Elisabeth Martinez' 2 weeks ago
She is patient i would of slapped the Shit out of HIM!!!
Chavon King
'Chavon King' 2 weeks ago
'MZ DGIRL' 2 weeks ago
LeToya has always come out with great songs. Love this song! ❤ Always trust your gut instinct because it never leads you wrong. My ex had these "friends" he called sisters or he'll give me that "I've known her for longer than I've known you" BS lol I knew better. The way this friend acted in this video was exactly how his friends would treat me. Totally ignore me and be around him more. 🤔🙄
fred mcdaniels
'fred mcdaniels' 2 weeks ago
Peace,sometime people have to shut the door on everyone around to keep your friend ,single because of the f you people and the f you got them.
Patricia Fonfara
'Patricia Fonfara' 2 weeks ago
Maybe I'm supposed to lie Maybe I'm not too good at saying goodbyes, gotta get better Maybe I'm supposed to break down I'm willing to fake how You're making me feel, tell me whatever Somehow I thought I could build with you I thought it was real with you Doubted myself now I don't really know I told myself that every day Maybe we'll survive Maybe it's a lie To keep our love alive But I know you won't do right So I gotta get... Back to life... (Back to reality) Back to life... Back to reality Back to life... (Back to reality) I love you even though you ain't good for me I remember when we stunted in your new thing Got you curving side bitches like some loose change I made you my new flame I been ridin' with cha Don't you remember when I told you I would stay down Not going back 'cause maybe I need break now Before I break down Worked so hard It's so hard Baby to let it fall apart Fall apart So I gotta get... Back to life... (Back to reality) Back to life... Back to reality Back to life... (Back to reality) I love you even though you ain't good for me I just gotta get back baby Away now, away now (I love you even though you ain't good for me) You ain't living the life that you claim All of that shit is a game I'mma just work through the pain And get back to my life Lately You don't get it I can't get you off my mind And you can have them other bitches Cause I'm not the jealous type I used to think it was me But it's your own insecurities You know that I love you Crazy thing is you think that I'll never leave So I gotta get back to life Back to reality So I gotta get back to life Get back to me Back to life... Back to reality... Back Back to life... Back to reality... I love you even though you ain't good for me (Back to life) (Back to reality)
Kamy Alexandra
'Kamy Alexandra' 2 weeks ago
I heard this song on the car I fell in love with the song
Roshawnda Sutton
'Roshawnda Sutton' 2 weeks ago
Latoya Luckett has her moments when she looks a lot like Taraji P. Henson! She can act her ass off too! I really felt this track!!!!
Miranda Grande
'Miranda Grande' 2 weeks ago
So what video is the continuation
Diamond Petty
'Diamond Petty' 2 weeks ago
latoya goregous
C. Sexton
'C. Sexton' 2 weeks ago
Such a talented singer and actress. Love her on "Greenleaf."
Iyanna Burney
'Iyanna Burney' 3 weeks ago
When He Threw That Plate I Was Like...Oh Hell Naww ! 😂🤦
Raquel Hewitt
'Raquel Hewitt' 3 weeks ago
this song put me back into my real thoughts
Bendy And The Ink Machine
Ain't noway in hell..toya is delicious ass fuck..mmmm
Ceiera Butler
'Ceiera Butler' 3 weeks ago
I have a similiar situation. His so called friend was disrespectful doing too much and dude knew exactly what was going on. Letoya did the right thing. Fuck him
JoRolle Nola
'JoRolle Nola' 3 weeks ago
This video is da 💣
Briget Young
'Briget Young' 3 weeks ago
This is so true, thank you for putting it out there. You did a great job in how you handled it. Carma always come back on them.
your lyrics
'your lyrics' 3 weeks ago
is anyone else's speakers sound muddy?
Ebony Colbert
'Ebony Colbert' 3 weeks ago
"And you can have those otha bitches cause I'm not the jealous type" #FACTS
rawstar akash
'rawstar akash' 3 weeks ago
King Brandeezy
'King Brandeezy' 3 weeks ago
This is why dudes and girls can never be friends.... Even if that's really all they are.
F. W.
'F. W.' 3 weeks ago
Nigga don't ever try to play a Pisces
Sheep Dog
'Sheep Dog' 4 weeks ago
I luv LeToya Luckett.
Ravi Khan
'Ravi Khan' 4 weeks ago
movie sexy movie
Amanda Nunn
'Amanda Nunn' 4 weeks ago
Oh hell no 5:29
Dustin James
'Dustin James' 4 weeks ago
My boy getting his diamond in full for that back to life scene
Alvarescha Blackston
Ive always loved le toya shes a beautiful artist,beautiful person she did her thang with yhis song and video,and the grammy goes to le toya!!!!!!!
nerica hinds
'nerica hinds' 4 weeks ago
She is Such a natural beauty.
Gail Sylvester
'Gail Sylvester' 4 weeks ago
Some guys are so oblivious like that when it comes to females liking them.😂😂😂Great song and video!👏👏👏👏
Mariah Crapps
'Mariah Crapps' 4 weeks ago
Ok Latoya go off! Love the song
A & Jaaay
'A & Jaaay' 4 weeks ago
It's like she is in my life.💯💯
Shania Rodriguez
'Shania Rodriguez' 4 weeks ago
Where part 2
brithnie thyne
'brithnie thyne' 4 weeks ago
I love💟💟💟
'Mado4384' 1 month ago
I want to see a movie on this (with the same actors!!) - Someone call Tyler Perry!!!!!!
'Kimbella' 1 month ago
Toya's foundation doesn't match her skintone...just sayinn
Tabatha Johnson
'Tabatha Johnson' 1 month ago
the girl don't show.her no respcet at all what so ever
Steven Robinson
'Steven Robinson' 1 month ago
I did not want this to end....Loved it!
Malika Brunner
'Malika Brunner' 1 month ago
I wish a bitch would n i wish i wish my nigga would do that shit n my face hell nah
Latrisha Hashmi
'Latrisha Hashmi' 1 month ago
Fuck that nigga
Michael Bell
'Michael Bell' 1 month ago
Ooh, I just love her sexy voice, ooh-wee!
Pamela Pyant
'Pamela Pyant' 1 month ago
I'm going thru the same shit😭😭 I feel u letoya girl
ATX - Sharonda
'ATX - Sharonda' 1 month ago
love this song
Krystal Anderson
'Krystal Anderson' 1 month ago
Where is the movie...please
Tori Brice
'Tori Brice' 1 month ago
This video! 🔥🔥 and toyas hair is everything
tinka babe
'tinka babe' 1 month ago
Yess Latoya you lookin good girl👏🏽y'all did some good acting. But that's why it's better to not date guys that have known another girl since they were kids bc people get hurt by situations like that been there & don't want that again🙄💯ugh this song got me in my feelings it's sad he put that other woman before her. Smh looks ain't everything that's the sad part bc sometimes the cutest couples aren't right for each other it's toxic. He should've stayed with his "friend" instead of hurting Latoya starting a new relationship with her. If he had feelings for his friend why be with her from the jump messing up the relationship?
Megan Ellison
'Megan Ellison' 1 month ago
This was amazing 🤦🏽‍♀️🙌🏽🙌🏽 the acting the vibe everything
violet Makua
'violet Makua' 1 month ago
this should be a series
Lashey Johnson
'Lashey Johnson' 1 month ago
This was my job I was not getting it a few times before the update I was going out of my room for my first day to be home tomorrow but I'll send them back into it lol 😂 I hope 🤞 was the only thing he didn't have time and he did it again but I'm just waking back
Jayvon Harper
'Jayvon Harper' 1 month ago
The HeartBeat Show
'The HeartBeat Show' 1 month ago
'TheChemi' 1 month ago
I have a really good friend who i used to date and i still will always care for her deeply. But i am in a relationship no with someone and have fallen in love with them. this shit is unacceptable , and he should have checked her for real. If you're with this woman that needs to now be that person you "care so much about", other wise what is the point? I mean you can still be friends with them but that connection needs to be with this person now , other wise your just wasting their time.
Nsikan Umana
'Nsikan Umana' 2 months ago
Latoya knows the reality of heart break
Joi Pagan
'Joi Pagan' 2 months ago
Aaron Aaron
'Aaron Aaron' 2 months ago
Relationships are complicated communication is key 🔑 very important
Keith Witcher
'Keith Witcher' 2 months ago
Beyoncé's dumb ass dad Matthew is to blame for Letoya leaving Destiny's Child. Letoya and Latavia Roberson should've never been replaced in the group. I'm happy Letoya has had some solo music success. She's so hot. I love her cute smile. Her hair in Back 2 Life video looks good. I wanna massage and kiss Letoya's feet. I'm subscribed to 2 of her Youtube channels.
Athini Ncayo
'Athini Ncayo' 2 months ago
Men are thrash
Anisha Mason
'Anisha Mason' 2 months ago
Or likes
Anisha Mason
'Anisha Mason' 2 months ago
why this ain't make a 2million subscribers yet😦
Anthony acosta
'Anthony acosta' 2 months ago
This was so fucking good !!!!
Keith Witcher
'Keith Witcher' 2 months ago
I can understand why Letoya Luckett was jealous of that black woman who was hugging on her boyfriend at the restaurant. I think he lied to her talking about she's his friend. I believe he was having sex with her hahahahahahahahahahahahahaha. That was a funny scene later on when Letoya and her boyfriend were arguing hahahahahahahahahahahahaha. That's the first time I heard her curse LOL. The black man who was her boyfriend, isn't he a NFL football player? He looks familiar. I know I've seen him before. I love Letoya. I wanna have sex with her. Back 2 Life song and video is very nice. I love the beat.
Marvel Taylor
'Marvel Taylor' 2 months ago
Great song and great video!
Teon Allen
'Teon Allen' 2 months ago
Love this its so me
Terrell Miller
'Terrell Miller' 2 months ago
this would been a good movie called when a man has options. Latoya acting is better than Halle berry. sinth should jump Latoya with 3 other girls and Latoya calls her out of town sister def loaf and they come and fix thing's
'Lia' 2 months ago
dontae smith
'dontae smith' 2 months ago
I'm still watching this 8 months later 💯 🔥
Mari Claudio
'Mari Claudio' 2 months ago
Anybody else get tight when the video ends ?
Mari Claudio
'Mari Claudio' 2 months ago
I love her acting & singing.
Lonzos Studios
'Lonzos Studios' 2 months ago
I'm really impress by her acting!! WOW, who knew...
Becca STAR
'Becca STAR' 2 months ago
This gave me life
Tiffany Johnson
'Tiffany Johnson' 2 months ago
Only 5 mill this sing is so underrated
Chevy Bee
'Chevy Bee' 2 months ago
"I love you even though you ain't good for me" mannnnn listen, talk that sh*t! Happens way too often. We have to not forget our worth, ever!
Lifestyle Beauty Today Kay Miley
GIRL!!!!! This was soooo good! CONGRATS
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