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LeToya Luckett - Back 2 Life -
Published: 3 months ago By: LeToyaVEVO

By: LeToyaVEVOPublished: 3 months ago

3, 278, 476 views

73, 557 Likes   1, 421 Dislikes

“Back 2 Life” is from LeToya’s forthcoming album titled ‘Until Then”
Get ‘Back 2 Life’ -

C Foster
'C Foster' 45 minutes ago
Latoya is singing the lyrics from the group Soul2Soul the song "Back to life" .
Rhéa DeJanéiro
'Rhéa DeJanéiro' 2 hours ago
ill slap the shit outta my man i dont give a fuck how long yall known each other, you my man nigga lol
kuchi aka
'kuchi aka' 3 hours ago
snglove you
Gaialoopsygaga TV
'Gaialoopsygaga TV' 4 hours ago
Tell'em Latoya!
'KissKris' 12 hours ago
Why isn't she BIGGER then what she iz ???? Beyonce said "Don't play that b***h on the radio" !!! Nah, LeToya is a damn good underrated artist.
Joyce Doyle
'Joyce Doyle' 13 hours ago
yay. she. Good👧
Amber Love
'Amber Love' 15 hours ago
I had to tell my ex the same thing that nigga stayed in his phone, now he use it to to blow my phone up 😂😂
Franchesca Henry
'Franchesca Henry' 1 day ago
the shade coming from this best friend like "oh umm ok"
Open i
'Open i' 1 day ago
I had to watch this three times. Powerful stuff. This even educate me to be stronger with my wife.
Amanda Macklin
'Amanda Macklin' 1 day ago
This is a good song I love it so much don't get me wrong ok😘😝
Marcelo Candela
'Marcelo Candela' 1 day ago
L Peoples
'L Peoples' 1 day ago
I love the loving of this black man Ooo nice
Zombina 1965
'Zombina 1965' 2 days ago
Laketta Lowery
'Laketta Lowery' 2 days ago
you have always known how to represent the pain we go through in relationships...thank you
Jessica Holmes
'Jessica Holmes' 2 days ago
Omg I swear she's so dope I watched this maybe half the views😂🤔👀this is one of my top songs for the pass 5years so (toya)keep doing your thing your voice is beautiful please keep blessing us with real raw r and b 20oo and what ever it came out🙊👅
'Anyajac' 2 days ago
How the fuck do you cheat on LeToya Luckett?!!? That's like winning the lottery and setting your ticket on fire!
Tashe Casey
'Tashe Casey' 2 days ago
Wow!! Great song, pretty voice! LeToyaaaa!!!!
'Cakey' 2 days ago
Hate to see a good song slept on, this should've had the same impact as Monica's love all over me or everything to me did when they dropped. maybe because there arent many top 10 video shows anymore but this song and visual are too good not to take off. why isnt it on the radio??? ehhhh who's in charge?
'knockdonkey1' 2 days ago
Go bears! Go Thomas Jones one of my favorite Chicago bears.
Regina  Minor
'Regina Minor' 3 days ago
Azaria Johnson
'Azaria Johnson' 3 days ago
I love this song
Tobias Orion
'Tobias Orion' 3 days ago
Letoya is Cute.
vitoria Alessandra
Quem diria A Filha Do Pastor ! bonito em que bonito. KKKKKKKK KKK
Tam Jazz
'Tam Jazz' 3 days ago
Humble Chiq
'Humble Chiq' 3 days ago
Where is part 2? Im getting anxious!
'Shayluvsmakeup' 3 days ago
You slayed this video and song girl yessss!!!
Chen Lv
'Chen Lv' 3 days ago
watched it so many times. it's crazy. it so real it was almost like watching a movie that I just can't get enough of. but on the reals this song is seriously underrated. and that's just nuts I mean what the heck are y'all even listening too now a day why you don't know good music. I love this song and I love Latoya keep on doing you gun.I'm with yuh, all the way...
I been checking everyday for the to be continue! Where you at LeToya! :)
akil shakir
'akil shakir' 4 days ago
We are 38 years and still rolling. Cause we ain`t never did that crazy shit.
akil shakir
'akil shakir' 4 days ago
is he out of his got damn mind. This negro is crazy, thinking that a woman is gonna accept that shit. Thats why these little pussy ass relationship don `t last no time.
Nubian Neka
'Nubian Neka' 4 days ago
Latoya bout to set the game on fire!
Rook Rude
'Rook Rude' 4 days ago
cutty buddy strikes again
Earl Miller
'Earl Miller' 4 days ago
I can't wait for Part 2 - I wanna see if he's gonna try to come back & you telling him HELLS NAH!! Or you meet some other dude and you show him how karma's a bitch lol
Savannah San
sooo SAS😢😢😢😢😢😢😢😢😣😣😣😣😣😣😣😣
Chantelle Bryany Thomas
Just fucking love this
jackie101 wezee
'jackie101 wezee' 4 days ago
Luv this woman and her work...yes she is so underrated ...great singer, great actress
'Nia' 4 days ago
His eyes.... 😍
'Nia' 4 days ago
She's so pretty.
Shay Miller
'Shay Miller' 4 days ago
This is too real..
Sharee Dean
'Sharee Dean' 5 days ago
Luv this video and the song!!
Rhea Love
'Rhea Love' 5 days ago
Hit close to home
Kim Pickett
'Kim Pickett' 5 days ago
hands and fingers up.....I love this song
autry chambliss
'autry chambliss' 5 days ago
crazy crazy--
Rashaunta Jackson
'Rashaunta Jackson' 5 days ago
and she have a big but
Rashaunta Jackson
'Rashaunta Jackson' 5 days ago
she is but
Candace Oglesby
'Candace Oglesby' 5 days ago
takes me to another world...
Melanie Terrickson
You Go girl!!!!!!! FIRE
Mikhael Harvey
'Mikhael Harvey' 5 days ago
great song she done wonderful Beyonce look out now you got some competition now lol and you let her go from destiny child my God great powerful song!!!!
DjAtj J
'DjAtj J' 5 days ago
ok Toya!!! I c u!!!
alicia green
'alicia green' 5 days ago
Is the second part out?
Yvette Lewis
'Yvette Lewis' 6 days ago
i 💘 so true..
Domonique Kyle
'Domonique Kyle' 6 days ago
Dope video! Dope song! Well done Letoya!
'ERIC D STEWART SR' 6 days ago
Letoya Luckett your Brilliance to display emotional intelligence for Love and to be loved without selfishness speaks volumes on all levels of respect, relationships with unconditional Love 💜 Can't wait for the album/sequel to drop...
Janaline D.
'Janaline D.' 6 days ago
Tavis Cunningham
'Tavis Cunningham' 6 days ago
how is she not on top....I love toya omg sing on I'll keep listening!
Tiffany Rayne
'Tiffany Rayne' 6 days ago
Part 2 should be arriving any time now. Toya posted a clip on her IG, it's called Use To. From the snippet I saw, the best friend as Toya, so are you still talking to Omar (after Toya officially splits with him). He ends up calling her back trying to get her back.
Jessica Hankerson
'Jessica Hankerson' 6 days ago
I love the fact that l.l didn't go with the I guess trends most celebarities or following fake ass weave down their ass makeup looking like a drag queens no offense I love her stay true to who your be a leader not a follower its nothing wrong with keeping up with the trends but dang stand out in the crowd sometimes
Dawni Ray
'Dawni Ray' 6 days ago
Always, always, ALWAYS trust your intuition. If something feels wrong, it probably is. Love this song!
Kendra Trezevant
'Kendra Trezevant' 6 days ago
Dats how niggas do smh
Angelo Hart
'Angelo Hart' 6 days ago
Guy's is this a movie or a music video???
Ash Mendoza
'Ash Mendoza' 7 days ago
now this I music like I remember, music u can actually relate to
neesha fade
'neesha fade' 7 days ago
the fact he know the issue and didn't apologize says A lot..
Pamela Jones
'Pamela Jones' 7 days ago
smh this video is helping to be strong
Veta Hawkins
'Veta Hawkins' 1 week ago
I love her for this song!
Lynsey Washington
'Lynsey Washington' 1 week ago
yeah I am yeeees can't wait omg
'dionne' 1 week ago
Umm, why am I just realizing that Latoya is such a beauty?
vannessa white
'vannessa white' 1 week ago
I should be sleeping but I can't get this song out my head I just loveee
'siobhancaldwell' 1 week ago
'Insertclevername' 1 week ago
"You don't value what you have cause you don't know what you fucking have." COUGH COUGH MOTHEFUCKING COUGH.
Tamar Sikalumbi
'Tamar Sikalumbi' 1 week ago
this is sad but that's how it really happens!!! you lose someone great over bs and when they're gone it's too late.
Will McLean
'Will McLean' 1 week ago
'AmeStarfire' 1 week ago
Been there done that so many times. Latoya looked amazing, she sounds so good. Songs that are relate-able are always my favorites. This one is no different
'A RM' 1 week ago
did anyone else notice the shade the girl gave her at 2:45 ish when she met toya, plus all that touchy stuff that girl was doing she knew what she was doing
Ericka Hibbler
'Ericka Hibbler' 1 week ago
This song speaks volumes👂
Kami O
'Kami O' 1 week ago
I love letoya!!! she's looking flawless 🤗👐👐 And her stint on rosewood was dope. Can't wait to see/ hear more from her! This hits close to home. Follow your gut you know when something is wrong. Thats what I learned from being with a fool like that.
'MS. ORIGINAL' 1 week ago
I love how toya blew,the candles out like on OG after she,kissed him #go toya,fk them,
Fardshah Scarborough
this made me wake up.... wow... love this reality... never trust a female friend... ever...
Gabby VG.
'Gabby VG.' 1 week ago
Im really feeling this song. That guy is frickn HOTT I'm.too small for a brotha but DAYUM!!!
Eushan Jordan
'Eushan Jordan' 1 week ago
I love this shit. Ma boi Thomas J killed this shit. And yall already know bout Letoya so I don't even have to mention the beast she is when it comes to pure Art, whether its acting, singing, she is the 1!!
Papo Concepcion
'Papo Concepcion' 1 week ago
Wow what a video...idk if thats true but she was married for 2months and that happend to!!!
Nondumiso Ntuli
'Nondumiso Ntuli' 1 week ago
and at said as it may sound sometimes we really need to get back to life
Melvin Brown
'Melvin Brown' 1 week ago
love it keep pushing for yours! well deserved past due...
Live Life
'Live Life' 1 week ago
That's not a man, he's a God 😍 #Gorgeous And Latoya doesn't age
Tomlynne Jefferson
I love LeToya Luckett music. She has her own style
Naquaisha Guthrie
'Naquaisha Guthrie' 1 week ago
that was to dope
'latoyiab79' 1 week ago
Now this is a freaking music video! I love it when the music and video go together.
Tasha Ivory
'Tasha Ivory' 1 week ago
Peep this if you known Cynthia:) since u & her were kids, why not as both of them were growing up not having any of some "sort" of an relationship?? 2 me it "obviously" they had something in common.using LeToya:) just to keep u company & taking it out on her just 4 being who she is "which" she have every right 2 b her own person being.two wrong doesn't make a right!!! & one more thing he is being so contradicting.. he saying one thing but telling it different..!!! Power 2 u miss LeToya:)
Chanel Colley
'Chanel Colley' 1 week ago
by far the best music video I've seen . love it absolutely amazing
'Ms110209' 1 week ago
she went off 🔥 love the song, acting, everything!!!
'Tinkak90' 1 week ago
Lost count as to how many times I've watched this mini movie. (smh) especially 5:54
Rashun Brown
'Rashun Brown' 1 week ago
Her fine ass
R&BParadise Productions
its always that "friend" that is a little too close for comfort. Sorry cant date a man with a female bestfriend because if she does anything to cross me hell will break loose. i dont play these types of games!
Zook Inthe6ix
'Zook Inthe6ix' 2 weeks ago
Keeping it real gone wrong.
Latasha Daniels
'Latasha Daniels' 2 weeks ago
I swear I'm still in love with this video ❤️❤️.
Nikkie Gooden
'Nikkie Gooden' 2 weeks ago
Well take yo ass to Cynthia if I'm overreacting.....You ain't worthy of me no damn way😂😜
'Jaesonforlife' 2 weeks ago
This Song right here is so f@#king Dope!!! 😍😍
Tobias Orion
'Tobias Orion' 2 weeks ago
I Really Like this Moive.
melody Melina
'melody Melina' 2 weeks ago
Back 2 Life back 2 reality that s me I feel you Letoya
Shon B
'Shon B' 2 weeks ago
You better SLAY!! Latoya...Fuck Cynthia and this wack Ass Ninja!! Song is EVERYTHING!
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