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LeToya Luckett - Back 2 Life -
Published: 7 months ago By: LeToyaVEVO

By: LeToyaVEVOPublished: 7 months ago

5, 367, 751 views

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“Back 2 Life” is from LeToya’s forthcoming album titled ‘Back 2 Life'
Get ‘Back 2 Life’ -

Sorry About This
'Sorry About This' 4 hours ago
straight up foo
Aujanae Smith
'Aujanae Smith' 5 hours ago
My jam
'Negasi' 9 hours ago
This hit home
sonia polycarpe
'sonia polycarpe' 15 hours ago
This song is so true. They will try to put the blame on u and make u feel like ur the problem. When u see that run. Life's to short for the bs. Let God work it out n give u the right one in time.
Xavier Walker
'Xavier Walker' 2 days ago
"who are you to make me better?" bihhhhhhhhhh aint that what a woman suppose to do?? she hit on something with this one.
Lars Loud
'Lars Loud' 2 days ago
im here cause of Fresh Prince of Bel-Air
'janiemaebeauty' 2 days ago
This be a nigga that Thinks He's fr you Don't respect my Wishes/feelings @all ??? well I do ! You can't treat me better than I treat myself✌✌✌
'cmparrish83' 2 days ago
my life... this is my life... I love her
Kimberly Bradley
'Kimberly Bradley' 2 days ago
part 3- in the name of love
AmIDoingItRight ?
'AmIDoingItRight ?' 3 days ago
Her and bey have always been my faves
bobo barry
'bobo barry' 3 days ago
ruff ruff make me remenber myself with my ex. the woman is right sshe need more attention
MitZfit Music
'MitZfit Music' 4 days ago
Absolutely DOPE!!
Cookingwith Kami
'Cookingwith Kami' 4 days ago
10 years of marriage and now I have go get BACK TO LIFE ... Love this song #backtome #notryingtochangeu
Cherise Hamilton
'Cherise Hamilton' 4 days ago
i love dis song
'Weslee' 5 days ago
I luv LeToya! She's sooo talented!!!! I am a little late on checking out the music but I luv it! Sounds good.
Shay Crystal
'Shay Crystal' 5 days ago
This whole entire video relates to what I just got out of. My 8 year relationship. which started off great but then he became to have a friend(co worker) or the married woman I should say rather came along it just went down hill. 2 years ago we had a problem with this same person and he refused to stop talking to her none what so ever that her husband even warned him not to talk to his wife anymore and my now ex refused to do so. So recently I found somethings in his phone that they were sharing things sexually with each other that "FRIENDS" just dont do. And so with that it made feel second best to a married woman, like im sudenly not good enough, maybe she has something that I just dont. And so being that lately I had this aim this goal of wanting to be proposed to to be married too, and just recently he explained that if we married or got proposed to that he wouldnt quit talking to her, that hes so no reason to quit talking to someone that flirts with him while they have a husband and they like sending u half nude shots while he sits back and enjoys it and says NOTHING at all about it!!!! I couldnt deal. So I had to seperate myself from that situation as a WOMAN because I know I deserve better than that. Hes not man ENOUGH!!!
Diana Sunga
'Diana Sunga' 6 days ago
part 3 is out,IN THE NAME OF LOVE
Lawana hayes
'Lawana hayes' 6 days ago
sometimes I feel not so good but then I love
cinnamon slice
'cinnamon slice' 1 week ago
Loving the short film... The song.👌The lyrics... 🔥🔥
Dee Michelle
'Dee Michelle' 1 week ago
roger robie
'roger robie' 1 week ago
those pancakes undercooked
Princess Terryanna
this my song that shit touch your heart
crystal green
'crystal green' 1 week ago
Love love this song ❤. Great video also
Jamy Salome
'Jamy Salome' 1 week ago
She got that Taraji smile
'TALLO850' 1 week ago
I'm feeling this song so much ❤❤❤
Vanessa Perry
'Vanessa Perry' 1 week ago
I like lil Wayne and Drake and tyga my fav songs
Taurai Mandiri
'Taurai Mandiri' 1 week ago
damn ! this woman is beautiful and talented
Lashaundra Moody
'Lashaundra Moody' 1 week ago
she bringing real life back to life..
'MsNaTuRaLB3aUtY29' 2 weeks ago
Yass come thru LeToya!!!❤❤❤
cindy Charity11
'cindy Charity11' 2 weeks ago
Story of my life went threw the same n i moved on😚😶
China McGee
'China McGee' 2 weeks ago
'Shaana' 2 weeks ago
bruh I can't believe I'm seeing my own current situation replayed with so much accuracy. Bruuuuh
Angela Jones
'Angela Jones' 2 weeks ago
This my song after 12 years of marriage.. Thankful to get back 2 life💕💖💕.
Rhys Daniels
'Rhys Daniels' 2 weeks ago
Wow 🔥👍❤️
Aaliyah Goodman
'Aaliyah Goodman' 2 weeks ago
"you dont value what you have because you dont know what you have" if that aint real ion know what is
Aaliyah Goodman
'Aaliyah Goodman' 2 weeks ago
why she had to suck on her finger so long
ogak mabuse
'ogak mabuse' 2 weeks ago
This is a powerful record..Hands down..The album bangin too..
Selene Luna
'Selene Luna' 2 weeks ago
I never knew LeToya has such a beautiful voice. I just know her from the original line up of Destiny's Child as a background singer or whatever you call it. She should have had Michelle's spot. I mean, by no mean of disrespect but LeToya's voice is MUCH better than Kelly's or Michelle's. Just my personal opinion. And I thought I'm the only one who notice her acting skill and the quality of the movie/video. Not only she could win grammys but if this is a movie, she could win best actress and movie of the year. I got a new favorite singer now.
Wizzay Media
'Wizzay Media' 2 weeks ago
This song reminds me of my girlfriend (Ex) GIGI.
Julie Sandhu
'Julie Sandhu' 2 weeks ago
Please make a movie or a Serie !
Thobile Dubazane
'Thobile Dubazane' 2 weeks ago
i love you even though you aint good for me
Adrienne Smith
'Adrienne Smith' 2 weeks ago
My best friend look exactly like Thomas jones
Tru Testimony
'Tru Testimony' 2 weeks ago
"how long you known Cyn?" ....girrrrrrrrrrrl he said,"Since the WOMB"!😂😂😂Part 2 let's go look...
Jamilah McDaniel
'Jamilah McDaniel' 2 weeks ago
did this nigga just say you need to respect me and her and our relationship? I wouda slapped the shit outta his black ass
attorneay freedman
'attorneay freedman' 2 weeks ago
she reminds me Sanaa Lathan
attorneay freedman
'attorneay freedman' 2 weeks ago
Wow she a dope actress . A woman's reality
'nmwbYwbd' 2 weeks ago
that argument tho.. yassss LeToya
Danelle Johnson
'Danelle Johnson' 2 weeks ago
Charelle Unique
'Charelle Unique' 2 weeks ago
Loving everything she's doing. The videos, the new look, the music! #Killin
Aaliyah Laurent
'Aaliyah Laurent' 2 weeks ago
I'm over here going off on him......he irked my soul, acting like he don't see what she sees
Ashley Surles
'Ashley Surles' 2 weeks ago
Love this!
toya t
'toya t' 2 weeks ago
hell yeah. she did that
melody Melina
'melody Melina' 2 weeks ago
She is so right 👌
LizBiz Ldn
'LizBiz Ldn' 2 weeks ago
This is my Jammmm
Prince Eli
'Prince Eli' 2 weeks ago
I'm always late to everything.... This is so on point!
Aldirich Smith
'Aldirich Smith' 2 weeks ago
Excuse my word choice, but THIS IS SOME GOOD SHIT!!!
'Que'sBeauty Bar' 2 weeks ago
My girl LeToya!! True beauty!! 😍
'zedo0' 2 weeks ago
Yet, she still takes his ass back in the next video. Bollocks!!!
Shannon Mcquitter
'Shannon Mcquitter' 2 weeks ago
Omg. This was 🔥 🔥! Love it!
War Skin
'War Skin' 2 weeks ago
That woman is so beautiful but WHY DID SHE CUT HER HAIR??!!!!! She was so gorgeous in torn, she use to give me chills!!!! This white boy was in love
Nicole Williams
'Nicole Williams' 2 weeks ago
she been coming hard
I swear this shit is dope and so real 💯
Shay Tee
'Shay Tee' 2 weeks ago
Love this song hits home
'Gabrielle2529' 2 weeks ago
Zeeks The Gemini thank you
Dagieann Smith
'Dagieann Smith' 2 weeks ago
Show me and her some respect? 🤔He would have been cut the fuck off immediately! Block and delete👊🏼
brina omi
'brina omi' 2 weeks ago
Is that tori boyfriend on the web series close friends.
'Cupsofjoy' 2 weeks ago
Value what you have indeed ! What example of what women everywhere need to do: stand up for yourself and never disrespect your self by sacrificing you integrity
Elevated Queen
'Elevated Queen' 2 weeks ago
that chocolate buff man is amazing omg !
missivy phillips
'missivy phillips' 2 weeks ago
This really sums up everything that happened when I left my ex husband. I mean everything on down to him coming home to an empty house. I was LeToya all the way!! How uncanny!
'glitter_freak1' 2 weeks ago
this is really really good 👌👌👌 love it
Kenydi Robinson
'Kenydi Robinson' 2 weeks ago
Laurenz Ahmed
'Laurenz Ahmed' 3 weeks ago
Someone who has been around for 10 days can have better intentions than someone who has been around for 10 years.
Frances JeanLouis
'Frances JeanLouis' 3 weeks ago
Love it!!!
beauty pi
'beauty pi' 3 weeks ago
How did I miss this! Latoya is bringing the heat!
'cartrice2010' 3 weeks ago
This is the type of guy you should never date.
'dette3000' 3 weeks ago
#stabherblackass. Just a little😑
miss YouTuber fun on the run
how many parts are there ???
Alton Browne
'Alton Browne' 3 weeks ago
When is the movie coming LeToya?!
Joshua Greene
'Joshua Greene' 3 weeks ago
This is Still My Shit Still
Candice Truman
'Candice Truman' 3 weeks ago
❤❤❤💕 love this
'Corde' Silvers' 3 weeks ago
Your artistry is showing, loving this short films.
Alton John
'Alton John' 3 weeks ago
I love this video.. Letoya acting is awesome
Roshann Harris
'Roshann Harris' 3 weeks ago
Kimberly Bernard
'Kimberly Bernard' 3 weeks ago
why am I mad??? I live this. come through Letoya!!!
Talyna Queen
'Talyna Queen' 3 weeks ago
Jadoreeeeeeeee !!!
Jazzy Jose
'Jazzy Jose' 3 weeks ago
He did her so dirty... at her own bday party cyn didn't have to be there🙄
Rockie DFM
'Rockie DFM' 3 weeks ago
Letoya I'm so impressed with this project. All videos are so interesting, u look beautiful, AND YOUR ACTING IS VERY GOOD. SHE'S BACK YALL!
'shaydel' 3 weeks ago
Just looked at In the Name of Love and dang I just had to look at this entire series again. What! After all this accusations!
'SlyckOfficialTV' 3 weeks ago
so on point
Shawneygirl T2
'Shawneygirl T2' 3 weeks ago
'mekcowms' 3 weeks ago
Such talent!!!! I'm glad each of the girls aren't shadowing each other. They each have their own talent. LeToya is really shining!!!! Love these videos!!!
Nicole Clark
'Nicole Clark' 3 weeks ago
He is in every video whats up with that?
Winnie T
'Winnie T' 3 weeks ago
men, the fight scene gave me goosebumps!
Kyla Kay
'Kyla Kay' 3 weeks ago
I need this album...🎶🎶❤ "you can have them other bitches because I'm not the jealous type" all day #boybye👋✌
Danella Johnson
'Danella Johnson' 3 weeks ago
Meeting Cynthia, omg! I would have been soo upset! She over did it! Did she even know they were dating or was she trying to let Letoya know that he was hers? And then he said he wants letoya to show them more respect. I would have turned into an owl real quick WHOOOO? LOL
Nonya Bizwax
'Nonya Bizwax' 3 weeks ago
This needs to be a mini series movie fast.
Angel Marie
'Angel Marie' 3 weeks ago
naw bc this dead be me x i don't play that to friendly shit 🙄
Kachina  Ferguson
'Kachina Ferguson' 3 weeks ago
stopped working us when is this movie coming out series whatever it is this is some real life stuff I support it God bless you
'jossyj1' 3 weeks ago
Jessica P
'Jessica P' 3 weeks ago
If u gotta do all that why not just be with Cynthia why drag another women down in the mix?
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