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LeToya Luckett - Back 2 Life -
Published: 1 month ago By: LeToyaVEVO

By: LeToyaVEVOPublished: 1 month ago

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“Back 2 Life” is from LeToya’s forthcoming album titled ‘Until Then”
Get ‘Back 2 Life’ -

Rashanda Grier
'Rashanda Grier' 19 minutes ago
back 2 life is a great song and letoya luckett rules.
Donnet Dawkins
'Donnet Dawkins' 3 hours ago
I love watch this video so romantic moody
Jamerra Eure
'Jamerra Eure' 5 hours ago
Letoya reminds me of a black Rizzo off of Grease when she at the table singing
'Te'Nisha Jay' 6 hours ago
Great song. This should have been a movie. also I can wait to see what's next. I want to see more. Love it
'justcallme...' 7 hours ago
Come through Soul II Soul!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!  Excellent video-very well scripted and acted.  Ladies, trust those instincts...when something looks off...female intuition never lies :-(
Three Blessings
'Three Blessings' 9 hours ago
'musicians' this days lack content they have to act to get to stay relevant
Dee Minus
'Dee Minus' 9 hours ago
awesomeeeeèeeee song! convinced Latoya has inside scoop on my OLD relationship!
Black Arts Love
'Black Arts Love' 16 hours ago
Ready for part 2
sheena B
'sheena B' 19 hours ago
Della Dawkins
'Della Dawkins' 19 hours ago
she killed this one!!!!! ❤❤❤
Christel Augustin
'Christel Augustin' 19 hours ago
Shaquille Mcleod
'Shaquille Mcleod' 21 hours ago
so gorgeous
Minaiya Rose
'Minaiya Rose' 22 hours ago
At 4:08 is where he had me fucked up! His "friend" was too friendly rubbing on his chest sticking to him and was It straight disrespectful but I like this song and the visuals. I'm proud of Latoya!
Marilyn Newman
'Marilyn Newman' 1 day ago
i love This song so much !! 😍😍she's too beautiful.
Lori-ann Smith
'Lori-ann Smith' 1 day ago
whats the dude's name though?
Sharon Marshall - Yates
This is really good and I'm an old girl. Very well done!!!
Makalah Peters
'Makalah Peters' 1 day ago
yes girl i love her
Raquel C. Gary
'Raquel C. Gary' 1 day ago
Yaaaaaaaaaaaas Letoya come through!!!!! Dope song! Love it!!!!! Gonna buy it...she sounds so good!!!! Video is too goodness...
Dee Macklin
'Dee Macklin' 1 day ago
Beautiful video, beautiful actresses everything Is on point .. but unfortunately it won't be successful as it should be K.michelle can drop a single and do better commercially that irritates my soul, I love ur work Latoya
Yolanda Ryals
'Yolanda Ryals' 1 day ago
I love that.  Girl you are doing your thing.
YOo ting
'YOo ting' 1 day ago
Black women should start casting white males as their leads, just like black male singers/rappers do. We too loyal!!
'riskybusinezz1' 1 day ago
I came here because I just support everything that she does...and she DID NOT disappoint.
Shavonta Coverson
I just realized this man was on Mary Jane
Caramel Complex
'Caramel Complex' 1 day ago
That was a narcissist man. I was in a relationship like that and they make you question yourself. Thanks Latoya for that video
Candace Williams
'Candace Williams' 1 day ago
Letoya!!!! You did your thing this the storyline vocals everything A-1
'Gyrlnextdoor' 1 day ago
OMG this is like a tyler perry or lifetime movie with a great song very entertaining!
Mimi Keel
'Mimi Keel' 1 day ago
Loved it!!
Kim Falls
'Kim Falls' 1 day ago
MEN don't realize what they have or who we ARE... NO EXCUSES 🐶
Brando Williams
'Brando Williams' 1 day ago
She scared beyonce back then and this is why.
Kim Falls
'Kim Falls' 1 day ago
This is so TRUE and REAL 💯
Linda Cappellano
'Linda Cappellano' 2 days ago
good acting
Kantrice Dorsey
'Kantrice Dorsey' 2 days ago
LeToya is so beautiful and has an awesome voice.  She will always be my favorite Destiny's Child member.
'bubbles100909' 2 days ago
In love with this 😍😍😍 Toya you did that. And so accurate with lyrics, n story.
'bubbles100909' 2 days ago
In love with this 😍😍😍 Toya you did that. And so accurate with lyrics, n story.
Millie Thomas
'Millie Thomas' 2 days ago
Joshua Greene
'Joshua Greene' 2 days ago
The Video is Cool
Joshua Greene
'Joshua Greene' 2 days ago
This is My Shit
'TheTheoneulove' 2 days ago
Waiting for part2 in real life!!!
'Kudzie' 2 days ago
02:54 LeToya was swearing like a sailor
Michelle Jackson
'Michelle Jackson' 2 days ago
'jlysa93' 2 days ago
crazy good video!!
'Vita' 2 days ago
Anytime a man says "that's my home girl", or "we been knowing each other since we were kids".....he done hit or he wanted to.
Stacey Samedi
'Stacey Samedi' 2 days ago
this was fantastic
Zhane Doe
'Zhane Doe' 2 days ago
Dark-skinned men are the devil y'all.
Zhane Doe
'Zhane Doe' 2 days ago
Damn he fine.
Nicole Frazier
'Nicole Frazier' 2 days ago
The argument in the middle of this video! I can def relate!! Blaming me making it seem like I'm the problem when the whole time he's the fuckin problem! You're not trying to change him just want him to be the same person he was when you first met him! I swear it's not worth it! Losing yourself as a woman cause of shit like this.. Ima just be quiet bringing flashbacks🙄😂🤦🏽‍♀️.. I'm so glad I'm back to myself tho cause honestly I lost myself after my situation.. but I'm def back 2 my life now❤️ love this song by leToya!
Gladys Warindi
'Gladys Warindi' 2 days ago
I don't know what I love more, this video, this song, Letoya making me miss her in Rosewood or the fact that Mary Jane's Cutty Buddy looks yummy here as he does in being Mary Jane ( As much as he is an a**hole) much to love :)
Tobias Orion
'Tobias Orion' 3 days ago
I like it..
Chamille Lawrence
'Chamille Lawrence' 3 days ago
That fake hug n smile moment. Yeah been there. Anyone else ?!? Too friendly
MissNGL Thatswhoibe
Yaaaaaaaaas!!! 💅
cassidy colemen
'cassidy colemen' 3 days ago
I bet a lot of women can relate to this song, right on point...never loose yourself for a man get back to reality.
Asia Jones
'Asia Jones' 3 days ago
Latoya!!! this gives me life such a beautiful voice and amazing video!
Sherrille Hill
'Sherrille Hill' 3 days ago
can't wait for part two!
'JANE HELLNO' 3 days ago
Good Video, Toya ... Keep this up and claim your spot . You are beautiful.
Kimberly Blackwell
awesome acting miss luckett
Extraordinary Designs
Leave him, he don't deserve you!....I do!
Tamara Hughes
'Tamara Hughes' 3 days ago
I like this song
Ann Galison
'Ann Galison' 3 days ago
Olusanya Ademuyiwa
Dis is my life story! ! !
mada madalyn
'mada madalyn' 3 days ago
MaryJane KillinEm
'MaryJane KillinEm' 3 days ago
So much #Life given Toya!! smh u have no idea how this video touch me!! Strumming my pain with ur fingas...singing my life with ya words!!!! 🙌👏💯 Can't wait for PRT 2. There's no denying ur talent and power as an artist after this Ms Luckett!!!
Taniola G
'Taniola G' 3 days ago
Music videos like this are so awesome !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
'NeVa DuNN' 3 days ago
*Spoiler Alert! Fella's don't think u can have a woman as a best friend! :) #SheWouldntUnderstand
Tanay Sharper
'Tanay Sharper' 3 days ago
i love this song i listens to it over n over it reminds me with one of my male friend with this best friend of his smh
Elliott Perez
'Elliott Perez' 3 days ago
Marilyn Cook
'Marilyn Cook' 3 days ago
That was some 2015 SHIT girl 2017 that beat pops off in my everythinhg.
jonathan edgecombe
Dont mind her she will be right back .Women always go back at least once
Taneka Cross
'Taneka Cross' 4 days ago
I feel like this is happening now in my life and my dude making it seem I'm crazy
Ms Mercedes
'Ms Mercedes' 4 days ago
yesssss baby....dats wat i been waiting on Toya!! THANK YOU THANK YOU THANK YOU FOR THIS....DA BAE IS BACK BITCHES....
Suetania Philogene
I'm too jealous for this shit to happen wit me. both of those muhfuckers bout to get 🤛🏽
'moneyvegas' 4 days ago
Guys let's try to get this song nominated for some awards in 2017.
Autumn P.
'Autumn P.' 4 days ago
This was my first time watching a video the whole way through and not reading the comments until the very end . The video was that eye catching lol really though!
Amari Builtmore
'Amari Builtmore' 4 days ago
reality is so much better is there such a thing as shared secret truths damn i feel like you captured the pages of my life and displayed them to me...oh to love but reality is better for me. ty ms. luckett
Winston Warren
'Winston Warren' 4 days ago
This is better than....
Tahesha Berrian
'Tahesha Berrian' 4 days ago
...word for word. What good is a title if you aren't happy, appreciated or respected?! Back to life for me as well! ✌️😁...👑 Queen'n
A Cr
'A Cr' 4 days ago
Now, that's was deep! I can't wait for the next one.
Cierra Williams
'Cierra Williams' 4 days ago
this song is amazing but this video is phenomenal I love the video more than I love the film. Letoya is one of the best actresses in the world.
Mercede Johnson
'Mercede Johnson' 4 days ago
I absolutely love this video. it's like an excerpt from an experience I had...
Dazjhane Washington
you know what's messed up? She's talking about what i'm going thur right now. smh, every word he said, he said. sigh :'(
Wafa Fiel
'Wafa Fiel' 4 days ago
i liked the fact she left cuz these idiots think that when a woman is in love can not leave well hell u wrong cuz when. woman is hurt she can leave it means she is done.period
Ms. Swarovski
'Ms. Swarovski' 4 days ago
i hate it ehen men try to get away by saying things like u r jealous or insecure or shes just my friend... listen to your guts and watch his actions!!
Adwoa Boateng
'Adwoa Boateng' 4 days ago
I thought it was Taraji P. Hensen in the thumbnail loll
Nettie Genus
'Nettie Genus' 4 days ago
how do i post to IG.
Jai Cam
'Jai Cam' 4 days ago
Awesome song & video Letoya! Great job as ALWAYS! Much respect & love for you! Day 1!
DJ Augusto Martins
I Am Brazil Le Toya Luckett Favorite love song!
shantiana lay
'shantiana lay' 4 days ago
i love this song
Ashaki Dilnassa
'Ashaki Dilnassa' 4 days ago
This just happened to me
'mswoods39' 4 days ago
Why is it so hard to just be honest?? If he knew her longer, why not just be with her?? So unfair to bring someone else into the equation to hurt.
'OctoberLibra1' 4 days ago
I love this video and LeToya's vocals are definitely on point. The best thing is to see her acting so well and getting television and movie roles. This video itself shows the range she has. I think the biggest thing that I take from seeing LeToya breaking free from the chains of beYAWNce and Destinys Child is that LeToya has spiritually found her own way...and has achieved spiritually what beYAWnce will never have and that is peace within herself. I am so looking forward to seeing LeToya play the Legendary Dionne Warwick in the film Dionne.....So excited and happy for her.
'Kairo' 4 days ago
She's matured in her style and confidence. She really is in her own lane, she isn't trying to sound like anybody other than herself
Cicely  Lusk
'Cicely Lusk' 4 days ago
Regina Fontenot
'Regina Fontenot' 4 days ago
letoya luckett chick😓😓u do this everytime make me cry this song really touching...those men 💩💩
Jay P
'Jay P' 4 days ago
"i dont want you to change i want you to be the person that i met"
Jay P
'Jay P' 4 days ago
" i don't want you to change i want you to be the person i met"
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