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LeToya Luckett - Back 2 Life -
Published: 4 months ago By: LeToyaVEVO

By: LeToyaVEVOPublished: 4 months ago

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“Back 2 Life” is from LeToya’s forthcoming album titled ‘Back 2 Life'
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Lakeisha Arnold
'Lakeisha Arnold' 11 hours ago
Anybody else thinks she soundz a bit like Jene Aiko.....👀
Lakeisha Arnold
'Lakeisha Arnold' 12 hours ago
She's so underrated....
PrincessBoobado Mistress of the Elements
latoya is an amazing actress im pleasantly suprised👍👍👍! Song on repeat❤❤❤!
Andrea Mcfarlane
'Andrea Mcfarlane' 20 hours ago
Speechless ❤
Christy Bass
'Christy Bass' 20 hours ago
Love this!!
des ray
'des ray' 23 hours ago
just got out of this shit. fuckin Cray lmao but this nigga thinks it's really all my fault and he did nothing
Crystal Love
'Crystal Love' 1 day ago
Love This🎼, Beautiful Woman.
Alexandria Vinson
this is dope
Edward Burton
'Edward Burton' 2 days ago
I love her voice she make H Town look good
Michael Gay
'Michael Gay' 2 days ago
Wow! This is like watching a theatrical masterpiece. I'm glad I don't have to stand in line to purchase a movie ticket and rush to get a snack. I can view this web-based, mini movie ("Back 2 Life" starring LeToya Luckett) on YouTube, view it in anamorphic wide screen and view it in stunning High Definition (1080p). Mini-movie rating: NR "Two Thumbs Up!"
Carla Kimbrel
'Carla Kimbrel' 2 days ago
that's what he get.
Sapadela Dumplinz
'Sapadela Dumplinz' 2 days ago
yes facts gotta get out just putting it in the heart don't want to hurt the kids so it's hard
'LIL LaMar' 2 days ago
I like this song. they play it on IHeart radio "SlowJamz". she did a really great job
'angel007sherm' 3 days ago
So mesmerized through this whole video. So glad I get to go right to the next video. Wonder how I missed this one, I need this song in my life on repeat now!
'MelaninManson' 3 days ago
LeToya did this! concept matches the song perfectly. Thomas is always a delight to watch. I love this song
'preed0900' 3 days ago
Man!!! They played their roles well. Then again this is usually the way relationships go so i guess they could relate and that's why their roles so well, But it seemed like this was for real.
Jeddy Maile
'Jeddy Maile' 3 days ago
I totally understand where your coming from Letoyah....the brothers be acting like you dumb...make you want to never date brothers forealz!!!
Tiffani Williams
'Tiffani Williams' 3 days ago her!!
Meredith Henry
'Meredith Henry' 3 days ago
Love it!!! sang girl
Jamya Bowie
'Jamya Bowie' 3 days ago
Like man this song i relate ! sometimes its just time to snap out of it man ! and get back 2 life <3 thanks for this song letoya made realize some people dont deserve 100% from you and its ok to get back to your life
Sharon Jones
'Sharon Jones' 3 days ago
why am i living this right now...then i feel like the bad guy......smh
Smiley A
'Smiley A' 3 days ago
realize what the fuck you have, back to life
Deja Rose
'Deja Rose' 4 days ago
4:12 the shit
Stephanie Herrera
'Stephanie Herrera' 4 days ago
my fav 😍😍😍😍😍
Tirso De Sousa
'Tirso De Sousa' 4 days ago
first dumb up for tha song and video you are good ifyou one day come visit holland wil be not problem for me give you tour
Keshia Wilis
'Keshia Wilis' 4 days ago
I think that's why Matt got her out the group years ago she is very talented just as much as bey and it wouldn't work
Akeem Manifold
'Akeem Manifold' 4 days ago
#( This shit real😡... But that's lokey how these women get down out ... He's my best friend )!! " I been knowing him like forever "....😕
Jaila Primm
'Jaila Primm' 4 days ago
just watch used to
Quinette Paul
'Quinette Paul' 4 days ago
i love this song and there"s some mens out there do cheat and lie
tony Rosa
'tony Rosa' 4 days ago
723 omg back to life back to reality she's touched my heart ❤️ when she's that part I just love this album I'm sorry for the comments this song just moves me
tony Rosa
'tony Rosa' 4 days ago
I need break now for I break down so true yes babe love 🌹🌹🌹
tony Rosa
'tony Rosa' 4 days ago
All this arguing I would of just kiss letoya made up she's bad
tony Rosa
'tony Rosa' 4 days ago
Idc what that nigger says he was wasn't just friends with this girl he was lying touching her hand and all
tony Rosa
'tony Rosa' 4 days ago
This songs makes me wanna divorce my wife for the shit she's put me threw lords knows I tried to make it work but I can't anymore I just wanna pack my bags and get back 2 my life real talk her flow on this shit is amazing this album sound better than these rap niggers albums lmao 😂 good album boo
sharon brown
'sharon brown' 4 days ago
Who watch this everyday 😍
Brandon Green
'Brandon Green' 5 days ago
she so fucking back i love this
Jennifer Hughes
'Jennifer Hughes' 5 days ago
I could watch this over and over. She really went hard on this one. Love it.
Francisco Antonio
'Francisco Antonio' 5 days ago
Letoya very Nice  Gerl
'xSnowphia' 6 days ago
cmon, this needs more views 😭
nella Thomas
'nella Thomas' 6 days ago
that's argument was almost word for word with the one we be having uugh
'manilexis17' 6 days ago
like they should in real life get together they are the cutest thing ever!!
God dess
'God dess' 6 days ago
I've literally had this video on repeat for the past few days.
Crystal Walker
'Crystal Walker' 6 days ago
My life
Sonji Palmer
'Sonji Palmer' 6 days ago
In addition I can appreciate the fact that he expresses himself without cursing... and she curses but there is love behind the words and not venom... interesting exchange of energy...
Nicky Pooh
'Nicky Pooh' 6 days ago
I had a toxic relationship like this! had to snap back to reality! awesome vid & song! because shit like this really does happen! I loved him and I knew he wasn't good for me.
Gabrielle Vaughn
'Gabrielle Vaughn' 6 days ago
This is good!!!!!
Sonji Palmer
'Sonji Palmer' 6 days ago managed to body how my marriage ended... and the process of me getting back to myself... the person I left in the 90's... lol... Great stuff chica!!! Keep it up and continue to grow... somebody cue Used to... please..S
Joni Jacques
'Joni Jacques' 6 days ago
I love this song.
'KreoleKing' 6 days ago
This was a great video! Kudos Ms. Luckett!!!
B Sambo
'B Sambo' 7 days ago
someone tell me where the fuck this instrumental is god damn it
Will K
'Will K' 7 days ago
usually its always the other way around....bish be with a "friend" because he just like a brother....who wanna clap dem cheeks
Ayame Thompson
'Ayame Thompson' 1 week ago
The guy, just too big!! It's a turn off.. and he looks creepy to him. Letoya, you a good actress.. all force laughing
Sierra Ellis
'Sierra Ellis' 1 week ago
she killed that shit. "back 2 life, back to reality"
Velecia Erwin
'Velecia Erwin' 1 week ago
very dope
Raven Seymone
'Raven Seymone' 1 week ago
shahid senga
'shahid senga' 1 week ago
amazing acting on this vid. i need moooore
latanya letcher
'latanya letcher' 1 week ago
1:50, Maannnn ya'll brothas know you like to grab a handful dont'cha? lmao! if that aint the realist *ish…not complaining, just knowing it seems like all these videos and real life situations, there's a hand on/around/under/near my boo-tay!
'Ralphunreal' 1 week ago
something seems off, her sound sounds worse than before.
'Sydkiid' 1 week ago
Yesssss Im here for this !
Adriene Finklea
'Adriene Finklea' 1 week ago
'Blakmajik78' 1 week ago
She left that nigga, love the video and always loved her music.
autria robinson
'autria robinson' 1 week ago
copped that album on 5 12 17 I am still repairing my damn edges 😁.
'charlita25' 1 week ago
Tiana Coleman
'Tiana Coleman' 1 week ago
I can relate to this song... been single for 2 yrs cause my ex did me so wrong, first loved me like no guy has done then heard his childhood friend was in town ( I thought it would be a male; but a woman; who's ten times beautiful than me) ; we all met at a family gathering : then he wouldn't want to come over to my house and talk, when we have time for ourself he would be on his phone or texting her a lot and caught his phone on home screen a pic of him and her ( like swim wear; she was wearing a bikini ) I was confused about it, then it was suppose to be our anniversary date ; i text and called him to let him know about our big night( no reply back ) then I get off work, get a phone call from my friends from high school and explains that my bf was with her at a grocery store "kissing and hugging" I thought ; nah my friends would lie, then he come home drunk and smelled like bad beer and I cooked and made dinner and waited on his ass, I was so pissed off I told him I'll just go for a drive cause I stand your stupidness, then I go out and park at a mountain ( complete silence), then after 2 hrs of calming down I drive back home, I see her car, and FINALLY I SEE IT WITH MY OWN EYES he and her was Doin it in my bedroom!!! I was pissed off and cried, drove to my parents house and stayed till I was ok, go back to my place and I was hurt and then 4 weeks passed by he didn't text or call me, I get a phone call from her apologizing and telling me she's pregnant !!! Then he finally calls me ; I wanted reasons why like why cheat on a good woman who's there for u and I'm not the jealous or clingy woman?!?! And calls me nothing but a whore and nigger?!? I was depressed for 5 months and got help and thank god I had my friends to support me and lift my spirits , as of right now I'm happy and living my life with no bull no lies and no cruel boys, some one will love me way better than he ever did!
Jaqueta Hollins
'Jaqueta Hollins' 1 week ago
I think I'm starting to understand these relationship problems. The problem is everyone is blaming the other person and not their self. Maybe the male character did change in the mist of the relationship and just maybe LeToya's character was trying to change her boyfriend. Whether, the changes were good or bad the problem is that they both wrong for pointing out the other persons flaws and not reflecting on their own individual flaws. Surely some of you men/women can not possibly think that you're Perfect Patty. Moreover, the problem that I notice from most of these relationships in today's society is lack of communication. Arguing, yelling, and screaming at the top of your lungs does not count as communication. Sitting and down and talking about the problems and discussing your feelings; however, does. Also in the video the male character was talking to Cynthia more and in my opinion that tells that Cynthia may have filled in a void that was in the relationship. Interesting video I might add.
iMike 825
'iMike 825' 1 week ago
I am happy for LeToya... I always thought she was beautiful... and to see her press her way through the industry after DC and still win?!?? That's inspiring ... keep on keeping on baby girl #Grammyawardwinner #songwriter #actress #Platinumsellingartist #LetoyaLuckett #Destinyschild
Cassandra Amore
'Cassandra Amore' 1 week ago
Nice video she's still got that cheeky look
Nisha Sorryihavetotellyah!
She is so beautiful 👀
Tyjai Johnson
'Tyjai Johnson' 1 week ago
how Stellar got her grove back!
Karen Lee
'Karen Lee' 1 week ago
I just love how they turn it on you.  Let's how he deals when the shoe is on the other foot.  Not, at all.
'braxkins' 1 week ago
she's an great actress
'braxkins' 1 week ago
Christopher lewis
'Christopher lewis' 1 week ago
This is just perfect. LeToya is amazing! Now I really want to buy her new album.
frederick porter
'frederick porter' 1 week ago
This is was really done well. Story line, acting was good, not over the top like....well. The song is real nice the video is definitely on point, love the look. Very impressive for letoya to step out with this project.
'Strive4watuwant' 1 week ago
Is it bad I like the video more than the song?? 😕
Londa Barlow
'Londa Barlow' 1 week ago
Luv it 😍😍😍 congrats Latoya this album gonna b fire
Cortri Trotter
'Cortri Trotter' 1 week ago
I'm late...slipping.  LeToya this is LIT!!!
nicola morris
'nicola morris' 1 week ago
I can't wait for thsi album to come out. I have been in this same situation before.
Phyllis Mcintyre
'Phyllis Mcintyre' 1 week ago
This is a very true statement for anyone and I would love to see LeToya perform this song on Empire for Cookie as she relates to Luscious and his new love interest. As Cookie deals with betrayal
sunny eclectech
'sunny eclectech' 1 week ago
LeToya is such an awesome woman! I love her passion which is on display in her work.
Kejuan Lynette
'Kejuan Lynette' 2 weeks ago
I'm so happy for u!! wishing you prosperity and success daily
Nate White
'Nate White' 2 weeks ago
not only I'm digging the song but da video struck a nerve smh
Mwanarusi Athman
'Mwanarusi Athman' 2 weeks ago
am obsessed with her new look..had me thinkin of cutting my hair and piercing my ears the same..damn..she looks soo effin good!!!
'Nat' 2 weeks ago
Dope video. True from top to bottom😥
jonelle evans
'jonelle evans' 2 weeks ago
This song and video deserve so much more credit. 😩😩
'SHATRIA CARR' 2 weeks ago
She did a great job!!!
Miatta White
'Miatta White' 2 weeks ago
some men are some naive and fail to realize that women sees and sense things that cannot see. I can total relate to this drama. it is so draining and unhealthy
Kiaria Davis
'Kiaria Davis' 2 weeks ago
OMG this is a great video n OMG her voice sounds good as V. Bozeman u go girl Ms Latoya Luckett
Tracy  Rogers
'Tracy Rogers' 2 weeks ago
Who's ready for part 2? I am! frfr
'shonny.' 2 weeks ago
she did that !
April Weaver
'April Weaver' 2 weeks ago
GirllllllllllL you Jammmed this !!!!! YAAAAAAAS!!
Naija Vegan
'Naija Vegan' 2 weeks ago
LOVE THIS 'Behind the music visual'. I'm not even mad she sampled Soul II Soul. Good job 👌
Synia Johnson
'Synia Johnson' 2 weeks ago
my uncle love letoyan so much
Lil Redd
'Lil Redd' 2 weeks ago
I can play this Son a million and one times.. 💔 So CRAZY how music can reach inside your soul and touch your heart at the same time.
Rochelle Summers
'Rochelle Summers' 2 weeks ago
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