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LeToya Luckett - Back 2 Life -
Published: 1 year ago By: LeToyaVEVO

By: LeToyaVEVOPublished: 1 year ago

6, 795, 264 views

112, 579 Likes   2, 645 Dislikes

“Back 2 Life” is from LeToya’s forthcoming album titled ‘Back 2 Life'
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rara molala
'rara molala' 5 hours ago
5:29 when he threw that place. The boy hurt my feelings, I felt like he did that to me.
alicat kat
'alicat kat' 23 hours ago
I hate men.
Danielle DeBoise
'Danielle DeBoise' 1 day ago
If I was her in that video I would have beat tf outta o girl and I would have slapped his ass with 1 of them glasses in the restaurant
Danielle DeBoise
'Danielle DeBoise' 1 day ago
This video had me hype asf that's crazy crazy that's how niggas is
Danielle DeBoise
'Danielle DeBoise' 1 day ago
Hold up 1s upon a time wasn't she apart of destiny's child
Mahogani Clark
'Mahogani Clark' 2 days ago
'She's so Crazy' 2 days ago
Why couldn't this be a movie? I would definitely watch it😍😍
'wowza' 3 days ago
Show me and her a little more respect. Bitch let this five fingers to the face show you respect 👋 SMACK
april minx
'april minx' 3 days ago
Crystal Walker
'Crystal Walker' 3 days ago
Nice song👸🏼
katherine roberts
'katherine roberts' 3 days ago
Sing it chica!!! Lovin it chica!!! Smile smile.
Sadiyyah Brady
'Sadiyyah Brady' 3 days ago
'BIBA 85' 4 days ago
فhe most wonderfull video ever
Snatched Styles
'Snatched Styles' 4 days ago
2:49 sus whatchu doin
Snatched Styles
'Snatched Styles' 4 days ago
2:47 right there woulda been it
Michelle Murphy
'Michelle Murphy' 4 days ago
I love her and the video. It’s so true. I just don’t understand how a man can disrespect you right in front of another woman. Plus allow another woman to disrespect you right in your face. Smh.
De Anna Boatman
'De Anna Boatman' 5 days ago
Underrated! ❤❤🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥
'mustang61' 5 days ago
This shit sounds so good this shoulda been number 1 forever
'CHLOE JAMES' 6 days ago
'Meezy' 1 week ago
This video still be stressing me out😂😂😂
Sello Mokganya
'Sello Mokganya' 1 week ago
Relationships.... i'm good.
April Gilliam
'April Gilliam' 1 week ago
Tears stream down my face as i watch this been put on to this song awhile ago and it's crazy how songs reflect so much on reality omg everything was the same that she sang about from the disrespect of him on the phone with another woman to flipping it on me and thinking we watching a movie together and we start to laugh and me thinking we laughing about what happened in the movie and he fucking laughing at a text a bitch sent smh the music industry should be ashamed that they dont promote artists like this fans would so much rather here music like this that we can relate to.
Portie gurl
'Portie gurl' 1 week ago
nikita lobban
'nikita lobban' 2 weeks ago
That man seems to be in a number of videos I watch
Mosima Kgomo
'Mosima Kgomo' 2 weeks ago
This remind me of my ex who use to tell me that I'm ugly 😭😭😭
Angela Whitfield
'Angela Whitfield' 2 weeks ago
this video should have got a lot of money
Jas Simon
'Jas Simon' 2 weeks ago
WOW, he's a narcissist...... damn.
Blue LovelyGal
'Blue LovelyGal' 2 weeks ago
This deserves a bump 😍😍👍👍👍
Ziz-Zazzy The Poet
'Ziz-Zazzy The Poet' 2 weeks ago
Liars! Men... Wonderful video/song !❣️
Michele Pace
'Michele Pace' 2 weeks ago
Been there.....back to life....back to me!!!
Marissa Friday
'Marissa Friday' 2 weeks ago
This ma SONGGG
Crystal Vouse
'Crystal Vouse' 2 weeks ago
tyler perry need to get his hands on this
Crystal Vouse
'Crystal Vouse' 2 weeks ago
where the 2nd part?
Ngitetoi Lukumay
'Ngitetoi Lukumay' 2 weeks ago
I love this video
Rivian Jones
'Rivian Jones' 3 weeks ago
This song hot!🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥
'Kp' 3 weeks ago
Did she throw up illuminati???
Fahim Radhija
'Fahim Radhija' 3 weeks ago
Kristen K.
'Kristen K.' 3 weeks ago
One of the best music videos I've ever seen.
news flash 101
'news flash 101' 3 weeks ago
Is the other woman a political police officer, she doesn't see he has a girlfriend?
Ann 50
'Ann 50' 4 weeks ago
I so love this song and video💕💕💕💕
Cassandra Carboni
'Cassandra Carboni' 4 weeks ago
i hate that feeling when you truley love someone they hurt you or play games you gotta walk away to not get hurt
Gordon duhon
'Gordon duhon' 4 weeks ago
Jasmine Brown
'Jasmine Brown' 4 weeks ago
MEN never listen to us when we tell them that we as there girl can tell when another woman likes them.
La Aerial
'La Aerial' 4 weeks ago
at least she left man the internet router
DiaryOfa ManeAddict
'DiaryOfa ManeAddict' 4 weeks ago
He was tripping not acknowledging her feelings ughk
Navinia Kirklen
'Navinia Kirklen' 1 month ago
Nikki Gloom
'Nikki Gloom' 1 month ago
a lot of dudes are like this dont see shit till too late or dont care. I have a bunch of gf's that have gone through it. I been cheated on too but Im single. Till i meet a mofo like Dad who cherished what he has, never disrespectful I dont want it...and not looking for it. A real man knows his worth, not his dick. He will respect a female and respect himself. its rare.
'fpbrunei' 1 month ago
She looks a bit like Rihanna .
Diamond Wilson
'Diamond Wilson' 1 month ago
This video makes me ssooo maddd bro omg 🤦🏽‍♀️
Andrea Ross
'Andrea Ross' 1 month ago
Raquel C. Gary
'Raquel C. Gary' 1 month ago
I don't understand how this album wasn't number 1.
Sassy Williams
'Sassy Williams' 1 month ago
bush girl
'bush girl' 1 month ago
This video had me in my feeling great job.
'SunKissNicole' 1 month ago
Destinys child did her so dirty. I straight love all her songs those lyrics are so deep! relatable at its best
Marquita Walton
'Marquita Walton' 1 month ago
This song is bomb.... bring on another hit Letoya💣❤
Zerrica Nathaniel
'Zerrica Nathaniel' 1 month ago
I Love Dis Song, But he did Her Wrong
Michelle Fishin Finatic
I'm reading comments and i see everyone can relate to the message within the song. But her VOCALS and RANGE are OUTSTANDING. Her presentation OUTSTANDING!😊👏👏👏 @latoyaluckett
Melody Sanger
'Melody Sanger' 2 months ago
Tamara Garrett
'Tamara Garrett' 2 months ago
This video and song brings back so many memories.smh. OUT
KingIam LaCosta
'KingIam LaCosta' 2 months ago
Sadly, as a man I can say this is true and I’m not doing this to actually please any women who have already commented. I’ve been through this I was once in a relationship but the woman I was with had a male best friend and he was too damn friendly, I’ve never been insecure but when we went out he was a bit too close. She never seen it as a problem until it became a problem. I remember one day I came home and she was so comfortable walking around in her shorts short. Thinking he won’t do anything but forgetting that he still a man and if the opportunity presented self . he will definitely take it there. And eventually I left and he did take it there, but she stop it from happening and then apologize to me! How did I know? I told her if he doesn’t respect your relationship he doesn’t respect you. So this is a sign never allow anyone to be this damn friendly, don’t lose what you have for what Don’t understand.
'ANGIE BOYD' 2 months ago
Love the drama LeToya
Taryn Tea Aquino
'Taryn Tea Aquino' 2 months ago
Damn LeToya vocals are like an angel...😍
Taj The Great One
'Taj The Great One' 2 months ago
This the first time I saw this. This video good asf!
Candies Williams
'Candies Williams' 2 months ago
Never seen the video until today
Christan Daniels
'Christan Daniels' 2 months ago
Is that TJ.. Thomas Jones
salim kirdly
'salim kirdly' 2 months ago
كلو خرا بتمكن
Jonise Nixon
'Jonise Nixon' 2 months ago
Please get back to this music thing you do so well..this is giving me life!
Karrie Nash
'Karrie Nash' 2 months ago
One of my favorite favorite favorite songs from her... the realest ever
Norman Rowe
'Norman Rowe' 2 months ago
Asia Piggott
'Asia Piggott' 2 months ago
Csn we have some more songs.#2018
Steven Mungin
'Steven Mungin' 2 months ago
I love the song I’ve been in the arguments just like they were understand both of their frustration and both of their anger in the beginning she went into the meaning of Cynthia and the restaurant with a clear decision that she won’t and Will not like this girl you can see when he was talking to her and explaining to her about how Cynthia is to him as a friend. He sees her only as a friend and like most people who have friends since they were young kids their friendship is strong and believing that they shouldn’t have to choose between the friend of 20+ years to someone the only been with for five years. What’s wrong friendships best friends the been through a lot with each other and growing up with each other I understand that he didn’t see how Cynthia was maybe at one point in time he thought of it but he just shrugged it off he didn’t see how LeToya saw her was until later on but it’s hard to see someone you from the outside why are you in and he lost his his girlfriend now at the same time she already pre-judge their friendship how he was excited about seeing her with his girlfriend and when she got to the restaurant how she saw their interaction but she came about telling him how Cynthia feels about him or how severe is acting basically like marking her territory or something like that she couldn’t tell him in another way without getting him in defense mode. He drew away from her in the fighting started because he felt like he had no want to understand how him his friendship is other than his friend and she was insecure about their relationship. both been more understanding to each other‘s feelings and in try to see each other‘s eyes of the situation
Idikima DiaBa
'Idikima DiaBa' 2 months ago
Letoya is very sweety and sings very good. I love her .
Marvim Oliveira
'Marvim Oliveira' 2 months ago
kimberly harris
'kimberly harris' 2 months ago
Their argument....that's Cynthia talking thru dude
Clarice Vernon
'Clarice Vernon' 2 months ago
This is what I went through but the funny part is y'all listen to this it was his own brother baby mother hmmmm feel me
Latoya Ausborn
'Latoya Ausborn' 2 months ago
First of all.. if I didn’t say the argument was over, it’s DEFINITELY NOT. And that hand clapping bs would’ve did it 🤬
Frances Kingston
'Frances Kingston' 2 months ago
Men favorite line “Stop trying to change me”. So you’re naturally a cheater? Unfaithfulness is your DNA?
daisy diaz
'daisy diaz' 2 months ago
Nothing but the truth 😕
mother abigail
'mother abigail' 2 months ago
Her voice is amazing
Alexandra Kirk
'Alexandra Kirk' 2 months ago
wow this was really good, even down to the video I was way into this like nah Toya im w you way too friendly lol
'cojack' 2 months ago
Woooooorrrrrrrkkkkkkk ........Ms. LeToya......this song and video is SICKENING.....
Genevieve Jimenez
'Genevieve Jimenez' 2 months ago
I literally just went through a breakup about an hour ago like this, for these reasons too wow. Crazy how music like this finds you when you need to hear it.
Bentley Blue92
'Bentley Blue92' 2 months ago
Man she did her thing the story line is so true this happens with women & men
Kayla Judge
'Kayla Judge' 2 months ago
I love this song!
Alanasha Pacheco
'Alanasha Pacheco' 2 months ago
I love this song I felt this shit 💯💯
Rico Sauvelone
'Rico Sauvelone' 3 months ago
Yooo did the friend and guy kiss in the end though 🤔🤔🤔
Deajene Horne
'Deajene Horne' 3 months ago
Sorry but I keep thinking of the fresh prince of bel air
Yazmin Estrada
'Yazmin Estrada' 3 months ago
Crazy how it’s like this sometimes and how accurate it is. This song should’ve won an award
samantha barahona
'samantha barahona' 3 months ago
A little bit more respec..... boyyyyyyy I would have dipped so damn fast. If anything she under-reacted.
* Constellations of Me
I need this to be a whole movie; her acting is wonderful.
* Constellations of Me
Oh hell no. Don't you dare make me want to cut my hair, Letoya. NO.
bella K
'bella K' 3 months ago
the video is so relateable. it makes the song 10x better
Jude Parker
'Jude Parker' 3 months ago
Love every bit of that song
'Elibelle' 3 months ago
Who is the actor who plays the boyfriend
Emmie Luvay
'Emmie Luvay' 3 months ago
My life is a small nutshell. Smh
Nia Harris
'Nia Harris' 3 months ago
tell him toya
babatunde rufai
'babatunde rufai' 3 months ago
Boy listen to this beautiful flower. She doesn't demand much.
babatunde rufai
'babatunde rufai' 3 months ago
I hate it when we are so insensitive to each others concern.
'virgolove08281991' 3 months ago
pull through La Toya i luv this
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