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LeToya Luckett - Back 2 Life -
Published: 11 months ago By: LeToyaVEVO

By: LeToyaVEVOPublished: 11 months ago

6, 200, 131 views

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“Back 2 Life” is from LeToya’s forthcoming album titled ‘Back 2 Life'
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Debreka Duffy
'Debreka Duffy' 7 hours ago
I just lost my marriage behind this type of shit thank you for making this song
Marquez Green
'Marquez Green' 22 hours ago
woooo! a real ass situation on this video!
Ola Omoniyi
'Ola Omoniyi' 1 day ago
How can you cheat on your woman on her birthday. She literally celebrating with her all her friends and the dude who is supposed to be her man ain’t there
Love Life
'Love Life' 2 days ago
Yasmine Injai
'Yasmine Injai' 3 days ago
[Verse 1] Maybe I'm supposed to lie Maybe I'm not too good at saying goodbyes Gotta give it up Maybe I'm supposed to break down Or willing to fake how You're making me feel, tell me whatever Somehow I thought I could build with you I thought it was real with you Doubted myself now I don't really know I told myself that every day [Pre-Chorus] Maybe we'll survive Maybe it's a lie To keep our love alive But I know you want to ride So I gotta get [Chorus] Back to life... Back to life... Back to reality Back to life... Back to reality I love you even though you're not good for me [Verse 2] I remember when we started in your new thing Got your curving side bitches like some loose change I made you a new flame I been riding wit' you Don't you remember when I told you I was stay down Not going back 'cause maybe I need a break now Before I break down [Pre-Chorus 2] Worked so hard It's so hard Baby to let it fall apart Fall apart So I gotta get [Chorus] Back to life... (back to reality) Back to life... Back to reality Back to life... (back to reality) I love you even though you ain't good for me [Bridge] Now I just gotta get back baby Away now, away now (I love you even though you ain't good for me) You ain't living the life that you claim All of that shit is a game I'mma just work through the pain And get back to my life
Matthew Nwabara
'Matthew Nwabara' 4 days ago
Wow. This song and video deserve a damn Grammy! LeyToya Luckett I have been wondering where you been at!
Original Baddie
'Original Baddie' 4 days ago
Rochelle Cross✝️ Greenleaf Gang❤️🙏🏽
Cecilia Yeboah
'Cecilia Yeboah' 5 days ago
wanda j
'wanda j' 1 week ago
Toya look absolutely gorgeous btw
Shea Hughes
'Shea Hughes' 1 week ago
I did not know she sing this song! This my shit! Go Le toya I'm proud of you girl!! 💫❤💫
Dominique McCullough
Why did I get so pissed watchin this video? XD
Lydia Dixon
'Lydia Dixon' 1 week ago
Letoya is 2 damn fine for all the extra acting is on it though on both sides
Blue Angel
'Blue Angel' 2 weeks ago
Those eyes and the way he looks at her before he sips on orange juice
'TAMIKA CRAFT' 2 weeks ago
I bet Slim Thug from Houston hate he played Toya tho..
Simone Allen
'Simone Allen' 2 weeks ago
its home 4 me 😢
Janelle Jackson
'Janelle Jackson' 2 weeks ago
Whoa... This tugged on some heart strings. I been here before. Nearly exact same situation. I was never allowed to be angry about it. I just became apathetic. But I felt something through this song.
Shante Griffin
'Shante Griffin' 2 weeks ago
Ladies don't settle. You deserve better! Good men still do exist.
Ryan Maher-Baksh
'Ryan Maher-Baksh' 2 weeks ago
She soo fine
Tyrene Watkins
'Tyrene Watkins' 2 weeks ago
Like this song
'La'Ryshah Tinnel' 2 weeks ago
Best Song of 2017
Bosslady Hayes
'Bosslady Hayes' 2 weeks ago
People sleeping on her she's very beautiful and talented
zg Gomez
'zg Gomez' 2 weeks ago
Beautiful, honest..strong women - I love the message.
'teahgurl' 2 weeks ago
She meant this ish. I felt every lyric!!!
'teahgurl' 2 weeks ago
She's so pretty 🤗👐👐👐👐
Mistress Mi
'Mistress Mi'chelle' 2 weeks ago
Damn! Look, I've never been a huge fan only because she isn't being rep'd right, I never knew what she was up to. But this is amazing!!!!
Shakia Green-Williamson
Back to life back to reality I love it 😍😍😍😍
Fawn Shank
'Fawn Shank' 2 weeks ago
reminds me of one of my fights.😯
'IAMTOLANI31' 3 weeks ago
Did she do her nose?
Chelle Shanae
'Chelle Shanae' 3 weeks ago
I love her!!🏵♥️
aLaN G
'aLaN G' 3 weeks ago
Nunca entendí por qué solo Beyoncé ha tenido un éxito tan grande si todas las xDC son genialmente talentosas!
Snappy Chappy
'Snappy Chappy' 3 weeks ago
Men don't sometimes see the bigger picture or have that understanding of what point his girlfriend was trying to make. He only saw that when his best friend kiss him. He never look at her that way because he only saw her as a friend but as an outsider, we know the friend had feeling for him.
Teeanna Briscoe
'Teeanna Briscoe' 3 weeks ago
He is not ture
'dlouvin' 3 weeks ago
Thats #CuddyBuddy from BeingMaryJane Season 2
'LITA'S UNIVERSE' 3 weeks ago
Wow💔❤ I can RrEeLlAaTtEe💔 NARCISSISTIC people will always DEFLECT
Constance Nelson
'Constance Nelson' 3 weeks ago
these dudes better realise what the fuck they hsvr....cause she'll be gone before you kno it👌
'Tanae' Williamson' 3 weeks ago
Damn first time hearing this and I fucking love it 😍
The Stallion
'The Stallion' 3 weeks ago
I'm just getting out of a 11 year relationship, and it reminds me ,that even though I love him so...smh now is the time to put my daughter and I first and get back to life and back to reality,without him.
James Jr
'James Jr' 3 weeks ago
Best video in a great lil min. I enjoy it every time I come and watch
Man this song is the truth
'SophisticatedCharm' 4 weeks ago
I need her lipstick !
'Egyptian_Thoth' 4 weeks ago
she seems soo sweet...but just boring as hell.
Floyd Scott
'Floyd Scott' 4 weeks ago
U did good by putting him out
Garry  Wright
'Garry Wright' 4 weeks ago
This video is amazing!!!
Sakiara Stevens
'Sakiara Stevens' 4 weeks ago
When he threw the plate, I would’ve murdered his ass, he acting act like she’s the problem when she’s not. It seem like all he trying do is make a problem so he have a reason to leave🙄
Olivia Dillard
'Olivia Dillard' 4 weeks ago
First of all who in the hell is this fine azz sexy black man And why is the other woman he claims ain't nothing but friends her picture in his phone.. This shit was dope I was feeling it,
Mr Peterson
'Mr Peterson' 4 weeks ago
Yea if u Ben in destiny child you def should be a dope solist and letoya def has it
Michael Ward
'Michael Ward' 4 weeks ago
Shoot. His. Ass. Toya!!! and the cut her ass up! Lol!
Khushboe Tabassom Khushbo
It's a wanderful
Don H
'Don H' 4 weeks ago
Your voice is beautiful LeToya. God be with you.
Willams Johnson
'Willams Johnson' 4 weeks ago
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'Nefertiti' 4 weeks ago
The 2K people who gave this the thumbs down 👎 Fu this is a freaking hit.
Dineshia Brown
'Dineshia Brown' 4 weeks ago
You messed up bud
I am a ELFfishHoneyCloudMeigeniToppKlass
When do we get Part2 I want to know what happens 😢😢😢😢
Jasmon Jackson
'Jasmon Jackson' 4 weeks ago
Why would ANYBODY give this viedo 2k 👎🤔
Ash Clement
'Ash Clement' 1 month ago
Currently and it’s hurting. He calling her “sister” and Shit wtf 😩 maybe I’m doing to much. But it don’t sit well with me. I don’t trust the whole fake “brother sister” thing
ojeifoh omoike
'ojeifoh omoike' 1 month ago
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'cornbreadthedog' 1 month ago, snaps!..she done took all the furniture when she left old dude!! man, that's so "Destiny's Child"!
'cornbreadthedog' 1 month ago
My best part is at the 6:04 mark. I've had this conversation more than
'cornbreadthedog' 1 month ago
Letoya is insanely gorgeous!..Girl, I got a short attention span but I could listen to you all day!
Kendreka Padgett
'Kendreka Padgett' 1 month ago
This would be a good movie 🙌🏾❤️
'Fusion_GLXY' 1 month ago
A guy ever acted towards me like that his ass would be dumped. If yall have so much history ya can go and couch surf at hers cause you ain't stayin here acting like that boy
Your Di
'Your Di'Tarrie' 1 month ago
Cheaters be like, "Quit trippin', we're just friends!" Next thing you know, y'all broke up and they're in a million pictures together, in love, on social media. Lame ass muhfuhkahs
Barbara Owens
'Barbara Owens' 1 month ago
This is my song..I love LeToya
Candace Davis
'Candace Davis' 1 month ago
that man is hella fine
'TheSacredImmortal' 1 month ago
Jacouria Bradford
'Jacouria Bradford' 1 month ago
My life right now💯💯💯💯💯
Tatiane Sousa Soares
Linda O Brazil te amaaaaaa
Zyiera Pirela
'Zyiera Pirela' 1 month ago
2:29 I would have snapped on both they asses up in tht motherfucking place and n the car she handled that shit better than me
Ipad r.
'Ipad r.' 1 month ago
This video always make me cry... Bad memories
Que LaKay
'Que LaKay' 1 month ago
Love Her!!
Nastassia Steele
'Nastassia Steele' 1 month ago
This is the SAD reality of some man :(
John Jones
'John Jones' 1 month ago
Dre Mellz
'Dre Mellz' 2 months ago
Dope video
Arthur Washington ll
'Arthur Washington ll' 2 months ago
men I understand u have an ego but don't let your pride mess up your relay with your women she may not be always right u may not either u fight to stay together love her unconditionally and you make sure u love him
Arthur Washington ll
'Arthur Washington ll' 2 months ago
women should be treated with love and respect its not all about the sex to me as a man u have to understand how and what she feeling , and make sure she knows that u care sit down talk to her I want every female to know u are beautiful to me no matter your flaws
Arthur Washington ll
'Arthur Washington ll' 2 months ago
men we have to do better by our women we cant keep breaking and expect them to rock wit us I'm 18 years old I look up to my father who is a real role model my dad loves my mom I wanna be like him guys were hurting our women they are beautiful ,females brings us life they hold us down no matter what they know our pain and struggles and even tho u a hot mess they love u unconditionally stop acting like boyz
Adriene Finklea
'Adriene Finklea' 2 months ago
AAliyah star
'AAliyah star' 2 months ago
Crystal Lamb
'Crystal Lamb' 2 months ago
Damn,Damn ,Damn this was good ....
Jimmy Stone
'Jimmy Stone' 2 months ago
what u won't from me....
Jimmy Stone
'Jimmy Stone' 2 months ago
what u won't
Jimmy Stone
'Jimmy Stone' 2 months ago
what u won't oooo what u are won't
Yazmine Bennett
'Yazmine Bennett' 2 months ago
I'm just not finding this song wtf it's life😂😂
Krazy H
'Krazy H' 2 months ago
This would've been a good film
that kid Nini
'that kid Nini' 2 months ago
Toya Gholston
'Toya Gholston' 2 months ago
Oh my Ra! This song spoke to me! Yes girl!
miss niki
'miss niki' 2 months ago
This song hit home 10 months ago when I found it. I cried and cried because this song was exactly what I went through. This song and video skit was real life and re-enactment of my life. In the end. I left just like she did, he did the same shit this guy did. Begging and begging for me back. I almost took him back but now he’s dating this bitch who he claimed was a friend lol smh same shit different boyfriend. I have platonic relationships with my male friends and I know a hoe when I meet one lol End of story I met the love of my life after the mistake of my life . Amazing how everything happens for a reason. I wanted to watch this video again after it’s been a few months and boy oh boy does this song give me goosebumps shit is live and real.
Blahh Xx
'Blahh Xx' 2 months ago
lowkey really wanted this video to be longer lmao
Genise Cook
'Genise Cook' 2 months ago
That natural beat face though!.
'sks' 2 months ago
damn..that's one sexy chocolate man. Oh, LaToya is gorgeous.
Winnie T
'Winnie T' 2 months ago
she is really pretty
Indo Reed
'Indo Reed' 2 months ago
My SO has a close female friend just like in this video. I didn't and refused to handle it well. I just ignored it when they hung out and kinda tested his romantic loyalty. Turned out, she was in love with him! He told me. She started stalking up. She tried to set me on fire! Long story short, men and women who're sexually mature cannot be friends. Someone will take it wrong, brutal feels will be hurt. She's in prison, now, btw.
Crafty SOL
'Crafty SOL' 2 months ago
Oh lord, this video. I cried the whole time.
Wanda Thompson
'Wanda Thompson' 2 months ago
Been down this mofo road before
Precious Mitchell
'Precious Mitchell' 2 months ago
I love this so period !!! ❣️
jaquan liljon
'jaquan liljon' 2 months ago
I love u Letoya 😍
Michele Rehers
'Michele Rehers' 2 months ago
thx girl reality check for me
Michele Rehers
'Michele Rehers' 2 months ago
thx girl reality check for me
Loop Hole
'Loop Hole' 2 months ago
She got mad talent. I so underrated.
Jasmine Shané
'Jasmine Shané' 2 months ago
These projects that she has been putting out are LOVE ! The visuals down to the record !
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