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Ultimate David Dobrik Vine Compilation with Titles! - All David Dobrik Vines 2015 | Top Viners ✔ -
Published: 2 years ago By: Top Viners 2

By: Top Viners 2Published: 2 years ago

1, 921, 382 views

27, 323 Likes   502 Dislikes

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Insomniac Pessimist
'Insomniac Pessimist' 3 hours ago
does the number work
Galaxy Moon
'Galaxy Moon' 2 days ago
At 2:10 that what happens to me to when i am the phone XD
unicorn maverick
'unicorn maverick' 3 days ago
It's a girl That killed me
Bacon Bryce
'Bacon Bryce' 4 days ago
12:33 that is my sisters name
Bacon Bryce
'Bacon Bryce' 5 days ago
10:29 he was mean and Savage 😂😂
Mia Vargas
'Mia Vargas' 1 week ago
I think he looks better with the braces. He looks okay already, just saying.
Sara Živić
'Sara Živić' 2 weeks ago
Why the heck is his dad touching his....ugh,nevermind 😂
Flip Check
'Flip Check' 2 weeks ago
Sorry I was at my DAD’s
'Bruna' 2 weeks ago
the dad jokes jesus christ lmao0
Kim-Kelly Dang
'Kim-Kelly Dang' 2 weeks ago
14:12 is it his ex girlfriend...? Or just a girl friend?
Zevy Gershon
'Zevy Gershon' 2 weeks ago
Samantha Hirsch
'Samantha Hirsch' 4 weeks ago
omg little david with braces...
Elizabeth Murray
'Elizabeth Murray' 4 weeks ago
am i the only 1 who loves the ay david runs down the stairs
blu velvet • 28 hours ago
I still don't know how he does that passenger seat vine
Devyn Slytherin.
'Devyn Slytherin.' 4 weeks ago
Hey itz Esteban
'Hey itz Esteban' 4 weeks ago
Izzy Vanity
'Izzy Vanity' 1 month ago
hey I was at my *DADS*
Crypto The Hamster
'Crypto The Hamster' 1 month ago
11:53 killed me YeAh YeAh EiGhTeEn GeT iN tHe CaR
'LeanLord' 1 month ago
6:10 anything else
Lucie Henderson
'Lucie Henderson' 1 month ago
it's funny to see how he was then vs now
'ACRONE' 1 month ago
The first one got me
Sir Sammi The Second
7:36 is probably my favorite
God, David needed a fippin therapist back then
Leyla Constanza
'Leyla Constanza' 1 month ago
I just imagine you with purple hair and it actually looks good
TaZmanian Television
5:29 I KNEW IT ALL ALONG. Proof he's a psychopath
EchoTale Sans
'EchoTale Sans' 2 months ago
Tell them about your big Dic....... I mean personnel it lit
Veronica Jolley
'Veronica Jolley' 2 months ago
One Direction💖💖
Julie Medrano
'Julie Medrano' 2 months ago
In 3:27 he also had braces
Julie Medrano
'Julie Medrano' 2 months ago
I meant 2:36
Julie Medrano
'Julie Medrano' 2 months ago
3:36 he had braced
CozyAmazon Amazon
'CozyAmazon Amazon' 2 months ago
I'm so tired "ya me too" Like have you ever flipped through all the pages of the calender and put nuttella on all the tuesdays? "yea" Yeah I'm tired
The Squad E & V
'The Squad E & V' 2 months ago
His braces!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! lol
'LAUREN GLICK' 2 months ago
4:12 is so me when i give someone a water bottle
Lps Candy1578
'Lps Candy1578' 2 months ago
it’s weird to see david with a beard. also DAVID IS SO CUTE WITH BRACES
Maria Al-Qadhi
'Maria Al-Qadhi' 2 months ago
omg the dolan twins intro song 1:57
Kaitlyn Harvey
'Kaitlyn Harvey' 2 months ago
His braces omfg
Savage Panda
'Savage Panda' 2 months ago
Is it uncle Timmy's or uncle Billy's. I think it's papa's. I knew you would find someone like your father
Syed Naimatullah
'Syed Naimatullah' 2 months ago
Died at 2:30
'ItzTaylor' 2 months ago
David swears ALOT
'Sandyy' 2 months ago
8:46 i can't get over how much i relate to this one 😂
Whimsy Randomness
'Whimsy Randomness' 2 months ago
He looks like a cute foetus here
Ashlyn_loves_youtube248 :3
David was so small, plus he had braces ❤️
Xavier Kelly
'Xavier Kelly' 2 months ago
7:43 I have the same poster
Keara vaughns
'Keara vaughns' 2 months ago
4:32 lol
Darnel Anglade
'Darnel Anglade' 2 months ago
0:40 Legend says that he still has the gum in his ear
Nicole Oliva
'Nicole Oliva' 2 months ago
Clean ur room (why when I’m going to mess it up when I sleep later) ok then why wipe ur ass when ur going to sh!t later 😂 oml
Cori Smith
'Cori Smith' 3 months ago
oml His Braces😍😍😍
'xNicolax' 3 months ago
I hate the beard😂
Rylee Cagle
'Rylee Cagle' 3 months ago
The third vine tho
Devany Velasquez
'Devany Velasquez' 3 months ago
David is sooo cutevwith braces
'Bruna' 3 months ago
guys braces are traumatizing don't glamouraze it's a fucking torture
Anushka Naik
'Anushka Naik' 3 months ago
Amazing how much he has matured
Natalie Moncus
'Natalie Moncus' 3 months ago
That horse one kills me😂😂😂😂
Catherine Murphy
'Catherine Murphy' 3 months ago
1:58 Where my BromieOmies at??
Bliss Harvell
'Bliss Harvell' 3 months ago
14:02 I have that same plant
Dønn Jalani
'Dønn Jalani' 3 months ago
David with a Beard or David with braces?
Golden Keyshawn
'Golden Keyshawn' 3 months ago
When he has sex with someone he said their name in a deep voice and Dad
'KitKat_003' 3 months ago
Dude David is cute with braces lmao
Frickle Pickle
'Frickle Pickle' 3 months ago
I think im good at sucking dick
Blue moo vlogs
'Blue moo vlogs' 3 months ago
Griffin Tierney
'Griffin Tierney' 3 months ago
Anyone watching in 2018
sy sy jy jy
'sy sy jy jy' 3 months ago
My Girl is at da store
Joseph Hernandez
'Joseph Hernandez' 3 months ago
Millu112 Hi
'Millu112 Hi' 3 months ago
Srry I was at my DADS
Maya \ Posada
'Maya \ Posada' 3 months ago
What's the song called that was like " And you got my..." when he got the Participation Award.
Rylee Worl
'Rylee Worl' 3 months ago
“Is that the one you want” “No daddy thats the one i wanna be” “Turn me into a fucking horse “
I’m definitely not Aubrey
*David with his braces*
Sky_modz 4
'Sky_modz 4' 3 months ago
I died when I saw 3:41
Jazz 11wawa
'Jazz 11wawa' 3 months ago
8:35 just called the number and it was Verizon Lmao 😂
'Metanoia' 3 months ago
This is trash
'Aqua86' 3 months ago
9:23 David going down the stairs might be funnier than the actually vine 😂 😂 😂
Brianna Esparza
'Brianna Esparza' 3 months ago
7:56 oof 😂😭😭😭
Cielo Marquez
'Cielo Marquez' 3 months ago
David with braces is the cutest thing ever
Katelyn Is Panicking on a chemical horizon
London Goddard
'London Goddard' 3 months ago
David’s little brother is so adorable
BlueRose TheGamer
'BlueRose TheGamer' 3 months ago
The algebra teacher is like what my friend deals with. Her teacher is like that... he’s to creepy.
Gabby Cav
'Gabby Cav' 3 months ago
At 3:28 😂😂 he can actually do that now cuz he's got a Tesla, he had no idea at the time 😂😂
Kate Ravenscroft
'Kate Ravenscroft' 3 months ago
Fetus David has me dying. Those braces tho
Gia Bean
'Gia Bean' 3 months ago
David with braces is sexy asf
naima shueyb
'naima shueyb' 3 months ago
Yo um..... why was david such a dombass back then.........then again he might have been acting.... sooo hes still lit.
naima shueyb
'naima shueyb' 3 months ago
Yo david used to date gabbie??????????????????????????????? Ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh... ***GASP*** am I a fake fan... nooooooooooo
Denisse Diaz
'Denisse Diaz' 3 months ago
Why does David look like my ex?
Teja Zore
'Teja Zore' 3 months ago
He says bad words too much!!!
keyerram moore
'keyerram moore' 3 months ago
da musicly father has ARISIN
Savannah Vaughn
'Savannah Vaughn' 3 months ago
Toby's so cute 😂❤️
'T' 3 months ago
10:51 Scotty
Caree Prather
'Caree Prather' 3 months ago
The time is really funny because most of his Vlogs are 4:21/4:20
Jaysee C
'Jaysee C' 3 months ago
Why do they call you big bird? B/C OF MY BIG ASS DICK MUTHAFUKER
Raena Smith
'Raena Smith' 3 months ago
6:38 has never failed to make me laugh😂
Shannon Schneider
'Shannon Schneider' 3 months ago
Julia Limo
'Julia Limo' 3 months ago
5:30 is me
Ryan Stough
'Ryan Stough' 3 months ago
he reminds me of Dylan o bryan
Hannah Warner
'Hannah Warner' 3 months ago
Nice braces davidt
Shakil Nobes
'Shakil Nobes' 3 months ago
When you realize the girl all by herself is Gabbie hahahaha
delvin Nurizky
'delvin Nurizky' 3 months ago
Zachary O
'Zachary O'neill' 3 months ago
David is the hottest human alive.
addy Maria
'addy Maria' 3 months ago
14:21 we changing things uppppp
Tommy Jarvis TGSR
'Tommy Jarvis TGSR' 3 months ago
David is so cute w/ braces and no beard awh
'MrMillennialMan2005' 3 months ago
Why do they call you Big Bird? *CAUSE OF MY BIG A$$ D!CK MUUUFU-*
Magda Gomez
'Magda Gomez' 3 months ago
David with braces is so cutee
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