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Lil Yachty - Shoot Out The Roof -
Published: 1 month ago By: LilYachtyVEVO

By: LilYachtyVEVOPublished: 1 month ago

4, 727, 297 views

85, 068 Likes   7, 010 Dislikes

Official video for Lil Yachty “Shoot Out The Roof” off of Summer Songs 2, out now. Listen / buy audio here:

Visit Lil Yachty online:

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Music video by Lil Yachty performing Shoot Out The Roof. (C) 2016 Quality Control Music, Capitol Records and Motown Records

Lai Mason
'Lai Mason' 1 hour ago
yo lit
Lai Mason
'Lai Mason' 1 hour ago
'KSG_NO.SCOPE' 2 hours ago
Lil Yachty Hair look like Flamin hot Cheetos
Jhonny Stevenson
'Jhonny Stevenson' 3 hours ago
all i ever wanted was this nigga to stop mumbling and at least sound like he's rapping, the sound could be whatever as long as i could understand what he's saying. That being said, this song is pretty dope.
topps does everything
0:41 is they new dance move
Leo Cherenfant
'Leo Cherenfant' 3 hours ago
Mimmo De Nicola
'Mimmo De Nicola' 4 hours ago
is this a dissing?
jess Apple
'jess Apple' 4 hours ago
why next year
Nicole Collins
'Nicole Collins' 5 hours ago
Nicole Collins
'Nicole Collins' 5 hours ago
yah lame
Johnathon Esparza
'Johnathon Esparza' 7 hours ago
I like this song
Dwane Jenkins
'Dwane Jenkins' 7 hours ago #DawgLife #HennyGang #MollyBrazy🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥
Jhojan Redondo
'Jhojan Redondo' 8 hours ago
i been with yachty since one night but way before the video
Mychal Boose
'Mychal Boose' 9 hours ago
wow. this dude is a fucking moron. never go full retard.... this is what's wrong with the world.
Juan4546 SQuad
'Juan4546 SQuad' 9 hours ago
lil yachty da type og nigga to shoot out the roof in front of the cops
Fair West
'Fair West' 9 hours ago
you cant say yadadamean without shoutin the bay n MAC DRE
Eric Wiedenhoft
'Eric Wiedenhoft' 11 hours ago
This must be a remake of the video Mugatu used to brainwash Derek Zoolander.
Flo Bin
'Flo Bin' 12 hours ago
wtf is this
'coblyfanfic' 12 hours ago
wasted 2:38sec of my life thinking this was good . silly me
Dale Solomons
'Dale Solomons' 15 hours ago
'Duke' 16 hours ago
Wait, so do we get a video to Dipset now?
Mitch Toddy
'Mitch Toddy' 17 hours ago
cowboy bebop
captain price
'captain price' 18 hours ago
Yachty make music for them kids who think they ballin when they really in 5th grade
jonathan rontal
'jonathan rontal' 18 hours ago
they're holding some $5 find and putting the gravity feed hopper on backwards... smh
Lukes Fames
'Lukes Fames' 19 hours ago
love the beat tho
McNeil Webster
'McNeil Webster' 19 hours ago
Lil yachty haters , are the type of fuck boys to say uzi is the best rapper
love boat
'Seodoa' 21 hours ago
Fuck all y'all who hating on this shit saying its trash.Call it trash all you want this nigga is a mainstream rapper with multiple hits sit tf down.
'vroom221' 21 hours ago
i fucking love JBan$ he's so funny He's got the whole Sailing team in there xD
Bj Johnson
'Bj Johnson' 22 hours ago
this nigga stole candy paint beat smh
Dom Gwen
'Dom Gwen' 23 hours ago
my song
'Dev' 24 hours ago
love this song
Yea im Savage
'Yea im Savage' 1 day ago
I like how they added dipset in the song
juressa adams
'juressa adams' 1 day ago
kodie was turnt
Alex Danso
'Alex Danso' 1 day ago
I just came for the beat
'MikuNikuPop' 1 day ago
The Cowboy Beebop sample.... I'm dead... lol. 1:32 .
Brad Chambers
'Brad Chambers' 1 day ago
Cowboy Bebop green bird at 1:31
Cristian Salgado
'Cristian Salgado' 1 day ago
u a fan u need ur ears n head checked vsvp
Cristian Salgado
'Cristian Salgado' 1 day ago
lil bull shit.
'Syroex' 1 day ago
Anyone Else Notuce Kodie??
Angel Simmons
'Angel Simmons' 1 day ago
Peep Kodie Shane
'u-once-again' 1 day ago
Why tf are ski gloves fashion?
kristina greenidge
Regillio Xotic
'Regillio Xotic' 1 day ago
Ice cube fan
'Ice cube fan' 1 day ago
Ain't nobody wanna be Lil yatchy. Df
Certified Finesser
Lil yachty going to be it like lip car lil train lil plane in 2020
Serseri Zenci
'Serseri Zenci' 2 days ago
BITCH scene ; 1:33 :D
'90epiphone' 2 days ago
biggie vs Lil yachty enough said
John Rendon
'John Rendon' 2 days ago
who saids special need children can't make it big one day
'MUSIC INC' 2 days ago
What kind of people get lit by Lil Yachty's song???😂 i liked brocc +all in for few week but thats it.
'WaffleSpaz' 2 days ago
Other rappers show off their guns and weapons in their videos, but yachty shootin them paintball guns
'CosmicMemes' 2 days ago
no hate but how the fuck they gonna shoot out the roof with paintball guns 😂
Raymond Mcmillan
'Raymond Mcmillan' 2 days ago
greatest rappers ever...Dylan ...Dylan ..Dylan...this little nigga and Dylan
Rowan Stewart
'Rowan Stewart' 2 days ago
this mother fucker sound like a fat middle school kid with a stuffed nose and pissed pants
Jmoney Vevo
'Jmoney Vevo' 2 days ago
If Lil boat was a Dbz character he would Shoot out the roof for a fight against Goku
Aidan Gunn
'Aidan Gunn' 2 days ago
am I the only one who doesn't like this ?
Siobhan Miller
'Siobhan Miller' 2 days ago
do no want to be you lil yacthy
Yachty Holla at me mayne @StanginNbangin
drive-by on em pussy niggas block { Hierba } Csk
is that hip hop ? lmao😂😂 I'm dead seem like i was watching some pacman game nah but for real damn.... i guess everybody can be a rapper now just by saying 7 words lmao
'MatthewwwS13' 2 days ago
Tbh it's just the beat I enjoy
Stormy Squirtle
'Stormy Squirtle' 2 days ago
'ThatRussianKid' 2 days ago
Mendoza Marco11
'Mendoza Marco11' 2 days ago
who in the hell said I wanna be like your trash ass😂
Arioon ag
'Arioon ag' 2 days ago
top 5 wrappers 1. chicken and cheese wrap 2. tuna wrap 3. salad wrap 4. fruit wrap 5. avocado wrap
Dolla Z
'Dolla Z' 2 days ago
1104 Jaws sure
'DRA4SIL HRUNTER' 2 days ago
1:31 is what you came for
Clay Davis
'Clay Davis' 2 days ago
this is wonderfully retarded
ULT Uzumski
'ULT Uzumski' 3 days ago
all we need is Famous Dex.
Crystal Green
'Crystal Green' 3 days ago
shii hard
'Flagrant' 3 days ago
Fucking hypocrite this nigga said we all a broke boy rapping bout a dream. But this nigga started off the same, this is trappers for you.
Santi Castellini
'Santi Castellini' 3 days ago
The goofiest rap crew of all times
Pac Makaveli
'Pac Makaveli' 3 days ago
Fuckin clown gives real hip hop a bad name
brandon gardner
'brandon gardner' 3 days ago
YEAH YEAH! Shit off the roof! Dope.
'KryptoEvolves' 3 days ago
Real fans know that the description says this was made in summer songs 2
'xJokie' 3 days ago
This shit fye asf make me wanna kill somebody 💪🏾💪🏾☢️
Analdo Arscott
'Analdo Arscott' 3 days ago
lol that side shuffle 41 secs into the vid
Dodo Breezy
'Dodo Breezy' 3 days ago
The only wish I have is tupac to be back. He needs to teach these kids what rap is💔
Bino Miami
'Bino Miami' 3 days ago
"just got a new bitch white with a little black like dice" the best line i have ever heard from him
'Dev' 3 days ago
my ish
kiler 53078
'kiler 53078' 3 days ago
Ballon party do 👑
Luis Acosta
'Luis Acosta' 3 days ago
who agrees with me when I say BARS!!!! 🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥
Tmp Wmp
'Tmp Wmp' 3 days ago
Anyone some gold rappers?
'TanakinSkywalker' 3 days ago
Worst garbage ever. Brought music from cowboy bebop in this too. Lil yuckie should be his name. Lazy vocals
Saraa Renaud
'Saraa Renaud' 3 days ago
Emimen and Hopsin must be seriously laughing at this guy :')
Bryan Estrada
'Bryan Estrada' 3 days ago
Rough JPaw Jackson
I am actually enjoying 2017 music (for now)
'PR23FLY G' 3 days ago
Alright song atleast the music vid doesn't look like lil yatchy smoked all the joints in the bag before he went into the meeting where they planned what type of music vid should it be
Punk-ified Gaming
'Punk-ified Gaming' 3 days ago
The fact that a multi millionaire rapper is using a 90 DOLLAR PAINTBALL GUN IS HALARIOUS. I am a middle class person and I own a geo 3.5 by planet eclipse which goes up to 34 balls a second with a good hopper. Their paintball setup was literally 200 dollars all added up, besides the mask since they are probably custom. it's halarious tho because my set up is 1k for the gun, 200 for the hopper, 220 for the carbon fiber ninja tank, and 159 for my virtue vio mask. The paintballs weren't even custom, they were classic simple one colour. I wish they would go to Crusaders paintball in PA and catch me their. Im there on saturday, sunday and mondays on the fields lmao I'd definately win.
Jdjdj Jss
'Jdjdj Jss' 3 days ago
this is straight fire 🔥🔥
topps does everything
Tayt C
'Tayt C' 3 days ago
Bruh I thought they were about to play dipset
'1Damz'' 3 days ago
This came out on my birthday shoutout yatchy
'ReefleksPlayz' 3 days ago
This isn't rap......
'MIRA DJ' 3 days ago
Lil Boat
Delta_ Kiwi
'Delta_ Kiwi' 3 days ago
It's actually illegal to wear a mask without mouth, nose, or ear protection
Longji Shikse
'Longji Shikse' 3 days ago
Landen Fox
'Landen Fox' 3 days ago
Dammmmm this song is 🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥
Chiefkeefsossaa TV
@0:40 gotta learn that dance
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