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Lil Yachty - Shoot Out The Roof -
Published: 6 months ago By: LilYachtyVEVO

By: LilYachtyVEVOPublished: 6 months ago

7, 391, 600 views

113, 215 Likes   8, 977 Dislikes

Official video for Lil Yachty “Shoot Out The Roof” off of Summer Songs 2, out now. Listen / buy audio here:

Visit Lil Yachty online:

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Music video by Lil Yachty performing Shoot Out The Roof. (C) 2016 Quality Control Music, Capitol Records and Motown Records

M3l G
'M3l G' 3 hours ago
without music I'm dead please don't push me to the edge like lil uzi
Dakota Fletcher
'Dakota Fletcher' 12 hours ago
Were you get them ghrills from I be getting some
DJ delarious
'DJ delarious' 14 hours ago
Y'all little niggas think yatchy shitty but id like to see you fucks do this cause you say this man trash but you would suck ass so fuck yall niggas who talk shit dumb fuck ass niggas
Lamar Hunt
'Lamar Hunt' 15 hours ago
Davion Williams
'Davion Williams' 19 hours ago
Ohh this go hard!
Daiquan Gatlin
'Daiquan Gatlin' 2 days ago
is it me or he really just bit lil uzi style
Tahj Banks
'Tahj Banks' 3 days ago
branden Salley
David Yt
'David Yt' 3 days ago
he said 3x3 is nine dumb ass
'Rafael' 3 days ago
to apx nessa música mané
Tawanda Munatsi
'Tawanda Munatsi' 4 days ago
shoo ou de roo
Vance Bordner
'Vance Bordner' 4 days ago
AutisticWhiteKid: *Pulls out Gun* Yachty: SHOOT OUT THE ROOF!
Xanus The 1st
'Xanus The 1st' 5 days ago
People can't seriously be enjoying this
Heather Kawczk
'Heather Kawczk' 5 days ago
jordan desmar
'jordan desmar' 5 days ago
He dis Lil candy paint in this song
cuteninjagamer 101
He not thinking about y'all he getting his money all he thinking about
Nc Tv
'Nc Tv' 6 days ago
In this song he's dissing j bans old friend lil candy paint over some fuck shit
Miguel Santamaria
'Miguel Santamaria' 6 days ago
straight fire
Roman Cristian
'Roman Cristian' 7 days ago
Great lyricist.nigga,nigga, nigga ,nigga,roof nigga nigga nigga nigga .
Joel  Steiger
'Joel Steiger' 7 days ago
Oh shit this dude is so embarrassing it's unreal😂
Eli Bojorquez
'Eli Bojorquez' 1 week ago
keep it with out autotune
Sankela Balliu
'Sankela Balliu' 1 week ago
He has a particular style
yvng shawn
'yvng shawn' 1 week ago
1:12 the last day of school
proudly freshdread
Hey check out my trap beats I make lil yachty type beats 🔥💯🎶🎹🎼🎵❤️
Saionba Meitei
'Saionba Meitei' 1 week ago
nursery kids nursery rhymes
Turtle neck
'Turtle neck' 1 week ago
1:30 cowboy beebop sample on episode 5, spike almost dies and they play this
jay jay
'jay jay' 1 week ago
oh he's a rapper here!
youngsavage x
'youngsavage x' 1 week ago
Lil boat 🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥
'SMOKE BOB' 2 weeks ago
Its Thuger
'Its Thuger' 2 weeks ago
lil boat bitch bitch bitch
The Doctor
'The Doctor' 2 weeks ago
1:49-1:51 When You Got Friends Over And They Say Your Mom Is Nice But Yo Mom Come In
'CYBERMIK4056' 2 weeks ago
Real bullshit and the brainwashed masses likes that
Burrito Scrub
'Burrito Scrub' 2 weeks ago
This dude had a a1 beat but had wack ass lyrics
Logan Scott
'Logan Scott' 2 weeks ago
At least he knows 3 times 3 in broccoli he said 10 times 3 and then said 30,000
Henry Cudjoe Brown
'Henry Cudjoe Brown' 2 weeks ago
This is lit
Lionel Gayle
'Lionel Gayle' 2 weeks ago
tha fuck?!😕
jermaine hill
'jermaine hill' 2 weeks ago
who produced this
Patrick Mockridge
'Patrick Mockridge' 2 weeks ago
People say I'm trash, like Lil Yachty, but I actually go hard, like Lil Yachty
Michael Ward
'Michael Ward' 2 weeks ago
No lie listening to this make you want to do something reckless
'E L L A R A E' 2 weeks ago
Rene_ Gaming_2.0
'Rene_ Gaming_2.0' 2 weeks ago
his concert This Thursday a couple days Ago was lit at Tri cities Toyota center and migos was there to
Make it Happen
'Make it Happen' 2 weeks ago
1:31 I love
kill gamer
'kill gamer' 2 weeks ago
this actualy might be a lil bit normal then the rest
Coty Reyes
'Coty Reyes' 2 weeks ago
Right before the second verse it was dipset in the beginning
'PHILANAM Records' 2 weeks ago
Joshua Wiliams
'Joshua Wiliams' 2 weeks ago
he trying to be rich the kid
Kendal Stroble
'Kendal Stroble' 3 weeks ago
1:06 was that the Minecraft door sound?
Adrian Mikołajczyk
'Adrian Mikołajczyk' 3 weeks ago
more songs like that
Martin luther x Malcolm
lil 🚤
Martin luther x Malcolm
shoot out the roof ayy ayy
Hiram Abiff
'Hiram Abiff' 3 weeks ago
Sounds like it's from the 69 boys era. 🔥🔥🔥 This shit go hard!!!
Tauteuna Oliver
'Tauteuna Oliver' 3 weeks ago
this bea is from v.v by Bali baby 😂😂😂
Max Aumada
'Max Aumada' 3 weeks ago
This is my favorite song i get turnt Lil Yachty💎🚄lil Boat
Timothy McMillan
'Timothy McMillan' 3 weeks ago
He was speakin on a old friend named kj if y'all actually know the nigga
Trilla Killa
'Trilla Killa' 3 weeks ago
Skipped through the video just to see them play paintball and they never did.. lol wtf dumbasses
'slosh77' 3 weeks ago
this is complete shite
QJB Beast
'QJB Beast' 3 weeks ago
hey mike
'JdaSoss' 3 weeks ago
He gotta start makin music more like dis
'AWESOME-O' 3 weeks ago
Holy Moly Guacamole. I feel like lil yatchy is trolling everybody hard. These lyrics are so basic i could write a whole yatchy verse during a bathroom session. Start calling these rappers bathroom session rappers. "nigga you aint uzi you aint cardi dam sure not me, never on the scene what you mean nigga yadda mean" << bars? or child play shit.??
Stankey Bagels123
'Stankey Bagels123' 3 weeks ago
Can you count how many times he says "nigga"??? Lolll!!!!!!
Legend 27
'Legend 27' 3 weeks ago
But u are a mumble rapper can't lie the beat is 🔥🔥🔥
Drew Ackerman
'Drew Ackerman' 3 weeks ago
I love all of your song you are the best
Richi Alfa
'Richi Alfa' 3 weeks ago
lil boat
'lil boat' 3 weeks ago
1:32 cowboy bebop reference
'WayPastRambo' 3 weeks ago
best lil yatchy song ever
'JACK' 3 weeks ago
good beat
Jasmine Dennard
'Jasmine Dennard' 3 weeks ago
this is my shittt
'Liyahbaaabyyy' 3 weeks ago
Look at kodie 😍😍
SantiHemmer Melbournia
this is hip hop
Saul Sanchez
'Saul Sanchez' 3 weeks ago
Song is dummy lit
AdStEr McAdStEr
'AdStEr McAdStEr' 3 weeks ago
Than lil yachty
AdStEr McAdStEr
'AdStEr McAdStEr' 3 weeks ago
Lil boat better
AdStEr McAdStEr
'AdStEr McAdStEr' 3 weeks ago
I actually like this
viral 101
'viral 101' 3 weeks ago
dam lil yachty's the shit all yall bitches just don't want to admit that lil yachty's the best😎
Cycle And Eat
'Cycle And Eat' 3 weeks ago
this song is good, the hook sounds like 90s
nherry cius
'nherry cius' 3 weeks ago
i dropped a lil yatchy diss on my twitter. listen to it fried and tag lil boat. @blackbills_ "idgaf."
'BLURRIZ lira' 3 weeks ago
fuck this ugly ass song
Space Race RG3
'Space Race RG3' 3 weeks ago
Lazer Game
'Lazer Game' 4 weeks ago
who else imagined dex's adlib from drip from my walk in this
Bar Gór
'Bar Gór' 4 weeks ago
Sped x1.25 sounds good
shaneka stewart
'shaneka stewart' 4 weeks ago
OMG you inspire me so so much but people say I shouldn't but I DON'T CARE when i'm during my hair red😝😜🙃😌
Dean Myler
'Dean Myler' 4 weeks ago
the beat sounds like it's from Wii sports
Jamall Cox
'Jamall Cox' 4 weeks ago
sucks when I'm rich I got u
'D J B' 4 weeks ago
Dipset beat in there tho
HardcoreHai 707
'HardcoreHai 707' 4 weeks ago
At 0:33 "yadda mean" hella tryna steal bay slang and contradicted himself with what he said in the beginning... and it's pronounced "yadadamean" haha pathetic rapper tryna steal shit
'OGCrazysouthsida' 4 weeks ago
lmao 0:42 the dance bruh im dead
Magmatic Productions
At 1:32 that's what my ex is
Queso Stuff
'Queso Stuff' 4 weeks ago
No lil boat fan, but that beat and that hook tho
NIKE BOY # you Dum
'NIKE BOY # you Dum' 4 weeks ago
Quite lying to the team ayy
Reymon Solis
'Reymon Solis' 4 weeks ago
The guy that looks like wiz I think is blue berry perry
Reymon Solis
'Reymon Solis' 4 weeks ago
Lit af
Dee Baker
'Dee Baker' 4 weeks ago
I bump this song way to hard ! thought this was a single, just found out about "Summer Songz 2"..Ima check that out now. 'Teenage Emotions' exceeded my expectations fr fr! I genuinely like that album and I hated on this man when he started blowing up. LIL BOOAAT < LIL YACHTY !
Kaviena Waltz
'Kaviena Waltz' 4 weeks ago
Banana clip? 😂
Cherry Lockett
'Cherry Lockett' 4 weeks ago
'Slick JHORN' 4 weeks ago
Lil yachty on 🔥
'Slick JHORN' 4 weeks ago
Love this beat tho!
Mc Ouilles
'Mc Ouilles' 4 weeks ago
Very nice one lilboat !!
'EWL' 4 weeks ago
why he say ballin like yao he aint 7.6 asian and yao definitely dont swish
'J.Nazzron' 4 weeks ago
my trash can do better and it doesn't even rap
Mateja Supic
'Mateja Supic' 4 weeks ago
School shooters favorite song
Maleekk Long
'Maleekk Long' 4 weeks ago
this song gonna blow u in sure of 2k17
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