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Lil Yachty - Shoot Out The Roof -
Published: 10 months ago By: LilYachtyVEVO

By: LilYachtyVEVOPublished: 10 months ago

8, 182, 981 views

122, 170 Likes   9, 312 Dislikes

Official video for Lil Yachty “Shoot Out The Roof” off of Summer Songs 2, out now. Listen / buy audio here:

Visit Lil Yachty online:

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Music video by Lil Yachty performing Shoot Out The Roof. (C) 2016 Quality Control Music, Capitol Records and Motown Records

fwm steven
'fwm steven' 19 hours ago
Daylin Nash
'Daylin Nash' 1 day ago
I will shoot out the roof
Ivory Robinson
'Ivory Robinson' 1 day ago
shoot up the school shoot up the school shoot the school
Devin Ricks
'Devin Ricks' 2 days ago
This hard 😂😂😂🔥🔥
'LSdHofmann' 4 days ago
Love how he used that free sample without giving credit to the creator. What a man of honor.
Jordan Burnett
'Jordan Burnett' 7 days ago
Lilliam Questell
'Lilliam Questell' 1 week ago
Lil yachty you fucking ugly stupid piece of shit black stupid ass
Charles wynn
'Charles wynn' 1 week ago
'Kampsy' 1 week ago
This that myspace music
'SHEEP ZIT' 1 week ago
My fave yacht song
Noah iV
'Noah iV' 1 week ago
I have a demo that i think you wiwl like, i just started making songs and i i can only get better Please tell me what you think
Willie Merrell
'Willie Merrell' 1 week ago
Gangshit gang gang
King Turtles
'King Turtles' 2 weeks ago
'DeepestRange' 2 weeks ago
He on his imprint shit🔥💪
'djsolegit' 3 weeks ago
Shout outs to Stephen Paddock, I bet he was going off to this on the 32nd floor
barricade arena of valor
Kahlil Bass
'Kahlil Bass' 3 weeks ago
Ray he does have ft
Inaki C.
'Inaki C.' 3 weeks ago
where my paintball players at
theres Shore
'theres Shore' 3 weeks ago
this beat made my computer pregnant
'odiumimbues' 3 weeks ago
I feel like I need to analyze his lyrics and look at the first letter of every word to see the hidden message
blue walnuts
'blue walnuts' 3 weeks ago
i love it when he says you damn sure aint me
OG Visualz
'OG Visualz' 3 weeks ago
this song make me want to shoot my house roof
Nazir Cooper
'Nazir Cooper' 3 weeks ago
so we gon act like bali baby ain't kill this beat first
William Hunter
'William Hunter' 3 weeks ago
Your idiotic
'sebuś' 3 weeks ago
kurwaa Wac Toja - Perfekt
'Nickutam' 4 weeks ago
Disrespect to paintball
'SpaceGhost88' 4 weeks ago
This is the only lil yachty song I like
cosmic King
'cosmic King' 4 weeks ago
James McGhee
'James McGhee' 4 weeks ago
Man i put this on life i like some of yatchty songs he still my favorite rapper i love the song all n
ItsyeboiRy Vlogs And Reviews
I’m sorry but this is garbage
Zambia Halo
'Zambia Halo' 4 weeks ago
Yachty that nigga who hold the pen wit his whole hand when he's writing
Wale Fleuricin
'Wale Fleuricin' 1 month ago
Lil yatchy the type of nigga to put marinara sauce on his head and wear it as hair dye
'Dymin's World' 1 month ago
Bali Baby vintage vagina to this neat goes wayyy harder
Bazaar With Style
'Bazaar With Style' 1 month ago
I dont usually like little yachty, but this was awsome.
Michael Diette
'Michael Diette' 1 month ago
I don't mind yachty in this song...
Dontay Flemmings
'Dontay Flemmings' 1 month ago
For a harf
Lyrics are trash, on the other hand the beat is fire
'FAITHCHI' 1 month ago
'Łazz's World' 1 month ago
So am I the only one that sees kodie shane lol
Zirell Williams
'Zirell Williams' 1 month ago
Lil yatchy is like when he in his feelings or sing Lil boat is like his dark side when he go in
chrisgotswagg 12
'chrisgotswagg 12' 1 month ago
i already heard this but never seen the video lit
Wyatt Hedges
'Wyatt Hedges' 1 month ago
Love this song listen to it before basketball and football games to get me pumped up. Thanks Lil Yatchy for this great music
Jokūbas Viliušis
'Jokūbas Viliušis' 1 month ago
1:42 best part
Akhilesh Saravanan
'Akhilesh Saravanan' 1 month ago
Skinny Dick
'Skinny Dick' 1 month ago
Bruh I like this now that I came back to it
Detroit Man
'Detroit Man' 1 month ago
Garbage" what happened to real hip hop?
Joel Todo
'Joel Todo' 1 month ago
Yachty the type of nigga to courtesy flush after a fart
Ivory Robinson
'Ivory Robinson' 1 month ago
that beat tho😎😎
Drew Wetterich
'Drew Wetterich' 1 month ago
anyone else think this song deserves way more hits
'47TUNE' 2 months ago
shit out the roof, you'll never unhear it now
Joshua Grant
'Joshua Grant' 2 months ago
That interlude in this song was one of the tracks from "Cowboy Bebop!😎😎😎😎😎😎😎😎
William Gazca
'William Gazca' 2 months ago
beat hard af
Walter Ordonez
'Walter Ordonez' 2 months ago
That drop, if anyones watched Cowboy bepop Episode 2 or 3 the church scene.. can notice.
'DatWayKay' 2 months ago
Bali baby used this beat
Mijon Mesquita
'Mijon Mesquita' 2 months ago
Its not bad
Cassidy ornellas
'Cassidy ornellas' 2 months ago
you can actually understand him unlike some people....
Endangered Plate
'Endangered Plate' 2 months ago
Who is that little guy with long hair?
Samuel Payton
'Samuel Payton' 2 months ago
song lite asf!!!!!!!!
armani moore
'armani moore' 2 months ago yall check me out
Kohu Dumadag
'Kohu Dumadag' 2 months ago
I wanna slap this fool
Kohu Dumadag
'Kohu Dumadag' 2 months ago
retarded shit lol
Chendo Pozos
'Chendo Pozos' 2 months ago
Lil yacht is cool
'Gennasyde' 2 months ago
Nigga so cringe
LFTE Beats
'LFTE Beats' 2 months ago
Came back to this and just realized this fire
Vincent Valma
'Vincent Valma' 2 months ago
There's a 22savege is bigboat next
'Rico' 2 months ago
All I can think about when the song changes in the middle is when Spike gets thrown out of the window
DJ. Josh mclaughlin
'DJ. Josh mclaughlin' 2 months ago
This song is fiiiiire, but it's so short
awesome guy
'awesome guy' 2 months ago
Sup everyone
CrypticTales StoryTime
nigga was that cowboy bebop?
Baltimores_best_ Baseball_card
"Ballin like Yao Ming nigga paint a face just like sting"🔥🔥
'ty' 2 months ago
'richhomiemj' 2 months ago
this is so lit
Timi T.
'Timi T.' 2 months ago
Lil Yachty 2020
Main Jj
'Main Jj' 2 months ago
For All You Old Bitch Ass Pac / Biggie Fans Go Datwayyy Niggas Dont Care Bout Ya Old Bumass Comments
Tauteuna Oliver
'Tauteuna Oliver' 2 months ago
I heard Bali Baby and Ugly God use this beat...Hmmmm somebody up to something
Salmon Cane
'Salmon Cane' 2 months ago
Lil boat! BITCH That shit cracked me up
'OtherworldlyEntity87' 2 months ago
Curren$y slayed his version of this. that's all I came for
1lukydiamond 897
'1lukydiamond 897' 2 months ago
The VR gang 😁😂😂
Official Emily
'Official Emily' 2 months ago
Shoot up the school.👏
Isaac Estrada
'Isaac Estrada' 2 months ago
shit is dope
Nelle S
'Nelle S' 2 months ago
"shoot out the roo!"
Hey It
'Hey It's Elli' 2 months ago
⛵️L⛵️I⛵️L⛵️_⛵️B⛵️O⛵️A⛵️T⛵️ Is better without autotune x
Heroin Mother
'Heroin Mother' 2 months ago
Chorus is fucking trash
Queen Unicorn Shane
'Queen Unicorn Shane' 2 months ago
Mior King
'Mior King' 2 months ago
Ismail Husic
'Ismail Husic' 2 months ago
show pontiacmadeddg respect
Josh J.
'Josh J.' 2 months ago
Liam Nahlous
'Liam Nahlous' 2 months ago
'M̶i̶k̶e̶y̶' 2 months ago
Kodie Shane 😍
Shenron DBZ
'Shenron DBZ' 2 months ago
Its dope till 1:10 lmao
Chicken Wrap .
'Chicken Wrap .' 2 months ago
" niggas sneaky like mice, just gotta new bitch white with a little black like dice 🔥"
Caribana Music
'Caribana Music' 2 months ago
dis beat is stolen
'Plydy' 2 months ago
The reversed version is so creepy as fuck
'Spartahhh' 2 months ago
Ha lol cowboy bebop episode 5 when spike falls out the window
Jeremiah Gooch
'Jeremiah Gooch' 2 months ago
The song is fire
Whatshisface 117
'Whatshisface 117' 2 months ago
What the fuck happened to rap? This is the worst shit I've ever heard
'Jalaia' 2 months ago
Lil yachty the type of dude to shoot his music video where willow smith filmed whip my hair and steal her theme😭😭💀
Bomber King
'Bomber King' 2 months ago
This video is so good
Javon Scott
'Javon Scott' 2 months ago
This song make me wanna roll a blunt with out weed
gay Divide.
'gay Divide.' 2 months ago
this aint lil yachty its lil boat deadass
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