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Cyprus reunification: Hopes of a solution amid talks -
Published: 1 year ago By: Al Jazeera English

By: Al Jazeera EnglishPublished: 1 year ago

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Reunification talks in Switzerland are raising hopes of a united Cyprus.

But, the divisions created by conflict four decades ago persist for many Cypriots.

Al Jazeera's Jonah Hull reports from Nicosia.

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Cathy Demosthenous
'Cathy Demosthenous' 10 months ago
Long live Cyprus and Greece !!!!
Cathy Demosthenous
'Cathy Demosthenous' 10 months ago
Long died turkey !!!!☝
Constantinos Ioannides
Peace in all over the planet not only in Cyprus and who doesn't want that must throw in a place somewhere to live alone.
Sinan Teke
'Sinan Teke' 1 year ago
As a Turk I really do hope Cyprus ends this whole Greek-Turkish division. They should all just call them selves cypriots and make a new life for them selves and not side with Greece or Turkey in hard times.
'TheGhost204' 1 year ago
Funny how Al-Jazeera routinely uses the phrase "occupied" when referring to the West Bank or East Jerusalem in their reporting, and yet northern Cyprus is "divided" territory. Just another glaring example of their pro-Islamist agenda.
Stefanos Stylianou
i feel so bad for the greeks that are in this video ! i just want to say to the people who watching this that the greek people that are in this video are one small part of stupid person . No one in cyprus accepting turkey ! no one will accept any united federation or change our flag and our ethinicity that is greek ! Cyprus is a greek island , we dont have a problem with the menority of turkish cypriot , the problem is the turkey ! IM A MAN 22 YEARS OLD , IM GREEK , I WILL NOT CHANGE ANYTHING AND THE BETTER THING THAT THEY HAVE TO DO IF TURKEY CANNOT LEAVE , IS TO CLOSE THE GREEN LINE AGAIN SO NO ONE WILL GO THERE AGAIN AND NO ONE COME HERE AGAIN ! AND THE THINGS WILL STAY LIKE NOW , IS THE BETTER WAY ! WE WAS READY TO JOIN GREECE BECAUSE WE ARE GREEKS , BECAUSE THE ISLAND IS GREEK AND THEY DONT LET US BECAUSE OF THE MENORITY OF THE TURKS ! IF THEY ARE FEELING TURKS THEY CAN GO TO TURKEY BUT HERE THE ISLAND IS GREEK , YOU CAN SEE IT EVERYWHERE , FROM THE CASTLES UNTIL THE GREEK ARCHITECTONIC ! EVERYTHING ,THEY ARE LEARNING YOU WRONG THINGS GUYS JUST TO BE APPCET WITH GREEKS AND NEVER LEAVE THE ISLAND , THEY WAS SEND YOUR FAMILY HERE JUST FOR THIS REASON , BECAUSE ALWAYS , FROM THE HISTORY UNTIL NOW TURKING WANT CYPRUS ! ACTUALLY TURKEY ALWAYS LIKE EVERY GREEK PART IN THIS MEDITTERANEAN SEA, so close your mouth people , never this greek island with the 78% greeks will accept the united cyprus to invite turkey inside ! this all are bullshits ! if turkish cypriot want to get respect from greeks they have to stop bringing turkish people in the island and stop asking for more and more ! you guys are 18% you cannot do something for this , your from turkey , you just came here , you cant take parts ! IS NOT YOURS
Aaron Colusso
'Aaron Colusso' 1 year ago
Throw the invaders out, annexation should not be tolerated in the modern world. How is it more complicated than this?
spinning nonsense
'spinning nonsense' 1 year ago
Reunite with the muslims? Build a WALL!
prooved by cl
'prooved by cl' 1 year ago
What a load of BS. If they unite then they will be like in bosnia or lebanon. Nothing will really change. Only fight for political power can make it worst than it is now. That is reason why all muslims have to be kick out of europe, if you dont want to end up in divided countries.
Cyprus is not divided. Northern Cyprus doesn't exist
'MultiSciGeek' 1 year ago
I think a united Cyprus would be stronger. All that energy and resources spent on war could be directed elsewhere to develop the island. Plus like the guy said: they have things in common. If nothing else at least they share the island so might as well live in peace and prosperity :D
'Fuji' 1 year ago
Long live Turkey!
Christopher Tsipouras
First we take Kosovo back. Then we kick the turks out of Cyprus!
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