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13 Unexpected Archaeological Discoveries -
Published: 7 months ago By: Epic Wildlife

By: Epic WildlifePublished: 7 months ago

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From a 2600-year old palace in Iraq, to the legendary Rosetta Stone, Here are 13 Unexpected archaeological discoveries

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Nubian Pyramids
The pyramids of Sudan are located more than 100 miles south of Khartoum (kar-TOOM), the capital of the country. The structures are found in the ancient city of Meroe (merr-oh-wee) … it was once the center of the Kush (koosh) kingdom … one of the oldest civilizations in the Nile region … and remained a power until the 4th century AD. The pyramids stand up to 100 feet tall … and the oldest buildings are thought to date back to around 720 BC. Experts note that all the the pyramids bear decorations that display the influences of ancient Egypt, Greece and Rome … and say the area’s most impressive structures are found at the necropolis of Meroe. While smaller in size than their Egyptian counterparts, the Nubian pyramids have a similar shape, rising from a foundation to a narrow point. But some of these pyramids have strange flat tops … that was a byproduct of explorers who pillaged the during the 19th century and reduced some sections to rubble.

Machu Picchu -- This famous lost city lies almost 8,000 feet above sea level in the Andes Mountains of southern Peru ... and can only be accessed by train or a four day trek. Machu Picchu was built in the 15th century, possibly as an estate for an Incan emperor. It was abandoned around the time of the Spanish conquest. Although locals were aware of the city’s existence, it remained unknown to the Spanish during that period. It remained largely unknown to the world until 1911 when US historian Hiram Bingham brought it to the world’s attention. Machu Picchu was named one of the New Seven Wonders of the World in 2007.

Nazca Lines
These well known ancient geoglyphs were found in the Nazca Desert of Peru … and were first referenced in print in 1553 by a Spanish conquistador. The largest figures measure up to 370 feet long … and the style ranges from simple to complex. Simple lines and geometric shapes give way to designs of humans and animals, to shapes resembling trees and flowers. While experts have determined the geoglyphs were created by the Nazca culture between 500 BC to 500 AD, there are still various theories as to what purpose the designs fulfilled. Some sources indicate the patterns may have held a religious significance of some sort. Contrary to common belief, you don’t need to be in an airplane to view the lines and figures … they can be seen from surrounding foothills.

Rosetta Stone
This famous artifact was discovered by a French soldier in 1799 during the Napoleonic Wars in Egypt. In 1801, British forces defeated the French in Egypt and took the massive stone into their possession. The stone was carved in 196 BC, with three scripts being used in Egypt at the time -- Ancient Egyptian hieroglyphics used for important documents … demotic (dih-MOT-ik), which was a common script … and Ancient Greek, used by Egyptian rulers of the time. All three scripts describe a decree that was issued on behalf of King Ptolemy (TOL-uh-mee) V. It took at least 20 years before the scripts could be transliterated. The Rosetta Stone’s discovery led to the decipherment of hieroglyphics, insight to ancient Egyptian history, and the field of modern field of Egyptology. It’s been on display in the British Museum since 1802, and is the most visited artifact there.

jebat jazz
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Garth Seeman
'Garth Seeman' 2 weeks ago
The voynich manuscript looks like super intelligent kindergarten project. Kids back then were smarter than the likes of our top scholars. Just Kidding. I love trolling but my opinions are not that far off.
Harry Paul
'Harry Paul' 1 month ago
A most of the finds are well known. But still intriguing .
Murthy G
'Murthy G' 1 month ago
You don't seem to have covered all the discoveries. There was a sunken city found in the West coast of India, which is more than 10,000 yrs old - Name of city Dwaraka. Search for videos of it
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greetings. My name is Carlos, I am a US ARMY soldier but I have always wanted to be a youtuber and make some money doing so. I have a few ideas for the videos but don't know what programs to use to edit videos or to create videos like this one, any advise? and nice video and channel.
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How about to discover yourself first?
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That copper scroll was planted
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I Thought history and archeology boring in my youth, how very wrong!
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Watch Phenomenal Travel Videos channel, you ll get to know about ancient India
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Main stream comes out with pathetic asumptions I don’t believe any thing they say ,better with independent sientists for the truth all this is alian built nothing to do with humans the alians built all these structures for there benifit
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See the movie Mazda! Great! Jews really drove Romans crazy. Strategy, psychological torment and defeat to Romans ever known! Even all Jews poison themselves, still they were not conquered! Romans left hand empty!
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They really touched some shit they probably shouldn't of touched
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'Infinite One' 2 months ago
the Romans didn't influence nothing with the Sudan in the 7th century b.c. because the Sudanese are descendants of the Egyptians and therefore Rome was most likely influenced by them .
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Emilio Muniz
'Emilio Muniz' 3 months ago
Do you think they all of a sudden learned how to construct pyramids and such 5 or 6 thousand years ago?? Expand your minds and realize there pre cursors are atleast 20K years old or even more... The oldest human historical proof can be dated to 250K years ago... our ancestors go much MUCH beyond than even a quarter million years ago. Think atleast the million mark... Structures from 500K years ago wouldnt last and all that would be left is unable to be told from usual rocks and bolders... the giant statue garden in the middle east for example is so erroded it looks like a natural geological formation, it was a magnificent field of various statues 30 40 50 feet tall depicting all sorts of things... never to be matched till this day...
Black Swan
'Black Swan' 3 months ago
2:15 Are the jars producing ultra high freq sound like the stone ruins found by Mike Tellinger in South Africa? Then these jars may also be producing energy suitable to be fed to the sky grid
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Number 7 should be removed from this list. A 20,000 year old pyramid, yet there's no conclusive evidence.
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Thank you for that....great site....o don't worry about sceptics of accents on this thread as that's a lack of understanding about contents, because people here are too obsessed with well...obsessive compulsive disorder....(GPS) grammar pedantic syndrome....that happens with speech as well as the ancients though....ta mate...
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Why are this discoveries so UNEXPECTED ?
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13 Unexpected Archaeological Discoveries. is also temporary
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#8 West bank you say..yet the scroll is written in Hebrew and you state how the inhabitants of the region were rebelling against the Romans..just say that it is a Jewish artifact
LX Forde
'LX Forde' 4 months ago
Re MachuPichu: i think you are wrong; NOT 15 th century much much older! at any rate....--these blocks weight hundreds of tons so perfectly fit you cant slip a credit card between them; AND! they were quarried 150 miles away in Bolivia AND built there at circa 8,000 FEET .. ..--so ya buncha slaves w. ropes and rollers NOT! A whole lot more than what you said going down, there .. .
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No petrified car track from Turkey.
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Another piece of proof that the paedophile Muhammad just took the Catholic Bible, changed some names, added a few stories of their own, throw in some ridiculous rules like: all Muslims must shave their pubic hair and women mist wear bhurkas and grown men can marry innocent little girls and called it Islam
Kerrie Wilson
'Kerrie Wilson' 4 months ago
Another piece of proof that the paedophile Muhammad just took the Catholic Bible, changed some names, added a few stories of their own, throw in some ridiculous rules like: all Muslims must shave their pubic hair and women mist wear bhurkas and grown men can marry innocent little girls and called it Islam
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I believe the Nazca lines is as simple as being made for water aquifers. And the design most likely was to make a creative monument for the community. Some of these guesses at what some of these things were made or reasons for making seem to complicated. Maybe it was as simple as "its monument". The same for our designs we would use to make a statue or monuments representing the things we would hold as important to use as a community. Sometimes things are simple but we get caught up in trying to make discoveries more than it was in order to match our standard's of what we dream.
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