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Nikon D3400 - Field Test and Review -
Published: 1 year ago By: RealWorld

By: RealWorldPublished: 1 year ago

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After receiving a handful of questions regarding entry level DSLRs, I decided to take a closer look at Nikon's D3400. The D3400 is a follow-up the D3300 ... an entry level DSLR which lacks an AA filter - this is a good thing:).

Amazon link to the body and 18-55 only:

Music by: J Hacha de Zola (song is Blue Sky)

'SHITALCHANDRA P' 2 days ago
How do you compare it with Nikon b700
'ICE' 2 days ago
Hi! Loved the video! how is the on board mic?
Masafi Mustafa Haider
Hi! I am a passionate mobile photographer but have never used DSLR before. Now as I have decided to buy an entry level DSLR , I am confused between the models Nikon d3400, Canon 750D and Nikon d5300. Can you please suggest me one? Which one would be the best Entry level DSLR for a noob beginner like me among these 3 mentioned models? Thanks! And great video brother!
sarath menon
'sarath menon' 5 days ago
Ahsan Vaseem
'Ahsan Vaseem' 5 days ago
Which lens did you used in the video?
Verneri Pirttisalo
Going to buy this camera tomorrow👌
Iron Man
'Iron Man' 1 week ago
Very helpful.
Danielle Smith
'Danielle Smith' 2 weeks ago
Which camera are you using to record your YouTube video?
'Korn' 2 weeks ago
Im thinking of starting a new hobbie, I am looking at this camera. im very good at the manual on the s9+ and the LG G5 phones. I want to take the next step forward. Would this be a good buy? comes with: 70-300 DX Lens, AF-S DX NIKKOR 18-55mm f/3.5-5.6G VR II Lens and 18-55 VR Lens. Some pics of taken with my phone on manual:[email protected]/
64 bit
'64 bit' 2 weeks ago
is this still good in 2018?
Asem Syria
'Asem Syria' 2 weeks ago
Can I take a selfie with this camera?
Swarnveer Singh
'Swarnveer Singh' 2 weeks ago
Can't we see the live view on smartphone via smart bridge and click photo from distance ?
vinod hacker
'vinod hacker' 3 weeks ago
Can we share photos through Nfs? pls reply
Sandeep Vishwakarma
'Sandeep Vishwakarma' 3 weeks ago
Hi Sir, I am having 3400d nikon slr, I m facing problem in manual mode, i am able to keep proper iso as is Always keep changing as per light conditions, i saw one of your video in which u tought about to off the auto iso, i done the same, but after that my pic was totally dark as well. Please sir help me as i am beginner photographer. Also i want to shoot in night but my camera not allowing me and showing me Subject is too Dark. I want your precious feedback.
'晋贤Jxian' 3 weeks ago
d3400 video test pls
Beverly Saint-Hilaire
thx u
'crispycrb' 3 weeks ago
D3400 or sony a6000? Any input is much appreciated
Mike Peden
'Mike Peden' 3 weeks ago
I am shopping for my first non-cell phone camera. I watched your review on the Canon Rebel 6. The Canon pictures seemed brighter, more vibrant. The Nikon pictures in this review seemed darker. Is this my perception, something to do with the light or scenery of different days, settings that you used, or some inherent characteristics of the camera? Basically I liked the the more vibrant colors. If that is characteristic of Canon vs. Nikon that would greatly persuade me more towards the Canon. Can you help me in determining the cause of the difference or verify some unique quality to these brands?
'Samantha' 3 weeks ago
Is the image quality good enough to make large prints with?
Benga 365
'Benga 365' 4 weeks ago
Very helpful video and a great channel. I do have a few questions though, How is it for Astro and is the 18-55 good in very low light (astro)? Also how are the long exposures with this camera - rivers and stuff? Also do you think it is a camera that will last - durable? Finally do you think there are any better budget dslr's out there for the same or cheaper price if so what are they? :) Thanks very much any help with these questions from you guys would be greatly appreciated especially the last! Thanks
'MarkRenton' 4 weeks ago
Hi, amazing video! Very helpful! I do street photography and I wanted to ask you what do you think about the Nikkor 35mm f1.8 AF-S DX? is a good 35mm lens for a 3400D? Would you recommend any other 35mm?
Γιαννης Σταγκιδης
I'm thinking on getting this model with the 18-55 vr lens. Your video was very helpful , thanks!
Mister E
'Mister E' 1 month ago
You just earned yourself a new subscriber sir. Question, are those pictures filtered and you're just using the standard 18-55 lens that comes with it correct? I just want to make sure.
Zoraida Obregon
'Zoraida Obregon' 1 month ago
You mentioned you cannot transfer larger images with the bluetooth but they can be downloaded right?
Zoraida Obregon
'Zoraida Obregon' 1 month ago
What does 1/60 sec @ f.5.6, ISO 100 in your pictures mean? I know the ISO but not the others.
Zoraida Obregon
'Zoraida Obregon' 1 month ago
My D3400 is asking for the memory card which I have. Does it need the memory card to take pictures?
Shah Riar Iqbal Antor
I recently bought a D3400 with 35mm prime lens. I want to buy a zoom lens Please suggest me which one to buy 18-140mm/ 55-200/ 70-300/ Or your recommendation. Thank you
Lovenia Williams
'Lovenia Williams' 1 month ago
Awesome review thanks a lot!
Zoraida Obregon
'Zoraida Obregon' 1 month ago
Okay so you lost me on the lens. Do not be concerned just yet - I am still learning.
Chris H
'Chris H' 1 month ago
I own this camera and it is great, however I recently discovered that it cannot be tethered via Ian to Adobe Light Room to see photos as they are taken in my studio. For whatever reason, and not to Adobe's fault, but rather Nikon's fault, Nikon didn't include software in this model to support OR. With that being said, this discovery frustrated me. I was wondering if you could give advise on another way to thether this model to a laptop or T.V. monitor, just to be able to see photos, as they are shot on a bigger screen. It is difficult to see the actual noise and crispness looking at just the small screen on camera. If you would produce a video on this subject too, that would be awesome! Thanks, and great review btw
Jineeth S
'Jineeth S' 1 month ago
I am planning to take largely nature photography......and i want good zoom lens... According to my budget...i m planning to buy nikon 3400 or canon 1330d....which is best fr nature photography and zoom lens
Min Hong
'Min Hong' 1 month ago
for recording videos in low light environments, would the nikon 3400 be better than the canon 750d?
Alexander De La Cruz
I own a few SLR film cameras, but I think this will be my first DSLR camera.
Nicholas Ernst
'Nicholas Ernst' 1 month ago
Man, you sold me on this camera.
Trevor Lee
'Trevor Lee' 1 month ago
I always wanted my own stand alone camera to shoot awesome photos, but I was unsure about the right camera for me. Those are some freaking awesome photos man, including the ones in the forest and the street light photos.
Gracie Broughton
'Gracie Broughton' 1 month ago
i’m buying the d3400 with my own money (i’m 13) is the kit lens good for sunset pictures?
'curtzblues' 1 month ago
Great review... just the facts and the shots and videos were 1000 words each.  Very helpful, thank you.
aarij hashmi
'aarij hashmi' 1 month ago
aarij hashmi
'aarij hashmi' 1 month ago
What does it mean at 6:53
'RAJESH KUMAR' 1 month ago
@RealWorld bro do we can use more big zoom lenses..?? can you tell what are all the lenses sizes are available for this ( idk whats called that lenses )
Durjoy Goswami
'Durjoy Goswami' 1 month ago
Amazing video and best review on Nikon D3400 :) . I am going to buy this one.
Arghya Chandra
'Arghya Chandra' 2 months ago
Are u Using the 18-55 mm lens?? can i Zoom with this lens??
Afsal Ride On
'Afsal Ride On' 2 months ago
Which is the best D3400 or D5300...? Please reply me
my dude Pepin
'my dude Pepin' 2 months ago
you are good
'Sureshsmu1980' 2 months ago
Can advise me this camera D3400 can buy ? Pls help me witch model I can buy Singapore dollars $1000 below .
Omar Walied
'Omar Walied' 2 months ago
Which is better for a beginner photographer, Nikon D3400 or the Nikon D5300? They’re both of a similar price tag.
'Starfals' 2 months ago
I would love to know if Canon 200D is better or worse than this, because im about to buy a new DSLR. Both have 24MP, but from i heard, the Nikon doesn't have the filter, so it might have a bit more detailed pictures? Altho from the picture reviews, they both look very similar (detail wise)
eldho george
'eldho george' 2 months ago
Plz review Nikon 1 j5 and compare it with d3400
'greggers' 2 months ago
Just bought one today. Can't wait for the battery to charge
King  Rillyza
'King Rillyza' 2 months ago
Does it have a mic port? Plz reply
Cinthia Mateo
'Cinthia Mateo' 2 months ago
So, when comparing it to the canon 700D, for video shooting canons a winner! Thank you
'LordXenon101' 2 months ago
You took some beautiful shots in those woods...
Bishal Debbarma
'Bishal Debbarma' 2 months ago
Sir please give me I don't have enough money to buy dslr
Eheelen Thokchom
'Eheelen Thokchom' 2 months ago
canon 1300d or nikon 3400d for videos /colour product
printon kottakkal
'printon kottakkal' 2 months ago
lightroom shows very well
Anurag Gogoi
'Anurag Gogoi' 2 months ago
I like it is camera
Robert K. Poon
'Robert K. Poon' 2 months ago
@realworld Which one you think better between this Nikon D3400 and Sony A6000, I know this may be a dumb question since these two cameras are totally different kind. Or do you have other suggestions?? (My budget is around $500). Thanks !!!!
György Boros
'György Boros' 2 months ago
Great video and very nice pics!I've got the same kit yesterday what is in your hand.I'd like to take some landscape photo with the 3400 and I don't know the 18-55 lens it is good enough for that?What do you think?
'scottybk33' 2 months ago
Shout out to Carmel!
Amazing Vinz
'Amazing Vinz' 2 months ago
Is this better than x a3 of fuji film?
Herbert Kitchener
'Herbert Kitchener' 2 months ago
Thank you, I just bought the D3400 as my first camera after this review. I was considering a bridge camera, but the quality and price of this DSLR was too hard to pass up.
Dilip Taral
'Dilip Taral' 2 months ago
What is the name of the song played in background ??
'PANKAJ YADAv' 2 months ago
Which one is better D3300 or D3400? I am a noob right now so don't know much about it. Someone told me that D3400 is not good in low light.
Rodrigo Guimaraes
'Rodrigo Guimaraes' 2 months ago
You helped me a lot on my choice! Thank you.
'AKIYIAKELLY' 2 months ago
Great Video. Thank you.
James O
'James O'Carroll' 2 months ago
Can't tell you how happy I am that you pronounced it 'Nikon', and not Nic-on like lots of others on YouTubers!
sathya prakashp
'sathya prakashp' 2 months ago
Hoping to start from the entry level.. review helped well and after my public exams, I'm almost ready to buy this camera... Waiting for the exams to be over !! :)
Arber Bleta
'Arber Bleta' 2 months ago
thanks for the great video!
Natalia Soto Quiroz
'Natalia Soto Quiroz' 2 months ago
Thanks for this video!
Monica Ashley
'Monica Ashley' 2 months ago
Hi, I have just come across your videos and have found you so so very helpful.. I have a one year old daughter who is the main reason why I purchased my Nikon D3400 and used to just capture photos of her in sports mode as she is always on the run.. But I played around with my camera (manually) today and I am struggling 😞 I mainly take photo's of her outside underneath the verandah (which gets some natural light but not a lot) and the photos always came up dark, so I would just edit the lighting after I bluetoothed the photos to my phone.. Since I manually progammed my ISO, aperture and shutter speed, I can't seem to get quick, amazing photos of my daughter compared to when it was just on sport mode.. I set my ISO to 100, maximum being 12 000 odd, shutter speed minimum 1/60, continuous servo focus mode, single point AF area mode, matrix metering, and shot in aperture mode.. Can you please recommend what settings you think would help me naturally capture amazing photos of my daughter without having to resort back to the sports mode? I would love to capture images of her without having to edit lighting as well. Thank you in advance!
Mohammed Riya Suneeb
'Mohammed Riya Suneeb' 3 months ago
Is it possible to shoot a short movie on this d3400
Прабхат Сингх
Hi! Thanks for your videos, and say, pls, is buying of this camera relevant for today, or there are now some better options for beginner?
Adila Azizi
'Adila Azizi' 3 months ago
Does usb cable included in the kit? Can we transfer pictures and videos to laptop without losing its quality?
Mike Tayon
'Mike Tayon' 3 months ago
I got the 35mm prime lens, not so sure I need it now, the kit 18-70mm is awesome!!!!! I need to seriously test the 35mm out on macro and portrait shots to decide! 😏
'John' 3 months ago
Is it good enough camera to vlog ?
EJ Dayon
'EJ Dayon' 3 months ago
are these all raw?
Elizabeth LeJeune
'Elizabeth LeJeune' 3 months ago
I'm mainly interested in macro photography as a hobby. Would this camera be a good fit or would you suggest a different model/brand?
'Techtagon' 3 months ago not as perfect like urs.
'Ridjaya' 3 months ago
6:02 Hahahaa
Rafal D
'Rafal D' 3 months ago
Hi. Bought this camera and i think is great but with lens i got 18-55vr i missing something(im very begginer photographer). Im intresting in street photography and portraits. With landscapes i stay with my 18-55. What is the best lens for this camera for portraits/streetb photo?(max 300$)
sumith s pillai
'sumith s pillai' 3 months ago
hey.. great review:)
Cristina -
'Cristina -' 3 months ago
I really want to buy this camera and I think it's perfect for pictures, but I also want to make YouTube videos and I've heard the sound isn't great, do you think using a USB Microphone Adapter help? And do the cheap ones also help?
Jordan Keyes
'Jordan Keyes' 3 months ago
Can you give me advice on why my screen is so dark when I try to record?
'seakali22' 3 months ago
So glad I got this for my first dslr! Great video 🤓👍
'LGP' 3 months ago
Thank you for this review , i am looking at getting into DSLR shooting and this review helped me out alot , i think i am going to pick up a D3400 after watching this video !
Dhyey Pandya
'Dhyey Pandya' 3 months ago
Give me kit lens idea
Elise VanDenBerghe
'Elise VanDenBerghe' 3 months ago
Thanks so much for this video! I'm looking into getting a camera because I'm interested in photography and this video helped me a lot. :)
B. M Prabhakara
'B. M Prabhakara' 3 months ago
Sir if we can change the lenes
Jacob Vanmeter
'Jacob Vanmeter' 3 months ago
How did you make the head/Tailights from the Cars Stretch acrossed the photo?
'WallaceStock' 3 months ago
Do you think for someone composedly new to photography should get this camera or the a6000?
Jelly Cgrove
'Jelly Cgrove' 3 months ago
Hello i would appreciate if you tell me how did you shoot all those pictures? Did you use auto/raw? Thank you..
'Matt' 3 months ago
How well does this perform in low light situations indoors? Thank you
Jsia V6
'Jsia V6' 3 months ago
Would this camera be good for car shots
'emm3rr' 3 months ago
Really helpful review, thank you so much!
Scarlett Andrijasevich
How do I send videos to my iphone and ipad? I have tried the Nikon Snapbridge app and Nikon WMU app and they both don't work! Please help me!!!! WMU app doesn't work for my Nikon d3400 and Snapbridge doesn't send videos. I'm stuck and confused!
Spencer Flores
'Spencer Flores' 3 months ago
Awesome review! Thinking of purchasing this camera very soon but the Bluetooth connectivity has me a bit worried. I’ll be photo editing on an iPad Pro. How could I get full raw photos on an iPad? Thanks for any help!
Smitha Bangari
'Smitha Bangari' 3 months ago
The video really helped a lot.Great video! I am going to pick my DSLR.
vishal jaswal
'vishal jaswal' 3 months ago
can b make videos with this
Vanessa Lowrie
'Vanessa Lowrie' 3 months ago
I'm curious how this camera does with moving kids? I have three kids and trying to get pictures of them can be hard with the cheap camera I have, it's always blurry. I don't like the sit down and smile pics, I love action shots. Will this take clear shots? Also does this have continuous shot? My sister has a camera that will take continuous pics when you press the shutter button. I'm new to more expensive cameras so thank you for the info!
'heungtantrash' 3 months ago
can I have a nice video and audio quality with it?
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