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Nikon D3400 - Field Test and Review -
Published: 1 year ago By: RealWorld

By: RealWorldPublished: 1 year ago

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After receiving a handful of questions regarding entry level DSLRs, I decided to take a closer look at Nikon's D3400. The D3400 is a follow-up the D3300 ... an entry level DSLR which lacks an AA filter - this is a good thing:).

Amazon link to the body and 18-55 only:

Music by: J Hacha de Zola (song is Blue Sky)

'seakali22' 13 hours ago
So glad I got this for my first dslr! Great video 🤓👍
'LGP' 2 days ago
Thank you for this review , i am looking at getting into DSLR shooting and this review helped me out alot , i think i am going to pick up a D3400 after watching this video !
Dhyey Pandya
'Dhyey Pandya' 3 days ago
Give me kit lens idea
Elise VanDenBerghe
Thanks so much for this video! I'm looking into getting a camera because I'm interested in photography and this video helped me a lot. :)
B. M Prabhakara
'B. M Prabhakara' 3 days ago
Sir if we can change the lenes
Jacob Vanmeter
'Jacob Vanmeter' 4 days ago
How did you make the head/Tailights from the Cars Stretch acrossed the photo?
'WallaceStock' 1 week ago
Do you think for someone composedly new to photography should get this camera or the a6000?
Jelly Cgrove
'Jelly Cgrove' 1 week ago
Hello i would appreciate if you tell me how did you shoot all those pictures? Did you use auto/raw? Thank you..
'Matt' 1 week ago
How well does this perform in low light situations indoors? Thank you
Jsia V6
'Jsia V6' 1 week ago
Would this camera be good for car shots
'emm3rr' 1 week ago
Really helpful review, thank you so much!
Scarlett Andrijasevich
How do I send videos to my iphone and ipad? I have tried the Nikon Snapbridge app and Nikon WMU app and they both don't work! Please help me!!!! WMU app doesn't work for my Nikon d3400 and Snapbridge doesn't send videos. I'm stuck and confused!
Spencer Flores
'Spencer Flores' 2 weeks ago
Awesome review! Thinking of purchasing this camera very soon but the Bluetooth connectivity has me a bit worried. I’ll be photo editing on an iPad Pro. How could I get full raw photos on an iPad? Thanks for any help!
Smitha Bangari
'Smitha Bangari' 2 weeks ago
The video really helped a lot.Great video! I am going to pick my DSLR.
vishal jaswal
'vishal jaswal' 2 weeks ago
can b make videos with this
Vanessa Lowrie
'Vanessa Lowrie' 2 weeks ago
I'm curious how this camera does with moving kids? I have three kids and trying to get pictures of them can be hard with the cheap camera I have, it's always blurry. I don't like the sit down and smile pics, I love action shots. Will this take clear shots? Also does this have continuous shot? My sister has a camera that will take continuous pics when you press the shutter button. I'm new to more expensive cameras so thank you for the info!
'heungtantrash' 2 weeks ago
can I have a nice video and audio quality with it?
'Joyosagsm' 2 weeks ago
Really nice video, informative but also gives me a good vibe
aditya balakrishnan
'aditya balakrishnan' 2 weeks ago
so i should buy only the combo with the body and 18-55mm lens? BTW great video!!
Alyvia Bishop
'Alyvia Bishop' 3 weeks ago
Can you change the lenses on this one?
What video camera are you using to shoot this video? The quality is superb!
mike n
'mike n' 3 weeks ago
don't understands the dislike either.  maybe a canon sales person or two
mike n
'mike n' 3 weeks ago
you get so many questions thank you for replying.  Last great camera was Canon ae-1 program so off into the dslr world I go.  In your opinion Nikon d3400 versus the d7100?  I'd like to eventually take some wide angle pictures (landscape)  and get a fisheye lense.   Have no problem getting a refurbished camera or used for that matter.  Oh I wear glasses all of the time. eyesight is not the best.
'D K' 3 weeks ago
Sir.Please suggest which is best - Nikkon D5600? D5500? Or D5300? Considering professional film shooting and professional pics
Gunajit Don
'Gunajit Don' 3 weeks ago
Mera Bhi Hai a Camera
Jimmy Yang
'Jimmy Yang' 3 weeks ago
In the beginning you said you would show us he guide function but never did
Jimmy Yang
'Jimmy Yang' 3 weeks ago
How do you use the shutter
Jimmy Yang
'Jimmy Yang' 3 weeks ago
Dang daddy, your photography skills are amazing
Joy Baidya
'Joy Baidya' 3 weeks ago
How is it for videography? Can we shoot timelapse in this camera without any editing?
'Marsjewell' 3 weeks ago
This guys smile scares me
Bram Vanden Bempt
'Bram Vanden Bempt' 4 weeks ago
most mirrorless camera's have 25 or even 49 AF points (canon eos M10 or Panasonic Lumix GF7 for example). How come that these have more focus points than a big ass dslr ? thanks
Lankey Bastard
'Lankey Bastard' 4 weeks ago
You look like a combination of Bruce Campbell and T-1000. Great video!! That song was really good too. Thanks!
Kate Pdm
'Kate Pdm' 4 weeks ago
Hey there, I am new here and I have never bought a good camera before. However, I am going on a long trip to different countries so I dont really know which cam is for me. I was between Nikon D3400 and D5300 , then I don't know if a mirrorless could also do (because of them being lighter). What are your thoughts?:) Thanks!
'DARKXMOX 47' 4 weeks ago
dude i am looking to buy a DSLR and i have came to last two dslr one is Nikon D3400 24.2 MP Digital SLR Camera and Canon EOS 1300D 18MP Digital SLR Camera which is the best value based DSLR
'Ziem83' 4 weeks ago
I just ordered one of these, is the iso automatic/adjustable, or can you set the white balance?
Paul Arjay Tatad
'Paul Arjay Tatad' 1 month ago
Hi nikon lovers, we recently bought nikon d3400 fron an online seller. We are suspecting we received a counterfeit due to the following reasons There is no user manual inside the box.The serial number does not match with the camera number using the snapbridge. Anyone who can give me advise regarding this?
chinmay patnaik
'chinmay patnaik' 1 month ago
Pls mention the background song
Local Indigenous
'Local Indigenous' 1 month ago
So this thing did not came with a USB connector?
'Vauc' 1 month ago
What is a kit lens?
Taylor Sheehan
'Taylor Sheehan' 1 month ago
Nikon 3400 or Canon EOS Rebel T7i, which one is better?
Viky Tory Valkovičová
6:02 😂😂😂😂😂
Layla P
'Layla P' 1 month ago
Hi, I'm getting my very first DSLR and I was wondering if you could give me some advice. I don't want anything over $700, but I don't want something overly basic. I do like the sound of the Nikon D3400 but I'm not quite sure. I want something with pretty good image quality but also good video quality; this is one thing I don't like about this camera–it has no external microphone port. If you could recommend any entry-level DSLR from either the Nikon or Canon range, which would it be? Thank you :)
Joatsen brambila
'Joatsen brambila' 1 month ago
My wife got me the D3400 today as an early Christmas gift, it's my first DSLR, cannot wait to start shooting with it!!
Prakhyat Bhatnagar Official
Will i get a external mic. Port in this camera....
Isadora Guillén
'Isadora Guillén' 1 month ago
After seeing this video I consider buying Nikon D3400 over Canon T6 BUT I'm wondering if the Bluetooth isn't a problem because I'd really like passing the pictures with nice quality to my phone so do you think it'd be a problem for me? You said something about limited MB but I'm not sure what that means
Moonwink Cuber
'Moonwink Cuber' 1 month ago
Which lens is good for event video>
D youtube Creations
'D youtube Creations' 1 month ago it possible to add an external mic in this camera D3400 using usb port
I am planning to buy my first DSLR. Should I go with Nikon D3400 or Canon 1300D?
J.Pravin Tankaraj
'J.Pravin Tankaraj' 1 month ago
Loved ur video. Can u pls compare d3400 with p900 ?
Lonnie Carey
'Lonnie Carey' 1 month ago
Great video. I'm a newbie to DSLR Cameras and you explain things very clearly. Thank you!! QUESTION??? What would be an ideal lens to use for photographing clothing pictures for online selling? Thanks in advance.
Casper Hendriks
'Casper Hendriks' 1 month ago
6:03 good timing hahahaha!!
'T' 1 month ago
Is the camera good for vlogging? Is the speaker good quality? I heard it doesn’t have a speaker port
'J A M E S' 1 month ago
Kishor Parvatikar
'Kishor Parvatikar' 1 month ago
I am confused between Nikon D3400 and Canon 1300D.. Which one would be better?
'NaruDrax' 2 months ago
Which one is better for taking mainly peoples, that Nikon or Canon 1300d ?
thomas stein
'thomas stein' 2 months ago
your awesome because of this video i'm getting one! so excited!!!
Nick Paratore Vlogs
'Nick Paratore Vlogs' 2 months ago
Is this camera better or the canon T6i
Razel Lasan
'Razel Lasan' 2 months ago
Hi im planning to buy a new camera which do you think is better Nikon b700 or D3400? thanks
Abirah Saini
'Abirah Saini' 2 months ago
is it nikon d3400 built in microphone ? i means theres do no need any external mic for it.. is it right?
sharon fitzpatrick
'sharon fitzpatrick' 2 months ago
Nice review. Question: When you shot video, did you have to turn the dial to 'video' mode before pressing the video button? My last dslr was a cannon powershot & it was good. after over a decade, the lens malfunctioned & I'm shopping for a new one. Tough part is getting one with viewfinder rather than just screen. Impossible to find is one with a swivel screen and view finder. I don't care about bluetooth or WIFI. For video on my old camera, I just pressed the video button. A similar price range cannon requires one to turn the dial to video before you could press the record button (insane). I want to be able to take stills and then a video without having to mess with the dial. Another question: You showed the settings for each pic you took. Did the auto mode do that or were you doing it manually? It's a beginner dslr so it should be able to do light changes automatically. I'm curious as how much thinking and studying I would have to do. Thanks
Lilly Green
'Lilly Green' 2 months ago
I have a Canon T2i and now a Nikon 3400. The Nikon is very different in its set up, but I was doing okay until I engaged BB focus and then could not get it to go off! I retraced the steps, but no deal. Out of the blue I got my autofocus back, but I would kind of like to know what to do or not do. Any ideas?
Sujit Bhattacharya
'Sujit Bhattacharya' 2 months ago
The kit lens is automatically focused
Kuv Li Adventures
'Kuv Li Adventures' 2 months ago
How long does battery last when recording video?
Hello. thank you for your video. I live in Miami Beach and photos are one of my hobbies. I am considering buying this camera from Costco (the bundle offer). I take nature photos, specially flowers. I want to be able to take semi professional photos of homes and apartments including wide angle shots. This would be my first camera of this kind. However, after viewing your review I am not sure if this is the camera for me. Should I buy something "higher"? What to you think? Additionally, I am looking to take a photography course here in Miami but I have founded difficult to find. I you or any of your readers know of any good course in photography in the area of Miami that would be amazing. You may contact me at my email if you wish [email protected] thank you, EVE
MTB Addict
'MTB Addict' 2 months ago
I've always wondered, how did you get the photo at 7:35 ?
'shawoo' 2 months ago
Is this thing better than my d90?
1275gt for real
'1275gt for real' 2 months ago
hi i'm a wanna be photographer and i'm looking at the d3400 for a first camera, i heard you say in your video that you do not reccommend buying the 70-300mm lens, but what are your thoughts on the Nikon AF-S DX Zoom-NIKKOR 55-200mm f/4-5.6G ED Lens and is it worth buying it with the 18-55mm lens for a first time photographer or should i save my money?
'HARSHOGRAPHY' 2 months ago
Hi. Thank for one more amazing video. I am going to buy this camera in 2-3 days. I am getting body + 18-55 VR + 55-200 VR at 699 Canadian Dollars and 18-55 + 70-300 (Both Non-VR) at 649 CAD. Which one should I buy. Please respond ASAP as the offer is going to end on Monday. Thank You in advance.
Jordan Keyes
'Jordan Keyes' 2 months ago
What lens would you suggest buying for the Nikon d3400?
Great video!
Gaurav Paul
'Gaurav Paul' 2 months ago
Nikon d3400 or Nikon coolpix p900?
Joy s
'Joy s' 2 months ago
This camera is my Christmas present this yr. Ordered last night as it was in a Black Friday sale for $499. Came with 2 lenses, case,32mb card,free online class. I've been looking at this months.. excited about it being here in a few weeks..
Selenah Smid
'Selenah Smid' 2 months ago
Which would u recommend for a beginner the cannon rebel t6i or the Nikon D3400?
Unnikuttan Sayooj
'Unnikuttan Sayooj' 2 months ago
Like it
subhankar panda
'subhankar panda' 2 months ago
Is a 50mm 1.8 prime lens good for this camera?
bud bragg
'bud bragg' 2 months ago
Great video. Easily understood technical points. After seeing this I ordered a package for my wife for Christmas. I will update to let you know how things went.Thanks again
Caiden Safford
'Caiden Safford' 2 months ago
Definitely deserves a subscribe and like! You did an amazing review with this camera! You definitely got me sold on it... lol I just ordered mine on EBay for a steal price. Can’t wait to take some pictures!!📷🌅
Khalil Al Jasem
'Khalil Al Jasem' 2 months ago
Thanks for the good informations about this camera.
Abdullah Hasif Mohd Lokman
Hi can you help me decide please... i was vacillating whether to buy canon mirrorless eos m10 or the nikon d 3400. Been indecisive since a month ago 😭
Omega Donut
'Omega Donut' 2 months ago
I know this is a dumb question, buy would this beat a galaxy s7 camera?
Brenton Sianjina
'Brenton Sianjina' 2 months ago
This guy used a camera on a tripod... In an intersection. lol
Linda Godwin
'Linda Godwin' 2 months ago
Hyfgdykyd I love you yso much of the use of the day before I get a follow back on my way home from work to be the first half of the day before I get a follow back on my you can get it you will never get old and I don't think that I have a great way of life and the first half of the best of the year and I don't think that I can see it as an excuse for the next hgqwėÿuuuùúūûìí
Jay Vaun Manos
'Jay Vaun Manos' 2 months ago
I own a Nikon D3400, you can check my photos here
shantell lopez
'shantell lopez' 2 months ago
Can use a EK-KC120/EKGC100 Samsung galaxy camera to takes pictures of the northern lights?
Joe McDermott
'Joe McDermott' 2 months ago
Great review. Thank you.
Dennis Smith
'Dennis Smith' 2 months ago
Hi,, GREAT review. I have been a photographer for around 30 Years so I am NOT a "Newbie" to the World of photography.. my question is this?? I am looking to replace my aged Nikon D90 which I have had for 8 Years and has taken 110,000 shots. I looked at the "Spec" on the D3400 and it is indeed a lot of camera for the money..Plus a nice light weight body (Unlike my D90) Is that a worthy replacement for my Nikon D90 ..OR would I be best off paying the extra money and getting a Nikon D7200.. Thank you.. Once again a first class review.
'MrXelsior' 2 months ago
Can someone please tell my why when I record video in 1080 by 60 (high def) it plays back fine on my d3400. But when I export it to my Macbook pro, it plays "herky-jerky". Like stop-go-stop-go,etc. I admit my macbook pro is 6 years old, but I just updated the RAM to it's fullest capacity. Even when I bring it into Final Cut Pro it usually does the same thing. Not always with 1080 by 30 though.
'yoh03ts' 2 months ago
that focus on the car. 07:25
'Zoelle' 2 months ago
That is crazy u can literally see the individual cell dots in the leaf picture 😍😍😍
ivan alejandre
'ivan alejandre' 2 months ago
Best review ever !! 👍👍👍
Patricia Sadang
'Patricia Sadang' 2 months ago
I love this video! thank you for the information. I am now thinking of getting this camera as soon as possible haha
'jkd1984' 2 months ago
would 70-300 lens be good for taking photos of the moon?
'MrMohawk559' 2 months ago
Good photos
Den Nis Bautista
'Den Nis Bautista' 2 months ago
This is my dream to become a photographer but poverty here in the philippines destroy my dreams. Need to help family first . Sir can you sell that to me? like discounted with 50%. :)
Alex Padula
'Alex Padula' 2 months ago
Great video! One tip, you might want to upload at 1440p or 4k even with 1080p video, just to offer a higher bit-rate.
Adriana Aleman
'Adriana Aleman' 2 months ago
Hi I had a question I wanted to use this camera for videos like vlogging or tutorials do you think this is a good stationary camera for that?
Sadik Khan
'Sadik Khan' 2 months ago
can this camera blur the background?
wilson ramos
'wilson ramos' 2 months ago
what is better a mic rode or external record thanks
'howie3601' 2 months ago
Would you recommend this over the Canon Rebel T5i?
Mohammad Danish Salam
Hi. Thanks for infomative video. So which camera do you recommend for the beginners between D 3400 and D 5500 for the sharp image?
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