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Folding Rocket Stove -
Published: 5 months ago By: Taras Kul

By: Taras KulPublished: 5 months ago

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Kiran avi
'Kiran avi' 2 weeks ago
Excellent Practical Engineering -
John Buck
'John Buck' 3 weeks ago
That doesn't look like a rocket stove when burning, it might need to be taller.
Johnathan Caballero
'Johnathan Caballero' 1 month ago
No Left Turns
'No Left Turns' 1 month ago
Where the heck can I buy this stove? Thanks
Ugly Mug
'Ugly Mug' 3 months ago
Crazy Russian Folding Rocket Stove
Ram_SLade - War Robots and More!
Hugo at the background.... lol
Full-Metal Espinosa
'Full-Metal Espinosa' 5 months ago
I need one
GreenSlime Gaming
'GreenSlime Gaming' 5 months ago
Jessica/jay Powell
'Jessica/jay Powell' 5 months ago
'IceRebØrN' 5 months ago
nice videos
Rayan Renard
'Rayan Renard' 5 months ago
Massive dust armed cigarette turn aircraft remote product.
Gina Artieri
'Gina Artieri' 5 months ago
What's the website so I can buy this
Steven Szabo
'Steven Szabo' 5 months ago
Hmm, I like it, but it is a somewhat flawed design. If they got rid of the ramp thingy and opened up the area it attaches to it would be 100% easier to feed and would have less parts.
'Cicilee' 5 months ago
'CrunchyGS' 5 months ago
Thats a cool machine but makes noise like a juke box
'CrunchyGS' 5 months ago
He should name his dog I !BOOM! I
'Leonardokite' 5 months ago
I'll bet it gets pretty dirty real fast!!!! A dedicated pair of gloves would be recommended.
PhilthyMr Basty
'PhilthyMr Basty' 5 months ago
Your rocket has a big ash hole
'jody024' 5 months ago
How did you light it....
Koby Nicholson-Lindley
U should go camping do a vlog
Leo Zhang
'Leo Zhang' 5 months ago
he makes everything seem easy
Speed Racist
'Speed Racist' 5 months ago
pushin the ash in and PUTIN more wood in
'l' 5 months ago
Pipi de chat
Robo Ro21
'Robo Ro21' 5 months ago
'HydrogenMLG' 5 months ago
PLEASE PUT TASTY SPAGETTI In the boiling water
Sofa King We Todd Ed
'Sofa King We Todd Ed' 5 months ago
"Its burns really good under there!" should get that looked at!
'frankamese' 5 months ago
I love this stove
'LordGap' 5 months ago
Did Taras just put kindlings and it lights itself up??
Mr. ExoticBleach
'Mr. ExoticBleach' 5 months ago
In Soviet Russia.Rocket Stove fold You!
Jaswinder Bansal
'Jaswinder Bansal' 5 months ago
He should have used the fire starter thing
Aesthetic Baal
'Aesthetic Baal' 5 months ago
“It’s steaming really hard.” hahah
Primal Survival
'Primal Survival' 5 months ago
Try a Kelly Kettle. Great vid.
Samuel Vargas
'Samuel Vargas' 5 months ago
Love your vids Taras
Giggle Fish
'Giggle Fish' 5 months ago
Steaming really hard
Yousuf Zubair
'Yousuf Zubair' 5 months ago
Can you place to another coconut video
'ALI_KH _T' 5 months ago
Are you of the assets of an Arab
Jacob Lane
'Jacob Lane' 5 months ago
Where is your "Welcome back to my laboratory"?
'Darkbeast' 5 months ago
'JozyBoy' 5 months ago
"open it up like this, and then slide this thing in here" - Taras Kul
RedDevils 2017
'RedDevils 2017' 5 months ago
Let's see what it's all about!
Ice Belly
'Ice Belly' 5 months ago
where are the *MRE* ' _s_
'ZzDanishzZ' 5 months ago
'TheHonorOfGuard' 5 months ago
raja shalini
'raja shalini' 5 months ago
'TryeaxGames' 5 months ago
Did he say put in or putin?
Manic Optio
'Manic Optio' 5 months ago
What's this got to do with a rocket??
Bonnie Barbee
'Bonnie Barbee' 5 months ago
👍👍cute stove , works great !
Jochen Würfel
'Jochen Würfel' 5 months ago
Still waiting for new MRE episodes :/
ARVI 757
'ARVI 757' 5 months ago
Can we get 100+ "boom" replies on this comment?
William Narine
'William Narine' 5 months ago
You are best YouTuber
Youtube is You
'Youtube is You' 5 months ago
taraaasss you my internet-big-brother
Boy AndHerDog
'Boy AndHerDog' 5 months ago
The best one I've seen so far. Do a video on the best lightweight rocket stove too :-)
[GD] Glovikk
'[GD] Glovikk' 5 months ago
This is the only stove that looks like a rocket
Daniel J.
'Daniel J.' 5 months ago
+Taras Kul GOD BLESS You and your Family!
Mr. GamezHD
'Mr. GamezHD' 5 months ago
CRH do you play any videogames? If yes then what console?
Jkl Alskjdjhg
'Jkl Alskjdjhg' 5 months ago
Are you Ukrainian
Leo Oh
'Leo Oh' 5 months ago
That's very cool.
i am _______
'i am _______' 5 months ago
Why is he sooo innocent
jose bayani villadolid
KOY A JBnmimikita
'CasualGuy2' 5 months ago
ikea stove? XDDDD
Alfred Neumann
'Alfred Neumann' 5 months ago
Who buys this gadget, but never goes camping?
Droiden War
'Droiden War' 5 months ago
BOOM! Thambs ap for meᘳ ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°ᘰ
'10ERandom' 5 months ago
95,224th viewer 💥boom
zioDJ 77
'zioDJ 77' 5 months ago
You look a lot like CrazyRussianHacker, i start thinking that you're the same person
Luke Skywalker
'Luke Skywalker' 5 months ago
Idk about this one. The opening for the twigs is way too small and it might fall over while sticking them in.
Some Random Guy 666 whatareudoing
0:22 as you can see pretty kompot
'Quinn.' 5 months ago
2:34 Putin more! :D
Mario Knife Making
'Mario Knife Making' 5 months ago
What a useless stove design there are many better options
Ivo Myh
'Ivo Myh' 5 months ago
Am I the only one that watch his videos while eating?
whammer bo
'whammer bo' 5 months ago
Do hurricane survival kit Irma is close to hitting Florida
Modan Gratoato
'Modan Gratoato' 5 months ago
2.36 vood in
Orpheas Balodimas
'Orpheas Balodimas' 5 months ago
Where do get those cups and stove
FBJW Fortnite gang
'FBJW Fortnite gang' 5 months ago
Luke no!! Bruh?!
'LucasVetteseDrums' 5 months ago
How much colours do u have in that shirt???
Layne Staley
'Layne Staley' 5 months ago
SleeprunnerInc SnakeInc
''So it fits like a stand'' HMMMMMM someone could pull a reference card here. Wheres the group of peeps who are associated with stands and references?
Najam Khan
'Najam Khan' 5 months ago
luke please make videos on bbq grillz
'MATTHEW TENEYUQUE' 5 months ago
Taras when are you going to do more fan mail opening I miss those videos
bustin nuts
'bustin nuts' 5 months ago
Too many parts..
Somya Azhar
'Somya Azhar' 5 months ago
I like videos more if Luke and Hugo are helping too.
Kason Zechiel
'Kason Zechiel' 5 months ago
I still prefer my JetBoil over all of these. Lol.
Ruzaiq Fahim
'Ruzaiq Fahim' 5 months ago
I was the one who sent it?!
joy santod
'joy santod' 5 months ago
Can you make rocket stove from hollow blocks?
'Koki' 5 months ago
2:35 - and Putin! Real Russian Patriot
'Leviathan' 5 months ago
Steaming hard
Kitty Cat
'Kitty Cat' 5 months ago
Looks really good ! ! ! Got to get one
'Smoginchibim' 5 months ago
luke no
'Haise' 5 months ago
D31ght0n A.R
'D31ght0n A.R' 5 months ago
What did the Librarian say to the student Read more
Mas Haq Kresno
'Mas Haq Kresno' 5 months ago
'biostemm' 5 months ago
This seems too bulky for backpacking - is it meant for car-camping or something?
Abhishek Singh
'Abhishek Singh' 5 months ago
hit like for aaahhhhssss (ash😂😂😂)
don walker
'don walker' 5 months ago
Good English boom
'Morixx3' 5 months ago
Who also thought that on te thumbnail , Taras was standing on in the fire??
DaBOWSE 8288
'DaBOWSE 8288' 5 months ago
Johnny Ganotis
'Johnny Ganotis' 5 months ago
Do again lifehacks..
'Libra' 5 months ago
Will you do more MRES ?
Mahdi Gaming
'Mahdi Gaming' 5 months ago
Luke: Cook a steak for me! Taras: Luke no!
Nathan Hampton
'Nathan Hampton' 5 months ago
Lisa Lynn
'Lisa Lynn' 5 months ago
I think Taras could take down North Korea alone.
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