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Everything Wrong With The LEGO Batman Movie -
Published: 7 months ago By: CinemaSins

By: CinemaSinsPublished: 7 months ago

4, 459, 869 views

80, 633 Likes   3, 786 Dislikes

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Even LEGO movies have sins. This one is no different. I mean, what kind of a monster microwaves lobster in the shell?!?!

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Next week: 90's sins.

Remember, no movie is without sin! Which movie's sins should we expose next?!

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Alfred Prytz Tillisch
My name is Alfred
'TheWeirdKid' 2 days ago
its dahleks not daylicks
Brossom 123
'Brossom 123' 2 days ago
Day lex wtf it’s dallex
Crippled Depression
No one in the entire universe has a voice as naturally deep and brooding as Will Arnett..... Or, maybe, Patrick Warburton.
Alexandra Speer
'Alexandra Speer' 3 days ago
It’s pronounced like Dar-lex, sorry massive Dr Who nerd here!
'Knightfall8' 4 days ago
for the 29th sin, it's a kid's movie so the writers opted for the implication over alfred saying something like "you afraid they gon' die"
Amir Baguio
'Amir Baguio' 4 days ago
I fucking hate you
Jaguar Paw
'Jaguar Paw' 4 days ago
your laugh is trash
Tom Nemmers
'Tom Nemmers' 4 days ago
I hate you so much
AnthonyM the Gamer Artist!
To explain the random crossovers like Wicked Witch, Voldemort, Gremlins, Sauron... it’s meant to tie into LEGO Dimensions, as this game had a Story Pack for the movie and ALL of those characters were in the game to begin with.
'sonofposeidon' 4 days ago
you didnt get the point of the movie.
Ugly Teeth Bakery and Other Strangeness
this might be the one where the most sins are removed
George Mina
'George Mina' 5 days ago
Tell me you didn't say daleks like that
Kenny Havoc
'Kenny Havoc' 5 days ago
When I first saw this at the theatre as soon as Batman said all important movies end in white I said that's racist
human torch
'human torch' 7 days ago
Robin has an iPhone
Stephen Elias
'Stephen Elias' 7 days ago
Marvel is better
Abigail Chiaramonte
9:06: Um, pardon me if I'm wrong, but isn't Joker the KING of lazy, s*itty jokes?d
Weirdest Filipina
'Weirdest Filipina' 7 days ago
2:28 I'm dying
MLG Driver Vin Diesel Dominic Toretto
Nanananananana BUTTMAN
KT animations
'KT animations' 7 days ago
Did you say day-licks? Its dar-lick
the comment king
'the comment king' 7 days ago
One sin for cenima sins for saying tony stark in place of bruce wayne
matthew neil
'matthew neil' 1 week ago
It started amazing, then decided to pander to the younger audience so much it forgot to actually be good or make sense
johan kyster
'johan kyster' 1 week ago
and if batman had just returned from the phantom zone, how did he have all the bat-signals?
'Screamskull25' 1 week ago
General zod was in the movie you just have to pay attention
slay them all metal
It is pronounced daleks not daylecks
KPop Derpy girl
'KPop Derpy girl' 1 week ago
sin: batman isnt a superhero. hes just rich
Dylan Cavasos
'Dylan Cavasos' 1 week ago
At the part where Batman’s yelling, “Go on, Scuttler! Just get out of here!”, that was the perfect time to lay in the audio track of SpongeBob saying, “Just get out of here, you stupid, dumb animal!!!”
callum byrne
'callum byrne' 1 week ago
I um,I'm sorry to break this to you but I think you just broke FCC guidelines on advertising,it keeps remind you that ''Advertisment must be at a point a viewer is likely not to miss,having it at the start would be better then having it at the end.''...So...
'TheDeadCobra' 1 week ago
This movie was funny and good but it had to many stupid things and Cliches about Batman that fans made witch made it really dumb The Gayness of Batman and Joker is really stupid and was never needed
Mekhi Speller
'Mekhi Speller' 1 week ago
But all the kids in the orphanage call me Dick, you wonder why. Also I'm late so so late sorry
Fnaf friends
'Fnaf friends' 1 week ago
Dylan Moser
'Dylan Moser' 1 week ago
5:28 I just thought of this: if all Batman stories are one continuous thing, wouldn't Joker have PARALYZED Barabra?
Sam Joyce
'Sam Joyce' 1 week ago
Its pronounced Dalek, you fucking pleb. That's one sin.
an AT-ST
'an AT-ST' 1 week ago
Hold it right there! The Daleks’ name is pronounced daarlicks not dayleeks
Thehider 1234567
'Thehider 1234567' 1 week ago
Watched it at 4:40 pm, figured "u have three of these, dude, you should watch the vid.
Sam Stradinger
'Sam Stradinger' 1 week ago
I'd like to point out it's not a cargo jet, it's a prop plane
Haydn Barnes
'Haydn Barnes' 1 week ago
"Daleks" all British people scream at the screen right there 😂
Siobhán Maisie Jones
actually there is nothing wrong with this movie in any way ever
tistan boxby
'tistan boxby' 2 weeks ago
it's the basically the story of the batman area in lego dimensions that would explain the crossover overload
Dhruv Girgenti
'Dhruv Girgenti' 2 weeks ago
12:36 to 12:45 two Simpsons references in a row. First is when they have the power plant baseball game and they get hypnotized to win and the second is when they make a radioactive man movie. As a simpsons fan I appreciated the references
Bizario the Wolf
'Bizario the Wolf' 2 weeks ago
5:01 tony stark marvel and dc fans triggered
Steven universe
'Steven universe' 2 weeks ago
The amp was a part of the jet ski
Angela Disco
'Angela Disco' 2 weeks ago
when you said daleks more prounounced darlicks
crazy potato lady
'crazy potato lady' 2 weeks ago
I like this movie and i'm happy it has not that much sins
Ethan Elhart
'Ethan Elhart' 2 weeks ago
this movie is still good, right?
Hiyo future gaming
'Hiyo future gaming' 2 weeks ago
I bet Cinnama sins loves all these movies
the temmie-nator
'the temmie-nator' 2 weeks ago
you triggered doctor who by saying daleks wrong
Ben Powell
'Ben Powell' 2 weeks ago
I get it that your aware your being a narcissistic asshole but it’s still really fucking annoying when you sin legitimately great films
Pappa Franko
'Pappa Franko' 2 weeks ago
"D-AY-LICKS" No, sorry I just have to. Its Da-r-lick" I am British I had to, my tea is empty and my 3 horses just escaped. IM SORRY
'D1sc0de' 2 weeks ago
Not too many sins
Dylan Barnes
'Dylan Barnes' 2 weeks ago
That laugh
'Brick THEATRE' 2 weeks ago
Sining lego for anything is a sin you disgust me
'TheMusicalGenius' 2 weeks ago
You forgot about the part where the bad guys were pole dancing in the background when Joker says “why doesn’t Batman get it?”
Electricity Speed
'Electricity Speed' 2 weeks ago
I didn't really care for it... But I liked..... For some DAMN reason.... Also.. I'D BE GREAT DOING THIS MOVIE...
MiMas Studios
'MiMas Studios' 2 weeks ago
Why did you give it a sin for being good at cinema sins?
Aktivlejr landsdel 2
You autist you miss a life
Party Time Jew
'Party Time Jew' 2 weeks ago
Th8s really bothers me "it's not a Batman movie if Tony Stark doesn't attend Some over-the-top garish party of some kind" TONY FUCJIBG STARKRKRMR
'KoolGamer3000' 2 weeks ago
In 12 minutes or less Did you mean: “In 12 minutes or MORE”
VK Studios
'VK Studios' 2 weeks ago
5:10 you need to remove that sin almost every Lego acksesory is huge
Robin van Zoest
'Robin van Zoest' 2 weeks ago
So this is basically if cinemasins finally made a movie. I’m not entirely convinced they didn’t make this
Opal Owl
'Opal Owl' 2 weeks ago
Did you just call Batman Tony Stark?
STM for life
'STM for life' 2 weeks ago
You called a niece a he!
Emily Lyon
'Emily Lyon' 2 weeks ago
I ONLY just realised that pzp is play-on-words for PCP
Maksimum Mattis
'Maksimum Mattis' 2 weeks ago
why is he giving a sin when he Said that they would be amazing at CinemaSins?
Chew Bosska
'Chew Bosska' 3 weeks ago
Don't all his villains actually just escape the asylum instead of never being caught?
Brick Therapy
'Brick Therapy' 3 weeks ago
A video about making fun of a kid's movie? I know what I'm doing for the next 15 minutes😉
Chelsea Kirk
'Chelsea Kirk' 3 weeks ago
My favorite Batman movie lol
Chara Cipher
'Chara Cipher' 3 weeks ago
Joker: Notice me Batman Senpai!
blizz the kid
'blizz the kid' 3 weeks ago
Superman has killed lex Luther in the justice League series
'DragonSlayer754' 3 weeks ago
Ph*cking phantom zone, I like that
Guange Enterprise
'Guange Enterprise' 3 weeks ago
1:45 Celsius anyone. I mean, it's says Fahrenheit but I'M TRYING HERE OKAY!
Diamond The Hedgehog
Everything wrong with this video of CinemaSins: 1. Took things too seriously 2. The way he pronounced Daleks.
Intellectual Turkey
'Intellectual Turkey' 3 weeks ago
1 sin for calling Bruce Wayne Tony Stark at 5:02
Alejandra Martinez
'Alejandra Martinez' 3 weeks ago
I just assumed that all the lego movies are in the one kid’s imagination.
Super Sonic0401
'Super Sonic0401' 3 weeks ago
I hate your channel. The lego batman movie was great. There should be no sin counters. U suck.
'beecham84' 3 weeks ago
This channel should start doing complements... If they can find any🤔
'beecham84' 3 weeks ago
How does he talk so fast and not mess up?
The Great Dalek Exterminator
i remeber in the cinema watching this and when robin says the other call him "dick" , the audience gasped. FREAKING KIDS WERE WATCHING AND THEY PUT A SWEAR WORD IN A BLEEPING U RATED MOVIE :O
The Great Dalek Exterminator
add 1 sin for calling the Daleks "British robots"
'spearman247' 3 weeks ago
Sin on you Cinema Sins. Those are wireless guitar amps, so Batman has a surround sound wireless amp system in the Batcave. Which is awesome. However, I am unfamiliar with the effective range of these amps. So, probably a sin for that.
'TheIronMonkey' 3 weeks ago
Day-leks? *Day-leks?!* *DAY-LEKS?!?!?!*
Queenie of Queens
'Queenie of Queens' 3 weeks ago
Lmao I just got the "eye for jewelry" thing lmao I'm slow
Queenie of Queens
'Queenie of Queens' 3 weeks ago
I actually stay for the ad because you're awesome at them
Steel Wolf
'Steel Wolf' 3 weeks ago
Why are the first 3 sins, sins when there good things?
James Fluker
'James Fluker' 3 weeks ago
This movie was hilarious. I loved that it genuinely loved and appreciated Batman whilst still revelling in the ridiculousness of it.
Kawaii Boo
'Kawaii Boo' 3 weeks ago
M.J. Meece
'M.J. Meece' 3 weeks ago
The amount of people crying about how he mispronounced Daleks. 😂
'Sans' 3 weeks ago
Did he just say f'ing DAYleks? 500 sins extra for that mah dude
Joseph Dudash
'Joseph Dudash' 3 weeks ago
Kyle Spencer
'Kyle Spencer' 3 weeks ago
The beginning had me in tears
Max Gross
'Max Gross' 3 weeks ago
🤯 I double tapped probably more than twice thinking I am watching a clip from iFunny
Buttered Corn Gaming
Sorry narrator dude I love this show, but their called D-AH-LEKS not D-AE-LEKS
Danielle Adkins
'Danielle Adkins' 4 weeks ago
No triple digits in a row twice, but there exists a third video thrice!
12:03 I don't get it. I know it's Pink Floyd, but why put it in. I still like it
LynnH 1223
'LynnH 1223' 4 weeks ago
This movie has less sins than wall-e. What?
Tyler Iguana
'Tyler Iguana' 4 weeks ago
Wait, just wait a minute... What did you call the Daleks? 7:51
'BloxusOG' 4 weeks ago
“All important movies start with a black screen” “All important movies end in a white screen” MAKE UP YOUR MIND..
'WhateverTechBits' 4 weeks ago
I actually started squealing when I heard the Another Brick in the Wall outro
Vigilante Silver
'Vigilante Silver' 4 weeks ago
11:53 How is this even racist? If you are going to put that up then at least start sinning the intro as stated "All movies start with a black screen." How is that not going to be racist (which isn't) as all of the sudden you start to cry over "All movies end with a white screen." Sheesh.
'MeX3' 4 weeks ago
If a movie doesn’t have over 100 sins like this one, then it’s probably good and worth seeing
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