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Everything Wrong With The LEGO Batman Movie -
Published: 4 months ago By: CinemaSins

By: CinemaSinsPublished: 4 months ago

4, 200, 946 views

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Even LEGO movies have sins. This one is no different. I mean, what kind of a monster microwaves lobster in the shell?!?!

REMINDER: September, as is our tradition, is a 50% vacation. We'll have one video per week, then back to 2/week in October.

Next week: 90's sins.

Remember, no movie is without sin! Which movie's sins should we expose next?!

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Crazybunny Woman
'Crazybunny Woman' 5 hours ago
Help me now every single time i watch a show or movie i point out the sins and now I’m not allowed to watch with my family.
Games For Cykits
'Games For Cykits' 8 hours ago
Actually Batman did have something to do with it for he stopped the joker from blowing up both boats= 1 sin for cinema sins
'Hawcun' 12 hours ago
add a sin for when batman called on all the villians in the end, they where locked up so how did they get out? was that a good sin
F . Z2
'F . Z2' 20 hours ago
Ollie Dobney
'Ollie Dobney' 2 days ago
It would be great if there was a movie that managed to end with negative sins But I know it will never happen
sgt Hale107
'sgt Hale107' 2 days ago
Sara Samaletdin
'Sara Samaletdin' 2 days ago
The emotional stuff was too over the top and all the villains in one film should have been saved for other film since it was such a good concept that did not have enough time.
Mr Baby Penguin
'Mr Baby Penguin' 2 days ago
You missed vingardium leviosa you cant use it on people.
GamerUnity 05
'GamerUnity 05' 2 days ago
5:06 what was that laugh???
'poliboy55' 2 days ago
5:00 It's Bruce Wayne not Tony Stark!
Wing Ding
'Wing Ding' 2 days ago
Phucking Phantom Zone
Wing Ding
'Wing Ding' 2 days ago
Zephyr Nepres
'Zephyr Nepres' 2 days ago
How can Barbara Gordon walk up stairs when she lives in a wheelchair? 0/10 terrible movie.
Will Diaz
'Will Diaz' 2 days ago
Did you call Bruce Wayne Tony Stark on purpose or am I missing something
phantom of fire gaming
He's playing the power ranger song on his guitar
Edd Watling
'Edd Watling' 3 days ago
Day-leks?! Unless this us a subtle reference to 'Remembrance of the Daleks ', one sin to Cinemasins!
A bit surprised you didn't use a shatner "something on the wing!" quote when the gremlins were attacking the batwing
'AnIcyFlame' 3 days ago
“20% of this movie is callbacks to previous Batman things” Is that really a sin?
spencer lelievre
'spencer lelievre' 3 days ago
wtf is this shit movie
David Štorek
'David Štorek' 3 days ago
The helicopter landing on a plane reminded me of GTA V where flying car is faster than a cargo plane
'MAGA MAN' 3 days ago
"daleks" Worst TV show villains ever. Oh noes, it's trash can's with plungers sticking out of them.
'MAGA MAN' 3 days ago
I thought this would be a funny movie. I turned it off after about 20 minutes. All the funny parts were in the previews.
Alannadoes stuff
'Alannadoes stuff' 3 days ago
Your pronunciation of daleks makes me want to poison myself
Austin Oginski
'Austin Oginski' 3 days ago
Don't mean to be a dick, but this is cinema sins... You only have to Mirandize someone if you are questioning them, not if you are arresting them. Not mirandizing someone when you arrest them doesn't just make the fact that they broke the laws go away...
Adrian Suero
'Adrian Suero' 3 days ago
5:07 this was rated PG
The Sad Cactus
'The Sad Cactus' 4 days ago
Phucking phantom zone
joel 56
'joel 56' 5 days ago
I think this the first movie to be on this show with under 100 sins
Hannah Abbott
'Hannah Abbott' 5 days ago
Isn’t Barbara meant to be like, Dick’s age? Or am I focused on the wrong universe here?
Zach Nomel
'Zach Nomel' 5 days ago
The Voldemort casting sin is so sad :(
Nathan M.
'Nathan M.' 5 days ago
'HotRod' 5 days ago
'Radioactive' 6 days ago
6:30 *the reason Lego Batman didn’t use Sound Of Silence was because Watchmen used it already*
Videos 4cats
'Videos 4cats' 6 days ago
Who likes cheese , raise ya hand... * crickets chirping*. No body ? Ok!!
Videos 4cats
'Videos 4cats' 6 days ago
Batman SUCKS!!!!!! Ooooooh !!!!!!!!!
Videos 4cats
'Videos 4cats' 6 days ago
You ruin movies for me!!! You dickhead !!!
Videos 4cats
'Videos 4cats' 6 days ago
Bro, batman is a phsycopathic depressed ... D-D-DICK!!!!!
'killertnt911' 6 days ago
I just realized pzp sounds like pcp
X_eN The Tv Man
'X_eN The Tv Man' 6 days ago
The Lego Batman Movie is like The Lego Movie's retarded brother
Hilbert Lawrence
'Hilbert Lawrence' 6 days ago
This movie was golden
'MARCKO 9902' 6 days ago
Do lego ninjago
Alex Sal979
'Alex Sal979' 6 days ago
I just got a thought what if these movie happens after LEGO dimension
Bill Cipher
'Bill Cipher' 6 days ago
What about the part where they loving said "i hate you"?
'Bi$harp' 6 days ago
Calling Daleks "Daylicks" is bad. But also the sin he gave it was incorrect. This movie is in fact a spin-off of the Lego Movie since they mention "Master-Builders" on multiple occasions. Pay attention to the movie before sinning it.
Charlotte Philippe
Advantage hello these ship advice stress candy strange
Quinn thegreat
'Quinn thegreat' 7 days ago
5:01 he must have confused forgettable movies
American KNBanjoMTDXTU21
3:17 The sound reminds me of PS2 Menu Sounds
Emerald Master
'Emerald Master' 1 week ago
about 0:57... its lego they snap together ya'know
'Da_Swifta' 1 week ago
That is not a human-being sized pen. That's just a normal Lego pen.
Thomas VanHorn
'Thomas VanHorn' 1 week ago
white screen is racist?!? fuck u
Allen Davis
'Allen Davis' 1 week ago
90% of the reason that i liked this video is because there was Pink Floyd music at the end
Jay Mehta
'Jay Mehta' 1 week ago
Dog Biscuit
'Dog Biscuit' 1 week ago
Adam West was the best batman
TinyBolts GP
'TinyBolts GP' 1 week ago
'EmperorZarikar' 1 week ago
"Watch the lego batman movie." "No." *finds this* "Fine."
Deep chaos
'Deep chaos' 1 week ago
Batman hates the justice league because justice league is mean
Deep chaos
'Deep chaos' 1 week ago
Joker broke the forth wall
Sidero The Panther
“2 year old *niece* until he got what *HE* wanted” Isn’t it supposed to be nephew if it’s a boy? *sin*
Tien Attwater
'Tien Attwater' 1 week ago
about 15 quadrillion sins for pronouncing Daleks, daeleks.
Derp Scout
'Derp Scout' 1 week ago
"You mean nothing to me." ";-;" **ding**
DaOne Alex
'DaOne Alex' 1 week ago
Why is watching cinema sins a sin?
'ATKIN_05' 1 week ago
did he just say............. DAY LICKS???????????
'RandomLollipop' 1 week ago
How come the clouds are not lego? *Top 10 Questions Scientists Can’t Answer*
Calix Clark
'Calix Clark' 1 week ago
stop dissing the movie man, it's just rude
bilbo swaggins
'bilbo swaggins' 1 week ago
This movie had less sins than spider man homecoming
Shadow Dragon
'Shadow Dragon' 1 week ago
Did you really call tony stark Batman? “I love that movie when hell boy fought zod and captain America” you dumda**
Rhysa Cooley
'Rhysa Cooley' 1 week ago
And no not all blacks are racist. That is not the point I was trying to prove.
Rhysa Cooley
'Rhysa Cooley' 1 week ago
You know that saying all important movies start with a black screen is also racist. Yet you did not sin it for that or sin it 2 times. You can't be racist just because your white. Blacks can be racist to. Now thinking blacks can't be racist. Now that. That is racist.
'Ronon' 1 week ago
You should run for president. "Hahaha, tax exemptions for the rich?! Fuck you, rich! "Ding!"
Jeff garland
'Jeff garland' 1 week ago
It's pronounced dah-le-ks
Loganasaurus Rex
'Loganasaurus Rex' 1 week ago
11:57 movie is amazing at cinema sins
Loganasaurus Rex
'Loganasaurus Rex' 1 week ago
Colton Animated
'Colton Animated' 1 week ago
At least they didn’t show his parents getting killed
Summer Extras
'Summer Extras' 1 week ago
5:09 Orphans are a dick to Dick.
'mrattapuss' 1 week ago
David Dyer
'David Dyer' 1 week ago
"Start with a BLACK SCREEN...and LOGOS..."
Jalen Sewell
'Jalen Sewell' 1 week ago
But but but, Zod has died. His body was also used to make a fucking monster in Batman v Superman, which they said happened in that montage of the different movies. So why are they talking about him still being Superman’s worst enemy?? EDIT: I thought in the Batman video games, Barb was in a wheelchair? The lore in this movie is messed up, and yes I know this is a kids movie and nothing matters, but still, these details would make the movie better.
Anarchy nothing
'Anarchy nothing' 1 week ago
He called Batman tony stark
Liam Richardson
'Liam Richardson' 1 week ago
Sin 63. He spells f*cking like ph*cking... SIN!
Ushanka_Kitten _
'Ushanka_Kitten _' 1 week ago
Omfg i loved that pink floyd reference, negative one sin * ting*
jac the mac
'jac the mac' 1 week ago
To be honest this movie didnt even need all those sins for the main reason that it that bad, the villain turrned into the good guy which we have never seen even in any form of a batman vs joker thing. Plus they added charecters that didnt even have a single line I mean who was the idoit who thought putting a thing that looked more like fin fang foom than anything would be a good idea all it needed was a long neck and it would just be a insult to marvel and if it was supposed to be a kraken why didnt have any tentacle and also if that what a kraken was supposed to like it should still have to breath water i mean you can clearly see the gills and when it but the villain vs villain cliche just made me completely turn off to the movie even my 5 year old sister said it was horrible
Elizabeth Grazier
'Elizabeth Grazier' 1 week ago
Also can we acknowledge that they ruined a classic Michael Jackson song?
Colton Younger
'Colton Younger' 1 week ago
You forgot to sin the swamp monster at 8:21 was a master builder in The Lego Movie
john ribey
'john ribey' 1 week ago
I didn't think the pilot was talking about that specific situation (With the two boats, the parade) I thought he was just referencing the movies XD woops
Zachery Abrams
'Zachery Abrams' 1 week ago
You meant nephew right
Quinton Jacobs
'Quinton Jacobs' 1 week ago
So the black screen in the beginning was fine, but the white screen at the end was racist? The f*ck?
Kent Warden
'Kent Warden' 1 week ago
Like that time with the parade and the Prince music
U wot m8?
'U wot m8?' 1 week ago
0:54. The jet might not have jets
stephen Binkley
'stephen Binkley' 2 weeks ago
there needs to be lego starwars movie
PinkSprinkles&X-man 123
Tell me I'm not the only one who cried when Batman almost had to go back to The Phantom Zone....
Gilbert Rowen
'Gilbert Rowen' 2 weeks ago
Is this the lowest rated cinema sons
ZZekedia 222
'ZZekedia 222' 2 weeks ago
Jeremy, your Indiana is showing.
Cody Chalmers-We
'Cody Chalmers-We' 2 weeks ago
5:03 did he say tony stark???
The daleks killed everyone, including the Joker. (They were dead the whole time) SIN
Anonymous Person
'Anonymous Person' 2 weeks ago
I am compelled to buy naturebox
'amohotepv' 2 weeks ago
10:06 It took me a couple of seconds but I bust out laughing after I got it.
plasma dragon
'plasma dragon' 2 weeks ago
You are complaining the movie and then you add a sin +1 sin
'amohotepv' 2 weeks ago
I saw that slow elevator in the movie and I immediately yelled out "He got the elevator from the Normandy."
• •Sokochi• •
I want to marry whoever does the voice. they should be fucking president.
Night Fire
'Night Fire' 2 weeks ago
Has anybody seen Gotham (the show) and freaked out when they showed Barbra Gordon? And anything else with Jim Gordon? Or is that just me?
'APO11O' 2 weeks ago
The end? Thats racist? Really?
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