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EXPERIMENT MAKING WATER FLOAT!! 5 Amazing Water Tricks & Hacks! Satisfying DIY Experiment! -
Published: 1 year ago By: Wengie

By: WengiePublished: 1 year ago

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If you see this comment: You know what the leading cause of drowning is? Water. You're Welcome.

Unsure who originally created the trick, but I learnt it through
Tone Generation Software -

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This is a DIY Experiment Life Hacks using Water. It's kind of like water tricks and is also amazing science experiments using mostly everyday objects it's!! It's for fun for before you go back to school. It may not be the best prank though! The next video may be a life hack or perhaps a diy or routine not sure yet what do you think? Love, Wengie

'Wengie' 1 year ago
Ashlyn Masdin
'Ashlyn Masdin' 12 hours ago
I did the last one for a project with my friend and it actually work we won 100 dollars. Thank wengie
'youfoundaesthetic' 12 hours ago
the last one messed with my mind
Anagha Mukunda
'Anagha Mukunda' 13 hours ago
The last hack was mind blowing
Gisele Villeneuve
'Gisele Villeneuve' 15 hours ago
Floating water is my favourite
Isabella Taylor
'Isabella Taylor' 20 hours ago
The only thing I don't like about Wengies vids are when they end!!! LOVE YOU WENGIE!!!😄😄😄😄😄
'ItzIssy' 1 day ago
I’m entering a slo mo comp and this was purrrrfect (haha get it lol XD) I love u sooo much Wengie !!! It would look so cool in slo mo <3 u
Alessandra Cialfi
'Alessandra Cialfi' 2 days ago
OMG frozen water in place!
Sarah Walsh
'Sarah Walsh' 2 days ago
go subscribe to the big huge family
Zulal 4567
'Zulal 4567' 2 days ago
Love u sòooooooo much 😍😍😍😍
Jayannah Dadua
'Jayannah Dadua' 2 days ago
pls subscribe to my channel:i love diy's
F4LLEN gaming
'F4LLEN gaming' 2 days ago
Amari Bellinger
'Amari Bellinger' 3 days ago
hey wengie. life hack alert. put your. clothes in the dryer. then if your arm or some then hurt. a nd u DO. not have a heating pad just. use. hot warm or cold clothes
Lilly Tran
'Lilly Tran' 4 days ago
What if the laser beam was a way to get your cat to have a bath
Biju Nochiyil
'Biju Nochiyil' 4 days ago
I did number 3 in Ms.Dettlof❤️❤️❤️😃😃🌈
Ashley Lara
'Ashley Lara' 4 days ago
Skidols trik is cool
Jean-Pierre Tait31234567890
Who's watching in 2018😊😊
Gaby Mercado
'Gaby Mercado' 4 days ago
Wow cool tricks
Amy Nguyen
'Amy Nguyen' 4 days ago
Ha rio art shop
Lilreacticorns Julieta&Sophia
my favorite was reversing water! ;)
The Kawaii Cupcake Viner
What is the last song called?
Bomby Spartan
'Bomby Spartan' 5 days ago
Here’s a room detail! Get a lightbulb and get different colored markers and color each part of the lightbulb and see the different colors of your light! Your Welcome. 😄👍 You also DESTROYED my sisters laughing meter. 😂
Clementina Agustin
I sub for you wengie 🦄🦄❤️❤️
andrea kay
'andrea kay' 5 days ago
Wengie I love your vides and the last trick swas awsome
Sally Achmadi
'Sally Achmadi' 5 days ago
I've never tasted skittles before
Deion Scott
'Deion Scott' 5 days ago
do you really have a sister
Shannon Schussler
'Shannon Schussler' 5 days ago
Whaaaaaaaaaat 😱
Zeynep Marie
'Zeynep Marie' 5 days ago
i love you wengie💕
Zeynep Marie
'Zeynep Marie' 5 days ago
the last one was so good
Azuree Gomez
'Azuree Gomez' 5 days ago
Ellatheamazing !!!!!
I did the balloon trick for a school talent show thanks wengie! BTW I won
Cara Lang
'Cara Lang' 5 days ago
James Bowen
'James Bowen' 5 days ago
in real life im a little vertion of wengie
moonlight wolf 10934
sooooooooooooo satisfieing ⊙-⊙
Fary Peace
'Fary Peace' 5 days ago
I love you wengie so much fun and I love you so much fun and I love it and so is it that I love the fact
Maghinang Mauro
'Maghinang Mauro' 5 days ago
I Like your video💕
Wenbei Jiang
'Wenbei Jiang' 5 days ago
Wengie! Your so amazing. There is even hacks water! Love you!
#sqaudgoals ag
'#sqaudgoals ag' 6 days ago
wow that's awesome!!!!!!!!!!!!!😃😃😃😃😃😃😃😃😃😃😃
LoL surprise with Cookie Me Crane
Mine was the Skittles one and the last one
'JAIMIE FENNELL' 6 days ago
The last one is amazing
'JAIMIE FENNELL' 6 days ago
Caroline Sevlian
'Caroline Sevlian' 6 days ago
I just subscribed
Roxie Mit
'Roxie Mit' 6 days ago
Do you have a twin Wengie. Love Roxana.
Kitty the kit kat
'Kitty the kit kat' 6 days ago
I was literally watching this while eating skittles
Andrea senned Villava
Suandi Tan
'Suandi Tan' 7 days ago
Wengie idk are u twins?
Nilofar Virani
'Nilofar Virani' 1 week ago
The voice of bliss in power Puff girls was your
Isabel Vaca
'Isabel Vaca' 1 week ago
The last one is breaking the laws of gravity 🙀
Arman Oronce
'Arman Oronce' 1 week ago
Can you use Mnms?
Alessia Fanto
'Alessia Fanto' 1 week ago
Iv subscribed liked turned the bell on and did everything because I love your videos and you
Antonia Oprea
'Antonia Oprea' 1 week ago
I love the last one
Bara Lavinia
'Bara Lavinia' 1 week ago
Music from the beginning?
Julianna straight
'Julianna straight' 1 week ago
i would attached to my sprinkler and let my brother and sister play then i would freeze it on them and love all your videos
Englandman Minecraft
Any other emos watching tis? no? ok fine isc
fabi chavez
'fabi chavez' 1 week ago
what is the song cald in the biginen plz tall me
Tyrome Williams
'Tyrome Williams' 1 week ago
I did the Skittle one an it didn't work.
Karen Duncan
'Karen Duncan' 1 week ago
Ava Park
'Ava Park' 1 week ago
oh now ya scammin' me weng corn i gave you a nick nam cas we best friends
Destiny F TAUAI
'Destiny F TAUAI' 1 week ago
Lol the green skittles were yellow lol
bridgette l
'bridgette l' 1 week ago
Heat goes where ever it wants
Aubree Plays
'Aubree Plays' 1 week ago
Ok floating water I can’t believe that’s possible but I just Seen it’s soo I guess it’s is lol
Sophie diy9
'Sophie diy9' 1 week ago
You lied it didn’t work I’m unsubscribing
April Jensen
'April Jensen' 1 week ago
Whoever unliked this vid is crazy cause this vid is cool
'TheEl1T3Gamer' 2 weeks ago
That water freezing trick is defying gravity!!!
Minaal Choudhary - Mount Pleasant Village PS (1534)
wengie i love ur channel u are my favourite youtuber
Pito Delgado
'Pito Delgado' 2 weeks ago
I loooooooooove your video wengie so much!😻🐴!
Pooja Leju
'Pooja Leju' 2 weeks ago
Is Wendy your twin sister
Catalina Madriz
'Catalina Madriz' 2 weeks ago
Woooow I love this video all of that is so cool!!!
Swaggy Muffinz
'Swaggy Muffinz' 2 weeks ago
1 year ago this vid came ut
kit cat cute
'kit cat cute' 2 weeks ago
Can u please sub to me!
Florentino Sosa
'Florentino Sosa' 2 weeks ago
sssssssooooooo cool
Aubrey Brown
'Aubrey Brown' 2 weeks ago
Mind blown.😅😅😅😅😅😅😈😈😈
Midnight Howl Sing!
'Midnight Howl Sing!' 2 weeks ago
I think the caption authors trolled her Sheesh I'm late
husky clan
'husky clan' 2 weeks ago
I tried doing it for a science experiment,and i used my phone to do it and it had sound waves on it and it did not work i also used painters tape and scotch tape wengie it was the floating waters experiment by the way can you tell me what im doing wrong i need help:(
The Freshest Fedora
'The Freshest Fedora' 2 weeks ago
Kyleena Hibshman
'Kyleena Hibshman' 2 weeks ago
Who is watching this on January 7th, 2018?? lol like if you are
Nawris Moon
'Nawris Moon' 2 weeks ago
INFINITE WATER!!!!! totally trying that
Elizabeth Soza
'Elizabeth Soza' 2 weeks ago
To day is my b-day can I get 10 likes please 🎉🎁
Clark Kent Videos
'Clark Kent Videos' 2 weeks ago
Zoe love it
'Zoe love it' 2 weeks ago
It is,amazing ThE last trick
Gerson Sarmiento
'Gerson Sarmiento' 2 weeks ago
Wengie I am lauren but evry time I see your videos you Will see my dads profile but I am a big fan and I realy want to entre the give away 😊😊😊😊ps I also ❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤unicorns!!!
Romasah Shakeel
'Romasah Shakeel' 2 weeks ago
Put food coloring in the water on the last one
Shahed Reem
'Shahed Reem' 2 weeks ago
I love you wengie you so cute I love you so much❤❤❤😘😍😍
hhy 4d
'hhy 4d' 2 weeks ago
I love ur water lava lamp trick i might try it
hhy 4d
'hhy 4d' 2 weeks ago
Wengie i love ur vids u are amazing and cool.😊☺
Unicorn Dreams
'Unicorn Dreams' 2 weeks ago
hey can you do a colab with Draw With Jazza
Daniel /cooldude3s
'Daniel /cooldude3s' 2 weeks ago
💥 👦🏼
Monet Slade
'Monet Slade' 2 weeks ago
Wengie you made water float!! You ARE MAGICAL LIKE A PEGASUS/UNICORN WOW
Jaime and Katie Coble
Does the skittles plate dry?
Jaime and Katie Coble
#1 looked like it was peeing(sorry if this offends anyone)
sammie wong
'sammie wong' 2 weeks ago
amazing XD
Emma Read
'Emma Read' 2 weeks ago
Wat about dragons.... 😢🐉
haylohayley fan
'haylohayley fan' 2 weeks ago
You did this vid a year ago today
Imeda Rodriguez
'Imeda Rodriguez' 2 weeks ago
About 100 😜📹😎
Delia Akyea
'Delia Akyea' 2 weeks ago
One of my fav video from Wengie! Luv u!
Taylor Paige
'Taylor Paige' 2 weeks ago
Wengie: Hello.... Me:LMAO😹
Ambeswa Tom
'Ambeswa Tom' 2 weeks ago
All tje tricks u did where amazing specially the one with the floating water
Janny Lopez
'Janny Lopez' 2 weeks ago
When her cat goes around I like it
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