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EXPERIMENT MAKING WATER FLOAT!! 5 Amazing Water Tricks & Hacks! Satisfying DIY Experiment! -
Published: 3 months ago By: Wengie

By: WengiePublished: 3 months ago

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If you see this comment: You know what the leading cause of drowning is? Water. You're Welcome.

Unsure who originally created the trick, but I learnt it through
Tone Generation Software -

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This is a DIY Experiment Life Hacks using Water. It's kind of like water tricks and is also amazing science experiments using mostly everyday objects it's!! It's for fun for before you go back to school. It may not be the best prank though! The next video may be a life hack or perhaps a diy or routine not sure yet what do you think? Love, Wengie

'Wengie' 3 months ago
Kawaii gaming
'Kawaii gaming' 4 hours ago
Emilee Kirkland
'Emilee Kirkland' 8 hours ago
I've done the skittle rainbow
Allison Price
'Allison Price' 9 hours ago
Wengie my favrot wus the skittels
Conor Sweeney
'Conor Sweeney' 12 hours ago
Don,t put Music no
Isabella Soud
'Isabella Soud' 20 hours ago
What's the song at 1:57
Gabrielle Montalto
So cool!
Portia Johnson
'Portia Johnson' 1 day ago
your hand was right by the thing that you turn on
IzzaBeller Vlogger
RIP Rioti club card
md aminul islam patwary
Do you really have a twin?
Sham Azzam
'Sham Azzam' 1 day ago
alll of THEM
Sham Azzam
'Sham Azzam' 1 day ago
Grace Ng
'Grace Ng' 2 days ago
Lamyah Austin
'Lamyah Austin' 2 days ago
OMG this video is so cool
Braden Castaneda
'Braden Castaneda' 2 days ago
I like the music
Kimberly Sam Channel
amazing video
Michelle Chung
'Michelle Chung' 2 days ago
Like your hair
Wild Cat
'Wild Cat' 2 days ago
The last one was amazing 😮
pandalover 43
'pandalover 43' 2 days ago
'Mangle' 2 days ago
i love you wengie
Brendha Ballester
'Brendha Ballester' 2 days ago
do you have a twin?!?
Queen Bee
'Queen Bee' 2 days ago
My favourite number is 13 and 24
luis palacios
'luis palacios' 2 days ago
The last song in the last trick is skeches songs
Nickeshia Smith
'Nickeshia Smith' 2 days ago
First. One
Charles Grammer
'Charles Grammer' 2 days ago
at #8:03 it is a heart
Evelyn Rivera
'Evelyn Rivera' 2 days ago
i trid the last one and it workd wengie you or ameizing👏👏👏👍👍👍👌
Typical Me
'Typical Me' 2 days ago
9:19 tho. 😂😂😂 I kept replaying it and laughing.
Weston the boss debonis
my Fav was floating water it was so cool i am going to try it
mariianne sazon
'mariianne sazon' 3 days ago
wengie you dont have super powers when wengie said 321 she turn the volume on because her hand is in the volume XD and i love your hacks
Alexandra Bădiță
Alexandra Bădiță
MEL. 295
'MEL. 295' 3 days ago
That was the best experiment
Madison Profio
'Madison Profio' 3 days ago
I'm watching this at 3:19 am 😂
Marcela Garcia
'Marcela Garcia' 3 days ago
do jave. snapchat
sugarcube66214 aj
'sugarcube66214 aj' 3 days ago
This is snow:🦄 She's lonely 1 like:1 friend 1 sub:she meets twenty one pilots
OcelotsRule Meow
'OcelotsRule Meow' 3 days ago
My fav # is 3
OcelotsRule Meow
'OcelotsRule Meow' 3 days ago
The giveaway was on my birthday! 11th birthday.
Helen Weber
'Helen Weber' 3 days ago
i love love love you wengie plus i love unicorns
Maryam kasmali
'Maryam kasmali' 3 days ago
OOOMMMGG that is mine blowing!
Kaylin Bergeron
'Kaylin Bergeron' 3 days ago
i think the floating one was clickbait
Griss Cisneros
'Griss Cisneros' 3 days ago
omg the ballon
Megann Larose
'Megann Larose' 3 days ago
my favorite is #2
Megann Larose
'Megann Larose' 3 days ago
OMG ur wearing ur new shirt thing
Madison Tonks
'Madison Tonks' 3 days ago
When you do the skittles water thing can you still eat the skittles
'Demi_mae_XOXO' 3 days ago
It was halarious I tried the freeze water thing but when I put it on the water came darting out so fucking fast I got drenched ;-;
Cherry Nightcore
'Cherry Nightcore' 3 days ago
my fave trick was the water frequency one i was just like 😲when I saw it
Rukhsana zain
'Rukhsana zain' 3 days ago
i love your videos wngie you are the best
fun house
'fun house' 3 days ago
you are amazing
Jenni Alcala
'Jenni Alcala' 3 days ago
Victoria Martinez
'Victoria Martinez' 3 days ago
The skittles didn't work for me
Victoria Martinez
'Victoria Martinez' 3 days ago
The skittles didn't work for me
Melissa Bradley
'Melissa Bradley' 3 days ago
my fav is 5
Melissa Bradley
'Melissa Bradley' 3 days ago
so cool
glossy productions
the first one is not a trick. ur just shining a light on water.... im not hating im just saying
Vanessa Romero
'Vanessa Romero' 4 days ago
i love wengie
Lily Shannon
'Lily Shannon' 4 days ago
i just liked all the tricks!!!!!!!!😊😊😊😊😊😊😊😊😊😊😊😊😊😊😊😊😊😊😊😊
Lily Shannon
'Lily Shannon' 4 days ago
i love watching the skittles
Lily Shannon
'Lily Shannon' 4 days ago
now i wont skittles!!!!😉😂😀😁😀😁😀
KDF Guerrero
'KDF Guerrero' 4 days ago
Laila Smith
'Laila Smith' 4 days ago
omg omg i love you so much
Rana Abdulla
'Rana Abdulla' 4 days ago
floating water is amazing =-O ,it kinda looks like dancing water to me
liza LIL
'liza LIL' 4 days ago
You're cool, and by the way I'm new, and I'm Russian, but still I understand you !!!
alfa echo
'alfa echo' 4 days ago
what's the name of the song 1:47
Magical Queen
'Magical Queen' 4 days ago
Am I the only one who wants to test these but never get permission to do it from our mom... 😳😳😳
Verity Wilson
'Verity Wilson' 4 days ago
I'm your number one fan Wengie ❤️❤️💋💋💞💞
'CUTSIE CRAFT' 4 days ago
Haaa I hate this music!
'CUTSIE CRAFT' 4 days ago
Is this an old vidio
Victoria Saavedra
'Victoria Saavedra' 4 days ago
I ment just shocked.
Victoria Saavedra
'Victoria Saavedra' 4 days ago
Scamm or no scamm I loved all of them and when I did it it really worked I was mind blown. I was jest shocked.😮😮😮
Jessica Rilang
'Jessica Rilang' 4 days ago
I like all of them they are so cool you rock I like it
Jessica Rilang
'Jessica Rilang' 4 days ago
that is a cool video I really want to try
Zeena Feena
'Zeena Feena' 4 days ago
hello from the other side... of the screen🙋
Amaniee Reed
'Amaniee Reed' 4 days ago
I am going to do the the skittles and it actually works because I am doing it right now!#unicorn😊
'ELITE GAMERZ' 4 days ago
'aliengrrl' 4 days ago
NUmber 23 i mean
'aliengrrl' 4 days ago
That looks photoshoped but it isn't!?
It's so not possible
Florin Florin
'Florin Florin' 4 days ago
wingie you are so hot 😘😍
Ximena Barreto Steen
Wow this is amazing!!!!!!Good job😄
Misha Jinesh
'Misha Jinesh' 5 days ago
the last one was amazingly spectacular
Yuveer Sukhnanan
'Yuveer Sukhnanan' 5 days ago
so........... cool
Norberto De Guzman
Norberto De Guzman
that was nice
Norberto De Guzman
love you to :D
'StrawberryCupcake' 5 days ago
Wengie u should teach Liza koshy how to double urself that would be amazing and funny lol
Charger Blast
'Charger Blast' 5 days ago
wengie i did one of these experiments for my Science expo, a science thing where everyone looks at it
Angry Cherry
'Angry Cherry' 5 days ago
🌴. 🌴. the placement of the palm trees!!!
Parvin Begum
'Parvin Begum' 5 days ago
I like the last one !! That's so Fack !
Donald Wells
'Donald Wells' 5 days ago
love your kitty ears
Angel Solgat
'Angel Solgat' 5 days ago
this was amazing!!!!
Meow - Roblox, Sims and more
😮😳😲😵 When I saw the water trick with the sound... OMG so COOL!!
Julie Hansen
'Julie Hansen' 6 days ago
I loved the one with water and oil
Madi Family
'Madi Family' 6 days ago
Do u have a mom or a dad
Madi Family
'Madi Family' 6 days ago
U have a mom
Kara Nio
'Kara Nio' 6 days ago
You also can do **hugs** so like do two ** something **
Darmini Darmini
'Darmini Darmini' 6 days ago
how to stop a cup of water,freeze it xD
beri beri
'beri beri' 6 days ago
what's the song at 11:18?
Cristina Costa
'Cristina Costa' 6 days ago
when the water was floating
Katherine Woods
'Katherine Woods' 6 days ago
She tells an shows how on the video
Katherine Woods
'Katherine Woods' 6 days ago
Has anyone else tried the floating water trick?????💞
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