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EXPERIMENT MAKING WATER FLOAT!! 5 Amazing Water Tricks & Hacks! Satisfying DIY Experiment! -
Published: 2 months ago By: Wengie

By: WengiePublished: 2 months ago

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If you see this comment: You know what the leading cause of drowning is? Water. You're Welcome.

Unsure who originally created the trick, but I learnt it through
Tone Generation Software -

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This is a DIY Experiment Life Hacks using Water. It's kind of like water tricks and is also amazing science experiments using mostly everyday objects it's!! It's for fun for before you go back to school. It may not be the best prank though! The next video may be a life hack or perhaps a diy or routine not sure yet what do you think? Love, Wengie

'Wengie' 2 months ago
Kent Sanio
'Kent Sanio' 3 hours ago
I love you
Harley Quinn
'Harley Quinn' 6 hours ago
so the oil is like the hot water and the waters just the cold
Rosemary Hernandez
'Rosemary Hernandez' 7 hours ago
My brothers b-day is on the 18th
Angel LPS
'Angel LPS' 10 hours ago
Brianna Lee
'Brianna Lee' 10 hours ago
How to make water freeze: Step 1: Leak out water Step 2: take a photo JUST at the right time You're welcome.
LunaBad Wolf
'LunaBad Wolf' 15 hours ago
so cute =^-^=
Viet Le
'Viet Le' 15 hours ago
Your butiieful
Jagdeep Sonuzaildar
'Jagdeep Sonuzaildar' 17 hours ago
Qamar Moallim
'Qamar Moallim' 18 hours ago
I love ❤️ youuuuuuuuu
Karolina Sarzała
'Karolina Sarzała' 21 hours ago
1:43 soooooooo cute the noise that she made sooooooooooooo adorbs
Joy Librea
'Joy Librea' 1 day ago
Who won the give away?
Annalise Sherwin
'Annalise Sherwin' 1 day ago
Pls sub to my channel wengie
Annalise Sherwin
'Annalise Sherwin' 1 day ago
and where did you fine the frezing water from sub to my channle if you agre
Annalise Sherwin
'Annalise Sherwin' 1 day ago
OMG my fav was the skitles and the frezing water
'whatevereliza' 1 day ago
my ocd was so satisfied when wengie did the rainbow pattern with the skittles
Julia Cartonio
'Julia Cartonio' 1 day ago
I love u more than anything
Alexa GalaxyPlayz
I love ur vids
Sherriann Bramble
my fav was number five
Colton vlogs
'Colton vlogs' 2 days ago
wow it is at 12:38
Amellia-rose Davies
spot the diffrence 😘😘😘😘😘😘😘😘😘😘😘😘😘😘😘😘😘😘😘😘😘😘😘😘😘😘😘😘😘😘😘😘😘😘😘😘😘😘😘😘😘😘😘😘😘😘😘😘😘😘😘😘😘😘😘😘😚😘😘😘😘😘😘😘😘
Alexandra Andreea
'Alexandra Andreea' 2 days ago
6:30 OMG
Phương Anh Vũ
'Phương Anh Vũ' 2 days ago
Patrice Gillian D. Mendoza
Marian Toribio
'Marian Toribio' 2 days ago
This video was made on my BIRTHDAY
'Incredible158' 2 days ago
Is the floating water actually real and not some really cool editing?
Jaizyreed Rivera
'Jaizyreed Rivera' 2 days ago
Wait😱<3 on shoulder
amol padmukh
'amol padmukh' 2 days ago
Love these tricks very much
Elaine 琳琳
'Elaine 琳琳' 2 days ago
you are so creative !!.. 💓😍
_Nathan _
'_Nathan _' 2 days ago
Don't click read more I can believe you have done this . (^3^)
Janet Tuz Manrique
I love your fans 😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍
Emily Velázquez
'Emily Velázquez' 2 days ago
I love your videos Wengie! ♡ :D
Emely Rodriguez
'Emely Rodriguez' 2 days ago
I thougth this was clickbait but i guess not
Earl Newman
'Earl Newman' 2 days ago
Dose anyone notice that the last song is on Sketches channel?
Azalea Jane Gaming
My twitter is azaleawaffles
ana dominguez
'ana dominguez' 2 days ago
so coooooooool!!!#yourock
Chocolate Thunda
'Chocolate Thunda' 2 days ago
Tiana Gibbs
'Tiana Gibbs' 2 days ago
if you only liked because how to she was like this comment
Victoria Pascual
'Victoria Pascual' 3 days ago
the one w/ the fire ,balloon ,and water balloon we did that one in our science class
Sophia Glasier
'Sophia Glasier' 3 days ago
You could totally use this for a party water dispenser
TheElementalCatGirl BG
8:22 lol i like that
Trenton Henderson
'Trenton Henderson' 3 days ago
what was the song when you did laser bending
Dusica/Didy bunny Atanasovska
'AnyThingGamer' 3 days ago
I books
'I books' 3 days ago
Sound waves froze it. Sound waves, Why do you think every time you draw sound waves, is in layers? You saw how it froze one water drop after the other, there was still gravity but the sound waves held the water like in a table.
I books
'I books' 3 days ago
I think I know why the water froze.
欣怡 王
'欣怡 王' 3 days ago
Who's watching in 2017
harper green
'harper green' 3 days ago
that the coolest thing ever
harper green
'harper green' 3 days ago
y 24
harper green
'harper green' 3 days ago
it is so cool
Chacharas Chacha
'Chacharas Chacha' 3 days ago
my favorite water hack is the floating water I might not have the things but I still enjoy watching you do it monster what
Alli Art
'Alli Art' 3 days ago
'D'quan Patterson' 3 days ago
so cool love
Steel Wolf
'Steel Wolf' 3 days ago
my cat has no eyes
Tina Mina
'Tina Mina' 3 days ago
Do U have a twin sister
Tina Mina
'Tina Mina' 3 days ago
Do u have a twin sister
la lèvre Rose
'la lèvre Rose' 3 days ago
Edita Roaring
'Edita Roaring' 3 days ago
that's amazing!
Sports Squad 101
'Sports Squad 101' 3 days ago
5:26 bcos hot water rises
Dejeane Reyna
'Dejeane Reyna' 3 days ago
wow this is so amazing keep the good work!^_^
Bacon Cupcake
'Bacon Cupcake' 3 days ago
I did good on my grade at school
shawdow thewolf
'shawdow thewolf' 3 days ago
I subed
Yeni Navarro
'Yeni Navarro' 3 days ago
Not for nothing but I turn back the video to see the suspense you gave when you splashed the 🎈, it was very comical haha
Jonathan Garcia
'Jonathan Garcia' 3 days ago
She's super hot
Nea Moehl
'Nea Moehl' 3 days ago
I love you.
Nea Moehl
'Nea Moehl' 3 days ago
The 3rd
Valeria Razon
'Valeria Razon' 3 days ago
February 18 was my b-day
john churchward
'john churchward' 3 days ago
i loved 23! it was like! amazing! that just blew my mind! you rock Wengie!
Destiny Martinez Flores
love you <3
Flutter Pie246
'Flutter Pie246' 3 days ago
*HUGS* LOVE YOU WINGIE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Helen John
'Helen John' 3 days ago
LUNA the popular
'LUNA the popular' 3 days ago
Thats a waste of skittles
xXShiZillaXx Potato
I'm love your cats. ;^;
'I NEED A LIFE' 3 days ago
8:25 Illuminati Confirmed
Glitter Poo
'Glitter Poo' 3 days ago
Wengie is sweet and cute like it you agree
Tori Mora
'Tori Mora' 4 days ago
Try getting a plate with raise edge put milk on it. put 4 drops of food coloring in a square in the center. take a cotton swab dip it in dish soap. Dawn works best. put the cotton swab tip with the soap in the center of the food coloring square. It is cool
Rihanna Bonaby
'Rihanna Bonaby' 4 days ago
and amazing
Rihanna Bonaby
'Rihanna Bonaby' 4 days ago
you so cute
Blossom Fall
'Blossom Fall' 4 days ago
I wanna drink the skittle water O.O
Jill Shannon
'Jill Shannon' 4 days ago
I love your videos you are the best 🦄
Jill Shannon
'Jill Shannon' 4 days ago
I love your videos 👍🦄
Lpscollie Productions101
13:57-14:02, the water was dancing LOL
'Derpy_Tiger2706' 4 days ago
Is that an animal fur carpet?!!!it better not be!😠
Dragon Tamer27
'Dragon Tamer27' 4 days ago
the last one
Chicagocubsfan home
Wait you have a twin??
Cherry Games
'Cherry Games' 4 days ago
I tried to set it to 100 and my speaker broke
Samantha Atkins
'Samantha Atkins' 4 days ago
love 2,3,4,5 I think 5 is realistic.
Lex Sushii
'Lex Sushii' 4 days ago
Wengie what is the title of the song on your 2nd experiment
Hemalatha Nappoly
'Hemalatha Nappoly' 4 days ago
These are so cool I tried it it worked out and I also loved the background music can u tell what those songs are cause I love it so much and I am pestering my brother to know the song name
Hugh Yulo
'Hugh Yulo' 4 days ago
do you have twins? please answer me
Quincy Joy
'Quincy Joy' 4 days ago
love cheer 120506
'love cheer 120506' 4 days ago
Jimena Merchan
'Jimena Merchan' 4 days ago
Wengie i really like your videos
Kimberly Martinez
'Kimberly Martinez' 4 days ago
i love it
Luna Windstar
'Luna Windstar' 4 days ago
Wengie.. WATER 💦 u doing?!?! ;D
'Lswshotmail' 4 days ago
this is the best one ever i love you ha ha ha ah you are the best
'Lswshotmail' 4 days ago
wengie i love your editing and I LOVE YOU you are the best >< >< i love your vidiose
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