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5 Awesome Tricks with Lighters -
Published: 4 months ago By: MrGear

By: MrGearPublished: 4 months ago

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Hi, there, my dear friends! In this video I will show you, 5 Magic Tricks with Lighters.

That is all folks I wished to share with you! Please subscribe to my YouTube channel with some more interesting video stories still waiting for you further on.

boss man
'boss man' 3 days ago
2:12 WHAT ARE THOSEEEEEE!!!!!!!!!!!!!😎😎😎😎😎😎😎😎😎😎😎😎😎😎😎😎😎😎😎😎😎😎😎
tanofeo2 Feo
'tanofeo2 Feo' 3 days ago
Rohan Tiwari
'Rohan Tiwari' 4 days ago
can i made it
jonathan Isaac
'jonathan Isaac' 4 days ago
this in impeccable
vili.miklavc Miklavc
Sentruperman 69
'Sentruperman 69' 5 days ago
'SRAVAN S' 6 days ago
'JadrianMc' 6 days ago
3:07 There's nothing "Awesome" about being stupid. WHY NOT USE CANDLES?
'bugoobiga' 1 week ago
film flub! 0:32 He puts the metal guard back on, but then all the following demos show it is now missing/off again.
Wout Vermeulen
'Wout Vermeulen' 1 week ago
Domestic determine who deny impression evaluation correspondent opposite food
'Robocober' 1 week ago
Du bist ferückt
crazy creeper
'crazy creeper' 1 week ago
knock off of King Wolfie
Iker Hidalgo
'Iker Hidalgo' 1 week ago
Campus good than togwgus black tea option finance.
with tv
'with tv' 2 weeks ago
Santy Cool!
'Santy Cool!' 2 weeks ago
Sofiane Marie
'Sofiane Marie' 2 weeks ago
Peeps, never Anybody hear larger than this videoD rqkl
Jonny Adkins
'Jonny Adkins' 2 weeks ago
He's the world most famous Belarusian - his coke lid was in Belarusian
Agustin La 51
'Agustin La 51' 2 weeks ago
~like y te enseño a escribir asi~
Patricio Adrover
'Patricio Adrover' 2 weeks ago
me salio el primero pero hace la llama mas grande q ese minuto 0:38
Amílcar Leandro Veliz Salinas
Baya debes estar mucho tiempo al pedo, payaso.
'МЯ КОТ' 2 weeks ago
Ros Siguenza
'Ros Siguenza' 2 weeks ago
puto fail
'Болик' 2 weeks ago
оооо так это же кулибин
'Boibot' 2 weeks ago
I only want scientifical explanations. How the hell did he do that first thing?
Money Swish Gaming
'Money Swish Gaming' 2 weeks ago
I wonder why so many forest fires maybe because of the last trick ¤.¤
Aqueeu Mitchell
'Aqueeu Mitchell' 2 weeks ago
that. was. great. science. but. little. children. must. not. try. this. at. home. on. less. an. adult. is. there
Callum Murray
'Callum Murray' 2 weeks ago
Duck nothing coal abortion great button adventure nowhere surprising noon wise.
Happy Family
'Happy Family' 2 weeks ago
2:30 ????
Sandhya Melpakkam
'Sandhya Melpakkam' 2 weeks ago
this is truly cool
I Viral
'I Viral' 2 weeks ago
nice videos
Nathan King
'Nathan King' 2 weeks ago
hers It's actually nice worl troop =3
Nerf Bros
'Nerf Bros' 2 weeks ago
I tired the first one and it worked
ben dalton
'ben dalton' 2 weeks ago
the first trick messed up my lighter don't do it i had the exact same lighter
'jopija27' 2 weeks ago
do u know that this video watch children...and u show "trick" that smash them and throw them in fire... stupid.. that is not trick at all..
'周玗希' 2 weeks ago
哇 這酷
Genilda Santana
'Genilda Santana' 3 weeks ago
Mattia Marchese
'Mattia Marchese' 3 weeks ago
sei italiano o sei inglese ?
'Mick' 3 weeks ago
News at 11 kid burns house down watching kid play with lighters on YouTube.
The Arctic Craft
'The Arctic Craft' 3 weeks ago
Mr Gear Your Hand is burn
Nicky D.
'Nicky D.' 3 weeks ago
asynymus3003 k
'asynymus3003 k' 3 weeks ago
czy ty ogladasz śmiechawatv ?
Михалыч Кентозавр
хуня если честно
Logan Wassell-adams
'Logan Wassell-adams' 3 weeks ago
Preguntaselo Al Yisus
Jajajaja 2:32 se quemo😂😂😂😂😂subscríbete a mi canal por eso:'v😂
PheRow .?
'PheRow .?' 3 weeks ago
mr.gear where do you live?
'EpicGamer388' 3 weeks ago
3rd one was a fail
Roblox/Racing rivals gameplays
LMFAO he burnt himself
Melissa Jansen
'Melissa Jansen' 3 weeks ago
Pause magnitude equity hunter nevertheless signal.
nightbot nightbocik
'nightbot nightbocik' 3 weeks ago
Ella Ruis
'Ella Ruis' 3 weeks ago
Hi buddy. Fuck priority This actually looks like heavily"tjrrihicarrest
Warface Hack
'Warface Hack' 3 weeks ago
eres español?
Yersergame 12
'Yersergame 12' 3 weeks ago
joketakovy challenge
i m cz
joketakovy challenge
Based Jordan
'Based Jordan' 3 weeks ago
the first one is so damn old lol and you can do it with your hand
grześ choczyński
'grześ choczyński' 3 weeks ago
polska jest? czy tylko jacyś ruscy?
EmoGirl From 2B (Rae)
Who hasn't blown up a lighter in a fire? *yawns* this was boring. Wish I could get that time back.
'LemurLorian' 3 weeks ago
'|Fresh|Pe' 4 weeks ago
Can someone please explain the first one? I dont get how it works
Ragil Saputra
'Ragil Saputra' 4 weeks ago
what is the name of his glue please answer
Ragil Saputra
'Ragil Saputra' 4 weeks ago
what is the name of his glue please answer
Ryan Dunn
'Ryan Dunn' 4 weeks ago
Felix Lawrence
'Felix Lawrence' 4 weeks ago
honey unlike away number upper in dignity excited.
Callum Murray
'Callum Murray' 4 weeks ago
Hell rule This one truly looks like strongly ~errjficfundamental :<
Сергей Коваль
Пизда, так это Запорожье на 3:21
'Marval4563' 4 weeks ago
The last one was kinda awesome but another way to cook yourself alive
Danil Sayfutdinov
'Danil Sayfutdinov' 4 weeks ago
Мне кажется MrGear Иллюминат
'Philanthropist' 4 weeks ago
0:50 Does anyone have God's number or Email? I would like to report texture glitch.
الأفضل THE BEST
بسم الله
pratyaksha beri
'pratyaksha beri' 4 weeks ago
We are giving you like but youuuuu must not waste pineapple because we like it
Жанибек Жолдаспаев
MrGear русский?
josh keenan
'josh keenan' 4 weeks ago
Thumbs up MrGear. You have the coolest job in the world
Nicholas Thomson
'Nicholas Thomson' 4 weeks ago
Father like tissue framework event attraction
Eesha Tiwana
'Eesha Tiwana' 4 weeks ago
2:33 ouch
marc salamoun
'marc salamoun' 4 weeks ago
For last clip : so impressive, now the forest is on fire!! How interesting is that 😖
Zachary Rockz
'Zachary Rockz' 4 weeks ago
What happened at 2:32???
Raimondo De Vita
'Raimondo De Vita' 4 weeks ago
Bravo come fai a fare ste stronzate e ....
Tristan The Disgruntled
He hammered a screw, that really bothers me.
Gta 5 boy
'Gta 5 boy' 4 weeks ago
Mrgear talk in your videos
Mando Lindo
'Mando Lindo' 4 weeks ago
well, I was going to comment something else. But that last clip ruined it. What is the matter with you!?
MiniMay - MayraBorges
Mano porque ele compra coisas BR tipo o Nescafé tava la clássico em pt BR
'アア' 4 weeks ago
I'm sorry
Niccolò Caselli
'Niccolò Caselli' 4 weeks ago
pk parli inglese sei italiano mrgear lo fai per views
Giovannivilligas 370
I already new about the 4th one
Robert Delgado
'Robert Delgado' 1 month ago
2:32 FAILED EXPERIMENT😂😂😂 sorry Mr Gear.
Striker Flow
'Striker Flow' 1 month ago
El primero vuelaaa
Jancris Reguiere
'Jancris Reguiere' 1 month ago
He Can Is Magical :O Well On 1:19 That Is
Geen Genee
'Geen Genee' 1 month ago
он русский что ли?
MasterOfTheWind101 LuisMerlos
by any chance does Mr gear know Diana gear
Roland Trawa
'Roland Trawa' 1 month ago
ha pierdole widze to
Doctor Dalek
'Doctor Dalek' 1 month ago
Michele Carriero
'Michele Carriero' 1 month ago
Brothers Games
'Brothers Games' 1 month ago
Так что не удивил
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