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Rae Sremmurd - Swang -
Published: 1 year ago By: RaeSremmurdVEVO

By: RaeSremmurdVEVOPublished: 1 year ago

366, 295, 758 views

2, 096, 786 Likes   172, 979 Dislikes

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Music video by Rae Sremmurd performing Swang. (C) 2016 Eardruma/Interscope Records

'Upraged' 20 minutes ago
2:22 NEW fortnite dance please
Pamela M H
'Pamela M H' 2 hours ago
I dance like that 😣
Maeva Maeva
'Maeva Maeva' 4 hours ago
2:22 😂😂
Songezo Onke
'Songezo Onke' 4 hours ago
2:22 when your crush says "hi"
'THE SKG' 6 hours ago
(Edgy comment) 2:22 my family when i die
King Hicks
'King Hicks' 7 hours ago
April 23, 2018 2:50am 😭😭🏌
420 cpt
'420 cpt' 7 hours ago
2018 still on a paper chase it don't never stop
Damian Burgos
'Damian Burgos' 10 hours ago
2:22 when you forgot you got in trouble then you get home
'CannabisMaximus02' 11 hours ago
Which one is the forehead guy?
'CannabisMaximus02' 11 hours ago
Every comment is some shit about 2:22
Lina K
'Lina K' 11 hours ago
What does swang mean??
'DeathToAll' 13 hours ago
2:22 When your comment about 2:22 gets alot of likes
EKRX rseven
'EKRX rseven' 15 hours ago
'PrismaShard' 16 hours ago
2:53 when you own tilted
Harsh Quality
'Harsh Quality' 18 hours ago
2:22 when your new phone arrives in the mail box
Alex Hernandez
'Alex Hernandez' 18 hours ago
I found waldo
'meregetyvi' 20 hours ago
2:22 i listened this song to my oncle and now he is my father :/
'A1Huncho' 20 hours ago
2:22 when you find a comment that isn’t about 2:22
'A1Huncho' 20 hours ago
0:58when you walk into class and there’s a substitute teacher.
Ddarkmoon Boi
'Ddarkmoon Boi' 21 hours ago
2:26 is when people keep overusing the 2:22 comments
Ance Švaža
'Ance Švaža' 21 hours ago
On headphones😍
Daweed ॐ
'Daweed ॐ' 21 hours ago
2:22 when she says she ain't pregnant
'NeonGaming' 22 hours ago
april 2018 and i still see comments "when ..... at 2:22"
Kwame Dry
'Kwame Dry' 22 hours ago
Trinity Mize
'Trinity Mize' 24 hours ago
I like1,00000000000
Trinity Mize
'Trinity Mize' 24 hours ago
it cool
Alex Campeanu
'Alex Campeanu' 1 day ago
'MeadowArrow' 1 day ago
adrenaline cop.psp$
'JoseReyes475' 1 day ago
Song good af! But the video?????😂😂
'SovietKia' 1 day ago
I searched up lil golf cart song and that's how I found this song, nice.
Victor Garcia
'Victor Garcia' 2 days ago
When you a solo but kill a group of john wicks
Kyle Adam 13
'Kyle Adam 13' 2 days ago
please tell me you all still listen in 2018
Jay K
'Jay K' 2 days ago
2:22 whey u die in Fortnite and try not break you screen
XxLilRhoxX Ice
'XxLilRhoxX Ice' 2 days ago
could someone igve me a push on that swang
'jamonka88' 2 days ago
2:22 when you realize it's friday
'LavatioN' 2 days ago
2:36 when you find a dollar on the floor
'Dishonoredlover' 2 days ago
Stfu bout 2:22
'ShArP_Tidd-E’s' 2 days ago
2:22 Henry Hart!
Jeremy James
'Jeremy James' 2 days ago
2:23 when its your last day of school
Christopher Alejandro Andrade Coronel
RAE sremur🔥🔥🔥
Savage But LIT
'Savage But LIT' 2 days ago
🔥 Who else Jamming to this in 2018 🔥
iesha hill
'iesha hill' 2 days ago
Ilsen Isabella Onofre
Súper 😎 chido
Jesus Nunez
'Jesus Nunez' 2 days ago
2:22 when you don't have to go to summer school
Tara Lee
'Tara Lee' 2 days ago
1:15 haha
Luke Blair
'Luke Blair' 2 days ago
grandma was best dancer by far
'MysticReaper107' 2 days ago
When u pull into cars and coffee 0:24 || When you get out of your car after pulling in 0:29
Immortal HellFlame
The same day as tunnel vision
Djxcrashpower Z
'Djxcrashpower Z' 2 days ago
The best thing about Rae is his lyrics
ella burridge
'ella burridge' 2 days ago
1:47 is the best dance
Wicker hihi
'Wicker hihi' 2 days ago
Damn good I like it have same hair style 😉😁
Kimdress Gonzalez
'Kimdress Gonzalez' 2 days ago
2:22 when your just make a dance move you thought of while you where high .. and suddenly 2:22 is all over the comments section and you accidently misspelled !! The first sentence in the begining and knowing you might have gone and checked it was a joke bro or bra and high how high are you and you realize it didn't make sense so your going to dislike the comment
Amelia Wright
'Amelia Wright' 2 days ago
What's with all the dislikes? Shit is dope
Riverdale Top Fan
'Riverdale Top Fan' 2 days ago
I rember when this song came out I wanted to learn this song and now I am here in 2018 singing this song everyday 😆😆😆
Benny Classics
'Benny Classics' 2 days ago
1:31 how you feel when you get your first car
Trying to figure out why one of them look like where's Waldo
Tia Dickerson
'Tia Dickerson' 2 days ago
jeez... this song is so bad is this what passes for hip hop nowadays?
Jaime Ramirez
'Jaime Ramirez' 2 days ago
when you da life of the party 3:03
Jaime Ramirez
'Jaime Ramirez' 2 days ago
when you da life of da party 3:3
Jaime Ramirez
'Jaime Ramirez' 2 days ago
when you have to much meth 1:45
Jaime Ramirez
'Jaime Ramirez' 2 days ago
2:25 when you die in fortnite 2:22 when you try again and you win a match
Jaime Ramirez
'Jaime Ramirez' 2 days ago
2:25 when your crush get a boyfriend 2:22 when she breaks up with him and you date your crush
Brianne Winter-Grant
2:22 when u wake up n its ur birthday
brandin harris
'brandin harris' 2 days ago
ME jam niggas like to Swang whole crew shotty aye
Neonss27 AJ
'Neonss27 AJ' 2 days ago
106K comments about 2:22
'Megawatts' 3 days ago
2:22 dance fortnite
'EzioEditore91' 3 days ago
When 2:22 comments stops Me: 2:22
'stryk' 3 days ago
2:22 when you hit a buzzer beater 3
Jermon Taylor
'Jermon Taylor' 3 days ago
2:22 when you get GTA 6 on christmas
'ANGIE' 3 days ago
2:22 when u accidentally go in the girls restroom instead of the boys
Paris Roland
'Paris Roland' 3 days ago
lil diamond
'lil diamond' 3 days ago
2:22 when you have no ideas for a 2:22 comment so you just say 2:22 hoping for likes cuz you said 2:22 a bunch of likes
Caua Lins
'Caua Lins' 3 days ago
1:02 what she name?
'Stplaya08' 3 days ago
2:22 (only a few will get this) female ballet dancer's costume consisting of a bodice and an attached skirt incorporating numerous layers of fabric, this being either short and stiff and projecting hor
Game player Day Day
Raper's are going to be Raper's right
Antoninho Barbosa
'Antoninho Barbosa' 3 days ago
Amo essa música
'ALFA GT3R' 3 days ago
Tem br ??
Mano Brown
'Mano Brown' 3 days ago
π€¥ Yeeh boi
Liam Tyrrell
'Liam Tyrrell' 3 days ago
Song so lit yo
'Alizadeh' 3 days ago
The world has come to an end. #XXllcentury
amombi florence
'amombi florence' 3 days ago
They will do anything for a dollar
'Anonamouse' 3 days ago
2:22 when you finally start reaping the benefits of numerology
Casimir the panda
'Casimir the panda' 3 days ago
love this song (o-o)
Ümit Yılmaz
'Ümit Yılmaz' 3 days ago
Swang 👊👊
Senseî Kay
'Senseî Kay' 3 days ago
Natnael Berhane
'Natnael Berhane' 3 days ago
Happy 4/20!
NoiseslessCoin55 Coin
2:22 when your family gives you money
Isidro Rueda
'Isidro Rueda' 3 days ago
2:22 new fortnite dance?
Duro Piri
'Duro Piri' 4 days ago
2:22 when you find out you're not the only one that failed the test
White Chocolate Rashaun
My mans doing the fortnite dance 2:22
ethyn brewer
'ethyn brewer' 4 days ago
did yall see where in the back of his cart it said bully <_> like hello
'XxFastPlayzxX' 4 days ago
2:22 when you pass a test you thought you failed
Marissa Is ugly
'Marissa Is ugly' 4 days ago
2:22 when it's the last day of school and you fall down the stairs and try to act like nothing happened
Ramien ahmad
'Ramien ahmad' 4 days ago
2018 ?
Hunter White
'Hunter White' 4 days ago
2:22 2:22 2:22 2:22 2:22 2:22 2:22 2:22 2:22 2:22 2:22 2:22 2:22 2:22
Devon Chaitram
'Devon Chaitram' 4 days ago
Looks like a 1968 concept.
Timmothy Wilcox
'Timmothy Wilcox' 4 days ago
Why Jimmy look like Waldo's cousin who just got out of prison
Tamari Shantelle
'Tamari Shantelle' 4 days ago
'It's only Rico' 4 days ago
2:22 when you stump your toe but you try and be happy
2:22 when your mom gives you money for the movies
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