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Rae Sremmurd - Swang -
Published: 11 months ago By: RaeSremmurdVEVO

By: RaeSremmurdVEVOPublished: 11 months ago

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Music video by Rae Sremmurd performing Swang. (C) 2016 Eardruma/Interscope Records

Mono YorickXD
'Mono YorickXD' 3 minutes ago
Ismael Garcia
'Ismael Garcia' 8 minutes ago
2:22 when you got out of a whoopin
Dalyn Ervin
'Dalyn Ervin' 30 minutes ago
Gripp like a phase don't say my name in vain.drank drank when the
Treavon Fuller
'Treavon Fuller' 1 hour ago
When you're mom finally let you drive her car for the first time 1:04😂
Tomás Pascoal
'Tomás Pascoal' 3 hours ago
Ivan Serna
'Ivan Serna' 3 hours ago
Me to
Joxan Rodriguez Manzanares
Rae sremmurd es una muy buena esa canción me gusta mucho 😁 me encanta
xx tentacion xx
'xx tentacion xx' 4 hours ago
Br pourra
Ricardo Sanchez OficiialYouT
2018 Like Like Very crazy
Jewel Marie
'Jewel Marie' 5 hours ago
High note
hypertron 65
'hypertron 65' 5 hours ago
2018 and this is still fire to my ears
Javier Peña
'Javier Peña' 5 hours ago
Thats 🔥
mister m
'mister m' 5 hours ago
Solicito el remix conmigo
'Mafris' 7 hours ago
2:22 Is Beast lel
Brünø Hêïnëkęn
Alexander Morales
'Alexander Morales' 8 hours ago
When u spen 1 Dollar for just milk lol in 2:22 be like yay more millk
louco por games
'louco por games' 8 hours ago
1:00 boca de buceta
Sans Dreemur
'Sans Dreemur' 8 hours ago
2:23 When you get your first friend 😂
'SANJAY GOWDA.N' 8 hours ago
Party after breakup with lover😂😂😂
? Riddler
'? Riddler' 9 hours ago
When its finally 2:22
David Garcia
'David Garcia' 9 hours ago
Hola soy colombiano y me gusta esta canción °_°
Group Empire Bay
'Group Empire Bay' 9 hours ago
Hemp only countries rich
Veronica Tiscareno
'Veronica Tiscareno' 9 hours ago
Yea i do its good shit
'4janss' 12 hours ago
'The GAMINGREX' 12 hours ago
1:15 when u find the treats ur mom has been hiding 1:46when she found out u had them
'MaverickKid21' 13 hours ago
2:22 when the school shooter leaves the school
Nikusha Chivadze
'Nikusha Chivadze' 15 hours ago
2019 someone??
Goldenpuma 11
'Goldenpuma 11' 15 hours ago
1:46 when you’re parents find your report card
ziv yhh
'ziv yhh' 15 hours ago
'JumpMan_23' 16 hours ago
Kinzie Bradshaw
'Kinzie Bradshaw' 17 hours ago
Leaving 2017 like 2:22
'djjosh128' 21 hours ago
2:23 when you make a grammer mistake but there is no grammer nazi.
'djjosh128' 21 hours ago
2:23 No drips of pee to clean off the toilet seat this time.
'bruhhh' 21 hours ago
2:22 whens there's one more slice of pizza left
max s
'max s' 21 hours ago
2:22,when u get out of jail after a month
'K K' 24 hours ago
BR 2018?
'Dreamer_410' 24 hours ago
2:22 when your crush says "yes i like you too" to you
Roblox lover
'Roblox lover' 1 day ago
2:22 When you dont know what 2:22 means..👀😐🦋
88pysquare Plays
'88pysquare Plays' 1 day ago
2:22 when you get through the lost woods in legands of Zelda
Moonwalker forever
2:22 when i walk into the kitchen and my mom like "have u done your chores"
Jeremy Dunford
'Jeremy Dunford' 1 day ago
Lol it’s not 2:22 it’s 2:23
'BOONK GANG !!' 1 day ago
2018? BR'S?
pablo br 21
'pablo br 21' 1 day ago
Muito Loko
Matu asdfgh :P
'Matu asdfgh :P' 1 day ago
2:22 when u have home alone and our girlfriend call the door
Jayden Rudnick
'Jayden Rudnick' 1 day ago
nice music you cool come to my school it mckinley room 41 for jayden rudnick
Alberto Rodríguez
Claude Bizimana
'Claude Bizimana' 1 day ago
when you finally get your northern lights 2:22🔥🔥🍁💃💃
Lillian Glenn
'Lillian Glenn' 1 day ago
Trying to find my contacts 0:47
Lillian Glenn
'Lillian Glenn' 1 day ago
When you snached someone's man 2:22
James Kissinger
'James Kissinger' 1 day ago
This is probably the greatest song ever created.
Lemi Kadriaj
'Lemi Kadriaj' 1 day ago
when you get a lot of likes with a 2:22 joke
salty potato
'salty potato' 1 day ago
3:22 lol
Ruth Sanchez
'Ruth Sanchez' 1 day ago
Tara Linn
'Tara Linn' 1 day ago
Tara Linn
'Tara Linn' 1 day ago
You are so Hot
Larissa Orlando
'Larissa Orlando' 1 day ago
Fodaa 🇧🇷
Nafissa 11
'Nafissa 11' 1 day ago
0:47 when you try to look for your glasses
Akolo Omengo
'Akolo Omengo' 2 days ago
this a fucking boom in me ears....a love it
'LOW RYDER' 2 days ago
When cj stops being a busta
Miles Klink
'Miles Klink' 2 days ago
2:22 when you find a funny 2:22 joke
yoboy ej
'yoboy ej' 2 days ago
2:22 when your mom say you don't have to go to school
Omar Jurado
'Omar Jurado' 2 days ago
2:29 Jimmx knocking up ears with that base line
Victoria Rodrigeuz
2:22 when your crush says yes to prom
'JPA1019' 2 days ago
2:22 when u think u lost ur phone and then realize its in ur pocket
Jeremy Dunford
'Jeremy Dunford' 2 days ago
USC sweater lets go Trojans
'SKGProductions' 2 days ago
When my German Shepherd heard this he turned into rae shemmurd
'SKGProductions' 2 days ago
How “it” got his dance 2:22
Christopher Gloria
🍌 the only way I can do
'Brutal' 2 days ago
Ayo & Teo
zion greene
'zion greene' 2 days ago
What’s that blonde girls name
Meme Machine
'Meme Machine' 2 days ago
2:22 when your balls get stuck to one leg and you have to adjust it
Taine Uzumaki
'Taine Uzumaki' 2 days ago
2:22 the day after you get laid
Amerie Swader
'Amerie Swader' 2 days ago
I like the song but the video ???😕
100% 100%
'100% 100%' 2 days ago
When your crush starts speaking to you and you don't know what to say 2:22
AllThe RiseThing
'AllThe RiseThing' 2 days ago
big mama NIGGA invasion
Natália Soares
'Natália Soares' 2 days ago
Melhor música ♥
Jiminnie Jamms
'Jiminnie Jamms' 2 days ago
2:22 When ya crush is single and you in them dm's like....
'GalaxyAngelz421' 2 days ago
2:22 when you realize this comment section is full of 2:22 when
Chris S
'Chris S' 2 days ago
Luke Bonini
'Luke Bonini' 2 days ago
The dance moves in the music video are sooooo fucking cringe... bruh these guys ain’t even got shit on jake Paul’s videos... that shits sad
'ViniBlox' 2 days ago
Carrie Broom
'Carrie Broom' 2 days ago
What goes up gotta come down!!!
Jree C.books
'Jree C.books' 2 days ago
How many times did you replay 2:22?
Savage mehigan
'Savage mehigan' 2 days ago
Like the classic Bugs Bunny and Tweety show 2:22 (that show was Lit )
'ANTIDOTE !!' 2 days ago
Junior Vilbrun
'Junior Vilbrun' 2 days ago
Pedro Henrique
'Pedro Henrique' 2 days ago
nossa mano,viciante
jorge perez
'jorge perez' 2 days ago
Clave bebeto amigo tanto sin verte buen vídeo haz como ser negro jajhssis xd
'4L3KS' 2 days ago
Bro its giannis
'JoJ188' 2 days ago
uoy kcuf nehw
'AloumisFIFA' 3 days ago
2:22 when you finally get out of bronze
'Galaxy' 3 days ago
song is addicting
Alex Fry
'Alex Fry' 3 days ago
2:22 when someone buys you food
NIcole Challis
'NIcole Challis' 3 days ago
from 2:22 to 2:28 worst dancing ever
Dirty Daelin
'Dirty Daelin' 3 days ago
2:22 when your mom says come here and she has a belt in her hand
Emilie Eslamian
'Emilie Eslamian' 3 days ago
2:22 when u step on lego's never laughed so hard
Kay Carmon
'Kay Carmon' 3 days ago
risas 96
'risas 96' 3 days ago
que mierda de musica ponen en inicio de youtube
Priscila Silva
'Priscila Silva' 3 days ago
Pug Life
'Pug Life' 3 days ago
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