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Swing And Sling Spidey Marvel Spider-Man Toys Unboxing Fun With Ckn Toys -
Published: 5 months ago By: CKN Toys

By: CKN ToysPublished: 5 months ago

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Hi guys, today we are playing with this new Swing & Sling Spidey.
Spidey here! Ready for action! Swing, Sling, flip and tumble with the new Marvel Spider-Man Swing and Sling Plush! Spidey has some amazing moves he can swing in the air, hang upside down, tumble forward and backwards and even do a 360 degree backflip then get right back up! Press his foot, then pick him up by his webs. He even says fun phrases and plays the "Spider-Man" Theme Song! Pretend to jump him from building to building! Place him on the floor to watch him flip forward and backward! Villains won't stand a chance against you and Swing & Sling Spidey!

Lubna Khan
'Lubna Khan' 5 days ago
Who was the kid
Abdallah Halawa
'Abdallah Halawa' 1 week ago
harley bagos
'harley bagos' 3 weeks ago
'DUNG NGỌC' 1 month ago
Sonia Arruda
'Sonia Arruda' 1 month ago
Jerimiah Alfante
'Jerimiah Alfante' 2 months ago
Nic toy
Lucas Chaves
'Lucas Chaves' 3 months ago
Sério esse vídeo e tão incrível kkkkkkkkkk kkkkkkkkkk sério eu tou brincando esse vídeo e tão brega,Orroroo,podre,ridículo,sem graça,ligeiramente chato
saray sina
'saray sina' 3 months ago
Rebeca De Paula
'Rebeca De Paula' 3 months ago
Tammy Pickert
'Tammy Pickert' 3 months ago
Why did everybody dislike this video?
Kawaii Bunni Pop
'Kawaii Bunni Pop' 4 months ago
Awesome Spidey toy!
Nguyễn Lếp
'Nguyễn Lếp' 5 months ago
, qq
'Amina' 5 months ago
Toys U Like
'Toys U Like' 5 months ago
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Aly Bitda
'Aly Bitda' 5 months ago
No. I'm not
Arush Foolchand
'Arush Foolchand' 5 months ago
Jianwei Xiang
'Jianwei Xiang' 5 months ago
Isse Patopang
'Isse Patopang' 5 months ago
nizar ahmed
'nizar ahmed' 5 months ago
Na Nou
'Na Nou' 5 months ago
sentrocoule ten jouet
Na Nou
'Na Nou' 5 months ago
sen trojeniale
jandirs breans gutierrez Arleny gutierrez
Play Doh Kids Channel
Wow that´s awesome my friend :)
Roxy and Russell Toys
Cool 😎 toy 😘awesome video
piter parket
'piter parket' 5 months ago
k p4yy4
Ni Le
'Ni Le' 5 months ago
Ooo very good
Xander Graham
'Xander Graham' 5 months ago
Disney Cars Toys
'Disney Cars Toys' 5 months ago
ar ali ase ? araliii? :D
Disney Cars Toys
'Disney Cars Toys' 5 months ago
'BugBearTV' 5 months ago
haha ohh my the swinging spiderman is awesome !!! nice job !!
Ibraheem Hussain
'Ibraheem Hussain' 5 months ago
Real spidey
GO* Annica & Dee
'GO* Annica & Dee' 5 months ago
Wow , we did see that, so cute
'BaconGalaxyGamer' 5 months ago
I love all the flips and tricks!!!
AWESOME toys for kids
♥ Very Nice Video........Thumbs Up..........Thanks For Sharing.........♥please visit my new video...
Lorenzo Hi-Tech
'Lorenzo Hi-Tech' 5 months ago
I love Spiderman :) so cute
Toys With Sami
'Toys With Sami' 5 months ago
Ckn Awesome video. Who agrees? ❤️👍🏾👍🏻
Baby Dinosaurs
'Baby Dinosaurs' 5 months ago
Yeeeee Spiderman Like Like Like :))))))))))))))))))))))
Sukem Fun Kid TV
'Sukem Fun Kid TV' 5 months ago
Have a nice day , Nice video! Thumbs up!...
Best Little Kids Games
🍎🍒❤️🍅 Wow.... Awesome sing and swing Spiderman. Liked 🍎🍎❤️❤️🍅🍅❤️❤️
Learn Colors With
'Learn Colors With' 5 months ago
Cool video, i like it!!!!! 🐷 🐱 🐰 🐩 🐑 🐧 🐨 🐗 🐔 🐥 🐦 🐘 🐎 🐒 🐫 🐙 🐬 🐳 🐠 🐟 🐡 🐚 🐸
Family Fun Toys
'Family Fun Toys' 5 months ago
James Taraki
'James Taraki' 5 months ago
hello there, good to see you once again full view here
Celeste & Co.
'Celeste & Co.' 5 months ago
Superhero Battles In Real Life
this is awesome
Eggs and Toys TV
'Eggs and Toys TV' 5 months ago
Great video
brian andres
'brian andres' 5 months ago
ckn toys coooooooooool
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