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Shattered My iPhone (again) -
Published: 1 year ago By: iJustine

By: iJustinePublished: 1 year ago

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'kuaigon' 1 day ago
Get a rhinoshield phone case
supermariologan reuploads
Ur bad.
Lemon Flavored Bleach
U can't show license plates on yt that could get u demonetized
Just Jay
'Just Jay' 2 days ago
Stop saying that about urself my iphone completely cracked so much that when I apply a case it just pushes down on the screen and makes a cracking sound and even I am not so mad about it I mean I cried that day but in an hour I felt way better
Kit Kat
'Kit Kat' 2 days ago
Can I get a RIP in chat? Wait... This isn't twitch?
'unknown' 2 days ago
You should get a dog walker
'Moonlight' 2 days ago
Janet Littles
'Janet Littles' 2 days ago
listen I did that same excat thing few days ago after getting it fixed.. I'am with chu on this I'm accidental too but hey it happens...
Bailey Msp
'Bailey Msp' 3 days ago
This is why you need a screen protector kids!
'fulcher80' 6 days ago
Your ok you’ll get a new one
bguiby bhyui
'bguiby bhyui' 6 days ago
Did I really just watch a video about a girl who broke her phone and got a new one..
Tanner Grinzel
'Tanner Grinzel' 6 days ago
Get a heavy duty case like otterbox
Spongetube Fun
'Spongetube Fun' 6 days ago
Just buy an iPhonex
'mtnbkr75' 6 days ago
Stop don’t do that your fines I do that to
Lander Cs
'Lander Cs' 7 days ago
if i only could shatter my phone and make money of it
'TheOfficailWenye' 7 days ago
I Could already imange she shattherd her Iphone X 😂😂
Stele_Potato -_-
'Stele_Potato -_-' 7 days ago
I know I’m like a month late, but just get case..
'LamboGum' 7 days ago
Dang You Are sexy and I mean SEXY!
'LamboGum' 7 days ago
Sorry it happened again lots of support 😍😏
Diễm Quỳnh
'Diễm Quỳnh' 7 days ago
Dog! You gonna pay for it!!!
jovany corcuera
'jovany corcuera' 1 week ago
no! your not idiot!
Sam Hart
'Sam Hart' 1 week ago
I feel so sad for Justine she’s already had a bad enough day so she does deserve to get her phone fixed!
Rac Ya boi
'Rac Ya boi' 2 weeks ago
Basic Justine Starbucks
Darius Barnard
'Darius Barnard' 2 weeks ago
errol reyes
'errol reyes' 2 weeks ago
Money you I'm cryi u icd it phone haha
'iXBreadXi' 2 weeks ago
Dominika Ožanová
'Dominika Ožanová' 2 weeks ago
I was laughing when it happened to you but exact same thing happened week ago so we are both idiots (thanks God it was only iPhone 6 now I have iPhone 8 'cause I had birthday)
Charlotte #pandas
'Charlotte #pandas' 2 weeks ago
It’s ok everyone does it sometimes even me
Chūsei shin to sonkei
I literally felt sad for you just seeing it made me feel incredibly sad ya know but hopefully this doesn’t happen again.
varun singh
'varun singh' 2 weeks ago
Hahaha 😂😂😂😂
Samantha Jester
'Samantha Jester' 2 weeks ago
I’ve never shattered my phone but I have a screen protector
Desmond Wan
'Desmond Wan' 2 weeks ago
You have so many phones
Angel Hernandez
'Angel Hernandez' 2 weeks ago
I just broke my iPhone 8 Plus too:( so now I’m back to the iPhone 6
Minty Turtle love 101
At 4:24 she almost dropped her her phone again 😂😍
Gerald King
'Gerald King' 2 weeks ago
What's that awesome piano sound track with which you start the video...?
'KingG' 2 weeks ago
Why do you not use a CASE!
The darkness warrior
Its Apples fault because they put too much glassiphone
ILSE And Emili
'ILSE And Emili' 3 weeks ago
Which phone is that?
wyatt sweet
'wyatt sweet' 3 weeks ago
Starbucks Ugg Boots and cracked iPhones stereotypical white girl XD
Yisra Elmohtadi
'Yisra Elmohtadi' 3 weeks ago
Your not stupid ur awesome
Syedppoo Shami
'Syedppoo Shami' 3 weeks ago
4:24 you almost drop your goole pixel phone
'ThisIsBait' 3 weeks ago
Its so weird to see the difference in wealth between me and her. If she smashes something, she has the money to fix it, but in my case (I smashed my iPad) its too expensive to repair, so now I will forever have a smashed iPad that has lost all its value.
DRIPLYstudio zz
'DRIPLYstudio zz' 3 weeks ago
Get a tempered glass for ur phone cause I dropped my phone and it had a crack...on the tempered glass and not in my actual screen....and also get a popsocket the ring ones
'xander_vd' 3 weeks ago
habve anyone a link of her background/ wallpaper
Ashley and Anthony
'Ashley and Anthony' 3 weeks ago
This was made on my bday of last year
Ashley and Anthony
'Ashley and Anthony' 3 weeks ago
It was unicorn frappucino
Scuimee Land
'Scuimee Land' 3 weeks ago
Put on screen protector
Miraj Uddin
'Miraj Uddin' 3 weeks ago
Oh yeah its happen me too
sad happiness
'sad happiness' 3 weeks ago
she has like 3729372838469737 other amazing phones, and SO MUCH MONEY just get another one
Sydney Rosenberg
'Sydney Rosenberg' 3 weeks ago
this happend on my half b day
Izzy The dab master
'Izzy The dab master' 3 weeks ago
Olly F
'Olly F' 3 weeks ago
0:16 don’t say that Justine like if you agree
Awesome Ella
'Awesome Ella' 4 weeks ago
Justine you are not the worst
Justin paul Lopez
'Justin paul Lopez' 4 weeks ago
You or not stupid
'KSG' 4 weeks ago
You feel like a horrible person don’t ya 😅
sorindash lover. Conde
Your not a idiot😀
Steelers Girl
'Steelers Girl' 4 weeks ago
Get a case and a shatter screen!!!! You do know a store will professionally put a screen protector on.
ManCave TV
'ManCave TV' 4 weeks ago
This why we can't have nice things lol
The Cool Guy
'The Cool Guy' 4 weeks ago
It’s ok Justine I’m sure that ur gonna buy another one😂😂
Toxic Kiwi
'Toxic Kiwi' 4 weeks ago
I have a iPhone 6 and the only reason I’d ever get one is with a otter box it will get dirty so clean every 3 days and I’ve had my iPhone and my iPod Touch in otter box’s so if y’all are wondering the best cases out there look for a otter box.
Fire Poseidon
'Fire Poseidon' 4 weeks ago
Accidents happen? That's how we were made
Ashlynn Fay
'Ashlynn Fay' 4 weeks ago
Starbucks Is Always A Good Substetute
Super Sonic Chao
'Super Sonic Chao' 4 weeks ago
That’s why I always have case on my phone
Mariam Sawan
'Mariam Sawan' 4 weeks ago
U should put a screen protector
Marcel Franquinet
'Marcel Franquinet' 4 weeks ago
Just SHOOT the dog..
Muhd Syamir
'Muhd Syamir' 4 weeks ago
You don know how to take care the phone
Bob Fisher
'Bob Fisher' 4 weeks ago
A cracked iPhone can change someone's mood from 0-100
Gabe Colon
'Gabe Colon' 4 weeks ago
Why can’t you just use the other hand
V A P O R Mice
'V A P O R Mice' 4 weeks ago
Samsung - we’ll fix it for you! Apple - the only choice you have is to buy a new one lol
Drew Dude 20341
'Drew Dude 20341' 4 weeks ago
Don’t use ur phone while walking ur sog
SĄKİB Minhaz
'SĄKİB Minhaz' 4 weeks ago
oi sali phone nosto koros r amra phone paina
Rhett Weese
'Rhett Weese' 4 weeks ago
put a case on it duh
'ctskepler' 4 weeks ago
damn justine you look old af lmao
Not A Barcode.
'Not A Barcode.' 4 weeks ago
lol she’s so dramatic 😂😂 it’s just a phone
'mxlktea' 4 weeks ago
I shattered my iPhone 7
The Successful
'The Successful' 1 month ago
get an android. I hear the huawei mate 10 pro is good. i hear the razer phone is better than the iphone x.
kwibalda lol
'kwibalda lol' 1 month ago
It's an iPhone what do you expect
Copper Qwaser
'Copper Qwaser' 1 month ago
sounds like you need to get rid of the dog
Alen Osmancevic
'Alen Osmancevic' 1 month ago
When she slid the phone across the table i felt like something scratched my eyes
Quest Jhonny
'Quest Jhonny' 1 month ago
I'm still surprised she didn't drop that Microsoft Surface Studio 😑
'It's Valerie' 1 month ago
Next time you can just put on a screen protector. You are not an idiot
'TaylorGamesAndDolls' 1 month ago
In 2017, my iPhone 6 cracked in the summer and my phone fell out my back pocket of my shorts and then, it cracked. The whole screen *CRACKED*. So all I had was my iPad and then Christmas came. I got the iPhone 8 Plus annnndd it was *gold*
Sandro Garcia
'Sandro Garcia' 1 month ago
Don't worry when I was little I broke alot of things
Kid I know
'Kid I know' 1 month ago
tf? buy a case stupid
Ahmed El gendy
'Ahmed El gendy' 1 month ago
Does Justine have a boyfriend oooo
Bradley Trader
'Bradley Trader' 1 month ago
Like this video if you’ve seen her sex tape
'Pug' 1 month ago
fix: kick your dog out.
Tillian Broshtilov
'Tillian Broshtilov' 1 month ago
ijustine you are not a idyot
Jhoselyn Alvarado
'Jhoselyn Alvarado' 1 month ago
You’re you ok
Nottingham Fan In Space
I'd get a Screen Protector and a Very Tough Case.
Zach On camera
'Zach On camera' 1 month ago
Get a samsung because iphones are cheap made
'oCxctus' 1 month ago
Why don't you just get a screen protector Justine???!!! 😂😂😂
Tori Sealy
'Tori Sealy' 1 month ago
Your not a idiot and not reckless
Shory Aayush99
'Shory Aayush99' 1 month ago
Me best want good enough Ahm 😌
Samuel Jackson
'Samuel Jackson' 1 month ago
Your not stupid your awesome
Anurag Pal
'Anurag Pal' 1 month ago
UAG armour
Green car perekäle
'Green car perekäle' 1 month ago
Buy a smaller iphone. I did that and that its harder to drop. iphone se?
rainbow Qni
'rainbow Qni' 1 month ago
Ijustine you are not an idiot
rainbow Qni
'rainbow Qni' 1 month ago
No,you're not!💠
Victoria Raven
'Victoria Raven' 1 month ago
Just calm down
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