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Shattered My iPhone (again) -
Published: 11 months ago By: iJustine

By: iJustinePublished: 11 months ago

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Star wars gaming HS
'Star wars gaming HS' 10 hours ago
No your not . You a beautiful girl. I wish I could kiss
Kamleish Jones
'Kamleish Jones' 21 hours ago
what iphone was that 6 or 7?
KiKo M
'KiKo M' 2 days ago
😢R.I.P. iPhone7
TheGolden Waffle
'TheGolden Waffle' 2 days ago
*starts slapping dog*
Andre Costa Costa
'Andre Costa Costa' 3 days ago
"Shattered My iPhone (again)" no need for a video. u have enouth money for more than a phone
Krystal Noemy
'Krystal Noemy' 4 days ago
How to not shatter a phone Put a screen Protector Or wear a case I guess.
Milja Heinesen
'Milja Heinesen' 4 days ago
Rip Justine😂
Guinea pig gaming
'Guinea pig gaming' 4 days ago
Well this is a bad vid
'odgfb35' 5 days ago
I drop my iPhone at least twice a day and I've had an iPhone for about 7 years. I've only broken the screen once from dropping it. Justine, you have the worst luck :( Also, Matty's face when you asked why he broke mommy's phone was adorable :) like "but mom, I just wanted walkies I didn't do nothin"
'PRODIGY2005 SPEED' 5 days ago
What a coincidence the same thing would happen again
Hossein Bahrami
'Hossein Bahrami' 6 days ago
i mean be a person like me 😁😎
Hossein Bahrami
'Hossein Bahrami' 6 days ago
why do u have problem with ur devices??? i keep my phone more than 3 year like 1st day. 😑😑😑
tourque bernaut
'tourque bernaut' 7 days ago
Buy you a real phone a samsung s8plus
The Legend
'The Legend' 1 week ago
Me too
Van Nguyen
'Van Nguyen' 1 week ago
This is so fun
'MARO BUTIJER' 1 week ago
Who's watching this in 2018? 😂
Juan Lopez Villegas
That phone deserved it.
David Barlow
'David Barlow' 1 week ago
you should get a VERTU phone that has saphire crystal screen the price of the phone start at thirtyfive hundred dollars and up to thre hundred thousand dollars
Bacon Army
'Bacon Army' 2 weeks ago
Fix it up with Flex Tape and it will be 10 times better than brand new!Ahh, isn't Phil swift the best inventor ever?
martina zampiero
'martina zampiero' 2 weeks ago
Because iphone is pure shit
Mr Ramirez Gaming
'Mr Ramirez Gaming' 2 weeks ago
Late but... It's like losing a loved one...
Nicholas Goodfellow
'Nicholas Goodfellow' 2 weeks ago
She’s freaking out about the BIG CUP!!! Love that video! Wasn’t 2017 amazing?!! Love you iJustine
Rowan Johnston
'Rowan Johnston' 2 weeks ago
It’s not your dogs fault
Nargess Anwari
'Nargess Anwari' 2 weeks ago
girl u aint at fault it no ones everyone makes a mistake my cat broke my phone 5 times its fine ur pretty smart and great keep it up ur a great mom for a puppy too and fro a child too when u get one :)
'mrspeakerman' 2 weeks ago
at 0:15 no ur not at 0:16 no ur not at 0:18 no ur not where all humans and we all make mistakes. don't fell bad. i've done the same thing.
Sajendra Maharjan
'Sajendra Maharjan' 2 weeks ago
That's why I hate I phones
Jennifer Welch
'Jennifer Welch' 2 weeks ago
Well the way she puts her phone down no wonder 😂😂😂
Ronron Zagada
'Ronron Zagada' 2 weeks ago
what kind of iphone is that?
Catherine McFarlane
'Catherine McFarlane' 2 weeks ago
mxb 205
'mxb 205' 2 weeks ago
And a screen protector???😂😂😂😂 When you get a new phone, you MUST use a screen protector 😂💪🏻
'MadamSangria' 2 weeks ago
Hey guys!!! I have to say something........... Read more
Ultimate Music Setup
I would appreciate if you could give me a free iPhone 😇😇😇
Kirigaya Kazuto
'Kirigaya Kazuto' 2 weeks ago
Can we just swap phones? I think you're better off with a flip phones or something careless people don't need.
Francisco Bautista
'Francisco Bautista' 2 weeks ago
genius bar queen for breaking her phone every time
Mykenzie Eichelberger
why’s it dark?
'KraftDonut' 2 weeks ago
I thought this was a series tbh
Death By Ford
'Death By Ford' 2 weeks ago
Who’s waiting for her to break her iPhone X?
Shannon Naulls
'Shannon Naulls' 3 weeks ago
you are not an idiot!
Shannon Naulls
'Shannon Naulls' 3 weeks ago
Shannon Naulls
'Shannon Naulls' 3 weeks ago
help pls
Shannon Naulls
'Shannon Naulls' 3 weeks ago
your not an idiot!
Shannon Naulls
'Shannon Naulls' 3 weeks ago
your not an idiot mistakes happen!
iTips iOS
'iTips iOS' 3 weeks ago
I got an iPhone 5S in I think 2014, and a couple of minutes later I put my *new* iPhone on my back pocket and got McDonalds and forgot I had my *new* iPhone on my back pocket, at my way home I was going to check the time and guess what... *IT SHATTERED COMPLETELY!*
'YASH KAUSHIK' 3 weeks ago
Allways put an screen protector on your any phone
creative team
'creative team' 3 weeks ago
Itz Ryan
'Itz Ryan' 3 weeks ago
8 GB? Lol I have 128GB and thank god for that!
Epic Keiran
'Epic Keiran' 3 weeks ago
'Rocky' 3 weeks ago
kill yourself please
Lindsay Johnston
'Lindsay Johnston' 3 weeks ago
I think that she needs a pop socket
Blaze West
'Blaze West' 3 weeks ago
Dylan McGuire
'Dylan McGuire' 3 weeks ago
Brittle ass iPhone
Mohammed Alkhanov
'Mohammed Alkhanov' 3 weeks ago
you better buy new one
Rahul Patel
'Rahul Patel' 3 weeks ago
what about techrax
tahz 230
'tahz 230' 3 weeks ago
buY a new
'MySecretMessages' 3 weeks ago
Sorry to say, but those screen protectors are garbage and a scam. The don't do sh*t to protect from a fall. And almost all falls hit at least on of the edges of the phone. There are almost never absolutely perfectly flat phone drops, and even then it may only protect from some scratches, but a normal, really hard fall on tile or cement will still shatter the underlying glass. It was the RUBBER CASE that not on the phone that is what would have prevented your phone from shattering. Its the only thing that ever does. Hard cases are also useless for protection. I see people getting scammed all the time buying those glass protectors and all they really do is make their beautifully designed cool glass screen feel all yicky and sh*tty like a $50 flip phone.
Eric V
'Eric V' 3 weeks ago
I was just now trying to take my I pad case off with a small pocket knife because I couldn’t do it with my hands and then the knife slipped and I scratched the back of my I pad
'TheGamingJay' 3 weeks ago
Xenia Maddocks
'Xenia Maddocks' 3 weeks ago
My never broke my phone
Hope 3
'Hope 3' 3 weeks ago
Your not stupid Justine, your just silly
Derpy Gamah
'Derpy Gamah' 3 weeks ago
Have you even heard of "phone cases"
Drew Dude 20341
'Drew Dude 20341' 3 weeks ago
Why would u use your phone while walking your dog
Eyacub12 skits
'Eyacub12 skits' 3 weeks ago
You dumb bitch! Kidding lol
'lalayne' 3 weeks ago
When I saw the intro I almost cried 😂😔
Anu Ryali
'Anu Ryali' 3 weeks ago
We all love u Justine
The Lonely Potato
'The Lonely Potato' 4 weeks ago
I just got an iPhone 8 today! ❤️
Bentley Bentayga
'Bentley Bentayga' 4 weeks ago
Ur not stupid
melissa horak
'melissa horak' 4 weeks ago
oh no
Feces labs
'Feces labs' 4 weeks ago
This is why cats are better than dogs.
Nicolas Zapata
'Nicolas Zapata' 4 weeks ago
Get a Samsung
Ahmed Mohamed
'Ahmed Mohamed' 4 weeks ago
hyperrrrrrr N idiot
Alizae Furze-Pierce
'Alizae Furze-Pierce' 4 weeks ago
Your not stupid
Keira Mcferren
'Keira Mcferren' 4 weeks ago
i feel so bad for you
Sun Shine
'Sun Shine' 4 weeks ago
Why don’t you put a case on it? You know, the things you buy all the time and try out? Maybe it wouldn’t shatter if you protected it the way your supposed to
Mia Rigney
'Mia Rigney' 4 weeks ago
Cute dog
Lo Chi Him
'Lo Chi Him' 4 weeks ago
iphone7 hk$1000 32gb
Christian Vinz
'Christian Vinz' 4 weeks ago
the same tho! same shatter position😢
nate long
'nate long' 4 weeks ago
Thomas Strader
'Thomas Strader' 4 weeks ago
Again? When was the first time?
Mathew DeTine Work
'Mathew DeTine Work' 4 weeks ago
I feel like she's suisidal.... this vid has weird vibes...
'Menchie's 438' 4 weeks ago
R.I.P iPhone
Aedin Pope
'Aedin Pope' 4 weeks ago
u look so deppresed
Ariuk Khongortuya
'Ariuk Khongortuya' 4 weeks ago
I just broke my iphone too😭😭📱
England is my City
'England is my City' 4 weeks ago
I have an iPhone seven and the selfie camera is so cracked up the white screen is off and the phone is bent lmaoo
Duvi Abdol
'Duvi Abdol' 4 weeks ago
Get a screen protector!!
Madison Perze
'Madison Perze' 4 weeks ago
Get the otter box
danny ahumada
'danny ahumada' 1 month ago
Your cute can you be my girlfriend
Bronwyn Graham
'Bronwyn Graham' 1 month ago
What type of dog shoes she have?
Fire Blasta
'Fire Blasta' 1 month ago
get a screen protector mann
nicer guy
'nicer guy' 1 month ago
Why are you overreacting? Your rich. Just buy a new one.
Sia Fan
'Sia Fan' 1 month ago
Dude… Get rid of your dog. I would've killed mine by now…
Loaf Of Bread
'Loaf Of Bread' 1 month ago
Nigel Fortes
'Nigel Fortes' 1 month ago
do not worry. you are not an idiot and you are not stupid at least it was not the iphone x unless you had apple care if that happened you would be in huge trouble.
Technology forever Returns
Same thing happened to my Samsung Galaxy Core II
maria adams
'maria adams' 1 month ago
This is why you need a case
'bernardotz' 1 month ago
It really does not matter. You are a rich woman with dozens of iPhones so just take out the SIM card. Also, Apple SUCKS when it comes to restoring iCloud.
dunno yolo
'dunno yolo' 1 month ago
There designed to break. If they dont no profits for the ripoff companies. Unless you buy otter box defender and then you have a big brick in your pocket.
خالد البابلي
I hope you recognize the sweet girl and cultured.
just kevin here
'just kevin here' 1 month ago
I just got my iphone 10 im soo happy
Galaxy 789
'Galaxy 789' 1 month ago
You are not
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