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Bodybuilders Try Pole Dancing -
Published: 1 year ago By: BuzzFeedBlue

By: BuzzFeedBluePublished: 1 year ago

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Sexy female pole dancing on black background
KinoMasterskaya/Getty Images

Made by BFMP

Tee Popoola
Jon Schaefer
Anna Kia

A special Thank You to Barbell Brigade and Evolve Dance Studio.

Julian Rivera
'Julian Rivera' 2 days ago
Wow John You are so sexy! 👍
'KXLXH' 2 days ago
John has grace for days.
Sam Lam
'Sam Lam' 2 days ago
Why the hell guys didn’t wear heels
Mel The half robot
Legit the black guy is me getting out of bed
Denise Ingram
'Denise Ingram' 4 days ago
Why That Black Man Pull Up Lookin Like He Took A Bath In Powder 😂😂😂
Johni Anthony
'Johni Anthony' 4 days ago
Tina Mord
'Tina Mord' 5 days ago
Do you see anikias sheos
Cimorene Azur
'Cimorene Azur' 5 days ago
He said “don’t pan down”
'Chadieboy1227' 5 days ago
Something tells me the guy in the red has been down this road before.
Suni’s Child
'Suni’s Child' 7 days ago
The black guy was so ashyyyyy 😂😂
Natasha King
'Natasha King' 1 week ago
Give that poor man some cocoa butter!
Luke Galen
'Luke Galen' 1 week ago
2:33 🤣🤣🤣🤣
'푸른' 1 week ago
Don’t pan down 😂💀
Crisleiry Gomez Castro
Dont pand down
Melissa Ann ish
'Melissa Ann ish' 1 week ago
WOW! THIS is proof that body building is absolutely useless, and truly purely for "aesthetics"... all that muscle yet they struggled to lift themselves LMAO! I'd much rather have functional strength than body building strength which like I said is clearly useless when translated to othet things that require strength and athleticism like pike dancing. Also don't they stretch after their weight training? they are ridiculously unflexible.
Reyyan Hammad
'Reyyan Hammad' 1 week ago
Can the big one even touch his own elbows lmao
Yeah Shin
'Yeah Shin' 1 week ago
They can lift wieght that are way heavy than them but they cant lift themselves im like confused
Dog Girl
'Dog Girl' 2 weeks ago
I think in general people think pole dancing is easy. It really isn’t. I’m not saying this from experience but I have seen videos and clips that demonstrate strength. It requires so much arm/upper body strength it’s unbelievable. I give my props to pole dancers. *Seriously.*
'Wild' 2 weeks ago
@2:49 im sorry mom! I laughed so hard
Pha Davidson
'Pha Davidson' 2 weeks ago
xabbii edits
'xabbii edits' 2 weeks ago
The guys but cheeks r so flat do 😂
Summer Yick
'Summer Yick' 2 weeks ago
I think the other two men needed high heels too
Nova Lova
'Nova Lova' 2 weeks ago
'lila' 2 weeks ago
Tee is such a good sport lmaooo 😂
Jessica Burnett
'Jessica Burnett' 2 weeks ago
Can we just talk about how The guy in red and the girl were in perfect time at 4:19
Quart D
'Quart D' 2 weeks ago
Why is he so damn ashy? And y'all know who I'm talking about.
OP 1000
'OP 1000' 2 weeks ago
Yeah, you do pole dancing to “work out”.
sophiart _
'sophiart _' 2 weeks ago
barbel brigade! Like this if you know JK party
'SteamlesspandaTV' 2 weeks ago
Girl won
Don K
'Don K' 2 weeks ago
Some of those moves I did in gymnastics when I was younger... however, the pole was horizontal and there was padding on the ground...
sips tea
'sips tea' 2 weeks ago
" i looked like a sack of potatoes falling off the pole " never related more in my life
Amanda Willems
'Amanda Willems' 2 weeks ago
I want more in this series! Bring back the body builders
Mas Rifqi
'Mas Rifqi' 2 weeks ago
John, be my husband. sexy Magic John. hahaha
John Jackson
'John Jackson' 3 weeks ago
I dislike this vid just because it’s buzzfeed
Ametaf Johora
'Ametaf Johora' 3 weeks ago
lu hicks
'lu hicks' 3 weeks ago
What's with the ash? Oil and knee pads, bro!
Paste Eater
'Paste Eater' 3 weeks ago
Red Hotpants has some moves
Jeanie B
'Jeanie B' 3 weeks ago
He’s so ashy lmaooo
Jillian Jeter
'Jillian Jeter' 3 weeks ago
Abigaile Franczek
'Abigaile Franczek' 3 weeks ago
i thought john was christopher bumsted
'soraninja' 3 weeks ago
The black guy. .. all that muscle and totaly usless lol the white guu however ... damn he's hot and was actualy pretty amazing xD
'jungshook' 3 weeks ago
Name Pending
'Name Pending' 4 weeks ago
The black guy has no strength or flexibility at all!
18S2-7 elise teoxinning
' that hurts my butt meat'
Our Lord and Savior Pete
Just "Don't pan down!"
Marco Yumi
'Marco Yumi' 4 weeks ago
Lmao the black guy is so done. He has no strength honestly
alejandro rubio aragon
I need that red boxers
'Amigps01' 4 weeks ago
The black dude needs to work on his flexibility. All that strength is useless if he can’t bend over to pick something off the ground.
Javier Florez Amaya
'Javier Florez Amaya' 4 weeks ago
4:55 gives me life!! Such a good boy
LivingLifeAs ThatGirlFromNextDoor
2:39 he fell in flour
Sarı Bez
'Sarı Bez' 4 weeks ago
"I'm sorry mom.."
SnowFox 2074
'SnowFox 2074' 4 weeks ago
I swear Jon is secretly taking dance classes and is cheating
Adriana Rogala
'Adriana Rogala' 4 weeks ago
This is quite fake, I almost sure they are acting
'vLad' 4 weeks ago
The one thing they all have in common: big butts 😁
'OkxyJanel' 4 weeks ago
They'd break the pole.
Dean Archbold
'Dean Archbold' 4 weeks ago
I can do pole dancing xd
Katie Love Hue TV
'Katie Love Hue TV' 1 month ago
my dad would kill me if i had that in my house
Shauna XX
'Shauna XX' 1 month ago
The girl killin it in those heels tho
'Phalxxx' 1 month ago
The guy in red is very attractive, moves great, and his shorts were gift wrapping.
'CherryBombDeath' 1 month ago
Are they at barbell brigade?! Geo!!! BAAAAAART!
Oliver Queen
'Oliver Queen' 1 month ago
interesting points ,if anyone else trying to find out how to belly dance video online try Tarbetti Instant Dancing Tutor(should be on google have a look ) ? Ive heard some unbelievable things about it and my mate got cool success with it.
Tenta Cool
'Tenta Cool' 1 month ago
Me: sees video title Also me: that’s enough internet for today
Alen D
'Alen D' 1 month ago
Mr red yaas
Rick Jamesbitch
'Rick Jamesbitch' 1 month ago
Where’s the Bodybuilders?
'Mijochda' 1 month ago
Those red pants are gift from God.
Angelina Rybakova
'Angelina Rybakova' 1 month ago
Bodybuilding is not an art but pole dancing is
'3795lizzie' 1 month ago
Aaaaaye its barbell brigade 😀
'CJH200iiWii' 1 month ago
Lilli FireWolf
'Lilli FireWolf' 1 month ago
"That hurts my butt meat" Hahahahahaha
Dounia Doudou
'Dounia Doudou' 1 month ago
The guy in red is helarious 😂😂
Hey It
'Hey It's Meh!! :D' 1 month ago
AYEEEE BARBELL BRIGADE!!!! any jkfam here?
Apoyo MKT
'Apoyo MKT' 1 month ago
'jxngxel' 1 month ago
Barbell Brigade anyone???? (Geo and Bart!)
Jordan Nelson
'Jordan Nelson' 1 month ago
The bulge tho Jon!! 😍😍😍😍😍😍😍
Jordan Nelson
'Jordan Nelson' 1 month ago
Damn that butt Jon!! 😍😍😍😍
Jordan Nelson
'Jordan Nelson' 1 month ago
Damn Jon!! 😍😍😍😍
danna cortes0225
'danna cortes0225' 1 month ago
Jon is my forever mood😂
Ness lopez
'Ness lopez' 1 month ago
No fair .... take shirt OFF you delicious red booty mr 3:) Ese de Rojo!!
Nellija Pelite
'Nellija Pelite' 1 month ago
Ahhhh they work out at Geo and Barts gym barbell brigade
Alannah Ryan
'Alannah Ryan' 1 month ago
Those heels 😱
Angelina _Slime
'Angelina _Slime' 1 month ago
1:36 ashy knees😂😂
Megan L
'Megan L' 1 month ago
I hear them saying, "I'm not very proud of this."
'Ageofthael1' 2 months ago
Phryne Mnesarete
'Phryne Mnesarete' 2 months ago
not gonna lie, these dudes got me thirsty
'Zzzannie' 2 months ago
lol for body builders they are so weak with lifting their own weight wth... i guess its not natural
'cece' 2 months ago
I pole danced in the MTR (Hong Kong Train)
Fluffy Unicorn
'Fluffy Unicorn' 2 months ago
He's more like hulk
human rat
'human rat' 2 months ago
*but still not as graceful as, you know, cinnamon or diamond at your local strip club*
'MayaNichole' 2 months ago
Ok. I see you Barbell Brigade! @Bart&Geo
Dammit Myles
'Dammit Myles' 2 months ago
I’m a simple guy; I see John, I click.
Sophie TeaCat
'Sophie TeaCat' 2 months ago
Mr.Red Pants looks like adam levine
Lyric Bradford
'Lyric Bradford' 2 months ago
Monika Carmel SanJuan
Tee is adorable but someone needs to tell him to use some lotion. Ya boy's ASHY :(
Its ur guuurl
'Its ur guuurl' 2 months ago
lmao shes stronger than them!!!!!!!!!!!
Andrea Calio
'Andrea Calio' 2 months ago
DISCLAIMER! This video contains extreme cringe. You have been warned!
'cakebud101' 2 months ago
Omg it’s barbell who knows bat and geo/jk party/news/films😂😂😂😂😂
Asel Hahn
'Asel Hahn' 2 months ago
Why are they wearing these small shorts? xD
'EivenKim' 2 months ago
Legs OTL
Red PineAppl3s
'Red PineAppl3s' 2 months ago
Don't pan down XD LOL
Ty Smith
'Ty Smith' 2 months ago
"Don't pan down!" lol
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