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Bodybuilders Try Pole Dancing -
Published: 5 months ago By: BuzzFeedBlue

By: BuzzFeedBluePublished: 5 months ago

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Sexy female pole dancing on black background
KinoMasterskaya/Getty Images

Made by BFMP

Tee Popoola
Jon Schaefer
Anna Kia

A special Thank You to Barbell Brigade and Evolve Dance Studio.

'chanellovvesyou' 58 minutes ago
why is jon so good at this
Liamm Rogers
'Liamm Rogers' 1 day ago
So much cringe in one video
emily burney
'emily burney' 1 day ago
We need another bodybuilders video like immediately I live and breathe off of this
Emily Hawkins
'Emily Hawkins' 2 days ago
bodybuilders do contortion
Tetsu Hatano
'Tetsu Hatano' 2 days ago
Magic mike jokes all around
Jackie Meier
'Jackie Meier' 2 days ago
jon is really hot-but he has to be gay I mean look at him he's beautiful :/
'Michelle' 3 days ago
Go Barbel Go!
302 is eternal life
hmmmm how about bodylifters try Veil poi.
Emily bonez
'Emily bonez' 4 days ago
she wasnt that good
'nuurG' 5 days ago
Women have no shame these days..
'Ykhraam' 1 week ago
great now I want to pole dance
Izla Colman
'Izla Colman' 1 week ago
anybody else here from Bart and geo or jknews/party/films and did anyone else freak out when they saw the Barbell brigade sign?
'K' 1 week ago
Please have them try figure skating 😩
'kitcatAwesome' 1 week ago
John is more of a woman and a man than I will ever be.
'xCoreal' 1 week ago
'violentwinter' 1 week ago
Bodybuilders try synchronized trapeze
Alyssa De Marzo
'Alyssa De Marzo' 1 week ago
When he was like "Hellooooooo"💀😂
Keith Lee
'Keith Lee' 1 week ago
Dang Jon though ;)
Paige Anderson
'Paige Anderson' 2 weeks ago
I want more of these videos!
Katelyn Waller
'Katelyn Waller' 2 weeks ago
HE ASHY!!!!!!!!🤣😂😂😂
Ricardo J Aguiar
'Ricardo J Aguiar' 2 weeks ago
.... boy needs Nivea, jesus my mom would hammer "dont leave the house in shorts while ashy" into my head and this guy ignoring black person rule number 4
Foxy Soproxi
'Foxy Soproxi' 2 weeks ago
Alexandra Reynaga
'Alexandra Reynaga' 2 weeks ago
I'm a simple girl, I see buff dudes on a pole, I click on the video
Jake Potts
'Jake Potts' 2 weeks ago
I think Jon may be the original Magic Mike
Myeah Malalis
'Myeah Malalis' 2 weeks ago
All About Ambria
'All About Ambria' 2 weeks ago
I wanna see those body builders try gymnastics😂😂😂
liquid lies
'liquid lies' 2 weeks ago
the cure to the bulge is to just tuck it might help.
'HailG3' 2 weeks ago
Jon is literally everything I look for in a guy
'Mintteacup' 2 weeks ago
Everyone is talking about Jon's skills and Tee's knees but what about Amanda? Give Amanda some love.
Jaralys C
'Jaralys C' 2 weeks ago
Bodybuilders try figure skating
Phan Trash
'Phan Trash' 2 weeks ago
Jon is literally Brendon Urie, if Brendon Urie ate his wife
S Vogel
'S Vogel' 2 weeks ago
Welp, I guess I'm Tee
Inside.Freyas. Head
'Inside.Freyas. Head' 2 weeks ago
"We'll see twinkle toes"
Tylerrisaloserr !!
'Tylerrisaloserr !!' 3 weeks ago
Why was i so happy they werent looking at her butt 24/7
Sophia Rice-Straus
'Sophia Rice-Straus' 3 weeks ago
That hurts my butt meat. 3:53
'4ss' 3 weeks ago
i dislike the girl
'AcehXInfinity' 3 weeks ago
Jon = Brendon Urie with 50% less forehead
'Caticorn' 3 weeks ago
why is john so good at like .....EVERYTHING 😂😂
'torjimon' 3 weeks ago
Quod licet Jovi, non licet bovi... :))
satya shukla
'satya shukla' 3 weeks ago
The guy in RED <3 :)
Christin Houchin
'Christin Houchin' 3 weeks ago
Bodybuilders try gymnastics
Cami Diaz G
'Cami Diaz G' 3 weeks ago
Bodybuilders try tango dancing!
'Vucko' 3 weeks ago
That amanda girl <333
Deanna S
'Deanna S' 3 weeks ago
This shows one of the things showing proof that those people who are body builders CAN'T do everything they believe they can. idiots.
Kera Andersen
'Kera Andersen' 3 weeks ago
One time there was a really long fire drill at school so everyone was talking and messing around and I turned to my right and there was a boy pole dancing(really good tbh)on a stop sign and I screamed OH MY GOSH and everyone looked at my and I was laughing so hard
anna alot
'anna alot' 3 weeks ago
Joy Wachira
'Joy Wachira' 3 weeks ago
Barbell bruh BARBELL did I miss one of Bart and Geo's daily vlogs or something
Emily Hermenitt
'Emily Hermenitt' 3 weeks ago
I need a man like Jon
Assassin Aurelia
'Assassin Aurelia' 3 weeks ago
I feel less bad when I fail. Bodybuilders aren't doing so hot at it either. well except for Jon.
'KrunchiiKeo' 3 weeks ago
Who thought of Markiplier when they saw this? Just me? Oh.. okay...
Alexandra Murphy
'Alexandra Murphy' 4 weeks ago
why do I like this omg 🤣😂
Donovan Scott
'Donovan Scott' 4 weeks ago
Jon is REALLY doin' it for me in those red lycra shorts *sweats profusely*
'KittySnicker' 4 weeks ago
Red shirt can get it...
Malloree Holland
'Malloree Holland' 1 month ago
Jon is hot af😯
Twinmill 12
'Twinmill 12' 1 month ago
my summary is (͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)
'Noemi' 1 month ago
Amaya Peterson
'Amaya Peterson' 1 month ago
is it bad I know how to do all of the pole stuff? 😂😂
Lavender Cloud
'Lavender Cloud' 1 month ago
Where did Steve go?
leo mesa
'leo mesa' 1 month ago
"Mommy needs a nap" me everyday as soon as I leave my house
Stephanie Micken
'Stephanie Micken' 1 month ago
Body builders try ballroom dancing (cha cha or salsa)
'HuynhDang' 1 month ago
Sol Vitulino
'Sol Vitulino' 2 months ago
the white guy: HOOOOT! (im a girl)
Sindiswa Seruto
'Sindiswa Seruto' 2 months ago
More of these please.
Lina Blue
'Lina Blue' 2 months ago
body builders try a whole drag queen performance
Kyska Orrego
'Kyska Orrego' 2 months ago
Please do more videos with these guys! They are awesome!
'cyndyK' 2 months ago
Omg barbell brigade!'!!! Thts my parents geo n barts company!!! so proud💕 where all the jk fans?!
ice tronic
'ice tronic' 2 months ago
At 4:07 I was like "please don't do this .. Please don't .. Don't do this"
Phoenix Ro
'Phoenix Ro' 2 months ago
They were super fun to watch
Ema Moskova
'Ema Moskova' 2 months ago
I don't know what would've happened if the guys were wearing heels!😂😂
Jishwa DunWithYøu
'Jishwa DunWithYøu' 2 months ago
Why is a Jon so good at this?!?!?!😂😂😂😂😂
Happy Smile
'Happy Smile' 2 months ago
'TheTabbi1' 2 months ago
Hilarious 😄
Jak Rabbit
'Jak Rabbit' 2 months ago
ranya x
'ranya x' 2 months ago
jk anyone?
Zoe Ghost
'Zoe Ghost' 2 months ago
Jon seems very gay
Tricia Jean
'Tricia Jean' 2 months ago
Where are my jk fam at?
Reptilian Army leafyishere
Well... Not my proudest fap
'brent' 2 months ago
the guy in red has obviously done this before lol
'CosplayingWithCasper' 2 months ago
the guy in the red was so grateful I'm shook
Jessica Young
'Jessica Young' 2 months ago
In every single video that Tee Poppola has been in he says something about kicking Ballet: "dont kick me Steve" Pole: "l feel like someone just kicked me "
one love
'one love' 2 months ago
Body Building or not a man does not belong on a pole . Not manly at all. Looks weird.
'SuJu_Mimi' 2 months ago
"don't pan down" XD
Gillian Kromer
'Gillian Kromer' 2 months ago
bring this back!!
Jalen W
'Jalen W' 2 months ago
they were trying so hard t o be funny but it only came off as annoying. like damn i wish they woulda took it seriously
'zaiddagamseh' 2 months ago
I paused so many times. Bless this studio for makin these boys dress tight so we can see dem goodies!
Andreea M.
'Andreea M.' 2 months ago
can we take a moment and admire how amazing that dancer was? She was so nice and pretty and of course an amazing dancer!
'96NightRider96' 2 months ago
but are the stilettos necessary
Ayasha Santos
'Ayasha Santos' 2 months ago
pole dancing is awesome love it
Mina Ilincic
'Mina Ilincic' 2 months ago
bodybuilders learn how to twerk
Anastazia Gray
'Anastazia Gray' 2 months ago
Where is Steve Gentili???? :(
Sii Dam
'Sii Dam' 2 months ago
John is the one doing better than everyone😂😂😂😂He's learning so fast😂😂
'GreenGrounds' 2 months ago
The black guy is really embarrassed throughout the whole video haha
Mini Molly
'Mini Molly' 2 months ago
I think that they needed to put John in some high heels 👠
'BloodPix' 2 months ago
"These shorts mighta worked for my butt, but they did- don't pan down!"
kon ka
'kon ka' 2 months ago
Hahahaha its really funny the guys are hilarious
Nina Laffoon
'Nina Laffoon' 2 months ago
I aspire to have Jon's confidence
Lorito Feria
'Lorito Feria' 3 months ago
dudes right he looks graceful lol I'm going to need a rubbing alcohol if I'm going to try them poles.
'PropagandaPanda' 3 months ago
We all know where you starring at
'glovesandtea' 3 months ago
why aren't the boys in heels tho
kenny murad
'kenny murad' 3 months ago
I like the black man 😂😂😂
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