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Bodybuilders Try Pole Dancing -
Published: 3 months ago By: BuzzFeedBlue

By: BuzzFeedBluePublished: 3 months ago

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Sexy female pole dancing on black background
KinoMasterskaya/Getty Images

Made by BFMP

Tee Popoola
Jon Schaefer
Anna Kia

A special Thank You to Barbell Brigade and Evolve Dance Studio.

Kyska Orrego
'Kyska Orrego' 3 hours ago
Please do more videos with these guys! They are awesome!
'CashMeOussideTUBE' 23 hours ago
that black bodybuilder has no functional strength
'cyndyK' 1 day ago
Omg barbell brigade!'!!! Thts my parents geo n barts company!!! so proud💕 where all the jk fans?!
ice tronic
'ice tronic' 2 days ago
At 4:07 I was like "please don't do this .. Please don't .. Don't do this"
Phoenix Ro
'Phoenix Ro' 2 days ago
They were super fun to watch
Ema Moskova
'Ema Moskova' 3 days ago
I don't know what would've happened if the guys were wearing heels!😂😂
Jishwa DunWithYøu
Why is a Jon so good at this?!?!?!😂😂😂😂😂
Happy Smile
'Happy Smile' 5 days ago
'TheTabbi1' 5 days ago
Hilarious 😄
Jak Rabbit
'Jak Rabbit' 1 week ago
ranya x
'ranya x' 1 week ago
jk anyone?
Zoe P
'Zoe P' 1 week ago
Jon seems very gay
Tricia Jean
'Tricia Jean' 1 week ago
Where are my jk fam at?
Reptilian Army leafyishere
Well... Not my proudest fap
'brent' 1 week ago
the guy in red has obviously done this before lol
Karkitty Vantas
'Karkitty Vantas' 2 weeks ago
the guy in the red was so grateful I'm shook
Jessica Young
'Jessica Young' 2 weeks ago
In every single video that Tee Poppola has been in he says something about kicking Ballet: "dont kick me Steve" Pole: "l feel like someone just kicked me "
one love
'one love' 2 weeks ago
Body Building or not a man does not belong on a pole . Not manly at all. Looks weird.
'SuJu_Mimi' 2 weeks ago
"don't pan down" XD
Gillian Kromer
'Gillian Kromer' 2 weeks ago
bring this back!!
Jalen W
'Jalen W' 2 weeks ago
they were trying so hard t o be funny but it only came off as annoying. like damn i wish they woulda took it seriously
'zaiddagamseh' 2 weeks ago
I paused so many times. Bless this studio for makin these boys dress tight so we can see dem goodies!
Andreea M.
'Andreea M.' 2 weeks ago
can we take a moment and admire how amazing that dancer was? She was so nice and pretty and of course an amazing dancer!
'96NightRider96' 2 weeks ago
but are the stilettos necessary
Ayasha Santos
'Ayasha Santos' 2 weeks ago
pole dancing is awesome love it
Mina Ilincic
'Mina Ilincic' 2 weeks ago
bodybuilders learn how to twerk
Anastazia Gray
'Anastazia Gray' 2 weeks ago
Where is Steve Gentili???? :(
Sii Dam
'Sii Dam' 2 weeks ago
John is the one doing better than everyone😂😂😂😂He's learning so fast😂😂
'GreenGrounds' 2 weeks ago
The black guy is really embarrassed throughout the whole video haha
Mini Molly
'Mini Molly' 3 weeks ago
I think that they needed to put John in some high heels 👠
'BloodPix' 3 weeks ago
"These shorts mighta worked for my butt, but they did- don't pan down!"
kon ka
'kon ka' 3 weeks ago
Hahahaha its really funny the guys are hilarious
Nina Laffoon
'Nina Laffoon' 3 weeks ago
I aspire to have Jon's confidence
Lorito Feria
'Lorito Feria' 4 weeks ago
dudes right he looks graceful lol I'm going to need a rubbing alcohol if I'm going to try them poles.
'PropagandaPanda' 4 weeks ago
We all know where you starring at
'glovesandtea' 4 weeks ago
why aren't the boys in heels tho
sterek halinski
'sterek halinski' 4 weeks ago
I like the black man 😂😂😂
Penny Thatcher
'Penny Thatcher' 4 weeks ago
John cracks me up! my favorite was when he's all "don't pan down" 😊🌹
'afenismama' 4 weeks ago
" butt meat!"😁😁😁
Mckenzie Timmons
'Mckenzie Timmons' 1 month ago
It was probably a lot harder for her to have to do it in heels. Js
'theflush' 1 month ago
Hahaha, the black guy looked like a tank climbing a pole. He is way to massive for this :D
Watermelonroxx Theninja
Tee is such a good sport, he's my favorite <3 And it would be so perfect if they got all the different teachers together at the end and they had to learn how to be a body builder
Karissa Smaglick
'Karissa Smaglick' 1 month ago
Where tf is Bart in all of these?!
'FluffyBunny' 1 month ago
XD the black guy just makes me think "wow this is how hellboy would react to poledancing"
'SKYSRBLUE' 1 month ago
barbell !!!! I wish they got bart to do it. BTW just kidding news/party and bart &geo are the owners youtube channels ( with out her people. )
Jazlyn Love
'Jazlyn Love' 1 month ago
Geo and Bart 💓
'kittykatmt' 1 month ago
I love Amanda. She is so beautiful :)
'GD97' 1 month ago
Is that Barbell this is Bart's gym from kj?!!
Bubble Pyrate
'Bubble Pyrate' 1 month ago
Her heels 😶
'Alexdrakevintage' 1 month ago
I can do all that stuff but I wouldn't be able to stay on the pole because I have sweaty hands
Jarron Moore
'Jarron Moore' 1 month ago
the girl power lifter is gorgeous
'L D' 1 month ago
John is my spirit animal
'The MCJC' 1 month ago
I came here from Markiplier pole dancing
Lit OreoYT
'Lit OreoYT' 1 month ago
Dude need some damn lotion.
Sharon Price
'Sharon Price' 1 month ago
always point your toe's gentleman
Isha Khud
'Isha Khud' 1 month ago
There is a difference between weightlifting and working with your body weight. Just because someone is able to stem 140kg he can still be a looser in terms of body weight workout as you can clearly see in this videos. All three of them kinda sucked even though they are super strong ;).
'Otaku' 1 month ago
Nadaly Pichardo
'Nadaly Pichardo' 2 months ago
Bodybuilders try cheerleading
Crazy Lady
'Crazy Lady' 2 months ago
Who are the people who only came here for john???
Andrea Havey
'Andrea Havey' 2 months ago
poledancing is so badass yo props to anyone who can do it
Nathan Wong
'Nathan Wong' 2 months ago
britt carter
'britt carter' 2 months ago
Why was Devin not in this??!! She is an incredibly talented pole dancer
Ana Universe
'Ana Universe' 2 months ago
Minnie Halfswinger
'Minnie Halfswinger' 2 months ago
Mich Gordon
'Mich Gordon' 2 months ago
Bodybuilders try samba 😂👌🎉
Ashaki Reid
'Ashaki Reid' 2 months ago
when i grow up i want to be Jon 😂😂
'TwinkleDemon' 2 months ago
Tee is so pure
'yumiulrich4eva' 2 months ago
John is so good at everything what is this
'julia' 2 months ago
"Mommy needs a nap" "Please never say that again" IM HOLLERING
Adriana Valdés
'Adriana Valdés' 2 months ago
Jon is the eugene of bodybuilders.
'KK's Channel' 2 months ago
I would epicly fail at this because even though it's mainly core it does require some sort of upper body strength and I have none so..
'ArielMedinaas' 2 months ago
Daniel Gibbi
'Daniel Gibbi' 2 months ago
That black guy ashy af😂
Angel Montoya
'Angel Montoya' 2 months ago
lol dam that black dude is ashy as fuck😂😂p.s I'm black
Grace Madeline
'Grace Madeline' 2 months ago
Oh it makes me so happy to see a bigger pole dancer she's gorgeous :)
Julie Hannegard
'Julie Hannegard' 2 months ago
jon is literally goals
Harasuke Amu
'Harasuke Amu' 2 months ago
Don't Pan Down XD
raynaldo arlen k.eman
i cant believe i also did this , im screw if someone else or my family notice this
Hil Ril
'Hil Ril' 2 months ago
Rebecca Reiger
'Rebecca Reiger' 2 months ago
I swear I am just like that black guy except I can't do a push-up when he probably could😂😂
Zennifer Rahman
'Zennifer Rahman' 2 months ago
So funny and arousing.
Ashley Thompson
'Ashley Thompson' 2 months ago
Hocus Pocus
'Hocus Pocus' 2 months ago
"oh something's showing that shouldn't be showing" lol.
Rachel Rojas
'Rachel Rojas' 2 months ago
'nwez2' 2 months ago
im fucking weak. id love to see this in real life. the fucking black guy lmao
Danielles Dilemmas
'Danielles Dilemmas' 2 months ago
the guy in the grey really needs lotion he's ashy af lol
Renad Mostafa
'Renad Mostafa' 2 months ago
I wouldn't touch these poles no matter what They rub their private areas on them Ew !!!
'AliSakurai' 2 months ago
I want to see hockey player try figure skating.
'MzFoRi3' 2 months ago
Bodybuilders try Salsa dancing! 💃
Evalonia D. Orbs
'Evalonia D. Orbs' 2 months ago
Santiago Rancero
'Santiago Rancero' 2 months ago
that was a nice view on the boys
Betzy Arr
'Betzy Arr' 2 months ago
They are just practicing to be strippers! So far they are doing great lol
Alex Rede
'Alex Rede' 2 months ago
but still not as graceful as cinnamon or dimond at your local strip club lol dead
the norwegian way
'the norwegian way' 2 months ago
Jon is the best, getting so into everything and totally owning it.
Galaxy Dawn
'Galaxy Dawn' 2 months ago
Jon is actually my favourite tho 😂😂👌
Karter Williams
'Karter Williams' 2 months ago
he did good😂😂
'babyswan' 2 months ago
They should try to teach body building to pole dancers,belly dancers,ballerinas,and couch potatos
Blurry Face
'Blurry Face' 2 months ago
The guy in the red was sassy😂
Rui Yang
'Rui Yang' 2 months ago
the dude's wiener though
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