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Bodybuilders Try Pole Dancing -
Published: 1 year ago By: BuzzFeedBlue

By: BuzzFeedBluePublished: 1 year ago

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Sexy female pole dancing on black background
KinoMasterskaya/Getty Images

Made by BFMP

Tee Popoola
Jon Schaefer
Anna Kia

A special Thank You to Barbell Brigade and Evolve Dance Studio.

Just Cassie
'Just Cassie' 6 minutes ago
ExcessiVe Ping
'ExcessiVe Ping' 11 hours ago
steroids my bois
Superman 4lif
'Superman 4lif' 2 days ago
Omg they train at Barbell Brigade wooo Bart and Geo
sigeru miyamoto
'sigeru miyamoto' 2 days ago
Bart and geos gym
'IT IZME_' 3 days ago
Let me tell ya. She ain't that great on the pole. She's too bulky, which makes her , as far as the grace scale is concerned..........Nnnnot even on it!
Jemia Aguero
'Jemia Aguero' 5 days ago
1:41 buzz kill
Juanita Edmonds
'Juanita Edmonds' 6 days ago
I love the guy in the red like if you agreee
Jayden Wyda
'Jayden Wyda' 1 week ago
“Dont touch me Jon”
Taylor Logan
'Taylor Logan' 1 week ago
That dude was woohoo ashyyy
Lily Evans
'Lily Evans' 1 week ago
Like I wanna have amanda's, I dunno, everything?
Andrea Montemallor
Waw! This made me laugh!
Caroline Salpeck
'Caroline Salpeck' 2 weeks ago
I just got an ad for that talking Tom and talking Angela game where they had some kind of duet of stand by me and I’m so confused
Fluffy Nazi
'Fluffy Nazi' 2 weeks ago
Poland: *swings herself on pole* Nazi: hot thing.....
Jace Norman
'Jace Norman' 2 weeks ago
Why am i watching this.😨
Ruby Cuello
'Ruby Cuello' 2 weeks ago
Are you good bro??
Kate Godiers
'Kate Godiers' 2 weeks ago
'TheChewyBaka' 2 weeks ago
They r all good buuut That one guy worked it yaaas queen
rin len
'rin len' 2 weeks ago
Black guy realy need some lotion
Eira Zahar
'Eira Zahar' 2 weeks ago
When I saw Barbell Brigade, I immediately think of Bart & Geo (Beaws)
Ava Thomas
'Ava Thomas' 2 weeks ago
Jarre Michelle Awing
Was that barbell brigade gym?
erin gumbs
'erin gumbs' 2 weeks ago
dem knees
Antoinette Grant-Willams
Edward M
'Edward M' 3 weeks ago
Amanda looks like Becky G
'poser' 3 weeks ago
1:34 she literally enjoying that while in front of men
Mariela Menchaca
'Mariela Menchaca' 3 weeks ago
"Please never say that again!"
I would've twisted my ankle or get a concussion if I did that
Anne Silver
'Anne Silver' 3 weeks ago
What's the song at the ens
Tia McBride
'Tia McBride' 3 weeks ago
This was super funny. They are so built for strength but I dont think big chocoman had been thinking on flexibility haha.. They had a good crack and thats real big of them. Id actually love to see more men try out for polework.. :)
wonder wolf1043
'wonder wolf1043' 3 weeks ago
Poll dancing is a sport
Afrina Scylr
'Afrina Scylr' 3 weeks ago
At the performance, Josh was like "Here comes the king"
Grant’s CREAMIEST memes
Its so much easier for the girl she’s totally underestimating 😂
Hero Ruiz
'Hero Ruiz' 3 weeks ago
Mm the guy in the red😍
Jaela Bailey
'Jaela Bailey' 4 weeks ago
bro was ashy!
Kathleen Ayaruak
'Kathleen Ayaruak' 4 weeks ago
1:06 "dont touch me jon" lmao
Unicorn Poop
'Unicorn Poop' 4 weeks ago
She was obvious interested in the white guy 😂😂 they remind me of school kids 😂😂😂
TheGreenLeopard AJ
'TheGreenLeopard AJ' 4 weeks ago
AHHHHHHH that hurt my butt knee..
'kcanded' 4 weeks ago
Why the HELL did they make the woman bodybuilder wear stilettoes??
Sara Ann
'Sara Ann' 4 weeks ago
lol don't pan down
Sara Ann
'Sara Ann' 4 weeks ago
oh well don't pan down
Sara Ann
'Sara Ann' 4 weeks ago
lol don't pan down
Sara Ann
'Sara Ann' 4 weeks ago
lol don't pan down
Sara Ann
'Sara Ann' 4 weeks ago
lol don't pan down
Sara Ann
'Sara Ann' 4 weeks ago
lol don't pan down
Sara Ann
'Sara Ann' 4 weeks ago
lol don't pan down
Sara Ann
'Sara Ann' 4 weeks ago
lol don't pan down
yoongi deserves the world
“Don’t touch me jon”
I love donce
'I love donce' 4 weeks ago
4:19 they were in syncc 😂
'PattieMcCoyx3' 4 weeks ago
Sexy dismount LMFAOOO
magic jonh
'magic jonh' 4 weeks ago
That black guy is so funny But he has no calfs
Dafilian Ilhaam
'Dafilian Ilhaam' 4 weeks ago
The red guy tho... Uuhhh damn his already hot.
aniya woodard
'aniya woodard' 4 weeks ago
He was so ashy 😂good lord
Ella P
'Ella P' 4 weeks ago
lol John was the best
'MINAH THE CHAMPION' 4 weeks ago
they should wear longer pants...
Becky A.
'Becky A.' 1 month ago
Hahaha Omg the dude in the red is a is the girl!
Larry S
'Larry S' 1 month ago
That chick is THICCC
'Kituvian' 1 month ago
The "don't touch me john" killed me 😆
'JaysonGamerTV' 1 month ago
I can litteraly can see that red guy penis
Cookie Magicl
'Cookie Magicl' 1 month ago
I was practically laughing the whole time
puppy_girl puppy_girl
umm is not a good idea om a man to do
Ellie_Playzz chicken
Maia Marmour
'Maia Marmour' 1 month ago
Why aren't the guys wearing stilletos?
Sarah Kate Marvin
'Sarah Kate Marvin' 1 month ago
I think it's crazy how people think pole dancing is just disgusting, my family thinks so, but I think it's a way to express yourself and really find yourself
Kiana Hendrickson
'Kiana Hendrickson' 1 month ago
The girl in pink heals is really annoying
Emhani Jackson
'Emhani Jackson' 1 month ago
5:06 IM DYING💀the way his feet hit the floor🤣
Mika Garcia
'Mika Garcia' 1 month ago
Tap dancing
'gurlio' 1 month ago
I was afraid those poles were going to come out of the ground lol
King Kay
'King Kay' 1 month ago
My dude shoulda used that cocoa butter.... mannnnn my homie was asheyyyy
John John
'John John' 1 month ago
this is so wrong
Creativity _Luv
'Creativity _Luv' 1 month ago
How ironic is it that a bodybuilding app was the ad before the vid lol 😂😂😂
B.L. Simpson
'B.L. Simpson' 1 month ago
Black man why you didn't lotion up! Look like you been rolling around in flour!
Ultimate Mayo
'Ultimate Mayo' 1 month ago
“Yes gurl yesssss”
Addict With A Crybaby At A Panicing! Black Parade
"Don't touch me Jon!"
kadi Lavigne
'kadi Lavigne' 1 month ago
I died!! It's so funny
Ashley Morris
'Ashley Morris' 1 month ago
She said my Butt Meat...
AnyaDicki6969 lol
'AnyaDicki6969 lol' 1 month ago
damn got it
Unicorn DIY
'Unicorn DIY' 1 month ago
The bulky one needs LOTION
'Niki' 1 month ago
A+ to cameraman 😂👍
Anika Serrano
'Anika Serrano' 1 month ago
I saw barbell brigade and I was like OH WOAH JK CREW
Triston Lovell  (STUDENT)
"I look like a sack of potato's just falling off the pole" MEEEE
'CrazyGeekBilly48' 1 month ago
One dollar a day will help Tee get some lotion cuz BOI does he need some! 😂💀 Jk.
Aj Passarelli
'Aj Passarelli' 1 month ago
...why tho
True Grit
'True Grit' 1 month ago
Rosey Twins
'Rosey Twins' 1 month ago
Jon is honestly 20/3
Roman Kelly
'Roman Kelly' 1 month ago
Archie Goodman
'Archie Goodman' 1 month ago
phil heathe is that you
my eyes are scarred forever
Diana Ball
'Diana Ball' 1 month ago
there we see that pound per pound the bodybuilder was the weakest of them all.
Dawn Thousands
'Dawn Thousands' 1 month ago
All of them should wear longer pants
yea ok
'yea ok' 1 month ago
Nia Jenkins
'Nia Jenkins' 1 month ago
QueenOfDreams 25
'QueenOfDreams 25' 1 month ago
One dude need lotion im sorry im sorry
'Serega5j' 1 month ago
Amanda is my favorite hero in this video.
Michael Ojeda
'Michael Ojeda' 1 month ago
The try guys need to do this
'zolner' 1 month ago
I keep on replaying 2:31 someone tell me I’m not the only one (Edit: and 4:24 and 4:56)
JohnnyThe9th !
'JohnnyThe9th !' 1 month ago
Omg the white guy 🤤
'Pepe' 1 month ago
Why is my mans so ashy?
'LordPimpD' 1 month ago
I was distracted by his ashiness
'ZLHLN MALIK' 1 month ago
"Don't pan down"
Odiah Tyfany
'Odiah Tyfany' 1 month ago
Jon achieved... something🧐
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