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Bodybuilders Try Pole Dancing -
Published: 6 months ago By: BuzzFeedBlue

By: BuzzFeedBluePublished: 6 months ago

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Sexy female pole dancing on black background
KinoMasterskaya/Getty Images

Made by BFMP

Tee Popoola
Jon Schaefer
Anna Kia

A special Thank You to Barbell Brigade and Evolve Dance Studio.

MV Channel
'MV Channel' 12 hours ago
he embrace he has grace he is gonna punch you in da face
Nabila Baraja
'Nabila Baraja' 17 hours ago
the guy in gray is so me
Ed Chezzy
'Ed Chezzy' 1 day ago
leg day bro
'dulgpesg' 2 days ago
I need the body builders to be a thing in buzzfeed 😂😂
Zoe Moser
'Zoe Moser' 3 days ago
Dope Dancer
'Dope Dancer' 4 days ago
I wonder what the teachers parents are thinking...
JasonX Rodriguez
'JasonX Rodriguez' 5 days ago
Why isn't he cool with the bulge situation? I don't mind and very much enjoy it...
'NotesOfSky' 6 days ago
oh jon i love you 😂😂😂
Rainey Carey
'Rainey Carey' 6 days ago
Pole dancing takes a BA woman with a bunch of upper body strength
'angellus09' 7 days ago
Dude in the red though ;)
'camille22' 2 weeks ago
"all these muscles are good for nothing" -bodybuilding
Zoi Andersen
'Zoi Andersen' 2 weeks ago
Tee is the absolute best
Alexandra Mason
'Alexandra Mason' 2 weeks ago
You mean to tell me this man with these hudge muscles can hold himself up on a pole...smh😕
Macho Nacho
'Macho Nacho' 2 weeks ago
A sack of potatoes falling😂😂😂😂
'Lynn' 2 weeks ago
Love it! They are so goofy! Most important thing is you're having fun
Jenny Bagley
'Jenny Bagley' 2 weeks ago
"Mommy needs a nap" "Please, never say that again." 😂😂😂
'MegaJeong' 2 weeks ago
Really? NO Bart?
Åmærø Røßãlíê
magic john Xl
Charlene Gardella
'Charlene Gardella' 2 weeks ago
when do we get a new bodybuilders try video?
b pavilion
'b pavilion' 2 weeks ago
All those muscles and you can't lift yourself up the pole... So why do you body build again?
Rainbow Lion
'Rainbow Lion' 2 weeks ago
mhm i noticed those pervs taking peeps
Miss Sofija
'Miss Sofija' 3 weeks ago
Tee is so precious.
Amy Khim
'Amy Khim' 3 weeks ago
4:36 when life doesn't go your way 😂😂😂
Esmeralda Ceballos
'Esmeralda Ceballos' 3 weeks ago
Mark is a better dancer than these guys
Otaco Bunny
'Otaco Bunny' 3 weeks ago
John just slayed everyone
david obrien
'david obrien' 3 weeks ago
im going to try and watch this with out getting erect
Taylor Duda
'Taylor Duda' 3 weeks ago
I want to be John... I'm a 17 year old female
'Prob_io' 3 weeks ago
Dude I'm grossed out....not a homophobe..,straight though..
Carlos Perez
'Carlos Perez' 3 weeks ago
LOL! That was funny.
Nana Rodriguez
'Nana Rodriguez' 3 weeks ago
Should have gave John some stripper shoes to😬
'QueenOfYaoi' 3 weeks ago
Bodybuilders try silk dancing
Christina Morgan
'Christina Morgan' 3 weeks ago
They need to do tap!
Ireallyreally Hategoogle
The black guy is the incarnation of too much muscle, not enough strength.
Flrl Bi
'Flrl Bi' 4 weeks ago
*Amanda* : my goal is to be more feminine than Jon, *_mission failed, we'll get em' next time_*
'PurpleUnicornCat' 4 weeks ago
"Show the world your goodies" I'm gonna saw that now, best quote ever. 🤣
Adrian D
'Adrian D' 4 weeks ago
Dayyyum. That man is so fine, and what a great personality. Heyyy.... hahah
Mike Bubble
'Mike Bubble' 4 weeks ago
FOLKS, not all of that was ASHINESS on the black bodybuilder! LOL! They have to use CHALK on their hands and on parts of their bodies for the pole. You can just see it so strongly because of his dark complexion. I understand that he had it on his knees as well but he also had it on his butt and crotch. It's easy for him to have gotten it on his knees considering that he's kneeling on the ground a lot straight from the beginning. Also, When he had the chalk on his hands he probably transferred it to his knees. Remember, had it on his butt as well. So keep in mind that it's natural for a lot of people to wipe their hands on their backsides when they have something on them or onto their legs. And if you notice, it's really hard for him to move bc of his muscles making him stiff. So he uses his hands on his knees a lot to pull himself up to a seated position, or even pushes on his knees in order to stand up. See how he was when he fell onto his back? He was like a freakin overturned turtle and needed assistance just to roll over! ROFL. Plus I'm sure he did have a little ashiness too, bc lotion would make anyone slip right off of the pole and injure themselves... But most of it was chalk.
'Laura.ren101' 4 weeks ago
Why is it so hard for the black dude to even open his legs?
Baroque Princette
'Baroque Princette' 4 weeks ago
Jon is so good what
Isha Fofanah
'Isha Fofanah' 4 weeks ago
Jon is the Eugene of the bodybuilders.
'iceunelle' 4 weeks ago
They should make more of these "bodybuilders try" videos!
EB Vlogs
'EB Vlogs' 4 weeks ago
The big guy is just like: How the f**k are you doing this?!
Neon Blue Lover
'Neon Blue Lover' 4 weeks ago
They Got No Beauty They Got No Grace Their Gonna Punch You In They Face
'lolowhiskers' 4 weeks ago
Dashall Meyer
'Dashall Meyer' 4 weeks ago
how about body builers try drag
Lana Nameer
'Lana Nameer' 4 weeks ago
John vs. Eugene Who wins??
'Jordan' 1 month ago
magic mick in training
'chanellovvesyou' 1 month ago
why is jon so good at this
Liamm Rogers
'Liamm Rogers' 1 month ago
So much cringe in one video
emily burney
'emily burney' 1 month ago
We need another bodybuilders video like immediately I live and breathe off of this
Emily Hawkins
'Emily Hawkins' 1 month ago
bodybuilders do contortion
Tetsu Hatano
'Tetsu Hatano' 1 month ago
Magic mike jokes all around
Jackie Meier
'Jackie Meier' 1 month ago
jon is really hot-but he has to be gay I mean look at him he's beautiful :/
'Michelle' 1 month ago
Go Barbel Go!
302 is eternal life
'302 is eternal life' 1 month ago
hmmmm how about bodylifters try Veil poi.
Emily bonez
'Emily bonez' 1 month ago
she wasnt that good
'nuurG' 1 month ago
Women have no shame these days..
'Ykhraam' 1 month ago
great now I want to pole dance
Izla Colman
'Izla Colman' 1 month ago
anybody else here from Bart and geo or jknews/party/films and did anyone else freak out when they saw the Barbell brigade sign?
'changes' 1 month ago
Please have them try figure skating 😩
'kitcatAwesome' 1 month ago
John is more of a woman and a man than I will ever be.
'xCoreal' 1 month ago
'violentwinter' 1 month ago
Bodybuilders try synchronized trapeze
Alyssa De Marzo
'Alyssa De Marzo' 1 month ago
When he was like "Hellooooooo"💀😂
Keith Lee
'Keith Lee' 1 month ago
Dang Jon though ;)
Paige Anderson
'Paige Anderson' 1 month ago
I want more of these videos!
Katelyn Waller
'Katelyn Waller' 1 month ago
HE ASHY!!!!!!!!🤣😂😂😂
Ricardo J Aguiar
'Ricardo J Aguiar' 1 month ago
.... boy needs Nivea, jesus my mom would hammer "dont leave the house in shorts while ashy" into my head and this guy ignoring black person rule number 4
Foxy Soproxi
'Foxy Soproxi' 1 month ago
Alexandra Reynaga
'Alexandra Reynaga' 1 month ago
I'm a simple girl, I see buff dudes on a pole, I click on the video
Jake Potts
'Jake Potts' 1 month ago
I think Jon may be the original Magic Mike
Myeah Malalis
'Myeah Malalis' 1 month ago
All About Ambria
'All About Ambria' 1 month ago
I wanna see those body builders try gymnastics😂😂😂
'HailG3' 2 months ago
Jon is literally everything I look for in a guy
'Mintteacup' 2 months ago
Everyone is talking about Jon's skills and Tee's knees but what about Amanda? Give Amanda some love.
Jaralys C
'Jaralys C' 2 months ago
Bodybuilders try figure skating
Phan Trash
'Phan Trash' 2 months ago
Jon is literally Brendon Urie, if Brendon Urie ate his wife
S Vogel
'S Vogel' 2 months ago
Welp, I guess I'm Tee
Inside.Freyas. Head
'Inside.Freyas. Head' 2 months ago
"We'll see twinkle toes"
Tylerrisaloserr !!
'Tylerrisaloserr !!' 2 months ago
Why was i so happy they werent looking at her butt 24/7
Sophia Rice-Straus
'Sophia Rice-Straus' 2 months ago
That hurts my butt meat. 3:53
'4ss' 2 months ago
i dislike the girl
'AcehXInfinity' 2 months ago
Jon = Brendon Urie with 50% less forehead
'Caticorn' 2 months ago
why is john so good at like .....EVERYTHING 😂😂
'torjimon' 2 months ago
Quod licet Jovi, non licet bovi... :))
satya shukla
'satya shukla' 2 months ago
The guy in RED <3 :)
Christin Houchin
'Christin Houchin' 2 months ago
Bodybuilders try gymnastics
Cami Diaz G
'Cami Diaz G' 2 months ago
Bodybuilders try tango dancing!
'Vucko' 2 months ago
That amanda girl <333
Deanna S
'Deanna S' 2 months ago
This shows one of the things showing proof that those people who are body builders CAN'T do everything they believe they can. idiots.
Kera Andersen
'Kera Andersen' 2 months ago
One time there was a really long fire drill at school so everyone was talking and messing around and I turned to my right and there was a boy pole dancing(really good tbh)on a stop sign and I screamed OH MY GOSH and everyone looked at my and I was laughing so hard
anna alot
'anna alot' 2 months ago
Joy Wachira
'Joy Wachira' 2 months ago
Barbell bruh BARBELL did I miss one of Bart and Geo's daily vlogs or something
Emily Hermenitt
'Emily Hermenitt' 2 months ago
I need a man like Jon
Assassin Aurelia
'Assassin Aurelia' 2 months ago
I feel less bad when I fail. Bodybuilders aren't doing so hot at it either. well except for Jon.
'KrunchiiKeo' 2 months ago
Who thought of Markiplier when they saw this? Just me? Oh.. okay...
Alexandra Murphy
'Alexandra Murphy' 2 months ago
why do I like this omg 🤣😂
Donovan Scott
'Donovan Scott' 2 months ago
Jon is REALLY doin' it for me in those red lycra shorts *sweats profusely*
'KittySnicker' 2 months ago
Red shirt can get it...
Malloree Holland
'Malloree Holland' 2 months ago
Jon is hot af😯
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