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Bodybuilders Try Pole Dancing -
Published: 10 months ago By: BuzzFeedBlue

By: BuzzFeedBluePublished: 10 months ago

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Sexy female pole dancing on black background
KinoMasterskaya/Getty Images

Made by BFMP

Tee Popoola
Jon Schaefer
Anna Kia

A special Thank You to Barbell Brigade and Evolve Dance Studio.

Thinh Pham
'Thinh Pham' 22 hours ago
What wrong with camera man at
Brittni Smith
'Brittni Smith' 3 days ago
John is my spirit animal!!
Ishvar Mahendiran
'Ishvar Mahendiran' 3 days ago
I feel really bad for that most muscled one😂😂😂
'iamtheKingbitch:' 3 days ago
what a trio...soul mates 4 ever... they have that chemistry thing,,, On point
'Harpskid' 4 days ago
Why is the black guy so unflexible? Is he muscle bound or does he have a problem with his back or something?
'Fuhrmanizer' 5 days ago
John is a legend fight me
Gabby Campbell
'Gabby Campbell' 6 days ago
Gotta work on flexibility too when you're a body builder unless you want to rip yourself in half.
Martha Mendoza
'Martha Mendoza' 6 days ago
hahahahahahaha I loved it!!!!!!
Twenty Øne Unicorns
Jon just basically SLAYED everyone
Jesse G
'Jesse G' 1 week ago
I will pay Jon some money to do this at my party
evee lover
'evee lover' 1 week ago
That hurt my butt meat lol I died😂
'Samerella' 1 week ago
John was obviously destined to be a pole dancer Can be found at your local strip club
Samantha Butler
'Samantha Butler' 2 weeks ago
"Sorry Mom"
Totally a white president
those heels are higher than my future and my bank account
the legend of me
'the legend of me' 2 weeks ago
They talk too much
say say
'say say' 2 weeks ago
How come john is good at everything ( belly dance, ballad dance and pole dance)
'ulGenos' 2 weeks ago
Diamond or Cinnamon 😂😂😂😂
Von Ray
'Von Ray' 2 weeks ago
I need Mr. red to cum in my mouth.
El Niño Pesadilla
'El Niño Pesadilla' 2 weeks ago
This is so beatiful
Jafet Vargas
'Jafet Vargas' 2 weeks ago
I was enjoying Mr. Red oh yeah... Gimme more of that
Daphna Nussbaum
'Daphna Nussbaum' 2 weeks ago
John is my favorite he's so funny
Rose Linton
'Rose Linton' 2 weeks ago
Twinkle toes is killing it
Theblue windows
'Theblue windows' 2 weeks ago
........ I'm not sure how to feel about this video😂😂
Luka Luke
'Luka Luke' 2 weeks ago
Red guys butt is better than all of them combined ;D
Anime T•T
'Anime T•T' 2 weeks ago
Omg John reminded me of Jimmy Gibbler SO MUCH 💞
Honey Boom
'Honey Boom' 2 weeks ago
ah yes i needed this
Laura Kinney
'Laura Kinney' 2 weeks ago
Please do silks next, I would love to see that.
Lil Baby Lani
'Lil Baby Lani' 2 weeks ago
Amanda is SO hot.
Jose Yanez
'Jose Yanez' 2 weeks ago
But that asses tho XD man I’m a pervert
Brian Jay
'Brian Jay' 2 weeks ago
Ohh please do pan down on that bulge <3
Richard Edwards
'Richard Edwards' 2 weeks ago
Jon was fine af
Brianna Walker
'Brianna Walker' 3 weeks ago
John killin it I see
Brianna Walker
'Brianna Walker' 3 weeks ago
John killin it I see
Trample Louie
'Trample Louie' 3 weeks ago
Thank you very much for the video😳
G Queen
'G Queen' 3 weeks ago
4:01 mood
do bi
'do bi' 3 weeks ago
black guy is sooo stiff smh
do bi
'do bi' 3 weeks ago
is that the body builder that died recently doing a backflip
'KK R' 3 weeks ago
cinnamon or diamond lolll
Annelise Zeender
'Annelise Zeender' 3 weeks ago
Did anyone else hear her say "ow my butt meat?"
Avery Belcher
'Avery Belcher' 3 weeks ago
John f me up
zuleyha aksoy
'zuleyha aksoy' 3 weeks ago
Geo Bart Joe Casey Tiffany Julia Jkn
'HalfofMyInnerme' 3 weeks ago
How much for the guy in red? and.... Why was there a gorilla in this video?
Daniel Carman
'Daniel Carman' 3 weeks ago
John is Daddy!!! I love you Bae!
kimfu panda
'kimfu panda' 3 weeks ago
This two dudes are so hilarious 😂😂😂 gotta cry my eyes out 😂😁
Lemon Cobain
'Lemon Cobain' 3 weeks ago
Good job, red underwear! Black underwear, you need to practice every day. Blue underwear, you have to ask red underwear to teach you the sexy walk.
'Vinyl-animation' 3 weeks ago
Claire Boyle
'Claire Boyle' 3 weeks ago
Why aren't the men in heels?
Ryley W
'Ryley W' 4 weeks ago
wtf is is this... why is that a thing
Whoa_princess :
'Whoa_princess :' 4 weeks ago
Yooo he was so ashy
'voldemort' 4 weeks ago
yeah striptiz
Jay-Arr Preston
'Jay-Arr Preston' 4 weeks ago
I think the sexy bodybuilder men need to attend a " boylesque" classes more now. :-)
christian irolla
'christian irolla' 4 weeks ago
the man in Ted could make a lot lot lot of money poledancing
Daniel Halley
'Daniel Halley' 4 weeks ago
The guy in the red is obviously no stranger to Pole dancing! lol Nothing to pan down for anyway! Aww! lol
David Orh
'David Orh' 4 weeks ago
Show the world my goodies my goodiesmy goodies not my goodies. Long way to go me & u
Golden Trap
'Golden Trap' 4 weeks ago
John is so 👌👌👌👏🙌🌈😂
marko Soldena
'marko Soldena' 4 weeks ago
Jon Schaefer he made a better job than Amanda he's more light than Amanda
Mike Reid
'Mike Reid' 4 weeks ago
Not fond of the bulge, that was the best part.
Michelle Saavedra
'Michelle Saavedra' 4 weeks ago
Sexy AF. That is all.
astuti suryadi
'astuti suryadi' 4 weeks ago
I bet that D just hurt
Charlene Gardella
'Charlene Gardella' 4 weeks ago
we need another episode
Reginah Wangari
'Reginah Wangari' 4 weeks ago
I really enjoyed watching this video
'devils2727' 1 month ago
guy in red shorts killed it!!
•Brooklyn Alexander •
Tee is always such a good sport about everything
derrick claiborne
'derrick claiborne' 1 month ago
Boy them knees 😂😂
Tonya Marie Hills
'Tonya Marie Hills' 1 month ago
"Don't pan down!" XD
Destructive Odst
'Destructive Odst' 1 month ago
the black guy really needs to stretch lol
Nate Alexander
'Nate Alexander' 1 month ago
what's the song playing when it shows the pole dancer ?
Freddy Robayo
'Freddy Robayo' 1 month ago
I love you, Jon. Your red shorts make you look SEXY! Your bulge looks delicious!!! I wanna marry you!
Tess Woodard
'Tess Woodard' 1 month ago
Well let's see a very, very bulked body builder, a power lifter, and an inshape gay guy hmmmm it's not hard to guess who is gonna do the best :-) still funny
'lunch830' 1 month ago
Gray tops legs look like he's been kicking flour.
'hereturikoka' 1 month ago
The dude in Red is awesome at it .... Props bro!!!
harry flanjj
'harry flanjj' 1 month ago
I love John
Joel Michaels
'Joel Michaels' 1 month ago
If I wasn't gay before, I definitely am now. Good Lord. The guy in the red. * faint*
Ricardo Ferreira
'Ricardo Ferreira' 1 month ago
The one in red is a cat.
Jose Antonio Garcia
'Jose Antonio Garcia' 1 month ago
jajajajaja i want red , very, very sexy
OptimistHunter Reel
'OptimistHunter Reel' 1 month ago
Is the white guy straight? Just asking for a friend.
Carlos Meza Colin
'Carlos Meza Colin' 1 month ago
Que ricos
Yair Medina
'Yair Medina' 1 month ago
Bodybuilders are known for being not much of agile dancers, not flexibility at all aswell. Guess they all trying! The guy in red was great tho! Lol!
mas perra
'mas perra' 1 month ago
red is fuking sexy
'ANDREW LEDEZMA' 1 month ago
Omg John so hot and sexy yassss
'discoinc' 1 month ago
Who is the men in red? He is very sexy.
Aldair Vasquez Jimenez
Ese de rojo, si me lo cojo 😂😂😂🌚💃
Mauricio Herrera
'Mauricio Herrera' 1 month ago
'jijijijijijmemememe' 1 month ago
I love Jon. He's simply the best
'EnigmaDrath' 1 month ago
I got a workout just laughing at this XD
peter clark
'peter clark' 1 month ago
loved this..too much...great fun!
'glory_and_gore' 1 month ago
Can we talk about how ashy that black guy was? 🤢
'gayuwhat' 1 month ago
'Aurora' 1 month ago
Gay guys 100%
Eimy Mariana Ortíz Beltrán
The pole dancing that she showed its nothing like the real pole dancing
mark layton
'mark layton' 1 month ago
LOL he wasn't happy with his bulge situation ???? where was tiny like a peanut ....he should have padded more
'Cwiki' 1 month ago
Name of white guy?
'thefunkyone247' 1 month ago
That white guy is gorgeous 😍😍😍😘😘😘😘❤️❤️❤️
'GuerrieroCt' 1 month ago
Dear John you're 100% my type of man!! Hot af and incredibly self ironic!!! ❤💘😍
'vince' 1 month ago
is John gay?
Bella Cullen
'Bella Cullen' 1 month ago
Jon is hot
'tangled55' 1 month ago
Honey, that white queen in the red is LIFE.
'leftatalbuquerque' 1 month ago
If they'd put the guys in cowboy boots, it would have served as heels.
'Rider' 1 month ago
2:03 John "Show the goodies bam" *covers the goodies *
Shinobi Goes
'Shinobi Goes' 1 month ago
muito divertido ver esses grandões se esforçando , só assim pra saber como as mulheres são fisicamente (entre outras coisas) mais fortes que os caras da academia. Se eu fosse tentar, com certeza absoluta... eu ia ficar caio no chão estrebuchando igual uma minhoca. kkkkk
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