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Bodybuilders Try Pole Dancing -
Published: 8 months ago By: BuzzFeedBlue

By: BuzzFeedBluePublished: 8 months ago

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Sexy female pole dancing on black background
KinoMasterskaya/Getty Images

Made by BFMP

Tee Popoola
Jon Schaefer
Anna Kia

A special Thank You to Barbell Brigade and Evolve Dance Studio.

ainara lopez
'ainara lopez' 55 minutes ago
esto no es pole dance esto es sexy
'Samuel' 10 hours ago
Nobody is more graceful then Jon.
Vilen Everett
'Vilen Everett' 15 hours ago
I would pay a lotta money to see Mr. Red pants dance
'KSfandomtastic' 18 hours ago
Gr8 video but i need to talk about the ad i had to watch before the video. There was a moon and a banana and im still confused.
Bellal Azimi
'Bellal Azimi' 1 day ago
Brooklyn Trent
'Brooklyn Trent' 1 day ago
Tee is soooo muscular lol
'eqlaci' 1 day ago
someone love tee lolol
kaitlyn_asmr n
'kaitlyn_asmr n' 2 days ago
wow jon is workin' it!
Yori Katt
'Yori Katt' 2 days ago
Am I the only one that got is Shawn Mendes ad with shawn wearing girl cologne?
Otaku Taco
'Otaku Taco' 3 days ago
"My butt meat"
'Pup,py!Cutie,465.' 3 days ago
All u need to do is be jon
'Zephyrus_anim8' 4 days ago
I was cheering for Tee the entire time
Richard Gonzales
'Richard Gonzales' 4 days ago
I wouldn't mind giving you a hand Jon. Are you into dudes or ladies? Or both? Or not sure? Just a recruiter for the winning team, ya feel me.
Richard Gonzales
'Richard Gonzales' 4 days ago
Just get some better shots of Jon and his goodies. This is all about him. So hot. Can Jon be a hobby? *Starts to casually stalk Jon*
Henry Adriel
'Henry Adriel' 4 days ago
The white guy had a boner but you couldn't tell because he's got a micro penis
Shane C
'Shane C' 5 days ago
Jon is so cute! <3
Shannon Young
'Shannon Young' 5 days ago
Bless, none of them invited even nearly properly, but they didn't die so it's all good
Abi Saddique
'Abi Saddique' 7 days ago
Jon and Eugene need a face off
Nan Chevelon
'Nan Chevelon' 1 week ago
His ashy knees tho😂😂
Shruti Juvekar
'Shruti Juvekar' 2 weeks ago
They should do body builders try swimming in mermaid fins
SusieQ Q
'SusieQ Q' 2 weeks ago
John is my favorite person ever
Shruti Juvekar
'Shruti Juvekar' 2 weeks ago
Omg the guy in gray is CRUSTAYYYY
'D.W.A' 2 weeks ago
John is the Eugene of Try Guys.
Mauricio Mendoza Hernández
Kayla King
'Kayla King' 3 weeks ago
Jon is like the Eugene of the bodybuilders
Inky Llama
'Inky Llama' 3 weeks ago
They need to do kpop dances
Princessmaymay_ 08
'Princessmaymay_ 08' 3 weeks ago
Barbell brigade!!!!
Andres Betancourt
'Andres Betancourt' 3 weeks ago
OMG BARBELL BRIGADE That's Bart Kwon's gym from JK films!!!
'xXPorcelinxxRoseXx' 3 weeks ago
The lady bodybuilder had cake, like yass honey
'nobodycaresmeimei' 3 weeks ago
Wait Barbell Brigade?! Yes Bart and Geo!!
Alena Granger
'Alena Granger' 3 weeks ago
If the boys tried to do it in heels the video would have been ten times more fun. Like if you agree
Ayla Thorp
'Ayla Thorp' 4 weeks ago
Try synchronized swimming next!
Nicolle Ebba
'Nicolle Ebba' 4 weeks ago
"That hurts my butt meat" Also John will always be my favorite
'_Koi_' 4 weeks ago
Amanda: I just want to be more feminine and graceful than Jon Jon:  :P
Toboh Nyeh Nyeh
'Toboh Nyeh Nyeh' 4 weeks ago
The guy in red SLAYSSS
im satan
'im satan' 4 weeks ago
"Don't pan down!!"
Maria De Jesus Tavarez
Everybody needs to be like John omg
Dark Alessa
'Dark Alessa' 4 weeks ago
how tf do you do that in heel
Sxlty Aye
'Sxlty Aye' 4 weeks ago
John has _amazing_ legs, ngl.
Kenzie I
'Kenzie I' 4 weeks ago
Ayyy they are from Barbell! Bart and Geo anyone?
'djj09062000' 4 weeks ago
damn John is good at everything :)
Sakura Tube
'Sakura Tube' 4 weeks ago
Try guys try pole dancing please
Igolo Ohalete
'Igolo Ohalete' 4 weeks ago
Is no one going to talk about how freaking gorgeous they all are?
Psychos Lullaby
'Psychos Lullaby' 4 weeks ago
I would pay to see Jon pole dance
Erik Emerölduson
'Erik Emerölduson' 1 month ago
Tee cannot support his own weight on the pole. WUT?
thefishyfriends acount
Jon was by far the best
Tenzin Pema
'Tenzin Pema' 1 month ago
smosh did it better
Emily Jeong
'Emily Jeong' 1 month ago
im living for the "giant-wearing-oversized-shirt" look
'MagusGB' 1 month ago
Kray Kray
'Kray Kray' 1 month ago
moonlight X3
'moonlight X3' 1 month ago
I would be the guy in gray for real besides a girl and not ashy
Ezinne Osy-Orji
'Ezinne Osy-Orji' 1 month ago
Where's Jon?
Pilgrim AJ
'Pilgrim AJ' 1 month ago
This must be so awkward tho
Jesslyn DS
'Jesslyn DS' 1 month ago
woow john is really good at pole dancing
Logan Giancoli
'Logan Giancoli' 1 month ago
4:03 i thought he didn't have anything on
Emily Griffin
'Emily Griffin' 1 month ago
"And be more feminine that John"😂😂
Emily Mcleod
'Emily Mcleod' 1 month ago
Anna_ Phoenix
'Anna_ Phoenix' 1 month ago
Jon was graceful af
Olivia Chavarria
'Olivia Chavarria' 1 month ago
Ok John was great and all but the girl did it in heels
Girl Gamer
'Girl Gamer' 1 month ago
Jon is my absolute favorite 😂
me cuca
'me cuca' 2 months ago
no nos engañas el q esta vestido de rojo..eres stripper😅😅
Calvin Manalo
'Calvin Manalo' 2 months ago
What is Amanda's ig, for research purposes?
Galeno Delmar
'Galeno Delmar' 2 months ago
ew no
'ew no' 2 months ago
John is precious.
Maria Hansen
'Maria Hansen' 2 months ago
i really like how they do it in heels
Jenna Noell
'Jenna Noell' 2 months ago
Was anyone else just watching the instructors damn those are ankle snappers
Kelly Smith
'Kelly Smith' 2 months ago
john is secretly a pole dancer that's his after job
Ana Leah Bertubin
'Ana Leah Bertubin' 2 months ago
The guy in red is my spirit animal.
Drew Tech
'Drew Tech' 2 months ago
Ok but jon is slaying my life and added probably 50% onto my gay-meter
missbutterfly 491
'missbutterfly 491' 2 months ago
"my butt meat"
Trico The Guardian
'Trico The Guardian' 2 months ago
Guy in grey: There goes my babys.
Blayz Davis
'Blayz Davis' 2 months ago
MV Channel
'MV Channel' 2 months ago
he embrace he has grace he is gonna punch you in da face
Nabila Baraja
'Nabila Baraja' 2 months ago
the guy in gray is so me
Ed Chezzy
'Ed Chezzy' 2 months ago
leg day bro
'dulgpesg' 2 months ago
I need the body builders to be a thing in buzzfeed 😂😂
Zoe Moser
'Zoe Moser' 2 months ago
Dope Dancer
'Dope Dancer' 2 months ago
I wonder what the teachers parents are thinking...
JasonX Rodriguez
'JasonX Rodriguez' 2 months ago
Why isn't he cool with the bulge situation? I don't mind and very much enjoy it...
'NotesOfSky' 2 months ago
oh jon i love you 😂😂😂
Ronny Creekside
'Ronny Creekside' 2 months ago
Pole dancing takes a BA woman with a bunch of upper body strength
'angellus09' 2 months ago
Dude in the red though ;)
'camille22' 2 months ago
"all these muscles are good for nothing" -bodybuilding
Zoi Andersen
'Zoi Andersen' 2 months ago
Tee is the absolute best
Alexandra Mason
'Alexandra Mason' 2 months ago
You mean to tell me this man with these hudge muscles can hold himself up on a pole...smh😕
Macho Nacho
'Macho Nacho' 2 months ago
A sack of potatoes falling😂😂😂😂
'Lynn' 2 months ago
Love it! They are so goofy! Most important thing is you're having fun
Jenny Bagley
'Jenny Bagley' 2 months ago
"Mommy needs a nap" "Please, never say that again." 😂😂😂
'MegaJeong' 2 months ago
Really? NO Bart?
Åmærø Røßãlíê
magic john Xl
Charlene Gardella
'Charlene Gardella' 3 months ago
when do we get a new bodybuilders try video?
b pavilion
'b pavilion' 3 months ago
All those muscles and you can't lift yourself up the pole... So why do you body build again?
Rainbow Lion
'Rainbow Lion' 3 months ago
mhm i noticed those pervs taking peeps
Miss Sofija
'Miss Sofija' 3 months ago
Tee is so precious.
Amy Khim
'Amy Khim' 3 months ago
4:36 when life doesn't go your way 😂😂😂
Esmeralda Ceballos
'Esmeralda Ceballos' 3 months ago
Mark is a better dancer than these guys
Otaco Bunny
'Otaco Bunny' 3 months ago
John just slayed everyone
david obrien
'david obrien' 3 months ago
im going to try and watch this with out getting erect
Taylor Duda
'Taylor Duda' 3 months ago
I want to be John... I'm a 17 year old female
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