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Fat Bike caught on an Electric Fence! -
Published: 1 year ago By: Big DT

By: Big DTPublished: 1 year ago

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Whilst pedalling today my mate Paul went to put his bike over a fence. Half way though he realised that it was electric! So he dropped it on the fence. This is a video of him and my mate Al trying to get it off! Please excuse the swearing and oh yes by the way the clicking sound is the electric pulsing!!

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Stuart Tailor
'Stuart Tailor' 2 weeks ago
Why wouldn’t you just lift it by the front tyre? Fucking mong
Baba Basa
'Baba Basa' 2 weeks ago
It is pretty easy to pull something off an electric fence cause you touch it hard it will not hurt a bit and then you can get the ting off.
Jeff Mullinix
'Jeff Mullinix' 2 weeks ago
This reminds me of our government and it's fool people in the USA .
Jeff Mullinix
'Jeff Mullinix' 2 weeks ago
I can say GOD name in vane . I guess I will dam it anyway . This is where the Jews got us at now . A group of bikers cant get a bike away from an electric fence . Really ! We are fools aren't we . Grab the dam tires and maybe the seat and get your bike .
sean barrasin
'sean barrasin' 3 weeks ago
that woz funny as fuck
'Ruqya' 4 weeks ago
Lift.. from.. the tire.. don't touch.. the.. rim.. . . .
'gilessmokey' 1 month ago
keep off the footpaths.
Ken Takel
'Ken Takel' 2 months ago
Hell's Angels ain't got nothing on these guys. That's what I call a biker gang.
Michael Collier
'Michael Collier' 2 months ago
They needed special branch.
Ernst Haft
'Ernst Haft' 3 months ago
Stupidity at its best...
'hammeredscout' 3 months ago
You guys made my day. I had my doubts you would get your bike back.
'Anonamiss' 3 months ago
Valerie Warren
'Valerie Warren' 3 months ago
Never gets old
'Feluto' 3 months ago
Just a mouthful - a bit of the flank!
'randgate' 3 months ago
Put the wet stick between wire and ground so it has an easier path than through your gloves and rubber shoes, dur
'BossMadOne' 3 months ago
For those curious, they are soaked with rain/dew and I'd imagine sweat. So even the little bit of current through the material was painful.
'MrArchDelux' 3 months ago
So funny to damage someone's property. Real fun I must say.
Gerry K7
'Gerry K7' 3 months ago
Benny Hill is alive and well!
Paul Hatcher
'Paul Hatcher' 4 months ago
I found this all rather tragic for many reasons. Not really that funny at all. I hope they know the landowner as it looks like vandalism to me. Why couldn't they have either a) Found the power source and turned the power off. b) Short the fence to ground. c) Picked the bike up by tyres only. Clearly not many brain cells between them. These type of off road warriors give cross cyclists a bad name.
Charity Quill
'Charity Quill' 4 months ago
how many brits does it take to untangle a bike from an electric fence....
'Ditto' 4 months ago
Why should England tremble when we have men like this. Dad's army or what ! ! He hee.
'markylon' 4 months ago
walk to end of fence and turn off power supply
Damian Berlik
'Damian Berlik' 4 months ago
xD :)
Billy Reynolds
'Billy Reynolds' 6 months ago
You made a right bloody mess of that fence, you told the owner obviously?
Kay Mannifield
'Kay Mannifield' 6 months ago
Fucking towny idiots. They've knackered that fence and the the wooden one next to it. Why didn't the eejit use the gate? Should they even have really been in that field? So fucking stupid are they that they didn't realise they could handle the bike touching anything made of rubber. Fuck off back to town, dickheads.
Criss Howe
'Criss Howe' 7 months ago
if they would just hold it by the rubber in the tires, they would lift it up and get it free!
'ginnyjollykidd' 7 months ago
Don't straddle the wheel! You couldn't ask the fellows riding by to help you out?
Jimmy Walker
'Jimmy Walker' 7 months ago
Ron Angel
'Ron Angel' 7 months ago
You just follow wire to power unit and turn off,remove bike and turn on. How do you think farmer moves his animals. Total idiots. This is not colditz or the mexican border!
therealAK ALASKA
'therealAK ALASKA' 8 months ago
how did it get there??????
Cube TV
'Cube TV' 8 months ago
how did he manage to get it that mangle d in the fence to begin with
'Nerdman73' 9 months ago
How does one get a bike stuck on top of wires like that
'TheDriza' 9 months ago
fucking accent is annoying as hell.
lesley Davis
'lesley Davis' 9 months ago
hehe....the trials of the electric fence...being from the countyside myself..i too have felt its sting!! oh and Re-the accent from Somerset, a very strong west country accent and im not offended in anyway when people comment on it...even if they do take the p*s* ! lol
Martin Th
'Martin Th' 9 months ago
"Baaaah" - "Shut up, fucking sheep"
නිමල හේරත්
what a bloody bunch of idiots........!!!
Paul Ram
'Paul Ram' 10 months ago
It is very funny
tim bum
'tim bum' 10 months ago
or just pour some piss on the pole holding the fence
'ERIK LIMA' 10 months ago
KKKKKKKKKKKK...Very, very nice....Congratulation. BIKERS IN BRASIL.
'dsndicmsa' 10 months ago
i'm just surprised such idiotic fat old retards that can't managed a fence can ride a bike
Edison Trent
'Edison Trent' 10 months ago
How in the bloody hell did you get that stuck in there? lol
'kelsimoo1' 10 months ago
For future reference, uou could ask the farmer ti turn the fence off for a couple of minutes hahaha
'avideo4u' 11 months ago
By golly them chaps sure in a pickle, for fucks sake, lol ... why don't you just ask the farmer to turn off or unplug the fence? Jolly good show!
Athena Sheffield
'Athena Sheffield' 11 months ago
JUST BE BRAVE. LOLOL...this is hilarious!!! 🤣😂🤣😂
'underwaterbubbles' 11 months ago
Oo ow oo ow i love it.
'cro4591' 11 months ago
I think it's traveling through the mud on the tire.
Time Tamer
'Time Tamer' 11 months ago
"It's a f**king bastard, innit?"
George Homer
'George Homer' 11 months ago
do these idiots not see the wire to it on the post? duh lol
give the bike ....
mario manojlovic
'mario manojlovic' 11 months ago
why do you need electric fence, to stop leprechauns?
Roderick MacLeod
'Roderick MacLeod' 11 months ago
Dummies. All you have to do is pee on the fence to short it out and then removing the bike is easy.
'PaintSnake' 11 months ago
just grab it... pussys :)
The Origami Guru
'The Origami Guru' 12 months ago
This....made me laugh so hard..... Thank you, just thank you for posting this....
Durrant Miller
'Durrant Miller' 12 months ago
That's a weak fence, where I live everyone runs it high enough to knock you onto your butt
'Winnetoo85' 12 months ago
why they dont search the generator and turn it off for a minute?!?!??^^ thats 3 grown up men...... wtf. how can they survive? only because of they womens? :))))) sry for my bad english
Colin Cole
'Colin Cole' 1 year ago
just grab the tires they are made of rubber
Elijah Zola
'Elijah Zola' 1 year ago
turn the electeicalmatricity off then
Markos Lymperoudis
Paul, I can't wait to meet you personally in Crete in August 2017! Make sure that you bring the lads the next time. Tell em not to worry, as we do not have electric fences over here: ;-)
'michendo1' 1 year ago
I'd hate to see them change a lightbulb
Ian Keegan
'Ian Keegan' 1 year ago
Fat bike on little fence
jek jek0712
'jek jek0712' 1 year ago
Wyrm Limion
'Wyrm Limion' 1 year ago
I told you! I told you! I told you! I told you!
'Benflaton' 1 year ago
How the fuck did it get in there? 😂😂
'Jakevandee' 1 year ago
I literally touched an electric fence last night and it wasn't bad
Jake Gregory
'Jake Gregory' 1 year ago
Hot the ACTUAL FUCK did this happen😂😂😂😂😂😂
albert d
'albert d'hondt' 1 year ago
Nathan Troon
'Nathan Troon' 1 year ago did this happen?!
Moga Dishu
'Moga Dishu' 1 year ago
English Clowns...
Cool iO
'Cool iO' 1 year ago
Golden, just golden. :)
random tv 1
'random tv 1' 1 year ago
0:17 bahh shut up sheep its all your fault
Luiz Fellipe Cortat
voodoo bike
James Harcombe
'James Harcombe' 1 year ago
"You won't get a belt through here.... Oh" ROFLMFAO
Deanna Brownlee
'Deanna Brownlee' 1 year ago
This is so delightfully goofy!
Kelly Crosby
'Kelly Crosby' 1 year ago
"Go on, just be brave." Best line of the video. Lol.
'Phantaxus' 1 year ago
This needs to be a puzzle on the new series of the Crystal Maze
Aerospace Fox
'Aerospace Fox' 1 year ago
I look through these comments and see so many people from the UK, typing in a way that you can just tell their accent.
'Steamiskey' 1 year ago
how high do they have the fence and why didnt they ask the owner to idk TURN IT OFF and in my experience electric fences arent that bad so grow some balls and grabe it by the grips (made of rubber) and pull it off? most farm fences arent to bad if you have somthing rubber for it...... the metal bike would be a pain though...... for there next stunt can they al hold hands and one of them grabe the fence :D always fun to tell people that stops the shock XD sorry for bad english Xb
Johnnie Dorman
'Johnnie Dorman' 1 year ago
An electrifying experience? I know, bad joke.
JT Manuel
'JT Manuel' 1 year ago
how the hell did it end up there?
Mark Whitcombe
'Mark Whitcombe' 1 year ago
by far the most funniest YouTube video I've watched. you all deserve an award, I cant help but keep watching this great video
'butercap12' 1 year ago
Ivan Zhong
'Ivan Zhong' 1 year ago
Wtf happend
Dean Corson
'Dean Corson' 1 year ago
new edition of jack ass?? I didn't know auditions were open again!
'Snyver' 1 year ago
Hahaha 😂 This video was recommended by my Google Assistant! 😃
Matthew H.
'Matthew H.' 1 year ago
next time, if there is one, gentlemen....neutralize the fence on the power source side with your sticks. one end to the ground.
'n1mand' 1 year ago
How did it get there?
'NotJasonSA' 1 year ago
Just be brave!
Dean Porter
'Dean Porter' 1 year ago
that's he funniest thing I have seen in a long time.
'John' 1 year ago
3:36 "You'll have to straighten the fence out.." That must have been my favorite part
Rafa Sanchez
'Rafa Sanchez' 1 year ago
hahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahaha hahahahahahahhahahahahaha I piss myself off
F. B.
'F. B.' 1 year ago
WOW this video got nearly 3,000,000 views in just a little over 2 weeks? It is hilarious, I will say. I love the riotous laughter of course, but the branches snapping off was great too.
'R0tten' 1 year ago
so funny lol
Salty Viper
'Salty Viper' 1 year ago
A little knowledge of electricity would have worked wonders here
Steve Mack
'Steve Mack' 1 year ago
Zach S
'Zach S' 1 year ago
How did u manage to do that
Skandranon Banefire
couldn't you bridge the fence with some jumper cables?
gabor parlagh
'gabor parlagh' 1 year ago
What the hell did you do in a private property protected by an electrical fence??!
'Jacun' 1 year ago
Fix the fence now :D
'JankesBMW' 1 year ago
and how they won 2nd world war LOL
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