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Trump Russia ties: Kremlin says it has no 'compromising' information - BBC News -
Published: 6 days ago By: BBC News

By: BBC NewsPublished: 6 days ago

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Russia has denied claims its intelligence agencies have compromising material about Donald Trump.

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Pub Comrad
'Pub Comrad' 1 day ago
The points in the dossier match what Trump has behaved, said, and done. . What a coincidence!
Judy Dees
'Judy Dees' 3 days ago
The TRUTH will prevail and we will know the TRUTH. "There is nothing hidden that shall not come to light". I've watched this over and over all of my life and have seen this scripture come true. When the Truth comes, it's make some MAD and set some Free. God is the reason why Trump won the election Now maybe the lying democrats will go ask God why He chose Trump.
Mr Bubble
'Mr Bubble' 3 days ago
The kings of propaganda. The big plan is falling apart 🙈
The Busy Bee
'The Busy Bee' 3 days ago
Has anyone considered Snowden's possible involvement in all the alleged hacking by the Russians????? given his history and the fact that Russia so highly welcomed him? Do you think the Russians took him in out of the goodness of their hearts??And do you think that Snowden has any love for the US after what has happened? Pretty strong motive no?
Keiser Sior
'Keiser Sior' 3 days ago
Russians were influencing trump...but not directly.but indirectly trough lapen and some italians...we europeans know that already
Allosaurus Fragilis
Internet full of trump supporters shouting lies and fake news. They are all well practised in both, of course. They are right about one thing....truth doesnt matter when it comes to stuff like this. Its out. Trump is a joke.
Christopher Steele
The president-elect of the United States would be vulnerable to blackmail by the Russians. Trump is a owned puppet of the Russian Mafia.
Legurek TV
'Legurek TV' 5 days ago
'General1002' 5 days ago
bye Obama..
'RED RUM' 5 days ago
NEWS FLASH - Russians are friends with Aliens that live on an earth-like moon in a far away galaxy. These Aliens listen in to earthling leaders around the world and overheard Trump speaking to the Russians blah! blah! Blah! Better Stop there. Buzzfeed the BBC and CNN might think this is real and report it.
Станислав Баш
здравствуйте товарищи
Skull King
'Skull King' 5 days ago
I'd love to see that so called information.
Oshane Laird
'Oshane Laird' 5 days ago
BBC is fake news
Jace Steckel
'Jace Steckel' 5 days ago
Hillary took money from a number of middle eastern countries... so what's the big deal if trump takes money which if they proved it they'd end him!
Gary Goodrich
'Gary Goodrich' 5 days ago
His campaign manager and Secretary of State appointee, along with Trump have Russian ties. Hey folks, there's a reason the Russians were literally cheering that Trump became President (notice I didn't say win because he didn't win. Win is when you have more votes than your opponent). The Russians are cheering that Trump will be President for a reason and it's not because they are big fans. He is already a danger and a national security risk. He needs to be removed right after he's sworn in. DRAW UP THE ARTICLES OF IMPEACHMENT RIGHT NOW!! I'm sick of hearing the lies that spill out of his and his cronies mouths.
'X12 RUS' 6 days ago
Better say goodbye to Obama 😂
Leon Powe
'Leon Powe' 6 days ago
It U.S. Policy to wait for the election to be finished, so it does not effect the outcome. Comey's letter done before the election was the unusual action and went against the Dept. of Justice policy.
Jan Proost
'Jan Proost' 6 days ago
No fake news this time. Putin has his puppet in the white house. New American president vote by Russia. I wish the best for all Americans next 4 years.
Emperor Donald J. Trump, American Ruler of Earth
More fake news. This is getting old folks.
Tim Silver
'Tim Silver' 6 days ago
This crap is illegal folks just dont know it yet, false and misleading information presented to the public forcefully like this will soon be punishable by law. you not lying to one you are lying to millions.
Tim Silver
'Tim Silver' 6 days ago
bs all of it. Attack on Trump is an attack on majority Americans who voted him in.
Hot Rockin Ronnie
'Hot Rockin Ronnie' 6 days ago
I'm sick of all the russian thugs and trump FOLLOWERS for attempting to interfere with and destroy our democracy.
'TheSensismoker' 6 days ago
Murkel ISrael ties
Tabithia Moore
'Tabithia Moore' 6 days ago
Trump sold us out to Russia long ago, his supporters don't care that he is a Traitor because they are not "patriots".
mc 74 Two
'mc 74 Two' 6 days ago
Trump will be getting his daily intelligence briefings from the FSB .
Free fall 9/11
'Free fall 9/11' 6 days ago
BBC, CBS, CNN, ABC, WABC All BS FAKE NEWS for the globalist, zionist agenda. Proven liars time after time. They think they can just quote CIA and other proven liars in the intel services and the public believe them. Their were NO WMD'S Their is ZERO proof of Russian hacking and no evidence for these latest lies. The globalist NWO banksters and Hillary are sore losers. Clinton lost because Clintons are drug smuggling (Google the Mena cover up) murdering, corrupt parasites and Bills a rapist.
Red Warlord
'Red Warlord' 6 days ago
This story is fake news, spread as the greatest 4chan prank of all time - 
Music Calgary
'Music Calgary' 6 days ago
Ha ha!!! "The Kremlin said they din' do it." Oh well, that's certainly enough for me. HAW HAW!!! :)
The Castelan
'The Castelan' 6 days ago
Looks like urine trouble Mr Tump.
'stas7655610' 6 days ago
Guest - clever woman.
latest news
'latest news' 6 days ago
Please registered Likes between news channels
Carlos Blanka
'Carlos Blanka' 6 days ago
I never trusted BBC or CNN fake news ....VISIT ALEX JONES CHANNEL.
Left Anti PC
'Left Anti PC' 6 days ago
Well, from Jan 2017 when Kremlin says something, you Americans can take it to the bank.
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