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Running Official Trailer #1(2017)Taapsee Pannu Movie -
Published: 2 weeks ago By: Movie Trailers

By: Movie TrailersPublished: 2 weeks ago

2, 743, 347 views

7, 784 Likes   929 Dislikes is a romantic-comedy produced by Shoojit Sircar and Crouching Tiger Motion Pictures about the unique concept of helping people run away with the love of their life to get married.

Initial release: February 3, 2017
Director: Amit Roy
Produced by: Shoojit Sircar
Production company: Shoojit Sircar
Cast: Taapsee Pannu, Amit Sadh, Arsh Bajwa, Vishwakarma Raaj

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Original Channel:

Suresh Dixit
'Suresh Dixit' 1 day ago
Suresh Dixit
'Suresh Dixit' 1 day ago
Solid Snake
'Solid Snake' 2 days ago
start of the trailer looks like the movie 'Happy Bhaag Jayegi'
koushik raja
'koushik raja' 2 days ago
band baja barat part 2?
fateh sandhu
'fateh sandhu' 6 days ago
now sikh joke getting out of limit.0:30 to:33. who is on my side please reply
sreekanth reddy
'sreekanth reddy' 1 week ago
*hai tapsi*
sreekanth reddy
'sreekanth reddy' 1 week ago
Dija Dar
'Dija Dar' 2 weeks ago
Aaawwww... I like it 😁😁👌👌 and surely gonna watch it out
Malkhan Baghel
'Malkhan Baghel' 2 weeks ago
Asif Ansari
'Asif Ansari' 2 weeks ago
tapsee u r so sweet i love u
'ShaDoW' 2 weeks ago
i will subscribe to anyone who subscribe to me and like my comment..promise,,if i didn't subscribe ur channel u can unsubscribe mine..
satyanarayana murthy
hi frinds
sameera shaikh
'sameera shaikh' 2 weeks ago
flop movie
banda singh
'banda singh' 2 weeks ago
Tapsee is quintenssential Sardarni, cuteness overloaded
srinu sri
'srinu sri' 2 weeks ago
thapsi i love you bamgaram
Faryal Ajradh
'Faryal Ajradh' 2 weeks ago
seems to me like its gonna be an utter flop..
Aamir Khan
'Aamir Khan' 2 weeks ago
Another Sequel To "Happy Bhaag Jayegi" & " Band Baaja Baarat".........
Bad Girl
'Bad Girl' 2 weeks ago
'karyo' 2 weeks ago
did i see it right ..A "Shoojit sircar movie".. ?? This might prove to be his worst work..
Jayram Gaonkar
'Jayram Gaonkar' 2 weeks ago
Love commandos have already done it.
Next Movie Trailers
'Next Movie Trailers' 2 weeks ago
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Regal Town
'Regal Town' 2 weeks ago
Theek hai
raja kumar
'raja kumar' 2 weeks ago
Baba ji tholu
Anonymous indian
'Anonymous indian' 2 weeks ago
Really looking forward to see Tapsee Pannu in another movie.. :D
Ced Rolyes
'Ced Rolyes' 2 weeks ago
❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤यीशु मसीह परमेश्वर के लिए एक ही रास्ता है वह मर गया और मरे हुओं में से गुलाब उन्होंने कहा कि आप अनन्त जीवन का वादा किया उन्होंने यह भी अपने शरीर को ठीक हो जायेगा!
karthi karuna
'karthi karuna' 2 weeks ago
Cute Taapsee looks awesome, luv u gorgeous !!!!!!
TheWeeknd Fan
'TheWeeknd Fan' 2 weeks ago
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Prith sss
'Prith sss' 2 weeks ago
@0:53 tapsuuu 😄😁
Deepankar Verma
'Deepankar Verma' 2 weeks ago
India me koi movies nahi chal rahi ajkal, Sirf Khans ya Akshay
Big Bang Theory
'Big Bang Theory' 2 weeks ago
Tapsee is future of Bollywood
Andrew smith
'Andrew smith' 2 weeks ago
कनडा 😂😂😂
Unicity International
'dband' 2 weeks ago
why only Punjabi cultural in Bollywood they are only 1 percent of India
Shyam Kumar Netam
'Shyam Kumar Netam' 2 weeks ago
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producer should be booked under the law unwnted submission of useless subject carried
the producer want to challenge as people so much narrow and get away of making it shaadi ,com website now going to have running he is making big eye opening for unwanted disturbance of publc who is the person give idea we dont know what sci fi more than sci fi we are almost died with useless butter paste of sugars too much what is registered marriage what are the basic understanding as per govt datas first chuma often his film ditching too much women rights thamasha he made open statement as a dialogue how reckless now again to produce what did he really carried to earn his bread he will make anything as much this is what shown his making so for
Arnish Agarwal
'Arnish Agarwal' 2 weeks ago
super flop
soumo roychoudhury
'soumo roychoudhury' 2 weeks ago
BN Rout
'BN Rout' 2 weeks ago
animal oeman
Rohit kumar singh
'Rohit kumar singh' 2 weeks ago
tu apne muh ko band rakh .cuteepie
Sushant Kumar
'Sushant Kumar' 2 weeks ago
abe band karo ye panjabi filmy dialouges ab sehan nahi hota h panjabi plz back to hindi track
'thiruvetti' 2 weeks ago
band baaja baarat rehash mixed with the typical bollywood extremism of "everyone runs away from arranged marriage". Pure shit.
'qwerty66482' 2 weeks ago
ye Rated R kyu h ?
jatin thakur
'jatin thakur' 2 weeks ago
better then rangoon trailer atleast
Dazzling D Bag
'Dazzling D Bag' 2 weeks ago
amazing.. superb trailer...
Fab Sam
'Fab Sam' 2 weeks ago
Bhai release mat kro movie. pachtaoge
bijit samajpati
'bijit samajpati' 2 weeks ago
sagar sahil
'sagar sahil' 2 weeks ago
Nice concept, superb acting.
Salman Aashiq
'Salman Aashiq' 2 weeks ago
krutarth kamath
'krutarth kamath' 2 weeks ago
Saalmanjika Jaiswal
'Saalmanjika Jaiswal' 2 weeks ago
Am I watching band baja baraat ka sequel??
Jeetu Meena
'Jeetu Meena' 2 weeks ago
I see this film for taapsi
Purnendu Sabar
'Purnendu Sabar' 2 weeks ago
shadi sirf Punjab mein hi hoti Hai kya
Faran Khan
'Faran Khan' 2 weeks ago
It seems like an entertaining adventure, quite a new concept.. looking forward! :D
Eram Hakeem
'Eram Hakeem' 2 weeks ago
taking gud actors in a shit ...
krishanpal singh rathore
will watch it for tapsee anyway trailer doesn't impress
Sripathi Rampally
'Sripathi Rampally' 2 weeks ago
Like this different movies will comes to near best...nice trailer.
ranjeet yadav
'ranjeet yadav' 2 weeks ago
World Top Best
'World Top Best' 2 weeks ago
Vaishnavi Priyadarshini
it seems to be a mix of band baja baarat and ajab Prem...
Tejas Jaiswal
'Tejas Jaiswal' 2 weeks ago
looks like band baaja barat
Aman Singh
'Aman Singh' 2 weeks ago
avdhesh gupta
'avdhesh gupta' 2 weeks ago
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DhruWinn Ninama
'DhruWinn Ninama' 2 weeks ago
Digital India..! band baja barat online...😂
Rinku Mourya
'Rinku Mourya' 2 weeks ago
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Rajaa Chowdhury
'Rajaa Chowdhury' 2 weeks ago
Amit Sadh is a decent actor. Liked him in Kai Po Che. However, Sushant progressed, while Amit did not get the required breaks. Good to see him in a new project, the movie seems to offer a different kind of story line. Looks interesting!!!
'CHAN SAHU' 2 weeks ago
I love you HIR
Tech Updates
'Tech Updates' 2 weeks ago
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Fun world by Amit
'Fun world by Amit' 2 weeks ago
u guys gave new business idea
Tanmay Gupte
'Tanmay Gupte' 2 weeks ago
Delhi Ka Londa
'Delhi Ka Londa' 2 weeks ago
happy bhag jaege -2
Sumit Anthony
'Sumit Anthony' 2 weeks ago
new concept... freash feel
Yusuf khan
'Yusuf khan' 2 weeks ago
Happy bhag jaayegi jaisa nhi lagta
Net Sansar
'Net Sansar' 2 weeks ago
Partha Das
'Partha Das' 2 weeks ago
taapssee :)
Suril Shah
'Suril Shah' 2 weeks ago
Arsh bharjwa 😄😄🙌👌👌
vinod pal
'vinod pal' 2 weeks ago
tapsee is better than 90% of bollywood actress but she will not get chance coz she doesnt has god-father like bhai-jaan(salman chuitya) who lobbied 4 katrina(looks ladyboy) coz of her look(face matching with aish.).
'PROJECT MUSIC' 2 weeks ago
Shiv Kavandar
'Shiv Kavandar' 2 weeks ago
let's sEe😐
sreejith chandran
'sreejith chandran' 2 weeks ago
dats mah gal 😍
Viru Sehwag
'Viru Sehwag' 2 weeks ago
ye lo aur ek bakwas trailer......e directoroko Kya hogaya yaar ....Sala ise acha kartoon movies banao kam SE kam bache to dekhenge
Ayush Bhosle
'Ayush Bhosle' 2 weeks ago
copy of happy bhaag jayegi
Animesh Agarwal
'Animesh Agarwal' 2 weeks ago
Happy Bhaag Jaayegi
Nomesh Agrawal
'Nomesh Agrawal' 2 weeks ago
Band Baaja Baaraat-2??
Sanjit.kumar Lohdi
'Sanjit.kumar Lohdi' 2 weeks ago
Sukhpreet Kaur
'Sukhpreet Kaur' 2 weeks ago
a funny version of band Baja baraat
srikar bolisetty
'srikar bolisetty' 2 weeks ago
seems like remake of telugu movie 'kothajanta'
top ton
'top ton' 2 weeks ago watch it
Indrajit Samanta
'Indrajit Samanta' 2 weeks ago
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Abbas Khambati
'Abbas Khambati' 2 weeks ago
Sequel to Band Baaja Baarat & Shudh Desi Romance combined. Seems the writers have inspired a lot from Habib Faisal
kalapi ghoshroy
'kalapi ghoshroy' 2 weeks ago
same as AJAB PREM KI GAJAB KAHANI movie, ranbir's character....
kalapi ghoshroy
'kalapi ghoshroy' 2 weeks ago
The character of Amit Sadh in this movie is same as Ranbir kapoor's character in the movie- Äjab prem ki gazab kahani.
jathin reddy
'jathin reddy' 2 weeks ago
this is basically Band baaja bharaat 2
Sanjay V
'Sanjay V' 2 weeks ago
punnu is kunnu
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