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Bizarre Moment Snake Appears To Play Dead -
Published: 1 year ago By: Caters Clips

By: Caters ClipsPublished: 1 year ago

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This is the incredibly bizarre and rare moment that a snake feigns death to deter potential predators.

Caught on film in Mission, Texas, USA by Eric Johnson, the eastern indigo snake exhibits to very unusual behaviour not normally associated with its kind.

When approached by Eric, the cold-blooded creature begins to squirm vigorously to get away but, realising it can’t, the snake stops dead, mouth gaping and contorts its neck to appear as if it’s broken.

The reptile remains limp and lifeless as Eric inspects it, but when the self-taught snake expert steps away it ‘comes back to life’, darting its tongue forward as if nothing is wrong.

Eric, also from Mission, said: “I have never seen anything like this before."

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Abdulla Khan
'Abdulla Khan' 1 month ago
brilliant snake
Bogdan Ciurdea
'Bogdan Ciurdea' 3 months ago
E.A. Hawley
'E.A. Hawley' 5 months ago
It wanted you to take it sexually.
King Mota
'King Mota' 5 months ago
The snake was asleep
Rahman Ad.22
'Rahman Ad.22' 5 months ago
Snake respond, snake?, SNAAAAAAAKE.
Fausto Yoc-Mejia
'Fausto Yoc-Mejia' 6 months ago
Kill the snake. Them bitches alongside rats need to die
Apex Hunter
'Apex Hunter' 6 months ago
It's fake, that snake is a payed actor
Randy H
'Randy H' 6 months ago
There’s a reason indigo’s are believed to be the world’s most clever snake.
'Franklin' 6 months ago
When you using your phone 2 at night and somondy looks in your room
Daniel Homero
'Daniel Homero' 6 months ago
Maybe the snake is high
Ashutosh Godar
'Ashutosh Godar' 6 months ago
MR SNAKE you have been invited to hollyhood to play with us in a movie
brandon stuckey
'brandon stuckey' 6 months ago
Beautiful and badass snake!
Hooch Smeeth
'Hooch Smeeth' 6 months ago
If anything's bizarre about this moment, it's that this guy just molested a snake. Fuck this guy, oh ye and he drugged that snake teew.
Bass Hunter Fishing
'Bass Hunter Fishing' 6 months ago
The snake is not scared, it just wanted to be left alone so it played dead. The reason the snake didn't bite is because it realized that this dude didn't want to hurt it.
'Jedah' 6 months ago
That's autism.
SternClub 2223
'SternClub 2223' 7 months ago
You know they are federally protected and you could go to jail for that
i fucking hate life
'i fucking hate life' 9 months ago
he is preparing for american airlines
Merryeli Reptiles
'Merryeli Reptiles' 10 months ago
Had no clue they did that :O Thanks for sharing!
John Naw Naw
'John Naw Naw' 10 months ago
python library not found! compiling 80%.....
Tramaine Cedras
'Tramaine Cedras' 11 months ago
Must have a parasite in it
Princess kashni
'Princess kashni' 11 months ago
i think that the snake was an actor in its previous life lol😂
Peace X
'Peace X' 11 months ago
i diden't knew that snakes also take drugs...
Kiana Kosack
'Kiana Kosack' 11 months ago
Silly noodle
//CocoMonkey MSP
'//CocoMonkey MSP' 11 months ago
Thats me when the teacher says there is gunna be a test tomorrow 😂😂😂
Resting Bitch face
'Resting Bitch face' 11 months ago
'mary' 11 months ago
I wish he'd just leave it alone. it was obviously scared to death. that's why it played dead
Block Artist
'Block Artist' 11 months ago
when snakes are.high
'flaaare1579' 11 months ago
ive heard of this i think i remember i ton the news saying its accualy a siezer
Hamza Afridi
'Hamza Afridi' 12 months ago
It is a Hognose snake it is in their behaviour to play dead also they release a foul musk to any kind of threat.
'hellowutlol' 12 months ago
*did he say "I'm gonna collect this guy"? Great to know that lifeforms who have developed intelligence needed to increase survivability is subject to being stuck in a small cage all it's life/ dissected regardless*
Linx Bro
'Linx Bro' 1 year ago
probably penalized
A key to rebel town
#bosssnake xD
Yaminah Hunt
'Yaminah Hunt' 1 year ago
I just watched a video that the background kinda looks a little similar and this guy was being a snake because he bit his son and killed him so he was smacking the snake on the floor and I look like the snake broke its neck probably it's the same snake
Asfalela Madiah
'Asfalela Madiah' 1 year ago
When my wife enters our home and it is messy i play dead sleep
gunnar thepro
'gunnar thepro' 1 year ago
this is its way to say "don't touch me, please"
Dragon Never Loves
I wish it was a Philippine Cobra 😂😂😂
'SKILLZR' 1 year ago
Imagine like the snake was having a slow poisoning process but it goes like I don't give a fuck and starts to slither away again !lol
'rodimuspm' 1 year ago
opossum snake
Azura Vaunzura
'Azura Vaunzura' 1 year ago
Me when I go to school
Niki M
'Niki M' 1 year ago
Omg, that snake is having a heart attack 😱
Missi Vlogs
'Missi Vlogs' 1 year ago
i know they are dangerpus creatures. but it is kinda cute
Rand Iii
'Rand Iii' 1 year ago
she's ready for the male to come and contact
Johny Ted
'Johny Ted' 1 year ago
Fantastic! Nature is really very wise!
'KOLEJK10 YT' 1 year ago
Maybe the snake was paralyzed?
Harley Quinn
'Harley Quinn' 1 year ago
1 less nice #killallsnakebitches
Ashutosh Mishra
'Ashutosh Mishra' 1 year ago
snakes are becoming smarts.
'Decembirth' 1 year ago
Maybe it's a Fainting Snake.
Brian Goodell
'Brian Goodell' 1 year ago
can snakes have seizures ???
Edmar Fecler
'Edmar Fecler' 1 year ago
error! 404 not found!
jay patel
'jay patel' 1 year ago
you just can't stop touching the snake - bloody harrassment!
'DalamartheDark88' 1 year ago
that snake looks like its full, perhaps it feel threatened but can't really run or fight so it displays a fake death display to avoid predation
Inspire with fun
'Inspire with fun' 1 year ago
catch it's ass untill it fucks you
Alex Israelyan
'Alex Israelyan' 1 year ago
Maybe some paralyzing poison or sth
Sassy Classy
'Sassy Classy' 1 year ago
It's not that bizarre. There are certain types of snakes that use the 'play dead' method to lure in prey then striking once in a close range. But they are smart, I'm not gonna deny that.
Clorox Bleach
'Clorox Bleach' 1 year ago
I think he's hurt or got injured
'Konagalvo1' 1 year ago
It doesn't have that behavior......Maybe it had a seizure?
A random weeb
'A random weeb' 1 year ago
When you nut but she still suckin 0:42
erkan ender Soylu
'erkan ender Soylu' 1 year ago
Leave it free! İdiot!The snake is afraid and in shock!Leave it alone!
Mark Frost
'Mark Frost' 1 year ago
why would you even touch it id be heck no
'mustluvkatina' 1 year ago
I recognize this he may have gotten into pesticides
Wan Abdul Rahman Wan Nazmy
really good snake .. doesnt bite at all
'workdaypegasus' 1 year ago
Amazing! very nice footage. Good job on catching this on video!
'Daikon' 1 year ago
when ur mum called you to dinner
moad Bader
'moad Bader' 1 year ago
الحية متعاطيه صنف فاخر...
'Cool' 1 year ago
Sleeping man
Bao Tony
'Bao Tony' 1 year ago
Is that poisonous snake? Why it did not bite?
Ashleigh Lee
'Ashleigh Lee' 1 year ago
Can snakes get narcolepsy?
Deb JB
'Deb JB' 1 year ago
This is the funniest thing that I've ever seen! Lol!!
invisible ink
'invisible ink' 1 year ago
Maybe it's having a snake stroke
Anai Bendai
'Anai Bendai' 1 year ago
You probably caught it at the very moment it was downloading updates.
Ante Brkic
'Ante Brkic' 1 year ago
She's pining for the fjords!
Sullyfied 101
'Sullyfied 101' 1 year ago
'adrian' 1 year ago
this is awsome man I never see anything like this in snakes
'张朋' 1 year ago
well, since it's dead, let's talk about how to eat it, full of energy and protein
Erlich Bachman
'Erlich Bachman' 1 year ago
My wife does the exact same thing, whenever I touch her.
Debbie Snider
'Debbie Snider' 1 year ago
I've seen a Hog nose snake play dead, to protect itself, they are well known for that. I hope this snake is ok but maybe it's a form of self defense? Good video! Thanks for sharing :)
Johnny Boy
'Johnny Boy' 1 year ago
It's not playing dead it's scared to death, kill it or stop playing with it.
Bob C
'Bob C' 1 year ago
maybe having a seizure
Jessica Rabbit
'Jessica Rabbit' 1 year ago
pretty smart snake
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