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Amazing!! How to Cook Snake in Cambodia - Countryside Food -
Published: 7 months ago By: 7D Daily

By: 7D DailyPublished: 7 months ago

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Hello Everyone! Greeting from Cambodia!

Today i want to show you how to cook snake in countryside.

It is delicious food for poor people in Cambodia for survival. Hope you understand about Cambodian cooking style and culture.

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'RA XO' 3 days ago
That girl wear red shirt is a cutie😍😍😍
Jade Hunter
'Jade Hunter' 6 days ago
one thing is for sure, these people could survive in the wild better than most Americans. I would really have to be Starving to these things. God Bless All Cultures.
Transformer Fan
'Transformer Fan' 6 days ago
i hate them
Jules Sunshine
'Jules Sunshine' 1 week ago
🤢. I admire seeing these children do this but still 🤢🤢🤢and I can only say this because I actually tasted snake 😰
somrz shakya
'somrz shakya' 2 weeks ago
The Race Analyst, PHD
When older, these children will be internationally known for food prep and culinary wonder culinary arts schools will want them in their programs...menus at fine restaurants will change, eith exotic choices the norm.
Bhaskar Gaikar
'Bhaskar Gaikar' 4 weeks ago
I am India... please save the Animals....
Sherry Nicholas
'Sherry Nicholas' 4 weeks ago
They sure know how to keep the reptile population down. Wow, even tasting it while seasoning. I must have a cast iron stomach to even try any of those vipers.
'TruthBeTold' 4 weeks ago
These kids do not disgust me at all... They're capable of hunting, cooking and feeding themselves and there's nothing wrong with that, not a bit. What repulses me however, are the spoiled, fat, SJW cunts of all different ethnic backgrounds, brainfucked at the Western college campuses, who have just come back from a revolting gluttony at the McDonald's in order to take part in a so-called women's march, plotted and arranged by a broad-faced butch troglodyte racist, Islamist terrorist cockroach who goes by the same exact name, only in Arabic language. (Sarsour) That's what make me wanna spew my guts out!
Naveen Kumar
'Naveen Kumar' 4 weeks ago
yak how can u eat snake
Master Yi
'Master Yi' 4 weeks ago
isn't snake endangered?
'L B' 1 month ago
I don't like the idea of eating wild snakes because the snake could have eaten a poisoned rodent and I wouldn't want to affect snake populations but I have no issue with eating captive breed and farmed snakes. A lot of people seem to think it's gross but I don't think it looks any worse than fish.
bolortsetseg Bolortsetseg
good bless
Asham Qasim
'Asham Qasim' 1 month ago
حرام اكل الثعابين
Patrick Yaadar
'Patrick Yaadar' 2 months ago
Ainiey 4024
'Ainiey 4024' 2 months ago
Victor Iglesias
'Victor Iglesias' 2 months ago
str8 from Belize i speak.
'Bombasticbuster' 2 months ago
Boys! how many times have I told not to play with your food!
Victor Iglesias
'Victor Iglesias' 2 months ago
nothing is good for us in. dis world all of us got to die so eat drink and be merry
Charity Mogoregi
'Charity Mogoregi' 2 months ago
Jesus Sanchez
'Jesus Sanchez' 2 months ago
that is disgusting
Dani VC
'Dani VC' 2 months ago
are those guramie fishes
Hetabeta McMan
'Hetabeta McMan' 2 months ago
These mofos will eat anything
'EMPIRE Roos' 2 months ago
Oh that,s very bad I can not eat that snake 😷
'PVR HIGHLIGHTS' 2 months ago
very nice
Stephanie Long
'Stephanie Long' 2 months ago
there are alot of ppl that eat snake. they say it's really good and tender if cooked right. these kids are bad asses. they took the skin off too the guys out and cooked it on their own. most kids their age can't even cook a egg.
Mary Onate
'Mary Onate' 2 months ago
george somers.
'george somers.' 2 months ago
evil pukes..wait to see the Cambodians are eaten alive by dangerous PATHOGENS which the snakes control and don't forget the rodents
El Jazouli Salma
'El Jazouli Salma' 2 months ago
what the fuck😰😰😰😰😲😲😲😲😲😲😲
Kasam Bhai 8160273996
'VR4OZ' 2 months ago
good stuff
Yuvine Appadu
'Yuvine Appadu' 2 months ago
no respect for animals
Debashish Chakraborty
wakkkkkk! wild peoples
Chovelle Cho
'Chovelle Cho' 2 months ago
it breaks my heart that people judge them for eating snakes. Some people out there are poor and have to live like this. If you have a problem with this just because it is a snake wel then you just stop eating meat. There are worse things happening out in the world. And since do we start putting snakes before humans?? If they could eat something ´ normal ´ they would they did not choose for this lifestyle and i seriously respect them <3
gais mohan
'gais mohan' 2 months ago
Samsung Omanhana jesus daughter amen thanks jesus
this is bad work and bad things
Samsung Omanhana jesus daughter amen thanks jesus
you are like snake no peoples ok really why Eat snake you foods no
Samsung Omanhana jesus daughter amen thanks jesus
we are Now people OMG how to Eat snake !!!!!!!!!
md harun harun
'md harun harun' 2 months ago
oh my God
'CHARLIE CIEAZA' 3 months ago
LMAO 10:32 it don't look like it tastes that good.
Lepariyo Lputari
'Lepariyo Lputari' 3 months ago
They preparin snake like no ones problem 😂😂😂😂😂💪👽wassup hommies
Kelisha Orr
'Kelisha Orr' 3 months ago
chine people are stink they eat from the bin eww... how ever want to say something negative about my comment keep it to your self
'山水' 3 months ago
不错 好东西~
Syefan Mamin
'Syefan Mamin' 3 months ago
seriously man .... this channel is shit .. most of ur vids r like(amazing!!! 2 children catch the biggest snake!!! and when i watch its nothing ... and also those shit boyzzzzzz
SK fishing
'SK fishing' 3 months ago
Good job...
Juan Marcos Vera Lara
pasen la receta a México
Juan Marcos Vera Lara
afilen bien los cuchillos chavos
Gaozoupaj Lis
'Gaozoupaj Lis' 3 months ago
chiara pavone
'chiara pavone' 3 months ago
I guess average life expectation there is about 35 years old... OMG the amount of dirtiness and burnt food! They could have done the same thing but with much more attention to hygiene.
João Jorker
'João Jorker' 3 months ago
Selfish boy, want to eat alone with so many snakes and fish. Learn how to be generous
Md Remon
'Md Remon' 3 months ago
they have nothing to do???
lu xin ni
'lu xin ni' 3 months ago
Irem G
'Irem G' 3 months ago
igrenc ya
Saspri Daini
'Saspri Daini' 3 months ago
dasar manusia rakus ular aja di mkan tai kerbau tu makan,,,,
Sarah veronica
'Sarah veronica' 3 months ago
they are so happy face eat snake 🐍.. GOD bless
Shubham Barma
'Shubham Barma' 3 months ago
Wtf 😬😬
Melissa Wilson
'Melissa Wilson' 3 months ago
My so says burn in hell >:( you XP
Neeraj Jain
'Neeraj Jain' 3 months ago
Meitei Pakhang
'Meitei Pakhang' 3 months ago
Are these Kraits or Russel Vipers?
Simon upreti
'Simon upreti' 3 months ago
زَِّهُوٌُِرّْةًِْ مَلكة الأحساس
كون الله يقرض الهند والصين وامريكا
Theo Devlaminck
'Theo Devlaminck' 4 months ago
7:34 poor fish being cooked alive
Maggie .G
'Maggie .G' 4 months ago
One thing is for sure, you kids are not gonna go hungry. Best of it is, its not poison like a McDonalds ugghh!!!! Maybe be an idea to make sure the food is dead before sticking on the BBQ though. Or stick a wee warning about videos being graphic and avoid ignorant peoples silly comments. Of course, jealousy is a nasty thing and the majority of the nasty commenters have probably never cooked far less caught their own food lolll
'Bibliophilography' 4 months ago
those kids need sharper knives
Ender Gamer
'Ender Gamer' 4 months ago
snake when cooked taste like chicken
Chandan Singh
'Chandan Singh' 4 months ago
poor creatures
Dechen Dhonyoe
'Dechen Dhonyoe' 4 months ago
so sad..
Hee Sing Sia
'Hee Sing Sia' 4 months ago
Snake sausages in Cambodia. Perfect. I'll have to look out for those next time I'm there
Dijith Abraham
'Dijith Abraham' 4 months ago
wtf ??? :O snake ??
Canal Do Magrelin
'Canal Do Magrelin' 4 months ago
I do not know how they dare to eat snakes. (I'm Brazilian) we do not have this custom.
'peterbaugh51' 4 months ago
Amazing kids - great video. I wish I could be there and smell and taste that meal!!!!! We killed and cleaned game as kids - mom and dad taught us how to clean and cook it. Fresh game and fish is still the best food I have ever tasted. Many people have no idea what they might be missing. KEEP THE VIDEOS COMING!
Liza Liza
'Liza Liza' 4 months ago
Auma stella
'Auma stella' 4 months ago
you people why do you eat snakes? b'se of what reason
Ty Zaryki
'Ty Zaryki' 4 months ago
Did anyone else notice all the chickens running around ? Why don't they eat any of those ?
impact cisse
'impact cisse' 4 months ago
snake, snake!!!
John kavin Dela cruz
'John kavin Dela cruz' 4 months ago
Laura Budu
'Laura Budu' 4 months ago
I would love to know their names I have watched every video they are some amazing boys they are smart I would sit down and eat dinner with them any day .
'Xsterre' 4 months ago
geezus ppl learn more about that they need food they're doing a great job just let them eat what they want to eat its not disgusting imagen that you would be one of these kids you prob would do the same thing
jasvir jassi
'jasvir jassi' 4 months ago
a lun b kha sakde aaaa
'MD: MIJU' 4 months ago
ridhani Aja
'ridhani Aja' 4 months ago
Ariawan Razthafara
'Ariawan Razthafara' 4 months ago
huek 😷😷
Senthil murugan Senthil murugan
Senthil murugan Senthil murugan
O my god
Felicity S
'Felicity S' 4 months ago
WTF sick 😥
anggi teknos
'anggi teknos' 4 months ago
ArtsyStan 75
'ArtsyStan 75' 4 months ago
Лёня Лексин
'ASIF KHAN' 4 months ago
Haroon Rasheed
'Haroon Rasheed' 4 months ago
Ewww is that able to eat ? ewwwww 😨
Ajay Bagh
'Ajay Bagh' 4 months ago
Kiran Kumar Reddy
'Kiran Kumar Reddy' 4 months ago
what kind of taste does a snake it wierd or does it tastes like chicken...
Vijakumari Kumari
'Vijakumari Kumari' 4 months ago
so nice but don like me
'lkivel66' 4 months ago
looks like camping to me! I can smell it over here❤
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