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Amazing!! How to Cook Snake in Cambodia - Countryside Food -
Published: 2 months ago By: 7D Daily

By: 7D DailyPublished: 2 months ago

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Hello Everyone! Greeting from Cambodia!

Today i want to show you how to cook snake in countryside.

It is delicious food for poor people in Cambodia for survival. Hope you understand about Cambodian cooking style and culture.

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Lirisha Kumari
'Lirisha Kumari' 6 hours ago
cook fuck👎👎👎👎👎👎👎👎👎👎👎
Weibeu Kkul
'Weibeu Kkul' 21 hours ago
dude sharpen up ur material
Luis Henrique
'Luis Henrique' 2 days ago
Steven Tonnie
'Steven Tonnie' 3 days ago
I'm getting the urge to visit Asia for the third time to enjoy these delicacies
Zorox 2012
'Zorox 2012' 3 days ago
نااااااااااااااايس طعم بالعافية
Cambodia Lifestyle
I like this
Ranju Garg
'Ranju Garg' 3 days ago
P n
'ImpossibleStrike' 4 days ago
the fish look so good. like if you agree
ilaiah vallepu
'ilaiah vallepu' 1 week ago
Botol Kicap
'Botol Kicap' 1 week ago
😂😂😂so great boy... snake food 😊😊😊
lokesh deshmukh
'lokesh deshmukh' 1 week ago
do other thing & stop this stupid activities, do mercy on innocent animal, you have many options to earn money.
rana sarjeek
'rana sarjeek' 1 week ago
this is very dirty
Najat Serraj
'Najat Serraj' 2 weeks ago
che schifo mangiare un serpente 😵😵😵😵😵😵😵😵😵😵😵😵😵😵😵😵😵😵😵😵😵😵😵😵
Aaron Sathya
'Aaron Sathya' 2 weeks ago
oh my god!
Ashik Ashik
'Ashik Ashik' 2 weeks ago
bad pepol kills snake
'THACH THANH PHONG' 3 weeks ago
mon hai sản quê ta. ngon ko j bàng
Angkor Success
'Angkor Success' 4 weeks ago
Angkor Success
'Angkor Success' 4 weeks ago
حمودي يروحي حمودي يروحي
خاله برد احمد ربي واشكره اني بلعراق
Dev Singh Devsingh
'Dev Singh Devsingh' 1 month ago
શેસ રેપ વિદેઓ
Chhanguri Kumar
'Chhanguri Kumar' 1 month ago
chhanguri Kumar
Teabone Bones
'Teabone Bones' 1 month ago
Kind of looks like the need for a sharping stone.
Your Hero Chop
'Your Hero Chop' 1 month ago
the fish is being cooked alive.... Saw 9 Cambodia
Papanna Dumalwady
'Papanna Dumalwady' 1 month ago
Junlynne Gabayan
'Junlynne Gabayan' 1 month ago
ew so nasty.
Anja Schmidt
'Anja Schmidt' 1 month ago
oh no
Sarady Kim
'Sarady Kim' 1 month ago
Mitchell Damon
'Mitchell Damon' 2 months ago
they are crap cooks
Ari Ashaari
'Ari Ashaari' 2 months ago
Mr haj
'Mr haj' 2 months ago
eeuwak dear kids eat good food..dont eat this animals. uwak..snakes are verry danger poison..
nora gashi
'nora gashi' 2 months ago
ooooohh mein gott wie ekelhaft und dann noch die Kinder die das machen. krassssss
'CamboFoods' 2 months ago
good food for eating
Elgün Nağıyev
'Elgün Nağıyev' 2 months ago
موسى الياسري
اوصخ دوله هيه الهند عععععععععوع مثل اكل العراق ماكو تربيت ابو الحسن
Toro Cortez
'Toro Cortez' 2 months ago
i want the fuck snake lol
Lorend F
'Lorend F' 2 months ago
This is soo nasty!! 😭
Jenlaine Tjia
'Jenlaine Tjia' 2 months ago
how old is the child
Sharon Burge
'Sharon Burge' 2 months ago
Looks so yummy!
'FAISAL فیصل' 2 months ago
fucking idiots
joe ham
'joe ham' 2 months ago
eel batter than this fucking water snake , shame on u
Najaf Rajpoot
'Najaf Rajpoot' 2 months ago
bava atiq
'bava atiq' 2 months ago
عفره الكعبي
خلصت الحيوانات والسبه انتو
'邱福進' 2 months ago
Shafiq Shaikh
'Shafiq Shaikh' 2 months ago
xxx you vodio
Shafiq Shaikh
'Shafiq Shaikh' 2 months ago
Travel Cambodia Angkor
Hi I subscribe u already please help subscribe me back ok Help together ok admin channel
'KING LUCIFER' 2 months ago
So nice to see kids actually doing something productive kids now days dont do crap
wesley mitchell
'wesley mitchell' 2 months ago
Looks yummy. Or maybe I'm just
Edwin Bunganay
'Edwin Bunganay' 2 months ago
really amazing kids
David Roskoski
'David Roskoski' 2 months ago
you don't eat snakes what is wrong with you fuck you people
Tullio Malocchi
'Tullio Malocchi' 2 months ago
fate schifo!!! per non dire di peggio
Ashley Hilton
'Ashley Hilton' 2 months ago
God bless this children
Teguh Bakara Aravena
'Teguh Bakara Aravena' 2 months ago
Marites Castro
'Marites Castro' 2 months ago
'cookbab' 2 months ago
brandy sigmon
'brandy sigmon' 2 months ago
How much would these kids cost?
Zack Attack
'Zack Attack' 2 months ago
what kind of food do you eat because it looks good
Roger Warrington
'Roger Warrington' 2 months ago
fish with guts in them yummy ...
Hayati Nadia
'Hayati Nadia' 2 months ago
Japheth Parreno
'Japheth Parreno' 2 months ago
The children was not shown to eat the Snake - The camera man :)
Juan Salinas
'Juan Salinas' 2 months ago
life is a gift from our lovely creator.... Jehovah.
Ko Lin
'Ko Lin' 2 months ago
Aomine Daiki
'Aomine Daiki' 2 months ago
jellybeanbrownie 101
'jellybeanbrownie 101' 2 months ago
i want that fish
الامل نبض الحياة
يع يع يع يع شنو هذا😷😷😷
الامل نبض الحياة
يع يع يع يع شنو هذا
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