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Amazing!! How to Cook Snake in Cambodia - Countryside Food -
Published: 1 year ago By: 7D Daily

By: 7D DailyPublished: 1 year ago

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Today i want to show you how to cook snake in countryside.

It is delicious food for poor people in Cambodia for survival. Hope you understand about Cambodian cooking style and culture.

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7D Daily
'7D Daily' 3 months ago
Here is my new CHANNEL show about Cooking Video Please Subscribe
d popping boy ritik
My favorite
Letit Bemee
'Letit Bemee' 4 weeks ago
6:28, get back chicken, or you'll be next.
Alans Esquivel
'Alans Esquivel' 1 month ago
Back at it again cooking another snake.Lemme tell u rn this shit makes me hundry
muhd awaludin
'muhd awaludin' 1 month ago
Thats fish is still alive
Romacio Sir Tasty Maxipillian
What a thrill........
Kapil Daksh
'Kapil Daksh' 2 months ago
Bad boys..
priti Sharma
'priti Sharma' 2 months ago
PritiSharma 😍 😍😍😍😍😍😍
Sheetal Singh
'Sheetal Singh' 2 months ago
Feby Chrisanth
'Feby Chrisanth' 3 months ago
manju koruthu
'manju koruthu' 3 months ago
God will be mad at you guys for eating snaks
Primitive Factory
'Primitive Factory' 3 months ago
We also have eel, egg and shrimp cooking video
Kiling Pertin
'Kiling Pertin' 3 months ago
Nice video
fajer elchamaa
'fajer elchamaa' 4 months ago
Alhamdu llah im muslim never ever eat like this its sooooo discusting and dirty 😝😝😝😝
Mi Horrorshow
'Mi Horrorshow' 4 months ago
What they season it with?
Caroline Jack
'Caroline Jack' 4 months ago
Or coush. How they eating that is very dangerous
Charles Spitzenberg
'Charles Spitzenberg' 4 months ago
stupid kids
channal channal
'channal channal' 4 months ago
Tf is wrong with this people? This people are in Stone Age 😂... who eats snakes 😤
wilnefe pasco
'wilnefe pasco' 5 months ago
So how does it taste?
dawg streetmynigga
'dawg streetmynigga' 5 months ago
people all over the world eat this shit since the beginning of time so don't act like it's New you fool's
Ratan Shetty
'Ratan Shetty' 5 months ago
They wont mind to have their own Potty... Sick people
Chinnu Lu
'Chinnu Lu' 5 months ago
'ashlee '00' 5 months ago
Ever since watching Indian Jones as a child I've been interested in trying snake. It seems tasty
Addy Joe
'Addy Joe' 6 months ago
I hate snakes but these.....yumm
Fuji Lestari
'Fuji Lestari' 6 months ago
pinter masak👍
Manal Abass
'Manal Abass' 6 months ago
😫😫😫......الحمدلله على نعمة الاسلام هذا الطعام محرم عندنا ....اين انتم يا عرب ردواااا
info lawanga
'info lawanga' 6 months ago
melase... seng koyok ngene kok di pangan to..
nirudurajaiah arunkumar
pls cook after kills
Pratap Gaikawad
'Pratap Gaikawad' 6 months ago
Aneesh Vv
'Aneesh Vv' 6 months ago
bella solasco Compahinay
Yummy Fishes😋 GOD BLESS😇 Both of you
Майра Абилмагина
Майра Абилмагина
I see chiken
Prem Bhise
'Prem Bhise' 6 months ago
Rajesh Yadav
'Rajesh Yadav' 6 months ago
Rajesh Yadav
Kishan Moktan
'Kishan Moktan' 6 months ago
o my God first time I see snake eat ...
Gina Saephanh
'Gina Saephanh' 6 months ago
Too much msg.. bad for our bones.. it looks delicious but I won’t and never want to eat a snake 🐍😬
kevin lilou
'kevin lilou' 6 months ago
hahaha have a good meal
gto raharjo
'gto raharjo' 6 months ago
Last ri
'Last ri' 6 months ago
Omg this disgusting
جود قوميز
'جود قوميز' 6 months ago
وش هالقرف ي ربي 😷😷
Nina Jack
'Nina Jack' 7 months ago
They are too cute
Amir Noon
'Amir Noon' 7 months ago
Amir Noon
'Amir Noon' 7 months ago
This is not allowed in Islam.
kamran sikander
'kamran sikander' 7 months ago
Lannat hai tom per
Sacdiyo Maxamed
'Sacdiyo Maxamed' 7 months ago
What is this food
Sacdiyo Maxamed
'Sacdiyo Maxamed' 7 months ago
Amit Keshari
'Amit Keshari' 7 months ago
Duniya me aur Kuch ni bacha khane ko ....shame ....😓😒
sumalatha gopisetty
'sumalatha gopisetty' 7 months ago
Ohh god 😰😰😰
chris Achille
'chris Achille' 7 months ago
poor little fishes
'WOODY RESTER' 7 months ago
Djoodi Forate
'Djoodi Forate' 7 months ago
مساكييين من جوعهم بداو بالثعابين مبعد الحيوانات الضارية الاخرى و بشوي يتحولو الى آكلي لحوم البشر من كثر اكلهم للحيوانا آكلة البشر ممكن ياجوج و ماجوج يخرجو من عندهم؟
proudy suantak
'proudy suantak' 7 months ago
Mary&Maya Vlogs
'Mary&Maya Vlogs' 7 months ago
Not my choice of food but to each his own
محمد عبيد أبوياسين
it,s not good
Family memories
'Family memories' 7 months ago
so nasty
Sachin Kumar
'Sachin Kumar' 7 months ago
Tera isakq parallel how great fineness re
منتظر العربي
الله أكبر
Girija Singh
'Girija Singh' 7 months ago
Mapula Mokoele
'Mapula Mokoele' 7 months ago
m sooo scared
Razz Shingh
'Razz Shingh' 7 months ago
Shreyansh Shreyansh
'Shreyansh Shreyansh' 7 months ago
Don't eat animals for your needs
stunt 3miasto
'stunt 3miasto' 7 months ago
Fucking idiots
Rebecca Infimate
'Rebecca Infimate' 7 months ago
M pretty scared of snake...😲
فاطمة TV
'فاطمة TV' 7 months ago
vasu chowdary
'vasu chowdary' 7 months ago
healthy food
Anggie Jhovanny
'Anggie Jhovanny' 7 months ago
Why they don't waste snake heads?
vishal arya
'vishal arya' 7 months ago
jasi rini
'jasi rini' 7 months ago
'SHEEBA SHABNAM' 7 months ago
Oh sad
Rajesh Cool
'Rajesh Cool' 7 months ago
U both are happy with what u eat...gud to see
Lalaine Pulig
'Lalaine Pulig' 7 months ago
uyyy puta si besss kinawawa😂😂😂
ФСБ Москва
'ФСБ Москва' 8 months ago
Гавно собачий
Sajid Ansari
'Sajid Ansari' 8 months ago
Very darty food
Maggie James
'Maggie James' 8 months ago
I don't like snake at all but watching this video it break my heart seeing this God bless
Fatma Alkan
'Fatma Alkan' 8 months ago
Bişi dicem açlıktan mı bunu yiyiyolar
Raw Street Capture 101
This remind me of my childhood. I killed and cooked a sea snake. Some fact: Sea snake 10 TIMES more deadly than cobra or other land snakes.
royal Havasingh Kumar
royal hawasingh
Azeem Attari
'Azeem Attari' 8 months ago
This is also a food.
carlos morais pinto morais
essas cobras são venenosa?
Huda A
'Huda A' 8 months ago
لماذا ياكلون الافاعي
Najna Oliviere
'Najna Oliviere' 8 months ago
I like your style
mohmmed احمد
'mohmmed احمد' 8 months ago
جكم القراف
Aлександр новачек
4:23 this kid saves Salk in a coffee recipient like my mom does.. jajaja, I thought she was the only one in this Galaxy
Aлександр новачек
It seems that in Cambodia people eats everything close thire way.
'RA XO' 8 months ago
That girl wear red shirt is a cutie😍😍😍
Jade Hunter
'Jade Hunter' 8 months ago
one thing is for sure, these people could survive in the wild better than most Americans. I would really have to be Starving to these things. God Bless All Cultures.
Wise captain
'Wise captain' 8 months ago
i hate them
Jules Sunshine
'Jules Sunshine' 8 months ago
🤢. I admire seeing these children do this but still 🤢🤢🤢and I can only say this because I actually tasted snake 😰
somrz shakya
'somrz shakya' 9 months ago
The Race Analyst, PHD
When older, these children will be internationally known for food prep and culinary wonder culinary arts schools will want them in their programs...menus at fine restaurants will change, eith exotic choices the norm.
Bhaskar Gaikar
'Bhaskar Gaikar' 9 months ago
I am India... please save the Animals....
Sherry Nicholas
'Sherry Nicholas' 9 months ago
They sure know how to keep the reptile population down. Wow, even tasting it while seasoning. I must have a cast iron stomach to even try any of those vipers.
'TruthBeTold' 9 months ago
These kids do not disgust me at all... They're capable of hunting, cooking and feeding themselves and there's nothing wrong with that, not a bit. What repulses me however, are the spoiled, fat, SJW cunts of all different ethnic backgrounds, brainfucked at the Western college campuses, who have just come back from a revolting gluttony at the McDonald's in order to take part in a so-called women's march, plotted and arranged by a broad-faced butch troglodyte racist, Islamist terrorist cockroach who goes by the same exact name, only in Arabic language. (Sarsour) That's what make me wanna spew my guts out!
Naveen Kumar
'Naveen Kumar' 9 months ago
yak how can u eat snake
Master Yi
'Master Yi' 9 months ago
isn't snake endangered?
'L B' 9 months ago
I don't like the idea of eating wild snakes because the snake could have eaten a poisoned rodent and I wouldn't want to affect snake populations but I have no issue with eating captive breed and farmed snakes. A lot of people seem to think it's gross but I don't think it looks any worse than fish.
bolortsetseg Bolortsetseg
good bless
Asham Qasim
'Asham Qasim' 10 months ago
حرام اكل الثعابين
Patrick Yaadar
'Patrick Yaadar' 10 months ago
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