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Warwick: The Wrath of Zaun | Champion Teaser – League of Legends -
Published: 5 months ago By: League of Legends

By: League of LegendsPublished: 5 months ago

4, 779, 841 views

102, 217 Likes   1, 128 Dislikes

In Zaun’s Gray-filled streets, the criminal underworld is hunted by an engineered beast.

'FIM DO CANAL' 17 hours ago
now i hate warvick !
Everytime Anywere
The Kaidar
'The Kaidar' 3 days ago
So Ulta Rek Sai was left with the old function, that is, when I pass she flies to him and when there is a mark on the opponent it could be ultant and cause damage well, that is how the patch 7.11 and snickering! you baraita Champions and make the weak weaker and many are still not happy that Ulta changed W regeneration decreased almost 3 times and can be stunned only 1 it is quite terrible!
Stelică #Stakuzu
'Stelică #Stakuzu' 4 days ago
Urgot Rework Confirmed
'LOL GAMER' 4 days ago
that is why warwick is my second best pick in lol
Azzazzeo Azzazzeox
Duuuude, you have to make a league of legends movie, this is gonna make you as rich as you have never even imagined.
Ziggs main
'Ziggs main' 6 days ago
The5HeroesProductionStudio Del
0:14 Who noticed the 1st-person perspective guy's reflection.
nicolai cutler
'nicolai cutler' 7 days ago
I've watched this at least 37 times now and it never gets old! Y'all could legit make a horror movie like this and It would be one of my favs.
Ismael Oliveira
'Ismael Oliveira' 1 week ago
So thats Urgot reworked ?
Christian Joy Calubag
'Edgar's Cousin' 1 week ago
RITO should probably start making games like these
TIS I Sir Kole The 1st
Shit, im new to LoL and im just in that phase where i just devour anything that is LoL and well made, so mainly these cinamatics, and shit, they are really good. Voice acting is great
Manuel Enrique Velasquez Ferreiro
Alternate Title: How to fuck up your chances of surviving in a moment
Стелиян Иванов
Mnogo mi haresva tozi klip,mnogo e qk
Darling Doodles_
'Darling Doodles_' 1 week ago
this is amazin!!
medkiller. tn
'medkiller. tn' 2 weeks ago
fuck you riot
'Mohammad' 2 weeks ago
1:36 say something im giving up on you
'Poppy's hammer' 2 weeks ago
bot lane the movie
Jacob Oliver
'Jacob Oliver' 2 weeks ago
Is there a behind the scenes for this video? If not who did this trailer?
'ZeroDeroRero' 2 weeks ago
ok i just realized warwick killed himself O_o
'ValorOni' 2 weeks ago
When the Enemy team has a Rengar and Warwick Rengar and Warwick: SURPRISE BUTTSEX!!!!!!!
Crazy Kitten Lover
'Crazy Kitten Lover' 2 weeks ago
Skiboy ikr
'WolfWarlordJake' 2 weeks ago
So, was the lore of the original Warwick retconned?
Thyago Kun
'Thyago Kun' 2 weeks ago
My Main <3
Jezner Leonidas
'Jezner Leonidas' 2 weeks ago
So when warwick smells blood he can jump high??
'aFinalNote' 2 weeks ago
It's even scarier if you slow it down to 1/4 speed @ 1:35
Smith Smithinson
'Smith Smithinson' 2 weeks ago
Did they use the old warwick voice actor as the big guy with the gun?
Walter Tabora
'Walter Tabora' 3 weeks ago
no one can escape Warwick
HeroShunnen Cat
'HeroShunnen Cat' 3 weeks ago
That would be an exelent game.
James Torrecampo
'James Torrecampo' 3 weeks ago
'Domgii' 3 weeks ago
Free Tyler1!
Don Bartolo
'Don Bartolo' 3 weeks ago
What a balanced champ
'UniverseReverie' 3 weeks ago
Who's the POV voice actor he did a magnificent job it made me feel like I was there P.S. I am a new LOL player and I love Warwick
'梁葳良' 3 weeks ago
Remake Urdy FFS!
'XeRo572' 3 weeks ago
I love Warwick's pose at 1:18, looks so damn good
Mirko Miki
'Mirko Miki' 3 weeks ago
Fleg is p****
's0fty1ce' 3 weeks ago
when league of legends becomes a horror movie
LuisGaming Studios
'LuisGaming Studios' 3 weeks ago
warwick can scent blood but he cant scent vladimir
'Mr. EXPENDABLE' 4 weeks ago
this is the best example for the saying ( when the hunter becomes the hunted ) it's just so stupid to even think u can hunt warwick
Ricardo Afonso
'Ricardo Afonso' 4 weeks ago
wait wait wait. what is that champion shown in 0:13 and more clearly at 0:16 ? is it the long awaited urgot rework in disguise??? :o
Fandangos de Pesuntinho DLÇ
Der FluffGamer
'Der FluffGamer' 4 weeks ago
Riot wanna make a horror movie so bad
'valcano' 4 weeks ago
guess warwick is part shark, since they can detect a drop of blood from over a mile away
'Lucidest' 4 weeks ago
And still no movie?
'CetatoLP' 4 weeks ago
Woof woof im a wolf i said woof woof im a wolf
Garfian Gantara
'Garfian Gantara' 1 month ago
love the cinematics..but gameplay hufff
Game 4 Life
'Game 4 Life' 1 month ago
warwick is my main
Luca Shi
'Luca Shi' 1 month ago
If you turn on captions, it's says At one pointing says= Boggin: Over here! New champion Boggin?
[ XPL01T ]
'[ XPL01T ]' 1 month ago
i think that is new urgot
'OMGepicGamePlay' 1 month ago
Nicholas Rasmussen
'Nicholas Rasmussen' 1 month ago
Finally Warwick is boss
'Lisiasty' 1 month ago
Who fed Warwick?!
Stanley Pang
'Stanley Pang' 1 month ago
thats fucking scary
'Yasuo' 1 month ago
Report lee for feeding Warwick
'Yasuo' 1 month ago
I bet you Lee fed him.
'Yasuo' 1 month ago
That little shitter teemo still better tho
'Zed ODA' 1 month ago
In game looks liike a bunny compared to this
Ethan Wright
'Ethan Wright' 1 month ago
the guy sounds like warwick himself
Savage Darius
'Savage Darius' 1 month ago
Warwick savage level
'EatMyNan' 1 month ago
When you smell the booty
Lord Geezmo
'Lord Geezmo' 1 month ago
Cover it with your mouth, dumbnuts.
'1sonyzz' 1 month ago
i play ww and everyone scared
The Official iamduudee
So he's under 50% hp with one little wound...
'CzarownicaVlog' 1 month ago
oh god
Slayer Tido
'Slayer Tido' 1 month ago
Yo I like who acted the victim nice Cha
'KAMIKAZE' 1 month ago
'ΛLΞX' 1 month ago
Best Teaser
'JustCallMeAlice' 1 month ago
Lol when the supp wants to live and they let the adc die
Favillion Bellarion
'Favillion Bellarion' 1 month ago
yes yes that was a brick
Hero Stigmatize
'Hero Stigmatize' 1 month ago
does anyone else feel like Boggin looks like the Zaun thug in the Ekko Teaser
Vorpal Blade
'Vorpal Blade' 1 month ago
This makes me want a FPS game with LoL characters, or just have Riot make an FPS in general.
Kindred Eternal Hunter
'MegaBitas' 1 month ago
tell me every champions name in this Teaser
'UltraAnimaniac101' 1 month ago
Tùng Nguyên Nguyễn Thanh
this seem like re7
'kamartyna' 1 month ago
wow I mean W O W
'Necroledo' 1 month ago
That was an extremely good for what's essentially a teaser trailer for an already existing character. Omg Riot, you better keep your team responsible for these teasers, those people are amazing.
Bunny Bear
'Bunny Bear' 1 month ago
This genuinely terrified me, imagine going through this in virtual reality O,O
Jackson Joestar
'Jackson Joestar' 1 month ago
Star Trek 4 The Wrath of Zaun.
samsung duos
'samsung duos' 1 month ago
saya main lol level 30 yasu saya level 7 eko level 7
DarkNoble 6
'DarkNoble 6' 1 month ago
It got me scared
Lemon Mania
'Lemon Mania' 1 month ago
Could the guy with the shotgun be a Urgot rework teaser ??
'Wirelo' 1 month ago
It would be pretty intense if this was a real game.
'Beodo' 1 month ago
Best RIOT cinematic so far, i would see a movie about this
'TheArmourWolf' 1 month ago
Lol they should add a buff to warwick for one day each month
TeRmInaT0r1 BOT
'TeRmInaT0r1 BOT' 1 month ago
if only the game was like that
CK Not Calvin Klein
'CK Not Calvin Klein' 1 month ago
this is the Best teaser ive ever Seen in my Life 👌
Wicke Danneh
'Wicke Danneh' 1 month ago
So cool!
no name
'no name' 1 month ago
is that urgot update? because i want it!
SmartToothbrush 69
'SmartToothbrush 69' 1 month ago
who are those warwick is chasing at?? I've been wondering that since this came out
Eworet Games
'Eworet Games' 1 month ago
Zaun goons vs. 5 1000 degree knives
Nam Trang
'Nam Trang' 1 month ago
hay quá mọi ng ơi
Luana 00
'Luana 00' 1 month ago
explains warlocks personal issues..
Luana 00
'Luana 00' 1 month ago
rated T for Teen: blood, fantasy violence xDD
'ChennypieX12' 1 month ago
The game would actually be good if it was the same as the trailer
Dutu Silaghi
'Dutu Silaghi' 1 month ago
I bet the guy who run and said "c'omon c'omon" was Ekko lol
Ayooo 999
'Ayooo 999' 1 month ago
I live in Zaun. I just got a paper cut. Im fucked.
Bogdan R9
'Bogdan R9' 1 month ago
Experiment Glowing 1000 DEGREE Warwick vs ADC 2k17 in First Person
Hunter Barry
'Hunter Barry' 1 month ago this is a screenshot of the very end it looks badass
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