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Warwick: The Wrath of Zaun | Champion Teaser – League of Legends -
Published: 2 months ago By: League of Legends

By: League of LegendsPublished: 2 months ago

4, 402, 928 views

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In Zaun’s Gray-filled streets, the criminal underworld is hunted by an engineered beast.

chad deinger
'chad deinger' 2 hours ago
By far the best cinematic ever
Erik Berndt
'Erik Berndt' 11 hours ago
10,000 Degree claw challenge through scared boy!
Broken Teemo
'Broken Teemo' 12 hours ago
Riot....please make a movie about league or a book🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏
Jhinetta Sindel
'Jhinetta Sindel' 2 days ago
I love Zaun, best fictional place ♥♥
Dan X Gamer Official
Lol when you are playing a weak champion and the warwick is 20/0/0 and graves and you went alone in the forest alone in the dark while graves was totally killed and you left him and you stupidly got hit by a minion and he smelled you down and youre whole team= PENTAKILL! Moral of the story-Never ever Make warwick be strong and buffed and never feeed
john andrei epitacio
Lol i subscribed my name on LOL is TeMmIe_HoI
Mynameis2long4u m8
what a fckin idiot
'Samsung;v' 5 days ago
1:35 The best moment. all montage youtubers have this on intro.
Eteoklis Giarenis
'Eteoklis Giarenis' 5 days ago
prometheus f1567
'prometheus f1567' 6 days ago
udyr ????? rework
'Quackstorm' 6 days ago
Oh and is that big guy the bad guy from the Ekko trailer?
'Quackstorm' 6 days ago
Warwick - The Wrath of Zaun, now with watercooling!
Estevan Romo
'Estevan Romo' 7 days ago
Bet this clip is the best for all the lolers
'Pengu' 7 days ago
is it sion and ekko?
Shingeki Genryusai Yamamoto
looks like a batterie...
Gatochan The firstone
'BEATIFUL C. C' 1 week ago
wauuu es lo mejor
'Vintage5273' 1 week ago
Singed has more voice lines here than in actual game
Kawaii Desu
'Kawaii Desu' 1 week ago
Roadhog and Junkrat intensify xD
Joseph Tabacon
'Joseph Tabacon' 2 weeks ago
Just Alien
'Just Alien' 2 weeks ago
wow, this is cool. Why did I saw this now? I hope they will make more video like this.
'GWG AWM' 2 weeks ago
is that graves new skin i'think
'NioMode' 2 weeks ago
If you use subtitles, our guy is called Fleg and his friend Bogin.
Kadir Karik
'Kadir Karik' 2 weeks ago
wtf the best lol animation I have ever seen wow
'Modernwarhero' 2 weeks ago
'Robocopp33' 2 weeks ago
Why do I fear the champions from Zaun? Well, this is why in a nutshell. Technically, I only fear Dr. Mundo and this mecha wolf of terror. It's just that they came from Zaun.
'AzRaeL' 2 weeks ago
ita to hard to make a LoL movie an animated show or actual real life show would would be great though
'facebook/pepe2500ac' 2 weeks ago
Hola hay están poniendo a los estudiantes a jugar  xd ya vieronlos cargos de hell paisa cargos del futuro que de hecho es del pasado peroeso no lo manejamos si no el cuarto que escribí  que se esta creando e investigando.  espero reSpuestas de algunos países para sacame de orbita. de este planeta y. date mas cargos no para gUerriarnos. pero si ocupare. Personal gracias a los premios pondremos en marcha. la exploracion.  Ya que tengo rubies fuera de el planeta.  ya Supieron que soy el mas adinerado en materiales que todo en el planeta xd tengo quienes resgardan. y son mAs avanzados que nosotros
'IntelEx' 2 weeks ago
Ohhh so thats why i 1 shoted vayne with warwicks q :/
sung beon
'sung beon' 2 weeks ago
My YouTube Come In 160 LOL Full Game Video Go!
Cyan Pwnage
'Cyan Pwnage' 2 weeks ago
Warwick was once a man revered for his ability to track down human specimens for the darkest types of scientific research. When his ambitions exceeded his physical limits, he drank a dangerous elixir to transform himself into an unstoppable manhunter. His newfound strength bore a heavy price. Before his transformation, Warwick found his calling in Zaun as a ''procurer'' of human test subjects. Known for his crafty methods and ruthless determination, people regarded him with a cautious mixture of fear and respect. As his reputation grew, so did the demands placed upon him. His clients wanted more rare and dangerous specimens, and they wanted them sooner. To meet their demands, Warwick needed strength that transcended his limited human form. His longtime friend, Singed, devised a powerful formula. The recipe called for three critical components: silver from the Shadow Isles, the fang of a Balefire dire wolf, and the heart of a celestial being. Warwick tracked down the first two in short order, but the third proved a much greater challenge. He traveled to Ionia to trap Soraka, a creature believed to be a child of the stars, but she discovered his ploy and drove him away with powerful magic. Unable to tolerate his failure, Warwick returned to Singed disfigured and furious. He demanded the chemist's incomplete potion, but Singed warned him that the results would be unpredictable. Ignoring his friend's warning, Warwick drank the concoction. The brew transformed him into a creature both man and wolf, infusing him with raw strength and heightened senses. Exhilarated, he immediately began testing his newfound power. Each day his instincts became sharper, but his human half slipped further away. He could feel himself losing control: though he always got his prey, he often failed to bring them back alive. Now he seeks the heart of Soraka to stabilize his transformation before his mind gives way to the feral urges of the beast.
Envy HQ
'Envy HQ' 2 weeks ago
Damn Riot are stepping up with the cinematics !
Camille Ferros
'Camille Ferros' 3 weeks ago
When people thought the guy with the gun was Graves...
'kittengaming' 3 weeks ago
WW is so Broken He sneezes on me with his ult and passive on a 20 second cooldown and I die It's very fun to play against especially If he's building tank and still one shots you.
Atsuko Takahashi
'Atsuko Takahashi' 3 weeks ago
but graves cant have his cigarret
Bruno Borgatti
'Bruno Borgatti' 3 weeks ago
THAT IS THE NEW URGOD!! what do u think?
BeLikeBro BeLikeBro
'BeLikeBro BeLikeBro' 3 weeks ago
This is the best Cinematic ever!!!!
Leonor Coutinho
'Leonor Coutinho' 3 weeks ago
O.O I'm scared haha
Greg I am
'Greg I am' 3 weeks ago
That how I'm going to jump into bronze 5 1:35 because I have potatoes as teammate .
Roshi Flaco
'Roshi Flaco' 3 weeks ago
Ww unlocked commando pro.
'Gammacorius' 3 weeks ago
The one guy looks like Urgot before he got so ugly
Jonathan Durocher
'Jonathan Durocher' 3 weeks ago
this video im still watching it
aaron conway
'aaron conway' 3 weeks ago
at first I had a hard time with WW after the rework, he is my best jg again tho
'OmegaBlack2609' 3 weeks ago
Death Battle suggestion: Warwick vs Rawzar.
'FullCaber' 3 weeks ago
the brute guy hair style reminds me of the one from ekko trailer :O
'Woozy' 3 weeks ago
nice one
Destroyer YT
'Destroyer YT' 3 weeks ago
Warwick is the best
Michal Hrdina
'Michal Hrdina' 3 weeks ago
1:14 everytime when you hunt enemy jungler xD
Another Dude
'Another Dude' 3 weeks ago
Darren Patata
'Darren Patata' 3 weeks ago
League of legends may be you should mix the Urf and one for all
'Palky' 3 weeks ago
When support leaves adc to die , then trying to back and then he dies too
'NicoZ' 3 weeks ago
Wow! The new Outlast looks great!
Fabian Boerner
'Fabian Boerner' 3 weeks ago
Now make it first person already. This would make a great game
Donna Middleton
'Donna Middleton' 3 weeks ago
Wasn't anything wrong with the old warwick, he has always been a beast, but riot likes to mess with champs when noobs can't play them. That is why most champs get reworks. You don't see Teemo, Heimerdinger, or karthus getting a rework.
dovydas tomkus
'dovydas tomkus' 3 weeks ago
wll thats gona haunt my dreams
ActiveRaids GT
'ActiveRaids GT' 4 weeks ago
Damn thats why i Main Him
Kevin Yang
'Kevin Yang' 4 weeks ago
Anyone thinks this trailer looks like Zootopia's escape scene? lol. They should rename it to "Zootopia gone wrong“.
Igor José
'Igor José' 4 weeks ago
This is fucking terrifying.
'Phoenix' 4 weeks ago
goose bumps. goose bumps everywhere.
No Sana No life
'No Sana No life' 4 weeks ago
this is legit scary imagine playing as this person in a horror game
'ArmageddonMusiq' 4 weeks ago
was dope
'TheCoyotePack' 4 weeks ago
Austin Rotari
'Austin Rotari' 4 weeks ago
they should make one of these for every champion
Torki the Dwarf
'Torki the Dwarf' 4 weeks ago
I love LoL cinematics.
TheCouch Pals
'TheCouch Pals' 4 weeks ago
Dude I get chills at how good a cgi web series would be if League made one... One day fam.. one day.
'VaselineYeater' 4 weeks ago
with all the money league makes... game graphics look like they were drawn out of a pig's ass... look at paragon, heroes of the storm, and smite?????
Favillion Bellarion
'Favillion Bellarion' 4 weeks ago
did hans zimmer make the audio cue for warwick?
'BlankGer' 4 weeks ago
do more stuff like this, its amazing
Claudiu Dragan
'Claudiu Dragan' 4 weeks ago
Ian Sarmiento
'Ian Sarmiento' 4 weeks ago
this teaches us not to touch sharp things, and also curiosity kills . and oh never get wounded next to a warwick
Larry Byerly
'Larry Byerly' 4 weeks ago
Hey riot... with this kinda talent. Can you guys make another game or even a full length feature!? This was awesome to watch.
Butt Brothers Gaming
Check out my league of legends video's on my channel. Would mean a lot ^_^!
'OraBakuhatsu14344' 4 weeks ago
Urgot Rework leaked 0:22
Tacospaceman 416
'Tacospaceman 416' 4 weeks ago
this is truly terrifying
tutten larsson
'tutten larsson' 4 weeks ago
The graphics are nothing compared to WoW cinematics tho, and no I'm not a world of warcraft fanboy, I play league but still. Nothing compared to it, just sayin
'haheris' 4 weeks ago
What a whiny little bitch
Mykhael S
'Mykhael S' 4 weeks ago
Imagine a match with THAT kind of gameplay and with VR.
'OmegaBlack2609' 4 weeks ago
At 1:13 I would have done that song by Run the Jewels: Close my Eyes and Count to F**K!
'xPorsum' 4 weeks ago
Why did this scare me so much... whenever I see him in game im like SCRUB GET REKT
'Xekos629' 4 weeks ago
does he have paper skin? or did he practically punch the metal when trying to look out of it...
Uhh No
'Uhh No' 4 weeks ago
Finally, a quality champion that cost 450.
'Tom' 4 weeks ago
Make a movie already! These are too awesome to be so short!
Mirko Miki
'Mirko Miki' 4 weeks ago
Can someone say to me what is on back of ww. Like its that engine or somethin?
ThatOneBlackGuy jones
Report Warwick for soloing
Gabe Newell
'Gabe Newell' 4 weeks ago
Fun Fact: The dude that died first is voiced by Warwicks old voice actor. Kinda cool.
Joshee J
'Joshee J' 4 weeks ago
who where the other two champions
Wade T. Wilson
'Wade T. Wilson' 4 weeks ago
Virtual Reality League of Legends 2017 xD
Josh Dracoian
'Josh Dracoian' 4 weeks ago
The character with the FPS camera view sounds like the Scout from Team Fortress 2, to me.
Chenchipalooza Palooza
Hi im on the 3ds watching utube and all i can see is pixel colors
Shen Nguyễn
'Shen Nguyễn' 1 month ago
Zozo Games
'Zozo Games' 1 month ago
1:36 how it feels to chew 5gum?
Kevin Tran
'Kevin Tran' 1 month ago
adc 2k17
Warwick The Uncaged Wrath Of Zaun
I Had High blood
Joshu Salazar
'Joshu Salazar' 1 month ago
Just OMG
Lara W
'Lara W' 1 month ago
wohoo how nice X3
Dub Master
'Dub Master' 1 month ago
do more like this
Dub Master
'Dub Master' 1 month ago
this video wassssssssss awsomeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
'ABundleOfCharacters' 1 month ago
need more character trailers like this one
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