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Warwick: The Wrath of Zaun | Champion Teaser – League of Legends -
Published: 10 months ago By: League of Legends

By: League of LegendsPublished: 10 months ago

5, 282, 421 views

107, 130 Likes   1, 172 Dislikes

In Zaun’s Gray-filled streets, the criminal underworld is hunted by an engineered beast.

The Loveless Bayonetta Lover
He just had to, didnt he?
'Powaru' 3 days ago
Why the Mechanized Howl isn't in the game? It's just a normal Howl :T
Megalo the Scrub
'Megalo the Scrub' 4 days ago
Jesus christ, what a trailer. Everything just fell together so seamlessly (and yet, horrifically) at the end.
'tomasiarity' 4 days ago
Warwick was the best thing that came out of season 7.
'Ziorky' 5 days ago
This is kind of spoookyyy
'DaVincent' 6 days ago
0:45 I'm sorry man! You forgot to buy boots!
'DaVincent' 6 days ago
0:45 Support plays of the week
Arda ipek
'Arda ipek' 6 days ago
I don't R.I.P adc omg bb :D :(
Jensen Chong
'Jensen Chong' 7 days ago
Lol warwick so badass but can get shit on by a rat with mushrooms
JackO ReCO 1018
'JackO ReCO 1018' 1 week ago
Best Champion Animation And Teaser
'xXSERIOUSPUNISH' 1 week ago
I was a beast before but now i'm a monster- Warwick
Jerome brioso
'Jerome brioso' 1 week ago
This could be a good survival horror game RIGHT??
Marwen Hosni
'Marwen Hosni' 1 week ago
Ok that really scared me
Hannah Palani
'Hannah Palani' 1 week ago
lol He tripped on the stairs
Leader of Stickmen
'Leader of Stickmen' 2 weeks ago
Too bad Warwick doesn’t jump that far in-game...
'Grade's Dad' 2 weeks ago
we need a movie
Tickle Myfeet
'Tickle Myfeet' 2 weeks ago
1:14 fun fact, the thing on his pack is a device that and self induce pain on WW to make him bloodthirsty. you can see the sharp thing go into his body to get him mad.
'Enfictious' 2 weeks ago
If you pause at the perfect moment at 1:37 you can see the face of horror
ssj Kyto
'ssj Kyto' 3 weeks ago
Love this so much, Warwick's new form is awesome
Xavereth The Terrarian
... Yeah that seems about right.
Adis Developer
'Adis Developer' 3 weeks ago
best warwick
'LouTheSadBoy' 3 weeks ago
why would he go up there! He could of just hid WW was leaving. Either way this is great and it scared me.
moku .
'moku .' 3 weeks ago
I fricken love this teaser and I never play Warwick XD
Chanra Bun
'Chanra Bun' 3 weeks ago
My heart is get out of my body.😨😑.
'Yam' 3 weeks ago
Best teaser.
Kellindil Al
'Kellindil Al'Vir' 3 weeks ago
Warwick comes to Bioshock
Beehive of Sensual Pleasures
Writers were playing too much bioshock.
Kyle Bell
'Kyle Bell' 4 weeks ago
I knew as soon as he cut his hand that Warwick would use blood hunt then ult
LunaticCultist72-YT COC, Roblox, and more
If that dude knew that Warwick could do that, then why in the world would he touch the sharp broken metal that could potentially make him bleed. I mean yeah he lost his friend or something but it’s every man for himself in the World of League.
Adis Developer
'Adis Developer' 4 weeks ago
Warwick is World i love this champ
David Gonzalez
'David Gonzalez' 4 weeks ago
A fed Warwick is never a good thing
shimada no Katana genkei Genji
would totally play this if it was a horror video game something like outlast but with the thrill of being chased the whole time..
Ducktator ___
'Ducktator ___' 4 weeks ago
1:17 when you think the teacher forgets about checking the homework and then one kid reminds them
'PICACHU 11' 1 month ago
Oh man its so facking good
'RyouAndTakeru' 1 month ago
This dude cut his hand for 50% of his hp, just thought I'd throw that out there
Ludovic Mondragon
'Ludovic Mondragon' 1 month ago
pause at 1:37 and look for it.........
Matthew Divittorio
'Matthew Divittorio' 1 month ago
Did this not remind everyone of bioshock?
Dredlock Dremrr
'Dredlock Dremrr' 1 month ago
Urgot is the guy with the gun but got cut by warwick
'Grade's Dad' 1 month ago
Jesus i actually got scared and chills from watching this. Horror movies COME AT ME I'VE SEEN SCARY, BRING IT ON!!!!!
Regayeg Firas
'Regayeg Firas' 1 month ago
Is this running guy , Ekko?
Utilisateur Google
'Utilisateur Google' 1 month ago
Is that Urgot ?
'Kaconti17' 1 month ago
wow ill main warwick now i mean 2nd main i love zed
'TheSwedishDino' 1 month ago
Hehe that's my boy
raphaelo topase
'raphaelo topase' 1 month ago
I thought the guy with the gun was graves but it was actually urgot before he went korea and do a plastic surgery and failed and we got a broken urgot in league now...
Antonio P.
'Antonio P.' 1 month ago
i've never seen this trailer before. it's so crazy *-* (ww main <3)
xYanz GT
'xYanz GT' 1 month ago
everytime a see warwick enemy and hear the sound 1:30 damn a get pretty scared
Ben Murphy
'Ben Murphy' 1 month ago
So wait, if this guy didn’t cut his hand then he would have lived because Warwick relies on blood right? (For smell)
Secret Red
'Secret Red' 1 month ago
0:45 support be like
Тёплый Плед
Них*ёво он так порезался, раз Wшка варвика сработала.
So its urgot right
Adis csa
'Adis csa' 2 months ago
1:10 So that little scratch got him to 30% of his health ? Because ww can sense them only on 30% of their total health
Niklas !!
'Niklas !!' 2 months ago
I don't play the game but the cinematcs get me every time didn't they want to make a movie
Agar Naza
'Agar Naza' 2 months ago
Omg if u watxhed it in 5D
Nanix PW
'Nanix PW' 2 months ago
Holy shit if this will be a game I would buy it and play it! Imagine it your mission is to escape from Warwick your only options are run and hide and not to get wounded or else he's gonna smell your ass. Damn!
Greg Assasin
'Greg Assasin' 2 months ago
Warwick Trailer YOU can Survive? You can escape? You can deal it? The Hunter of the dark parts of Zaun? Warwick??? Today u dont have any way to leave any way to hide from this werewolf the Monster of Zaun u can only RUN but you cant HIDE from Warwick... (Warwicks Hunt Sound) You will Survive? Now u have to use him or fight him :D Rework Start...... By NOW!!!
'Matt' 2 months ago
"Smh who fed WW"
Jake Tucker
'Jake Tucker' 2 months ago
So zaun or the shadow isles... Shadow isles are looking pretty good this time of year
Jack Hoff
'Jack Hoff' 2 months ago
dude that guy is such a pussy "NOOOO" hahahaha lmfao what a little bitch
Mert oyunda TR
'Mert oyunda TR' 2 months ago
Warwick Power!
'THE DESTROYER69' 2 months ago
Why does Warwick's in game voice similar to the first guy he killed
'Decrypted' 2 months ago
hmm this rick and morty trailer looks nice
trol tree
'trol tree' 2 months ago
main warwick
Little Sun Fox
'Little Sun Fox' 2 months ago
They need to make a full fledged movie of this, it be freaking awesome!!
Viet Le
'Viet Le' 2 months ago
The guy with gun is urgot right?
Bingo Bango
'Bingo Bango' 2 months ago
*Amnesia flashbacks*
Supa hot fire
'Supa hot fire' 2 months ago
Why the hell boggin didnt shoot warwick and who the hell leave their friend behind?
Andressa Almeida
'Andressa Almeida' 2 months ago
y love wolfs<3
huy le
'huy le' 2 months ago
wait was that urgot
'SORRY i QUIT' 2 months ago
He's my 1st Champion i bought but i am SUPER NOOB at the game.
'Bakugou' 3 months ago
1:18 when the enemy is Low HP
Ivandarwin Brizuela
'Ivandarwin Brizuela' 3 months ago
i play mobile legends and i just realized the hero in ml called roger is a hero that was inspired from Graves and warwick roger looks like graves and roger can turn into a werewolf that looks like warwick
'nateadro' 3 months ago
the knew horror movie XD
Michał Kowalczyk
'Michał Kowalczyk' 3 months ago
One of the best cinematics
sheram hawaliz
'sheram hawaliz' 3 months ago
Who are the 2 guys ww killed?
The EngiWizard
'The EngiWizard' 3 months ago
1:08 Ok, now I understand. He didn't run forward and cut his hand, the trolley lurched forward and he tripped into the ripped apart door. The force of him tripping into the door being placed on his hand was enough for the recently cut metal to lacerate his palm. It took me quite a while to realize that, because before I thought, "Idiot! What were you expecting? You basically killed yourself!"
Sofia Skakalovaw
'Sofia Skakalovaw' 3 months ago
'LP C' 3 months ago
OMG is this a horror game!? USK 18? o.o
'MON STER' 3 months ago
is this urgot???
Jaime Fucking Lannister
That's how a fed Warwick feels like, a 0/12 Warwick is more of a Chiuaua than a Wolf.
Mister Zed
'Mister Zed' 3 months ago
i played as warwick and that was cool. it is so op then a player dont have a lot of hp
'Blueberry' 3 months ago
I come back here every month to see this masterpiece again <3
'Artorias666' 3 months ago
Who look this in 3047
Lucky MeowMeow
'Lucky MeowMeow' 3 months ago
Riot make movie plz...
NotToEZ toForget
'NotToEZ toForget' 3 months ago
bullshit lylcan can kill this shit.. lul mate this shit is just totally shit
Rat way
'Rat way' 3 months ago
Yeah.... That would of been a good movie..🤤
'FarCritical' 3 months ago
is that ww's old voice actor??
'TeamEnderFire' 3 months ago
'Makziie' 3 months ago
riot need to makes lol lore movies already
Battousay tasuki
'Battousay tasuki' 3 months ago
el mejoro video amigos
'A T B' 3 months ago
Why didn't Urgot get a cinematic like this?
Incro Pactor
'Incro Pactor' 3 months ago
FPS !!
Why Am I Here?
'Why Am I Here?' 3 months ago
so is he a good guy, or a bad guy (doraka lore and maybe old icon)?
umut emre
'umut emre' 3 months ago
baya iyi olmuş hakkını vemek lazım
Garfield attacker
'Garfield attacker' 3 months ago
0:48 = Q 1:14 = W 0:17 =E 1:34 = R
Hozzie Hozzbourne
'Hozzie Hozzbourne' 3 months ago
Did yo know that Warwick's previous voice actor Brian Sommers voice the big fellow in the trailer?
'Aricol' 3 months ago
ok, that was a really good animation
Krazy 68
'Krazy 68' 3 months ago
the best teaser !\
'Crohac' 3 months ago
Warwick: Ez
'RINZVEN GAMING' 3 months ago
So The New Warwick Can Parkour??
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