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Warwick: The Wrath of Zaun | Champion Teaser – League of Legends -
Published: 1 year ago By: League of Legends

By: League of LegendsPublished: 1 year ago

5, 652, 185 views

111, 307 Likes   1, 214 Dislikes

In Zaun’s Gray-filled streets, the criminal underworld is hunted by an engineered beast.

Abdullah Bashabsheh
if it a first person game, man it'll be great.
Ilknur Boyraz
'Ilknur Boyraz' 6 days ago
Thats movie like Outlast Im right :P
'Eternal791' 1 week ago
This is still my favorite cinematic. It's just so good.
Jacob Clark
'Jacob Clark' 1 week ago
one of League's scariest cinematics along with Rek'Sais
Fender Blitz
'Fender Blitz' 1 week ago
We want the blood hunter warwick
'CHANEL GAMERS' 2 weeks ago
So bad warwick
Karma Nguyen
'Karma Nguyen' 2 weeks ago
Well done Riot
Fatty Lisa
'Fatty Lisa' 3 weeks ago
This is literally how I feel trying to run away from Warwick with low health in League of Legends.
'Charbychu' 3 weeks ago
Anyone else dying light vibes?
xymar imperial
'xymar imperial' 3 weeks ago
holy sheet
Brain Gaming
'Brain Gaming' 3 weeks ago
How did he got bellow 50% hp by only a cut
'Dionisos161' 4 weeks ago
Leauge of Legends should think about making a Horror my opinion. Voice actors they have for sure. The ingame fantasy characters and so on. If they do this and do this right! can become awesome.
'Skeleton' 4 weeks ago
as horrifying as this is it's hard to take Warwick seriously after seeing him decked out in a grandma's outfit
Forex Lalaland
'Forex Lalaland' 4 weeks ago
Issac The Issac
'Issac The Issac' 4 weeks ago
why does the guy who died feels like the reworked urgot
Ac_Gaming 203
'Ac_Gaming 203' 4 weeks ago
Should be on the list of "incoming horror movies"
'H3NRY187' 4 weeks ago
Instant Karma
Levi Futch
'Levi Futch' 4 weeks ago
That somewhat scared me
Angelo Fulton Sotto
'Angelo Fulton Sotto' 4 weeks ago
was the guy with the gun was urgot?
'ELRAZORGAMES8' 1 month ago
Me kage todo
mitchell van den hoonaard
Wow that is so selfish XD
Mateen Zin
'Mateen Zin' 1 month ago
One thing if you meet Warwick: Boy:don’t bleed Girl:same but make sure you don’t have your period
'Finn RBLX' 1 month ago
why doesnt these guys attack warwick or do something, they just run like little cowards lol
Angelo Fulton Sotto
'Angelo Fulton Sotto' 1 month ago
Delfina Gomez
'Delfina Gomez' 1 month ago
cagazo astral
'DeadMasterMusic' 1 month ago
when you see warwick in every game this rank season
I will show you Da Wae
I love it
Neon Lights
'Neon Lights' 1 month ago
Rip vlad players
Vlad Giurc
'Vlad Giurc' 1 month ago
One of the best cinematics,but ww should ate him like a predator animal not just kill him and let his corpse alone
SkyCookie :3
'SkyCookie :3' 1 month ago
I think i enjoy being a ww main even more now btw hy doesnt he go crazy like that ingame?
Ezekiel Cabangis
'Ezekiel Cabangis' 1 month ago
That fat guy is urgot
Cristian Mihalcea
'Cristian Mihalcea' 1 month ago
Watch this with VR
That Guy
'That Guy' 1 month ago
Now, imagine if this was a 360 video
'Unbekannt' 1 month ago
Amber Bi
'Amber Bi' 1 month ago
Thats the sound you hear before you die
De4d Insid3
'De4d Insid3' 2 months ago
This dude that got 'killed' by Warwick is Urgot, isn't it?
Crep man
'Crep man' 2 months ago
'Weischeezy' 2 months ago
Get rekt 2 v 1
'이름미지정' 2 months ago
한국성우가 훨씬 느낌잘살렸다 이건그냥 목숨이 걸렸는데 말하는게 천하태평이네
CerQue Plays
'CerQue Plays' 2 months ago
for a champion that costs 450 blue escence this guy is OP i mean WTF make him cost WAY more cuz he is OP
LOL Gamer
'LOL Gamer' 2 months ago
The big man is that sion?
'MegaMac464' 2 months ago
This feels sooo much like bioshock to me I love it
Nica Del
'Nica Del' 2 months ago
urgot and singed vs ww
PBB 123
'PBB 123' 2 months ago
He found him by blood
Gan Liang
'Gan Liang' 2 months ago
Vincent Alster
'Vincent Alster' 2 months ago
BIOSHOCK? i wish
Angelo Knockout TFP
'Angelo Knockout TFP' 2 months ago
This is scary!! Gosh! 😱😱😱😭😭😭💕👻👻👻
Star Platinum
'Star Platinum' 2 months ago
Warwick be like: "swiggity swooty i am coming for da booty ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)"
Mobile Legends Srbija
Is that urgot
Abraham Nicollas
'Abraham Nicollas' 2 months ago
this is cool af
James Guest
'James Guest' 2 months ago
wow, what a league player, baited his teammate and then got himself killed. GUD 1
'Phenate' 2 months ago
This is what happens when you let Warwick get movement speed.
israel bastos
'israel bastos' 2 months ago
I morreu
Daniel Johnican
'Daniel Johnican' 2 months ago
this bot lane point of view when geting ganked by hi
Wakter Laner
'Wakter Laner' 2 months ago
This is pure karma. xD
'Gangplank' 2 months ago
He won't eat my oranges
BigColt V
'BigColt V' 2 months ago
If i was him i wouldve closed the door right away cuz i think he wouldve lived if he pulled the lever like 5 seconds ahead
ThatOneGirl !
'ThatOneGirl !' 2 months ago
That's a bit spooky
Bartosz Kostecki
'Bartosz Kostecki' 2 months ago
1 day and it's been a year 😮
Zexer **
'Zexer **' 2 months ago
if the skinny guy was Ekko he would have time traveled back to berfore he scratched himself, not making the same mistake
Jad Zem
'Jad Zem' 3 months ago
'scuashco' 3 months ago
Jonah Taylor
'Jonah Taylor' 3 months ago
This is so cringy
Dylan Anderson
'Dylan Anderson' 3 months ago
'Enceladus' 3 months ago
Five Nights at Zaun spinoff game?
Alyson Santos
'Alyson Santos' 3 months ago
O teaser mais foda do game até agora.
Osman Bulut
'Osman Bulut' 3 months ago
Huy Dinh Quang
'Huy Dinh Quang' 3 months ago
'Mr.Randen' 3 months ago
If Warwick was in real life That will be the most terrifying thing in the world
'Shrekha' 3 months ago
Imagine this in 5D cinema, shit would be scary, yo.
'Leshiy' 3 months ago
My theory is that Fleg is Singed, Boggin is probably Urgot, and after Singed helped Warwick, his thirst for blood became a downside to him, with Boggin not dying, and Fleg with remaining scars, probably why Singed looks partially blind in the splash art, and Urgot always referencing to pain and suffer.
Mariliza Castillejo
'Mariliza Castillejo' 3 months ago
Urgot with 2 legs <3
'GranthTheGreen' 3 months ago
Can you imagine what could be accomplished if Blizzard’s cinematic team and Riot’s cinematic team collaborated on a project? Ooft.
lim en cheng
'lim en cheng' 3 months ago
0:45 what I say to my buddy when we running away from a Warwick and he forgot to buy boots. Then after that the whole team pinged his flash. Why didn’t he flash?
skäR of hëll
'skäR of hëll' 3 months ago
Rly i was veery scared
skäR of hëll
'skäR of hëll' 3 months ago
Wow i am very frighting
Archie Roman
'Archie Roman' 3 months ago
At 1:36 did warwick use his ultimate like if you guys agreed
Iron Wolfe
'Iron Wolfe' 3 months ago
Pssh let's see WW try doing that to Udyr
Hime sama
'Hime sama' 3 months ago
I main wairwick he is the best😍😍😍
Kartoffelhorn 0
'Kartoffelhorn 0' 3 months ago
In my opinion it's the best animation Riot have ever made. When Riot make a movie, please use this animation style <3
Rusty Runner
'Rusty Runner' 3 months ago
he fucked up
Havon Efreet {Ghost-like being}
ho ly shit league. you've outdone yourselves this time...
Stay Faces
'Stay Faces' 4 months ago
Me dio pena por que lo abandono que forro pero murio igual por hdp
Panda Beatz
'Panda Beatz' 4 months ago
I wanna play League of Legends but i dont have i computer lmao my dad took it away ;-;
Captain BoomBoom
'Captain BoomBoom' 4 months ago
This made me afraid of Warwick
'mechazero344' 4 months ago
stop at 1:37 it was great look :D
The EngiWizard
'The EngiWizard' 4 months ago
Watch this in the dark, with the brightness turned down pretty low, with you face close to the screen. I did this, and now I fully understand how terrifying this actually is.
Gevo A
'Gevo A' 4 months ago
he furgot about urgot
'Singed' 4 months ago
They can't even adapt my lore to Warwick's in the client
Lorgo 044
'Lorgo 044' 4 months ago
New smell who dis, O is bluud
Drum My Base
'Drum My Base' 4 months ago
Just a wild guess, but what if that's Urgot before he got his robot legs and that Warwick attack gave him the oppertunity to get those legs. Now he's out for revenge on Warwick!
Devhil Murphy
'Devhil Murphy' 4 months ago
'1GoDuMhEaDsHoT' 4 months ago
I have 600k warwick
'SerLio '' 4 months ago
This reminds me of Bioshock so much.
'brianjcb' 4 months ago
its like an horror game.. i would play it xD
'SSShotgunFox' 4 months ago
Imagine Warwick in real life
Gabriel Carvalho
'Gabriel Carvalho' 4 months ago
Riot make a movie PLEASE !!!!!!
That was awesome riot I like at the end the guy almost made it out but then he cut himself and when he did that I just said to myself you fucking idiot but still that was awesome riot you should try and make a movie
'인내심' 4 months ago
영상만 보면 op임ㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋ
My Cutiepie
'My Cutiepie' 4 months ago
Lol, use flash
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