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$300 Apple Book -
Published: 1 year ago By: iJustine

By: iJustinePublished: 1 year ago

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Mohamad Moukahal
'Mohamad Moukahal' 24 hours ago
That's a lot of money wasted,money should be spent wisely
Mohamad Moukahal
'Mohamad Moukahal' 24 hours ago
Oh my god...300$ for a freaking image book
Dantha Sitompul
'Dantha Sitompul' 1 day ago
Nice Glasses !
Trap Selenaaa
'Trap Selenaaa' 2 days ago
I love how she was scrolling through the book then saw the 3GS and STOPPED IMMEDIATELY 😂😂😂
'A!REM' 3 days ago
This bridge, WE know it😀 and i form Morocco and i follow you 1 year
*I Like Dogs*
'*I Like Dogs*' 5 days ago
I prefer wikipedia
*I Like Dogs*
'*I Like Dogs*' 5 days ago
They could've atleast put some words about each product aswell as not being already out dated by the time it came out.
'TopToad' 7 days ago
Where in the US is this?
Blicky got the stiffy
she spent 300 on it a barely looked at it
Charlotte P
'Charlotte P' 1 week ago
Smells like apple I'm dead 😂
phoebe brown in the crowd
Buy a beautiful Nintendo Switch for $300. Buy a weirdly expensive liquor bottle for $300. Buy about 37 Airheads Candy-60 Pack for $300. Just *DO NOT BUY THIS.*
BigFatLeech Ya
'BigFatLeech Ya' 1 week ago
300$ ???
Abdullah Azeem
'Abdullah Azeem' 1 week ago
The worst book ever
WaterDragony Play
ppls be like that book sucks it costs 300 WELL ITS NOT YOU LIFE DONT MIND HER BUSSINESS gosh this ppls
Gamer_Boiii 77
'Gamer_Boiii 77' 2 weeks ago
Why so much hate? She is an apple tech reviewer... So obviously u r any way gonna see this coming...
Weres Meh Tea !!!!
'Weres Meh Tea !!!!' 2 weeks ago
If that book puts a free iPhone SE in there I'm happy
Zarah Navarro
'Zarah Navarro' 2 weeks ago
This was posted on my 8th birthday
Deeya Shah
'Deeya Shah' 2 weeks ago
Will you be my friend.
Jann Arden Jadwani
'Jann Arden Jadwani' 2 weeks ago
Literally im getting sick of this apple vs android thing OK if you like what you want just go for it omg literally even in this section of the world we are fighting ok samsung its a device that helps you in your life if you want it buy it and apple its the same thing if you want it buy it i really dont get why people are fighting about this and if ijustine wants to buy her on stuff just let her do it. She aint hurting nobody and its her money anyway so she could do anything with it seriously...
Kaitlyn Burgess
'Kaitlyn Burgess' 2 weeks ago
This book is so stupid. It’s ridiculous
trend cam
'trend cam' 2 weeks ago
she bough the book to show u guys whats in it not because shes obsessed or being weird its for us to see
'Life' 2 weeks ago
Imagine bringing that to school and the teacher ask you “what are you reading?” And you say “oh I’m just reading a 300$ book from Apple.” And teacher be like 😮
It’s just pictures
Jessica-012 X
'Jessica-012 X' 3 weeks ago
What is the point of that book? And you brought 4?
Noor Rida
'Noor Rida' 3 weeks ago
Omg that’s so cool!!
Loulou Diamond
'Loulou Diamond' 3 weeks ago
I genuinely thought this was April fools
Reewa Chauhan
'Reewa Chauhan' 3 weeks ago
What does she do all of this book
Bhraguraj Singh
'Bhraguraj Singh' 3 weeks ago
That book does not worth 50 bucks
'Zico24' 3 weeks ago
Apple overprices everything!! 😩
Frank Akers
'Frank Akers' 3 weeks ago
Love it
Joe Bedells
'Joe Bedells' 3 weeks ago
Did she copy the glasses from tech smart or did tech smart copy her
Jorge Martinez
'Jorge Martinez' 4 weeks ago
I need one !!!
Cow cow Fnaf
'Cow cow Fnaf' 4 weeks ago
Hi and can you pls make fnaf cake
'TheASTRO2000' 4 weeks ago
That book costs more than my phone
Steven C
'Steven C' 4 weeks ago
As long as Americans/Dumb people exist. So will a market for these pointless products.
Paul Broomhead
'Paul Broomhead' 4 weeks ago
$300 for a book but then it's Apple XD
Jay P
'Jay P' 4 weeks ago
There are medical school textbooks that cost less than half of one of these books. Whyyyyy?
Helen Pham
'Helen Pham' 4 weeks ago
This actually might be worth it, this is a collectors item, and maybe just maybe in the future this book might not be in stock.
CJ Savage
'CJ Savage' 4 weeks ago
Lol $300 for paper😂
Ali Mürteza Yeşil
'Ali Mürteza Yeşil' 4 weeks ago
Most beatiful part of the video was the background music.
Are Memes?
'Are Memes?' 1 month ago
Samsung’s better...
'Goldenz' 1 month ago
You are techsmart but girl
applewarm_pies rblx
'applewarm_pies rblx' 1 month ago
'BRFortnite' 1 month ago
so they cant sell anything remotely cheap
Manosha Cooray
'Manosha Cooray' 1 month ago
Never ever be blind when you buy something from Apple.
Manosha Cooray
'Manosha Cooray' 1 month ago
Book of junk.
Mastergamer Best
'Mastergamer Best' 1 month ago
Past time Gamer
'Past time Gamer' 1 month ago
This is the madness to be an apple fan hahahah
Krish Jain
'Krish Jain' 1 month ago
The end is near...
The world of Kyan
'The world of Kyan' 1 month ago
I understand that it’s cool to see stuff. From then, but $300!! That is Extremely expensive
melody 123
'melody 123' 1 month ago
Love you
'Ratz4ever' 1 month ago
No hate butttt I wouldn't buy this for $300 dollars
Elizabeth Orzechowski
Who needs a book like this I mean look at but buy it's just pictures it's nothing special
'arin' 1 month ago
Before you scroll down to the comments section just get ready to see hate comments and you're probably gonna hate too.
RusherLei Ramos
'RusherLei Ramos' 1 month ago
note 8
RusherLei Ramos
'RusherLei Ramos' 1 month ago
if i have that 300 dollars im just gonna buy nite 8
Maureen Clarke
'Maureen Clarke' 1 month ago
Ryan K
'Ryan K' 1 month ago
'Gralic' 1 month ago
You're an imbecile
Washmi Wijeratne
'Washmi Wijeratne' 2 months ago
why is it 300 dollars and Justine just falls for it. Like seriously c'mon apple
Adam John
'Adam John' 2 months ago
Omg that is such a disappointment
'Cpstechreviews' 2 months ago
Man I want one now
'lukkash' 2 months ago
heh it's a good business idea ... the WRITERS should create some content and sell a book for 20$ but here in this case there is nearly no text (even not too many description texts), just images and they can sell it for 300$ and some people feel wild emotions unboxing it and reviewing - cos we cannot say that they read it :)
IMasks7 Gaming
'IMasks7 Gaming' 2 months ago
But why?
'KaryaTermasyhur' 2 months ago
Print apple product picture in google image. And you can make your own book.
'CatToramaku' 2 months ago
But there's no headphone jack...
'Bianxxc' 2 months ago
whats the point of buyung that? you have a tons of phones you can just literally search what's inside the book
Alexander Bell
'Alexander Bell' 2 months ago
Got two Apple books as well, 1 of each size.
Byron Parks
'Byron Parks' 2 months ago
You know there is something called Google, there you can look up all the pictures. You have to be really stupid to buy this.
cristian trevizo
'cristian trevizo' 2 months ago
Megan Dolan
'Megan Dolan' 2 months ago
Damn she’s obsessed like wtf
'MarMar88' 2 months ago
The book just kept getting smaller and smaller as she was taking it out of the package. And theeeeeen, Apple is going green, but all that wasted packaging!? Guuurl.
Vir Sharma
'Vir Sharma' 2 months ago
Of course that legendary “Designed by Apple In California
Ivan Nava
'Ivan Nava' 2 months ago
Rich bitch
alexander eliassen2342
welcome to 2018 when you can buy a book with only pic for only 300 dollars
Queen Of Winter
'Queen Of Winter' 2 months ago
this book is more expensive than my phone…
Abdelghefar Aimen
'Abdelghefar Aimen' 2 months ago
White privilage
Saigul !
'Saigul !' 2 months ago
*My Starbucks*
Mr. Dogo
'Mr. Dogo' 2 months ago
What play button’s do u have
'Charlie_Mate1234' 2 months ago
Pretty sad
Pamela Huang
'Pamela Huang' 2 months ago
Why would anyone buy that?
Julio Armando Aguilar Ramirez
were do you live
'DotInside' 2 months ago
get a cardboard box stick an apple logo on it and then put it on ebay for $1000
Ayush Singh
'Ayush Singh' 2 months ago
Seriously $300 Dollers Pretty as ***k lol
Srinivas Kolli
'Srinivas Kolli' 2 months ago
It is confirmed how much loyal she is.
Nay Dobrata
'Nay Dobrata' 2 months ago
1$ per page . :3
Ashen Gamge
'Ashen Gamge' 2 months ago
Actually why would someone buy that huge book after all. I am just asking why apple has made such a thing is there a real reason😌
Unicorngirl2 7
'Unicorngirl2 7' 2 months ago
I think Apple is dumb, a book for $300?! That’s highway robbery
Aaron Ratcliffe
'Aaron Ratcliffe' 2 months ago
'Monk' 2 months ago
but why though?
iAvery YT
'iAvery YT' 2 months ago
No joke but Justine is so funny and cheerful. That's why I love her channel. I know I know that book is pathetic but let's not talk about that. Justine is awesome😍
Chelsey Castillo
'Chelsey Castillo' 2 months ago
Thats sooo stupid for a person to buy..................... Apple be like"I wanna sell a book rhat is sooooooo expensive that when a person will buy it..................... I will 😄
Raine Anderson
'Raine Anderson' 2 months ago
$300? Best be made of gold
'TurtleDuck' 2 months ago
Apple should make apple water and apple bread and etc. Justine: OMG I HAVE TO BUY THIS 5K WATER AND BREAD BECAUSE ITS APPPPLLED
'TheOnlyLatios' 2 months ago
300? I’d rather buy a switch
Warren Burgess
'Warren Burgess' 2 months ago
This company is really in love with themselves. They published a $300 book with pictures of their own products which you can find on the net. For Free!! I love some Apple products, but this just....just... What's the word i'm looking for? It begins with an S... STUPID!
Bronx W
'Bronx W' 2 months ago
You got it
Carter Romanchuk
'Carter Romanchuk' 2 months ago
Does it have wireless charging?
Bold Basty
'Bold Basty' 2 months ago
an iphone 6 cost less then this and atleast you can actually do shit
Gaming with adham
'Gaming with adham' 2 months ago
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