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$300 Apple Book -
Published: 1 year ago By: iJustine

By: iJustinePublished: 1 year ago

1, 429, 899 views

24, 576 Likes   7, 435 Dislikes

First in line and unboxing of the new Apple
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•LuKo• Kanalas
stop it. Get some help
Jaskaran Khurana
'Jaskaran Khurana' 6 days ago
cheaper then textbooks
kavya appu
'kavya appu' 6 days ago
whats the whole use of this thing?
Em Radford
'Em Radford' 7 days ago
They’re so pretty. I’d love to read through 😍
Alejo Gerardo Sanchez
Every time I watch her videos I wonder how many millions does she have in her bank account
'PokeGirlFan101' 1 week ago
6:09 my iPhone but a green phone with a blue case eh not working nvm don’t do it
Ewerton Luna
'Ewerton Luna' 1 week ago
I like you, Justine, but you have a serious problem. I'm not even joking.
'BlazingDylan' 1 week ago
im not a hater i just thinnk youve wasted 300$ on a book
'AJ D' 2 weeks ago
Rip Steve jobs he will be missed
Owen915 - Nintendo
'Owen915 - Nintendo' 2 weeks ago
Introducing the iShit that you will buy for only $800 buy now today
Andrea Robles
'Andrea Robles' 2 weeks ago
All this hate is driving me crazy. She has an I in front of her name if you don't want the product then great but she can buy it if she wants
sherypie G.
'sherypie G.' 2 weeks ago
Inferno Art
'Inferno Art' 2 weeks ago
What's a book?
Rik Van Rijn
'Rik Van Rijn' 2 weeks ago
This is a joke right?
The Boss Man 21
'The Boss Man 21' 2 weeks ago
What The Hell
Jazzmin Ruiz
'Jazzmin Ruiz' 2 weeks ago
I really enjoy watching your passion for Apple.
Chelsea Turner
'Chelsea Turner' 2 weeks ago
Our World
'Our World' 2 weeks ago
Apple be like You know I've always wanted to make a picture book on phones.  i don't wanna sell it just make some copies when I'm bored at the genius bar. Oh yeah I get you. Perhaps you could make one and sell it for $300 so nobody buys it. Smart idea, fred! - two days later.. Woah iJustine really bought my book huh? I know see likes apple but come on this is just sad! I mean she buys all our phone which are gradually getting worse. Like who wants a phone with no home button or ear phone jack?! Like all these pictures are from google. I got all these pictures for FREE. If she has so much money to buy every apple product in the world then maybe she could spend some of it on, oh, I don't know, BILLS, FAMILY, FOOD. She should just go to china were they make phones and take them literally as soon as they're made! jeez man!
'Hello' 2 weeks ago
I love Apple but $300 for a book is stupid.
Dr. Smith
'Dr. Smith' 2 weeks ago
Bruh I found this book on e bay for 20 bucks
Xoxo Maha xxx
'Xoxo Maha xxx' 2 weeks ago
I mean I like it's just gonna stay sitting there and you Ain't gonna give a damn about it....I mean you already know all of the apple products (: 😂
Toby Rens
'Toby Rens' 2 weeks ago
Why is this book 300 dollars it makes no sense at all
Aashna Passey
'Aashna Passey' 3 weeks ago
Justine you are a really lovely YouTuber but Ummmmmm I seriously don't get the big deal about this it's just a book showing apple products which for me is pretty boring
Hussein Alallaq
'Hussein Alallaq' 3 weeks ago
I think, I am addicted to your channel !!! do you put something in your video?
'PlaneNote' 3 weeks ago
why it is 300 dollars ?
Jackson Purtell
'Jackson Purtell' 3 weeks ago
Umm… google image is free
I think your obsessed with apple
Double DIY
'Double DIY' 3 weeks ago
I'm gonna do an internet! WOAAHHH! I'm gonna do a book!!! oh.
Rosé Park
'Rosé Park' 3 weeks ago
Justine will buy what ever she wants because that's her own freaking money. And if you guys think that justine wasted $300 for just a book what do you care it's her happiness.
Beñ - Gaming
'Beñ - Gaming' 3 weeks ago
Madden God
'Madden God' 3 weeks ago
Pretty sure Steve jobs wouldn’t sell a book for $300
Agsm Hannah
'Agsm Hannah' 3 weeks ago
Starts opening book at 4:28
'glowbyjo' 3 weeks ago
There is so much packaging😂
Tahsen Alalmany
'Tahsen Alalmany' 3 weeks ago
Man Americans so dumb ... what happened to the generation of scientists?
Emo At The Phandom
'Emo At The Phandom' 4 weeks ago
Honestly, who would buy this? Just... WHY
Sara Jacobsen Dahl
'Sara Jacobsen Dahl' 4 weeks ago
I just got an 4k retina 27inch iMac ((:
Carlie Koala
'Carlie Koala' 4 weeks ago
Everyone is saying it’s bad but I want one...
Apple Squish
'Apple Squish' 1 month ago
U spent $300 for a book WHAT!!!!
Shadow Reaper117
'Shadow Reaper117' 1 month ago
I don’t care what any of these haters say about you Justine. I’m an apple fan myself and that book was a great idea to dedicate something to Steve jobs and I wouldn’t even mind spending that much for a book and I’m not saying I’m a rich dude which I’m not. Everyone is entitled to what they wanna say I’m not gonna hate on anyone if they wanna say something then say something👍
Jose Andrade
'Jose Andrade' 1 month ago
2:10 her phone falls wtf😶😶😶😞😞😲😲
JJ Montgomery
'JJ Montgomery' 1 month ago
'HaxEverywhere' 1 month ago
i need my keyboard for it so i could turn the pages, where is the ports?
Rimsha Khalid
'Rimsha Khalid' 1 month ago
Sooo cool
Nicole kreuziger
'Nicole kreuziger' 1 month ago
That’s so cool! I wanna look through one.
FastFingers Gaming
'FastFingers Gaming' 1 month ago
This is stupid
Allan Chu
'Allan Chu' 1 month ago
only apple can sell a $300 book
'tyjo' 1 month ago
lmao people needa calm down, reviewing apple products is basically her job. she probs made the money back and more from the revenue on this video. think of it as an investment
Sebastian Cygnus
'Sebastian Cygnus' 1 month ago
Not even one worker that commit suicide? Sad....
Aylinne Romero
'Aylinne Romero' 1 month ago
But why waist $300 on a book
life with animals and outher
She's got keton glasses
שני כהן
'שני כהן' 1 month ago
WTF? Go find a life
Gigi Vlogs
'Gigi Vlogs' 1 month ago
You guys need to stop talking about her because at least she can afford Apple stuff or a 300 dollar book
Shocker 2.0
'Shocker 2.0' 1 month ago
do u buy it in apple?
'XX121' 1 month ago
this is a book that is the cost of a nintendo switch
Barry Bee Benson
'Barry Bee Benson' 1 month ago
That book would be heaven for me but my mom won't spend 300 on a book
Javier Rodriguez Villalobos
With 600 dollars you could buy even an iphone or millions of books
'ansquad0' 1 month ago
Both these books are a must have!
Hailey Turpin
'Hailey Turpin' 1 month ago
Daeyoung Ha
'Daeyoung Ha' 1 month ago
No aluminum exterior? Disappointed.
G4bl0l 0500
'G4bl0l 0500' 2 months ago
Where are you
'whitelion' 2 months ago
How to make money: 1.Buy empty $2 book 2.Spray paint edges with $1 silver paint 3.Go on Google Images 4.Search "all Apple product" in the highest quality you can get 5. Print pictures in book with $6 ink 6. Get a cardboard box and painted white for $1 7. Mark up the price to $290 8. Advertise it as "innovative" under The Apple logo 9. Profit😈🤗
faust pride
'faust pride' 2 months ago
Chris L
'Chris L' 2 months ago
Trust funds are nice
The Stølen Air Catcher
I paid $200 for an iPhone SE and you're paying $300 for a book
'YamiAlex224' 2 months ago
Jenna is me. I'm like -_- 300 dollars for a book. That book better buy me dinner
Okasha Qadir
'Okasha Qadir' 2 months ago
I will print and assemble all those pictures and make a book for you in just 20 dollars plus with my profit
Cookie Arboleda
'Cookie Arboleda' 2 months ago
$300 ....
'Kevdu' 2 months ago
This is why... Samsung is better
'oinJ' 2 months ago
God how many do you need
Kelsi White
'Kelsi White' 2 months ago
Aw this video took place on my birthday
Zzgamer8282 F
'Zzgamer8282 F' 2 months ago
I have that exact same shag carpet
Non interessant nom
'Non interessant nom' 2 months ago
Laura Byng
'Laura Byng' 2 months ago
...$300 on a book?! What the actual hell. Money to throw away
gianna white
'gianna white' 2 months ago
is the background music the window music
Evelin Hernandez
'Evelin Hernandez' 2 months ago
It went from Geographic tv to this lol
Saad Nazar
'Saad Nazar' 2 months ago
What the name of the music in the middle
Thoughts And feels
'Thoughts And feels' 2 months ago
I want to make the kinda money she does to buy the things
Callum James
'Callum James' 2 months ago
ToyReviewLuke//gaming fnaf toys More!
rip steve jobs he gave a lot of new jobs to the world
The new Siri Great
'The new Siri Great' 2 months ago
'SuperZandersmom' 2 months ago
$300 for a book full of pictures ,,shows you people will buy anything
Edmund NG
'Edmund NG' 2 months ago
Divive It By 10
Sashsquatch 101
'Sashsquatch 101' 2 months ago
Can everyone who is hating just leave her alone. It's her money that she worked hard for and if she wants to buy a book then she can buy a book.
s c r u b
's c r u b' 2 months ago
what a basic bitch.
Twistted Thunder
'Twistted Thunder' 2 months ago
Why I she would spend 300$ for a book?
'Tom' 2 months ago
Y’all complaining she wasted her money but earned more money on this video
Epic Ghosty 55
'Epic Ghosty 55' 2 months ago
Up Next: Blending my $300 Apple Book
TheCrazyCarina Fun place
Guys stop hating
Eli Esau
'Eli Esau' 2 months ago
Justine drops her phone a lot 📱 | | \/
Luke Mealing VirtualBox Tutorials
5:21 who else realised that the iPhone 2G said 09:42 not 09:41!!!!!!!!!!!
MrCrazyMan and SoccerKid101 Games
I have like the second design of the mac
'peacelovetennis10' 2 months ago
Ok if you want to spend 300 dollars on a picture book, go for it. I have an iphone that has a cracked screen as of recently but I am definitely a pc girl.
Kawiii Robloxian
'Kawiii Robloxian' 2 months ago
300 dollars and apple book? you know Google Image is free right?
'xCookieSlayer' 2 months ago
One day this obsession will bite you in the ass they will realise something for like 10 grand and you will buy it.
alice bell
'alice bell' 2 months ago
look I know most people wouldn't buy that book and neither would I but if Justin's wants then everyone stop hating on her!
Schelle Davis
'Schelle Davis' 3 months ago
Wow so beautiful
PotatoBraiN Video
'PotatoBraiN Video's' 3 months ago
Do not blame on her, she is a really big apple fan so she buy almost everything by apple. If i was have a lot money i would buy every single device and also the book. Just to have them and to look how beautiful, clean and gorgeous they are. Anyway the video have 1.3m videos so she get back her money which spended on the book. and if you want to know from this video she win much money than 300$
'z' 3 months ago
I think the books are BEAUTIFUL
'sajzsdob' 3 months ago
Its nice and all, looks good but charging $300 for a book is honestly Apple showing disrespect to its clients. Its literally Apple saying 'lets sell it for $300, those idiots will buy it anyway'
MimeRBLX Roblox Videos
I could make that sell it for a big price not saying that I will but it's so expensive for a book with pictures
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