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$300 Apple Book -
Published: 1 year ago By: iJustine

By: iJustinePublished: 1 year ago

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'Luxurycharge' 11 hours ago
Ummm it has no words inside
'frozenman82' 1 day ago
Designed by Apple in California? It supposed to be written: Designed for people with money and without brain!
RaHuL PrAmOd
'RaHuL PrAmOd' 2 days ago
wats the use of it yar i dnt really get it
'JACK MEHOFF' 2 days ago
Ngọc T Trương
'Ngọc T Trương' 3 days ago
okay what's the point of this book?
Alia Natassha
'Alia Natassha' 4 days ago
where did you live
The Lit Crew
'The Lit Crew' 4 days ago
Bryan Mceachan
'Bryan Mceachan' 5 days ago
i cant get one any were
Natasha Perez
'Natasha Perez' 6 days ago
Each freaken book costs 200 and 100 bucks like come on apple get it together.
GameK 666
'GameK 666' 6 days ago
I want one
Pascual Nuñez
'Pascual Nuñez' 1 week ago
Did you know that steve jobs was actually a horrible person
Herr Nilson
'Herr Nilson' 1 week ago
You should buy Askir
Brianna Dolmo
'Brianna Dolmo' 1 week ago
ro and jenna look alike
'Fegelarseparodies' 2 weeks ago
you can buy my PC of that book.... and my phone 3 times...... and my headphones 50 times........... (not all together)
Viet Nguyen Huy
'Viet Nguyen Huy' 2 weeks ago
A 300$ phone or 300$ book??
Julie’s life Oh and more too
When YouTube gives u money but u dont now how to spend it
Be Creative
'Be Creative' 2 weeks ago
I may sound dumb but u know what some companies give these kinda books free with every purchase for publicity
Kerem Acet
'Kerem Acet' 2 weeks ago
Bra $10 ıBra $280
'HDBoy RSA' 2 weeks ago
Well, just saved $300 watching this video
'Davethebrave1234' 2 weeks ago
What’s the name of the song used
Jordan Sutherland
'Jordan Sutherland' 2 weeks ago
Did you have to get two god your so extra
Maryel F
'Maryel F' 2 weeks ago
I need that boooooookkkkkkk
Macca Newman
'Macca Newman' 2 weeks ago
Could just make a collage of those photos by finding them online but okayyy, apple just wants your money honey.
'dshew89' 2 weeks ago
You are a dumb American consumer who gets easy free money by people watching your videos of being a dumb American consumer. You in your fans are the biggest pieces of shit out there.
Saini14 TV
'Saini14 TV' 2 weeks ago
Its always the blonde people.
'Kri5pyKr3me' 2 weeks ago
I would buy tbh I am not going to lie and act like I wouldn’t
Lost &found
'Lost &found' 3 weeks ago
A suckers born every minute
Luca-blog888 Luca-blog888
Your sunglasses!😂
Sammy Crossing
'Sammy Crossing' 3 weeks ago
Original Book= A bunch of pics of Apple products Apple Book= Slap on an Apple logo and bam it’s $300
Yiğit Alp Serin
'Yiğit Alp Serin' 3 weeks ago
They have just pressed pictures of Apple products on a book and sell it for 300$. And people have bought it? Since when do we start to pay for brochures? Just when I thought people could not go more stupid, I saw this video.
Matthew Neyens
'Matthew Neyens' 3 weeks ago
I don't mean this to be rude but every time I watch one of your videos it fascinates me. You don't seem to have any useful skills but you probably make more than someone with a medical degree. Its an interesting world we live in.
Jasmine Ju
'Jasmine Ju' 3 weeks ago
I don't think people understand how expensive books are, my textbooks are a quarter of that size and cost 300 Dollars.
'FrOsT' 3 weeks ago
Where is it?? I love the place!
TheRealTruth 1
'TheRealTruth 1' 3 weeks ago
Nah WTH what a waist of money
•Dark Laxius•
'•Dark Laxius•' 3 weeks ago
I like them really much.. but they are expensive...
cristi dumitriu
'cristi dumitriu' 3 weeks ago
Apple make books now? They failed on phones and sale books, apple fans will buy shit, if they put a X on it
'Lanzer' 3 weeks ago
I like how in a year this will be outdated with another product
قفشات الأفلام
So 10 years ago she was crying over 300 paper billing but not for this 300$ crap?
random channel
'random channel' 4 weeks ago
'Rizon's Gaming Pad' 4 weeks ago
ur really smart to spend 300 on a apple book with pictures that can be found in the net for free... #ur_smart
Alexander Riggs
'Alexander Riggs' 4 weeks ago
How can someone be so obsessed with apple. Even apple fans know how shit this book is
'douira' 4 weeks ago
but Linus touched the book!
use after free
'use after free' 4 weeks ago
5:40 kinda creeped me out tbh lmao
kobe lewis
'kobe lewis' 4 weeks ago
I saw this same book but smaller in half priced books for 15 dollars
Yolo_ Vlogs
'Yolo_ Vlogs' 4 weeks ago
Here we will get a blank book worth 10 dollars put the Apple logo and sell it for 300 dollars 😂😂😂
Westley Alborn
'Westley Alborn' 1 month ago
When peole say "first like " all i say is "first dislike too!"
Paul Anthony
'Paul Anthony' 1 month ago
Hey if I had the money I’d buy a set for my coffee table 🤷🏻‍♂️ I’d like them as gifts as I’m also a Apple fan. People pay £5000 for a Pokemon card. she got the money. She got the option. Now she got the books x
Wooden Leah
'Wooden Leah' 1 month ago
U mean the last 10 years not 20 years
Señorita Deportista
I really like those books, they are really cool, but I think its really expensive, if you think, Its like spending a lot of money in a Ikea book... but it doesnt matter... I like the video.
vin cornito
'vin cornito' 1 month ago
People commenting how much she spent for those books. But tbh. Shes making a whole lot of money out of those books. :D
Eli The Guy
'Eli The Guy' 1 month ago
For 200 dollars more you could have a Mac mini
TrashCrow Music
'TrashCrow Music' 1 month ago
What's Next? Apple: *releases an apple designed poop* iJustine: *buys it and reviews it whether it's smelly or not* Me: *shook*
SBS 2323
'SBS 2323' 1 month ago
What is wrong with her 🤐 $300 (( for a book with pictures from the internet)) 😳
MAC Productions
'MAC Productions' 1 month ago funny! Thanks for posting ! This is also awesome check it out!
Kimi &kiwi
'Kimi &kiwi' 1 month ago
You always drop your phone!🤦🏻‍♀️🙄
luke cowley
'luke cowley' 1 month ago
does it come with a jack
'Lynx' 1 month ago
300 dollars for a shitty book? Apple fan boys and girls are pretty retarded
Howninja gt
'Howninja gt' 1 month ago
wonder bring this to school teacher :what are u reading me:i am not reading I am just looking at ton of phone teacher :how much did u buy it me: 300 dollar teacher :shock u are so stupid and rich to buy the book and u only own 1 iPhone 6
Godwhisper minecraft
The Justine we know at 0:25
'alisha089' 2 months ago
😂😂😂😂🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣 oh please stop, I can’t breathe!! 😭
Marcel Czubak
'Marcel Czubak' 2 months ago
I think this book is really pointless!
Jackaboy jr
'Jackaboy jr' 2 months ago
you are a dumbass $300 boi you can go and buy $300 worth of starbucks @[email protected]
Safwan Ahmed
'Safwan Ahmed' 2 months ago
That book 📖 has no reading and those pictures are not good
Paul McCallip
'Paul McCallip' 2 months ago
That is so cool
Kawaii Princess
'Kawaii Princess' 2 months ago
The coolest thing is u could look everything in that book up for less wow I know so cool
Chi Nguyen
'Chi Nguyen' 2 months ago
Brandon monthly
'Brandon monthly' 2 months ago
at least its cheaper now
•LuKo• Kanalas
'•LuKo• Kanalas' 2 months ago
stop it. Get some help
Jaskaran Khurana
'Jaskaran Khurana' 2 months ago
cheaper then textbooks
kavya appu
'kavya appu' 2 months ago
whats the whole use of this thing?
Em Radford
'Em Radford' 2 months ago
They’re so pretty. I’d love to read through 😍
Alejo Gerardo Sanchez
Every time I watch her videos I wonder how many millions does she have in her bank account
'PikaPlaysRoblox' 2 months ago
6:09 my iPhone but a green phone with a blue case eh not working nvm don’t do it
Ewerton Luna
'Ewerton Luna' 2 months ago
I like you, Justine, but you have a serious problem. I'm not even joking.
'BlazingDylan' 2 months ago
im not a hater i just thinnk youve wasted 300$ on a book
'AJ D' 2 months ago
Rip Steve jobs he will be missed
'Owen915' 2 months ago
Introducing the iShit that you will buy for only $800 buy now today
Andrea Robles
'Andrea Robles' 2 months ago
All this hate is driving me crazy. She has an I in front of her name if you don't want the product then great but she can buy it if she wants
sherypie G.
'sherypie G.' 2 months ago
Inferno Animations
'Inferno Animations' 3 months ago
What's a book?
Rik Van Rijn
'Rik Van Rijn' 3 months ago
This is a joke right?
The Boss Man 666
'The Boss Man 666' 3 months ago
What The Hell
Jazzmin Ruiz
'Jazzmin Ruiz' 3 months ago
I really enjoy watching your passion for Apple.
Chelsea Turner
'Chelsea Turner' 3 months ago
Our World
'Our World' 3 months ago
Apple be like You know I've always wanted to make a picture book on phones.  i don't wanna sell it just make some copies when I'm bored at the genius bar. Oh yeah I get you. Perhaps you could make one and sell it for $300 so nobody buys it. Smart idea, fred! - two days later.. Woah iJustine really bought my book huh? I know see likes apple but come on this is just sad! I mean she buys all our phone which are gradually getting worse. Like who wants a phone with no home button or ear phone jack?! Like all these pictures are from google. I got all these pictures for FREE. If she has so much money to buy every apple product in the world then maybe she could spend some of it on, oh, I don't know, BILLS, FAMILY, FOOD. She should just go to china were they make phones and take them literally as soon as they're made! jeez man!
'Hello' 3 months ago
I love Apple but $300 for a book is stupid.
Dr. Smith
'Dr. Smith' 3 months ago
Bruh I found this book on e bay for 20 bucks
Xoxo Maha xxx
'Xoxo Maha xxx' 3 months ago
I mean I like it's just gonna stay sitting there and you Ain't gonna give a damn about it....I mean you already know all of the apple products (: 😂
Toby Rens
'Toby Rens' 3 months ago
Why is this book 300 dollars it makes no sense at all
Aashna Passey
'Aashna Passey' 3 months ago
Justine you are a really lovely YouTuber but Ummmmmm I seriously don't get the big deal about this it's just a book showing apple products which for me is pretty boring
Hussein Alallaq
'Hussein Alallaq' 3 months ago
I think, I am addicted to your channel !!! do you put something in your video?
'PlaneNote' 3 months ago
why it is 300 dollars ?
Jackson Purtell
'Jackson Purtell' 3 months ago
Umm… google image is free
'ABDULRAHMAN Alnaseeb' 3 months ago
I think your obsessed with apple
Double DIY
'Double DIY' 3 months ago
I'm gonna do an internet! WOAAHHH! I'm gonna do a book!!! oh.
Rosé Park
'Rosé Park' 3 months ago
Justine will buy what ever she wants because that's her own freaking money. And if you guys think that justine wasted $300 for just a book what do you care it's her happiness.
Beñ - Gaming
'Beñ - Gaming' 3 months ago
Madden God
'Madden God' 3 months ago
Pretty sure Steve jobs wouldn’t sell a book for $300
Agsm Hannah
'Agsm Hannah' 3 months ago
Starts opening book at 4:28
'glowbyjo' 3 months ago
There is so much packaging😂
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