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Cam - Burning House - Behind The Scenes -
Published: 2 years ago By: CamVEVO

By: CamVEVOPublished: 2 years ago

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Burning House is from Cam's album, Untamed. Purchase Untamed here:
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Aji Yesha
'Aji Yesha' 1 week ago
I'm watching the MV, then i got curious if they really set the house on fire...and they really did.
Frank Marquez
'Frank Marquez' 4 months ago
I love your songs so much
Wolflovers Wolverine
'Wolflovers Wolverine' 7 months ago
I had a house fire when I was about 5.😢 ever since then my dad and mom got deversed and I'm 8 now but life gets way harder but, I know God can help me
Wolflovers Wolverine
'Wolflovers Wolverine' 7 months ago
Cam you did great.
haymlg Lul
'haymlg Lul' 9 months ago
Wait, the house was actually on fire???!!!!!! Oh mi gosh are you okay?
Blackwolf57 Gaming
cam has beautiful hair
'axolotl' 1 year ago
Now that I know that this song is about I might actually cry oh my..,
Diamond Tigney
'Diamond Tigney' 1 year ago
Please check out my cover of Burning House.
Malayna Koz
'Malayna Koz' 1 year ago
this song makes me cry everytime i listen to it. my sister and her grandparents died in a house fire and i hope the person that did it goes to prison for the rest of his life.
TP Gaming
'TP Gaming' 1 year ago
This song has allot of meaning to me. My brother died in a house fire that he shouldn't never have died in. Hes my hero and angel. When I first heard this song I cried.
Journee Futch
'Journee Futch' 1 year ago
Where she going to live. PS I love your voice
Erin Edwards
'Erin Edwards' 2 years ago
Did u really die Cam
cheese burger
'cheese burger' 2 years ago
she burn the house down
Josh Hamm
'Josh Hamm' 2 years ago
rainy month
'rainy month' 2 years ago
I feel like the story about her dream was made up.
Lydia Jones
'Lydia Jones' 2 years ago
Guin Burnley
'Guin Burnley' 2 years ago
how did the house on how how did the house get on fire
Danielle Lynn
'Danielle Lynn' 2 years ago
This reminds me of my past relationship. But, i love this song. Especially them explaining it reminds me of me and my ex, to a tee.
Chris Ramsey
'Chris Ramsey' 2 years ago
Listening to this song made me want to burn my own house down. Terrible
Chris Ramsey
'Chris Ramsey' 2 years ago
Piss poor lyrics. All around bad song.
Grace Holman
'Grace Holman' 2 years ago
Linda Ealey
'Linda Ealey' 2 years ago
I like the idea of a burning house
Tara Capezzuto
'Tara Capezzuto' 2 years ago
rose fitz
'rose fitz' 2 years ago
The music video and song are both beautiful but I can't help but feel sad about the fact that an actual house was burnt down. Because by the looks of it it's not a new house. Families have probably lived there and that was their home idk it just kind of makes me sad :/
ALaura Hochard
'ALaura Hochard' 2 years ago
I love this song I'm going to be a singer when I grow up my moms putting me in Americas got talent and im singing burning house
Cheyenne Kinder
'Cheyenne Kinder' 2 years ago
Layah Williams
'Layah Williams' 2 years ago
'P0ETICsin' 2 years ago
woah the story behind the song is deep .Her subconscious mind truly belong to him.That was deep.
Sean Dubiel
'Sean Dubiel' 2 years ago
5am-9pm Be a best friend, tell the truth And overuse "I love you" Go to work, do your best Don't outsmart your common sense Never let your prayin' knees get lazy And love like crazy Always treat your woman like a lady Never get to old to call her baby Never let your prayin' knees get lazy km love like crazy l1ll11llllqooq.
William Carpenter
'William Carpenter' 2 years ago
love it
Young Qing
'Young Qing' 2 years ago
Maddy West
'Maddy West' 2 years ago
I think it's just so cool that they filmed in a real fire
Elizabeth Savage
'Elizabeth Savage' 2 years ago
I have one question is that real fire???
jessica louise
'jessica louise' 2 years ago
That sad moment when that was your dream house... Burning down just like the chances of ever having it
Brooklynn Myers
'Brooklynn Myers' 2 years ago
That fire was real how how are you so brave to go in its
velkss pup1223
'velkss pup1223' 2 years ago
Just beautiful. Cam is the most wonderful person I've ever seen. She is the snow leopard of truth
Just a Person
'Just a Person' 2 years ago
My name is paige
Chloes Youtube
'Chloes Youtube' 2 years ago
I love it
Chancie Woodham
'Chancie Woodham' 2 years ago
thats actually really cool that made me cry seeing you for the frist time
Lanolin Thompson
'Lanolin Thompson' 2 years ago
my boyfriend is a boy I love him so much he loves me back his name is Skyler and mark I called Marco he loves me so much I love him back why won't you guys up everybody the same as I love him
Denise Lewis
'Denise Lewis' 2 years ago
She reminds me of a young Stevie Nicks.....Awesome!
Alexis Cox
'Alexis Cox' 2 years ago
hey. make
White Roses
'White Roses' 2 years ago
If this is about a burning house then why is she smiling through it
Misty Dooley
'Misty Dooley' 2 years ago
Yall acually burned it!! :O
Stacey Holliday
'Stacey Holliday' 2 years ago
im singing this at school
Jenn Samp
'Jenn Samp' 2 years ago
how did they not catch on fire
Haley Belew
'Haley Belew' 2 years ago
Am I the only one who cares that they burnt a whole house just for a video ? I don't know about global warming, but air pollution is real.
Cloe Eisnaugle
'Cloe Eisnaugle' 2 years ago
I love This song!! $!
Veronica Lara
'Veronica Lara' 2 years ago
Darius Rucker
seventeen joshua
'seventeen joshua' 2 years ago
how did they get out
Ashley Ramey
'Ashley Ramey' 2 years ago
The really set the house on fire?
Thompson Kids
'Thompson Kids' 2 years ago
Skylar Milinkovic
'Skylar Milinkovic' 2 years ago
How did they get out of the room if the house was about to come down
'nabilinho' 2 years ago
Such a sweet story behind your song. <3
Dakota Ginn
'Dakota Ginn' 2 years ago
love is strong
'kaciewigle' 2 years ago
You have pretty sinng
Cecilia Ramirez
'Cecilia Ramirez' 2 years ago
did you step on the fire
Alayna Sublett
'Alayna Sublett' 2 years ago
that's a good song☺
De Wy
'De Wy' 2 years ago
cool. awesome
Kirsten Mcafee
'Kirsten Mcafee' 2 years ago
I love it so much
Gary Buxenstein
'Gary Buxenstein' 2 years ago
very good song
ana Hernandez
'ana Hernandez' 2 years ago
i love. it so much
meysa Emma
'meysa Emma' 2 years ago
I thought it would be about something like this...
'gymcheer2' 2 years ago
That One Weird Gamer
jacquelyn harder
'jacquelyn harder' 2 years ago
Is that sad
Tiffany Sheehan
'Tiffany Sheehan' 2 years ago
I just love this song I'm not to big on most new country music. but this one got to me. she has a beautiful. voice
neil small
'neil small' 2 years ago
Thank You Cam and God-this song was sent to me last night during one of the darkest times of my life. I didn't reach out but it came anyway. I'm expressing gratitude toward whatever happened to me and I'm thankful it happened even though I couldn't explain it--I just feel it.
kelly dugas
'kelly dugas' 2 years ago
this is so sad
kelly dugas
'kelly dugas' 2 years ago
soo... its real fire!?
Aaron Carlson
'Aaron Carlson' 2 years ago
biggest difference between Cam and Taylor. Taylor can't admit when she's the one in the wrong.
Terry Carlson
'Terry Carlson' 2 years ago
Awesome. It's been over 10 years since my break up with Alan Greer my heart has and will never be the same this song is so for him the live of my life and it didn't end well at all this song really makes my heart stronger but I will forever regret what happened with us 💜💖💔..Cam you are amazing
Rylee Rutherford
'Rylee Rutherford' 2 years ago
BEST SONG EVER!!!!!!!!!!!😀
heather cowper
'heather cowper' 2 years ago
Love the honesty of the song and video. Great song. Great voice.
autumn inskeep the unicorn girl
and I was wondering if that was real fire🔥
famouse bee
'famouse bee' 2 years ago
i like this song
Olivia Asbury
'Olivia Asbury' 2 years ago
Jesus Christ
'Jesus Christ' 2 years ago
for cam this is a song about someone she dated in college....but for other people it could be something else ...for me it means the life that I've lived and how I know that burning house is me headed toward hell..... but that I know God is still with me through all of it.....and that could turn it around if I wanted to... there's always second chances in life with God .....JOHN 3:16
Kairie Alana
'Kairie Alana' 2 years ago
My mom loves you Cam so do I😉in this burning house
Vicky Miller
'Vicky Miller' 2 years ago
This is so sad. But I love the song so much😍
Justinny Castrejon
'Justinny Castrejon' 2 years ago
best song and video I have ever I love that it was from the heart
Mallorie Smith
'Mallorie Smith' 2 years ago
Cam is so beautiful 💜💜💜💜 and very talented
Candace Hall
'Candace Hall' 2 years ago
I love this song. I've been in this situation, where he and I both messed up. I love the lyrics and how she owns that she was wrong too. Hindsights 20/20 and it can be a hard thing to admit.
Briana Elaine
'Briana Elaine' 2 years ago
thats beautiful
Debbie Gerholdt
'Debbie Gerholdt' 2 years ago
that was amazing.I loved it Cam
Cynthia Valencia
'Cynthia Valencia' 2 years ago
This song always makes me want to cry. Love it!!
Taylor O
'Taylor O' 2 years ago
is your hair natraly curly mine is I've never curled it
Mohamed Amine
'Mohamed Amine' 2 years ago
This hurts my heart...I deeply loved it
Vannah Sahm
'Vannah Sahm' 2 years ago
7th like 3rd comment💜 Ily
Arjun Shenoy
'Arjun Shenoy' 2 years ago
Awesome Cam!
Didi Abokaf
'Didi Abokaf' 2 years ago
It's amazing but also sad 😍😔 keep going 💜🌼❤
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