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Scientists Think Mars Once Had Water. So What Happened to It? -
Published: 1 year ago By: Science Channel

By: Science ChannelPublished: 1 year ago

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Mars may have had a core similar to Earth's. It's possible that when it diminished, the planet's water went with it.

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Tai Hung
'Tai Hung' 3 months ago
Mars got too old as it died leaving its body behind and that went to earth which mean they are son and father.
I wish I was High on potenus
damn i would love to work there
Ian Kyle Maturan
'Ian Kyle Maturan' 1 year ago
can detonating a thermonuclear device on Mars's core reignite it?
Rudyard Kipling
'Rudyard Kipling' 1 year ago
OMG why would anyone think otherwise. Of course it had water at one point and also oxygen it is brown red color is because it is covered in "IRON OXIDE" ..... dum dum dumdum dumbbbbb
I.T. Guy
'I.T. Guy' 1 year ago
My bet is a global scale nuclear war wiping out all life on the planet.
'JupoXC' 1 year ago
Sandtrouts. The spice will flow.
'aiscamcam' 1 year ago
gak masuk akal jing
Om Hekde
'Om Hekde' 1 year ago
Fried beanies
'Fried beanies' 1 year ago
How sad is it how empty that room is. 24/7 it should be flowing with people. Where has our true exploratory ambition gone? We're playing catch up to where we were in the 70s. With the technology of the 2010s? Makes no sense to me whatsoever.
Mr Brad
'Mr Brad' 1 year ago
Clearly we are all from mars, we destroyed mars a long time ago and ditched the planet, resettling on earth, the government knows this, the Egyptians knew this, but the truth will never be revealed because the government is greedy, and knows if they tell the masses, they wont be able to live a luxurious life, because we are doing the same thing we did to mars, destroy it.
Green Polo
'Green Polo' 1 year ago
Earth had no water originally and Scientists thousands of years ago saw water when they looked at Mars and went there and brought it back. We today thank them for bringing to us this valuable commodity that we today enjoy and take for granted. x
Emmanuel Thommy
'Emmanuel Thommy' 1 year ago
what if our ancestors actually didnt evolve from primates, but actually comes from mars back when mars lose its magnetic field. that would explain why we still cant find the 'missing link' between us and primates
Jeff Green
'Jeff Green' 1 year ago
Why have we been told this over and over again? I remember watching YouTube videos on mars and then finding water 5-6 years ago and I swear once every 2-3 months Sombody makes another video explaining the same exact shit as the last video, why?!
Carlos Gonzalez
'Carlos Gonzalez' 1 year ago
1:57 "The Hazards" : FYI They are going slow "today" because they are afraid they may, again, encounter beings near the rover on camera and going slow will help prevent seeing something. The planet is the same everyday so, naturally, there would be no reason to go slow "today" if everything was predictably natural, by which I mean a void, dead, uninhabited planet, but since it's not, they need to go "slow today"
inkmen 1
'inkmen 1' 1 year ago
черные дыры чернее некуда!
Allen Shamal
'Allen Shamal' 1 year ago
Mars's water and atmospher are just gone together to had a trip on Earth !
'toompie69' 1 year ago
Thumbnail looks like a giant vagina.
'DeliriousMaxi' 1 year ago
i love you
'BigRushMom' 1 year ago
So if there was water, there was probaly life to right? So mabye just maybe IF we send people to mars and they start diggin, can we find skelets of old mars "aliens"?
'RuggedALAN' 1 year ago
did mars have a water park aswel? if not, then i dont give a [email protected]&
isak marken
'isak marken' 1 year ago
Rip earth
Miguel Perez
'Miguel Perez' 1 year ago
mars had water, but the fatasses of the aliens drank it
Mohanad Elbard
'Mohanad Elbard' 1 year ago
I am the first one
TheSRap S
'TheSRap S' 1 year ago
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