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Can A Moonshine Still Really Be Explosive? | MythBusters -
Published: 10 months ago By: Science Channel

By: Science ChannelPublished: 10 months ago

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Jamie wants big boom, and he'll get one with this booze-driven myth!

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'RushyG' 5 minutes ago
That's why you just build a lean too like structure for your moonshine. It still wouldn't be nice to be near one when it goes off but at least the blast won't be contained.
'danijel124' 6 days ago
I dont understand this video... Did they wanted to blow up the still or the house... Wtf?!?!?????
Tyler Nuss
'Tyler Nuss' 6 days ago
They really broke the 4th wall there
lucifer thebringeroflight
Bill Cosby
'Bill Cosby' 1 week ago
Lol title is shit
Savior Of Noobs
'Savior Of Noobs' 1 week ago
Inside my shaft, the pressure is steadily increasing.
'KnightCaster' 3 weeks ago
I come from a heritage of moonshiners so this is really cool.
'destoker' 4 weeks ago
some bs, most stills have a lose "horse-head" that would popp of when presurre builds and only a complete idiot would have a airtight shack (and sitting next to it instead of watching it!) to do so! and soory for mei spelling, just had a shot of sunshine or something wehn wachting tish..
Mark Allen
'Mark Allen' 4 weeks ago
This was a complete failure. The still was just fine after the intentionally staged and ignited "explosion". They unwittingly busted the myth that stills are dangerous. It seems to me that their ride in the car to the "proving ground" was a great deal more dangerous, way to go MythBusters!
'Shakaama' 1 month ago
i'm very disappointed in this video. you didn't answer the question: can a moonshine still really be explosive? you simply made a bomb. This was a horrible video. Lost all credibility.
Bryan Stewart
'Bryan Stewart' 2 months ago
Highly highly unlikely. You would have to be a complete moron for this to happen naturally.
'gotwoh3ll' 2 months ago
Nothing about this one is right.. sorry guys you fucked this one up
'gotwoh3ll' 2 months ago
Really.. a clog.. no..... it a due to a leak that finds an open flame and at most it will just flare. you really think vaper create a clog in a 1" line your on crack or being paid by the atf
Piano Man42
'Piano Man42' 3 months ago
Yeah Mythbusters.  No blockage of a still's worm just miraculously occurs like you just did.  Stills are safe.  How much did the ATF pay you to put out this propaganda that distilling alcohol is dangerous?
'gtownballer43' 10 months ago
Let me get all that copper you're probably just going to throw away when you're finished
Punks Not Dead
'Punks Not Dead' 10 months ago
"Can a moonshine be explosive"? WHAT??? What does that mean?? U mean can a moonshine "STILL" be explosive? Moonshine is the alcohol that's made,a Still is what makes it. SMH
Boogster Su
'Boogster Su' 10 months ago
Aaaaand you changed your logo again.
Matthew Cassidy
'Matthew Cassidy' 10 months ago
the first still and the one that caused the explosion are two different things.
Bill Cosby
'Bill Cosby' 10 months ago
2016 and they still using Windows XP. Ow god why
the purple gamer
'the purple gamer' 10 months ago
I'm 4th
A Person
'A Person' 10 months ago
First comment,that means I want you to pin it a love it and plz sub to me because I'm subscribed to you
Zacoid123 !
'Zacoid123 !' 10 months ago
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