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Can A Moonshine Still Really Be Explosive? | MythBusters -
Published: 8 months ago By: Science Channel

By: Science ChannelPublished: 8 months ago

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Jamie wants big boom, and he'll get one with this booze-driven myth!

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'gotwoh3ll' 7 days ago
Really.. a clog.. no..... it a due to a leak that finds an open flame.. you really think vaper create a clog in a 1" line.. wtf
Piano Man42
'Piano Man42' 4 weeks ago
Yeah Mythbusters.  No blockage of a still's worm just miraculously occurs like you just did.  Stills are safe.  How much did the ATF pay you to put out this propaganda that distilling alcohol is dangerous?
'gtownballer43' 8 months ago
Let me get all that copper you're probably just going to throw away when you're finished
Punks Not Dead
'Punks Not Dead' 8 months ago
"Can a moonshine be explosive"? WHAT??? What does that mean?? U mean can a moonshine "STILL" be explosive? Moonshine is the alcohol that's made,a Still is what makes it. SMH
Boogster Su
'Boogster Su' 8 months ago
Aaaaand you changed your logo again.
Matthew Cassidy
'Matthew Cassidy' 8 months ago
the first still and the one that caused the explosion are two different things.
Bill Cosby
'Bill Cosby' 8 months ago
2016 and they still using Windows XP. Ow god why
mabsey plays
'mabsey plays' 8 months ago
I'm 4th
A Person
'A Person' 8 months ago
First comment,that means I want you to pin it a love it and plz sub to me because I'm subscribed to you
Zacoid123 !
'Zacoid123 !' 8 months ago
First comment First
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