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Kemet vs Islam | Speakers Corner -
Published: 5 months ago By: TITANS TV

By: TITANS TVPublished: 5 months ago

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Speakers Corner Hyde Park Kemet vs Islam Debate London's Very Own Brother Polight Goes Head To Head With A Wonderfully Passionate Muslim Brother.




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'You're Not That Guy' 2 weeks ago
How can someone believe in energy 😂😂😂
1017 M
'1017 M' 3 weeks ago
Kemet is gettin it so wrong. That Allah is eternal and made us, doesnt mean that we are too. That goes against his attributes. He can do everything what he wants. Sometimes it is going out of our limits of thinking and possibilities. You can call us energy, because we made out of clay. It depends on the way you define energy. Energy by itself is not that complicated in the sense of being energy. Energy by itself needs energy to stay "alive". So if something needs something it can never be eternal.
Maliik Tinney
'Maliik Tinney' 1 month ago
At 2:00 he starts to run because the knowledge of physics is too great for him lol
Philippe James
'Philippe James' 3 months ago
Yes humans are comprised of matter which is comprised of energy. But this doesn't mean that humans (as individuals or as a species) have always existed. Obviously. If you die and your body is cremated, the burning process releases energy in the form of heat and light. But that energy isn't 'you'. It doesn't have your personality or consciousness. It's just energy, with no human character. 'You', the human individual have ceased to exist.
Manny Santiago
'Manny Santiago' 4 months ago
black man did his thing, nice build overall everyone had some good points
'XaeeD' 5 months ago
First minute; the dude on the left claims to have always been around, because the matter that makes up his physical body has been around. That's true, partially. The nonsencisal part then is claiming that "I" have always been here. No you were not. This guy is including things outside of himself in the definition of "me". You are not the sun, you are not the guy you're talking to, you are not the tree behind you, you are not the universe. Words have meaning: I, you, this, that, those, them, etc. You haven't always been here, you had a birth once, and prior to that, "you" didn't exist. The matter that formed your body isn't you. This is easily established by means of a simple example. If "you" would get in an accident, God forbid, and you'd lose an arm, would you then say that "you" are now less? The "me" in you, did it become less when losing a limb? Sure, your body lost a part, but the "me" inside you, that which is you, that hasn't been reduced at all. You're still you, aren't you? Even with parts of your physical shell missing, the "self" inside remains as it was. So you are not merely this shell that we see, you are something more than that. If you gain weight or become extremely large after working out, the "you" inside will still be the same; it's not 'more" now, it hasn't increased, just like it doesn't decrease when losing a limb, or losing weight. So "you" are not just these atoms structured in a shape. Parts of your body are organisms that live inside you, but they are not you and you are not them, and they are not part of your 'self'. Or you took the blood of your mother when in the womb, so when you come out, you share this physical bond with her, and yet, nobody would ever say that he is his mother. So even with such a close physical connection, there's still a difference between "me" and "her", as she is not me, and I am not her, regardless of the fact that I grew inside her and I was getting her blood through the umbilical cord while in the womb. I actually have a part of another human being inside me. After my birth, I almost died, but I was rescued because doctors managed to put a part of another person in me. I survived. I'm still 100% me, and not a single part of my own self is somebody else, even though I took some physical parts of another organism and incorporated it in my own body. I am not just a body. I am a soul, that's what "I" refers to in all of this. What I'm saying is, to claim that you have always existed because of the existence of matter even prior to your birth, that makes up your body now, that's ridiculous. "You" started to exist at some point in time, very recently, geologically speaking. Before your birth or before when you were still in the womb, this "you" wasn't part of the world yet, so "you" never existed for most of the duration of history, untill you were born, or at some point during this process when "you" became a true self unto yourself. "Energy can't be destroyed so that means I have always existed", no you haven't, and that's not a valid reason for concluding such a silly thing. The talk about atoms, condensed light and fluctuations in space doesn't prove anything. It's nothing new; we know that matter existed, we know that we are made from "dust". Everything is. Ali(ra) once said that creation was nothing but dust scattered by a divine wind. That's a profound analogy. This is many centuries ago. The world is just dust: particles in motion (scattered by a divine wind).
Hamza Sheikh
'Hamza Sheikh' 5 months ago
I know the guy on the left with the chain, went to my school
naqeeb hussain
'naqeeb hussain' 5 months ago
Black has no solution he just has arguments, can he explain where he believes man came from the sun did not just beam a light on earth and become and and woman who landed in africa he thinks his bare snart grinning tryna win the argument
Anonymous Muslim
'Anonymous Muslim' 5 months ago
Very simple m black brother. Allah say: Be and it is. So it is not part of him. is this clear?
'SUPERIORcarbonL1L2L3' 5 months ago
WORSHIP from the Old English worðscip, wurðscip (Anglian), weorðscipe (West Saxon) "condition of being worthy, dignity, glory, distinction, honor, renown," from weorð "worthy" (see worth) + -scipe (see -ship). SCIPE from word-forming element meaning "quality, condition; act, power, skill; office, position; relation between," Middle English -schipe, from Old English -sciepe, Anglian -scip "state, condition of being," from Proto-Germanic *-skapaz (cognates: Old Norse -skapr, Danish -skab, Old Frisian -skip, Dutch -schap, German -schaft), from *skap- "to create, ordain, appoint," That ENGLISH ETYMOLOGY LEXICON ALWAYS KILLS the silly religion nonsense! So of course we worship our ancestor! ⚡️
Nate Price
'Nate Price' 5 months ago
please pray for this brother
Alien Cave Devil
'Alien Cave Devil' 5 months ago
You do not have to debate him, if he thinks he is some eternal being then he will never be changed except by experiencing the truth .
Tom Speller
'Tom Speller' 5 months ago
Black people with tattoos its like somebody shit on thire skin.. Why do you mother fuckers have to copy others? Why assholes?
Tom Speller
'Tom Speller' 5 months ago
Black people are becoming atheist now? Goodness gracies me" before they blindly excepted Bible now they're blindly excepting atheistism... Bravas, What you planning to loose now? You have already lost your dignity, honour, culture and identity!?.. Actually go-ahead you got nothing to loose...haha:):)
'wingsweep1' 5 months ago
is that redhead hamza myatt son???
'mbz4life100' 5 months ago
i wanna know. why white people don't have melanin... that's kinda odd. a sick punishment. lol. they literally get burned from staying in the sun. which gives us energy and life. they can literally burn from it. damn
Thabo Moyo
'Thabo Moyo' 5 months ago
How come muslims are always miss-using the Big Bang theory. Yes the universe at some point began to expand from what is thought to be a singularity, however the Big Bang theory doesn't comment on what happened before the expansion, mainly because there is currently no way of knowing that scientifically. Muslims need to stop using the Big Bang theory, because for the most part it doesn't seem like they even have a basic understanding of what it says.
Nate Price
'Nate Price' 5 months ago
kemet has to be one of the most confuses people out there. romans 6:23 for the wages of sin is death, but the gift of God is eternal life through Christ Jesus... God didn't die for our energy to be saved. but instead our soul or our very being itself. I pray he understand this. he is loved greatly. he just has to accept who God is and God will give him rest.
Ahmed Al Yemeni
'Ahmed Al Yemeni' 5 months ago
This guy looks like Ghetts haha
Hamad Mutawa
'Hamad Mutawa' 5 months ago
The black guy is so naive, he worships his ancestors.
Jorje Esperanza
'Jorje Esperanza' 5 months ago
Damn, amazing how uneducated are these arabs. They got all the money in the world from oil, and they dont even build schoold for the arab plebs. Wow.
Dominique Desplan
'Dominique Desplan' 5 months ago
13:24 Why this people can't just listen ? They're two against one man and they can't even listen. I listened that they adapt their discourse and haven't a strong truth.
black god
'black god' 5 months ago
Can't believe people still practice religion.
Dario da Silva
'Dario da Silva' 5 months ago
Again with these energy people lol
H.T. P
'H.T. P' 5 months ago
Salute Kemet! islam kid has a lot to learn, is he nothing or something make your mind your up .very confused.
Ahmed Ali
'Ahmed Ali' 5 months ago
I was Muslim before,but I've been accepted hindusim now Trust me guys it most beautiful and first Religion in the world I have read bhagavad gita and i known now about Hinduism and lord Krishna and I accept Hinduism first yoga about soul : it makes my soul pure and clean second yoga about deeds : you must do your deeds in work whatever field you are sports,technology,medical,business just do your deeds without expections and dont give up in that way you'll learn many things be perfect and earn money and change in your self and be succesful and dont keep expections from your dearest one because we dont have rights on theirs deeds so its vain to keep hope from them. third yoga is bhakti yoga : i learn submission and faith towards lord krishna trust me guys steve jobs also believed in lord krishna and many other successful personalities believes it so why I shouldn't believe?
'SuperKillakhan' 5 months ago
How can god be the all and separate from the all and God is the all or everything
Dan Sutton
'Dan Sutton' 5 months ago
Muslims are given absolute liberty here in the West. Put an atheist, Christian, or anyone who has different views into a predominantly Islamic region, & you'll see news headlines of severe mutilations & beheadings. The depth of barbarity & hypocrisy is beyond human comprehension. Islam is clearly a religion of pure hypocrisy & origins of evil savagery. Such liberty which is so freely & blindly given to these savage wolves by the leftists must be stopped at all costs. At the rate of how things are going, the only course of action is a revolution; against both the Islamic perpetrators, & the deceived Leftists traitors. "We shall unleash the Nihilists and the atheists, and we shall provoke a formidable social cataclysm which in all its horror will show clearly to the nations the effect of absolute atheism, origin of savagery and of the most bloody turmoil. Then everywhere, the citizens, obliged to defend themselves against the world minority of revolutionaries, will exterminate those destroyers of civilization, and the multitude, disillusioned with Christianity, whose deistic spirits will from that moment be without compass or direction, anxious for an ideal, but without knowing where to render its adoration, will receive the true light through the universal manifestation of the pure doctrine of Lucifer, brought finally out in the public view. This manifestation will result from the general reactionary movement which will follow the destruction of Christianity and atheism, both conquered and exterminated at the same time." —Letter to Mazzini on The Three World Wars by Former Grand Commander of Freemasonry, Albert Pike
'rakibandgalib' 5 months ago
1:27 kemet is a condense form of sunlight ........ go home kemet ur drunk
Ebu Selah
'Ebu Selah'edin' 5 months ago
The guy in the blue puma shirt is not even muslim, his an agnostic. And its wrong to name the title vs "Islam". To use Muslim is a better term.
Fahiym Muhammad
'Fahiym Muhammad' 5 months ago
The Qur'an Speaks Of The Creation Of Man As Being From _Clay , Water , Gushing Water , Dust , Dust With Sperm , Sperm Mixed With Ovum, Mud, Semen_ , But The ““Translators”” Of Qur'an Do Not Know How To Explain The Qur'aan And Are Too Proud To Admit It. Consequently, The Followers Have Now Been So Indoctrinated By Mistranslated And Distorted Korans/Qur'an(s), They Are Too Proud To Admit It, Also.
'STlTCHlZ' 5 months ago
What is it with Gingers and Islam?
'Selma' 5 months ago
outside of Gods NATURE? how can you know what gods nature is? its just a guess/assumption. By observing nature we can see different species behave differently according to their nature. However if we have never seen something, we can only pass judgement based on our limited knowledge. to say you know for certain there is no god you must be able to conclusively prove that their cannot be a god.
'KAoZzz KA' 5 months ago
Energy is supreme without nothing can exist 7 hermetic laws the law of cause & effect..
'silverbackdp' 5 months ago
Brother barry again with his ginger goblin beard.
'RUCorrect' 5 months ago
ALL is .... All In ALL ... Cannot Add To All Nor Take From ALL .. ALL is was will be .. nothing is something ... whatcha say?
jorom simpson
'jorom simpson' 5 months ago
i want go there and have these discussions. i live in london. how can i get there and when is the next time they do this.
Kaz Blaze
'Kaz Blaze' 5 months ago
great debate from both sides
Atino Valentino
'Atino Valentino' 5 months ago
...vibrating 'string' theories...'energy'...and 'ancestral voices' in heads... Stolen pages...from my good friends 'rhyme book' - Sa Ra ¯\(ツ)/¯
Unapologetically Melanin
Johnathan Siler
'Johnathan Siler' 5 months ago
You don't fux with Sa Neter anymore... did you use him or get blackballed???
Go Hard No Excuses
'Go Hard No Excuses' 5 months ago
Islam is the truth and the only religion where you can get to know who God is
Go Hard No Excuses
'Go Hard No Excuses' 5 months ago
The intellect people have when it comes to God is illogical
Go Hard No Excuses
'Go Hard No Excuses' 5 months ago
How can people worship a creation
'SUPERIORcarbonL1L2L3' 5 months ago
CONSCIOUS from the LATIN word '''' conscius '''''' define as "knowing, aware," from conscire a loan-translation of Greek syneidos. Sense of "active and awake" ... We cannot gauge the meaning of words from a RELIGION STAND POINT because these words predate the ABRHAMIC RELIGIONS.
'Robbo's Adventures' 5 months ago
How many muslins dos it take to debate a point from my count 4 against 1 so fair these conversations why cant the crowed just allow the 2 people to speak with out butting in ?????. Here is a quick answer for the muslim speaker man can create some thing that will know it's creator and its called a baby  there so cut. PS I'm sure I've seen that man in the blue top before O ye in Atheist vs Muslim 15 Hr ago seems like the muslin speaker constantly need helping out.
Sa Ra Garvey
'Sa Ra Garvey' 5 months ago
How do you separate yourself from that which created you? This, in my opinion is a real fucked up psychology. It doesn't make sense to me
'Jokernose69' 5 months ago
never debate or argue with a muslim / you're wasting your time
Aslaam Mahdi
'Aslaam Mahdi' 5 months ago
smh....some people just wanna sound deep with no direction, let everyone have their belief systems and what benefits them.ok lets say you prove them incorrect what source of information do you have to give them as far as guidance (application) "is there a actual rule of conduct?" if not keep it to yourself...and I'm kemetic who respects all religions saying this
sajal sajalta
'sajal sajalta' 5 months ago
The bald muslim straight away started lying after talking a bit of nonsense trying to show as if he knows what consciousness really means, he lied by telling that Allah cannot be described, he cannot be said to be this or that, this is absolutely a lie. The muhammad tells that Allah has eyes , has a shin, which he will show on judgement day to muslims, he is like the satan just that the satan is one eyed but allah has eyes, he is pot bellied. The quran also tells that the allah has a FACE, eyes, shoulders, short legs.etc.....................................Now let a muslim deny this- i will answer him......
Reason over Dogma
'Reason over Dogma' 5 months ago
God isn't a person yet has emotions, gender pronouns, wants, etc.
Simon James
'Simon James' 5 months ago
Can anyone tell me why Allah, if Adam was created first, gave him nipples?
Kerry Keaton
'Kerry Keaton' 5 months ago
how can the red bearded man get closer to Allah by examining nature and his surroundings on earth when this creation is not an extension of the creator? smh
Dim Boz
'Dim Boz' 5 months ago
Melanin is no sun condensation, it is a reaction of the tissue to protect the nucleus of the cells from UV radiation damage and reduce skin cancer risk. It is much more complex than a Carbon 12 atom, it also has nitrogen, oxygen, hydrogen and some times even sulphur. Energy can be seen as making life motions but this does not means it is life itself or it gives real life, I have witnessed in the microscope proteins in fatty enuclation showing behaviour, like moving or doing false "phagocytosis", which is like encapsulating lesser molecules. This is because of the van der Waals forces and so on - simple electromagnetic interactions. Biologists then were still pondering if this is how it all started but as Virchow stated in 1858: Omnis cellula e cellula ("All cells come from cells") For Khemet fans, I believe this word means "black soil", I am happy to make an announcement from the Quran: The Lord of the worlds says the first man was created from "black/altered/sticky/watery/(stinking?) mud/clay/dust/earth" (15:26, 55:14). [Human beings in general are made from male and female sexual discharge, then, after fashioning, the spirit is breathed in from the Creator. (32:8-9)]
conor henderson
'conor henderson' 5 months ago
Allah is Apep the devil only the True All High Infinite Omnipotent Gods who are Eternal Created us. You godless Christians Muslims Satanists etc. you fake Hebraic liars. You need repent and trust in the Lord God Set the Holy Creator and Destroyer of All. The true Gods All High Bless Neteru Curse and Bless. Neter Lord All High Ra Bless. Christness truth Blessings.
Sa Ra Garvey
'Sa Ra Garvey' 5 months ago
So... as I've always said... The view of what is known as "God" is subjective. Only an arrogant prick would attempt to assert their subjective viewpoint of God as "The correct " view
Nate Price
'Nate Price' 5 months ago
these guys need Christ Jesus
Nb nb
'Nb nb' 5 months ago
useless conversation
Shabir Ali
'Shabir Ali' 5 months ago
" Vs Islam" lol
OnceUponAtimeThereWasAyoutubeUserWithAlongName 1992
Why do theist think "where does the universe come from" is such an easy question to answer? No one knows, but I certainly doubt that a celestial authoritarian who has self esteem issues did it all.
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