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DJ Snake - The Half ft. Jeremih, Young Thug, Swizz Beatz -
Published: 1 year ago By: DJSnakeVEVO

By: DJSnakeVEVOPublished: 1 year ago

28, 866, 130 views

370, 003 Likes   12, 968 Dislikes

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Directed by Director X
Produced by DJ Snake & Steve Goncalves
Concept by Steve Goncalves & Daouda Leonard
Light Installation: Hoshi by Nonotak Studio
Programming by Nonotak Studio

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Music video by DJ Snake performing The Half. (C) 2016 DJ Snake Music under exclusive license to Interscope Records

Nonotak Studio:
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Ajay Malakar
'Ajay Malakar' 1 day ago
Really I don't know wat 2 say
silvester staloney
dat girls looks dope!
Sonu Kumar
'Sonu Kumar' 2 days ago
'mistergamerplay' 2 days ago
OMG music top
jose tovar tovar
'jose tovar tovar' 3 days ago
I love great sound, I still hear it in 2018
Daniel Consentino
'Daniel Consentino' 4 days ago
Brasil ?
'Shownuke' 4 days ago
It's a Friday, I'm 'bout to go off Got my chains on and I'm 'bout to show off DJ Snake up in here about to go off Now go off, now go off Goddamn! [Pre-Hook: Jeremih + Swizz Beatz] Smoke stress to get rid of all the stress On the run, nigga, goin' for the checks These niggas don't know the half (show time!) These niggas don't know the half (show time!) See the hoes, see the clothes, see the cash (goddamn!) Gettin' high for the low, shit was bad These niggas don't know the half (say what?) These niggas don't know the half (talk to 'em) Swear to God, these niggas don't know the half (Rewind now!) [Hook: Jeremih] These niggas don't know the half Smoke stress to get rid of all the stress [Verse 1: Jeremih] Kill 'em off like I got a mask on it Guillotine a Benz, you don't know the half of it Whole squad winnin', you got small money Don't need too many hands, I need all of it You ain't ever been around, call me 2Pac Pull up in my old hood in a new drop On that kush, on that kush, blow a cloud of it I'm the man, I'm the man, yeah I'm proud of it Blowin' bands, got 'em jumpin' out the window Shout out, shout out, pour some more and call it reload Know I pull up, pull up on 'em like a free throw Or go straight up, up the middle like I'm D. Rose Treat your chick just like a whip and get another one Wanna grab it, push it, smash and get another one See my dogs on top, that's the math of it Multiply the money up, no that's just half of it (Talk to 'em! Rewind now!) [Hook: Jeremih] These niggas don't know the half Smoke stress to get rid of the stress [Verse 2: Young Thug] Smoke that kushy, smoke that kushy, baby Meanwhile me and you stuntin', that lil' mushy, baby I don't want cook, I wanna book it, baby I'll knock that lil' shit out the park to let you know I'm not no rookie, baby Oh, take a breath These niggas don't know the half of the first steps My day one niggas, I don't pick through, I don't stutter step That's cakin', nigga, you not a pimp, you don't know the steps She showered and she dry it off, and then she lay it That head done brought that dope back, like I'm in the 80s I'ma pimp the parkin' lot, I'ma let you play it You never 'posed to stop, but you can relay it And I'm like wooh You don't know the half, you don't know the mothafuckin' truth You don't know how much stress I release when I'm on boots It's all a lot, you don't know what come behind the groove It's a lot, but get with, lil nigga, I do (Talk to 'em! Rewind now!) [Hook: Jeremih] These niggas don't know the half They don't know Smoke stress to get rid of the stress [Outro: Young Thug] See the hoes, see the clothes, see the cash Gettin' high for the low, shit was bad These niggas don't know the half These niggas don't know about it These niggas don't know the half
show lo
'show lo' 4 days ago
I like
show lo
'show lo' 4 days ago
My favorite song
'MrNobody' 5 days ago
Kang tiktok
Valencia Batlajery
So good to be played back
Tirthraj Gandhakwala
Abhishek Verma
'Abhishek Verma' 1 week ago
I don't know why this vedio not getting billion views??
Lyly Rose
'Lyly Rose' 2 weeks ago
Seulement 28M sérieusement?
Ryan Ramnath
'Ryan Ramnath' 2 weeks ago
Free up link up join us we di world ni$$a !!!!! Yeeeeeah “evil voice “ the world is ours hahahaha
Yoon thalau
'Yoon thalau' 2 weeks ago
Fuck Dis Bullshit!
Demitre Cortez
'Demitre Cortez' 2 weeks ago
Best song
Ivanoov -
'Ivanoov -' 2 weeks ago
this is my favorite one
Devin_0622 0612
'Devin_0622 0612' 2 weeks ago
Pee Dee Aerial Productions
Yeeeee yeeeeee!!!!!!!!
Mônica Rafaela
'Mônica Rafaela' 3 weeks ago
Rosa Reyes
'Rosa Reyes' 3 weeks ago
Tan pocas vistas para esta chingona canción nmms
Lil Uo
'Lil Uo' 3 weeks ago
Roseli Gonçalves
'Roseli Gonçalves' 3 weeks ago
Tariq Tabidi
'Tariq Tabidi' 3 weeks ago
'PyroTheTyger' 4 weeks ago
Dan brought me here !
Felicia Fairley
'Felicia Fairley' 4 weeks ago
darwin darwin
'darwin darwin' 4 weeks ago
Dj Serpent ... lol
Sir Darien
'Sir Darien' 4 weeks ago
The best!!
Joydeep Boro
'Joydeep Boro' 4 weeks ago
Cibele Silva
'Cibele Silva' 4 weeks ago
I love this song and it's very top
Bunphiv Be
'Bunphiv Be' 4 weeks ago
i like the part when DJ snake says rewind now and after he says rewinx now like if you agree
rio sange
'rio sange' 4 weeks ago
I am from Indonesia I like it 👍
Bolt Vasey TDM
'Bolt Vasey TDM' 4 weeks ago
houria berkani
'houria berkani' 4 weeks ago
Dj snaaake 0:38🔥🔥🔥💖
Suman Karki
'Suman Karki' 4 weeks ago
Per day listened almost 100 times✔✔🔥🔥
Sameer Oraon
'Sameer Oraon' 4 weeks ago
dj goT moVes aYe ✌️✌️😎
Pro Hide Gangsta
'Pro Hide Gangsta' 1 month ago
Listen with it very loud its so awsome!!!!
Javier Santillan
'Javier Santillan' 1 month ago
good 👍
chachis P.A
'chachis P.A' 1 month ago
2018 just listened to this and wowwww ......
Saksham Chauhan
'Saksham Chauhan' 1 month ago
It was the best, It is the best, It’ll be the BEST.
Anu Chisim
'Anu Chisim' 1 month ago
Hamid hamid
'Hamid hamid' 1 month ago
h f.d.
old grasa!! :v
'old grasa!! :v' 1 month ago
#hailgrasa :v
hamaza tom
'hamaza tom' 1 month ago
Bolt Vasey TDM
'Bolt Vasey TDM' 1 month ago
What's up judicial call Sandra Street, new country
Handoko Handriawan
'Handoko Handriawan' 1 month ago
Pathum Pon
'Pathum Pon' 1 month ago
goda gadol
'goda gadol' 1 month ago
Julian Carter
'Julian Carter' 1 month ago
Still lit
Why DJSnake not sing at the songs? 1. Let me love you: Only Justin Bieber sings! 2. This song! and another.....
Kelci Owens
'Kelci Owens' 2 months ago
🔥😍❤️😈🤪🤩 This song will always be one of my favorites!!!
Maurizio Paparazzi
'Maurizio Paparazzi' 2 months ago
Gyan Singh
'Gyan Singh' 2 months ago
Dope *_*
Acok deka
'Acok deka' 2 months ago
—Tєαsєʀ ੭ु ˎˊ-
OMG his voice is really so cute!!! (。’▽’。)♡
danielallen1738 x
'danielallen1738 x' 2 months ago
Lit, why wasn’t this on billboard top 100
CAIO 013
'CAIO 013' 2 months ago
Jeff Twiddy
'Jeff Twiddy' 2 months ago
most cringe vid ever
Elmond Wilson
'Elmond Wilson' 2 months ago
Swizz Beatz out here lookin like a magnum wrapper
Adam fowzi
'Adam fowzi' 2 months ago
When I listen to this song , it should be FRIDAY!!!
ARKHAM Creations
'ARKHAM Creations' 2 months ago
Good music
Kartik Bansal
'Kartik Bansal' 2 months ago
Gabriel Antonetti
'Gabriel Antonetti' 2 months ago
fooon eoq maluuco
Angel Mendez
'Angel Mendez' 2 months ago
Marshmello got his beat a lil from dj snake dont u guys think 🤔
Nitesh Malewar
'Nitesh Malewar' 2 months ago
Nice na
kasim khan
'kasim khan' 2 months ago
nice to one
Nutei Ralte
'Nutei Ralte' 2 months ago
Fazri Ayie
'Fazri Ayie' 2 months ago
Ky Arte Films
'Ky Arte Films' 2 months ago
lo mejor de la music urbana , máximo respect desde Colombia
'KAREN WANGARI' 2 months ago
❤️😍🍷👍❤️❤️❤️❤️🤩😎👍👌👌👍👍💒 the best song ever good work dj snake
ضرغام ابو اسد
Parveen Akhtar
'Parveen Akhtar' 2 months ago
Still tune👌💕💓
Sreedev _pv
'Sreedev _pv' 2 months ago
scum gang8
'scum gang8' 2 months ago
ok i'll ask..... who's the girl at @1:01?
carlos pedraza
'carlos pedraza' 2 months ago
😎😎 👍👍
Pulkit Mangal
'Pulkit Mangal' 2 months ago
OSM Songs.
hemanth chintu
'hemanth chintu' 2 months ago
'gomuan' 2 months ago
BRa krizz
'BRa krizz' 2 months ago
marquinho lets go omg
william kujabi
'william kujabi' 2 months ago
Hot , what a song
Ina Shintia
'Ina Shintia' 2 months ago
great !!!!!!!
Zaw Zaw
'Zaw Zaw' 2 months ago
'XENION MUSIC' 2 months ago
'XENION MUSIC' 2 months ago
like go
'XENION MUSIC' 2 months ago
'XENION MUSIC' 2 months ago
what why
'XENION MUSIC' 2 months ago
Toast to th3 what why ?
'XENION MUSIC' 2 months ago
downtown xenion mronezion matt matt matt MrOneZion zeuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuus . .
'XENION MUSIC' 2 months ago
'XENION MUSIC' 2 months ago
Sylwia El
'Sylwia El' 2 months ago
Super kawałek 👍 👍 👍
Maynard J. Keenan
'Maynard J. Keenan' 2 months ago
And just one more thing, what the fuck is that he is wearing? Is that supposed to be a bulletproof vest that is trying to be a designer fashion statement as well? Wtf happened to Rap & Hip/Hop? They are supposed to be the future of the genre but the only thing I can see them, and the others who plague the hip hop and rap radio waves, being the future of are their pathetic dull lives broke as they will have after they blow all the money they got on making their “songs” (which are built on “beat fetishism” or to put it simpler: hip hop and rap songs today are nothin but sick ass beats with absolutely horrible artists who cannot write one original line or meaningful lyrics.)
rina sonni
'rina sonni' 2 months ago
mother fuker is a best song
Elisa Veliana
'Elisa Veliana' 2 months ago
Mitch Finn
'Mitch Finn' 2 months ago
Such an underrated song
Anandhu prasad
'Anandhu prasad' 3 months ago
The drop😘😘
Brad Linkz
'Brad Linkz' 3 months ago
Steeven Maurice MACKEMBA EPOMA
so good
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