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DJ Snake - The Half ft. Jeremih, Young Thug, Swizz Beatz -
Published: 10 months ago By: DJSnakeVEVO

By: DJSnakeVEVOPublished: 10 months ago

26, 383, 406 views

345, 572 Likes   12, 211 Dislikes

Best of DJ Snake
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Directed by Director X
Produced by DJ Snake & Steve Goncalves
Concept by Steve Goncalves & Daouda Leonard
Light Installation: Hoshi by Nonotak Studio
Programming by Nonotak Studio

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Music video by DJ Snake performing The Half. (C) 2016 DJ Snake Music under exclusive license to Interscope Records

Nonotak Studio:

sem noção
'sem noção' 6 hours ago
Alguem brasileiro?
Charitsu Kuroyuki
the beat sounds like "Work" by Rihanna
'ADA J.' 1 day ago
👍👍👍 ; in love with this song🎶💜 ohohhohohohh 💃; Jeremih😍
Mirkan Enül
'Mirkan Enül' 1 day ago
her ass looks like pillow XD
'오세륜' 2 days ago
Oh no big sexy butt again in the video errr...typical but luckily the song is catchy haha 🤣😅
Rushie YT
'Rushie YT' 3 days ago
🔥 Skrrt skrrt 💯 Any One Watching Today? 😜
Carlos Henrique
'Carlos Henrique' 4 days ago
Só gosto da música por causa do falsete do Young Thug aos 3:04 do vídeo
Susie Kirby
'Susie Kirby' 5 days ago
this song makes me wanna eat hard boiled eggs
Axcell Lema
'Axcell Lema' 6 days ago
Ce qui m'a le plus illuminé dans le clip ce ne sont pas les lumieres mais les dents de thug
mad sucker21
'mad sucker21' 6 days ago
im a muslim and i dont know why i watch this :P
Tal Zayden
'Tal Zayden' 1 week ago
'7amo0odization' 1 week ago
any1 knows the name of this girl !
Apdi yare
'Apdi yare' 1 week ago
Whenever i get WFI i watch dis song 😙
Bryan Levario
'Bryan Levario' 1 week ago
Pablo Lucho Contreras.jaramillo
lol nice music
David GressJr
'David GressJr' 1 week ago
best lay back and chilling
Dino Kujundzic
'Dino Kujundzic' 1 week ago
every time it gets to 0:57 i return it to 0:55, best damn part of the video
Emanuelly Manu
'Emanuelly Manu' 1 week ago
Maidul Lopa
'Maidul Lopa' 2 weeks ago
Young Thug and DJ snake... can any song 10000000000 times better than it is..... ausomeeeee.. love both of u...... all fans of DJ snake will hit like....
santo ayturi aramayo
alvaro mjuki
Rangga Gaming Indo
'Rangga Gaming Indo' 2 weeks ago
Damn i love this song
gabrele.g Green
'gabrele.g Green' 2 weeks ago
DJ Snake's Production is the only reason I like this song.
'1103MusikGermany' 2 weeks ago
your song is cool
'TOXIC NINJA' 2 weeks ago
follow me on instagram @dimond_queen101
'OTaKu' 2 weeks ago
Algem BR se manifeste 2017
El Alexander
'El Alexander' 2 weeks ago
Temazoo Un Verdadero Exito😊🙏🌎
Hasan Nas
'Hasan Nas' 2 weeks ago
Samuel Kalayci
'Samuel Kalayci' 2 weeks ago
Oriel Velazquez
'Oriel Velazquez' 3 weeks ago
DJ SNAKE love you
'HAVOC' 3 weeks ago
I swear Dj Snake wasnt there a second ago...
Demy Colen
'Demy Colen' 3 weeks ago
Khe papis :v
Info IML
'Info IML' 3 weeks ago
nice misuc dj snake good
Andy Dinh
'Andy Dinh' 3 weeks ago
Young Thug’s part is the only thing matters ❤️
Hanna Astrid
'Hanna Astrid' 4 weeks ago
Je ne comprend pas
'LINA SOFIA MAYORGA' 4 weeks ago
Super Cool Ya Tengo La Coreo 💚💚😍😘
Tracey-lee Messiahs
'Tracey-lee Messiahs' 4 weeks ago
❤️this song
Burak çiçekoğlu
'Burak çiçekoğlu' 4 weeks ago
'BrayanIsHere' 4 weeks ago
Good music Only 25m views These hauex trash music 33m
Icaro Oliveira
'Icaro Oliveira' 4 weeks ago
Andrelulas1738 oliveir
Best music ❤👌
Gizzy_girl Dubriel
'Gizzy_girl Dubriel' 4 weeks ago
They use this song for
shuvo dz
'shuvo dz' 4 weeks ago
He is the best...
Dicas e Truques
'Dicas e Truques' 4 weeks ago
Ravinder Kaur
'Ravinder Kaur' 4 weeks ago
Love love love this songggg
Arc Joshua Divina
'Arc Joshua Divina' 4 weeks ago
0:45 first beat was the most lit. Although its all just the same 😂
'Priscilla' 4 weeks ago
im glad dj snake still got edm in his idea, im sorry but i disappoint with calvin
Anthony Tonyan
'Anthony Tonyan' 1 month ago
w/out dj snake the song ain't good
OgAb Ɠames
'OgAb Ɠames' 1 month ago
*_You_* *_Have_* *_BanDnd_*
Saltoshi Lopez
'Saltoshi Lopez' 1 month ago
'ISA LOKA Araujo' 1 month ago
essa musica e muito daora
praveen sharma
'praveen sharma' 1 month ago
Kahren Zakaryan
'Kahren Zakaryan' 1 month ago
I wonder how many sesiers this video caused
diolyn mala
'diolyn mala' 1 month ago
sick beat... totally fire
Aqar Saqar
'Aqar Saqar' 1 month ago
Dis niggaz dont go to hell ))))
Dany Grupers
'Dany Grupers' 1 month ago
i love you
Debora Carvalho
'Debora Carvalho' 1 month ago
Muito loka
Meninas a loucuras
'Meninas a loucuras' 1 month ago
like ❤❤👍👍
Marlou Mary
'Marlou Mary' 1 month ago
Troo bon
Surafel Tadesse
'Surafel Tadesse' 1 month ago
'flankerzzz' 1 month ago
jeremah stays lit bruh
allia loredana
'allia loredana' 1 month ago
Big like 💗 love this song
Theresa Donahue
'Theresa Donahue' 1 month ago
The half of what lol
Gamer brotherbr223
'Gamer brotherbr223' 1 month ago
Cadê os brs?
Hamza Majid
'Hamza Majid' 1 month ago
Young thug on fire 🔥 😍😍🙏🙏🙏
Jenifer Garritsen
'Jenifer Garritsen' 1 month ago
Jasmine 202
'Jasmine 202' 1 month ago
Bilyamin cardozo
'Bilyamin cardozo' 1 month ago
cette chanson est ma sonnerie/this song is my ringtone❤❤❤❤❤
'smileyface' 1 month ago
what the fuck. howd I just find out about this song. holyshit
Dark Man 2007
'Dark Man 2007' 1 month ago
Lobinho EDGE
'Lobinho EDGE' 1 month ago
*Yoda fon trab eoq !*
tarun shrivastav
'tarun shrivastav' 1 month ago
hello sir iam tarun shrivastav iam your big fan from india i like you your music plz me contic my mobile no 8826491291
Lucas Carbone
'Lucas Carbone' 1 month ago
Pra quem não sabe a tradução a música é top!
Aqui é br
Teresa Ramirez
'Teresa Ramirez' 1 month ago
las mejores musicales están en las electro y ozuna etc
Zohaib Zaffar
'Zohaib Zaffar' 1 month ago
That's why DJ snake's beats rockx :-$
maxx Rongmei
'maxx Rongmei' 1 month ago
the best song ever.. 👌👌
Geeky Aron
'Geeky Aron' 1 month ago
Beat drop was💥💥💥💥💥💥
dead bear
'dead bear' 1 month ago
To me all dj snake songs are the same Same old shit Never changes
LukkeBR ツ
'LukkeBR ツ' 1 month ago
yano biklife
'yano biklife' 1 month ago
Dj snake your mum is my maths teacher in manchester
Young Thug Unreleased Snippets
Snir99 Hadad99
'Snir99 Hadad99' 1 month ago
Hamza star
'Hamza star' 1 month ago
Hamza star
'Hamza star' 1 month ago
'IcontrolXbox' 1 month ago
when the only good thing about this video is the beat
mina mina
'mina mina' 1 month ago
un Français :) ça fait plaizzzz de ouf
Rem sullivan
'Rem sullivan' 1 month ago
My ringtone start with: rewind now.........
حسن تهكير العاب
حلوة 👍
'Xamine' 2 months ago
Im sorry. but that rapper sounds like a 12 year old kid. His voice is garbage. And i hate how they keep putting there face in her ass and the cameras always directed on her ass. I mean if i wanna watch porn im one click away. Unoriginal, unmemorable, beats decent but same old kind of lyrics from the garbage hip hop scene. Don't even know if I should call it hip hop. This is not real hip hop, this is just typical modern rap which should actually be non existent. Hes not even good at rapping, using that stupid tupac anology in his rap, how unoriginal once again. No cool rhyme play on words. Boring. If you want real hiphop: listen to atmosphere from the label rhymesayers. There, hope i saved someone. And i only clicked on this video hoping dj snake made something else as good as that remix with aluna george. Obviously, my hopes were crushed.
Tutub El Perro Bailarin :v
'Kobble' 2 months ago
sunny verma
'sunny verma' 2 months ago
DJ cobra well done :-P
Rachell Flores
'Rachell Flores' 2 months ago
i Like this song 😍
Rachell Flores
'Rachell Flores' 2 months ago
I Like This Song 😍😀
Vladimir Stoianov
'Vladimir Stoianov' 2 months ago
the best of the DJ Snake
Maryna Meas
'Maryna Meas' 2 months ago
I love this song
amarjot aswal
'amarjot aswal' 2 months ago
Despacito < this song
'NuGGeT' 2 months ago
anyone know the name of the girl in the yellow at 0:46
'NewNight' 2 months ago
When hip hop & edm combine 👽
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