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Sia - Never Give Up (from the Lion Soundtrack) [Lyric Video] -
Published: 5 months ago By: Sia

By: SiaPublished: 5 months ago

29, 071, 667 views

254, 251 Likes   6, 368 Dislikes

Sia's lyric video for "Never Give Up" from the movie LION, produced by Greg Kurstin. Download & stream the song now:

A Chisel Pixel Production
Directed by Lior Molcho

Producer - Chen Biton
Cinematographer - Danit Sigler

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sree harsha
'sree harsha' 3 hours ago
Sounds like Indian music...dat classic indian flavour🎶 and the tone of sia👰!!!!simply👌😍💞
Sumit Sukhija
'Sumit Sukhija' 4 hours ago
Sia <3
Светлана Гончарук
сия какой утебя номер телефона
Mayank Dhuria
'Mayank Dhuria' 7 hours ago
A New Hope!! That's what this song has giving me. Thank you Sia for making this wonderful song.
Gabi Porley
'Gabi Porley' 8 hours ago
Love it!!!
Rewaida Naser
'Rewaida Naser' 9 hours ago
l love sia very much 😍😍
Müjde Özgeneci
'Müjde Özgeneci' 10 hours ago
very good i cant stop listen
Lizbeth Mejía
'Lizbeth Mejía' 19 hours ago
Sia es lo más ⬆️⬆️⬆️🔝🔝
Hamza Semiz
'Hamza Semiz' 20 hours ago
it's great music from Turkey 🇹🇷🇹🇷
Kevin Ramos Lopez
'Kevin Ramos Lopez' 21 hours ago
#NeverGiveUp ....... Jhon Cenaa !!!:v
tosmo dragoon
'tosmo dragoon' 1 day ago
LION Great story!!
Kobra Oyun TV
'Kobra Oyun TV' 1 day ago
Türkler Burdaysa bi like atıp göstersin bakalım kendini :)
Nadeen N
'Nadeen N' 1 day ago
جميل nice
face Insta
'face Insta' 1 day ago
ختي سيا أغنيك مقودين و لكن حيدي هاد البرهوشة كتعيفني
Abou Bakr
'Abou Bakr' 1 day ago
tank you Sia ; )
İrem Önal
'İrem Önal' 1 day ago
Ahmad Shahin
'Ahmad Shahin' 2 days ago
where can I buy one of these masks?
Divy Dubey
'Divy Dubey' 2 days ago
Is it Maddie in the video?
Vinay B
'Vinay B' 2 days ago
it gives goosebumps
Jim Xavier
'Jim Xavier' 2 days ago
Thanks to this song I keep repeating to myself "Never give up"
the Conscious in shcopistan
her voice is awesome :'( and the Lyric too *-*
كـن مثقفـا!؟
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Charlot Silva
'Charlot Silva' 2 days ago
Mi cantante favorita!! Su voz es tan poderosa y emotiva
'SOHAIB BKHR' 2 days ago
it's true sia
crazy life
'crazy life' 2 days ago
Doamne mi se furnică pielea cand aud cate o melodie de a Siei!😊😊
ambrine cmoi de msp
Thiemoko Kante
'Thiemoko Kante' 3 days ago
very nice songe in sia
'CincyPlasmaTech' 3 days ago
Just put this on a continuous loop until I'm done dusting off and kicking ass again.
Gontse Gaosenye
'Gontse Gaosenye' 3 days ago
I love the song.Its my first time listening to it and I really love it.Sia is talented.
Takalani Refiloe Medupe
Marcelo Guerra
'Marcelo Guerra' 4 days ago
The best singer in the world
Dorsinlake Yang
'Dorsinlake Yang' 4 days ago
hat was von den 90er 😄
Jessboy 24
'Jessboy 24' 4 days ago
the song that helps me get through exams
ilknur Erdoğdu
'ilknur Erdoğdu' 4 days ago
Collins Collins
'Collins Collins' 4 days ago
Simple Russ
'Simple Russ' 4 days ago
Sia, you're my inspiration!!
Eric Fritsch
'Eric Fritsch' 4 days ago
Juan Carlos
'Juan Carlos' 4 days ago
I'm not giving up. Let's not fight I'm doing it well you know I'm bullet proof elastic heart and Titanium but Japan told me I'm platinum. I'm a machine too fast never gonna die please Sia read this you know. I got infinite Stamina.
Ahmet Arslan TJK
'Ahmet Arslan TJK' 5 days ago
Hello from İSTANBUL!!
Evelyn Hayes
'Evelyn Hayes' 5 days ago
I'm gay... lesbian whatever you want to call it. But I'm too afraid to tell my parents.
Taimoor Zulfiqar
'Taimoor Zulfiqar' 5 days ago
how does this not have over a billion views????
'gus' 5 days ago
Cari Maure
'Cari Maure' 5 days ago
espiking espanish
Maria Cristina Robles Ruiz
que linda canción y el video esta hermoso
aws alfaris
'aws alfaris' 5 days ago
where can i find such music like this??
H Elhlawny
'H Elhlawny' 5 days ago
that is putifl
Miller Foster998HN
Sia you still suck!
Sam Dehdouh
'Sam Dehdouh' 5 days ago
Soy Luna py
'Soy Luna py' 5 days ago
Like si no te gusta cuando tienen máscara negra
Labyed Zakaria
'Labyed Zakaria' 5 days ago
This song encourages me to move forward. Do I just ????
'Dafuk' 5 days ago
wow she sounds like 21 but she`s actually 41 or something
Fernando Contreras
شادننء 1995
'شادننء 1995' 6 days ago
i love you sia >!
Billel Allami
'Billel Allami' 6 days ago
lion brought me here sarruuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuu
Gavaskar B.
'Gavaskar B.' 6 days ago
Guduu :)?
'mc77ification' 6 days ago
The new "Queen of pop"!
'mc77ification' 6 days ago
6.166 People gave up.
Rendy Filianggi
'Rendy Filianggi' 6 days ago
When the 1st time i was listening to this song without watching or even know about the movie at all, i had a strange feeling about this song and cried a lil bit. But then i watched the movie last night and i cried a lot
Zülal Zeynep
'Zülal Zeynep' 7 days ago
Irmağının akışına ölürüm Türkiye'm 🇹🇷 🇹🇷 🇹🇷
Afroz Arman
'Afroz Arman' 7 days ago
wow ! A beautiful piece of art
Vitória Lima
'Vitória Lima' 7 days ago
Frank Cotty
'Frank Cotty' 1 week ago
Hey les frenchies, je viens de traduire et chanter cette chanson en français sur ma chaîne. Ça rend bien :)
ola t
'ola t' 1 week ago
i love this song, i LOVEEEEEE Sia ❤❤❤❤
'KRY YLDRM' 1 week ago
Drishti Poddar
'Drishti Poddar' 1 week ago
lion was truly a great movie and should be given oscar.
Alex West
'Alex West' 1 week ago
Great mantra to sing and keep you going ...Love from Holland
Nancy Castañeda
'Nancy Castañeda' 1 week ago
Alexis es un joto
Loïss Joany
'Loïss Joany' 1 week ago
baeutiful single never give up no
IG escnewscast_
'IG escnewscast_' 1 week ago
Why this song is so underrated?
HackerHeg Heg
'HackerHeg Heg' 1 week ago
jan müsel
'jan müsel' 1 week ago
The video is creepy but her voice is awesome
jan müsel
'jan müsel' 1 week ago
This is creepy
Lopezluiz Lopez
'Lopezluiz Lopez' 1 week ago
guau la megor que e oído en la vida
Kawaii Kitty
'Kawaii Kitty' 1 week ago
when the slender family burnt their faces and wore a wig oh i actually really like the song tho
Eya bouzid
'Eya bouzid' 1 week ago
wowww sia never stope surprising me... all of her songs have meanings and make u want to sing with her.. and make me have hopes ❤
Sebi art
'Sebi art' 1 week ago
i love this song 😍
Nela Nelica
'Nela Nelica' 1 week ago
OMG,Wonderful... ♥
Pradeep Chandra
'Pradeep Chandra' 1 week ago
the last seane of movie , when he met her real mother and knowing his lovable bother died , i almost caunt control my tears , lol , fk my emotions ^_^
Fireboy Loquendo
'Fireboy Loquendo' 1 week ago
Me encanta esta cancion, te amo sia <3
Breno SM
'Breno SM' 1 week ago
Charlot Silva
'Charlot Silva' 1 week ago
I Love Sia
Miranda Mendoza
'Miranda Mendoza' 1 week ago
I seen the movie I love it was so sad I cried you guys should watch it it is about a young boy and his older brother leaves him at a train station sleeping and he gets on a train but he was not supposed to and travels like 2000 miles away from home and was only 5 years old and people find him and put him in a adoption home and finds his way back at age 30 or 25 years old it is based on a true story
Sibylle Fiol
'Sibylle Fiol' 1 week ago
Hannah Tokarchuk
'Hannah Tokarchuk' 1 week ago
I like this song good beat
j patrice Tergny
'j patrice Tergny' 1 week ago
elle ont mis 1:33 à se rejoindre..... je comprends pas...
Moni kuntal gautom
amezing .....
جيزس كرايست
0:10 لو شدوا حيلهم شوي صارت سامري
Asmaa Bawazir
'Asmaa Bawazir' 1 week ago
it sounds like african indian song 😂
Devshree Vaidya
'Devshree Vaidya' 1 week ago
WOW what a song ...I love u sia
'natanui' 1 week ago
simple song, but so motivational
kerem cantimur
'kerem cantimur' 1 week ago
Ananızda öyle diyordu
Влада Кот
'Влада Кот' 2 weeks ago
я одна тут русская?А видео-клип крутой!!!
Tamra Beltran
'Tamra Beltran' 2 weeks ago
Receive lot of Resources for your current K-O-A account. A few get before this website be fix
Sakaria vlogs
'Sakaria vlogs' 2 weeks ago
I ll never give up by watching this video infinite time .....who else love this song ?
Mirja Høgdal
'Mirja Høgdal' 2 weeks ago
This is my life
Volkan demirel
'Volkan demirel' 2 weeks ago
sia yi desdekliyok 😊😊
'Bebelusa' 2 weeks ago
❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️II LOVE IT
Louis Arriail
'Louis Arriail' 2 weeks ago
i love that's
Jim Biemm
'Jim Biemm' 2 weeks ago
Very nice. Luve the sound and lyrics... BRAVO.
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