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Sia - Never Give Up (from the Lion Soundtrack) [Lyric Video] -
Published: 3 weeks ago By: Sia

By: SiaPublished: 3 weeks ago

7, 622, 574 views

125, 672 Likes   2, 226 Dislikes

Sia's lyric video for "Never Give Up" from the movie LION, produced by Greg Kurstin. Download & stream the song now:

A Chisel Pixel Production
Directed by Lior Molcho

Producer - Chen Biton
Cinematographer - Danit Sigler

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Gabriel Oliveira
'Gabriel Oliveira' 24 minutes ago
Canta muito 😍😍
'T3rRaBro0k' 1 hour ago
'Sainterman' 2 hours ago
Lion is one of ht best Movies of 2016/2017!
'CANAL DO SHIN' 2 hours ago
mais algum brasileiro viciado nessa música?
Sarah Smith
'Sarah Smith' 2 hours ago
she is truly a diamond in the rough.
aldo habana perez
'aldo habana perez' 3 hours ago
tae jon
'tae jon' 5 hours ago
الي انطرب بالبدايه لايك
'Flo' 6 hours ago
I hate to say this but I don't like it, if it was named "The Greatest Pt2" I wouldn't be shocked... I prefer Move Your Body!
Γιωργος Λελεδακης
Brother and sister is?
raeed al-tamimi
'raeed al-tamimi' 7 hours ago
sia 👍👍👍❤❤❤
kish cirnami
'kish cirnami' 9 hours ago
I love this song is very true
Mazikeen Morningstar
Who are the dancers?
Ep Swerky El 7boob.44
good song ..😍😍😍
'PAPP' 10 hours ago
But Where is MADDIE?
Gabriel SuaMah (Gabby Potter)
Los mejores cines no, en los cines de cualquier laoo. Fan.
Luca Ferretti
'Luca Ferretti' 11 hours ago
Jacqueline Diffey
'Jacqueline Diffey' 12 hours ago
i watched the movie last night omg im crying its so amazing and a inspirational movie.
Ran11234 Rannyt
'Ran11234 Rannyt' 12 hours ago
هيههههههه الدقق خليجي من لاحظ؟؟؟
Kocham Merte
'Kocham Merte' 12 hours ago
Ktoś z polski? I'm from Poland ❤️
'박세연' 13 hours ago
노래 너무 좋다ㅠㅠ꼭 가사 찾아봐야지...!!!!!
Abhishek Saini
'Abhishek Saini' 15 hours ago
this video deserves so many more likes and views
Fresh Style
'Fresh Style' 15 hours ago
u copy John Cena
lulu nurlitasari
'lulu nurlitasari' 16 hours ago
Kerim Akbulut
'Kerim Akbulut' 16 hours ago
the best song ever
Siarasopretty Lee
'Siarasopretty Lee' 17 hours ago
why sia won't show her face!!! everyone's beautiful !3
Roman Ts
'Roman Ts' 17 hours ago
Квин оф поп мюзик, бля
Abhijeet Yureka
'Abhijeet Yureka' 18 hours ago
this song have Indian vibes
Alikhan Gangji
'Alikhan Gangji' 18 hours ago
Awesome song - reminds me of cheap thrills
Ange Simmer
'Ange Simmer' 19 hours ago
I love it 😍 this is actually my first time listening to this two weeks after it release 😂 I'm usually early
eduardo malagon bravo
sia tiene 2 cuentas en youtube
Daniel Romero
'Daniel Romero' 21 hours ago
esta cancion es original o de donde se saco ? 👀👀👀
Ismayil Babayev
'Ismayil Babayev' 21 hours ago
Ammy Tista
'Ammy Tista' 24 hours ago
Sia, BTS e Melaine Matinez são as estrelas do século❤❤❤❤
'Route99' 1 day ago
Who is here after watching Lion 🙏
that my song 😊😊😊
Khlaf Kn
'Khlaf Kn' 1 day ago
مافي احد يتبرع ويترجم
Faith P
'Faith P' 1 day ago
this movie was so amazing
Tanya Ann Armitage
I wonder if those two dancers are Mackenzie and Maddie <3 <3.
Branislav Stratrov
пеер песнава ти е глупа
'John' 1 day ago
Who else is listen this after seen the movie Saroo The Way Home ?
Frank Alberto Maguiña Nieves
y de pronto un comentario en español.. (:
wise Sibanda
'wise Sibanda' 1 day ago
love sia she is very good
Ceyda Aydın
'Ceyda Aydın' 1 day ago
who thinks this is so much better than most of the populer songs
Ceyda Aydın
'Ceyda Aydın' 1 day ago
will this songs be known or posted with official videos? because this is not sia vevo channel
ELMAN Eliyev
'ELMAN Eliyev' 1 day ago
That is very sexy single I like so much 😉😉👍👍
Hussin Alali
'Hussin Alali' 1 day ago
Cassandra Grouette
tbh/ the video kinda reminds me of the Jews from WWII , like when they all have to ride crowed trains to the camps and these two kids escape and they're running and saying they won't be put down by the way they're being judged from they're religion, and they'll never give up their religion. idk I think its just me .
Muhammad Ibrahim
'Muhammad Ibrahim' 1 day ago
she is talking about the demons... that the demons won't let her sleep... illuminati the way i like the song and sia so much because of her voice and straight personality...
Frey The Animal
'Frey The Animal' 1 day ago
i feel like every song she writes is about not giving up it's gonna turn into a cliché
'JAKE PAULER #1' 1 day ago
Maddie ziegler 😍
Sankalp Kumar
'Sankalp Kumar' 1 day ago
Vibes of Indian beat or it just me?
daniel boney
'daniel boney' 1 day ago
I love this song and movie wha a great soundtrack and emotional video
Jasmin Silva
'Jasmin Silva' 1 day ago
se tiver algum brasileiro curte aqui
Jasmin Silva
'Jasmin Silva' 1 day ago
amei esta música
nick clahs royale
its victor😀😀😀
Qaynat 13
'Qaynat 13' 1 day ago
I'm Indian and feeling proud. 🇮🇳🙌
Maddi Barrene Goiko
In love with this song
daria nocon
'daria nocon' 2 days ago
Where is Maddie ☺?
Fibi Toncim
'Fibi Toncim' 2 days ago
u suck!!!!!!!!! Saleh
i thought the girl that was waring a dress i thought about her that she was chasing the other girl i thought that
Francesca Genisi
'Francesca Genisi' 2 days ago
I love you,my name is Francesca and i'm nine years old
Hugo Sañudo Baez
'Hugo Sañudo Baez' 2 days ago
great song...
ines fena
'ines fena' 2 days ago
cool i love Sia
Хасан Солиев
Sia super!!!!
Vaibhav Salunke
'Vaibhav Salunke' 2 days ago
Love the Indian twist to the song.🇮🇳
Shona Rockett
'Shona Rockett' 2 days ago
Sparkle Vine
'Sparkle Vine' 2 days ago
A mix of "cheap Thrills" and "the greatest"
Sparkle Vine
'Sparkle Vine' 2 days ago
But her meanings in the video do equal to a power message. Chandilier (Idk how to spell it :P) was about her battling I think alcohal/drugs or somethin...
Thais Gonzaga
'Thais Gonzaga' 2 days ago
Sia me beija!
'ANA PAULA NAVA' 2 days ago
soy la unica de mexico🇲🇽 super fan de sia fan #1 #iloveyousia
oussama biskga
'oussama biskga' 2 days ago
I love you india
Movies GO HD
'Movies GO HD' 2 days ago
nice song but oh, boy sia raped autotune
huguyf rytyt
'huguyf rytyt' 2 days ago
Ferenc Szűcs
'Ferenc Szűcs' 2 days ago
Bryan Tinoco Navarro
where's maddie noww ???
andrzej krawczyk
'andrzej krawczyk' 2 days ago
Sia twoje piosenki to Hit za Hit
Juan “Pache” Gomez
Hola ? alguien español ._.
Alan GM
'Alan GM' 2 days ago
genesis bellorin
'genesis bellorin' 2 days ago
i love
Malwina Bialek
'Malwina Bialek' 2 days ago
Love this so much!
Angel Gro
'Angel Gro' 2 days ago
Почему у девочки чёрное лицо??
'Cinek400' 2 days ago
Sound like "The Greatest".
Vamos Blaugrana 969
Any track by this Artist is a Masterpiece, IMPRESSIVE !!
Zayn Awesome
'Zayn Awesome' 2 days ago
I Love You *Sia* Please Love Me Too & I Promise You That‘ll Never Give Up
arbain jakfar syaifudin
we love sia song
mariem zouabi
'mariem zouabi' 2 days ago
follow me on instagram #mariemzouabi1122
mariem zouabi
'mariem zouabi' 2 days ago
Selenator Girl
'Selenator Girl' 2 days ago
'ewitsjas' 3 days ago
Sias songs are almost sounding the same omg
Nadia Melissa Ricaurte
'SARA FARIS' 3 days ago
2:30 هنا ينفع نتنكس😂😂💜
AGdolls 101
'AGdolls 101' 3 days ago
Maddie and Lilliana 😻😻😍😍
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