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Sia - Never Give Up (from the Lion Soundtrack) [Lyric Video] -
Published: 2 months ago By: Sia

By: SiaPublished: 2 months ago

14, 854, 621 views

172, 563 Likes   3, 325 Dislikes

Sia's lyric video for "Never Give Up" from the movie LION, produced by Greg Kurstin. Download & stream the song now:

A Chisel Pixel Production
Directed by Lior Molcho

Producer - Chen Biton
Cinematographer - Danit Sigler

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'TheConcorde47' 54 minutes ago
In the End of the Movie.. When this song came in.. Tears were flowing down my eyes... And suddenly.. i started getting goosebumps and a Feel Good Aura was Created.. . The Movie. LION.. is so Inspiring!!
Shibnath Saha
'Shibnath Saha' 1 hour ago
we can find our way by calling 911 #am_indian
Kiki Gal
'Kiki Gal' 2 hours ago
Fighting between good and bad. Black and white, ying and yang. Light and darkness.
'Zendine' 3 hours ago
funny story, this movie is actually based on my sisters friend ex boyfriends life story and this story truly breaks my heart.
Ayato Natsuki
'Ayato Natsuki' 3 hours ago
por alguna ronzon las canciones de sia son las únicas que me gustan de pop .
Atanas Lozanov
'Atanas Lozanov' 3 hours ago
Браво супер си
Fabiola Flores Madrigal
esta bien bonita esta canción es mi favorita
Luka Dobrilov
'Luka Dobrilov' 5 hours ago
14784564 views?After two hours watching this I thought it was 1 billion
Griffin Critchell
'Griffin Critchell' 6 hours ago
this song reminds me of my dad because we always listen to it because we have had some terrible things happen to both of us
Mocco Zocco
'Mocco Zocco' 6 hours ago
My english listening isn't the best so i keep hearing this: " And I wont let you get me down, I'll keep getting up when I hit the front door..." Check it at 2:48 for example.
Chläus Breitenmoser
Márk Dervaderics
'Márk Dervaderics' 7 hours ago
I NEVER GIVE UP!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
ani delgado guillen
'ani delgado guillen' 7 hours ago
como siempre sia me sorprende me fasina su tematica y la musica complementa espero que me siga sorprendiendo
manu portgar
'manu portgar' 7 hours ago
Gamer Girl
'Gamer Girl' 10 hours ago
why do they cover up there faces in some videos
'Sebastian_Cph' 11 hours ago
ياسر العبيدي
Erika Hegedűs
'Erika Hegedűs' 15 hours ago
Imádom ❤
Ninja Squirrel
'Ninja Squirrel' 23 hours ago
Amazingly great!
'ESSONGHE Patricia' 23 hours ago
orne dsd.
'orne dsd.' 1 day ago
like si quieres 1.000.000 de pesos,si le das like te los doy
Kanye en su jugo
'Kanye en su jugo' 1 day ago
I suddenly started crying listening to this song just by remembering the movie.
Да Капитан
I'm from Russia)))) hi!!! Hello
العاشق ء
'العاشق ء' 1 day ago
Sia Never Give Up .. My Honey , Keep Going .. #We_Are_With_You
mariabely Souza
'mariabely Souza' 1 day ago
Wooooooowww Siaaaaaa
paul torbert
'paul torbert' 1 day ago
she is an inspiration, and an incredible singer..... her songwriting inspires me.... my songs will never be as good as hers, but i will never give up...... my apartment is my prison.... Meniere's Disease.
Issaf Syah
'Issaf Syah' 1 day ago
the movie is so powerful, you must watch !!
امرآه من ورق
cool game
'cool game' 1 day ago
Love, love this song
Ömer H. Sanlav
'Ömer H. Sanlav' 1 day ago
Asla Pes Etme !
'Nicol' 1 day ago
perfect song
'Mercenary' 1 day ago
Даааааааааааааааааааааааа !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Я Плачу !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
tuyet nhung nguyen thi
I love sia 💖
Yamini Kaushal
'Yamini Kaushal' 1 day ago
The background music is like Indian music
Yamini Kaushal
'Yamini Kaushal' 1 day ago
The background music is like Indian music
Yamini Kaushal
'Yamini Kaushal' 1 day ago
Xoxo sia😄
'chiara936' 1 day ago
sia is turned in a commercial artist totally
Sony gea
'Sony gea' 2 days ago
very inspiring me, thanks sia
By YoSVIsius
'By YoSVIsius' 2 days ago
Kyle S.
'Kyle S.' 2 days ago
I'm so glad someone as talented as Sia has found mainstream success.
Adriana Talavera Gutierrez
La ame<3
Frida s
'Frida s' 2 days ago
The movie made me cry so much, but I still love it and I think that everyone should watch it because it's so well done and based on reality which makes it even better
Warda Sona
'Warda Sona' 2 days ago
Matea Pazin
'Matea Pazin' 2 days ago
Start like Melanie M .. 😍😍
Ирина Бреева
Эй крылья выпускай!!!!!!💕💕💕💕💕
Ирина Бреева
:как же ж нам же ш добежать??!!
Ирина Бреева
You may oxig3n!!!💘💘💘💘💘
Nimesh Malinda
'Nimesh Malinda' 2 days ago
i love song nice
Nimesh Malinda
'Nimesh Malinda' 2 days ago
Vanesa Ambriz
'Vanesa Ambriz' 2 days ago
Me gustan mucho las canciones de sia like si te gustan
Freya jones
'Freya jones' 2 days ago
such a beautiful song to match the beautiful film. the film made me cry!
Cristina Carbó
'Cristina Carbó' 2 days ago
I love your song and how good a singer you are
selly rivaldi
'selly rivaldi' 2 days ago
ko yo music nan rancak love u sia
Ahmad Almutairi
'Ahmad Almutairi' 2 days ago
RIP Guddu
Felipe Silva
'Felipe Silva' 2 days ago
I love you💕💕💕💕😘😘😘😘😘
deepak dehariya
'deepak dehariya' 3 days ago
nice song......
Rameshwar Shinde
'Rameshwar Shinde' 3 days ago
Abdullah Altalha
'Abdullah Altalha' 3 days ago
This song has Saudi arabic tune
نون A
'نون A' 3 days ago
ياخي أحس فيها موسيقى خليجيه 😂😂
Stephen K. Mathews
listening to this song after watching *Lion* gives me some different feeling. I don't know what it is really. But it's so powerful. #Saroo
'Janitaa' 3 days ago
Sia is my favorite singer / artist because she has messages on her songs like '' We are our children '' and ''Never give up''. Sia just makes the world better <3
Oliver Schöne
'Oliver Schöne' 3 days ago
♥:) thanks!!
Sarah Khandoker
'Sarah Khandoker' 3 days ago
Just Watched this movie and now listening this song!!! Best movie that I have seen after so long.
Mahmoud Musa
'Mahmoud Musa' 3 days ago
i understand the song after watching the movie ❤
Selin Cevkiroglu
'Selin Cevkiroglu' 3 days ago
help me my phone ! 🎈 📱 🙌
Selin Cevkiroglu
'Selin Cevkiroglu' 3 days ago
her voice likes Rihanna
Julka Szczechowicz
My Favorit music 💕💕💕💕
bharathi sai
'bharathi sai' 3 days ago
Abhay K
'Abhay K' 4 days ago
Yeah!!! the Indian tinge
This music just pulled me off from a dark place.
LIL A1706
'LIL A1706' 4 days ago
this is good I have to say
ogechi udoka
'ogechi udoka' 4 days ago
She is full of empowerment, love her.
LizaPlays XoX
'LizaPlays XoX' 4 days ago
I love this song so much but it makes me cry from the movie Lion it's so sad ;( I watched the movie with my school all of my grade and I cry every time listening to this ;-; I am happy Sia gets the respect and fame she deserve now :D
Sanarya Akaka
'Sanarya Akaka' 4 days ago
Daffne Aguila
'Daffne Aguila' 4 days ago
love 😘
Aya Raafat
'Aya Raafat' 4 days ago
It's like indian music
Aya Raafat
'Aya Raafat' 4 days ago
It's like indian music
'Shelly290180' 4 days ago
how can 3000 people not like this song??? love it
Ndemo Caleb
'Ndemo Caleb' 4 days ago
just love sia🙏
Fakhr Afridi
'Fakhr Afridi' 4 days ago
wow superb . love when she say From my WAY ......
Mareska Vita
'Mareska Vita' 4 days ago
OMG House on fire and never give up has the same beat
Gta 5 zocker
'Gta 5 zocker' 4 days ago
The song is just amazing. He is moving and helps people to understand that there are still people in the world. Perhaps that looks different, but everyone has their own opinion. Therefore, I find the song mega good. I like him very much.
'Desperado' 4 days ago
Saroo learned that all those years ago, as a five-year-old, he had been mispronouncing his own name. He was "Sheru", meaning... LION.
sam yu
'sam yu' 4 days ago
why is this so fucking creepy
Kit Kat!
'Kit Kat!' 4 days ago
I love this song♥😍
Charqui cat
'Charqui cat' 4 days ago
I love this song. Latinos en los comentarios
Selina Geraets
'Selina Geraets' 4 days ago
love you
Борислава Деведжиева
The best song in 2K17👏🔝
Miguel Angel BUSGOSU
Esta se me había pasado!!! muy buena, me encanta!! 😍🎼🎶🎵
Lena Gust
'Lena Gust' 4 days ago
einfach nur geil!!!!!😍
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