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Sia - Never Give Up (from the Lion Soundtrack) [Lyric Video] -
Published: 10 months ago By: Sia

By: SiaPublished: 10 months ago

42, 736, 182 views

330, 182 Likes   9, 497 Dislikes

Sia's lyric video for "Never Give Up" from the movie LION, produced by Greg Kurstin. Download & stream the song now:

A Chisel Pixel Production
Directed by Lior Molcho

Producer - Chen Biton
Cinematographer - Danit Sigler

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gladys ramirez arango
Buena musica,video y k tambores...👍👍👍👍
Joshika Sharma
'Joshika Sharma' 20 hours ago
You are awesome as always.
Asher Goddard
'Asher Goddard' 1 day ago
Hasan Golandooz
'Hasan Golandooz' 2 days ago
Smrtonoš CZ
'Smrtonoš CZ' 2 days ago
'Edward' 2 days ago
Wtf! This song should be viewed by more than just 42 million people... Damn people
Sanne Si
'Sanne Si' 2 days ago
Peter Siro
'Peter Siro' 2 days ago
Sia you make art with your music its genius
Totta M
'Totta M' 3 days ago
And I wont let you get me down, I will keep getting up when I hit the ground....tears in my eyes
beauty and health tips
Beautiful track and excellent movie 🎥
Sultan Ali_lol
'Sultan Ali_lol' 4 days ago
The best song ever💔😪
the colour artist
'the colour artist' 4 days ago
Sia, your amazing. You give me hope through music which is weird because I'm an artist (as in painting and stuff). Please make more songs.
Ivo Iliev
'Ivo Iliev' 4 days ago
I have a demons that will never sleep or live in peace this fuckers
Emre Demir
'Emre Demir' 4 days ago
Never Give Up!
Monica Ghezea
'Monica Ghezea' 4 days ago
Sia sia i love you!!!!!!!
Samantha !!
'Samantha !!' 4 days ago
i love.
Blo Moz
'Blo Moz' 4 days ago
NEver give up ✌
'PANKAJ RAWAT' 4 days ago
this is top song of Sia and all time. I listen it 10 times a day.
Lexie Dotson
'Lexie Dotson' 4 days ago
I love sia she's my fave singer!!! so amazing!!! thanks sia for all the amazing songs!
Karima Benomar
'Karima Benomar' 5 days ago
❤️ sia ❤️
Soledad Barreiro
'Soledad Barreiro' 5 days ago
cant we see her face
'Sacha018' 5 days ago
Who r the dancers??
'X3S' 5 days ago
Subscribe my chanal plis the like
Magda Calluchi Castro
I love you SIA 😘 🎵💛🎶
nwwx nwwx
'nwwx nwwx' 5 days ago
فيه عرب وولا مافيه😶
Mlle Coline
'Mlle Coline' 6 days ago
Le clip fais un peu flipper mais j'aime trop la musique je fais que de l'écouter ♥️
Amanda G
'Amanda G' 6 days ago
I can not stop listening to this song😍...I Love Sia! Não entendo como uma música incrível dessa só tem isso de visualizações?!
Christopher C.
'Christopher C.' 6 days ago
15 days Sober today !!!! NEVER GIVE UP!!!!
'HÜSEYİN Talaz' 6 days ago
best song 100000000000000000000000000000000000 star points
Sam 1999
'Sam 1999' 6 days ago
I'm in love with this song 😭❤️❤️
soun dousa
'soun dousa' 7 days ago
this song make me always powerful 💪
jamilly Almeida
'jamilly Almeida' 7 days ago
Tamires Ramires
'Tamires Ramires' 7 days ago
Luana De Freitas
'Luana De Freitas' 1 week ago
Oii br's
Mario Khoza
'Mario Khoza' 1 week ago
yes , I will never give up, I'll find my way. this song inspire me to do my best.
All My Love
'All My Love' 1 week ago
Zümra Tan
'Zümra Tan' 1 week ago
I love you sia
Erika Coaicea
'Erika Coaicea' 1 week ago
Wow brava Sia !
Meg Sull
'Meg Sull' 1 week ago
Never give up!
Paula Menezes
'Paula Menezes' 1 week ago
E os brs?
Sia The Greater
'Sia The Greater' 1 week ago
Sia is God
Ayham Boss
'Ayham Boss' 1 week ago
Salman Shareef
'Salman Shareef' 1 week ago
great song
Cimar Cristina Sousa
'SoloSkyFlyer' 1 week ago
Isn’t someone going to comment the lyrics?
Sofía Lippi
'Sofía Lippi' 1 week ago
Me encantan las canciones de Sia!! UNA MEJOR Q' OTRA!!😍❤️❤️❤️❤️
Misari Pattani
'Misari Pattani' 1 week ago
H-R tutorials
'H-R tutorials' 1 week ago
the beat is nice but....................
IvanA Daskaloski
'IvanA Daskaloski' 1 week ago
I love you sia 💜💜💜
Sofía Lippi
'Sofía Lippi' 1 week ago
I still watching this video 😍😻❤
Luciana Cardoso
'Luciana Cardoso' 1 week ago
Cara não canso de ouvir .😛😘😘😘
'Apsarah' 1 week ago
Nice Video........
Srikanth C.V.A.
'Srikanth C.V.A.' 1 week ago
Hint of magic in every song Luv you sia.. 😄
manisha kumari ji
'manisha kumari ji' 1 week ago
nice 👌😍 Love from india
'abhey232' 1 week ago
Actually it's not saroo, it's Sheru meaning lion
Jacqueline Filo
'Jacqueline Filo' 1 week ago
Only Sia knows how to make music.
Nayarajanuario Januario
wol mey good
Denise Scigliano
'Denise Scigliano' 1 week ago
Amazing! *_____*
Sara for life Xxxx
I watched the movie and it's so sad
Ebtisam Jajo
'Ebtisam Jajo' 2 weeks ago
Why do you we're that mask
Rick Peters
'Rick Peters' 2 weeks ago
This song means so much to me
Freya Evershed
'Freya Evershed' 2 weeks ago
Best song ever:)
Trung Tran
'Trung Tran' 2 weeks ago
I love sia
kittey mittey
'kittey mittey' 2 weeks ago
Pliz comment on my comment and a huge thumbs up👍👍 👍😊😊😊
kittey mittey
'kittey mittey' 2 weeks ago
Sia is fabulous 😎😎😎🎶🎵never give up Sia🤑🤑🤑😵😵😵😨😐😆😄😊
شخصية ماركة
The song gives energy to life😻💪 🌎
شخصية ماركة
الاغنيه تعطي طاقه للحياه عندما اسمعها احس بل امل والتفاؤل😊
The NormalGuy
'The NormalGuy' 2 weeks ago
cesar H.Ludeña
'cesar H.Ludeña' 2 weeks ago
Sia , cantas hermoso ... tu voz es bien chevere ... me encantan tus canciones
thunder blues
'thunder blues' 2 weeks ago
whenever i eat jalebi, i feel like crying....😢😢
Laisy Jacob
'Laisy Jacob' 2 weeks ago
U nailed it
Azita Nasiri
'Azita Nasiri' 2 weeks ago
Everybody what's the movie name?
Fevzi Bartan
'Fevzi Bartan' 2 weeks ago
Fevzi Bartan
'Fevzi Bartan' 2 weeks ago
Türkçe konuşurmusunuz
Cristina Preda
'Cristina Preda' 2 weeks ago
Tare tare Sia
belen vallejos
'belen vallejos' 2 weeks ago
Sia is amazing, great voice, great artist , she is becoming an icon of the music
Den kule Utbryteren
'Den kule Utbryteren' 2 weeks ago
Laurene Bartoli
'Laurene Bartoli' 2 weeks ago
Ally la
'Ally la' 2 weeks ago
Sia is amazing. My favourite artist
red life
'red life' 2 weeks ago
Cometu Turkey🇹🇷🇹🇷🇹🇷🇹🇷🇹🇷🇹🇷😂
ahmad baihaqi
'ahmad baihaqi' 2 weeks ago
I dont know why but this song gave me a goosebump expecially after watching the movie🙂
ana claudia
'ana claudia' 2 weeks ago
I Love Sia!
Julie Pemberton
'Julie Pemberton' 2 weeks ago
Oh and Sia you are in my top fave singers
Julie Pemberton
'Julie Pemberton' 2 weeks ago
This song is one of my favorites. To me its like inspiring, does anyone else get that feeling?
juan diego briceño perez
Taïma Lalumiere
'Taïma Lalumiere' 2 weeks ago
Sia is the best
Amina Ferhat
'Amina Ferhat' 2 weeks ago
You incredible sia we love you we never give up in life you right
Ludmyllar Santos
'Ludmyllar Santos' 2 weeks ago
عالم مقرف
'عالم مقرف' 2 weeks ago
Sia - Rainbow [LYRICS] (Music Only)
Tomboy_doggo Weeks
'Tomboy_doggo Weeks' 2 weeks ago
It really doesn't have to be so creepy does it
'belgradegirl86' 2 weeks ago
Sia is my Doctor
Mohammad Ratan
'Mohammad Ratan' 2 weeks ago
yes i will find my way
Kevin Jauregui Campos
Sia la mejor
Erik Akkerman
'Erik Akkerman' 2 weeks ago
перевод от Yandex Incomparable rhythm,a new sound,and of course Sia is a wonderful singer!
Δημητρης Καλεσογλου
I am a fan from 2004 #RESPECT
Reviews Lol
'Reviews Lol' 2 weeks ago
Jasmina Radojičić
'Jasmina Radojičić' 2 weeks ago
nope im never give up 2 hours later I CANT DO THIS ;-;
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