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Sia - Never Give Up (from the Lion Soundtrack) [Lyric Video] -
Published: 6 months ago By: Sia

By: SiaPublished: 6 months ago

33, 003, 423 views

276, 336 Likes   7, 344 Dislikes

Sia's lyric video for "Never Give Up" from the movie LION, produced by Greg Kurstin. Download & stream the song now:

A Chisel Pixel Production
Directed by Lior Molcho

Producer - Chen Biton
Cinematographer - Danit Sigler

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Akash Arumugam
'Akash Arumugam' 2 hours ago
Vauterli Io ki um guiaSodré
sia a love you forever
Linda Bilrgue
'Linda Bilrgue' 21 hours ago
'byNico' 22 hours ago
Such a powerful voice perfect for such a song 👍
Kitti Bódi
'Kitti Bódi' 1 day ago
This song is the best!! 🎤🎧😍💜❤
John Tv
'John Tv' 1 day ago
M Williams
'M Williams' 1 day ago
Love this artist and song. Great simple lyrics. Hits the heart.
veronica villalobos pereda
sia. es mi ibolo. fadorita
abdul kabir
'abdul kabir' 2 days ago
Sia she is talanded also like Ariana Grande and Katy perry
Ava Dickerson
'Ava Dickerson' 2 days ago
0:00 to 3:42 is by far my favorite part.🤗😎😘😜😇
Muhammad Habib
'Muhammad Habib' 2 days ago
on reply ......
I'm gonna give up on giving up
'epicure76' 2 days ago
sounak chakraborty
Sia's one of the best song of this album.
Tom Martin
'Tom Martin' 2 days ago
Lion : good movie but not story, great actors but a bit slow and a second part not very interesting
Yusuf Emin Karatepe
Gabrriela Maria
'Gabrriela Maria' 2 days ago
i m in loooooove😍😍😍😍 killed the replay button...
Fahad Hussain
'Fahad Hussain' 3 days ago
Simply amazing.
Odeth alessandra Molina chavez
Perú i love sia
'ioana_mihaela' 3 days ago
Cnv romania?
Wilfredo Jarquin
'Wilfredo Jarquin' 3 days ago
sia is the best
Wilfredo Jarquin
'Wilfredo Jarquin' 3 days ago
sia is the best
Wilfredo Jarquin
'Wilfredo Jarquin' 3 days ago
sia is the best
Wilfredo Jarquin
'Wilfredo Jarquin' 3 days ago
sia is the best
† Love Anime †
A powerful voice!!💖
moda y arte unica
'moda y arte unica' 3 days ago
porque si no vurlve a cantar
Narjinder Shergill
İshak töbe
'İshak töbe' 3 days ago
türkler nerde
Lestly Gumbo
'Lestly Gumbo' 3 days ago
Sia never disappoints....😘😘😘😘😘😍😍😍
Tiffany1 Wiley
'Tiffany1 Wiley' 3 days ago
I won't look for me SIA Straight out of Baltimore. I am about to step in the music industry
young boss
'young boss' 3 days ago
i love her
Ghaya Benhassain
'Ghaya Benhassain' 3 days ago
never give up!!?? love you SIA forever😘😍😜😝💗💕💋💞💝😸❤👍
emchallenge Du84
'emchallenge Du84' 3 days ago
Super la chanson
Атыр Арстанова
я тебя люблю Sia
Bęn yøüćëf Ãbīr
Hinda hela ilove
'Hinda hela ilove' 4 days ago
Константин Нелюбин
потрясающая композитор\певица
Priya Rani
'Priya Rani' 4 days ago
after so many failures .I feel boost by listening this song. I listen this song whenever I feel depressed
Itzel Coronado
'Itzel Coronado' 4 days ago
Hassan Jawad
'Hassan Jawad' 4 days ago
Jumba Tv
'Jumba Tv' 4 days ago
content may be better
Kinan 021
'Kinan 021' 4 days ago
جماعة شكوبستان راكم هنا خخخ 😂
Murat Sark
'Murat Sark' 4 days ago
Böyle bir şarkı nasıl 35 milyon da kalır :D Şaka gibi
Bárbara Alessandra
Aqui e Brasil kkkkk
Sarah Jones
'Sarah Jones' 5 days ago
in love with this song!👍 perfect thinking song❤ sias songs not only make you dance or sing but they also make you think🤔
Jun Paolo Ferreras
At first I thought it was "I won't let you get Madonna" 😂
HeSo y
'HeSo y' 5 days ago
nice song love it
Louis Le Cam
'Louis Le Cam' 5 days ago
Who loves the film???
Myra Smeltekop
'Myra Smeltekop' 5 days ago
Good song sia i like this
hewad khan
'hewad khan' 5 days ago
nice song..specially at the starting point music is perfect!
Driver 96
'Driver 96' 5 days ago
Love from Bulgaria.😍
josi s
'josi s' 6 days ago
me encantaa
Sido 29
'Sido 29' 6 days ago
totally agree
Lenya Suarez
'Lenya Suarez' 6 days ago
😍 emosa es la casion
Waleed Mathekar
'Waleed Mathekar' 6 days ago
if you love sia like 😇💋
'Yusuf ÇITAK' 6 days ago
'Lucas_93' 6 days ago
I just listened it in the commercial center
Stefan Ristic
'Stefan Ristic' 6 days ago
i dont know why this song isnt more popular,it is one of her greatest
Ian Somerhalder
'Ian Somerhalder' 6 days ago
I love Sia ❤❤
Atharv Pethe
'Atharv Pethe' 7 days ago
What a lyric video with barely readable words
Deni Saputra
'Deni Saputra' 7 days ago
Dont like indian
LucasViral T.V
'LucasViral T.V' 7 days ago
I love sia I am from Brasil
Jafer Kadhem
'Jafer Kadhem' 7 days ago
Hello. 🎶🎶💃✌🏻👍🏻Love
iremember la
'iremember la' 1 week ago
This song was excellent! Loved the movie was well
Tanis Hardy
'Tanis Hardy' 1 week ago
this is my favorite song, it can describe me during tests, and in boss fights in video games
Tea Tea
'Tea Tea' 1 week ago
Best song😊
Toufik-ur Rahman
'Toufik-ur Rahman' 1 week ago
Indian music???
'peterkamenov' 1 week ago
Bulgaria loves Sia! 🇧🇬🇧🇬🇧🇬🇧🇬🇧🇬🇧🇬
Sendi Müjde
'Sendi Müjde' 1 week ago
Lilli salli
'Lilli salli' 1 week ago
/tp @p 1458 4 -573
Lilli salli
'Lilli salli' 1 week ago
Such beautiful song! <3
Lucas Pierre
'Lucas Pierre' 1 week ago
Lion (story of Saroo) brought me here.
Abdel Moujib Mérine
bien #sia♠
Claudia Bejan
'Claudia Bejan' 1 week ago
So great! We are blessed to have you Sia 😉
Furanko_Futago Kuros
この曲はエレンのことを思い出します :)
natty natasha
'natty natasha' 1 week ago
I Just love her voice, j'ai la chair de poule tellement je l'adore she's amaizing
clashroyale turk
'clashroyale turk' 1 week ago
halil satici
Hey there, I
Such an inspiring and beautiful song and video.
Max Syed
'Max Syed' 1 week ago :)
Tusiax *
'Tusiax *' 1 week ago
ktoś z Polski? 🇵🇱🇵🇱
Faruxxx Hidayat
'Faruxxx Hidayat' 1 week ago
great song sia. big love for u. and come to indonesia baby 😍
Joshua Otaku
'Joshua Otaku' 1 week ago
I'm pretty sure I'm 1 million of these views lol
Rafael Santos
'Rafael Santos' 1 week ago
Rafael Santos
'Rafael Santos' 1 week ago
pega pega
Rafael Santos
'Rafael Santos' 1 week ago
morte de cantora
Rafael Santos
'Rafael Santos' 1 week ago
Rafael Santos
'Rafael Santos' 1 week ago
Rafael Santos
'Rafael Santos' 1 week ago
Rafael Santos
'Rafael Santos' 1 week ago
nunca desista
Rafael Santos
'Rafael Santos' 1 week ago
Rafael Santos
'Rafael Santos' 1 week ago
Rafael Santos
'Rafael Santos' 1 week ago
luan santana
Rafael Santos
'Rafael Santos' 1 week ago
pablo vittar
Rafael Santos
'Rafael Santos' 1 week ago
carol conka
Mehmet Sezer
'Mehmet Sezer' 1 week ago
Çağatay Akman'ı dinleyeceğime Sia'yı dinlerim de bu şarkı nası 32M izleniyo
Popa Miruna
'Popa Miruna' 1 week ago
Popa Miruna
'Popa Miruna' 1 week ago
You is the BEST !!!
'MissPurplicious' 1 week ago
She's alive, unstoppable, and the greatest, with an elastic heart, swinging from a chandelier.
my broken heart
'my broken heart' 1 week ago
I love you sia very much
'Trevoso' 1 week ago
Perfeita... tinha quer ser dela ❤ Sia ❤
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