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Sia - Never Give Up (from the Lion Soundtrack) [Lyric Video] -
Published: 4 months ago By: Sia

By: SiaPublished: 4 months ago

25, 194, 970 views

232, 209 Likes   5, 439 Dislikes

Sia's lyric video for "Never Give Up" from the movie LION, produced by Greg Kurstin. Download & stream the song now:

A Chisel Pixel Production
Directed by Lior Molcho

Producer - Chen Biton
Cinematographer - Danit Sigler

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yagmur Agcakaya
'yagmur Agcakaya' 26 minutes ago
türkiye den selamm
Luma Barros
'Luma Barros' 1 hour ago
amo muito sia..... alguém do Brasil se manifeste
Fioni LP
'Fioni LP' 4 hours ago
its cool
Mike N.
'Mike N.' 4 hours ago
there's seriously no song that I don't like from Sia. it's crazy, her voice and beats are always on point
Jennifer Maessen
'Jennifer Maessen' 7 hours ago
Annabell Master
'Annabell Master' 8 hours ago
I think I broke the replay button.
ملكة القلوب الملونة
Davy Jones
'Davy Jones' 9 hours ago
Truskaweczki MSP
'Truskaweczki MSP' 12 hours ago
aha xdd
'avalsifif' 13 hours ago
loved the movie!!!
Аскар Укенов
Как всегда-шедевр !!!
Mariette Lepp
'Mariette Lepp' 15 hours ago
brorine girl
'brorine girl' 16 hours ago
very nice
أغاني اجنبيه
أغاني اجنبيه
احسن كوكب حيوانات. Animals Better planet
'Shotzy99' 18 hours ago
Lion is a great movie!! Worst part is when the kids brother dies when he was hit by a train..
Mohamad AL-Hanouni
'Mohamad AL-Hanouni' 21 hours ago
cant stop listening to it
Mohamad AL-Hanouni
'Mohamad AL-Hanouni' 21 hours ago
i watched lion in the cinemas as soon as i went home i searched up yhis song and i felt something insider so strong
Hasan Alatar
'Hasan Alatar' 1 day ago
All I can say is I just watched the best movie this year
Mzaouir Hajar
'Mzaouir Hajar' 1 day ago
love from morocco <3
Александра Егорова
Sia has the best songs!!!
Tomica Đurđević
türk varmı :(
Lisa Gagliardi
'Lisa Gagliardi' 1 day ago
i love never give up
Yunus Emre MALKOÇ
Selam vermeden geçmeyin..
Golden Diamond
'Golden Diamond' 1 day ago
I've finished my study but I'm unemployed and feeling depressed. some friends and relatives are mocking me, I mostly feeling like I'm there without a status or an identity but I know it's not true. I'm trying my best to not get back to the psychiatrist for depression by doing yoga. anyone feeling lost hang on there. we'll find our way. Never give up.
Hanan Ahmad
'Hanan Ahmad' 2 days ago
To Dina Ali with love - stay strong
Orlindo souza
'Orlindo souza' 2 days ago
"Nunca desista" Acredito que SIA sempre inspira com sua boa música e videos excelentes.
Gaurav Singh
'Gaurav Singh' 2 days ago
Thank you SIA for this song. This song really motivate me a lot thank u. again....
Silver Cat
'Silver Cat' 2 days ago
i keep listening to this song as this song tells me not to give up!
no se hablar en ingles
Joy Chryst
'Joy Chryst' 2 days ago
wow , superb movie. cried alot. song also awesome
'ISHA KAUSHIK' 2 days ago
Wow the director is. Just WOW!
حمزه وتوت
'حمزه وتوت' 2 days ago
sia 😍
Perveen Ahmed
'Perveen Ahmed' 2 days ago
'僕みっきー' 2 days ago
Ахмад Hacker
'Ахмад Hacker' 2 days ago
ккккккккккккккккккккккккккккккклллллллллллллллллллллллллааааааааааааааааааааассссссссссссссссссс ннннннннннннннннннннннаааааааааааааййййййййййййсссссссссссссссссссссссссссссссссссссссссссссссссссссссссссссссссссссссссссссссссссссссссссссссссссссссссссссссссссссссссссссссссс=
I unknown
'I unknown' 2 days ago
I want the lyrics of the song😞
Özgür Sarıahmet
In memory of Saroo & Guddu
17226 Sacha Sanje Raj
i like this song
Ian Drawdy
'Ian Drawdy' 3 days ago
chasing 🦄
'Jinzo' 3 days ago
I've watched the movie today and I'm heavily impressed! please watch the movie in your cinema!!!
'xMattx' 3 days ago
Нелина Станоева
very good song 😍😍
George Panić
'George Panić' 3 days ago
Awesome song!
Mer. Royale
'Mer. Royale' 3 days ago
Bi kadının tüm şarkıları mı güzel olur be
breaza alissia maria
Elaine Finn
'Elaine Finn' 4 days ago
This song was just perfect for Lion !
Deepak Kumar
'Deepak Kumar' 4 days ago
never give up
Unruly Sivva
'Unruly Sivva' 4 days ago
This song is beautiful I love it.
Pavan Kumar
'Pavan Kumar' 4 days ago
just watch lion n u'll love the track more :) NevEr givE uP . . just osum
J.T Mog
'J.T Mog' 5 days ago
Sia, the true musical genius made the perfect song for 1 of the best movies of the year "lion"...
Trushank Jadhav
'Trushank Jadhav' 5 days ago
seeing after watching lion movie...that movie n this song equally great made....💜
Oshin Acap
'Oshin Acap' 5 days ago
Lion brings me here!
Quang Vu Van
'Quang Vu Van' 5 days ago
Mohammed Qaid
'Mohammed Qaid' 5 days ago
The movie "Lion" was great on its own, but every time I remember the credits showing up with Sia chanting "Never Give up, No, Never give". That took the watching experience to a whole different level. Inspiring movie, uplifting song!
Raul Black
'Raul Black' 5 days ago
I dance when I play this song even though I can't dance lmao
Delroy Washington
'Delroy Washington' 5 days ago
Sia you know when some ones trying to be different for it to be different ie wig on but wrong way ? Why you cannt see? Next that little spastic dancer she has I felt a pedo coz I thought it was Sia unmasked and I wanted to do a fake abuse scene me shagging her arse hole sum ting different ? Now that's out there ! Call it Anal Treat?
Christine Owori
'Christine Owori' 5 days ago
This made me cry
Rohansingh Gungaram
such a powerful song. ADORE SIA
M.s noor
'M.s noor' 5 days ago
احب صوت سيا واغانيها
Little Bird
'Little Bird' 5 days ago
I like india sound
stella maria winteler
THE MOVIE IS SOOOOOO GOOd you have to watch it
mako 666
'mako 666' 5 days ago
siiiiiiii it's real Madrid against byrean in the second leg of ULC I think it's gonna be 1_0 for byrean ...
Nikita Maya
'Nikita Maya' 6 days ago
This wonderful singer deserves every bit and some more of the success she has. Hope she stays healthy and produces more wonderful songs in the years to come. :)
Alan GM
'Alan GM' 6 days ago
Sihem Louar
'Sihem Louar' 6 days ago
sia is very special and has very good voice.
puteh seroja
'puteh seroja' 6 days ago
i love this song... !!! 🙌🙋🙌🙋🙌 TQVM ur voice n that lyric inspire & courage my daY...😘😘😘🙋🙌💋 from mlaysia
Mohammed Hossam
'Mohammed Hossam' 6 days ago
this song make my feelings flying out
Ronaldo Salvador
'Ronaldo Salvador' 6 days ago
Саботажник Саботаж
Крутая певица и очередной шедевр! Ё!
Bhawna Singh
'Bhawna Singh' 7 days ago
sia.. ❤ I'm in love with ur voice.. ur simply amazing 😘
S Sava
'S Sava' 7 days ago
Anastasia Akhmedova
как то страшновато с первых нот или аккордов, не знаю как правильно
Francesca Colby
'Francesca Colby' 7 days ago
I cried through the entire movie even when Saroo found his family I still cried so hard of joy and I love this song and Sia
lankendra tik
'lankendra tik' 7 days ago
Jéssica Souza
'Jéssica Souza' 7 days ago
soléda Jupo
'soléda Jupo' 1 week ago
Dumitru Enache
'Dumitru Enache' 1 week ago
Love Lion 2016 The Movie!
'SP33DADD1CT' 1 week ago
killed the replay button....
mystery 4ever
'mystery 4ever' 1 week ago
more Demons will com to your body & home when you her this song
jenisly jensen
'jenisly jensen' 1 week ago
R.I.P Guddo..
Andrei- Gabriel Uricaru
i love Sia.
Laurent Robino
'Laurent Robino' 1 week ago
j aime beaucoup comme le film
Gautham Krishna.S
'Gautham Krishna.S' 1 week ago
this just pumped me up !! thanks SIA ! <3 U !
Thug Life
'Thug Life' 1 week ago
Liek if ur watching in 12,938,737,412,846,2378,567,513,262,536,413,264,817,263,454,627,384,513,265,413,267,412,838,654 Thats a big numbah
Nayumi Alexia Mavila Tunque
Ananthakrishnan Sj
beautiful song 😍😍
Lorie Decurey
'Lorie Decurey' 1 week ago
Lion is a very beautiful movie😍😘
Game Mafia
'Game Mafia' 1 week ago
Türksen beğen ❤️👏
Ali Coder
'Ali Coder' 1 week ago
Never Give Up
'М С' 1 week ago
как жаль, что дети... 😢
'ja,aśka93' 1 week ago
'Simon' 1 week ago
Anyone know what instrument is used at the beginning of the song?
Lily-rose Therrien
The movie is sad,i was crying my life #saroo #guddu
lost girl
'lost girl' 1 week ago
What a LEGEND love ya sia ♡♡♡♡
Ειρηνη ΚΝ
'Ειρηνη ΚΝ' 1 week ago
Πολυ καληη😘
ben smida mohamed amine
This is my motto in life never give up
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