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Kodak Black "SKRT" Prod. by SkipOnDaBeat (WSHH Exclusive - Official Music Video) -
Published: 2 years ago By: WORLDSTARHIPHOP

By: WORLDSTARHIPHOPPublished: 2 years ago

58, 225, 122 views

346, 993 Likes   18, 885 Dislikes

Dollaz N Dealz Ent presents Kodak Black's latest single "SKRT" from his "Heart Of The Projects" mixtape.

Download "Heart of the Projects" by Kodak Black here on iTunes:

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Bobbi Goodwin
'Bobbi Goodwin' 12 hours ago
I Ben bussi I Ben working hard so don't you hate on me if that was your favorite part like this comment
Justin Izzard
'Justin Izzard' 12 hours ago
12.18.16 man😥
ALM90 Beats
'ALM90 Beats' 1 day ago
Atlanta anybody?
Jamar Brown
'Jamar Brown' 1 day ago
This song steel bang Kodak did his thang
gabriel souza
'gabriel souza' 2 days ago
Br hu3 ?
'KING LEGEND' 2 days ago
Y'all Listen To This One Time!!! This Next Up !!!
'iiRixxy' 2 days ago
RIP Angry Grandpa 😂
Melvin Martinez
'Melvin Martinez' 3 days ago
Religion boy
Melvin Martinez
'Melvin Martinez' 3 days ago
Fort myers 239 skrt skrt she be calling me clever face this aint brooklyn
michelle hernandez
i fw this still
bitch ass nigga link staining my shit broke mf
Im the most recent comment
'Vman' 4 days ago
Who's still watching this 2018
'BLACK;' 4 days ago
350 k likes uhuhuhuuhuh
XxAfieXx   8383
'XxAfieXx 8383' 5 days ago
First rap song I heard from Kodak
'GT GAMEING' 5 days ago
When your mom takes your ps4
savannah carmichael
April Kitteriell
'April Kitteriell' 6 days ago
She was sucking his dick
Manny Manny
'Manny Manny' 6 days ago
Who listening to this in 2018
Jeanine Hernandez
'Jeanine Hernandez' 6 days ago
2018 still gonna be bumping
Choco Jackson
'Choco Jackson' 7 days ago
yo his beats r cool. I'm glad he doesn't gang bang. I'm ol skool
Shantel Small
'Shantel Small' 1 week ago
who wouldn't want extra money ..enjoy the holidays🎄with some extra cash 💰
Tony Pyles
'Tony Pyles' 1 week ago
no no
'no no' 1 week ago
Trinity Miller
'Trinity Miller' 1 week ago
LOL :-)
2:49 when your man is talking to another girl
0:54 when your crush gets in a relationship
Ethan Beers
'Ethan Beers' 1 week ago
kodak got so much heat i forgot about this song
SAA The Producer
'SAA The Producer' 1 week ago
guys look my kodak type beat on the chanel
ricky von
'ricky von' 1 week ago
Who going in 20 eighteen like this I am
Eddie 462 Johnson
'Eddie 462 Johnson' 1 week ago
Back when kodak was good lyrically
Pasionhierro 996
'Pasionhierro 996' 2 weeks ago
DELLAFUENTE FLORES¡¡ JAJA like si sabes que cancion digo
Donovan Samari
'Donovan Samari' 2 weeks ago
Who's still listening too this in 2018
'YENG DINERO' 2 weeks ago
Joakito Hobdy
'Joakito Hobdy' 2 weeks ago
This beat is to smooth and has a great vibe to it , great producers
Drico Hall
'Drico Hall' 2 weeks ago
'magicmark951' 2 weeks ago
Kodak is Jesus
'JOSH3FLY' 2 weeks ago
Ma. Lily Boogine
'Ma. Lily Boogine' 2 weeks ago
I always remember Jay Mills whenever I hear this song.
nicole arroyave
'nicole arroyave' 2 weeks ago
Why does 1:26 of the song and further more sound like bodak yellow?
Benjamin Deraps
'Benjamin Deraps' 2 weeks ago
Who still listening tho?
cany graciano Otro
'cany graciano Otro' 2 weeks ago
I like music i LOVE
T Benton-Miller
'T Benton-Miller' 2 weeks ago
I love you and your songs
O Melhor Do Rap Brasil
*SKRT* *SKRT* *SKRT* !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
State Scouters
'State Scouters' 2 weeks ago
November 2017 anybody??
Jose Mendoza
'Jose Mendoza' 2 weeks ago
Skrt skrt skrt
RX7 Daily
'RX7 Daily' 2 weeks ago
What the fuck is this
Baby Flor
'Baby Flor' 2 weeks ago
Skrt skrt skrt
Orkan Kurt
'Orkan Kurt' 3 weeks ago
KYS Skrt is fking cringe.
'foil' 3 weeks ago
Jamal Bonilla
'Jamal Bonilla' 3 weeks ago
Jamal Bonilla
'Jamal Bonilla' 3 weeks ago
Jamal Bonilla
'Jamal Bonilla' 3 weeks ago
Jamal Bonilla
'Jamal Bonilla' 3 weeks ago
Klashnikov 97
'Klashnikov 97' 3 weeks ago
18K hate = No SKRT 🚘🚦🚔
Eric Morales
'Eric Morales' 3 weeks ago
Keep rapping
Jamal Bonilla
'Jamal Bonilla' 3 weeks ago
Charlotte Provost
'Charlotte Provost' 3 weeks ago
SKRT SKRT SKRT!!!!!!!!!!✌
'Ribellu13' 3 weeks ago
Jessica Miles
'Jessica Miles' 3 weeks ago
kevin mao
'kevin mao' 3 weeks ago
Man, this song makes me emotional as hell. Classic Kodak, reason why I became his fan. Fuck school, I can relate. I hate all my teachers and classmates. They are dumber than bitches
ara kirven
'ara kirven' 3 weeks ago
Michael Flannery
'Michael Flannery' 3 weeks ago
Sort skrt
Mia Valdez
'Mia Valdez' 3 weeks ago
Favorite song ever
'Conquest' 3 weeks ago Go check out my remix though
Aundrea Rivera
'Aundrea Rivera' 3 weeks ago
Skirt skirt 😖🤑
I Huf Hummie Marshall
Got 3rd degree burns on my ears listening to this joint.
Alex Juarez
'Alex Juarez' 3 weeks ago
1:39 😂😂😂😂😂
Hannah Reynolds
'Hannah Reynolds' 3 weeks ago
what is up with you
mymy Diaz
'mymy Diaz' 3 weeks ago
'rickeyd83' 3 weeks ago
just be my dawg and dont you change on me
'THE REAL SAUCY' 3 weeks ago
Fuck my School, and Fuck my Teacher to🤕💯
mely garcia
'mely garcia' 3 weeks ago
he was 18 much better then now
Renato Roberto
'Renato Roberto' 3 weeks ago
Skrt skrt
'BoMmArItO BoMmArItO' 3 weeks ago
I got mad respect for Kodak man... Fuc da haters
JT Levels
'JT Levels' 3 weeks ago
minecraft head ass
Nathan Telles
'Nathan Telles' 3 weeks ago
Skrt Skrt Skrt Skrt Skrt Skrt 🔥🔥
Lilly Amaya
'Lilly Amaya' 3 weeks ago
Pierre Ganthier
'Pierre Ganthier' 4 weeks ago
Haitian all dayyy💪💪💪💪💪
'TGfury' 4 weeks ago
Why does he like skirts so much
Angel Calixto
'Angel Calixto' 4 weeks ago
Always lit
Vd Denji
'Vd Denji' 4 weeks ago
Maina Terry
'Maina Terry' 4 weeks ago
The real Kodak Black.
m e l a n c h o l y
'm e l a n c h o l y' 4 weeks ago
Fuck my school and fuck my teachers 🤷‍♀️
'G.O.A.L CHASER' 4 weeks ago
Who still rocking with this?
Ric Barr
'Ric Barr' 4 weeks ago
Qaadijah Banks
'Qaadijah Banks' 4 weeks ago
I like the song
Yamilex Perez
'Yamilex Perez' 4 weeks ago
boy I'm done with you 🙄 lmao !
Nicole Garcia
'Nicole Garcia' 4 weeks ago
Fuck my school and my teacher to
nick leach
'nick leach' 4 weeks ago
She wearing a skirt so
'FELIPE LAGO' 4 weeks ago
Nivea Brown
'Nivea Brown' 4 weeks ago
My song💖💖💖
big eddy machete
'big eddy machete' 4 weeks ago
song cool high as fuck Edit from like a week later I greened out listen to this song
'TheRadGail' 4 weeks ago
Хах Фараон)))
Kawaii Swirl3
'Kawaii Swirl3' 4 weeks ago
good song lol
Yvette Quee
'Yvette Quee' 4 weeks ago
kodak is that nigga skr skr skr
'Suyeonghae' 4 weeks ago
Kodak Lettauce?
'BlazegarTube' 1 month ago
can't believe I thought this song was made in 2017.
'PIXELPL' 1 month ago
skrrt skrrt
Felix Montiel
'Felix Montiel' 1 month ago
Ray Shon Madison
'Ray Shon Madison' 1 month ago
this my shit this is a good ass song to go to the bar
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