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Amazing Tricks Compilation -
Published: 5 years ago By: CompilarizTVi

By: CompilarizTViPublished: 5 years ago

16, 253, 705 views

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This video shows people doing many different amazing tricks. Enjoy!
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1. Sleight of Hand Street Magic tricks
2. Amazing Fire Trick!
3. Flow...water magic trick
4.Trick with Cell Phone
5. Magic Trick : Tea To Water
7. Street Magic with Magic Myles
8. Ring Onto Spoon Street Magic Trick REVEALED
9. Magic Trick Revealed - Crazy Cool Trick
10. coin tricks tutorial (easy)
11. Волшебные спички. Magic matches
11. David Copperfield "cork in the bottle"
12. Coin Levitation
13. Dad Showed the Trick
14. Awsome Cork Trick
15. 5 Coins Trick
16.Amazing Water Trick! How to Suspend Water Without a Cup!

'HuggyDufus' 6 days ago
The guy at 3:45 debunked. Watch his right hand closely after he takes the closer ball, as he moves on to the next one, you can see he still had the ball in his right hand.
Marley Nettles
'Marley Nettles' 3 weeks ago
I like how in the video at 7 mins and 30 secs has the fresh prince of bel air in the backround😂😂
FoxGames HD
'FoxGames HD' 1 month ago
These are easy
Marcus Ware
'Marcus Ware' 2 months ago
Is it real?
'Rodina's Eagle' 4 months ago
My guinea pig likes this.
Mr. Music
'Mr. Music' 6 months ago
Any body know the name of the song
jack griffin
'jack griffin' 6 months ago
7:18 ma boi will
mc bad robot voice
'mc bad robot voice' 6 months ago
That last one is faker then my ex
mc bad robot voice
'mc bad robot voice' 6 months ago
God that music is awful
james McClellan
'james McClellan' 7 months ago
GrapeGraphics ft.
'GrapeGraphics ft.' 9 months ago
4:23 totally fake😂😂😂
maprinting press
'maprinting press' 11 months ago
ossom but i want to know this
'BEAST BROZ' 12 months ago
first one was terrible
'jdubbfam37' 1 year ago
good but I cought alot of it . good job I was entertained
'jdubbfam37' 1 year ago
140? I cought that
'jdubbfam37' 1 year ago
1:37 I cought that !
Freddy G
'Freddy G' 1 year ago
p orque  no  explica  guebon
Noa van Deijck
'Noa van Deijck' 1 year ago
cabinet that door balance raw lack value.
Hans Laguna
'Hans Laguna' 1 year ago
how should you know that's a 1000 DEgree Knife ? You Felt it ?
Roman Bazowski
'Roman Bazowski' 1 year ago
6:26 song?
Jake TV
'Jake TV' 1 year ago
I KNOW ALL OF THIS TRICKS AND MORE (These Guys Are So Basic Cheap Shots)
keyla figueroa
'keyla figueroa' 2 years ago
how, how, can u do this
Guillermina lobato
'Guillermina lobato' 2 years ago
the water and soda was dust
'EDMOND PONTSHO' 2 years ago
song at 4:29 please
Sam Parker
'Sam Parker' 2 years ago
Ring and spoon was also easy.
Sam Parker
'Sam Parker' 2 years ago
The one with the cellphone. You call that magic?
Sam Parker
'Sam Parker' 2 years ago
2nd one was super easy to figure out.
Remember Vinnie
'Remember Vinnie' 2 years ago
7:36 you can hear The Fresh Prince Of Bel Air in the background
'Fanckjcf20' 2 years ago
the one at 3 min its so cringy xD love the trick tho
اعرف اكثر
'اعرف اكثر' 2 years ago
amazing tricks
'Dan' 2 years ago
gay song
'Fate' 2 years ago
3:09 its supposed to be something for kids bit of you listen he mumbles wtf
Nick M.
'Nick M.' 2 years ago
Finally I see a real magic trick compilation and not an unedited compilation of stolen Zach King's vines!
Isaac Kress
'Isaac Kress' 2 years ago
4 coins 4 cards one is easy when he has the 4 cards in a line he takes the coin and puts it in another one and does that for all of them
Kawena Lenchanko
'Kawena Lenchanko' 2 years ago
At 2:25 that guy is from Hawaii he was one of my 3rd grade teacher
PixelSketch - Mank Demes
at 4:08 the guy has 2 rings, when he goes to show you that he won't be putting it at the top he actually leaves it there, and when he hits the ring against the spoon he loosens his girl on the ring causing it to fall.
PixelSketch - Mank Demes
at 3:21, inside the second cup was a small amount of a chemical that removes the color of the drink,
Woozo Cain Gaming
'Woozo Cain Gaming' 2 years ago
I died at the last trick
angela socorro
'angela socorro' 2 years ago
that was fake i know that tricks
yahel samuel
'yahel samuel' 2 years ago
קסמים מדהימים
Joe Salvador
'Joe Salvador' 2 years ago
6:58 show me the bottom part of that pink balloon maybe?
Joe Salvador
'Joe Salvador' 2 years ago
6:42 why don't you take off that ring around your left middle finger?
Joe Salvador
'Joe Salvador' 2 years ago
4:30 - 5:13 oh yeah? Open both of your hands... (-_-) Not a good trick at all...
kefila Tlm
'kefila Tlm' 2 years ago
If you want to know how they did it ..just make the speed of the video in 0.25
Denise moreno
'Denise moreno' 2 years ago
the first one was with a pen magnet
Nolifeharvey NLH
'Nolifeharvey NLH' 2 years ago
the star matchs, i remember seeing a sub teacher do in grade school.
ron c
'ron c' 2 years ago
There just basic tricks and to easy come on people
Alessandro Alcalde
'Alessandro Alcalde' 2 years ago
Why does the vid say it is unavailable
'I'm a Chicken' 2 years ago
The amazing trick is that this fake video has 15M views...
SeturaGeo Nova
'SeturaGeo Nova' 2 years ago
9:16 2 cap
Tim Cunningham
'Tim Cunningham' 2 years ago
xy wang
'xy wang' 2 years ago
That candle is jast a phsiccal phenomenon ,why in a magic video...........
igor svakurac
'igor svakurac' 2 years ago
The only one i dont Know is the matches box opening and lifting
'XFireFear' 2 years ago
what song is that at 6:25?
Marcos Paulo Almeida
6:42 how he do this? pls
'Noshin' 2 years ago
The one at 1:41 -1:50,I know how to do.
Jon Ehret
'Jon Ehret' 2 years ago
The coin and card trick at the beginning is a slight of hand trick. He takes the coins from under the card and palms them and slides one for every card he removed
Marcus Lindqvist
'Marcus Lindqvist' 2 years ago
new sub
demomadness dsm prod
the last one is impossible!!!!!
AF LamLim
'AF LamLim' 2 years ago
All the smoke thing, True care, Truth brings!
mc_ San
'mc_ San' 2 years ago
the dude who was levitating stuff was watching fresh prince of belare
Ricardo Lord
'Ricardo Lord' 2 years ago
6:23 song>>>>Ghost Kollective - Stop
Ricardo Lord
'Ricardo Lord' 2 years ago
6:23 song name >>>>Antonino Di Leva - Supersense
'Sandmann' 2 years ago
6:24 song??
allison zuniga
'allison zuniga' 2 years ago
that was cool
Cody Russen
'Cody Russen' 2 years ago
the ring and spoon one is way to obvious
chinnaiyan tvm
'chinnaiyan tvm' 2 years ago
Aleksandros tsiolAKIS
ο στυλος ειναι μαγνιτης
Lapsem Weaver
'Lapsem Weaver' 2 years ago
3:30 Sir, may I see those cups from ABOVE?
Soratu Magic
'Soratu Magic' 2 years ago
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'Derik4Real' 2 years ago
I can't remember the song at 6:25 do someone know?
Dr. Te
'Dr. Te' 2 years ago
4:42 the coin is in his left hand from the begin
Meadowlark Plank
'Meadowlark Plank' 2 years ago
the last rick with the water, does that actually work? has any1 tried it
Maddie Thompson
'Maddie Thompson' 2 years ago
oh please there just pausing the video to get the cards to the other place
jj coolj
'jj coolj' 2 years ago
pussy fart?
'DarkIshanis' 2 years ago
so obvious....
ROBERT Mcadams
'ROBERT Mcadams' 2 years ago
Noah Fehr
'Noah Fehr' 2 years ago
7:18 Fresh Prince of Bel air theme song
'AV' 2 years ago
the last video is a fake
Returning Shadow
'Returning Shadow' 2 years ago
#2 he just grabbed the coin with his thumb and placed under the 4th card each time. #3 wasn't a trick at all. Just stretching two rubber bands together. WTF? #4 not a trick at all. total chemistry in relighting candles. #5 simply created an air pocket that prevented the water from coming out of the bottle until he squeezed it out. #6 Really? A trick? He just spun it fast enough to show the same side. #8 Really again? It's obvious he "palmed" the right in his left hand and had nothing in the right to slam upward onto the spoon and just dropped it from the top. #9 Vanish 1 - Palmed in the left hand. Vanish 2- Stuck between right hand thumb and finger (camera angles) Vanish 3 - Palmed into right hand. #10 Physics of different liquids. Calling this a trick is like saying mixing red paint with blue paint making purple paint a magic trick. #11 would be more interesting without the clear edit in the video.
marcus kasdaglis
'marcus kasdaglis' 2 years ago
7.18 fresh prince of Bel air
el Shido
'el Shido' 2 years ago
como dijo doña clotilde : SATANAS ERES TU?
Vex SnipeZz
'Vex SnipeZz' 2 years ago
bull shit
Frozen_ Soul
'Frozen_ Soul' 2 years ago
140 not magic
Benders Victimz
'Benders Victimz' 2 years ago
background is funky i like it
Axiller TV
'Axiller TV' 2 years ago
0:56 that one :O
Nathan Dean
'Nathan Dean' 2 years ago
2:31 been explianed alrdy.
'THE KINGRAMBO' 2 years ago
0.57 very easy -*-
'TyPlayss' 2 years ago
magnetic pen
'ShatteredExile' 2 years ago
I saw he put those foam balls back in the girls hand
Spiro Trsnce
'Spiro Trsnce' 2 years ago
I knew how to do a lot of these. but that last one dude  WHAT IS PHYSCIS. That was freaking nuts
'Noahandmocha' 2 years ago
Your Canadian
Lizzy Venomfire Redhorn
First one I've seen this before it's a magnetic pen that the front detaches aka a trick pen
Dicas do Brother
'Dicas do Brother' 2 years ago
majety rupesh
'majety rupesh' 2 years ago
whats is the liquid u r pouring at the center of the match sticks
Dylan MacIntyre
'Dylan MacIntyre' 2 years ago
You can tell I'm vanish 1,2 and 3 he was holding the object in his other hand
omar magic
'omar magic' 2 years ago
wat da fack 2:00
Alpesh Patel
'Alpesh Patel' 2 years ago
nice trick--but everyone to know how to do it,,,else no one will watch till end,,LOL
Ampt Callum
'Ampt Callum' 2 years ago
The first trick is a magnet pen the person simply slipped the pen tip that can come off because if magnet into the other hand placed it under the dollar bill and put the other part of the pen on top of the dollar. The magnetic power connects these two and when he slid them off they simply connected.
Peter Fisher
'Peter Fisher' 2 years ago
the first trick was so stupid it was just a magnet
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