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The Ultimate Best Vines of 2016 Compilation -
Published: 1 month ago By: The Best Vines

By: The Best VinesPublished: 1 month ago

1, 051, 965 views

8, 118 Likes   411 Dislikes

We close out 2016 with the ultimate weekly compilation of the Best Vines of the year. Featuring Oh Hi Mark, Landon Moss, Marlon Webb, Anwar Jibawi, Gregory Baskwell, Darius Benson, Alona Forsythe, Mikalea Long, Curtis Lepore, King Vader, Chris Remson, Senan Byrne, Dinky, Kenny Knox, Clint Gregory, Jimmy Here, Danny Gonzalez and more! Check out Team Internet's newest Lost Vlog ►

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'chub' 2 hours ago
These aren't the best vines at all !!!
Zach B
'Zach B' 10 hours ago
whats the song at 16:44
Clairmide Jean Baptise
Niko Niko
'Niko Niko' 14 hours ago
14:58 have the same sades add me on steam nikot1310
Jesse Henry
'Jesse Henry' 1 day ago
song at 5:38
Nenko 231
'Nenko 231' 1 day ago
umm how dare they say that about private school kids they have there own taste and some do like Christian bands don't judge them
Haly Mould
'Haly Mould' 1 day ago
Name of song at 25:28 please
i r waffles
'i r waffles' 1 day ago
"your father had the droppiest balls" 😵😵😂😂😂😂
Eli Brown
'Eli Brown' 2 days ago
Song at 15
Olivia Ross
'Olivia Ross' 2 days ago
TØP makes every vine better
Serafina Nagini
'Serafina Nagini' 2 days ago
20:47 was the death of me
Natalie Concepcion
is the scare cam real?!
Ezequiel Rojas
'Ezequiel Rojas' 2 days ago
I cried when the EVO X crashed
Gaming pug463
'Gaming pug463' 2 days ago
check out my youtube chanle
Gaming pug463
'Gaming pug463' 2 days ago
everyone check out my youtube change
Esteban Noneofyobeezwax
20:51 XD
Esteban Noneofyobeezwax
19:46 SAVAGE!!!#!
Christopher Caridi
The Lord is my shepherd, I shall not want He makes me down to lie Through pastures green He leadeth me the silent waters by. With bright knives He releaseth my soul. He maketh me to hang on hooks in high places. He converteth me to lamb cutlets, For lo, He hath great power, and great hunger. When cometh the day we lowly ones, Through quiet reflection, and great dedication Master the art of karate, Lo, we shall rise up, And then we'll make the bugger's eyes water.
'TonyBro505' 3 days ago
Some of the vines are being such dicks towards Girls xD
'GingerBreadSed' 3 days ago
"-Well shit, I'm a Gemini! -I understand completely" cracks me up every fucking time
'Candyninja678' 3 days ago
Gladiator one was pretty funny
Hanaa Loves Darius
10:25 dammn his fucking nostrils are as big as his eays
Libby Vlogz
'Libby Vlogz' 3 days ago
1:20 dinky is so cute 😂
'DANIELOMERTEL' 3 days ago
song at 00:12
Jan Brüggemann
'Jan Brüggemann' 3 days ago
Auctioneer Beats gave me a fucking heart attack
Mr. James
'Mr. James' 3 days ago
Does anyone know the song at 0:20
foxy king
'foxy king' 3 days ago
no damn daniels
'NEVAEH GURTRUDE' 3 days ago
Steve Van Aalst
'Steve Van Aalst' 4 days ago
thx not really ccccxxxxx{}>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>
Mark Preeschl-Resto
what's the song at 42:04 ?
The Ultimate Vines
Nice Vid dude.
elizabeth mcgowan
'elizabeth mcgowan' 4 days ago
Rip vine
Diogo PC Game
'Diogo PC Game' 4 days ago
mano seus videos sao muito engraçados
'pyromancerjoe.' 4 days ago
i did the no Spanish one and noone cares
Cassidy Renee
'Cassidy Renee' 5 days ago
This isn't funny at all I've seen better
Night Shadow
'Night Shadow' 5 days ago
talkin about me dog
'RawrItsEmily' 5 days ago
17:12 lmao
Diamond Emerald
'Diamond Emerald' 5 days ago
Nigg- hey?
Diamond Emerald
'Diamond Emerald' 5 days ago
More like the last vines
Maud Witte
'Maud Witte' 5 days ago
3:08 dead 😂
'Furyan451' 5 days ago
all of these are Lame AF
'ZIGNotorious' 5 days ago
Song at 00:49?
my clarinet is my life
I saw the panthers in a vine. ..............south Carolina
strawberries sweets
lol i laughed through the whole video XD
Avery Mae
'Avery Mae' 6 days ago
16:06 my life in one clip..
'MJKFanatic' 6 days ago
That blonde white girl is terrrrrrrrrible
Dustin Norris
'Dustin Norris' 6 days ago
Pancake lover2003
'Pancake lover2003' 6 days ago
whats the song at 20:14
Randomly Savage
'Randomly Savage' 7 days ago
18:37 what is the song?
Tarun Kumaran
'Tarun Kumaran' 7 days ago
3:37 SAME
I laughed more at the Gladiator one than I should have. Also Batman dad's kids have become little assholes.
'ga1jin' 1 week ago
Lol go to the description and scroll to the bottom and its Jacob Sartorius Last Text lol and its SUGGESTED
Cathy :D
'Cathy :D' 1 week ago
I need a life
Keilen Welch
'Keilen Welch' 1 week ago
Kylie Marteney
'Kylie Marteney' 1 week ago
Song at 28:54?
'UnitOnArms' 1 week ago
what is the song in beginning the vine of marlonn ?
'SAUCETUBZE' 1 week ago
This was terrible not funny this was retarded...#worstever
Nikola Grdanoski
'Nikola Grdanoski' 1 week ago
R.I.P. Vine
ice tronic
'ice tronic' 1 week ago
Song's name at 37:00 please ? some one reply don't ignore me
'Jason-Hockey444' 1 week ago
In order to be a viner you need to 1. Move the camera a lot 2. Talk to yourself 3. Lip sync 4. Make fun of Donald Trump 5. Use hover boards 6. Use drug jokes 7. Dance 8. Yell loudly And use ear rape occasionally
sharon cleek
'sharon cleek' 1 week ago
ry doon suks
The Parkour Master
sub me plzzz I want to beat pewdiepie
Mr MelonXD
'Mr MelonXD' 1 week ago
Song at 5:37 pls?
'Zale' 1 week ago
I forgot jelly was a viner
'Meganchem' 2 weeks ago
'EpicMan136' 2 weeks ago
13:18 the b word means a female dog if you didn't get the pun
Big panda
'Big panda' 2 weeks ago
i hate vines.they arent funny
That1GirlMistaken4aBoy Srsly
9:25 roses are red violets are blue, VIOLETS ARE PURPLE NOY BLUE ASSHOLE :D like if u like met poam
Diane Mayorga
'Diane Mayorga' 2 weeks ago
**No Name**
'**No Name**' 2 weeks ago
6:34 he dabs better than me ;-;
Shaniya Higgs
'Shaniya Higgs' 2 weeks ago
Tyler Kennedy can sing
Christopher Sergiou
'Christopher Sergiou' 2 weeks ago
Song at 0:15 please???
'Ravenous' 2 weeks ago
I better not see a vine twice.
'luthertheclown' 2 weeks ago
These vines are never funny
Dillon Wise
'Dillon Wise' 2 weeks ago
6:35 is a funny part
Tobias Eaton
'Tobias Eaton' 2 weeks ago
what's the song at 0:18
cheef keef fan glo gang
that fat boy that has a small pines
cheef keef fan glo gang
Edwin Tshebuye
'Edwin Tshebuye' 2 weeks ago
when will vines be funny as they used to be?!
A Devert
'A Devert' 2 weeks ago
12:58 thats exactly how it feels🍦
ice tronic
'ice tronic' 2 weeks ago
WAS THAT BRAUN STRAWMAN ?????!!!!?!?!!!?!??!?!????!!!? !?!?!?!?!??
Hazik Khajawal
'Hazik Khajawal' 2 weeks ago
😍Nice I hope You'll Love my Vines
trick shot
'trick shot' 2 weeks ago
trick shot
'trick shot' 2 weeks ago
trick shot
'trick shot' 2 weeks ago
17:15 😂
trick shot
'trick shot' 2 weeks ago
16:30 damn the kids already know 😂😂
Monique Mac
'Monique Mac' 2 weeks ago
the jacob sartorius sweatshirt vine doesn't make any sense
Nattaly Medina
'Nattaly Medina' 2 weeks ago
song 39:40
Pronextkinder20 Minecraft
Pronextkinder20 Minecraft
Kajus Majauskas
'Kajus Majauskas' 2 weeks ago
song name at 0:00 ?
'CoolViners' 2 weeks ago
hey come to my channel o will give out a amozon giveaway for 3000 likes and 3000 subscribers my channel is coolviners no vines just movies have fun
Yummy Tummiezz
'Yummy Tummiezz' 2 weeks ago
At 6.09 😂😂😂😂
please sub to my chnnel
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