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*Try Not To Laugh Challenge* | Funny Kids Vines Compilation -
Published: 4 months ago By: The Best Vines

By: The Best VinesPublished: 4 months ago

202, 105 views

2, 194 Likes   230 Dislikes

Brand new weekly compilation of the funniest kids bloopers, reactions, fails, outtakes, clips and other funny moments caught on tape!

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sharky hacks
'sharky hacks' 3 months ago
2:08 that kid looks like jace norman😂
Pablo Henrique Castro Cruz Henrique follow please
'VChaps' 4 months ago
Знаю, таких как я надо бить по щам, меня самого это бесит, но кому не сложно перейти на мои видосы, заценить, одобрить, буду признателен и благодарен)
'LENDOPIGNVIL' 4 months ago
'NewVines' 4 months ago
5:20 oh yeah
Hector Estrada
'Hector Estrada' 4 months ago
Fucking white people
mckenna ragland
'mckenna ragland' 4 months ago
i thought the baby covered in vaseline was going to say eee
Bhavish Ree
'Bhavish Ree' 4 months ago
1:43 super kick
'fireash7304' 4 months ago
i know
Viabl3 squid
'Viabl3 squid' 4 months ago
Meisha-Gay Berry
'Meisha-Gay Berry' 4 months ago
'Snazz' 4 months ago
'Snazz' 4 months ago
The laugh at 7:22 is pricelessI almost laughed but not this time
Phillip Jiang
'Phillip Jiang' 4 months ago
Guys watch my latest video for seeing the ultimate gamer rage mode
'thanfloi' 4 months ago
I laik da little girl who said fuck lol
DannyTheCool2016 / DannyDogsLover
Vine is alive it alive!
'haveyouseenthisman' 4 months ago
zero smiles was given
Supergirly Vanessa
'Supergirly Vanessa' 4 months ago
1:13 got me XD
'TheShadowKid' 4 months ago
colab witth thomas sanders
pro_ gaming
'pro_ gaming' 4 months ago
8:13 that was my teacher to the right
Billi Jo Clay
'Billi Jo Clay' 4 months ago
When the kid drooped the tuba on his head it was hisnface that got me it was so stupid
Billi Jo Clay
'Billi Jo Clay' 4 months ago
My kinda funny is we'll people fall or somtin like that
Heather Abbott
'Heather Abbott' 4 months ago
My dog died and was 12 can this comment get 12 likes for my dog 😔😔😔
ILLuminated Onxy
'ILLuminated Onxy' 4 months ago
And I thought bitch ass people was hating on this channel for keep going on when vine was "Dying" But they still getting over 100K Views SMH
'K9 LOKERBOSS' 4 months ago
Wooshy IsHere
'Wooshy IsHere' 4 months ago
I'm starting to think vine isn't shutting down
aoeee apoeee
'aoeee apoeee' 4 months ago
this is stupid but i liked
FireFox Gamer
'FireFox Gamer' 4 months ago
a flasher is born
No commentary Games
'No commentary Games' 4 months ago
I remember when I could fit in cupboards
bj kaboom
'bj kaboom' 4 months ago
I laughed when Arnold Schwarzenegger decided to become a plumber
June Bellegarde
'June Bellegarde' 4 months ago
June Bellegarde
'June Bellegarde' 4 months ago
5:21 ouuuu yeah
June Bellegarde
'June Bellegarde' 4 months ago
4:21 ouuuu yah
'Roasted' 4 months ago
*Opens magazine-* Oh yeah
Fnaf Cinema
'Fnaf Cinema' 4 months ago
who else is watching this in 2017?
Baseballman G
'Baseballman G' 4 months ago
That face on that trumpet one
Filipe S.F
'Filipe S.F' 4 months ago
Hello, I have a insta page And i would love to Post one of your videos there. Could I?
Beastmaster 64
'Beastmaster 64' 4 months ago
I failed at 7:23
Blah Blah
'Blah Blah' 4 months ago
'PB' 4 months ago
sister drippy
'sister drippy' 4 months ago
really so what if they still make them vine is awesome
TaVRoS Magic
'TaVRoS Magic' 4 months ago
2:39 I was the kid who knocked the girl over it happened 8 years ago
TaVRoS Magic
'TaVRoS Magic' 4 months ago
who's watching in 2017? I am
Shark Slayer Gaming
'Shark Slayer Gaming' 4 months ago
Cheese Nuts
'Cheese Nuts' 4 months ago
5:51 please don't play with your food sweetheart😂
Cool Boy G
'Cool Boy G' 4 months ago
Pikachu licking at lollipop about Pikachu shitty potato fucking cock
Cool Boy G
'Cool Boy G' 4 months ago
Pikachu looking a lollipop how about look a dick you fucking cock
Cool Boy G
'Cool Boy G' 4 months ago
Shut the fuck up you fucking cock
Unicorn Sparkles
'Unicorn Sparkles' 4 months ago
I laughed when the kid got hit in the head with a tuba or whatever
J.rAhmed Salih
'J.rAhmed Salih' 4 months ago
😂thx vines
Basic Gamer
'Basic Gamer' 4 months ago
5:20 😂😂
Komix 4 Lyfe
'Komix 4 Lyfe' 4 months ago
The funniest part was when it said The Best Vines. I think its safe to say the funny vines = rip
Roman Coronado
'Roman Coronado' 4 months ago
The shower one was funny
'joseph' 4 months ago
2:17 was that henry danger?
'Sam' 4 months ago
i once tried to kill myself by drinking bleach but it only made me whiter
Artist Designer
'Artist Designer' 4 months ago
2:10 .xD xD bro i do the same face xD xD
Maricela cardenas
'Maricela cardenas' 4 months ago
vines dead just stopped
e struve
'e struve' 4 months ago
These are not funny
Luis Garcia
'Luis Garcia' 4 months ago
Why are you still making these just change the theme of the channel
Phenomenon Fox
'Phenomenon Fox' 4 months ago
Мудаков, снимающих вертикально, с каждым днем все больше...
'Maxxcuz' 4 months ago
Amazing video! :) And Happy New Year to all of you guys :)
Maui And Moana
'Maui And Moana' 4 months ago
Does cringing count?
Faris Abdullah
'Faris Abdullah' 4 months ago
1:14 I lost to that... 😢
Soulless Ausar
'Soulless Ausar' 4 months ago
The only thing that was funny was the comment sections.
BattleBoss 2310
'BattleBoss 2310' 4 months ago
I like how the guy doing the balancing said "my leg" instead of "my dick"
Kitsos Gamer
'Kitsos Gamer' 4 months ago
2:00 i thought th swing will break
Ali Raiymkulov
'Ali Raiymkulov' 4 months ago
Try to laugh challenge
Mya XD
'Mya XD' 4 months ago
5:17 XD I laughed!!!
Arctic Beastz
'Arctic Beastz' 4 months ago
That kid at 5:54
Panda Curry
'Panda Curry' 4 months ago
6:50 what is she saying
TheinfamousCake 1
'TheinfamousCake 1' 4 months ago
Go to 2:18 that's totally me
KenzoCop Incorporations
I don't understand toast. You put bread in and a couple minutes later toast comes out, I mean where does the bread go?
Δήμητρα Ιωακειμίδου
hahahaua its so cute😍😍😍😍
Cantryce Gold
'Cantryce Gold' 4 months ago
shut up ult1mate you are not nice your just a bitch ugly youtuber
Daisy _Skeleton456
'Daisy _Skeleton456' 4 months ago
Gawd am I heartless? I laughed at when the boy dropped a tuba on his head
Alexander Gonzalez
'Alexander Gonzalez' 4 months ago
7:21 WTF???? 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂
Julian de Ferranti
'Julian de Ferranti' 4 months ago
rip headphone users
Ryan Thomas Games
'Ryan Thomas Games' 4 months ago
You can tell that vines gone to shit
'FaZefanboy' 4 months ago
What is the song at 3:27
Falcawn Pawnch
'Falcawn Pawnch' 4 months ago
Are these vines? these look different
Aurora Percival
'Aurora Percival' 4 months ago
i have no soul because i only laugh hwen someone hurts themselves
Paul Altermatt
'Paul Altermatt' 4 months ago
* I couldn't stop laughing hahahaha this is sooooooooo funny * (sarcasm)
Psycho Zebra
'Psycho Zebra' 4 months ago
Thumbnail looks like bukkake
sebastian jawo
'sebastian jawo' 4 months ago
at 8:33 that kid was a savage
'ThatSpartanNextDoor' 4 months ago
5:47 that kid is just begging for attention
Thibaud Benjamin Vandehoven
à 7:20 mini Chanel Waes cost
Electric Dragon
'Electric Dragon' 4 months ago
+The best vine how can i send you a vid so that you can make it into a vine pls tell me
Skyy Cast
'Skyy Cast' 4 months ago
so were so funny the boi for the others
cutetwin vlogs
'cutetwin vlogs' 4 months ago
5:06-5:16 she's on drugs bro lol
Erin Collins
'Erin Collins' 4 months ago
none of these were remotely funny
Syr Maniac
'Syr Maniac' 4 months ago
7:11 and the next one are my favourites, i kept playing em over and over agaim
نكت العرب
'نكت العرب' 4 months ago
متتت ضحك
Natalie Hernandez
'Natalie Hernandez' 4 months ago
2:11 looks like jace when he got scared by his little sis
'ult1mate' 4 months ago
u can stop making these shitty videos now vine is dead
Star Trek Database
'Star Trek Database' 4 months ago
How is vine still posting videos?
AW Universe
'AW Universe' 4 months ago
5:42 Stand there and do nothing waiting for Princess Charming to sweep you off your feet and save you. Lol
Ryan Mc Connell
'Ryan Mc Connell' 4 months ago
8:10 if only that were that easy
Dollar 21
'Dollar 21' 4 months ago
well i guess all try not to laughs are shit so you think you've accomplished something in your life😑🔥
fable Sloth
'fable Sloth' 4 months ago
Is this video meant to b funny + this Chanel is dead
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