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Extra Jabardasth Promo | 13th January 2017 | Extra Jabardasth Latest Promo | Rashmi,Sudigali Sudheer -
Published: 1 year ago By: mallemalatv

By: mallemalatvPublished: 1 year ago

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Watch Extra Jabardasth Latest Promo 13th January 2017 Promo on Mallemalatv. Extra Jabardasth Host by #RashmiGautam #Nagababu & #RojaSelvamani are the Judges

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vanithareddy 17
'vanithareddy 17' 1 year ago
full episodes
Abdul Mohd
'Abdul Mohd' 1 year ago
Skit chusaa anna.chala bagundi sudheer anna.... But me skit lo Sunny 3weeks nudi ravadam ledu ga yandhukuu anna.. kani sunny anna untay inka me skits ki bagaa peru vastaadii anna... ela anna ani em koppaadadhu anna edi audience opinion anna... and yedaina hurt chesuntay sorrry anna.....
'KHAN FAYAZ' 1 year ago
sudheer nuvvy skit.kottali all the beast
sombattina madhu
'sombattina madhu' 1 year ago
vas d
'vas d' 1 year ago
అటు ఇటు ఉగుతు ...
Reshma siddiqa
'Reshma siddiqa' 1 year ago
chess saree black nd white ....roga garu😅😅😅👌😜
Divya Sree
'Divya Sree' 1 year ago
good performance
Narendra Reddy
'Narendra Reddy' 1 year ago
super promo....
yasaswi nandan
'yasaswi nandan' 1 year ago
prakash and durga superrrrrr
Rahul Varma
'Rahul Varma' 1 year ago
mahesh kirack
Sameera Megana
'Sameera Megana' 1 year ago
Chamak Chandra is going to rock with Racha Ravi in d skit
Harshini Narisetti
Getup Seenu Great Performer 💜
vikranth j
'vikranth j' 1 year ago
I don't know why full skits are double meaning
mehraz rehana
'mehraz rehana' 1 year ago
atu itu ooguthu......what a supper punch by Mahesh.......😆😆😆😆
mehraz rehana
'mehraz rehana' 1 year ago
next week winners are kirrak rp and his team for sure......
sai Ram
'sai Ram' 1 year ago
atu itu ooguthu navvaleka chacha😂😂😂
Haritha lovely
'Haritha lovely' 1 year ago
durga superrrrrrr.all the best.
sarath santosh
'sarath santosh' 1 year ago
Nagababu garu anduku gattiga navvadam ledu....missing your laughter sir
Reshma siddiqa
'Reshma siddiqa' 1 year ago
andare skit lo comedy ful unde... super e sare navvla panduga anukuntaa😅😅
B Raju
'B Raju' 1 year ago
promo super
noukad rohit
'noukad rohit' 1 year ago
Ory RP gha falthu gha ladies vashan vesthe Carte gha vai pagal sala lacha pothe vayaku bay Chandra Anna ani chausi narchuko bay faltu gha ur insulting ladies ha
Murali krishna
'Murali krishna' 1 year ago
Sudheer anna gadam maintenance chey super bb
prakash Gugloth
'prakash Gugloth' 1 year ago
chammak chandra anna next skit winner
satish pothuganti
'satish pothuganti' 1 year ago
super..I like it
Jayasankar Kesarla
Hey Dhurgarao nice all the best Praksh
K. Dinkler
'K. Dinkler' 1 year ago
Shaik Ansar
'Shaik Ansar' 1 year ago
Vinay Jinka
'Vinay Jinka' 1 year ago
winner of this week chammak chandra 👍👌👌👌
Anitha 143
'Anitha 143' 1 year ago
nice andaru baaga chesaru
'BEHARA b' 1 year ago
Ks Balu
'Ks Balu' 1 year ago
druga Rao super
Rajesh Gattu
'Rajesh Gattu' 1 year ago
durgarao is good skit
L.balraj Lingambalraj
ntr abimani ikada
'ntr abimani ikada' 1 year ago
mahesh nice comedy superrrrrrr
Nani Punnam
'Nani Punnam' 1 year ago
Mahesh super
Mallesh pasula
'Mallesh pasula' 1 year ago
roja garu ur smiling so super
Ehasan Prabhas
'Ehasan Prabhas' 1 year ago
Sudheer kew
Balaji Kadali
'Balaji Kadali' 1 year ago
sudheer team keka
puspha b
'puspha b' 1 year ago
chandra supar
Naga Seshu
'Naga Seshu' 1 year ago
super andharu baga chesaru
Movie Reviews
'Movie Reviews' 1 year ago
sudheer me timing keka
venkateswara reddy medam
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shaik samad
'shaik samad' 1 year ago
poina sari andari ki padindi
Thirupath Gariganti
నైస్ ప్రోమో
raveendranath g s
'raveendranath g s' 1 year ago
roja garu miru super looking yaa
m. Shivakumar
'm. Shivakumar' 1 year ago
atu itu ooguthu .....superb mahesh
Mastan Vali
'Mastan Vali' 1 year ago
durga super baiya
nikhil vaddi
'nikhil vaddi' 1 year ago
sudheer super
bangaram lovely
'bangaram lovely' 1 year ago
Ore RP entra Ni yeshalu
ajay Gowda ajay
'ajay Gowda ajay' 1 year ago
roja garu ur simleing superb looking good
Allabakash555 Yaman
super sho
Reddy Prasad
'Reddy Prasad' 1 year ago
Chandra you Rocks
Jai Leo
'Jai Leo' 1 year ago
Roja gari smile priceless.
anjali s
'anjali s' 1 year ago
suuupar promo andaru baga chesaru,all the best all teams
Mayukha Chihnitha
'Mayukha Chihnitha' 1 year ago
such a lengthy promo... but splendid
rams crc
'rams crc' 1 year ago
almost 5min haha... longest promo of the jbdsth..
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