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Shayne Topp Vine Compilation - Funny Vines ✔ -
Published: 6 months ago By: Popular Viners

By: Popular VinersPublished: 6 months ago

1, 513, 735 views

15, 304 Likes   744 Dislikes

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Shayne Topp reminds me of Tomhas Sanders! Who else?
Lola Halia
'Lola Halia' 4 days ago
Jeremy Jr Kester
'Jeremy Jr Kester' 4 days ago
shayne was in Henry danger he is captin man
Lorence john Parin
Shane: C'mon people it's just a car accident Me: Ok Shane: OMMMMMGGGGG Me: ??????????.
iiCy blox
'iiCy blox' 5 days ago
13:35 LMAO
Is there a State Farm vine
Denzel Perez
'Denzel Perez' 1 week ago
'aeth' 1 week ago
Vance Anderson
'LifeSoul' 1 week ago
3:08 turn me on ;-;
Rocket Fred
'Rocket Fred' 1 week ago
the dino one is because off dinos behaviour would cause them not to now how to haunt
Magnus vlogs
'Magnus vlogs' 2 weeks ago
pizza man9000
'pizza man9000' 2 weeks ago
"Stay away I got pinkeye!" XD that legit made me laugh 👏👏👏
Wren Alexander
'Wren Alexander' 2 weeks ago
I'm in art school so relatable 5:56
8-bit Tetris
'8-bit Tetris' 2 weeks ago
Gleb Kulbaka
'Gleb Kulbaka' 2 weeks ago
Anyone else saw the troll face at 14:23?
Michael Garza
'Michael Garza' 2 weeks ago 
Mont Craft1738
'Mont Craft1738' 2 weeks ago
My favorite part is the pillow fight
Eric Angel
'Eric Angel' 2 weeks ago
The funny thing is that most traffic isn't caused by the accident itself, it's by the people that slow down and watch the accident. I've been in traffic just to realize that the accident is on the other side of the Highway. It's kinda funny and frustrating at the same time.
Vaughan Stott
'Vaughan Stott' 2 weeks ago
yes thats bull sit
Alex R
'Alex R' 2 weeks ago
I love bink 182
Alex R
'Alex R' 2 weeks ago
I love fall out Boy
Tyler Smith
'Tyler Smith' 2 weeks ago
yes lag is there at 9:21 and 9:32
Bv Cg
'Bv Cg' 2 weeks ago
What the hell was that thumbnail lol
I remember him from So Random
Matthew Jew
'Matthew Jew' 2 weeks ago
Blue Diamond
'Blue Diamond' 2 weeks ago
Jared is my real name jeez I should stop saying that
'YTAT' 2 weeks ago
is it just me or is that the guy from smosh?😕😞
Chloe krazy crafts
'Chloe krazy crafts' 2 weeks ago
I don't think he is funny Tbh. ....
jessica novas
'jessica novas' 2 weeks ago
i chuckled
nya stanley
'nya stanley' 2 weeks ago
to bad vine is dead because this is funny
RastaF33ds Josh
'RastaF33ds Josh' 2 weeks ago
Rip smosh
Fusion Player
'Fusion Player' 2 weeks ago
wow he is a lot funnier on smosh
xXx Alex Bouters xXx
Its JacK
'Its JacK' 2 weeks ago
I'm sure this guys on iCarly and Sam and Cat
Amanda Cruz
'Amanda Cruz' 2 weeks ago
5:16 lol
GG Life
'GG Life' 2 weeks ago
Bottled up Gaming
'Bottled up Gaming' 2 weeks ago
Shayne topp more like shayne topples ha haha HAHAHAHA
Alexus Hartman
'Alexus Hartman' 2 weeks ago
That very last one reminded me of Kip from Napoleon Dynamite
Todd Wagner
'Todd Wagner' 2 weeks ago
2:48 I love anime too!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
William Abrey
'William Abrey' 2 weeks ago
This was uploaded on my birthday
'Felixx' 2 weeks ago
no se porque este tipo se me parece mucho a tri-line
arlie Del Valle Brown
I'm watching this because he's on smosh
Tish Long
'Tish Long' 2 weeks ago
This guy is so funny
The Dank Ostrich
'The Dank Ostrich' 2 weeks ago
12:51 oh no no but thank u
Laura Carolina Mrazek
R u in smosh
Sir Regger
'Sir Regger' 2 weeks ago
Anyone else think he kinda looks like Scotty Sire in some of the vines?
Kayleb Damaso
'Kayleb Damaso' 2 weeks ago
I DWIVE CUARS! -Shayne's Lines,2016
Pixel MLC
'Pixel MLC' 2 weeks ago
I like smosh
Jared Kolodziejski
'Jared Kolodziejski' 2 weeks ago
Hanad Sulub
'Hanad Sulub' 2 weeks ago
are theese supposed to be funny
Fauxwhistle 1909
'Fauxwhistle 1909' 2 weeks ago
'imveryclueless' 2 weeks ago
Clutch Crew
'Clutch Crew' 2 weeks ago
i love smosh ♡♡♡♡
Kalu The Poke
'Kalu The Poke' 2 weeks ago
Fuuuck a smosh member. Does someone know how to join smosh???
Bruce Raynard
'Bruce Raynard' 2 weeks ago
Yumi Tokushige
'Yumi Tokushige' 2 weeks ago
He looks older than now.
John Ray
'John Ray' 2 weeks ago
Bradley Hudson+ ik right
Jūshirō Ukitake
'Jūshirō Ukitake' 2 weeks ago
I swear this dude looks like Matt walst
I have Crippling depression
101 X[) 7#!5 !5 f|_||\||\|Y!!
'Endy' 2 weeks ago
8:17 Lolllll that's me
Sofia Thapa
'Sofia Thapa' 2 weeks ago
Isn't he from Smosh? I love this guy!
Greasy Benders
'Greasy Benders' 2 weeks ago
1000th comment
Nathan Clark
'Nathan Clark' 2 weeks ago
i subscribed
'TheKillerDeveloper' 2 weeks ago
5:25 The struggle is real.
Dark Steel
'Dark Steel' 2 weeks ago
1:00 lmao xD
Brody Richards
'Brody Richards' 2 weeks ago
12:20 he had attack on titan on his recently watched 😂
Williams Leiva
'Williams Leiva' 2 weeks ago
who is that on 13:35
LittleMidgetTv !
'LittleMidgetTv !' 2 weeks ago
Yammin Aldeib
'Yammin Aldeib' 2 weeks ago
Wait Shane had vine
GreenDragon 614
'GreenDragon 614' 2 weeks ago
vine will slowley come back
F3arlessX Shadow (FearlessXShadow)
In the uber vine he doesn't change seats
gaming panda
'gaming panda' 2 weeks ago
the 2nd one ha
Elisabeth Coimbre Mendes
Unknown ??
'Unknown ??' 2 weeks ago
That guy is from smosh
'sultangamingchannel' 2 weeks ago
TESS! from smosh games
'simsInnovation' 2 weeks ago
Vanilla is more interesting than these vines.
'Papyrus' 2 weeks ago
8:26 yea i bet courtney and olivia had some fun :D
Jayden Street
'Jayden Street' 2 weeks ago
I go to Maitland grossman high school
Ayato Ayashima
'Ayato Ayashima' 2 weeks ago
He's so hot <3 :3
Vault Rant
'Vault Rant' 2 weeks ago
its 2017 stop recommending me vines
Gaming Ibro
'Gaming Ibro' 2 weeks ago
His last name was Topp??? I always new he was on Topp of
'Corgi' 2 weeks ago
Keep your hands in the boat k-keep your fucking hands in the boat.That part gets me every time
Jorge medina
'Jorge medina' 2 weeks ago
Omg this guy sooo sexy and handsome shayne topp 😍😍♥️♥️ I love this guy
Christopher Sharpe
'Christopher Sharpe' 2 weeks ago
Danger Duo
'Danger Duo' 2 weeks ago
Nice iMovie default intro music
Slightly Unusual Penguin
9:20 fuck u!
Magical Elmo
'Magical Elmo' 2 weeks ago
Anastasia Thompson
'Anastasia Thompson' 2 weeks ago
Oh my god. I thought I was the only one who used my ds for porn.
Meghan Richard élève
Fall out boy rock!!!!
Aiden Pettine
'Aiden Pettine' 2 weeks ago
Did it freeze for anyone else
I gravity dipper
'I gravity dipper' 2 weeks ago
Please sub to me
Simply a Nerd
'Simply a Nerd' 2 weeks ago
I'm supposed to be at school but this one bully keeps kicking my ass
Mladen gaming H20
'Mladen gaming H20' 2 weeks ago
you are from smosh
IIApples&PieII 101
'IIApples&PieII 101' 2 weeks ago
Lag for anyone else at 9:21-9:31??
Manuel Ramirez Salazar
0:14 I died at that vine
Mega Gengar
'Mega Gengar' 2 weeks ago
Shayne has a vine vids
Mr D
'Mr D' 2 weeks ago
I came to pay my respects # RIP vine
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