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Shayne Topp Vine Compilation - Funny Vines ✔ -
Published: 7 months ago By: Popular Viners

By: Popular VinersPublished: 7 months ago

1, 635, 660 views

16, 429 Likes   786 Dislikes

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'Shelby's Art' 11 hours ago
Shane's Vines are the best! XD
Melanie Martinez
'Melanie Martinez' 4 days ago
Lol rofl omg lol
'Genardo' 5 days ago
Levi Ackerman
'Levi Ackerman' 5 days ago
12:18 When you see Attack On Titan and you love Shayne 10 times more.
Fiorella Gasparrini
just driiiiiiiiivee
'WolfPax45' 1 week ago
put on closed captions when watching this
Ayesha Dashy
'Ayesha Dashy' 1 week ago
snow became cocaine 😂😂
Emmeline Turner
'Emmeline Turner' 2 weeks ago
he reminds me of William Mosley
Kylo Ren
'Kylo Ren' 2 weeks ago
Fandøm Freak
'Fandøm Freak' 2 weeks ago
The Luke Vine srsly reminds me of Luke Hemmings
'waffledog88' 2 weeks ago
*gets into car* justht drive augh!!!! justht drive how'd you get into my car!?!?! drivvvveeeee
'JeffTheGamer00X' 2 weeks ago
Shane WTF????????????????????????????????????????????????????/
imrmeeseeks k
'imrmeeseeks k' 2 weeks ago
"it's time for that carebear bukkake"
Karma awesome
'Karma awesome' 3 weeks ago
me and jeff r twins i ave that hat!
Blueglitch3 Gaming
'Blueglitch3 Gaming' 3 weeks ago
"are you ready for your prostate exam" "yeah I guess" ("pulls out lightsaber ") "what was that?" "nothing"
Thomas Aarvik
'Thomas Aarvik' 3 weeks ago
1:30 It's soccer actually
Gamer Rabbit
'Gamer Rabbit' 3 weeks ago
yeah football!!!
Emma Shmemma
'Emma Shmemma' 3 weeks ago
I loved that mermaid place,l have been there before.Also,l wish he was a merman😘
Samia Asim
'Samia Asim' 3 weeks ago
None of these even made me smile. Is this funny to others?
Gaming with Games
'Gaming with Games' 3 weeks ago
The vine at 11:24 got me I laughed so hard just look at the back round
'XxsteepxX' 3 weeks ago
At 9:33
Yummy Yumster
'Yummy Yumster' 3 weeks ago
I never New shaynes last name was topp
Princess Rosetta
'Princess Rosetta' 3 weeks ago
lmao so funny af😂😂😂
Slightly Unusual Penguin
9:20 lmao
Dirk films 1
'Dirk films 1' 3 weeks ago
It's my b-day tomorrow can I get 10 likes plz
Kolby Rios
'Kolby Rios' 3 weeks ago
Smosh are the only people who can say Random = Funny.
'MrCoolnick14' 3 weeks ago
Me to
Zombz Terraria and more
Is this the one from smosh
The Nemesis
'The Nemesis' 3 weeks ago
he from smosh
Luke Archibald
'Luke Archibald' 3 weeks ago
vine is dead.
emerald minecraft
'emerald minecraft' 3 weeks ago
There from smosh =-O
Leafyi Here
'Leafyi Here' 3 weeks ago
That's from smosh
Kolby Rios
'Kolby Rios' 3 weeks ago
Fuck You! * Drops Mic * No...
Bec Holliday
'Bec Holliday' 3 weeks ago
At 4:10 I literally pulled out a packed of gum
Ryno S
'Ryno S' 3 weeks ago
My name is RYAN
'RabbitFudge' 3 weeks ago
Why is he so hot damn
Payton Hadley
'Payton Hadley' 3 weeks ago
he is from smosh
Jonathan Harris
'Jonathan Harris' 4 weeks ago
are you in smosh tho
Emerald gamer
'Emerald gamer' 4 weeks ago
Art school one looks like chuck norris
Violn Plays
'Violn Plays' 4 weeks ago
Rip Vine xD
Skelly Jack
'Skelly Jack' 4 weeks ago
I can't stand the fact that he looks so much like my brother...
Bumbulbee Prime
'Bumbulbee Prime' 4 weeks ago
5:56 chuck noris
Talia Balkaya
'Talia Balkaya' 4 weeks ago
Daniel Rostron
'Daniel Rostron' 4 weeks ago
This person goes on smosh
Bryan Doyle
'Bryan Doyle' 4 weeks ago
when Shayne was doing the blink thing and he said "blink 182" he reminded me of Closer anyone else?
Jeffy Jeffy
'Jeffy Jeffy' 4 weeks ago
Funny Gaming
'Funny Gaming' 4 weeks ago
I like that at 4:07 you can hear Keith in the background
Black Keys
'Black Keys' 1 month ago
you killed smosh
Sophia Theophanous
'Sophia Theophanous' 1 month ago
your in smosh aren't you
Ro6oticSheep _
'Ro6oticSheep _' 1 month ago
I don't see an alive vine all I see is a dead one
Firederp 8
'Firederp 8' 1 month ago
8:07 it's Noah from smosh
Shayne Topp reminds me of Tomhas Sanders! Who else?
Lola Halia
'Lola Halia' 1 month ago
Jeremy Jr Kester
'Jeremy Jr Kester' 1 month ago
shayne was in Henry danger he is captin man
Lorence john Parin
'Lorence john Parin' 1 month ago
Shane: C'mon people it's just a car accident Me: Ok Shane: OMMMMMGGGGG Me: ??????????.
iiCy blox
'iiCy blox' 1 month ago
13:35 LMAO
'Th3t0xic3xicution3r' 1 month ago
Is there a State Farm vine
Denzel Perez
'Denzel Perez' 1 month ago
'sleeperV' 1 month ago
Vance Anderson
'LifeSoul' 1 month ago
3:08 turn me on ;-;
Rocket Fred
'Rocket Fred' 2 months ago
the dino one is because off dinos behaviour would cause them not to now how to haunt
Magnus vlogs
'Magnus vlogs' 2 months ago
pizza man9000
'pizza man9000' 2 months ago
"Stay away I got pinkeye!" XD that legit made me laugh 👏👏👏
Wren Alexander
'Wren Alexander' 2 months ago
I'm in art school so relatable 5:56
8-bit Tetris
'8-bit Tetris' 2 months ago
Gleb Kulbaka
'Gleb Kulbaka' 2 months ago
Anyone else saw the troll face at 14:23?
Michael Garza
'Michael Garza' 2 months ago
Mont Craft1738
'Mont Craft1738' 2 months ago
My favorite part is the pillow fight
Eric Angel
'Eric Angel' 2 months ago
The funny thing is that most traffic isn't caused by the accident itself, it's by the people that slow down and watch the accident. I've been in traffic just to realize that the accident is on the other side of the Highway. It's kinda funny and frustrating at the same time.
Vaughan Stott
'Vaughan Stott' 2 months ago
yes thats bull sit
Alex R
'Alex R' 2 months ago
I love bink 182
Alex R
'Alex R' 2 months ago
I love fall out Boy
Tyler Smith
'Tyler Smith' 2 months ago
yes lag is there at 9:21 and 9:32
Bv Cg
'Bv Cg' 2 months ago
What the hell was that thumbnail lol
I remember him from So Random
Matthew Jew
'Matthew Jew' 2 months ago
Jeffy Jeffy
'Jeffy Jeffy' 2 months ago
Jared is my real name jeez I should stop saying that
'Wife' 2 months ago
is it just me or is that the guy from smosh?😕😞
Chloe krazy crafts
'Chloe krazy crafts' 2 months ago
I don't think he is funny Tbh. ....
'jess' 2 months ago
i chuckled
nya stanley
'nya stanley' 2 months ago
to bad vine is dead because this is funny
RastaF33ds Josh
'RastaF33ds Josh' 2 months ago
Rip smosh
Fusion Player
'Fusion Player' 2 months ago
wow he is a lot funnier on smosh
xXx Alex Bouters xXx
'xXx Alex Bouters xXx' 2 months ago
Its JacK
'Its JacK' 2 months ago
I'm sure this guys on iCarly and Sam and Cat
Amanda Cruz
'Amanda Cruz' 2 months ago
5:16 lol
GG Life
'GG Life' 2 months ago
Bottled up Gaming
'Bottled up Gaming' 2 months ago
Shayne topp more like shayne topples ha haha HAHAHAHA
Alexus Hartman
'Alexus Hartman' 2 months ago
That very last one reminded me of Kip from Napoleon Dynamite
Todd Wagner
'Todd Wagner' 2 months ago
2:48 I love anime too!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
William Abrey
'William Abrey' 2 months ago
This was uploaded on my birthday
'Felixx' 2 months ago
no se porque este tipo se me parece mucho a tri-line
super adventurer
'super adventurer' 2 months ago
I'm watching this because he's on smosh
Tish Long
'Tish Long' 2 months ago
This guy is so funny
The Dank Ostrich
'The Dank Ostrich' 2 months ago
12:51 oh no no but thank u
Laura Carolina Mrazek
R u in smosh
Sir Regger
'Sir Regger' 2 months ago
Anyone else think he kinda looks like Scotty Sire in some of the vines?
Kayleb Damaso
'Kayleb Damaso' 2 months ago
I DWIVE CUARS! -Shayne's Lines,2016
Pixel MLC
'Pixel MLC' 2 months ago
I like smosh
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