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‘Hidden Fences’ Was A Smash Hit At The Golden Globes -
Published: 10 months ago By: The Late Show with Stephen Colbert

By: The Late Show with Stephen ColbertPublished: 10 months ago

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Here’s the exclusive trailer for the black movie mashup everyone at the Globes was talking about. Coming soon to a theater near you!

'Calinks' 10 months ago
My avi is from my favorite child hood movie. The Last Fence presented by The Jacksons
Jaye Maelle
'Jaye Maelle' 10 months ago
starring Jennifer Lawrence as Harriet Tubman
Jaye Maelle
'Jaye Maelle' 10 months ago
Lupita Washington was snubbed for her role
Third Eye
'Third Eye' 10 months ago
'WarlordRising' 10 months ago
*Keaton walks onstage* There are some fine films in competition this evening like Hidden Fences and Moon Loving. Some of the finest cinema has had to offer since Training Glory and Driving Miss Madea. I tell you it makes me so proud to see such amazing actors in the crowd here tonight. Denzel Freeman is a good friend of mine. Viola Kerry is absolutely amazing, too, I tell ya. I must send my fellow actors one important message tonight, and this is..."Don't go chasing waterfalls."
Infidel Punisher
'Infidel Punisher' 10 months ago
nergo please......
Na Na
'Na Na' 10 months ago
'ThoughtsOfALeo' 10 months ago
Oh, wow, a white fence. Like we haven't seen THAT from Hollywood before. Nice going, guys, couldn't even get a fence of color into a big movie like this. 0/10 would never see again.
Isaac Liu
'Isaac Liu' 10 months ago
but yes omg people i was with last night already accidentally called them hidden fences
Frerard Forever
'Frerard Forever' 10 months ago
This was ofenceive
'Dictionary' 10 months ago
I like how he still has the cartoon Hillary Clinton intro
z beeblebrox
'z beeblebrox' 10 months ago
At this point, The Late Show is better at this than SNL
'MickBärnhardt' 10 months ago
The thing is that those blacks that they are portraying in this movie really didn't do much in terms on sciences for the apollo mission it was the intelligence from European countries
True North Strong And Free
I find it ridiculous how much outrage and controversy has been displayed after a simple mistake. Do you really believe that these people are racist and devalue films that have black actors because they confused the titles?
Jock James
'Jock James' 10 months ago
Noswal Smith
'Noswal Smith' 10 months ago
people need to see and understand what this movie is all about... and take it seriously. Darth Vader did it better...
Jonathan Pittman
'Jonathan Pittman' 10 months ago
I take a-fence to this trailer. #triggered
Jimmy Kaiser
'Jimmy Kaiser' 10 months ago
everything has to be a race issue doesn't it
Big Willy Style
'Big Willy Style' 10 months ago
Who da fool would watch that film?
Samantha Lopez
'Samantha Lopez' 10 months ago
This made me lol so hard Hidden Figures was amazing!! But this is also hilarious
'halburd1' 10 months ago
stupid fking ass smelling movie.
Nope Nopington
'Nope Nopington' 10 months ago
I found this on gaming. WTF?!
'contrapassose7en' 10 months ago
Such thin-skinned assholery for an honest mistake. Stop seeing racism when there is none.
Sticky Keys
'Sticky Keys' 10 months ago
This trailer wasn't as funny as I thought it would be... at all..
'coastertron' 10 months ago
My god, why is does the music sound so familiar! Does anyone know where's it from or what it's called?
Deneen Jeffries
'Deneen Jeffries' 10 months ago
This was funny , I'm black and I'm crying.... they have been mixing these two movies together the last two months ...
Jac Wac
'Jac Wac' 10 months ago
He Richard
'He Richard' 10 months ago
well I dont think that fence is going anywhere but heading Mexico.....................god bless USA for picking that orange head.........
Charles Barnes
'Charles Barnes' 10 months ago
Colbert won't he happy until he makes Bush-Hager cry again.
'Deadpool3E' 10 months ago
Has anyone seen The Fenced Samurai? I liked it, but it wasn't historically accurate to accounts regarding the Satsuma Rebellion as I'd hoped.
'LoveNotLabels' 10 months ago
'anhtheezyweezy' 10 months ago
2 Fast 2 Fences
Lord Yneh
'Lord Yneh' 10 months ago
Next year's nomination for a Tony Award: A Raisin on a Fence
Kyle Manicat
'Kyle Manicat' 10 months ago
There's an upcoming movie, Moonlight Figures, and another, Loving of a Nation.
'chasemebaby' 10 months ago
Thank You Colbert for this. Perfectly executed.
'TheNightShadow' 10 months ago
I saw that movie. The fence's acting was a little wooden.
Austin Travis
'Austin Travis' 10 months ago
I would definitely go see a movie about a fence that overcame the odds to become the first fence in space
Billy Bobby
'Billy Bobby' 10 months ago
can't be good as Dr Tran LEGACY
'Spiderous' 10 months ago
I loved Will L. Washington in Wild Wild Fences.
Shan Tv
'Shan Tv' 10 months ago
this movie was made to prove that black people have iq greater than 40
borot man
'borot man' 10 months ago
Screw fences! I want a wall!
mr dinkleberg
'mr dinkleberg' 10 months ago
lot of people will not get this ,
'creepin93' 10 months ago
comedy gold
David Sirois
'David Sirois' 10 months ago
I also loved Star Wars: The Fence Awakens.... it's about a sentient fence named Fencel Washington, that dreams he's in a space war with James Earl Jones' voice. Fencel then awakens and realizes he's just plain old Denzel.
'CasualGamer' 10 months ago
"Also featuring: a fence." LOL is that a pun on the word 'offence'? 😂
Cruze Adams
'Cruze Adams' 10 months ago
Not as good as Twelve Years A Django. Samuel L. Freeman was terrific in that.
Lucas Kussowski
'Lucas Kussowski' 10 months ago
LOL!!! :D
James Calbraith
'James Calbraith' 10 months ago
From people who brought you Matrix with Samuel L. Jackson.
A Cool Million
'A Cool Million' 10 months ago
Okay, that kick in the butt was well-deserved. LOL What's with all of these award-show presenter mistakes? Are they drunk? I mean, they are actors and presenters only have a few lines and a few names to learn to pronounce accurately. That's their skill set, right? LOL Idiots!
New Message
'New Message' 10 months ago
Loved Jamie Foxx in that.
'KingOfMadCows' 10 months ago
Crouching Tiger, Hidden Fences is a great movie. It's about a group of black women who use math to steal a magical sword sheathed in a baseball bat from Denzel Washington in mythic China.
'ThatGuy' 10 months ago
What the heck?
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