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People Try Disgusting Snack Combinations -
Published: 3 months ago By: BuzzFeedBlue

By: BuzzFeedBluePublished: 3 months ago

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“Don’t eat this."

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Danger Align
'Danger Align' 1 hour ago
Cookies and Orange juice
gamer guy nathan
'gamer guy nathan' 18 hours ago
Peter Lattos
'Peter Lattos' 21 hours ago
How come they didn't try bananas and sprite
Lilith Moons
'Lilith Moons' 2 days ago
the twizzlers and cheese is actually so good like confirmed but I use Fritos jalapeño cheese and it's bomb
Ella Greenup
'Ella Greenup' 2 days ago
nutella on buttered popcorn
Amanda Nabila
'Amanda Nabila' 2 days ago
i eat cheese and nuttella yum
Catniss EverMeow
'Catniss EverMeow' 3 days ago
Shane and Keith life complete
Stef Rahn
'Stef Rahn' 3 days ago
keith pisses me off so much
Dorna as
'Dorna as' 4 days ago
Do chips and yogurt because I love that combination
'Monkey' 4 days ago
1:38 Why Would you say Liquid or hot cheese isnt good with other sweet things ? i
Poptart Wolf
'Poptart Wolf' 5 days ago
Keith and Shane are the best pairing ever since Shane and Ryan
Poisonous Kitty
'Poisonous Kitty' 5 days ago
*gags at all of them*
'GalaxyToaster' 5 days ago
Am I the only one that thinks most or all of these actually good and wanna taste them?
Morgan Wohlberg
'Morgan Wohlberg' 1 week ago
I was watching icarly once and Carly was eating a carrot with whipped cream. So I immediately went and tried it... Still my favourite snack to this day😂
Becoming Depew
'Becoming Depew' 1 week ago
lol I loved sugar cookies with ranch when I was pregnant 😂
'dwsellen11' 1 week ago
while the cast of buzzfeed unsolved isn't on camera: *eats nutella and cheese*
Lucie Belle
'Lucie Belle' 1 week ago
I feel like they paired them by their outfits lol
Lucy Farrell
'Lucy Farrell' 1 week ago
I've had sour cream and chives chips with slushie.... Yum!!!!!!!
Natalya Ortiz
'Natalya Ortiz' 2 weeks ago
ok as gross as it seems pickles and pb is so good oh and get tupac I thought u were dead but apparently not
'luvs2gamegirl' 2 weeks ago
i kinda like all of the combinations but the cookie and ranch though... DISGUSTING
Yamaguchi Tadashi
'Yamaguchi Tadashi' 2 weeks ago
pickle juice and doritos better
Space Punk
'Space Punk' 2 weeks ago
I'd eat all of this... am I considered fucked up?
Winston Churchill
'Winston Churchill' 2 weeks ago
I eat PB&P (PB and pickle) sandwiches. They are really good. But the pickles were pickles made by my grandma.
DancingZebra07 DanTDM Lover
(0:53 left guy) me whenever school is back
'G K I E' 2 weeks ago
Shane is so cute
'hrs' 2 weeks ago
I hate pizza and ranch🤢 I feel like I'm the only one.
'Zeltron' 2 weeks ago
when I was little my dad would make crepes and I put Nutella, cheese and peanut butter in it and it was delicious
Mr ColdReaper
'Mr ColdReaper' 2 weeks ago
Try biscuit with plain water.......
Anonymous 0618
'Anonymous 0618' 2 weeks ago
shane without ryan does not feel right
han_ xiety
'han_ xiety' 2 weeks ago
Chicken nuggets and chocolate milkshake. 👌👌
stephanie gutierrez
'stephanie gutierrez' 2 weeks ago
Cheese and Nutella is actually good 🙃
Anime Lover327
'Anime Lover327' 2 weeks ago
What a coincidence, I just tried a lollipop with ranch before watching this!!
Zoey Towns
'Zoey Towns' 2 weeks ago
I love that guy whos partners with the blonde girl he is sooo fucking funny put him in more videos!!
'Mymindmaywonder' 2 weeks ago
dude I love pickles and peanut butter. and fries and ice cream
Matthew Vang
'Matthew Vang' 2 weeks ago
The goodest/tastiest food I tried is mochi infuse with peanut butter
Crab Apple
'Crab Apple' 2 weeks ago
Shane and Keith is a great combination I never would've thought of
'Phoenix' 2 weeks ago
I'm a normal person. I see Keith or Shane in the thumbnail I click on the video.
Heather Fung
'Heather Fung' 2 weeks ago
The guy next to Keith never cared
domino donuts
'domino donuts' 2 weeks ago
"Experiment, but love yourself" lol
bubble gum
'bubble gum' 2 weeks ago
YESSSSS, I think I suggested Cheetos and pickle juice
Pearl Carol
'Pearl Carol' 2 weeks ago
I gotta say, I thought from the thumbnail that it was licorice and mustard, and I'm far less disturbed by nacho cheese instead. I was like, "Oh. Okay. That's not so terrible, I guess." ...But now I wanna know what licorice and mustard tastes like...
'MasterCosmic' 2 weeks ago
my uncle, grandma and grandpa like a peanut butter sandwich with pickles!!! xD eeww
Maddie Everlasting
'Maddie Everlasting' 3 weeks ago
ok but cinnamon sticks and garlic sauce from papa johns is fUCKING GREAT
Lizmac Roy
'Lizmac Roy' 3 weeks ago
Shane 😍
Madison Weaver
'Madison Weaver' 3 weeks ago
mashed potatos and peas
krysna Villazor
'krysna Villazor' 3 weeks ago
keith reminds me of marshall erickson from how i met your mother 😊
Look a Puddle
'Look a Puddle' 3 weeks ago
i like that nesquik cereal with yogurt
Camryn Gabriel
'Camryn Gabriel' 3 weeks ago
Fries+vanilla ice cream=HEAVAN😍😍😍😍
Alice Emily Watson
'Alice Emily Watson' 3 weeks ago
I'm sick and all I'm eating is life savers
Justin Sonnelandg h v cxxxff
hot Cheetos and peanut butter ! my stoned creations
Not Z
'Not Z' 3 weeks ago
"oh i just got home and i want my snack, lemme just dip it in pickle juice"
'PixelKittenNyaaa' 3 weeks ago
I eat bread and ranch. I must try the pickles and peanut butter
Hannah  Sauceda
'Hannah Sauceda' 4 weeks ago
i like ketchup on my mashed potatoes
Caitlyn Cox
'Caitlyn Cox' 4 weeks ago
I know this isn't really a combination but I love pickle popsickles
'lizzy' 4 weeks ago
2;06 to 2'13 funny guy
'AZUMA KAZUMA' 4 weeks ago
sardines with stawberry jam
jenni christian
'jenni christian' 4 weeks ago
cheese n nutella is basically just choco and cheese flavour. its good
Jaiden Gales
'Jaiden Gales' 4 weeks ago
My friend has eaten Oreos and guacamole 😂😂
Hockey Seventyfive
'Hockey Seventyfive' 4 weeks ago
The prob is all besides the ranch looked good to me
'StarScreamTheQueen' 4 weeks ago
I always liked Ritz crackers with peanut butter, cheese, and black grapes all on top of it. that and cheese pizza with vanilla or cream cheese icing.
'miles' cool' 1 month ago
tbh the leftover soup from cup noodles chicken flavor and Cheetos puffs are fucking amazing try it omg
Olivia Brighenti
'Olivia Brighenti' 1 month ago
Um is keith stylish in this????? I love
Rebecca L
'Rebecca L' 1 month ago
Pickles and peanut butter is GOOD! I have PB&P sandwiches all the time
Toria V
'Toria V' 1 month ago
the one guy reminds me of Chandler From Friends.
No andno
'No andno' 1 month ago
who else loves shane?? and his indifference to everything lol
DayDreaming Ge
'DayDreaming Ge' 1 month ago
Toast Nutella and bacon on top😘😍😱🙏👌🏼
Annie Lee
'Annie Lee' 1 month ago
Toria V
'Toria V' 1 month ago
pizza and ketchup!!! try it I swear its delicious! and pickles and mustard so good. cheese curls and mustard too!!
Alice Mochi
'Alice Mochi' 1 month ago
the way that the girls eat those stuff are just so cringey. just saying
'GinjaNinjaLextasy' 1 month ago
the only two i'd maybe like is the pb on a pickle and the cheetoh puffs in pickle juice, but even then idk lol
'Mads' 1 month ago
I'm weird asf but cheese sticks and peanut butter is so good😂
'batjoker12' 1 month ago
peanut butter and miracle whip sandwiches... dont judge me
Ece Gencel
'Ece Gencel' 1 month ago
Hannah Montana changed our lives with this pickle and peanut butter thing
Sam Lamb
'Sam Lamb' 1 month ago
Who's the guy who looks like young John cusack
Glock_ 02
'Glock_ 02' 1 month ago
that guy is such a diva
john duran
'john duran' 1 month ago
It's so funny when they actually enjoy it
Tilda Sjödin
'Tilda Sjödin' 1 month ago
Am I the only one that eats sausages with nutella?
Poppy Sanderson
'Poppy Sanderson' 1 month ago
Try Raw Carrots and ketchup Orange juice and muesli!
'CJ I.' 1 month ago
Is it weird that I like 2 dip my French fires in my milkshake?
Brandon the Chihuahua
I never tried it, but I think the Twizzlers and cheese looks pretty good. Also, I love pickle juice by itself, so seeing the cheat being dipped in it I was smiling. I haven't tried it before, but I know for sure that I'd like it.
Rick Grimes
'Rick Grimes' 1 month ago
Your parents' junk
Erin Hutchison
'Erin Hutchison' 1 month ago
snickers and nacho cheese is everything
Geneva Ervin
'Geneva Ervin' 1 month ago
pickles and pb sandwiches are the bomb
Mark Shepherd
'Mark Shepherd' 1 month ago
Denny Moore's beef stew and peanut butter sandwich
Jenasis Nelson
'Jenasis Nelson' 1 month ago
Peanut butter.and hotdogs are really good
Probly an alien
'Probly an alien' 1 month ago
I know someone who has bbq sauce pickles ice and peanut buttet
Emmy Coelho
'Emmy Coelho' 1 month ago
Coming from a 35 week pregnant woman, pregnant women may crave weird things but 99% of this is enough to make me wanna puke.
Amber Slatter
'Amber Slatter' 1 month ago
i was literally making a Nutella and cheese sandwich as i was watching this 😂😂
Kevin Velez
'Kevin Velez' 1 month ago
0:17 - 0:23 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂
'PandaPvP' 1 month ago
Me: MOM!! Mom: yes Hun? Me: BUY ME MCDONALDS!!! Mom: no. Me: *calls grandma* Me: GRANDMA Grandma: yes?? Me: MOM IS NOT HOME AND IM HUNGRY GET ME MCDONALDS!! Grandma: IM ON MY WAY!!
Marissa Lewis
'Marissa Lewis' 1 month ago
Pickles are the works of the devil 🤢🤢🤢🤢
Katrina Farias-Bissonnette
When I was pregnant I craved Cheetos and pickles together for about 3 months. Like that shits bomb
its_ allyza
'its_ allyza' 1 month ago
I feel like all these combos were made by pregnant women. (I thought this before they said it.)
Shawn Latour
'Shawn Latour' 1 month ago
Ranch and a cheese stick
plus minus
'plus minus' 1 month ago
my dad once had a gf who would always eat cheese with nutella as a snack. they broke up
Stacey Thuemmler
'Stacey Thuemmler' 2 months ago
my favorite weird food combo is one I made myself, cucumbers covered in ketchup😍 ITS SOOOO GOOD
'Tigrerra2015' 2 months ago
I hate ranch
'Cu-teaCakes' 2 months ago
pickles and peanut butter yummmm
Maggie Spratt
'Maggie Spratt' 2 months ago
Has anyone tried milkshakes and fries? It's actually good!
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