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People Try Disgusting Snack Combinations -
Published: 8 months ago By: BuzzFeedBlue

By: BuzzFeedBluePublished: 8 months ago

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“Don’t eat this."

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Radish Hi
'Radish Hi' 24 minutes ago
These are like dares that I would torture my little brother with.
Carter Howlett
'Carter Howlett' 1 hour ago
21 that is good
Lovely Jubbly
'Lovely Jubbly' 14 hours ago
Mattie Constance
'Mattie Constance' 1 day ago
I love pickles and peanut butter 😂😂
'桝本代金' 1 day ago
Never try something new I combined. A apple cinnamon poptart with barbecue ontop
Hubba Bubba
'Hubba Bubba' 1 day ago
Keith and Shaun are hilarious together 😂
Janie Henderson
'Janie Henderson' 2 days ago
Pinapple cheese Mayo on white bread
'Redxxvelvet' 2 days ago
I like french fries and ice cream Tastes like heaven
'Itsjustme' 2 days ago
Talkis and vanilla ice cream is where it's at 👌👌👌👌
'KDBJ Kids' 2 days ago
I love how they rudely put in in the plate and give it to them rudely
Spicy nacho Doritos with sour cream.
'InfiniteStars23' 3 days ago
My weird food combo isa pickle wrapped in ham with cream cheese. Another one was nachos with pickles on it. Maybe I just like pickles.
'InfiniteStars23' 3 days ago
Shane Dawson would eat the cookie with ranch.
Dilrard - dograndirk
Pizza from dominos that's been sitting in the fridge for a few hours and chocolate.
Veronica Rooney
'Veronica Rooney' 4 days ago
I love Keith and Shane lol
Liza Rollinson
'Liza Rollinson' 4 days ago
I bloody love Shane omg
Sweetlicarish World
Twizzlers taste like really artificial I don't like it and I'm a 10 year old
Ariana Negron
'Ariana Negron' 6 days ago
I love Shane so much lol
'CCToons' 6 days ago
Shane or Keith tho
That School shooter
I hated the gay guy
'EmilylimE' 7 days ago
'Nancy' 7 days ago
Keith and Shane. That's all I want.
Demani Johnson
'Demani Johnson' 1 week ago
I luv grapes and ranch
Layla Kirk
'Layla Kirk' 1 week ago
My grandma made me a peanut butter and pickle sandwich once. (I didn't realize what was in the sandwich) so I took a bite. It wasnt bad but I wont eat it again....
Autum Beth
'Autum Beth' 1 week ago
I love Shane and Keith together
Natylia Foster
'Natylia Foster' 1 week ago
I eat peanut butter and jelly sandwiches with pickles on them. Is that weird?
Sean O
'Sean O'Hara' 1 week ago
So this girl with the blue hair calls this guy trash but she likes cookies and ranch???
Sophia San Pedro
'Sophia San Pedro' 1 week ago
Shane and Keith in one video?this video is a blessing😂💖💖💖
Oats Cam12
'Oats Cam12' 1 week ago
One time my mom gave me my old favorite peanut butter and miracle whip sandwich. And then I ate this foods. Peanut butter and pickles. Peanut butter and lunch meat that was turkey. And then peanut butter and Frank's hot sauce.
Angela Robles
'Angela Robles' 1 week ago
0:30 okay me when BTS shows remotely one part of their stomach
Hunter Gosselin
'Hunter Gosselin' 2 weeks ago
I love ranch! So I'd totally try cookies with ranch!
Bella Vlogs
'Bella Vlogs' 2 weeks ago
My favourite food combos Cheetos and pickle juice Oreos and Oj
'GTTwincam' 2 weeks ago
Nutella(we use Nugatti which is thicker but somewhat similar) and Gouda, Jarlsberg or a fresh Maasdammer cheese actually compliment eachother and is a pretty widespread practice in Norway
Ronney Pascoal
'Ronney Pascoal' 2 weeks ago
Is the black next to the girl with blonde hair gayv?
Bryan Haggard
'Bryan Haggard' 2 weeks ago
Cheetos and ketchup is soooo good
Anna Fehér
'Anna Fehér' 2 weeks ago
One of my friends and i tried sausage with nutella, and we were like DANG WE ARE FUCKING GENIUSES, and after 30 seconds our mouths had an intens taste of puke. But i still think it was great while we were eating it.
J. Sabaa
'J. Sabaa' 2 weeks ago
Pickle Juice and Cheetos ok come on that would be amazing
Shanelle White
'Shanelle White' 2 weeks ago
Pickles and peanut butter is the best thing ever
'GummyBunny11' 2 weeks ago
1:35 I would not have eaten it because I hate twizzlers and then u saw nacho cheese and threw up. I HATE CHESE
Brogan 123
'Brogan 123' 2 weeks ago
pickles and peanut butter is amaze ive been eating it since i was 3 😂
nada mhaissen
'nada mhaissen' 2 weeks ago
Olives and rice pudding? My grandma told me her dad ate that...
'Hannah_Banana_523' 2 weeks ago
lol I eat pickles and peanut butter sandwiches all the time
'K&M SQUAD!!' 2 weeks ago
I eat hot cheetos and pickle juice
'LIKE A BOSS M8' 2 weeks ago
'EYEoftheneedle' 2 weeks ago
anorexics worst nightmare
Caitlin S
'Caitlin S' 2 weeks ago
Abby The Crafter
'Abby The Crafter' 3 weeks ago
My sister: "When I was little, I usta eat Fritos diped in chocolate frosting."
{Jayto Mars}
'{Jayto Mars}' 3 weeks ago
Or a regular transgender women
{Jayto Mars}
'{Jayto Mars}' 3 weeks ago
The bearded man with the blonde girl sounds like the transgender women in orange is the new black
Type 1 diabetic
'Type 1 diabetic' 3 weeks ago
I HATE pizza and ranch!! It's disgusting! 🤢🤢
Kyzers Krazy
'Kyzers Krazy' 3 weeks ago
Kieth and Shane funny af
'UnicornSushi' 3 weeks ago
Chicken nuggets and caramel
basic & edits
'basic & edits' 3 weeks ago
The dude with the grey shirt and clean af beard reminds me of bianca del rio
Selena Rodrigues
'Selena Rodrigues' 3 weeks ago
comment if you remember that Hannah Montana introduced "pickle nut butter" !!!!
Paolo Abueg
'Paolo Abueg' 3 weeks ago
All of these sound so good except the cookies. I don't like to mix my cookies with anything
Khloe Eagle
'Khloe Eagle' 3 weeks ago
Am I the only one that went to my kitchen to try peanut butter and pickles?
'SPPSports' 3 weeks ago
The best part of this video BY FAR is the music.
'ItzJustMiaa' 3 weeks ago
anyone mix Mayo + Ketchup and eat it with Fries?
Bianca Ortega
'Bianca Ortega' 3 weeks ago
Idk cookies and ranch just seem..... unholy
Kayla Taylor
'Kayla Taylor' 3 weeks ago
Nutella and lays chips are the best
Kayla Taylor
'Kayla Taylor' 3 weeks ago
Shane and Keith are my favorite people
'X-Ray' 4 weeks ago
Keith and Shane wearing complimentary clothes tho... It's the best thing omg
Neslie Marie
'Neslie Marie' 4 weeks ago
Shane eats anything
Francesca Poole
'Francesca Poole' 4 weeks ago
I like chocolate covered pickle or dark chocolate covered pickle
sylvana windrunner
'sylvana windrunner' 4 weeks ago
This is basic but croutons in tomato sauce is goid
Jocilyn The Ostrich11
Emily Doodles
'Emily Doodles' 4 weeks ago
Pickles and peanut butter is amazing 😍
'crashingchillysunAJ' 4 weeks ago
Pickles and peanut butter is good!
z 9
'z 9' 4 weeks ago
corn dogs and maple syruppp
Sarah Divina
'Sarah Divina' 4 weeks ago
All of these were made by pregnant women
'Theboshicrew' 4 weeks ago
More of Shane please.
abby -k
'abby -k' 4 weeks ago
Keith and shane. I agree.
Gen Caswell
'Gen Caswell' 4 weeks ago
Put hot cheetos inside a dill pickle
Mykala Hayes
'Mykala Hayes' 4 weeks ago
I literally don't snack on ANY of these ingredients... all processed crap
'R3drift' 4 weeks ago
Pickle juice or a pickle with hot cheetos are amazing! I always eat that... Love it!
'Lambpika' 1 month ago
id honestly rather eat a scorpion than a cookie dipped in ranch... let me rephrase. I've eaten scorpions before... they are 100% better than cookies in ranch... or really anything mixed with peanut butter. eugh. it was a deep-fried scorpion too. hella tasty
mk 000000000000000000000000000000000
I eat blueberries with hot sauce
Lazy Punch
'Lazy Punch' 1 month ago
Keith and drake bell
'Caz' 1 month ago
I thought most people were aware of pickles and peanut butter being a good combination. I've ate it on toast since I was little.
Emily M
'Emily M' 1 month ago
strawberry and tzatziki is great
'Zoe' 1 month ago
i loveeeee pickles and peanut butter sandwiches!!! haha
'V's purple Lollipop' 1 month ago
Hot Cheetos and Nutella are pretty good
Cryssi Ortiz
'Cryssi Ortiz' 1 month ago
Shaniacs!!! Whoop whoop
Bre Gonzales
'Bre Gonzales' 1 month ago
pickles and peanut butter is fucking amazing
Karnvir Singh
'Karnvir Singh' 1 month ago
dip pizza crust in pepsi its great
Carla Taylor
'Carla Taylor' 1 month ago
Chicken ramen and ketchup
'I'm Shkody' 1 month ago
In germany, many teens are eating nutella with cheese on rolls😁 By the way I am german and I like that food combination 😂😂😂
Lilly C.
'Lilly C.' 1 month ago
I love pickles and peanut butter
Stephany M
'Stephany M' 1 month ago
hor cheetos and pickle juice are the bestttt
Mylia Hope
'Mylia Hope' 1 month ago
I saw this video and immediately started laughing bc keith is in it
Aria Franklin
'Aria Franklin' 1 month ago
I like pickles and baked beans
'sania696' 1 month ago
Guy with Keith has the most adorable face ever
'lovebigbang9' 1 month ago
pizza and poke is good together!! especially spicy poke
Amelia and Archie
'Amelia and Archie' 1 month ago
Don't watch these videos when eating tuna and mayonnaise,I might have been sick..
Jacob oropeza
'Jacob oropeza' 1 month ago
I like popcorn and dibs
Charlof Blu
'Charlof Blu' 1 month ago
I love the black guy! He always cracks me up😂😂
'idek' 1 month ago
Vivala. Nisa
'Vivala. Nisa' 1 month ago
I would defiantly try the pickle juice with Cheetos
Cynthia Sanchez
'Cynthia Sanchez' 1 month ago
Have you ever tried hot cheetos or taxis with chocolate 🍫 it's delicious no joke
Elizabeth Bourcy
'Elizabeth Bourcy' 1 month ago
Bananas and tomato sauce!!!!
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