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People Try Disgusting Snack Combinations -
Published: 1 year ago By: BuzzFeedBlue

By: BuzzFeedBluePublished: 1 year ago

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“Don’t eat this."

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Haley Hebert
'Haley Hebert' 17 hours ago
Try selery and peanut butter
Jasmin Mojsilov
'Jasmin Mojsilov' 2 days ago
I really don't know why,but I Love Ketchup and chocolate
Sean Ivan Agapito
'Sean Ivan Agapito' 5 days ago
not just meat that we only eat another like insects preserve food and seafoods
Coder Pug
'Coder Pug' 6 days ago
'Zlabster' 6 days ago
'durthvadaar' 7 days ago
americans complaining about things that don't go together when they have trump as president ironic
daisy doge
'daisy doge' 1 week ago
Shane and Keith.? Wow buzzfeed knows how to make me click on a video
Brayden Kinder
'Brayden Kinder' 1 week ago
I want to see the try guys hunt ghosts with shane and ryan
ashtyn stormes
'ashtyn stormes' 1 week ago
When I was really young I would pour water all over a slice of wheat bread and then covered it in salt.
Wyatt Koehler
'Wyatt Koehler' 1 week ago
Yaaaaaah, yummy lol
lps Pink shadow production
Pineapple cheese 10/10
gush voyages
'gush voyages' 2 weeks ago
In the thumbnail I thought it was a Slim Jim...
Donnie Higbee
'Donnie Higbee' 2 weeks ago
Slowly looks at the camera "I don't hate it."
'mairenyaf' 2 weeks ago
I saw the thumbnail and i was like ‘oh keith and shane are on it’ but when i put it on i didnt except them TO BE TOGETHER I LOVE THEM
Alex Harvey
'Alex Harvey' 2 weeks ago
Pickle juice and Cheetos are delicious. I wouldn't even consider it an odd combination. It's seems logical
Dante Leon
'Dante Leon' 2 weeks ago
They should have...nevermind...
DCTV Productions
'DCTV Productions' 2 weeks ago
I’ve never had ranch before
Ice Cream Wasabi
'Ice Cream Wasabi' 2 weeks ago
Shane: **looks at camera** "I don't have it." I have that same look on my face when I think about food
'V1V1D' 2 weeks ago
try boogers and cum
Breana Robles
'Breana Robles' 2 weeks ago
it’s gotta be hot cheetos 😭 that’s where it’s at
Poncigimsi Uzaylı
'Poncigimsi Uzaylı' 2 weeks ago
I always eat cheese and Nutella.. But not with a fucked up cheese
'CANDY SPRINKLES' 2 weeks ago
Boioon Lord2
'Boioon Lord2' 2 weeks ago
**sees ranch and cookies**next clip Keith has the same reaction
Haley Gray
'Haley Gray' 2 weeks ago
Mac n cheese and a brownie in the Mac n cheese
Ridhima Joshi
'Ridhima Joshi' 2 weeks ago
That bearded gut next to blonde was overracting
Zhen Chen
'Zhen Chen' 2 weeks ago
a wet chettio
Zhen Chen
'Zhen Chen' 2 weeks ago
Ellie May
'Ellie May' 2 weeks ago
Keith and Shane need tl work together more lmao
Erika Beas
'Erika Beas' 2 weeks ago
I cut up pickles and mix it with my hot cheetos. DELISH
Tes. D.
'Tes. D.' 3 weeks ago
As a French let me just say : all of these snacks, even apart, are so gross 😂
'JuliaFarrell02' 3 weeks ago
yolk of a hard boiled egg mixed with maple syrup
Jack Shotz
'Jack Shotz' 3 weeks ago
why are they all weraing black lol
Barbara Danley
'Barbara Danley' 3 weeks ago
I never tried pizza with ranch because it sounds disgusting. Pizza is fine by itself.
Bands Queen
'Bands Queen' 3 weeks ago
i eat peanut butter and mayonnaise sandwiches and they’re he bomb
Alexandra Okwuosa
'Alexandra Okwuosa' 3 weeks ago
peanut butter and pickles......OMG...seriously buzzfeed it's not that crazy
Lâm Quân
'Lâm Quân' 3 weeks ago
Oh bukkaked cookies! How yummy!
Yulianna Ayala
'Yulianna Ayala' 3 weeks ago
Shane and Keith are dressed alike and they have similar personalities. I love them both.
Tessa DAlton
'Tessa DAlton' 4 weeks ago
Am I pregnant I actually want to try and cookie and some ranch..
'AgeOfInsanity' 4 weeks ago
If you do a part 2 please add pretzels and mustard
Kaia The Cheeze
'Kaia The Cheeze' 4 weeks ago
Kaia The Cheeze
'Kaia The Cheeze' 4 weeks ago
(fake) sausages with maple syrup and ketchup lol
C. Best
'C. Best' 4 weeks ago
So much food going to waste
'kihioak' 4 weeks ago
I hate Twizzlers and nacho cheese. So that’s fun.
Lucy Unicorn
'Lucy Unicorn' 4 weeks ago
What's rench?
'veryverte' 4 weeks ago
I would happily eat nacho cheese on twizzlers! Nacho cheese on anything, yo !
Jessica Odgaard
'Jessica Odgaard' 4 weeks ago
A cheese slice and Nutella sandwich (on white bread) is like a little slice of calorie heaven
the maasikas
'the maasikas' 4 weeks ago
I made a grilled cheese with chocolate once....that was so good xD
Bri Nicole
'Bri Nicole' 4 weeks ago
Pretzels & cream cheese is my fav weird combo😍 yuuuuuuum
Grace Koone
'Grace Koone' 1 month ago
Try mustard and rice krispy treats
'JourneyofEmily' 1 month ago
This is so overdramatic I could scream
ali moreno
'ali moreno' 1 month ago
I actually love pickles and peanut butter lol
Justin Heater
'Justin Heater' 1 month ago
Chilli cheese chips and pickle juice is so good
'TopHatFilmZ' 1 month ago
IDK why, but I used to eat goldfish and salsa. It's actually pretty good!
Morts4 TF2
'Morts4 TF2' 1 month ago
I actually like cheese and Nutella...........😋
Milkey Way
'Milkey Way' 1 month ago
I love pickles and peanutbutter so don't you dare call it gross
joshua jarosz
'joshua jarosz' 1 month ago
All the combinations are amazing except the cookies with ranch
laura schneider
'laura schneider' 1 month ago
pickles and peanut butter is my JAM it's such old news though i've eaten that for a long time
'lostintheclouds' 1 month ago
Nutella/cheese, Pickles/Peanut Butter and Cheetos/pickle juice are really good combos actually 😍
Shareshare 5124
'Shareshare 5124' 1 month ago
Keith and Shane r my fav!!!
Gianna Say
'Gianna Say' 1 month ago
I've been eating peanut butter and pickle sandwiches since I was 4
Whovian Unboxing
'Whovian Unboxing' 1 month ago
Keith and Shane make an awesome duo.
Nisha Acharya
'Nisha Acharya' 1 month ago
i fucking love pickles and peanut butter ahh
jack g
'jack g' 1 month ago
Keith and Shane should do more videos together, they have good chemistry
Julia Rose
'Julia Rose' 1 month ago
one time i had NOTHING at my house to eat so i got a tortilla and grilled it with garlic butter cuz i was fucking hungry. and it was actually really good
Butterbeerface O.o
'Butterbeerface O.o' 2 months ago
I eat carrots dipped in yoghurt 😂
unitato :3
'unitato :3' 2 months ago
Tbh twizzlers and nacho cheese can't be *that* bad
EllaDaUnicorn 23432678987
Does anyone else have honey and ham sandwiches No just me .... ok
Jaxine Dunn
'Jaxine Dunn' 2 months ago
once i ate Spaghetti noodles ( uncooked ) with a1 sauce
So So
'So So' 2 months ago
That's what I just did.
So So
'So So' 2 months ago
Did you know that, if you drink a lot of soda, you'll fart and burp a lot?
Emily Kerr
'Emily Kerr' 2 months ago
I love pickles and ranch.
'Samerella' 2 months ago
Shane is amazing lmao
Taylor LaWailer
'Taylor LaWailer' 2 months ago
I've had toast+nutella+all dressed chips on top. It was really good. xD
'TheMightyOosna' 2 months ago
I like cheese pizza and I'm putting my own toppings on it like hot Cheetos
Klaudia Herondale Lightwood
I dip everything in pickle juice 😂 I fucking love pickle juice 😂
'GeT_ShWifTee' 2 months ago
For lunch i ate a nutella and cheese sandwich, then i go home to see this video, what do i see as one of them? nutella and cheese
Elizabeth Pittillo
'Elizabeth Pittillo' 2 months ago
I would eat Cheetos dipped in pickle juice thats the only thing that sounded good 😂😂
Jen Y
'Jen Y' 2 months ago
Try dipping Lay's plain stax into apple sauce. The salty-sweet combo is great!
'babytaes' 2 months ago
& i love dipping fries or bread into my icecream or milkshake
'babytaes' 2 months ago
cucumber with ketchup is so damn good
Natalie Rose
'Natalie Rose' 2 months ago
Shane is still hilarious but he definitely shines more when he's with Ryan. They balance each other out a lot better so I'm glad they're working together more. :)
Delroy Dove
'Delroy Dove' 2 months ago
they used the wrong cheetos
April Marin
'April Marin' 2 months ago
They’re all like lowkey matching
'makayla' 2 months ago
Shane is perfect in every way.
Jesi Grande
'Jesi Grande' 2 months ago
The Twizzlers with nachos look like fries with ketchup
Nikki Saffar
'Nikki Saffar' 2 months ago
That guy with Keith looks like Ben from parks and rec.
Alex Alvarado
'Alex Alvarado' 2 months ago
Cup of noodles and ketchup is the best thing in the world... would love to see u guys try it...
Mr. AnselmTheWeird0
'Mr. AnselmTheWeird0' 2 months ago
2:50 oddly creepy Shane...
Blaze13 Playz
'Blaze13 Playz' 2 months ago
Meh Ive ate Pizza with Ranch and Brocoli plus others
Christal Reyes
'Christal Reyes' 2 months ago
Blue hair and guy are matching and Keith and shane are matching The pairs both look like a couple while blond and gay are lesbian and gay bffs
'Cosmiqq' 2 months ago
I’m calling the police
Jay Park
'Jay Park' 2 months ago
Shane and Keith are so damn destructive i swear to god look at what they enjoy eating XD
Chamoi 21
'Chamoi 21' 2 months ago
2:17 😂😂😂
Kitty Nicole
'Kitty Nicole' 2 months ago
Nutella, sweet cheese and toast anyone?
'smileyme' 2 months ago
I actually like cheese and Nutella, but not that fake cheese ahaha. I thought I was the only one *tears up
Poonam Yadav
'Poonam Yadav' 2 months ago
This video was released on my birthday 😃😃😃
'K A E L' 2 months ago
Cheese and nutella tastes good for me tho
Daniel Medina
'Daniel Medina' 2 months ago
I once had ice cream with a bunch of crushed popcorn in it. Loved it
Rose Jane
'Rose Jane' 2 months ago
Keith in previous video: *disgusted at monster munch taste* "this tastes like Cheetos with pickle juice." Keith here: *eats Cheetos with pickle juice* "it's great, you're gonna love it."
Bethany Birch
'Bethany Birch' 2 months ago
shane is forever zaddy 😇😇😇
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