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People Try Disgusting Snack Combinations -
Published: 11 months ago By: BuzzFeedBlue

By: BuzzFeedBluePublished: 11 months ago

2, 877, 294 views

38, 411 Likes   815 Dislikes

“Don’t eat this."

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Aanesha Stewart
'Aanesha Stewart' 14 hours ago
The gay people reaction are even better
Nicole WB
'Nicole WB' 2 days ago
Keith and Shane
Polar Octopus
'Polar Octopus' 2 days ago
I freaking love pickles
'Chipprincess22' 2 days ago
m daily
'm daily' 2 days ago
Snap Dragon
'Snap Dragon' 2 days ago
0:12 whoever the guy is, his sass through out the video is hilarious X'D!
'S S' 3 days ago
Nacho cheese and twizzlers?!! Ughhhh !!
'skateface1000' 3 days ago
The food makes the weirdest noises when it hits the plate...ugh
Kyle Frakes
'Kyle Frakes' 4 days ago
Grilled cheese and apple jelly is honestly the best thing I have ever tasted.
mrs kitty
Am i the only one who has never tried ranch, sour cream, or guac?
'Zoey4223' 5 days ago
yo i thought the thumbnail was cheese and jerky like in hannah montana....
'Someone' 5 days ago
"oh I just got home, let me dip my *snack* into *pickle juice* "
Misty Clouds
'Misty Clouds' 5 days ago
Daisy Wilkinson
'Daisy Wilkinson' 6 days ago
celery with marmite spread in the middle then add cottage chees it is sooo nice. i don't even know how my dad made it up but it is amazing.
Alannah Rodriquez
'Alannah Rodriquez' 6 days ago
I don't care for ranch and don't like pickles at all!... but i def eat my own weird combos :p
Sophie Misseldine
'Sophie Misseldine' 6 days ago
I hate keith
nova is here
'nova is here' 6 days ago
why is shane so attractive in this video he has a goddamn egg head and is as tall as bigfoot yet for some reason in THIS VIDEO im so weirdly attracted this is making me angry
Melissa mccune
'Melissa mccune' 6 days ago
My favorite food combo is chicken nuggets and chocolate dip
Meggan Mills
'Meggan Mills' 6 days ago
I saw the way the put the Nutella on the plate aND THATS SO DISRESPECTFUL
'AndrewRibbit' 1 week ago
Guacamole + Oreos
Mummerboy 14
'Mummerboy 14' 1 week ago
Shane and Keith are awesome together
03 RazE
'03 RazE' 1 week ago
I once ate the cheese and the Nutella and I threw up
Amalie Amdi Vels Sørensen
Tomato and nutella
Sully Gutierrez
'Sully Gutierrez' 2 weeks ago
I'd eat the twizzlers and nacho cheese...
Anime Fan
'Anime Fan' 2 weeks ago
Stop food abuse Lol
Laura Chavez
'Laura Chavez' 2 weeks ago
I like grapes in ranch, and chocolate with pickles. Is that weird??
Noemy A.
'Noemy A.' 2 weeks ago
Does anyone else think Keith and Shane are funnier together??? I swear I love them together 😩😩
Trystan Garcia
'Trystan Garcia' 2 weeks ago
The fucking editing and dramatic music had me rolling
waffle101 plays
'waffle101 plays' 2 weeks ago
I agree pickles are good
Hollyn your friend
'Hollyn your friend' 2 weeks ago
2 of my friends at lunch eat pickles and peanutbutter and doritoes and tuna and spaggettios with club crackers
Pete Kelley
'Pete Kelley' 2 weeks ago
Peanuts butter and pickle sandwich is actually good I have had it
Ella Vasquez
'Ella Vasquez' 2 weeks ago
Keith and Shane in the same video! SHOOK🎉
Isabel Casciani
'Isabel Casciani' 2 weeks ago
I don't know if this is only a British thing but my American friends told me that a cucumber sandwich (bread cucumbers cheese butter) is weird! What do you think?
JiminSexyMochi !
'JiminSexyMochi !' 2 weeks ago
I fucking screamed with the peanut butter and pickles I hate peanut butter and pickles
'AwkwardDorito22' 2 weeks ago
I actually love Nutella and cheese together. Not the orange square "cheese" though that's disgusting.
Joe Shmoe
'Joe Shmoe' 2 weeks ago
who needs zane and heath when you got shane and keith
Elaine Oberheim
'Elaine Oberheim' 2 weeks ago
Shane! Yes!
Rebeckah Bird
'Rebeckah Bird' 2 weeks ago
If they were stoned this would have gone way differently
Andrew Pruteanu
'Andrew Pruteanu' 2 weeks ago
2:19, that is a disgrace to nutella
'SPLASH Mobile' 3 weeks ago
Brings Twizzlers with nacho cheese..... Have you lost your fucking mind?
Nađa Poltoracki
'Nađa Poltoracki' 3 weeks ago
My favorite food of all time is fries and icecream! 🍟❤️🍦
Cheetos and mustard thoooo
Mimi P
'Mimi P' 3 weeks ago
Whoever is setting next to Keith, who is he and why isn't he in more videos?
Mimi P
'Mimi P' 3 weeks ago
I don't even like twizzlers ew
Rainbows & Unicorns
'Rainbows & Unicorns' 3 weeks ago
ᔕᕼᗩᑎE Iᑎ TᕼE TᕼᑌᗰᗷᑎᗩIᒪ TᕼO
Chief Jocelyn
'Chief Jocelyn' 3 weeks ago
I love it when Shane and Keith are together
juan viruete
'juan viruete' 3 weeks ago
The cookies with ranch made my mouth water...I like sweet and salty
Christina Williams
'Christina Williams' 3 weeks ago
shane and keith need to do more videos together
소미 Somi
'소미 Somi' 3 weeks ago
I dip my oreos in yoghurt 😂
'SAM Yee' 3 weeks ago
Someone already said this but, Keith should definitely guest star on an episode of Unsolved supernatural, it’d be hilarious.
Rudi Cayou
'Rudi Cayou' 3 weeks ago
hot Cheetos w skittles & string cheese w fruit loops. both great combos.
that one person
'that one person' 3 weeks ago
Cheetos and Nutella? my friend liked it so anyone else?
Gwyneth Abenoja
'Gwyneth Abenoja' 3 weeks ago
2:10 thoo hahhahah😂😂
Clashing Cash
'Clashing Cash' 3 weeks ago
*2:20* *I don’t like that packaged cheese or Nutella* Don’t hate me
Brayden Kinder
'Brayden Kinder' 3 weeks ago
I came for keith but i stayed for keith
Maria Yu
'Maria Yu' 3 weeks ago
Awe i love shaun and kieth
Antoinette Cameron
'Antoinette Cameron' 3 weeks ago
It’s not even bad
'AVERY M.' 3 weeks ago
I eat cookie and ranch
tinkfly loompa
'tinkfly loompa' 4 weeks ago
I want more of keith and that dude
Bee Zephyr
'Bee Zephyr' 4 weeks ago
Shane and Keith Two very handsome men in the same frame
'randomlikings' 4 weeks ago
When I was younger I used to make ketchup, mayo and mustard sandwiches. Sometimes I still mix them in a bowl and use it as dip for fries or something.
'Bri' 4 weeks ago
cream cheese and cheese crackers. thank me later.
lola Pulkin
'lola Pulkin' 4 weeks ago
When I was little I would eat a sandwich with just mayo and ketchup. I tried it a few days ago and nearly puked
The One Toni
'The One Toni' 4 weeks ago
Keith and Shane are the best duo xD
Germaine Unique
'Germaine Unique' 4 weeks ago
I feel like they put Keith and Shane on the thumbnail to get more views. It's effective.
'HybridBlueDream' 4 weeks ago
Pickles one ain't bad
Clorox Bleach
'Clorox Bleach' 4 weeks ago
Fucking fagget
Cate Brooks
'Cate Brooks' 4 weeks ago
Meh... none of these put me off too much, but I loathe Twizzlers.
Adison Trowbridge
'Adison Trowbridge' 4 weeks ago
Does anyone else think shane is like ernie from hiho
Greta W
'Greta W' 4 weeks ago
canned smoked oysters and Doritos man, Swiss cheese nachos, plain cereal or chips in pesto, some weird foods r great but if u put orange juice in ur cereal I am coming for u
Allison Lee
'Allison Lee' 4 weeks ago
Lol at the beginning keep pressing the backwards 10sec bottom I'll let u her the rest
Isabel Casciani
'Isabel Casciani' 4 weeks ago
Cheetos and pickle juice looks SO GOOD!!!!!!!!!!!
Rachel Xo
'Rachel Xo' 4 weeks ago
Take your trash foods elsewhere. Be gone peasants
Selena Ly
'Selena Ly' 4 weeks ago
Hot Cheetos and cream cheese!
'Gerardoz1' 4 weeks ago
This makes me think what is life and this world
Lincoln P
'Lincoln P' 4 weeks ago
Shane's interested grin when he saw to the ranch and cookies omfg
Gamer Twins
'Gamer Twins' 4 weeks ago
My friend dips her hotdogs in her sprite.... We live in a strange world
Asmaa Mohamed
'Asmaa Mohamed' 4 weeks ago
i eat yogurt w/ rice
Brie kolkoski
'Brie kolkoski' 4 weeks ago
Ranch and Oreo cookies are bomb af
lps pink pastel tv
'lps pink pastel tv' 4 weeks ago
I love cheese and pineapple
Pathologically Insecure
I love Keith and Shane lol
Pierced French Siren
Put cheese on it and i will eat anything
Abraham Lincoln
'Abraham Lincoln' 1 month ago
Who tf eats crunchy peanut butter.
Pat Cormier
'Pat Cormier' 1 month ago
Rice crispies with sliced cheese lol
'Septecimia' 1 month ago
I think the real takeaway here is that pickle improves everything.
'MudkipGirl111' 1 month ago
I put hummus on m&m's
Strawberries 118
'Strawberries 118' 1 month ago
At 3:38 I was legit drinking cranberry juice and started chocking
ashleey da doll 》
'ashleey da doll 》' 1 month ago
Jesus I love Shane so much ♡ XD
Zoe armani
'Zoe armani' 1 month ago
Charlotte Sloly
'Charlotte Sloly' 1 month ago
I have crisps in my ham sandwitch
Mine babies
'Mine babies' 1 month ago
After this I had pickles and peanut butter
maria c
'maria c' 1 month ago
Wait the twisler thing looks good
'Tschooptschoop' 1 month ago
more of this!!! it's so fun to watch!
Gypsy Sippie
'Gypsy Sippie' 1 month ago
All this stoner food combos
Evelyn Kerstein
'Evelyn Kerstein' 1 month ago
"Everybody likes pizza and ranch" EWW NO JUST NOOO
Naruto Uzumaki
'Naruto Uzumaki' 1 month ago
2:09 I DIED XD
Lia Fox
'Lia Fox' 1 month ago
I should not be watching this while eating.. yikes!
Burhan Legends
'Burhan Legends' 1 month ago
cmon... peanut butter and pickle is already a thing... its not that bad... i like it...
Tilisa Taungapeau
'Tilisa Taungapeau' 1 month ago
I LOVE Shane and Keith together!
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