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People Try Disgusting Snack Combinations -
Published: 1 year ago By: BuzzFeedBlue

By: BuzzFeedBluePublished: 1 year ago

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“Don’t eat this."

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Adriana Perez
'Adriana Perez' 6 hours ago
Apple and salt is really good and also apples and Franks Red hot chili sauce
Ayana -Chan
'Ayana -Chan' 2 days ago
3:34 "This is how it makes me feel." Me: Wow, That was cheesy. Oh god that was so bad, I'll leave now.
Åźï Sûššœrį
I love Shane Madej ❤️
Alexander Moy
'Alexander Moy' 2 days ago
I once had a ham and jam sandwich
Amelia Brawn
'Amelia Brawn' 5 days ago
What the heck is ranch?????
'STARPLAY GAMING' 5 days ago
Keith and Shane are THE greatest combo
Life Is XP Waste
'Life Is XP Waste' 6 days ago
I've seen peanut butter and mayo sandwiches eaten. fucking blah
Gavin Burnes
'Gavin Burnes' 6 days ago
I’ve had a peanut butter hotdog but I added salted chips
Roberto a
'Roberto a' 7 days ago
Pickles and peanut butter; yes!; same for cheetos and pickle juice...
Mira elm
'Mira elm' 1 week ago
What a waste food...
Ava Ava
'Ava Ava' 1 week ago
Most of them were revolting
Delaney Elizabeth
'Delaney Elizabeth' 1 week ago
Whenever me and my friend go to moes we buy cookies and dip them in queso I encourage you, Try it!
Your Mom
'Your Mom' 1 week ago
I swear my uncle made the pickle and peanut butter thing when I was a toddler
Galaxy Cat
'Galaxy Cat' 1 week ago
Try Fritos and whipped cream
dincy chan
'dincy chan' 2 weeks ago
0:42 look at their edgy clothes😍
Vilius Cirtautas
'Vilius Cirtautas' 2 weeks ago
Who else likes pickles and honey???If you do like.
Chris. P. Bacon
'Chris. P. Bacon' 2 weeks ago
Lowkey I would smash those Cheetos with pickle juice so hard
Ayman Muhtasim
'Ayman Muhtasim' 2 weeks ago
Keith + Shane = 🔥
'D.O.N.N' 2 weeks ago
You know whats good? Cheesey Cookies You get your store bought cookies(or whatever you prefer) You make a sauce with about 1 cup of mozzerella cheese and 1/2 of milk and a teaspoon of corn starch. You heat your milk an cornstarch in a pot and mix util the milk is super hot!You add in your cheese and mix until well combined and enjoy!
Shauna Hatch
'Shauna Hatch' 2 weeks ago
Peanut butter and red hot dogs are good together but its popular in maine so. Ik a lot of states dont have red hot dogs like we do
Tijmen Albada Jelgersma
Tuna with peanut butter 🤢
retswerB rolyaT
'retswerB rolyaT' 2 weeks ago
Shanes cuteness makes me want to actually do things with my life
Daniela Vargas
'Daniela Vargas' 2 weeks ago
Has anyone noticed that 2 out of the 3 couples doing this are matching? Nop, just me? okay
'BrOcCoLi' 2 weeks ago
No ones ever heard of pickle and peanut butter sandwich
Nick Tokar
'Nick Tokar' 2 weeks ago
I don't like half those foods alone...
Cassidy The Cat
'Cassidy The Cat' 2 weeks ago
I used to eat ketchup with macaroni and cheese, and white rice with brown sugar when I was younger
Who you calling pinhead
I feel like I would eat the peanut butter and pickle
Sydney Smith
'Sydney Smith' 3 weeks ago
1:31 is memeable
Shuli Dernis
'Shuli Dernis' 3 weeks ago
Chocolate and feta cheese
'ᴍʏʟᴇs' 3 weeks ago
Keith and Ryan need a show
bethie reanna
'bethie reanna' 3 weeks ago
why do shane and keith look so similar
Olivia Q
'Olivia Q' 3 weeks ago
Takis with Nutella I promise it’s BOMB
'immortalanthem' 3 weeks ago
I love cheese and nutella....but like real cheese
Ya know whats good Strawberries and peanut butter
'Flame_The_Hybrid' 3 weeks ago
I see keith I click
Wen Wen
'Wen Wen' 3 weeks ago
Sliced cheese and nutella, toasted on top of a bread is the best!!! 😌 #iknowimweird LOL
Samantha Harris
'Samantha Harris' 3 weeks ago
when he burped I couldn't help but laugh
Isabella Wommack
'Isabella Wommack' 3 weeks ago
*wHaT mAnIaC dId nOt pUt sHane aNd RyAn tOgEtHEr*
'EsmeraldaMendez451' 3 weeks ago
Try popcorn and pickle juice it is amazing or Nutella and potato chips
Anna Schilling
'Anna Schilling' 3 weeks ago
You need cafetera  ranch on cookies thats good
Syarif Hamzah
'Syarif Hamzah' 4 weeks ago
nutella and cheese is common in indonesia
sierra martin
'sierra martin' 4 weeks ago
Peanut butter and pickle sandwiches are the literal best. The weirdest thing I’ve combined is hot dogs and chocolate it was fucking bomb
Alex Roberts
'Alex Roberts' 4 weeks ago
Chocolate digestives and Cheshire cheese. I'm ashamed to admit ot actually works.
I don
Chocolate ice cream and salt👌👌👌
Tayler Szarek
'Tayler Szarek' 4 weeks ago
Mac and cheese with tuna
Ellie May
'Ellie May' 1 month ago
Keith and Shane just loved pretty much anything xD
Ahmad Alghamdi
'Ahmad Alghamdi' 1 month ago
I've eaten ketchup and mustard on a cookie for a dare. It want that bad.
Angie Floof
'Angie Floof' 1 month ago
i have the same shirt as Keith lmao
Captain DerpFace Of The Derps
YASSSSSSSSSSSSS KEITH YASSSSSSSSSSSSS OMG Keith looks like he might be more over dressed than Eugene
Carmen Villalba
'Carmen Villalba' 1 month ago
Keith and Shane are a power couple
'mimiHTcat' 1 month ago
keith and shane!!
Fandom Follower
'Fandom Follower' 1 month ago
We need more Kieth and Shane videos together!!!
GoldenMCGirl Z
'GoldenMCGirl Z' 1 month ago
Try chips and nutella
Brian Phan
'Brian Phan' 1 month ago
someone try goldfish and ketchup :/
'blackkittytears1' 1 month ago
I used to eat my hs cookies with the school ranch. it was awesome!
Ken Mok
'Ken Mok' 1 month ago
kimchi and peanut butter
Sydney Schmidt
'Sydney Schmidt' 1 month ago
cheetos in pickle juice sounds delicious
Elphia ελεφαντόδοντο
Shane zoning out in the beginning is me at the start of every lesson
'Yoshifan0312RBLX' 1 month ago
“It’s all the same in your stomach” I hate when people say that. You don’t have tastebuds in your stomach.
'Gpaderna' 1 month ago
Shane and Keith doing it great..
'A'tiyah Scurry' 1 month ago
I dip fries in my milkshake soooooo
Gavin Cummings
'Gavin Cummings' 1 month ago
You forgot nutella and tortieas.
GeekyGrace 10
'GeekyGrace 10' 1 month ago
I actually tried pickles and peanut butter just to see if it was good or not, I actually enjoyed it. 😂😂
Simon L
'Simon L' 1 month ago
0:54 when you actually eat the vile vegetable known as brussel sprouts
Simon L
'Simon L' 1 month ago
0:47 when your mom puts Brussels sprouts in front of you
Kiersten Is a Loser
'Kiersten Is a Loser' 1 month ago
they look like they’re matching
Gloria Diamondlake
'Gloria Diamondlake' 1 month ago
I eat potayo chips and cheetos dipped in pickle water all the time, it's just good man. Sometimes i also dip them in melted butter. Am i weird?
A Da
'A Da' 1 month ago
Shane and Keith. XD
Vlada Kaplunova
'Vlada Kaplunova' 1 month ago
I'm on a diet rn and this video made me less hungry, thank you
Kitten dragon spark Wolf flame star
I fucking hate pizza and ranch
Syugoa Arts
'Syugoa Arts' 1 month ago
Strangely my sister enjoys eating chocolate and cheese sandwiches? Im not sure why actUally but uM
Benjamin Ellis
'Benjamin Ellis' 1 month ago
I actually love peanut butter pickle sandwiches!!
Shabalaba Dingdong
'Shabalaba Dingdong' 1 month ago
Why is every man in this vid gay?
AR mail
'AR mail' 2 months ago
Did anyone else come here for Shane on the thumbnail?
Genevieve Moore
'Genevieve Moore' 2 months ago
*pickle juice and Cheetos* Keith: it's great, you're gonna love it Shane: YEAAAH
Tired One
'Tired One' 2 months ago
I honestly don't think any of them are that bad is that wrong
Savana Moon
'Savana Moon' 2 months ago
Cheetos and cream cheese
Unprofessionally Asian
Idk wuts up with me but I would probably eat all of those without hesitation and would like it.
tadhg o connor
'tadhg o connor' 2 months ago
Party Pigy
'Party Pigy' 2 months ago
I ate rice with ketchup before I think I can eat cookie with ranch
'Elvedin' 2 months ago
try nutella and ketchup i dare you
Park Hee min
'Park Hee min' 2 months ago
*LoVe YOuRseLf~*
A Swedish Fish
'A Swedish Fish' 2 months ago
I eat Twizzlers with salsa 😂🤷
'hannahbxbyy' 2 months ago
I dip my grilled cheese in pickle juice :)
PullGod Joe
'PullGod Joe' 2 months ago
Shane and Keith are a dynamic duo 💯💯
'Nova' 2 months ago
ejay Ligsa
'ejay Ligsa' 2 months ago
Ive tried nutella and cheese Cheese with sugar Coffee with chocolate with a little bit tea Bread with peanut butter and cheese I have a weird stomach
'Rebecca_BTSmartinez' 2 months ago
"Everyone likes ranch on their pizza." I don't like ranch on my pizza. I think it's absolutely disgusting.
Snow Pearl
'Snow Pearl' 2 months ago
Are buzzfeed people picky eaters or I'm just willing to try everything
Anisa Caines
'Anisa Caines' 2 months ago
" everyone like pizza and ranch." I DON"T that's disgusting, in my opinion.
Izuku/deku Midoriya
'Izuku/deku Midoriya' 2 months ago
Omg yes I love pickle juice and chips
Ella Munson-jackson
'Ella Munson-jackson' 2 months ago
Shane tho.
Tangy Sierra202
'Tangy Sierra202' 2 months ago
My older sister and I like Mac and cheese mixed with ketchup I know we are wierd
'rattata' 2 months ago
wait.. pickles and peanut butter? isn’t that normal..?
'sav' 2 months ago
Okay, I hate pickles, but pickles and peanut butter are like sex in one sandwich.
celeste walker
'celeste walker' 2 months ago
why the scary piano music for.
Swimming Pineapple
'Swimming Pineapple' 2 months ago
The funny part is that i ate peanut butter and cheese and chocolate
'Whoops' 2 months ago
Is it bad that I love the licorice and nacho one? Yeah? Ok...
Kelsey Allison
'Kelsey Allison' 2 months ago
Shane and kieth... their clothes...
Abbas Moosajee
'Abbas Moosajee' 2 months ago
How do you despise nutella
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