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People Try Disgusting Snack Combinations -
Published: 5 months ago By: BuzzFeedBlue

By: BuzzFeedBluePublished: 5 months ago

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“Don’t eat this."

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Mazie Lafferty
'Mazie Lafferty' 18 hours ago
both the pickle ones sound bae rn
Lilly Lols
'Lilly Lols' 1 day ago
am I the only one who eats ketchup with rice ?
'Laxis1130' 3 days ago
I love pickles and peanut butter!
Rylee Sherwood
'Rylee Sherwood' 3 days ago
Strawberry Princess
my sister eats bread with butter, coffee, and sugar
'FluffyAkikoKawaii' 3 days ago
I love food combo's :D
Acelia Kelley
'Acelia Kelley' 4 days ago
I would just eat the pickles for the pickle and peanut butter
'Psychopathway' 4 days ago
Matching outfits
'keineWände95' 5 days ago
sour gummi worms and sourcream taste awesome together. it taste like creamy yogurt
'JJawesome' 5 days ago
I dip popcorn in diet pepsi
Bebe Newman
'Bebe Newman' 5 days ago
McDonald fries and sundae. Hands down
'lamps' 6 days ago
how about salami and crushed potato chips? like tacos? :o
karina pakula xx
'karina pakula xx' 6 days ago
shane is my favourite
Sarunas Liktoravicius
try cocumber with honey
Kinori Shafa
'Kinori Shafa' 6 days ago
Chocolate and cheese is a pretty common combination here in Indonesia.... and I like it..
'{DB} DYNAMICBOMB' 7 days ago
once i ate strawberry and hot sauce with rice lol
gr8lyfeu 02
'gr8lyfeu 02' 1 week ago
who is the guy in the white tshirt and black jacket??Hes so funny😂
Kylie Kristen
'Kylie Kristen' 1 week ago
I eat flat bread with Nutella and cheese for snack. It tastes so fucking gooodddd dude
Lucy Harris
'Lucy Harris' 1 week ago
Can y'all try gummy bears and French onion dip it is so good
Studio AR
'Studio AR' 2 weeks ago
They overreacted a bit
awkward human
'awkward human' 2 weeks ago
" you're trash " damnnnnnm
Zachary Bedair
'Zachary Bedair' 2 weeks ago
The best combo when your high is a sandwich with waffles instead of bread and cheese and Ben and Jerrys Icecream
Matthew Gammons
'Matthew Gammons' 2 weeks ago
Wake me up inside
James Kocher
'James Kocher' 2 weeks ago
once I had Cheetos with whipped cream on it. it tasted really good, maybe because I was young.
Mick Mcdonald
'Mick Mcdonald' 2 weeks ago
My friend used to eat goldfish in chocolate pudding
kade mandell
'kade mandell' 2 weeks ago
Banana's on cheez-itz
L3NA_ L3
'L3NA_ L3' 2 weeks ago
I eat ice cream and fries, rice and milk, and bread & mustard. Just bread and mustard.
Alexander Chu
'Alexander Chu' 2 weeks ago
The ideal Video for pregnant parents
Lizzie  Rimmer
'Lizzie Rimmer' 2 weeks ago
I have McDonald's fries with McDonald's chocolate milkshake
InLoveWithAScandinavian _
Is Shane single?
InLoveWithAScandinavian _
Shane's here, where's Ryan? 😭
Really Keely
'Really Keely' 2 weeks ago
Keith and Shane- my dream team #shaniac
Lester Desalvo
'Lester Desalvo' 2 weeks ago
I had cottage Cheese with blue raspberry drink when I was 8 or 9
'BekirahJ' 2 weeks ago
Hot cheeto puffs and pickles... Cheeseburgers with fried egg and peanut butter 😍
Guadalupe Esparza
'Guadalupe Esparza' 2 weeks ago
Where's the ice cream & fries ?
Deleted Oh
'Deleted Oh' 2 weeks ago
I eat pickle and peanut butter sandwiches all the time lmao
Nici Mouse
'Nici Mouse' 2 weeks ago
Ranch is disgusting and so is peanut butter
Shelby Lee
'Shelby Lee' 2 weeks ago
I don't like pizza and ranch at all
Angela Bodnar
'Angela Bodnar' 2 weeks ago
Garlic bread + Peanut Butter. 10/10
'jemimabeau' 2 weeks ago
Meatballs from ikea with strawberry jam 😍😍😍😍😍
Raymond Nutela
'Raymond Nutela' 2 weeks ago
I don't like pizza and ranch
'tazytaylor' 2 weeks ago
can u try rice and ketchup??, i love it and wen kids saw it at school a bunch started eating it as well :)
'PuftCist' 2 weeks ago
Emma McCluskey
'Emma McCluskey' 2 weeks ago
kieth and shane should be best friends
Yasmine Mobley
'Yasmine Mobley' 2 weeks ago
Nah, see. If you were gonna have them eat Nutella and cheese, the cheese should've been sharp cheddar, so that the flavors can contrast and blend at the same time. Sweetness from the Nutella, sharp zestiness from the cheddar. (I was eating a donut with chocolate icing and a few slices of sharp white cheddar one time, and accidentally got some of the chocolate icing on it. I tried both together, and it tasted delicious.)
Alice Ohhh
'Alice Ohhh' 3 weeks ago
The best thing ever is, a slice of bread, then ad butter, a good slice of cheese on top and top it with a jam of your choice...aaaand there you go :D
Wild Thing
'Wild Thing' 3 weeks ago
I actually eat Nutella with cheese
Domonkos Tegzes
'Domonkos Tegzes' 3 weeks ago
what is ranch? mayonnaise ?
Darlene Lesmana
'Darlene Lesmana' 3 weeks ago
i used to eat jambu air (apparently it's called watery rose apple) with soy sauce and sugar
Ede Rodriguez
'Ede Rodriguez' 3 weeks ago
that guy with the puma sweater and the blonde girl are just so annoying
Blu. Bloop
'Blu. Bloop' 3 weeks ago
I eat cucumbers and ketchup. And pizza and yogurt. And yogurt and green peppers. Am I crossing the weirdo line?
Emelie Plumb
'Emelie Plumb' 3 weeks ago
Sometimes the ads before the actually video make me want to give the video a like.
Gill Me
'Gill Me' 3 weeks ago
It looks like Keith and Shane are matching
Valerie Onofre
'Valerie Onofre' 3 weeks ago
I love peanut butter and pickle sandwiches
Mad Hatter
'Mad Hatter' 3 weeks ago
My friend likes peas and crackers
Amalia Iskandarova
'Amalia Iskandarova' 3 weeks ago
Goldfish and grapes! It's so good!
Karina Rodriguez
'Karina Rodriguez' 3 weeks ago
rice and ranch together are 👌👌
Limey Figdet
'Limey Figdet' 3 weeks ago
This is one of the funniest BuzzFeed videos I've seen.
Lizer Kabizer
'Lizer Kabizer' 3 weeks ago
*i don't hate it*
Cindy Salameh
'Cindy Salameh' 3 weeks ago
pizza should NOT be eaten with anything, let alone ranch, tf is that even.
'Tempah' 3 weeks ago
Pickles are gooood man - sounds like Childish Gambino
'D J' 3 weeks ago
fried rice and ketchup anyone lol?
Ana Baker
'Ana Baker' 3 weeks ago
i like to eat cheezeits with grapes 🤷🏻‍♀️
Park Sheen Chan
'Park Sheen Chan' 3 weeks ago
i would eat all of these.
Rianne Lapuz
'Rianne Lapuz' 3 weeks ago
i just love shane he is the cutest
R3D Blackburn
'R3D Blackburn' 3 weeks ago
"but also as a child I would eat dirt, so.." Probably one of the funniest Keith quotes 😂😂😂😂😂
Hippo Stubby
'Hippo Stubby' 3 weeks ago
Goldfish and Nutella is the greatest thing
Erika Muzik
'Erika Muzik' 3 weeks ago
I ship Keith and Shane
Jessica McGrail
'Jessica McGrail' 3 weeks ago
you should try nacho cheese Doritos dipped in applesauce mmmnmn
'ecuhenry85' 3 weeks ago
tostones n cream cheese
'Doge' 3 weeks ago
I dip my pizza crust in Pepsi.... I'm probably the only one who does this.
'Aimee' 3 weeks ago
I love Five Guys milkshakes with bacon, yes. i know
Turtle Bitz
'Turtle Bitz' 3 weeks ago
0:26 my life flashed before my eyes...
DarkDragon X
'DarkDragon X' 3 weeks ago
3:20 they are wotsits not cheetos cheetos are spicy cheese orange things and they look like wotsits not cheetos well i do live in scotland so its different
Kunal Chatterjee
'Kunal Chatterjee' 3 weeks ago
This was painful to watch man :/
'TheGothBat' 3 weeks ago
3:35 thats when they go insane at the end of it all!!
Troy Cooper
'Troy Cooper' 3 weeks ago
Red pepper hummus on toast with mustard and sweet relish. Try it!
Tamrelyne Momin
'Tamrelyne Momin' 3 weeks ago
Steve ❤
Carrot Wonderland
'Carrot Wonderland' 3 weeks ago
Ia Vang
'Ia Vang' 4 weeks ago
hot cheetos and rice in water
ahmad youtube
'ahmad youtube' 4 weeks ago
not hatin but the guy with the big as beard kinda looks like he's gay
Harold XD
'Harold XD' 4 weeks ago
at 2:04 when she picked up the twislers, my mom thought I was insane cuz I was laughing so hard
'ItzLillyxo' 4 weeks ago
I eat fries and vanilla ice cream together...
Kaitie Michelle
'Kaitie Michelle' 4 weeks ago
So far my pregnancy cravings that are weird: plain pasta with mustard, chips dipped in pickle juice, tomatoes with vinegar, peanut butter pickles, geez I'm gonna stop there my child is gonna be fucking weird lol
Dimitri Nooch La-Or
'Dimitri Nooch La-Or' 4 weeks ago
nacho cheese doritos and cottage cheese
R Haley
'R Haley' 4 weeks ago
I used to eat Oreos dipped in ketchup
Val The Vegan
'Val The Vegan' 4 weeks ago
Before my vegan days, I loved chocolate graham crackers with sharp cheddar on them. But that was in like 2010, so it may be gross. Idek.
'LPSdoggo' 4 weeks ago
Salt and vinegar chips and chocolate...sooo gooood
'Marissa' 4 weeks ago
Wake Me Up Wake me up inside
I don't like most of these foods so I could not have survived this
Ashley Mills
'Ashley Mills' 4 weeks ago
This is offensive
Aseel AlAnsari
'Aseel AlAnsari' 4 weeks ago
Who else replied the weird burp at the end
mac simpson
'mac simpson' 4 weeks ago
the sounds of the food make me feel more uncomfortable than the food combos...
Shaina Tano
'Shaina Tano' 4 weeks ago
I eat takis and milk
Rebecca McClaskey
'Rebecca McClaskey' 4 weeks ago
I love tortilla chips and dill pickle slices. I used to plate them up like nachos. Pretty good if you're going for a majorly salty snack.
pajamas for life
'pajamas for life' 4 weeks ago
Fritos dips in orange juice
Holly K
'Holly K' 4 weeks ago
Sandwich advise - Cheese, mustard and jam, preferably strawberry. It also works toasted. I discovered it at the age of 12 when I wanted a cheese and jam sandwich, but only had Y Fenni cheese.
Motion Princess
'Motion Princess' 1 month ago
In my place nuttela combined with cheese delicious!!
Ingabirano Nintunze
'Ingabirano Nintunze' 1 month ago
i came here from watching buzzfeeders drink their own pee in that 8 Grossest Taste Tests video... and i'm supposed to believe a cookie in ranch is a problem 😂
Corgi Lover26
'Corgi Lover26' 1 month ago
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