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Everything Wrong With 300: Rise of an Empire -
Published: 8 months ago By: CinemaSins

By: CinemaSinsPublished: 8 months ago

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Oh, god, my head hurts. This prequel-sequel-samequel is just as full of slow-motion as you expect, and just as devoid of actual story as well. It's a real crap-show.

Next week: Two 2017 movies.

Remember, no movie is without sin! Which movie's sins should we expose next?!

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Evan Taylor
'Evan Taylor' 59 minutes ago
The circle formation😭 the Greeks did do that but they had the beaks sticking outwards so it would protect their sides from ramming that formation legit makes it so easy to destroy you*face palm*
Evan Taylor
'Evan Taylor' 1 hour ago
Uch I actually learn classic civilisation and even I can't keep up with this crap
Evan Taylor
'Evan Taylor' 1 hour ago
Such a terrible movie
'HADU' 1 day ago
I see you guys already met. Amazing! ;o
joseph hillyard
'joseph hillyard' 1 day ago
I feel bad for Eva Green,her movie career is a mess with mediocre movie after mediocre movie despite her best efforts. She was freaking amazing on Penny Dreadful and deserves better roles.
'AnEvilJoke' 1 day ago
I sinned you for not showing Eva Greens rack!
'irllcd13' 2 days ago
The goodguy fellating these movies do for the Spartans really doesn't jive with history. Even someone who only has a high school level understanding of ancient Greece knows the Spartans really were not nice people. In fact, they were straight up evil assholes. Also, they did a lot of "boy loving" themselves, so Leo's burn to the Athenians in the first movie is just gross hypocrisy.
enrique santiago
'enrique santiago' 2 days ago
500+ sins for literally not progressing the plot at ALL. 2 hours of basically fighting.
'bbonner422' 3 days ago
The Spartans a hundred years later joined forces with Persia to take down Athens.
'Nami' 4 days ago
Dumbass the battle of marathon happened before the battle of Thermopylae
'TopSniper2018' 4 days ago
I have Gained KNOWLEDGE
Rodney Rose
'Rodney Rose' 5 days ago
I love this movie.
'韩依洛泰' 6 days ago
16:22 lmao my dude
'韩依洛泰' 6 days ago
Don't care Eva Green is in it
Chris Anagn.
'Chris Anagn.' 6 days ago
no women in sparta were trained as well... they were equal to men because they give birth to men, so the spartans respected their women
Judge Bot
'Judge Bot' 6 days ago
Two things, you keep sinning the armour when that is actually what they wore and yes the women in Sparta did know how to fight and were also total badasses
Sith Lord
'Sith Lord' 7 days ago
Jesus Christ, it's hard enough making it through this EWW, I can't imagine having actually watched this train wreck, listening to the endless, painful narration!
'jobanh7ify' 1 week ago
F**k that moon! Lol
'TheDeadCobra' 1 week ago
Still cool movies
Jack Azz
'Jack Azz' 1 week ago
This movie was absolutely dreadful.
Juan Cruz
'Juan Cruz' 1 week ago
And the end of the video with the gold perfume gold bath reference hahahahahahahahahahhahahaahhahhahahahhaah gosh I laughed so much with this video.
Juan Cruz
'Juan Cruz' 1 week ago
Babaahhahaahahahhaahahahahahahahahah I rolled off my bed dead when I saw the "hey guys I just f*cked artemisia. But don't worry I'm still on your side tho" hahahaahhaahahahahahahah omgsh
Zeus Ex Machina
'Zeus Ex Machina' 2 weeks ago
"naval general" ackssuauxikylly it's callled an admiral
Jesse Frere
'Jesse Frere' 2 weeks ago
Why do people like you have to criticize everything
Ted Metta
'Ted Metta' 2 weeks ago
Nailed it.
PurpleButterfly Princess
Often after watching these I have a basic idea what happened in these movies. I have no clue with this one or 300. SO confused
Magic horse
Marc Malecki
'Marc Malecki' 2 weeks ago
One of the worst reviews of all time. Watch this if you want to listen to the least funny guy in the entire world comment with jokes a 5 year old smart-ass would come with for 18 mins like "that guy shouldn't have taken off his helmet there" or when Athens burned down he was like adding "stone, metal, and dead naked people." It's known the visuals are not realistic and modernized. I came here to hear how the real story goes and this guy literally ruined my week.
susan dream
'susan dream' 2 weeks ago
This movie is bullshit!!!
'Nietzsche' 3 weeks ago
You should do everything wrong with Inglorious Basterds
kxngg minaj
'kxngg minaj' 3 weeks ago
U are so fucking irrating
'mro2112' 3 weeks ago
British accent cliche.
'FoolYourself' 3 weeks ago
Ethan M.
'Ethan M.' 3 weeks ago
Alright I doubled the stakes for this video. I need 300 sins or I owe my friend 10 bucks. ... Ah damn
cheese toasty
'cheese toasty' 3 weeks ago
cheese toasty
'cheese toasty' 3 weeks ago
lowell thomas
'lowell thomas' 3 weeks ago
Glaborous 💀💀
Alexis Yañez
'Alexis Yañez' 3 weeks ago
12:06 hahahaha
Hoanghuy Nguyenngoc
'Hoanghuy Nguyenngoc' 3 weeks ago
17:49 lol. They are having fun. So powerful :D
ancient phantom
'ancient phantom' 4 weeks ago
Me: the costume is pretty good for a $20 budget History: we were murder what kind of idiot would go to war naked.
'SuperGlueization' 4 weeks ago
"glabrous and smooth" translates to- "smooth and smooth"
Gleidston Filipe
'Gleidston Filipe' 4 weeks ago
6:45 Because the film not only takes place before, during and after 300, it also takes place underwater, in a Sponge Bob sort of way, since there's a clear water surface below the first water surface.
Austin Hall
'Austin Hall' 4 weeks ago
Woah just 30 seconds into the movie and already have 102 seconds
Sam McGurran
'Sam McGurran' 4 weeks ago
There was a lot wrong with this film. But what annoyed me most was it just undid and contradicted the first! Xerxes was supposed to be only a man, which Leonidas proved by making him bleed. Why make him a god in this one.
The Random Knight
'The Random Knight' 4 weeks ago
Actually that circle formation thing they did was a solid defensive formation. The command ship could be easily defended in the center, and the other ships could react quickly to any breach in the line, plus with the circle formation there would be no obvious weak spot to exploit. Plus historically speaking (clearly not in the movie) Greek marines and solders had far better armor than their Persian foes so when the two fleets would eventually engage in boarding actions the Greeks would have a serious advantage. The only way the Persians could win in this scenario would be to break up the Greek fleet and pick off the ships one at a time with their superior numbers, which is where the tight circle formation comes in handy for the Greeks because if one ship got in trouble it wouldn't take long at all for other ships to help out. That is why I believe this circle strategy, while it may have been difficult to coordinate back then, is a solid strategy. But you're right about the movie being dumb CinemaSins guy.
Prentiss Robinson
'Prentiss Robinson' 4 weeks ago
What did Bob do to you?
Soviet Wanderer
'Soviet Wanderer' 4 weeks ago
I think what the Spartan queen gave to his cause was the hundreds of dead Spartan soldiers from the last shot.
Mac Sam
'Mac Sam' 4 weeks ago
I watched this film for like 20 mins. Then I turned it off. It was that bad to me. :P
Andro Libre
'Andro Libre' 4 weeks ago
100 sins for the warrior women bullshit. I mean first Eva Green's character, I mean where was Xerces and why the need to diminish his character to make her something. The Leonidas wife, never fought a battle a day in her life and for some reason she leads the final battle and is so badass she needs no was corny
Sergio Jauregui
'Sergio Jauregui' 4 weeks ago
So it's safe to say there wont be a third movie
Valerie Perrero
'Valerie Perrero' 1 month ago
Okay, but sin on you for not making the last outtake from lotr. That screamed boromir, "my brother, my captain, my king."
'void735' 1 month ago
I also hate that this movie ruined The fine point The first one made. Leonidas could kill xeres but he would only replace by another God mad king. So he made sure that he only scratched him to make him realise that hes a mortal (gods cannot bleed) a fine atemt at forcing him to change hes mind. But guess he learned nothing now and remains truly a one dimensional villian..
Funkky Monkey
'Funkky Monkey' 1 month ago
There is a reason I have never heard of this one...
Greennorth Pine
'Greennorth Pine' 1 month ago
@ 12.00 sex , it's like Michael Douglas fkn Sharon , the central hero fuking the bad girl
'LordMarkvirs' 1 month ago
In Sparta women were trained to fight to protect there houses
Yusuf Abdiauzan
'Yusuf Abdiauzan' 1 month ago
Rewatching old videos waiting for everything wrong with black panther
'JustaPineCone' 1 month ago
*Before watching video* can’t wait to see what he says about the violent sex scene 😂
'Xzelack' 1 month ago
Their outfit was real
Mr Cheeser
'Mr Cheeser' 1 month ago
You should stop the curse sensorship
'GMoney' 1 month ago
that moon explained that huge wave
'Suburp212' 1 month ago
This horse is magic
'-DSNIP-[S4LTBKing]' 1 month ago
15:27 My answer is Spawnlings...
Nazgul Úlairi
'Nazgul Úlairi' 1 month ago
gla·brous ˈɡlābrəs/Submit adjectivetechnical (chiefly of the skin or a leaf) free from hair or down; smooth.
King Shoot
'King Shoot' 1 month ago
Any history junkies here to whom this also made sense? Because here I am.
David Rock
'David Rock' 1 month ago
You’re fucking delusional, this is before the first movie.
Nathan Luu
'Nathan Luu' 1 month ago
U forgot Gorgo fighting in a dress.
'JARED316' 1 month ago
TESTICULES! You should’ve killed the bearded boy who becomes the big naked guy and stuff.
Christopher Poon
'Christopher Poon' 1 month ago
You do know that in history women are good at swords, gymnastics and others
'Greenstone' 1 month ago
This is probably hard since you don't know history
John Gooch
'John Gooch' 1 month ago
“Eva green isn't my girlfriend in this scene “
Marco André
'Marco André' 1 month ago
Hilarious dude! and i agree with everything
Ryan Quintana
'Ryan Quintana' 2 months ago
what a line "this movie stroked sparta so much I'm surprised the Mediterranean sea isn't pregant". I had to hold back laughing in class
'HawkingN' 2 months ago
You know, whilst athens had democracy, it was corrupt, and only for male land owners... The persian empire was far more progressive, with no slavery, equality... Plus orgiinal monarchs still retained most of their power after being conquered, leaving everyone to their own devices.
Mr Webgeneral
'Mr Webgeneral' 2 months ago
spartan women are known for being capable fighters
Michael Hixson
'Michael Hixson' 2 months ago
shit movie that tries to have strong female lead but has her be a whiny bitch that fucks the protagonist. Everyone loves some Eva Green booty, but common gives us a female lead whose power isn't to summon a penis to her vagina
'Shellshockolade' 2 months ago
It all makes sense! You gotta give inspirational speeches all the time because every time only a few guys can hear it, if you plan you speeches and people presence correctly everyone get inspired at least once by the end of the war
'ANTI-SATAN PRO-LIFE' 2 months ago
The historical in accuracy of this movie is equal to CNN. It's fake news and sucks Wang Chung tonight.
Jamie Sleeman
'Jamie Sleeman' 2 months ago
7:40 "Now, I'm no naval general..." Or even an admiral, presumably. *sins Cinemasins*
'wuidable' 2 months ago
this movie the internet explorer of the 300. it was made to show that they are not trying to alter history by hiding all the inaccuracies of the first movie, they still failed in quite the epic fashion.
'SHADOWWOLF77' 2 months ago
Na Xerxes was remade and then posessed by a Goa'uld... LMAO
Hugh Copson
'Hugh Copson' 2 months ago
As an Ancient Historian there was so much wrong with this film I was at about a dozen things in the first 5-10 minutes.
Hugh Copson
'Hugh Copson' 2 months ago
"This looks like a very goofy and ineffective battle formation" Sorry CinemaSins, that's the only part of this movie they got right. That formation made it impossible for the Persians to effectively ram or engage the Greek ships while also meaning if they tried another Greek ship would be in prime position to ram theirs.
BRUCE Phillip
'BRUCE Phillip' 2 months ago
At 5:34 did anyone notice the scars on the right arms and chests of both warriors are identical? Worth at least 50 sins
Tom Hen
'Tom Hen' 2 months ago
Have you seen the Man from snowy river. That horse scene though.
Krabby Stabby
'Krabby Stabby' 2 months ago
I dont think he understands that the monster army line means that the army is huge, not its full of monsters
Brady Ellingson
'Brady Ellingson' 2 months ago
Athens just hates Sparta, just dont question it . they have history
Lord Inquisitor Wightman
Actually in Sparta women were trained to use a sword but not in the military, mainly to keep the helot slaves in line
Lord Inquisitor Wightman
Ok the first one is dumb but entertaining, this is a mess. Imagine if they actually did a historical version of the greacopersisan war
Steve of Unknown Kadath
17:15 - #236 - NOBODY goes into battle wearing a floor-length dress.
Dan Phillips
'Dan Phillips' 2 months ago
Its all noise and blood, sin? ahahahahaaahahaha.
tera gammons
'tera gammons' 2 months ago
Actually arrows will continue to pass into water somewhat as they have much more mass than bullets.
Brendon Walker
'Brendon Walker' 2 months ago
The surprise, mother****er moment is from when the Greeks pretended to flee and had most of their fleet concealed in the numerous bays and coves of this part of Greece. The Persians took the bait-again! and the Greeks put a hurtin' on them. Again. The Egyptian Navy was guarding the western side of the island, and didn't see any action at all.
Brendon Walker
'Brendon Walker' 2 months ago
Watched some more. The Greeks assembled their ships into a circle with the sterns all inward to the center, and the bows facing out. On command, they surged outward at the Persians, and did some damage. This was the first naval battle. The Egyptian marines fighting for Xerxes were effective against the Spartans, which is a bold statement, considering. On a ship which was captured by the Persians, one of the Greeks fought so ferociously for so long that the Persians admired him and when he collapsed from his many many injuries, the Persians doctored him and made him a full citizen of Persia, not a slave. Go figure.
Brendon Walker
'Brendon Walker' 2 months ago
One more thing..Xerxes was a FANATICAL MONOTHEIST who worshiped the one god Ahura Mazda, the god of Zoroastrianism. He regarded the many gods of Greece as proof of their barbaric primitive culture, and saw himself as a missionary conquering in his one god's name. The talk of many gods and their priests is absolutely false. Oh, well.
Brendon Walker
'Brendon Walker' 2 months ago
Oh yeah, the one-eyed guy that Leonidas sent back to Sparta alive..the Spartans named him "the Trembler" and he was so despised that he led a suicide mission at the Battle of Plataea and died to redeem himself for leaving Thermopylae. Leonidas was the middle of three brothers: Kleomenes, the eldest, Leonidas, and Cleombrotus, the youngest. Kleomenes was co-regent of Sparta with a co-king named Demaratus. Kleomenes accused Demaratus of being unworthy of royalty, and made such a stink that Demaratus defected to Xerxes, where he was forced to knife fight various Persians to the death. He won them all, btw. Kleo then led a failed military coup of Sparta which was financed by Athens. Then, Kleo returned to Sparta like nothing happened and got himself arrested for drinking wine. Undiluted, in the Scythian fashion. Was really the charge. Kleo had ONLY ONE visitor while he was chained to the wall in Sparta's jail, and in the morning his corpse was found hacked into little pieces. Who was the one visitor? His kid brother, Leonidas! Oh, the goodies these movies omitted! No investigation was conducted, and Leonidas and Cleombrotus became co-regents of Sparta. After Leo's death at the Hot Gates, Cleombrotus led the Greeks into battle at the island of lataea. They lost the Greek allies' watering hole on Plataea and could not re-take it for three days. He performed a maneuver which had never been done with more than maybe a hundred men. He divided the Greeks and allies into three groups of somewhere between ten thousand and twenty thousand men EACH, and hid two of these groups at either side of the hill where all the fighting had occurred. One group stayed with him on the hill. Commanded by Mardonius in his golden armor, the Persians thought the Greeks had quit the island. The visible Greeks advanced to the base of the hill, then turned and fled back up it, drawing the Persians out of their ranks and into a wild chase of the Spartans who seemed to be running away. When the Persians were entirely on the hill, the hidden Greeks leaped up behind the Persians...and the Spartans turned around and came back down the hill. Every single Persian died. Including Mardonius. His gold armor had some iron in it, but the Greeks had plenty of time. The real hero of the real story is Cleombrotus, who is never even mentioned in the movies. Bravo, Cleombrotus! Many thanks.
Brendon Walker
'Brendon Walker' 2 months ago
Leonidas actually died on day two of the fighting and he was beheaded with an axe. Both movies hint at the truth without telling it
'servdchi11ed' 2 months ago
Actually women in Sparta were trained to be Spartans as well as the men they were just to defend Sparta and not really fight and they weren’t that popular
Whitney D.
'Whitney D.' 2 months ago
Actually Spartan women were trained to fight, since they were seen as the last line of defense against conquerors.
The Great Koorosh
'The Great Koorosh' 2 months ago
Everything wrong with this movie: -persians were the good guys, and the greeks were evil -greeks owned slaves but persians never did! -themistocles prefered living on "his knees" rather than dying on his feet! -greeks didnt fight open battles without armor! they even lost most of the battles to the persians while being in the phalanx -greeks were annoyed by the persian notion of freedom! -the persians actually kicked ass at marathon! only their mercenary guarded flanks collapsed, leading to defeat! -no one ever killed darius the great -artemisia wasnt evil -artemisia was in love with Xerxes the great not themistocles! -Xerxes the great never looked like that -the immortals never looked like that -the persian fleet was not greater than 600 ships -the persian invading army was less than 70,000 men -women werent respected in greece! especially not in sparta!
Sean  Heaney
'Sean Heaney' 2 months ago
The skipper has yet to put a single card on board 😂
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