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Everything Wrong With 300: Rise of an Empire -
Published: 5 months ago By: CinemaSins

By: CinemaSinsPublished: 5 months ago

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Oh, god, my head hurts. This prequel-sequel-samequel is just as full of slow-motion as you expect, and just as devoid of actual story as well. It's a real crap-show.

Next week: Two 2017 movies.

Remember, no movie is without sin! Which movie's sins should we expose next?!

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D YellowMadness
'D YellowMadness' 1 day ago
The worst thing about the arrow still being in his chest after the armor's removed is that, since it's a live action movie, they couldn't have made the scene without noticing that problem. They just assumed their audience wouldn't notice. They used slow motion for the "Now!" shot but they didn't slow down his voice. They just had him actually yell it for that long.
'darkecofreak23' 2 days ago
They dragged poor Eva Green into this movie, didn’t they? Also, Discount Gerard Butler is the male lead for Blindspot.
kaarthikeyan saravanan
The movie would have been better if it had some historical accuracy or heeded cinemasins warning.
bass and bucks
'bass and bucks' 6 days ago
The reason soldier's only wore just pants like that was because the cloth could cause infections if the fibers got stuck in their wounds
Probably one of the best ones. Especially the final after scenes.
'Potato:3' 6 days ago
ok so i think the whole "everyone fights in speedos" thing and weirdly distracting over produced CGI backgrounds were meant to resemble some kind of old painting, with their heroic nudity and exaggerated background and all.... but seriously....who stares at them for 2 hours?
'zaltmanbleroze' 1 week ago
Enjoyed this video but to answer your question about spartan women: yes they actually were trained to fight. They never showed that in any of the 2 films though.
Best gamer
'Best gamer' 1 week ago
100+ sins in under 30 seconds
Darius Whited
'Darius Whited' 1 week ago
dafuck was that transition at 14:57 ????
'LegendCZ' 1 week ago
"F*** narator, movie, producer ... and Bob!" .... What the hell did i do wrong?! Common leave me out of this!
'ronki23' 1 week ago
When will the 3rd film be out? Xerxes and the Persians need to get their asses kicked one last time!!!
Sana -
'Sana -' 2 weeks ago
Fun Fact: The women of Sparta were trained in combat in order to be able to protect their homes in times of war.
'savioursmesmerized' 2 weeks ago
The moon is bigger because of f***ing moon illusion which makes it appear bigger closer to the horizon, and horizon they have PLENTY
'savioursmesmerized' 2 weeks ago
0:17 For someone who goes out of his way to refference science, American culture and history, you couldn't research the fact that Spartans actually DID wear armor or chose to ignore it so you can bitch about this movie *DING* 0:45 History lesson again, nudity was super common in Ancient Greece. I'm actually surprised we didn't see any dicks around this movie. *DING*
Mist Prowen
'Mist Prowen' 2 weeks ago
5:20 Um... That actually happened... That event in history was what the first movie was based on...
Amir Katif
'Amir Katif' 2 weeks ago
I now empirical is now u sepk on me
'AngelSoyani' 2 weeks ago
Aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaand, We won’t be needing this anymore
Urban Chaos 2.0
'Urban Chaos 2.0' 2 weeks ago
This was a stupid movie, in every way.
'Rogash' 2 weeks ago
16:15 OR the intro to Dynasty Warriors 8
Trent Baker
'Trent Baker' 2 weeks ago
LMAO @ the "after credits" mash up at 17:24
Jules Colin
'Jules Colin' 2 weeks ago
Sllllllooooooowwwwww mmmmmmooooottttiiiioooonnnn
'savioursmesmerized' 3 weeks ago
12:18 “I would’ve removed fifty sins if he had said YES” I REFUSE TO BELIEVE THAT.
Minster maro
'Minster maro' 3 weeks ago
7:14 he is procrasticles
S. Sanchez
'S. Sanchez' 3 weeks ago
"God fuckin dammit! Why is she still talking?!" 😂😂😂
Shannon T
'Shannon T' 3 weeks ago
i was so pissed for the entire duration while watching the movie and fall asleep half way
'IAmABrokenGod' 3 weeks ago
I would have removed 500 sins on account of Eva Green nude
'Silvermouse' 3 weeks ago
Glaborous is the type of skin on your palms and soles, which is supposed to be it's kinda the opposite of smooth. Point off for blatant contradiction
Debtons Hyanzo
'Debtons Hyanzo' 3 weeks ago
Fuck you with your opinion, still love the movie
Matteo Garibaldi
'Matteo Garibaldi' 3 weeks ago
15:38 whoa i mean WHOA
Learn From Us 1
'Learn From Us 1' 4 weeks ago
This piece of crap deserves 10,000 more sins!
Joao Domingues
'Joao Domingues' 4 weeks ago
Spartan women were trained to fight and defend sparta as a last line of defence.
Skeleton King
'Skeleton King' 4 weeks ago
While I love your videos, I gotta admit: Aside from their clothings, the spartans wielded by far superior weapons, materialwise. Due to their usual phalanx-tactic, it perfectly made up for their cloth, as most enemies wouldn't ever get far enough to abuse it.
Byzantium after Byzantium
Cinema sins you're a fucking idiot who doesn't know anything about the greco-persian wars
ultronf4 original
'ultronf4 original' 1 month ago
This movie is a f*ck you to my country's history well its just 3 hours of reading a history book for each movie but no we will read half the history and say xerxes got in a pool and became a god fuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuu
Stout Shako
'Stout Shako' 1 month ago
Why does this movie keep going on and on about how beautiful the lead antagonist woman is??? Like... Maybe I've got a thing against bland looking white chicks, but... she's alright? Like... a C+ maybe? I don't think it has any bearing on her skills as an actor or her success or anything, but shit, they were acting like she was the second coming of Beyonce.
Numa Arban
'Numa Arban' 1 month ago
oh so his name was Themistokles. All this time I thought they referred to him as The Mystic Lease....
James Amril-Kesh
'James Amril-Kesh' 1 month ago
"Glabrous and smooth" lol apparently glabrous basically means smooth, as in hairless. So it's "smooth and smooth".
Daniel Maczák
'Daniel Maczák' 1 month ago
this one was awesome, thanks <3
Evan Taylor
'Evan Taylor' 1 month ago
I study classics and these movies are so wrong it hurts
'Pinapley' 1 month ago
Artemisia was owned by his "Testockles"
sotirios dutsias
'sotirios dutsias' 1 month ago
Actualy in ancient Sparta women had almost the same rights as men.
'Doktor' 1 month ago
The very beggining got me XD already dropped a like
'TheOnlyProGamer' 1 month ago
VideoGameMasterMind Cthulhu nerd
You know if in honest. This movie goes from action to porno. Quickly
'Bud' 1 month ago
doin the sex thing. with the penis and the vagina and stuff. "Join me" "No" I fucking paused the video and left my room.
Comrade Ivan Ivanov Ivanovich
Whenever i want to laugh i come back and replay the "wont be needing this anymore" scenes
Joe Arguin
'Joe Arguin' 1 month ago
This movie is garbage. Not even historically accurate
Haider Pervaiz
'Haider Pervaiz' 2 months ago
Man sometimes the facts you talk about about the sins in movies make me roll on the floor.Seriously you are the best 👍👏
jeremy crisp
'jeremy crisp' 2 months ago
I actually liked this movie. But I was shit. Liked/hated it lol
Anti Monster Departement
Did you mentioned the presence of that fucking WW1 cruiser in the persian side (the one who was vommiting oil everywhere) on the second part of the naval battle ?
'Rebeca' 2 months ago
Not meant to insult or in anyway pick a fight, but can't we have a nice movie with Asian culture references that doesn't need white actors/actresses like "Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon".. I'm not shitting on Hollywood or anything. However, there needs to be a point where "westernizing" everything is bad - just look at Ghost in the Shell.
Tom Müller
'Tom Müller' 2 months ago
Well, the only sin missing in my Opinion is Artemisia shooting this one dude three times in the battle, waiting two minutes until she fires the next (flaming) arrow and NEVER shooting again, even though she could basiclly snipe all the Greek stripper-soliders and end the movie in like no time
'MatRaupach' 2 months ago
Just for your info: Spartan woman WERE trained in the art of war. And they were pretty well trained! Most likely the second best warriors at that time period... only inferior to spartan men! Why? Not because of some sexist shit that woman may be weaker.. no its the amount of practice... the spartan men practiced almost entirely for war, although they got some lessons in poetry and writing and so on, but the majority of their education was based on the art of war. The spartan women on the other hand received a far broader education, for example they also got educated in economics because they were the ones who basically ran the city state, BUT they also got a fair amount of weapons training and wrestling and so on, that's because the spartan women were the last line of defense should the spartan army ever get destroyed. The "joke" Leonidas made to Xerxes in 300 that he could have let the women fight his army and they would still defeat his soldiers... that was no joke at all... The spartan warrior society was different than any other... and spartan woman were actually equal to men! (take that womans rights movement), but in the spartan society woman were considered way more important than men, because they could give birth to new Spartans and that was also their objective while they stayed home. Not to forget that the kids (yes boys and girls) got they early education from their mothers and that included training how to fight. The boys later at age 7 went to their state-run military training program called agoge . Oh and Spartans were considered very pretty, because there were no obese Spartans: Every Spartan who became physically unfit(male and female) got shamed in public and if they didn't change they got cast out of the city. so every Spartan woman was in top shape and knew how to fight... Unlike the other city states were even the actual soldiers only got a sporadic weapon instruction just before they moved into a battle... Nowadays the spartan society would be called cruel and without morals, but in my opinion they just had different standards that are in some way worth of respect.
zephyrus the ghost
'zephyrus the ghost' 2 months ago
Come on man Bob did his best
Claudio Theobaldo
'Claudio Theobaldo' 2 months ago
You know what's the worst? Glabrous means "Smooth" and she says Glabrous and smooth OMG!!!
'LedAvalon' 2 months ago
With that last sin, spartan women were trained how to fight because they were the last line of defence if Sparta were to be attacked while the men were at war so the women were expected to know how to fight.
'DJ QD' 2 months ago
Aakash Binu
'Aakash Binu' 2 months ago
Let's see you make one on Ben hur
danny moore
'danny moore' 2 months ago
I found the incredibly funny but would like to point out some of your history facts were just wrong, like women were trained in Sparta.
'MrRolyat98' 2 months ago
Omg. That basic instinct reference with Xerxes and Wayne Knight. Lol. I'm done.
'Christopher' 2 months ago
how about revising this and adding an extra 100 sins for the part about the Spartan navy showing up...I mean like wtf...
Ron Lewenberg
'Ron Lewenberg' 2 months ago
Glaborous is a real word meaning hairless, which will never come up in real life. Then again, "glabrous and Godlike" is certainly better that "suffering from Alopecia Universalis."
'QuickMix' 2 months ago
Annnnd it's a great movie that's engaging and action packed, very underrated movie. In fact it's STILL one of the greatest experience I've had going to the movies as of yet...
'Danger418' 2 months ago
This is the funniest sins video I have seen so far :D lmao
Jonny B
'Jonny B' 2 months ago
Eva Green has the most disappointing nipples ever. Hahaha.
'JustJoshingYa' 2 months ago
A lot of these sins were inaccurate. I agree with most of then, but a little research would've gone a long way. Most of the combat and tactics were actual battle tactics and Athens was the best at naval warfare in all of Greece. Their shock troops and navy made them one of the best next to Sparta. One of the only things inaccurate combat wise besides the obvious b.s. and Hollywood exaggeration was the lack of armour. Spartans, Athens, and other Greek city states wore armour. They wore bronze armor and the Persians arrows were made from shitty wood which bounced off of the Greek armour and helmets. Persians were poor equipped and poorly trained because they were a slave army for the most part. Their navy really did get smashed by Athens easily until Persia sent most of their navy at once.
todd cabaniss
'todd cabaniss' 2 months ago
0:14 Be glad the movie wasn't historically accurate. If I'm not mistaken, the Spartans fought nude.
Dogs Rule the world
'Dogs Rule the world' 2 months ago
It’s basically a bad movie remake of rise son of Rome
mormorda 666
'mormorda 666' 2 months ago
You're mentioning the pants and capes as something not good for war lol you clearly don't know anything about the Spartans. The beginning is easy to follow lol it's just showing the lead up to him becoming a god king.
Muntathir Al-Herz
'Muntathir Al-Herz' 2 months ago
About sin #187: That's a very big a** moon
'MMAMELEEdotCOM' 3 months ago
I love your channel. Great work. It's fun rewatching all the movies in 10 minutes. +Cinemasins @Cinemasins can someone please explain to ne the Ex Machina reference in most of the videos? Pretty much I heard it in his videos beofre that movie came out. Also I'm assuming Cinamawins is related to this channel but it has a different guys voice. Are both owned by the same company or just so happens one guys does wins other does since? Surprised copyright violations don't shut it down. Joe Rogan gets his videos pulled down all the time for interviews and songs playing and he has argueably if not true the biggest podcast on youtube. Thanks, keep up the good work.
Josh Rak
'Josh Rak' 3 months ago
It's a very terrible movie
'heddalee' 3 months ago
Biggest sin: that somehow, all those buff dudes were torso-hairless.
'wikiwikiwee' 3 months ago
3:57 i cracked up
'wikiwikiwee' 3 months ago
You forgot to sin that they made this movie anyway
'H M' 3 months ago
1:39 because they speak the same language??????
'H M' 3 months ago
is no one talking about the persian accents like.............. no
'H M' 3 months ago
if feel like i get what he's saying about turning into a god cuz films show everything inaccurately i bet when it was in that actual time he walked out the same like looking but he was different, he was cleansed and so he and everyone else believed he was a god
Jarrod Scoggins
'Jarrod Scoggins' 3 months ago
'Derp' 3 months ago
Joe Seaton
'Joe Seaton' 3 months ago
I'm fairly certain 'monster army' refers to the size of the army, rather than what's in it
'jugsforthewin' 3 months ago
Midachlorians as in parks and recreations
Eli Mui
'Eli Mui' 3 months ago
7:36 was amazing
'aemrico' 3 months ago
think this is your best 1
Jamie John
'Jamie John' 3 months ago
I found this more enjoyable than the film itself. XD Navel warfare is cool and all, but if you want it done right watch ''The Admiral.''
'alxxpspqr' 3 months ago
@3:15 No Wait! So that dude dips into the pool and comes out as a fucking walking jewelry store?! Damn!! :)))
Vishal Anand
'Vishal Anand' 3 months ago
I would give 1000 sins just for fake ass CGI blood in this movie
'Lufsty' 3 months ago
There is something wrong in the first picture! The spartan's dicks were faced low
Morgan Clasper
'Morgan Clasper' 3 months ago
I was going to write a long essay pointing out the flaws in this movie, but fuck it. Only two main points - Darius I wasn't killed, and that female general did exist, but was NOWHERE NEAR as important. As a really brief recap, Darius I of the Persians attacks the Greeks, but fails, and his son Xerxes attacks Greece many years later. The battle of Thermopylae where Leonidas is killed happens simultaneously with the naval battle of Artemisium, with the Greeks commanded by Themistocles. Reinforcements arrive from the Greeks (not the Spartans) part way through, but this happens between conflicts. These two battles are considered losses for the Greeks, before Athens is sacked and the battle of Salamis occurs, where the Greek navy, again commanded by Themistocles, defeat the Persian navy. After this the Greeks defeat the Persians at the battles of Plataea and Mycale, land and naval battles respectively. The Persians withdraw across the Hellespont with most of their army, and the Greeks spend many years reclaiming lost land.
Andrew Manook
'Andrew Manook' 3 months ago
1 major sin is that the Persians are nothing like this movie depicts.
'DEVOLVER' 3 months ago
Fuck You Hollywood for combining phony CGI, your revisionist depiction of ancient civilizations and your gayness.Fuck you,video game generation for paying to see these stupid movies and encouraging Hollywood to keep shitting them out.
'stormreaper7' 3 months ago
Glabrous: smooth. "He was stripped, cleansed, (smooth) and smooth". Get smacked 300 sequel
'therev2100' 3 months ago
You should have removed 50 sins for Sullivan Stapleton going all Damien Scott at the 12:00 minute mark
'AtomicPickle1' 3 months ago
03:23 is verbose over articulating. "Glabrous" and "smooth" mean the same thing. And yes.........I looked up Glabrous in a dictionary.
Rudolfo GAR
'Rudolfo GAR' 3 months ago
That artery you said the little girls sliced is on the inside of the leg. Some of your points make since but there are a few of your points that just sound like you complaining and bashing the movie. For example, the spartans and the Athenians didn't get along because while the Athenians worshipped Athena, the spartans worshipped Ares, even though two gods/goddesses of war they approach war different, one stratagetic and one brutally... So it would make since that the queen of Sparta wouldnt trust a warrior of Athens...if you know and understand their relations. And this is just one example. Another is on the previous video where you the the freak couldnt get a spot just because he couldnt lift his sheild...nope, the spartans, almost like the samurai, practiced in different aspects and positions of war. So the people behind the "wall of spartans" were going to be doing that in the next battle. The only person who doesn't change his position is the king, in which even though he doesnt have to, he still would. So there would be know way that hunch back freak would stay in the back or front of the wall, he would eventually participate in the wall in which, JUST LIKE WHAT LEONITUS SAYS, you wouldnt be able to defend your "butt brother" from the left nor the right. Who would have been a busted leg on a centapede. But like I said, most of your comments make sence and even make me laugh.
Marc Anthony
'Marc Anthony' 3 months ago
And won't be needing this anymore
'pssywagn' 3 months ago
Alright! A shout out to Mythbusters!
Burnt Orange
'Burnt Orange' 3 months ago
0:41 That's wrong. If I remember correctly Athens was emty when Xerxes arrived. The population left and later rebuilt the city after the Persian Wars were over. So no, there should be no human remains.
Shawn Samurai
'Shawn Samurai' 3 months ago
Beta cuck, sound of voice, dismissal of talent, negative, etc.
'CommissarFox' 3 months ago
I can't believe Themistokles quoted Kill la Kill. "Fear is freedom. Subjugation is liberation. Contradiction is truth." Just had Satsuki flashbacks.
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