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Kevin Delaney Makes a Cloud -
Published: 3 years ago By: The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon

By: The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy FallonPublished: 3 years ago

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Jimmy and Lucy Liu perform science experiments with Kevin Delaney, including making a giant cloud in Studio 6B. 

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Kevin Delaney Makes a Cloud

Xavier Hall
'Xavier Hall' 13 hours ago
Can he be my dad?😢😢😢😭
Shubhanshu Dubey
'Shubhanshu Dubey' 2 days ago
Zach Galifianakis????
'ANIRUDDH MISHRA' 3 days ago
He should have been my science teacher.
Miss Anna
'Miss Anna' 4 days ago
That was pretty f*ckin' awesome
Keegan Browning
'Keegan Browning' 4 days ago
This dude is fucking awesome
'Primo_' 1 week ago
I've tried to tell my generation how great science. No one believes me until stuff like this happens.
Puja Dey
'Puja Dey' 2 weeks ago
Daisyre Vidal
'Daisyre Vidal' 3 weeks ago
4:03 a mushroom cloud was formed
'fer' 3 weeks ago
Esta parte del programa se parece mucho al Hormiguero 🇪🇸
Luca Chaschte
'Luca Chaschte' 4 weeks ago
Isnt it dangerous cuz tha gas stays in the lungs?
tim timmy
'tim timmy' 1 month ago
i love lucy and i miss her as Alex
Sven-Bertil Tååbe
'Sven-Bertil Tååbe' 2 months ago
Those heels. A real lady.
Pierre Luc
'Pierre Luc' 2 months ago
Hurry up hurry up.. That's annoying..
petrolheads l
'petrolheads l' 2 months ago
I thought it was jack black with a fake beard in the thumbnail 😂😂
Hanna Farquhar
'Hanna Farquhar' 2 months ago
He should have disappeared when he made the cloud that would have been so cool
Sharlele Tea Room
'Sharlele Tea Room' 2 months ago
😂😂😂😂😂Lol the helium part
Sergio Landro
'Sergio Landro' 2 months ago
The only thing I cared was Lucy's feet and nice shoes o.O
southside savage
'southside savage' 3 months ago
So since we're aware of how to make artificial weather, does this mean we can actually control the weather?
god 412
'god 412' 3 months ago
s/o James Delaney lol
Kute Kupcake
'Kute Kupcake' 3 months ago
Petra Kann
'Petra Kann' 3 months ago
Not all the SF6 breathed in will be exhaled. Due to its high density some of the SF6 will remain in the bottom of the lungs. Hang upside down for a few minutes whilst breathing and the small amount of SF6 that settled in the bottom of the lungs should be expelled. Although SF6 is essentially inert and has a low "known" toxicity in humans that doesnt mean that breathing the gas is a healthy thing to do (especially a lot of GAS)
Diego Aguilar B.
'Diego Aguilar B.' 3 months ago
Much funnier than the animal guy
I was hoping they would act slo mo when they breathed it in 😂
Mac Hack
'Mac Hack' 3 months ago
why do all the scientist do the same experiment over and over in each and every talk shows.
'Flash_760' 4 months ago
The only thing I noticed what Lucy omg she so hot... 😗😍😍😍
Des Tro
'Des Tro' 4 months ago
*So Asians just dont get old huh?*
Des Tro
'Des Tro' 4 months ago
*Lucy looks like the sexiest teacher in the university*
Des Tro
'Des Tro' 4 months ago
*i swear i thought the Helium trick was a sound effect all the time*
'GEEK GUY' 4 months ago
That nitrogen blast was insane.... 😍
'SπdR' 4 months ago
Bruh I can make a THICCer cloud than that with my VAPE
'Couuette' 5 months ago
I regularly watch this video to get a good laugh. Always great !
Kaustabh Ganguly
'Kaustabh Ganguly' 5 months ago
copied james corden
Rimsha Khalid
'Rimsha Khalid' 5 months ago
1:34 this is soooooooooooo fucking dope
Rimsha Khalid
'Rimsha Khalid' 5 months ago
I love these people they are bringing on to the show
'NonoChippy' 5 months ago
The dude at kimmel did the same
Superior Planet
'Superior Planet' 5 months ago
Kevin Delaney = Adam Hyneman
Abigail Melo
'Abigail Melo' 6 months ago
'Abraham' 6 months ago
Name of the Rose
'Name of the Rose' 6 months ago
I'm already wet.
'ZeroForceDown' 6 months ago
The Irish Man
'The Irish Man' 6 months ago
Thomas Byrne
'Thomas Byrne' 6 months ago
Don't they call science experts scientist ?
'xZondor' 6 months ago
Lucy liu got all wet from that last experiment...if you know what i mean :>
'sidekicKs' 6 months ago
Tommy Shenoi
'Tommy Shenoi' 6 months ago
Literally copies every single thing from ellen and Americas got talent
Faded Wolf 833
'Faded Wolf 833' 6 months ago
He came to my school today
milky bloodbone
'milky bloodbone' 6 months ago
universal reaction to science experiments. woww..
'YomummmGaming' 6 months ago
You can always make a cloud if you vape 😤😤🙏
Kat Beschinski
'Kat Beschinski' 6 months ago
Holy Hell, is this Alton Brown’s brother from another mother or something 😶
Hood Doggo
'Hood Doggo' 6 months ago
You'll float too
Craig Seewer
'Craig Seewer' 6 months ago
Kevin is the smart science guy that is going to save the world form destruction caused by our idiotic orange president. Just like in a disaster movie
Rainy Msp
'Rainy Msp' 6 months ago
hi bitches
Me Cuelga
'Me Cuelga' 6 months ago
Him doing that voice, reminded me of the Taxi movie he was in
Billy Terante
'Billy Terante' 6 months ago
So this is what ninjas use to get away. Science is awesome.
Elie al Lakkis
'Elie al Lakkis' 6 months ago
This reminded me of your movie Taxi in the scene where you were trapped with Queen Latifah in the Garage breathing laugh gaz XD
'XxSNORLAXxX POkeMON' 7 months ago
He sound like rick but fat .no offend
Bluesclu M
'Bluesclu M' 7 months ago
It would’ve been hilarious if he jumped behind the desk when that smoke cloud went up so it looked like a magic act
Tango the Hutt
'Tango the Hutt' 7 months ago
Terrorist nukes Jimmy Fallon live!!!
Still_Reflection 19
'Still_Reflection 19' 7 months ago
She’s wearing open toed shoes, she should not be allowed to be in the lab.
Ratt pack
'Ratt pack' 7 months ago
yo wtf 🅱🅱y the girl get no gloves SEXIST!!
EnCue Designs
'EnCue Designs' 7 months ago
I feel like i saw these exact experiments with a different scientist on another talk show..
'Heijmdal' 7 months ago
4:03 everytime a hot girl walks by
Original Recipe
'Original Recipe' 7 months ago
That was tits
abacada seesyou
'abacada seesyou' 7 months ago
She's that pretty chick from Kill Bill
Nick Smith
'Nick Smith' 7 months ago
"Science expert" lmao ok
'Wanker' 7 months ago
What if you can make a smoke bomb out of it?
Ian Ferman
'Ian Ferman' 7 months ago
this just copied the scientist on james corden: same experiments
Landon Hernandez
'Landon Hernandez' 7 months ago
It's hagrid!!!!
Southwestjet 1992
'Southwestjet 1992' 7 months ago
My chemistry teacher did the first thing with the flames on the first day
Sandra Salerno
'Sandra Salerno' 8 months ago
I Love this kind of science
Navdeep Bajwa
'Navdeep Bajwa' 8 months ago
Nami from one piece gotta step up her game
Ali gamingYT
'Ali gamingYT' 9 months ago
4:03 everybody dies from the nuke explosion
'TheGamingMonkey' 9 months ago
He found out the recipe to batmans smoke bombs
John Daniel Esguerra
'John Daniel Esguerra' 9 months ago
Sulfur Hexaflouride is really a heavy gas and makes your voice as deep as the ocean.
Miguel Gastelum
'Miguel Gastelum' 9 months ago
Steve spangles copier
'Melissa' 9 months ago
For anyone who's into science, come and join our Discord community:
Sheema Shah
'Sheema Shah' 9 months ago
I loooove science
Tigerguy 101
'Tigerguy 101' 9 months ago
2:20 did they slow the speed down 😂😂
alex dzabeniuc
'alex dzabeniuc' 9 months ago
i think im immune to helium.
Jed Teng
'Jed Teng' 10 months ago
lucy didnt expect that its that wet...
Fifty BMX
'Fifty BMX' 10 months ago
Lucy fine af
'DrBones669' 10 months ago
the science guy on kimmel does cool stuff too. but it takes a certain type of host to make the entire experience great and fallon just nails it. kimmel is too much of an ahole and ruins the entire segment.
'Dead_ShoulderS' 10 months ago
Is that Asa Akira?
'Mrsmiley186' 11 months ago
Ninja Vanish!
mak p
'mak p' 11 months ago
That is so cool.
jack rayner
'jack rayner' 11 months ago
holy mery mother of josheph that is one magnificent beard
Boi Meme
'Boi Meme' 11 months ago
Kevin is dope af
Luiza Costa
'Luiza Costa' 11 months ago
He asked for a drumroll and got an applause?? 😂😂
Dafagit 999
'Dafagit 999' 11 months ago
I've seen this somewhere......
Christian Villacres
'Christian Villacres' 11 months ago
2:27 the best part, they look like kids
Elijah Vile
'Elijah Vile' 11 months ago
My reading teachers name is kevin Delaney. That's so weird
'DynamitezVerde' 11 months ago
Wtf. In chemistry I'm doing BCA tables and finding molarity, and figuring out the pressure of things through temperature. I wanna make a fucking cloud.
'natalie' 11 months ago
I made a few clouds of my own before watching this
Jacqui Power
'Jacqui Power' 11 months ago
Is that the idiot sandwich lady?
Oriah Mendoza
'Oriah Mendoza' 11 months ago
that's my home town!
'Kitty' 12 months ago
LUCY LIU OMG I came for science but omgg such a pleasant surprise I LOVE YOU LUCY :D
Dead Locke
'Dead Locke' 12 months ago
Watch with caution. Sulfurhexaflouride might not be toxic, but it can suffocate you if you're not careful. Since its heavier than air, the only way to get it out of your lungs is to hang upside down and breath for a few minutes. If you don't do this, it sits there and reduces the amount space for breathable air until you either get it out accidentally, or hyperventilate, pass out, and soffocate.
Jaden Tsang
'Jaden Tsang' 12 months ago
so funny
'Nero4491' 12 months ago
Now i know how the green arrow disguises his voice
'Nero4491' 12 months ago
Now i know how the green arrow disguises his voice
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