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Guys Get The Oil Sucked Out Of Their Pores -
Published: 10 months ago By: BuzzFeedBlue

By: BuzzFeedBluePublished: 10 months ago

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'w1ldh0rserider' 1 day ago
That guy with the beanie is so cute
'Zhulik' 2 days ago
Health Kandy has a miracle skin supplement that cleared my skin after over 10 years of acne. Everyone who has pimples or oily skin should try it
'Alyssa16' 2 days ago
“I thought I had dry skin but, I was proven otherwise.”
Thin Blue Line
'Thin Blue Line' 3 days ago
I think buzzfeed has a different definition of the word "guys" than the rest of the world
Savage Unicorn
'Savage Unicorn' 5 days ago
Did u just assume their gender
'aJay0694' 7 days ago
R they all gay
Strike YT
'Strike YT' 7 days ago
Why are they all gay
michelle ramos
'michelle ramos' 1 week ago
"I look like garbage but my skin is so nice" I love him lmaoo
'cheryl' 2 weeks ago
buzzfeed is truly running out of ideas
Carmen Cox
'Carmen Cox' 2 weeks ago
0:55 cringe affff
vargas rachel
'vargas rachel' 2 weeks ago
I did this and nothing came off. I have super dry skin so makes sense.
Joshua Escalante
'Joshua Escalante' 2 weeks ago
0:29 show vagene
Sofia K
'Sofia K' 2 weeks ago
The guy at 00:27 lowkey reminds me of Shane Dawson
RetroPocky Stick
'RetroPocky Stick' 2 weeks ago
"I might look like garbage, but my skin is actually really nice." Relatable 2017
'EpicMickey' 2 weeks ago
i'm not trying to be homophobic, but can you not get anyone else to try these things who aren't gay? it gets pretty annoying to listen to after a while.
Fatima Altaee
'Fatima Altaee' 2 weeks ago
I see girls doing this in my class and I’ve been looking for it ever since
knowledge doge
'knowledge doge' 2 weeks ago
Rice paper? So can i eat it?
Samuel Cuaresma
'Samuel Cuaresma' 3 weeks ago
Madison Heinkens
'Madison Heinkens' 3 weeks ago
He doesn't look like garbage he's cute 😍
'Franscescaaa' 3 weeks ago
Once i tried this (a year ago) and since then my face got really dry, and my skin started to peel of and i’ll never try this again omg
Taylor Yuill
'Taylor Yuill' 4 weeks ago
"i look like garbage, but my skin is so nice" honestly me too
R.R. NationTV
'R.R. NationTV' 4 weeks ago
What’s with all the feminism?
Mason *Vlone*
'Mason *Vlone*' 4 weeks ago
I thought the Asian would eat the rice papers
That_ girl_maegan
'That_ girl_maegan' 1 month ago
“I have normal skin” 😂😂🙋🏼
Sydney Johnson
'Sydney Johnson' 1 month ago
Did anyone else hear laughing at the end?
Higashikata Josuke
'Higashikata Josuke' 1 month ago
these guys gay as fak
Sarah Jarrett
'Sarah Jarrett' 1 month ago
when i use the blotting sheets literally nothing comes off... now that's what i call dry skin
adir avraham
'adir avraham' 1 month ago
Dosent the oil helps your skin to stay young? why would ya wanna take it off?
Lord Gunther
'Lord Gunther' 1 month ago
Bianca Atmodjo
'Bianca Atmodjo' 1 month ago
"I look like garbage, but my skin is so nice" me
Bowen Wang
'Bowen Wang' 2 months ago
I would do this but I'd need another one an hour later
'Virginsuicde' 2 months ago
Justine Plemons
'Justine Plemons' 2 months ago
I like to call this "something I do every single day, multiple times a day"
chickfila sauce
'chickfila sauce' 2 months ago
Why Tf Did I Watch This
Yilbram Olayo
'Yilbram Olayo' 2 months ago
Why does buzzfeed pick out the gayest gay people that have ever been gay ever
'magicSNIPER-_-' 2 months ago
Why do u choose all the gay guys to do it tho
Melaysia dollars
'Melaysia dollars' 2 months ago
I need this
•Eliza Thomson•
'•Eliza Thomson•' 2 months ago
Don't fall for it..... READ MORE
'vRaptor_US' 2 months ago
Why is it always gay people
Cierra Caudill
'Cierra Caudill' 2 months ago
Looks like someone needed to turn in an assignment fast
'triquetramax' 2 months ago
lady tested, lady approved - Jared 😂
ThE InFaMoUs1
'ThE InFaMoUs1' 2 months ago
why is there so many gay men on buzzfeed
Nathan Scarlett
'Nathan Scarlett' 2 months ago
Yall need Jesus
Michael Collins
'Michael Collins' 2 months ago
oh look a white guy on buzzfeed... aaaannnnd hes gay
Amy T.
'Amy T.' 2 months ago
Never thought I'd see guys nervous to try oil blotting sheets.
Silia Naeata
'Silia Naeata' 2 months ago
Just snorted at the last guy saying the ladylike slogan 😂 nice!
'itsmadimay' 2 months ago
i use at least three of those things a day
'eolhc' 2 months ago
ppl need to tour around a japanese drug store and try everything lmao
'Aminah' 2 months ago
What do you call channels like this?
Mr Swifty From the 313
This shitll cause hella pimples cuz when u take oil out your body needs oil so it produces more and sometimes it over produces causing pimples
'Noura' 3 months ago
Buzzfeed is running out of ideas 💡
'Cactustattoos' 3 months ago
i love this stuff
Wyatt Smith
'Wyatt Smith' 3 months ago
This is literally just gay guys wiping their faces.
amelia pozzi
'amelia pozzi' 3 months ago
kids this is why you wash your face (and mens face wash is a thing or just use womens its unscented)
Karleigh Mullins
'Karleigh Mullins' 3 months ago
I am DESPERATE for something like this but I'm a little iffy... like does it strip natural oils? Is it harmful to my skin? Things like that but my face is so oily I'm hesitant to put on face lotion because I feel like it makes it more oily... can anyone help?
Chicago Skater
'Chicago Skater' 3 months ago
I'm a guy and I do this because george bush tried to invade my face for oil.
Antonis Mamais
'Antonis Mamais' 3 months ago
Why are they scared?
Nikkiiskindacool 338
'Nikkiiskindacool 338' 3 months ago
"I look like garbage but my skin is so nice" k same
Olivia Macdonald
'Olivia Macdonald' 3 months ago
This is literally the dumbest video on YouTube a waste of my time and the people in this video.
Assassin Gaming
'Assassin Gaming' 3 months ago
Is that ryland? Shane's boyfriend?
'シャシャゾン' 3 months ago
Nick Slayr Music
'Nick Slayr Music' 4 months ago
Feminists: *reads title and gets triggered* Y NO GIRL?!?!?!?!?!?!?!
Copenhagen King
'Copenhagen King' 4 months ago
So is every guy they get on here a queerdo fruitcake?
'Benatryl' 4 months ago
why are they all gay
Hayun Won
'Hayun Won' 4 months ago
the blond guy didnt even show his paper
They call me Shade
'They call me Shade' 4 months ago
Ofc half of them are gay
Juanita M
'Juanita M' 4 months ago
This title is high key click bait lmao I thought it was like professionally extracted if that's even a thing
Darien Ler
'Darien Ler' 4 months ago
why waste perfectly good rice when u can just use tissue or face cleanser
Ada Chunhavajira
'Ada Chunhavajira' 4 months ago
I thought that I had oily skin. But using my moms, nothing came out... so...hehe...nice.....
Sarah Refalo
'Sarah Refalo' 4 months ago
omg the asian guy is like me after i blot xD
'c' 4 months ago
Honestly I thought all of their skin looked much better afterwards
'c' 4 months ago
Oh wth, I have to try this
'Callum' 4 months ago
U are so out of ideas ffs
tim cook
'tim cook' 5 months ago
why does buzzfeed assume that these videos are funny?
0starbuckkss s
'0starbuckkss s' 5 months ago
i need this
The one that looks Chinese
Buzzfeed are seriously running out of ideas. They hit the point of going lower than low
The Sassy Pineapple
'The Sassy Pineapple' 5 months ago
I thought this was gonna be some weird vaccum thing but nope
'bhernand03' 5 months ago
Not that it matters, but it's gay guys not guys
jaden evans
'jaden evans' 5 months ago
I was expecting some sort of high tech machine that they put over their head and just sucks the oil out of them, but no, it's just fucking paper.
jaden evans
'jaden evans' 5 months ago
The title was clearly over exaggerated
'airanator1212' 5 months ago
Apparently every dude at buzzfeed is fucking gay I guess
•coco cat•
'•coco cat•' 5 months ago
Mylia Hope
'Mylia Hope' 5 months ago
"I look like garbage but my skin is so nice" That's deadass me
wesley ross
'wesley ross' 5 months ago
Why do all the white guys on buzz feed seem gay/hip
'Poppy's Plant' 5 months ago
Great. Now can I use the oil for cooking?
Mai Bui
'Mai Bui' 5 months ago
This is just people using oil blotting sheets which have been around forever so it's nothing new buzzfeed. Like I have oil blotting paper from target brand in my room, WOOOWOWOWOWOW.
'KatherineAceKelly' 5 months ago
"I look like garbage but my skin is so nice" same dude
kathy huynh
'kathy huynh' 5 months ago
Getting oil sucked out of their pores. Really buzzfeed these are just blotting sheets
Chay Dichter
'Chay Dichter' 5 months ago
I love when guys are like "I have normal skin" when in reality you can see with your naked eye that they're a grease pit.
Melly Do
'Melly Do' 5 months ago
Emma V
'Emma V' 5 months ago
Not sure how I always end up at videos like this.
'Winston' 5 months ago
Via Blackheart
'Via Blackheart' 5 months ago
The Legendary Dummy
'The Legendary Dummy' 5 months ago
I think Kane is the most dirtiest of all
'alextheskaterdude07' 5 months ago
Adolfo Cepeda
'Adolfo Cepeda' 5 months ago
i need some....
'J C' 5 months ago
If you have dry skin, that doesn't mean you don't have oily skin.
Lenny Face
'Lenny Face' 5 months ago
maybe you can use those oils to cook jkjkjk
Jeremy kyles
'Jeremy kyles' 6 months ago
Whoa the us is too greedy .why are they invading other countries with oil when they have tons of them on their faces
Cat Lover
'Cat Lover' 6 months ago
their oily as fries 🍟🍟
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