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Guys Get The Oil Sucked Out Of Their Pores -
Published: 1 year ago By: BuzzFeedBlue

By: BuzzFeedBluePublished: 1 year ago

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Where did this come from?!

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'vodka' 4 hours ago
I have the oiliest skin ever, I need at least 100 of these
Ramen Plays
'Ramen Plays' 2 days ago
This is evidence that we Asians are supperior
coooltroll Nub
'coooltroll Nub' 5 days ago
So what's up with guys these days being so unmascline. There wimpy now and have feminine voices. They're more feminine than females like wtf?
colleen taylor
'colleen taylor' 6 days ago
why is nobody talking abt ryland
천지 Chunji
'천지 Chunji' 7 days ago
Omg I have to get this
My dads a lawyer You cant arrest me
I thought the dude on the thumbnail wad rich chigga
'GEEZ JUICE' 1 week ago
Tryphophobia triggered
fff666 fff666
'fff666 fff666' 1 week ago
It shoud be the gays!!!!
Clay B
'Clay B' 2 weeks ago
#liberal network
Rory Good
'Rory Good' 2 weeks ago
Every guy at Buzzfeed is either Asian, gay or very effeminate.
sammy tunes
'sammy tunes' 2 weeks ago
"i look like garbage but my skin is nice"
Video 4Wattpad
'Video 4Wattpad' 2 weeks ago
“Lady tested Lady approved, just kidding. ... did they trademark that?” 😳😂😂
Jordan Walker
'Jordan Walker' 2 weeks ago
I have the same shirt that the guy with the backwards baseball cap on is wearing
Joey Skinner
'Joey Skinner' 2 weeks ago
How many of the guys are gay of not white?
XpertNeonGamer Roblox
Super succ
mackenzee riggs
'mackenzee riggs' 2 weeks ago
Read it as Padildo
Bwez Cwez
'Bwez Cwez' 2 weeks ago
Are you sure the one in the red beanie is a guy
'Kamwon' 3 weeks ago
Why are all these guys gayyyy
Toaster Oven
'Toaster Oven' 3 weeks ago
My skin is as dry as my sense of humor
'CrĀzY ViRūS' 3 weeks ago
“I look like garbage, but my skin is so nice.” SAME
Grant’s CREAMIEST memes
'Wildn' Wit ghost' 3 weeks ago
It’s not guys it gays. Why can’t there be a mix
Dan Knecht
'Dan Knecht' 3 weeks ago
“I don’t have a lot of oil on my face” *wipes off an ocean of oil
Raheim Hinds
'Raheim Hinds' 3 weeks ago
Why so many gays?
Korewakore Sorewasore
why are buzzfeed people so weird
'k' 3 weeks ago
Abdullah Mok
'Abdullah Mok' 3 weeks ago
Mystery solved! Humans do produce oil!
Kurt Reyes
'Kurt Reyes' 3 weeks ago
Does it permanently remove the oil?
Maatekie Okine
'Maatekie Okine' 3 weeks ago
“This is perfect for me because I’m .... I have dry skin “ I thought he was gonna say cause he is Asian 😂😂😂
'Sara_Smiles' 3 weeks ago
Kids in Africa could've eaten this
A_ Coolness
'A_ Coolness' 3 weeks ago
Boi I need this
Sidhant Sood
'Sidhant Sood' 3 weeks ago
Fucking white people
'FrankieTheGamer' 3 weeks ago
Oil sucked out of gay people
The Republic
'The Republic' 4 weeks ago
Gays are scum
Sweetiekitty Zoe
'Sweetiekitty Zoe' 4 weeks ago
Also this is perfect for me cuz I am ASIAN!!!!!
Brad Hargis
'Brad Hargis' 4 weeks ago
So no straight guys volunteered for this?
Nicole Hernandez
'Nicole Hernandez' 4 weeks ago
hey everybody..... you know those brownish spots that are left over where a pimple used to be? yeah, ummm i would REALLY appreciate any suggestions for products that help with fading them! (I know they begin to fade after months and months but I still would like some suggestions) >.< thank you!!
'tyloud18' 4 weeks ago
Why does it seem like they made all gay dudes do it
'Mlgm8' 4 weeks ago
When ur running out of video ideas
Kay Iqbal
'Kay Iqbal' 4 weeks ago
Quality content.
Ravel Keiten-Davey
'Ravel Keiten-Davey' 1 month ago
I want this
Justin J
'Justin J' 1 month ago
Why are they all gay?
Anissa Lingley
'Anissa Lingley' 1 month ago
Lol even a lifetime supply of these puppies wouldn't be enough for my face 😂😭😂
leon sonyers
'leon sonyers' 1 month ago
I only clicked cause the thumbnail had me thinking this was Jeremy Lin
lifehacks2017 marits
Where can you by that
'Remy' 1 month ago
Vinny M
'Vinny M' 1 month ago
So do you guys purposely find the gayest hipsters in LA for your videos?
bob berge
'bob berge' 1 month ago
Are all these guys cockwrangles? Seriously.. These dudes are homosexual..👬
Andre Aladdin
'Andre Aladdin' 1 month ago
So sickeningly camp.
Jason Brown
'Jason Brown' 1 month ago
Commander November
'Commander November' 1 month ago
Its oil blotting paper
Alvaro Velazquez
'Alvaro Velazquez' 1 month ago
I need this
'OCTAPUS 444' 1 month ago
Oh god the homosexuality in this vid.... блять!
Tokyo Mi
'Tokyo Mi' 1 month ago
Why are they so scared? It’s just paper 😂
Eileen Dover
'Eileen Dover' 1 month ago
Do you have to be effeminate to use this?!?
Delightful Douschebaggery
Always have to have some flamboyant "guy" on these videos. Irritating
Black MacGyver
'Black MacGyver' 1 month ago
How come most gay men have the same accent? That's crazy.
'GskyLXL D' 1 month ago
'Shmitty328' 1 month ago
Dank Memes Made Here
why is everyone gay
Mary Therese McCool
'Mary Therese McCool' 1 month ago
Years ago it was very common for women to carry packets of rice paper in their purses to use while they were out.
Braden Smith
'Braden Smith' 1 month ago
Talk about queers
charlie simpson
'charlie simpson' 1 month ago
I don’t get these videos. If anything your only enforcing gender roles by making men do something “feminine” any gender can doing anything.
Anthony Ramsey
'Anthony Ramsey' 1 month ago
why are there SOOO many gay dudes on buzzfeed???? Seriously, a disproportionate amount of gays when they only make up like 1-2% of the population...
Sara Animations
'Sara Animations' 1 month ago
yoopyright 6334
'yoopyright 6334' 1 month ago
I saw the ad of perfect pitch something like that. I'm fanning girding now or crying slowly on getting to the floor.
'Builder' 1 month ago
It’s just puberty
S a d S u c c
'S a d S u c c' 1 month ago
so elements work?
Them: small spots of oil = oily af Me, oily faced girl: using 5 pf those plus a quick trip to wash your face every 2 hours = oily af
'Ann' 1 month ago
The indian guy was adorable
Tiana H.
'Tiana H.' 1 month ago
It’s just oil blotting sheets? I use these everyday
Jay Thao
'Jay Thao' 1 month ago
I need this
'bookmarkthis' 1 month ago
Why do all the guys in Buzzfeed videos sound like they are homosexual?
staff infection
'staff infection' 1 month ago
Your all going to hell , putting penis up your assholes the devil will take care of you
Michael Garcia
'Michael Garcia' 1 month ago
Why do these either have gay guys or lesbians
chicken tortilla
'chicken tortilla' 1 month ago
Why did they have all gay people
Kyle Thompson
'Kyle Thompson' 1 month ago
that title lmao. Imagine just browsing youtube when you see "Guys get the oil sucked out of their pores".
'HippoSperm101' 1 month ago
I hate unoriginal edited comments.
My face is so fucking dry if I used this I'd expire
Daisy S
'Daisy S' 1 month ago
What is the point of this video
'gitty' 1 month ago
pretty sure that was just sweat.
Octavios Reaves
'Octavios Reaves' 1 month ago
'MisterAzizo' 1 month ago
I thought it was Rich Chigga on the thumbnail
Cherry xo
'Cherry xo' 1 month ago
buzzfeed men sound and act so gay. where are real men
andrew smith
'andrew smith' 2 months ago
Why do these guys sound like such cucks?
Christmas Bleach
'Christmas Bleach' 2 months ago
Alot of gay men on this channel
hem iraapn
'hem iraapn' 2 months ago
all skin has a natural oil on it, this doesn't mean it's wrong or bad, if your skin didn't have oil, there would be something wrong with you
SE Stormz
'SE Stormz' 2 months ago
So how about next time we get straight guys to do this
'Dymon' 2 months ago
why does the guy with the beard sound like a girl lmao
Thediamond Minecart
'Thediamond Minecart' 2 months ago
It came from your dirty ugly face.
'_JB999_YT' 2 months ago
Title: paper gives the super succ
'dogmachine' 2 months ago
wow so entertaining so amusing so informative wow so great I feel great after watching wow haha wow great love it wow that was definitely not a waste of 1:39 precious minutes of my life it will so be worth it in the end wow haha
Pastelistic Sam
'Pastelistic Sam' 2 months ago
Relatable. My skin is oily
Jeb !
'Jeb !' 2 months ago
Are they like all gay couples? Why?
brandon priest
'brandon priest' 2 months ago
They were all a bunch of quears
brandon priest
'brandon priest' 2 months ago
They were all a bunch of quears
Naphat Lpp
'Naphat Lpp' 2 months ago
It's just rice paper. Why are they so scared? Every lady uses it.
Yesenia Abelino
'Yesenia Abelino' 2 months ago
Why does Ben look like Lucas
Camron Mozaffari
'Camron Mozaffari' 2 months ago
*RICE* *ASIAN ACTIVATE* I'm Asian, chill the fucc out.
Christiane Amare
'Christiane Amare' 2 months ago
I still don't understand what happened and how.
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