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Guys Get The Oil Sucked Out Of Their Pores -
Published: 3 months ago By: BuzzFeedBlue

By: BuzzFeedBluePublished: 3 months ago

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Where did this come from?!

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Deadly Noodle
'Deadly Noodle' 2 days ago
Those white guys are sooooo fucking gay
Goofy goof
'Goofy goof' 3 days ago
Animesh Singh
'Animesh Singh' 7 days ago
1:11 Is that guy a Nepali?? I can assume the Accent
Elza Andersone
'Elza Andersone' 1 week ago
"I look like trash but my skin is nice" 10/10
'MissMaddieMakeup' 1 week ago
oil sucked out of their faces is such and extra title😂😂they're using oil blotting sheets calm down
'jgugsu' 1 week ago
I must say that thanks to this video I found the best blotting papers I've ever used and the rice powder really helps reduce shine and oil production for me
'Syd' 1 week ago
WTF i have these and i've NEVER seen that much oil
Pastelly 121
'Pastelly 121' 1 week ago
They're doing it wrong.. you stick it on and then rip it off after a few minutes
Kyle Enriquez
'Kyle Enriquez' 1 week ago
whats with buzzfeed and having gay guys on every single one of their vids?
Ondra Musil
'Ondra Musil' 1 week ago
what a beautiful veeeery interesting and entertaining video rly....
Øh Miss Believer I-/
"I look like garbage, but my skin is so nice" Me😂😂
Patricia Sousa
'Patricia Sousa' 1 week ago
I look like garbage but my skin is so nice 😂😂😂😂 wtf
Oliver Kovács
'Oliver Kovács' 1 week ago
Which one of these r not gay
Dope Mile
'Dope Mile' 1 week ago
Are these all gay? like wtf
Ireland Davis
'Ireland Davis' 2 weeks ago
The guy with the hat is v cute
Evan Ventrice
'Evan Ventrice' 2 weeks ago
Why tf is it just gay people
teg arch
'teg arch' 2 weeks ago
does anyone have a link to get some?
F Connolly
'F Connolly' 2 weeks ago
dirty bastards need a good wash
Alerra Santos
'Alerra Santos' 2 weeks ago
wtf?soft glow?to a guy from a guy?really?
Dave Meese
'Dave Meese' 2 weeks ago
I feel like Asians are more oily I am half Asian and I have very oily skin
GalaXy Dohnuht
'GalaXy Dohnuht' 2 weeks ago
i have oily yet dry skin like i always have flakes of dry skin on my face and its oily like idk also its same with my hair
'largol33t1' 2 weeks ago
Where do you buy this? I've never seen this anywhere.
K Fallon
'K Fallon' 2 weeks ago
"Where did that come from?!?" Uh duh, the skin has natural oils. Even people who don't have oily skin. Blotting papers have been around for a long time. This is nothing new.
Treget Letterwood
'Treget Letterwood' 2 weeks ago
"Lady Tested, Lady Approved" Subtle jab at Safiya? I can sense some bitterness there.
Niloo Shams
'Niloo Shams' 2 weeks ago
This is literally guys trying oil blotting paper wtf
Lauren Whitley
'Lauren Whitley' 2 weeks ago
There is some at walmart in the beauty section that has a white package and blue little pages, there are 100, and I use them after atheletics. They are so helpful and don't get rid of any makeup on your face, just the oil
Vector A03
'Vector A03' 2 weeks ago
2k dollars for a 1 min vid.....
'dbarker123546' 2 weeks ago
*I look like garbage but my skin is soft* that is me right there
'hellyeahLM' 2 weeks ago
i wonder how that paper would look like after it touched my super freaking oily face 😂
Young_Elite_ Warrior
was that guy gay?
'THE FAKE TYRONE' 2 weeks ago
'EL El' 2 weeks ago
Why is so special about this? I use this kind of absorbing oil paper daily, especially when I'm in school..
'C W' 2 weeks ago
Saber Garibi
'Saber Garibi' 2 weeks ago
How do you get nervous from this 😂😂
SoupyIsDead Chan
'SoupyIsDead Chan' 2 weeks ago
This is by FAR, one of the worst buzzfeed videos done....... I'm really disappointed buzzfeed
Aviad Mataraso
'Aviad Mataraso' 2 weeks ago
*L O L*
'Dope.' 2 weeks ago
Cruz Florez
'Cruz Florez' 3 weeks ago
Is this like a gay couple thing to what.
Mohamed  Ansar
'Mohamed Ansar' 3 weeks ago
is ir just me that i wanna kick the guy in the red beanie sooo hard in the face
Rival 88
'Rival 88' 3 weeks ago
asian guy looks like tyler the creator
Purple Yam Productions
When you phone gets wet put it in a bag of rice and it will attract Asian people to fix it
Partially Emo Mikah
'Partially Emo Mikah' 3 weeks ago
i love all the gays at buzzfeed tbfh 😂
Teresa Ngo
'Teresa Ngo' 3 weeks ago
Buzzfeed needs to add a link for these products so I can buy them.
'HereComesDatWierdo' 3 weeks ago
Lemme smash
Valka 3
'Valka 3' 3 weeks ago
I'm a girl but I need to try this... it is going to be SO oily when I'm done
Owen Mair
'Owen Mair' 3 weeks ago
neat rigo
'neat rigo' 3 weeks ago
did they use only gay people
'SugarBaby' 3 weeks ago
I love each and every personality on buzz feed lols
Zimmyfootballtekkers 123
Musical Nerd
'Musical Nerd' 3 weeks ago
Next on buzzfeed: guys strip their skin of dirt (using makeup wipes)
MZ makesart
'MZ makesart' 3 weeks ago
Were can I buy this, I need it
MZ makesart
'MZ makesart' 3 weeks ago
Were can I buy this, I need it
'InvisibleRen' 4 weeks ago
It takes 3 sheets just to do my nose. e.l.f. sheets
Grace The Weeaboo
'Grace The Weeaboo' 4 weeks ago
i want these to see how bad my acne and how oily my skin is
The bestist jake ever In the world
No, putting your phone in rice doesn't fix it! Asians are attracted to rice, and they see the phone and fix it because there Asian, the Asians do it not the rice
Fede Alberti
'Fede Alberti' 4 weeks ago
What's the name of the guy with the hat and beard? He is so cute hehe
'Keyemku' 4 weeks ago
I don't understand, is this something unusual? Would have thought these guys would have used these at least once in their life.
Lane Magnus
'Lane Magnus' 4 weeks ago
I guess Jeremy Lin's career took a turn for the worst
'Dmonsear' 4 weeks ago
"guys" hardly
Kravis _
'Kravis _' 4 weeks ago
were did they get all the emos and gays?
'That's not My name' 4 weeks ago
'FlightEvolution' 4 weeks ago
are all the guys on this show gay?
Diana ortiz
'Diana ortiz' 1 month ago
I love Palladio matt lipstick they smell amazing and they so pretty I didn't know they had blotting papers I need some now
'Hani' 1 month ago
"I have nice skin" it reminds me of Jin HAHHAHABA
Samuel Morais
'Samuel Morais' 1 month ago
Where can I buy it!! PUUUT A LINNK !!!
gabe a
'gabe a' 1 month ago
Why does every single man to show up on buzzfeed need to be gay?
'AsianDeluxe' 1 month ago
0:45 Michael carter Williams
ThatOneIndianKid IzHere
Do what I did I Took a cotton ball and I Put it in water and than i started wiping my skin and So much oil..
'Jeed' 1 month ago
I like that Indian guy
Ella Ashlin
'Ella Ashlin' 1 month ago
"I look like garbage, but my skin is so nice." Pretty much.
Steff Cee
'Steff Cee' 1 month ago
your videos are so so so so short. use the product properly and like show how its getting absorbed.
Alyiah Alaniz
'Alyiah Alaniz' 2 months ago
I look like garbage but my skin is so nice😂😂💀
'Rpay' 2 months ago
I literally see this everywhere at my school.
Mary Prescott
'Mary Prescott' 2 months ago
Anyone else's eyes water? But still found it really satisfying seeing all that come out...
'リアネット' 2 months ago
why did they hype up oil blotters lollllll
Spiritmist2 Gaming
'Spiritmist2 Gaming' 2 months ago
I need 500 of these
Alyssa Houng
'Alyssa Houng' 2 months ago
When the title of the video is so extra 😂
Vikram Oldham
'Vikram Oldham' 2 months ago
why do all the boys alwase sound gay?
M Rock
'M Rock' 2 months ago
"Lady tested. Lady approved. Did they trademark that?" 😂
Jeremy Adams
'Jeremy Adams' 2 months ago
Oh please. I could go through an entire package of those in a day! lol I just use napkins now.... numerous times a day, they are practically clear when I'm done with my forehead. Now that's gross!! LOL (Hate my oily skin!)
'Reggie' 2 months ago
I was already gay but um.. the guy with white hair turned me more gay
'mich' 2 months ago
y am i watching this lmao
'mich' 2 months ago
y am i watching this lmao
Samantha Sherman
'Samantha Sherman' 2 months ago
i even push out my sebaceous filaments, which will come back in like less than a day, just because it's satisfying to get the stuff out of my nose.
Patrick Queen
'Patrick Queen' 2 months ago
New people 😐😐
Gabe Helfenberger
'Gabe Helfenberger' 2 months ago
all gay much?
Almighty So
'Almighty So' 2 months ago
My face is so oily i two sheets and i drink a gallon of water per day wtf!!
'Dodod' 2 months ago
I actually own an item used on buzzfeed??!
'NameUnknown' 2 months ago
I wonder how many gay people there are at buzzfeed
Rome Banchit
'Rome Banchit' 2 months ago
I thought the thumbnail was rich chigga lmaoo
Madeline Xoxo
'Madeline Xoxo' 2 months ago
Wtf.....,,, buzzfeed get it together
Ur Trash
'Ur Trash' 2 months ago
"I look like garbage, but my skin is so soft" haha same.
'SneakyBukakke' 2 months ago
Buzzfeed has turned into like a gay ppl channel. Nothing wrong w that but they just aren't funny anymore :(
Aliens Active
'Aliens Active' 2 months ago
Why tf do you choose the weirdest people to be on you videos
Emily Pfleger
'Emily Pfleger' 2 months ago
Dude with that hat is so cute
sFx Chris
'sFx Chris' 2 months ago
Why is there always gay people on these videos?
Yuri Chang
'Yuri Chang' 2 months ago
it's like taking a napkin and pressing on top of the pizza to take out excess oil, except for your face.
'Alarna' 2 months ago
my face would drown those sheets
dean shazer
'dean shazer' 2 months ago
How many of them are gay
PierceTheTaylor 123
'PierceTheTaylor 123' 2 months ago
"I look like garbage but my skin is so nice" I think I died😂😂
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