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Atheist Answers #8: Faith is a Virtue -
Published: 11 months ago By: Underlings

By: UnderlingsPublished: 11 months ago

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"Atheist Answers" responds to common claims made by Christian (and other religion) apologists. Today's video responds to the claim that faith is a virtue.

'arthurjeremypearson' 3 months ago
The one faith everyone has is "I matter." When demonstrable cosmic evidence says we don't. "Finding a reason to go on living" is one of the biggest sources of preventable death out there. A million people kill themselves every year worldwide. Faith can provide that reason. In that case, "Faith" IS a virtue. It helps give people hope despite the potentially worth-crushing nature of our physical insignificance in comparison to the rest of humanity, the world, the solar system, the solar interstellar neighborhood, galaxy, local galactic group, virgo supercluster, local superclusters, observable universe, and (likely) beyond.
Sweet Tanner
'Sweet Tanner' 5 months ago
Faith isn't a virtue, it's gullibility.
hello there fella
'hello there fella' 6 months ago
'Makson' 11 months ago please reply
Scott Norris
'Scott Norris' 11 months ago
I believe that people whom suffer from the wars and poverty will be rewarded and the people that do the right thing all the time will be rewarded. I don't think that this has to do with religion or reading the bible(s).
Scott Norris
'Scott Norris' 11 months ago
and the fight in heaven where the gangsters tried overthrow God himself.
Scott Norris
'Scott Norris' 11 months ago
Leaving the devil to temp his second creation.
Scott Norris
'Scott Norris' 11 months ago
Refer back to the Garden of Eden
Scott Norris
'Scott Norris' 11 months ago
The only reason I mention God is/was confused is because it says that God pondered their ways!
Scott Norris
'Scott Norris' 11 months ago
I believe that Jesus Christ is the only one that has ever followed His Fathers every commandment. I believe that Jesus Christ died on the cross for me.
Scott Norris
'Scott Norris' 11 months ago
I believe that the God of the bible is a very lonely God. He is the only One like Himself and there is no One like Him.
Scott Norris
'Scott Norris' 11 months ago
The flood is considered to be the biggest event in the christian bible...way more important than the pyramids. Yet no ARK has been found. The bible, religion are not something that should be studied or followed. All the bibles of the earth create division which is exactly what they are meant to do. Racism (tower of Babylon) is where it started. At that point in time, if it were me I would have stopped reading/following bibles.
Scott Norris
'Scott Norris' 11 months ago
I personally think that we have a very bored God/Creator of the bible(s) that is very, lonely, angry, frustrated and confused. The ten commandments of the bible that God Himself carved from heaven were supposed to be written in STONE and are nowhere to be found today, yet the pyramids of egypt are here from many years ago?
Scott Norris
'Scott Norris' 11 months ago
None of this or all of this makes sense. Repeating itself over and over again. Like the Land of the Lost TV show.
Scott Norris
'Scott Norris' 11 months ago
Plan A foiled must go with Plan B --- Lucifer and his followers went Ballistic and tried to overthrow his/their creator so God will create a second set of people and see if they will love Him completely and follow His every commandment, this time around...thus Plan A foiled must go with Plan B. God will double check the second set of creation by letting the first very powerful creation/Lucifer temp/show them exactly how to rebel again, TWICE giving free will and neither of His two creations wants to be/or possible to be PURE and FLAWLESS like GOD Himself so....God creates HELL.
Scott Norris
'Scott Norris' 11 months ago
That's Phase one from my understanding.
Scott Norris
'Scott Norris' 11 months ago
There are three that bear record in heaven. The Father, The Son and The Holy Ghost and these three are One. From what I understand is that these three/one were the only thing in existence/heaven at one time and place. Later (because they were bored of being alone, in my belief) God/they decided to create the Angels (for companionship or something to do from complete boredom or entrepreneurism or entrepreneurialism) which included Lucifer eventually becoming the best, most favorite, most powerful THING/Out of control Maniac and tried to overthrow his creator. This made God Angry.
Scott Norris
'Scott Norris' 11 months ago
I have always been here and I will always be here. I am the Alpha and the Omega.
Scott Norris
'Scott Norris' 11 months ago
I have a question for you. Do you think "God of the bible" knows where He came from?
No One
'No One' 11 months ago
I challenge anyone to see the documentaries 'Religion, Bible, can you handle the truth?' and 'The Origin of Christianity, the Piso Flavian Dynasty' SEEK TRUTH, not bury your head in a blind belief system.
FRANK Szulakiewicz
'FRANK Szulakiewicz' 11 months ago
Being an atheist requires Faith just like Theism. So when atheists debate Theists, they can't use the Faith argument. If you do you are intellectually dishonest and not worth debating.
'DannyIsntHere' 11 months ago
*Faith is nothing more than a crutch.*
'CRAZY MAN' 11 months ago
Now that's how a video is made.
'yinYangMountain' 11 months ago
Underlings, Great video! Excellent visuals! ☯ yYM ☯
Kyle Alander CivilianName295
I don't think any rational Christians can be absolutely certain that Christianity is true because I certainly am not absolutely certain of its truthiness. The only thing I know for absolute certainty is my own existence everything else is just a belief including even science itself. Science is not the only path to knowledge, science works through inductive methods it does an experiment 100 times and if the results are the same each time then it's claimed to be scientifically proven and it's assumed that it will get the same results however there are other subjects that we cannot use this same method on. In forensics you cannot do an experiment to see who the murder is in history you cannot repeat a event that happened thousands of years ago. Faith is the foundation of all knowledge since Gödel's incompleteness theorem proves that you cannot prove anything true you literally have to take it on faith. You cannot prove the sun will rise tomorrow and cannot prove that even the proof itself is not an illusion since the method of figuring out if it's an illusion can itself be an illusion. It is impossible to prove anything true and everything is by pure faith now of course some beliefs are more justified than others like evolution is more justified belief then young earth creationism but on whether or not it's objectively true they are both equal in there validity since the evidence for evolution can be one giant hoax. So your video overall is completely wrong since it defines faith in a misleading way. Faith does not mean belief without evidence it means that you have to presuppose things to be true so that you don't run into absolute skepticism. Absolute skepticism denies the laws of logic and denies literally everything it has no foundation for knowledge since it rejects all knowledge. Now I can agree with you that most religions are man made but your claim that none of them have evidence to back up there claims is completely false. Faith and Reason are not enemies. In fact, the exact opposite is true! One is absolutely necessary for the other to exist. All reasoning ultimately traces back to faith in something that you cannot prove.
'biggbadgam3r' 11 months ago
faith is not a virtue, its a defect
The Netchatef (aka The Rapture)
+Underlings This is the last place from where I thought my comments would be banned. I have posted these same arguments on numerous other channels — the comments are still there! And although my comments have also been removed from Jewish and Christian related channels; what's the reason for removing my comments here? Is real truth backed by science taboo?
The Netchatef (aka The Rapture)
+Underlings At very beginning of this video you said, "One benefit I've had from growing up all over the world has been the opportunity to observe many different religions.  And something that struck me was how virtually all of their believers have one thing in common; their absolute certainty that their religion is the right one and that all the other religions are wrong.  They all point to their holy books, their personal experiences, their claimed miracles, but none of them have any clear, verifiable, undeniable evidence that their religion is any more right than any other.  And since nearly all religions directly contradict one another (obviously they can't all be right) but the one thing they can all be, is wrong."    Haven't you considered the following points before making these claims: 1. Nearly all religions begin with a prophet revealing some truth about life and then become hijacked by a corrupted priesthood.   2. The disparate world religions hold different aspects of the whole truth — like the different facets of a diamond. 3. Religions use lots of symbolism in their teachings. Here's a video that develops further on these points: Following is my worldview on God and religion, and the clear, verifiable, undeniable evidence that science provides in support of religious truth. "Panentheism (from Greek πᾶν  (pân) "all"; ἐν  (en) "in"; and θεός  (Theós) "God"; "all-in-God") is a belief system which posits that God exists and interpenetrates every part of nature, and timelessly extends beyond as well. Panentheism is distinguished from pantheism, which holds that God is synonymous with the material universe. In panentheism, God is not exactly viewed as the creator or demiurge but the eternal animating force behind the universe, with the universe as nothing more than the manifest part of God. The cosmos exists within God, who in turn "pervades" or is "in" the cosmos. While pantheism asserts that God and the universe are coextensive, panentheism claims that God is greater than the universe and that the universe is contained within God. Panentheism holds that God is the "supreme affect and effect" of the universe." [This entry on panentheism was removed by] For further consideration visit: Since I identify as Christian and believe that true Christianity is the outcome of all previous religious truth I will focus on Judeo-Christian thought. The biblical account must be read within the purview of scientifically verifiable facts.  For example, Genesis 1:1 states, "In the beginning God [Elohim] created the heaven and the earth."   Science and "religious truth" need not — and do not — contradict each other.  Most people never consider to think that these first words in Genesis are in agreement with the scientific evidence. Think about it… 13.8 billion years ago the big bang set the universe in motion. After 9.3 billion years Earth is formed (confirming the age of Earth as 4.54 billion years).  This is in agreement with what the Bible tells us — "God" the (eternal animating force) "first" created the "heaven," and only "later" formed the "earth."  This is called cosmological evolution — evolution of the universe.  Another example is the creation of life on Earth.  The Bible tells us that life began in the waters of primitive Earth.  Only later did life make its way onto land and into the skies.[Genesis 1:20-26 KJV].  This confirms the scientific consensus about life on Earth — life began in the waters of primitive Earth, developed into multicellular organisms from single celled organisms, and then spread throughout our planet (man and woman being the final creation).  This is called biological evolution — evolution of biological life. God's two books — the book of nature (the natural laws) and God's book (the Bible) — must agree, otherwise it makes God a liar. God can't tell us one thing through the Bible and then tell us something completely contradictory through nature (scientific observation). As for the terms for God — Elohim (the rulers, judges, divine ones, etc.,) and Yahuwah [YHWH] (I am that I am) — we take it for granted that the Ancient Hebrew people weren't as advanced in their language as we are today and used simple primitive terms to express their experiences.  They had very limited ways to assess and understand their surroundings — the Ancient Near East is considered the cradle of civilization.  Therefore, that they didn't assess and explain things in the modern scientific language we use today is understandable — considering the complexity of the issues.  "Accordingly, Genesis 1 uses Elohim to show God's power in creating all things. Genesis 2:4-3:23 uses YHWH-Elohim to show the very intimate and detailed relationship between God and Adam and Eve [Adam and Eve: a representation of first peoples who developed conscious awareness of self]. Both names are used to show that the same Elohim who created all things maintains a personal relationship with those who walk in His ways" [Emphasis Mine]. Luke, Frank. Master of Arts in Theological Studies and Master of Divinity - Assemblies of God Theological Seminary. Springfield, Missouri. The "Higher Self" aspect of "God" — the personal inner "God" — is that part of the mind we refer to as the conscience — an alternative name is the [collective unconscious].  Jung's reference to the personal unconscious is his term for "the Freudian unconscious, as contrasted with the Jungian concept of the collective unconscious." Jung's "primordial images" or "archetypes" represented by the collective unconscious are the learned constructs of human experience that humanity as a whole acknowledges as the model standard for good and evil. Of course, a grey area exists — think of it as a spectrum having good and evil at opposite extremes with a grey area in the center where the more subtle aspects of the good and evil lie.  In this model, everything [is] black and white, together with a nuanced area in the center where the black and white merge. "The name "collective unconscious" first appeared in Jung's 1916 essay, "The Structure of the Unconscious". This essay distinguishes between the "personal", Freudian unconscious, filled with sexual fantasies and repressed images, and the "collective" unconscious encompassing the soul of humanity at large." "Psychiatrist and Jungian analyst Lionel Corbett argues that the contemporary terms "autonomous psyche" or "objective psyche" are more commonly used today in the practice of depth psychology rather than the traditional term of the "collective unconscious." "… The psychotherapeutic practice of analytical psychology revolves around examining the patient's relationship to the collective unconscious." True Christianity is very much in line with the scientific evidence. Unfortunately, most people have no idea of this because of the corrupt priesthood running Christendom.
'Mark' 11 months ago
This video should be mandatory viewing in all schools.
Visko Van Der Merwe
'Visko Van Der Merwe' 11 months ago
tell Donald Trump about this..
Warren NZ
'Warren NZ' 11 months ago
But: *_1 Thessalonians _**_5:21_**_ Prove all things; hold fast that which is good._* Just another biblical contradiction.
christopher tucker
'christopher tucker' 11 months ago
underlings isn't Kek real though?
Brian Dill
'Brian Dill' 11 months ago
Where can I find that world religion flowchart at 2:45?
Bob Bobson
'Bob Bobson' 11 months ago
Can you make a video that directly assesses the old testament? It seems a lot of your videos are based on the new testament
0nly This
'0nly This' 11 months ago
Religion is like one's native tongue: inherited from the social milieu in which one just happens to have been reared. It's usually the only language one knows, and, so long as one remains within that milieu, the only language there is - and so, the only TRUE language. As with religion, the only mechanism for evaluating one's native tongue is the language itself in which one is performing the evaluation - a double bind.
Moses Joseph
'Moses Joseph' 11 months ago
I asked my friend why he was a Christian replied with Faith. "I have faith," he said.
Moses Joseph
'Moses Joseph' 11 months ago
I really wish you had more view
'thetruthrover' 11 months ago
The 'new testament' says that men should have faith like that of Abraham. But the only faith Abraham had to have was to believe the voice he was hearing was indeed from God; And actually, he did not even do that. He went to Egypt during a famine (not what God told him to do). He pimped his wife/sister out because he was afraid for his life, despite God's direct words to him that He would protect him completely. He decided to bang his wife's maidservant, instead of have a child with his wife even though God told him he would have a son (with his wife) I could go on, but here's my question... Why does the Book which is supposed to convince us that Abraham was a man of great faith, show us the exact opposite?
Kenneth Caston
'Kenneth Caston' 11 months ago
Chistianity taught me to.have faith in the bible and what the preacher taught. A little over a year ago I learned 2 look to science and methods for which we can find evidence for how we developed on the planet.
Kenneth Caston
'Kenneth Caston' 11 months ago
I heard an intelligent atheist say that if god was real he would not require for us 2 read a book 2 understand him. If we were made in his image we would understand him the same way an infant recognizes a mother. There would be no dispute amongst believers regarding who he/she is or whar it wants. However we see just the opposite.
'ChipArgyle' 11 months ago
Brilliantly done as usual.
'Norma' 11 months ago
You don't post much but when you do it's always a great informative video, thank you :)
Godless Geezer
'Godless Geezer' 11 months ago
I am of the opinion that faith not only isn't a virtue, it is the only sin.
Maarten Henning
'Maarten Henning' 11 months ago
Underlings is again preaching biased crap and he is not being objective when doing research... he claims a false religion will make faith a virtue... again you make claims which you can't back up.... please prove to me that a false religion will make faith a virtue... it's like claiming science requires faith/trust in order to use it... and whatever requires faith automatically makes it a false ideology...and that a false ideology would require faith to believe in... and the faith in science is not justified, because look at all the mistakes science have made in the past... and they expect us to have faith that they are not making mistakes again... here is another cunning twisting of scripture... he indirectly tries to imply that Christianity forbids you to test it's beliefs... which is just plain false... the Bible says: "but test everything; hold fast what is good." what is a sin though is to put God to the test... for example satan told Jesus to jump off a building and put God to the test to see if he would save him... The devil led him to Jerusalem and had him stand on the highest point of the temple. “If you are the Son of God,” he said, “throw yourself down from here. 10For it is written: “ ‘He will command his angels concerning you to guard you carefully; 11they will lift you up in their hands, so that you will not strike your foot against a stone.’ ” 12Jesus answered, “It is said: ‘Do not put the Lord your God to the test.’ ” so there is a huge difference between testing Christianity and putting God to the test... he makes the claim that all religions are false, because they contradict each other and require faith... that's like saying if there really was a universe or earth then there would not be apposing theories about the universe or earth... thus there is no universe and earth because if there was there would be only one theory not apposing theories... since all theories base their beliefs one some faith in science or the scientist or the supposed facts etc then it's really reasonable to conclude that all scientific theories are false... that would explain why the world is fulled with thousands of conflicting theories... many who are subdivided into different sects where scientists do not agree 100% with each other even in the same theory they believe in... scientist all squabble among one another debating who's theory is correct and claiming theirs is correct and that everyone else is wrong... for example Richard Dawkin and some of the theories can't even be tested in a laboratory.... for this reason science is possibly the worse method created by humanity to discover the world.... science has made many mistakes... whereas religions have self correcting mechanisms for example debates and using historical research methods and evidence etc... hope you remember that your religion called science that you follow so religiously and that you so love and have such great faith in was started by religion... go and read up about it if you don't believe me... almost all the greatest scientists of the past were all religious... so if you are claiming they only had faith and no evidence to back up their beliefs is just plain wrong... studying about the world is like studying the creator's fingerprints... the more we learn about the world the more we learn about the one who created it...
Unknown Gamer
'Unknown Gamer' 11 months ago
I have faith that the giant unicorn is ruling us all and created the world, but he doesnt want to be tested so you need to believe me without any evidence
'pilgrimpater' 11 months ago
Wouldn't the religious just love some evidence but because they have none, they twist the situation to claim that if God revealed evidence of itself then we would have to accept It regardless rather than make a choice. Ergo to the religious, in their minds, "faith is a virtue". Crazy bunch.
'mikeyvester' 11 months ago
Faith = gullible, pretend make belief, fantasize, just make shit up without any care it's true.
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