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(Lindsay Lohan) 2007 A Multi-Layered Drama Comedy Romance ("R") -
Published: 2 weeks ago By: Patrick DaRomantik

By: Patrick DaRomantikPublished: 2 weeks ago

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(From The King of Romantic Comedies, The Late Garry Marshall)

(With Supporting Cast: Jane Fonda - Felicity Huffman - Garrett Hedlund - Dermot Mulroney, Cary Elwes & Hector Elizondo)

'AuroraTheGoddess' 3 hours ago
Good and heart warming movie. Hits so close to home
hardcarryhaehot7 got7
great movie...2:30 AM totally worth watching it
Jeff Donahue
'Jeff Donahue' 10 hours ago
Patricia Urena
'Patricia Urena' 1 day ago
such a great movie but it was not a romance movie in my opinion
Teja Boo
'Teja Boo' 1 day ago
Have u noticed that in most of her movies, her character is lying about something?! I still love her tho<3<3
Naz Mohamad
'Naz Mohamad' 1 day ago
the hardest things to do in life is to trust, have faith and forgive-georgia rule
its really hard to find a sane women... Oh Jesus
Abdul rehman Khan
beautiful and serous girl for serous relationshif contact me my whatsaap number is 00923459680774
raga Belingon
'raga Belingon' 2 days ago
Damn this made me 😭
valerie vergara
'valerie vergara' 2 days ago
Gosh I adore lindsay lohans outfits and body, curly hair and make up In this movie!! Lol
Ron Hoffman
'Ron Hoffman' 2 days ago
Jane commie howitzer fonda
Samira Mirandela
'Samira Mirandela' 2 days ago
feel sorry for the girl
Cathy Knapp
'Cathy Knapp' 5 days ago
Patrick could you get the burning bed with Farrah facet Please? No one will get it? I don't understand, the full movie in english is not available
Divya Gopaul
'Divya Gopaul' 5 days ago
all great movies
Jacque p
'Jacque p' 6 days ago
Thanks for the upload.
Eugene Babad
'Eugene Babad' 7 days ago
sa be Dili nko bg wkho ManlLyn De Csatro ko dhg yuoe 17 & sko 28 @ ko
Joshuabosz21 Gorde
I don't understand this movie at all
anonymous bosh
'anonymous bosh' 1 week ago
Lot lot better than I was expecting. Really enjoyed that.
Ashley Love
'Ashley Love' 1 week ago
Good Movie, bought me to tears 👏😢❤
Bob G
'Bob G' 1 week ago
I'd rather be in Hades with my back broke than watch Hanoi Jane Fonda in anything. Thanks for posting the other movies.
Nina Gold
'Nina Gold' 1 week ago
Cary Elwes plays a sleazebag really well, and he also plays a hero really well too.
Jack Amq
'Jack Amq' 1 week ago
She is probably a pro at swallowing
Made Me Bananas
'Made Me Bananas' 2 weeks ago
Thank you Patrick: as per usual a good quality upload. Hugely enjoyable.
Kate spade
'Kate spade' 2 weeks ago
excellent movie 👌 worth the watch 😊
Commander Erik
'Commander Erik' 2 weeks ago
when lindsay lohan was still functional. I miss her.
Nabin Parajuli
'Nabin Parajuli' 2 weeks ago
I just gave you a blowjob .and it wasn't even a date 😂😂😂😂😂
Finn Rasmussen
'Finn Rasmussen' 2 weeks ago
Extreme low resolution
Kimmey Len
'Kimmey Len' 2 weeks ago
Grandmother & daughter and granddaughter are no respect for each other and then it like ....?
hseh reh
'hseh reh' 2 weeks ago
sweet movie and it was sad at the end I was crying at the end
Carlos Sorto
'Carlos Sorto' 2 weeks ago
Lo que si , Q
Fourty Six
'Fourty Six' 2 weeks ago
what a sexy gal
Sonia Baby
'Sonia Baby' 2 weeks ago
Sweet movie
sashu aghomo
'sashu aghomo' 2 weeks ago
what did Lindsay Lohan do?
'TheMinnie419' 2 weeks ago
Rob Riner (sp) always directs great movies and these two actors are always great. I am sure glad that I didn't miss this. Wonderful movie, wonderful lines.
alex rdz
'alex rdz' 2 weeks ago
lindsay was so cool, missed her
Hamid Ali
'Hamid Ali' 2 weeks ago
Maci Johnson
'Maci Johnson' 2 weeks ago
god love this movie
Bitnah S
'Bitnah S' 2 weeks ago
Last great movie she made and sadly, when filming, Lindsay wasn't very cooperative. Such a shame. I enjoy a lot of her work.
Stephanie LaPiana
'Stephanie LaPiana' 2 weeks ago
this is one of well yes besides mean girls she is amazing in tgis movie like 2 only movies and she rocks em
Kaylynn Jackson
'Kaylynn Jackson' 2 weeks ago
Best Movie Ever
vik sin
'vik sin' 2 weeks ago
pedo6 world take love from us all
Pooja Taneja Asri
'Pooja Taneja Asri' 2 weeks ago
nice movie...
'trashpakker' 2 weeks ago
Thank you fr this
JiNSoG Rizwan
'JiNSoG Rizwan' 2 weeks ago
Great Decision taken by Lindsay Lohan! Great Girl..
Iidah San
'Iidah San' 2 weeks ago
Great Movie It Has A Moral Lesson and will make smile and cry... im looking for new movie for Linsay Lohan and Ms.Jane Fonda.
Iidah San
'Iidah San' 2 weeks ago
Great Movie It Has A Moral Lesson and will make smile and cry... im looking for new movie for Linsay Lohan and Ms.Jane Fonda.
'FPSONNY' 2 weeks ago
Why don't you put Georgia RUle in the title?
Adult TV 1
'Adult TV 1' 2 weeks ago
Well done!
Grace Lagrue
'Grace Lagrue' 2 weeks ago
What´s the name of the movie?
Jane Doe
'Jane Doe' 2 weeks ago
Nvm i saw her wear a red dress
Jane Doe
'Jane Doe' 2 weeks ago
Why does she always wear white?
Elmero Mero
'Elmero Mero' 2 weeks ago
Lindsay Lohan 😍😍😘😘
Dm Chn (DMC)
'Dm Chn (DMC)' 2 weeks ago
surprisingly a nice movie...enjoyed it
'Tanblondalex' 2 weeks ago
A bad come back for all the big names mentioned above....too bad
sally walker
'sally walker' 2 weeks ago
Nancy M. Hawthorne
'Nancy M. Hawthorne' 2 weeks ago
Good Movie. Worth the Watch.
Supreme Spiritualist
TRUMP 2016
Cheshire C
'Cheshire C' 2 weeks ago
Is this a doctored photo? That dude looks huge, he could open his mouth and swallow her head?
Tahir Chaudhry
'Tahir Chaudhry' 2 weeks ago
beautiful style great characters lovely story.
Jm S
'Jm S' 2 weeks ago
Thank's for uploading this wonderful movie. 😉😭❤
'ILSC S' 2 weeks ago
Awesome Movie! Thank you for the upload!
MDRasid Laskar
'MDRasid Laskar' 2 weeks ago
Onchy Junior
'Onchy Junior' 2 weeks ago
I love Lindsay Lohan <3. I still love her, no matter what she you Lindsay Lohan <3 and love the movie too :) <3
Burda Ellis (#NerdyBurdRecaps)
the husband/stepdad was a lying creepy jerk of a lawyer,who lied through his teeth. glad rachels mom saw through him n/d end.
Misla Philistin
'Misla Philistin' 2 weeks ago
I love it
Mariaclara Yamanikq
'Mariaclara Yamanikq' 2 weeks ago
LOVE IT !!❤💙💚💛💜💓💕💖💗💘💝💞💟👏👏👏
Patrick DaRomantik
'Patrick DaRomantik' 2 weeks ago
(Georgia Rule 2007)
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