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The Salmon Cannon is NOT a Weapon! -
Published: 11 months ago By: Science Channel

By: Science ChannelPublished: 11 months ago

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Salmon can swim hundreds of miles and throw themselves up over waterfalls, but hydroelectric dams can be a struggle for them. This pneumatic tube shoots them to safety!

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'ajwasp' 11 months ago
Anything that helps them get past the dam, is good.
'fireaza' 11 months ago
"Salmon Cannon" was the nickname I used back when I did some videos that I'm not very proud of.
Creeper Vlame
'Creeper Vlame' 11 months ago
Eureka RadioFire
'Eureka RadioFire' 11 months ago
This reminds me of something from an episode of Angry Beavers.
The Trust
'The Trust' 11 months ago
Would be interesting if a fat salmon gets stuck midway in the tube.
Matthew Cassidy
'Matthew Cassidy' 11 months ago
it's warp time
Rae Bey
'Rae Bey' 11 months ago
lol lol fun
'MeJoho' 11 months ago
This is a good video because there were no artistic words used.
DejaVu Playz
'DejaVu Playz' 11 months ago
x y z
'x y z' 11 months ago
what if the fish is claustrophobic
Kenneth McCormick
'Kenneth McCormick' 11 months ago
Salmon Suckers!
Kenneth McCormick
'Kenneth McCormick' 11 months ago
*Catholic Canon Is not a Weapon*
Percy Miller
'Percy Miller' 11 months ago
Like Mario Bros warping! Sweet!
DejaVu Playz
'DejaVu Playz' 11 months ago
Salmon be like *jumps up* *gets sucked into a tube and warp jumps to the other side* Damnnnnnn
Daniel Eriksen
'Daniel Eriksen' 11 months ago
Look! A penis pump
Tim Adams
'Tim Adams' 11 months ago
Looks like fun!
'Sam' 11 months ago
Science! B*tch!!!!
'FocusMrbjarke' 11 months ago
Don't tell me people ship fishes too
Itz Anthony
'Itz Anthony' 11 months ago
Can you subscribe!?!?
'YeBoiCody' 11 months ago
Ahh damn I'm allergic to cannons
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