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The Salmon Cannon is NOT a Weapon! -
Published: 3 months ago By: Science Channel

By: Science ChannelPublished: 3 months ago

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Salmon can swim hundreds of miles and throw themselves up over waterfalls, but hydroelectric dams can be a struggle for them. This pneumatic tube shoots them to safety!

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'ajwasp' 3 months ago
Anything that helps them get past the dam, is good.
'fireaza' 3 months ago
"Salmon Cannon" was the nickname I used back when I did some videos that I'm not very proud of.
Creeper Fanatic 9
'Creeper Fanatic 9' 3 months ago
Eureka RadioFire
'Eureka RadioFire' 3 months ago
This reminds me of something from an episode of Angry Beavers.
The Trust
'The Trust' 3 months ago
Would be interesting if a fat salmon gets stuck midway in the tube.
Matthew Cassidy
'Matthew Cassidy' 3 months ago
it's warp time
Just another admin account
lol lol fun
'MeJoho' 3 months ago
This is a good video because there were no artistic words used.
DejaVu Playz
'DejaVu Playz' 3 months ago
bee Cee
'bee Cee' 3 months ago
what if the fish is claustrophobic
Kenneth McCormick
'Kenneth McCormick' 3 months ago
Salmon Suckers!
Kenneth McCormick
'Kenneth McCormick' 3 months ago
*Catholic Canon Is not a Weapon*
Percy Miller
'Percy Miller' 3 months ago
Like Mario Bros warping! Sweet!
DejaVu Playz
'DejaVu Playz' 3 months ago
Salmon be like *jumps up* *gets sucked into a tube and warp jumps to the other side* Damnnnnnn
Daniel Eriksen
'Daniel Eriksen' 3 months ago
Look! A penis pump
Tim Adams
'Tim Adams' 3 months ago
Looks like fun!
'Sam' 3 months ago
Science! B*tch!!!!
'FocusMrbjarke' 3 months ago
Don't tell me people ship fishes too
Itz Anthony
'Itz Anthony' 3 months ago
Can you subscribe!?!?
Cody Fraser
'Cody Fraser' 3 months ago
Ahh damn I'm allergic to cannons
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