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What Objects Look Like Cut In Half -
Published: 8 months ago By: BuzzFeedBlue

By: BuzzFeedBluePublished: 8 months ago

326, 112 views

5, 155 Likes   4, 280 Dislikes

We decided to cut some stuff with a big saw and it looked pretty cool.

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Cara Malcolm
'Cara Malcolm' 1 week ago
The baseball looks like cereal! BUT THE TEDDY BEAR!
Hannah 13
'Hannah 13' 2 months ago
Poor Teddy never gotten a chance. :'(
Maddenjayden Mobile
'Maddenjayden Mobile' 2 months ago
I came from chubbs
Felix Wedemeyer
'Felix Wedemeyer' 2 months ago
You idiot should never wear gloves while operating a saw. If they get caught by the blade you will loose at least one finger.
'Jackmo04' 2 months ago
So these people get subscribers by sawing shoes in half?
Heidi Greenfield
'Heidi Greenfield' 3 months ago
'Siham' 3 months ago
omg that teddy bear was like not today and the guy was like bitchgeturassbackhere. lmaooo
Chanelle D
'Chanelle D'lima' 3 months ago
90% of the comments are about cutting the poor teddy bear.. 10% is about randomness
Noorain Aftab
'Noorain Aftab' 3 months ago
when you know that there's just fibre inside tha teddy , why do you have to kill it!!! poor teddy
Mac n Cheese BAGELS
'Mac n Cheese BAGELS' 5 months ago
Was I the only one who didn't feel bad for that bear?
Extra7 500
'Extra7 500' 6 months ago
Poor Teddy bear☹
'Alistral' 6 months ago
"We decided to cut some stuff with a big saw and it looked pretty cool" Quite accuratly describes the amount of work put into Buzzfeeds videos
Elyse Rafaela Conde
'Elyse Rafaela Conde' 6 months ago
R.i.p America
'R.i.p America' 6 months ago
poor teddy
Wendy Dinh
'Wendy Dinh' 6 months ago
'Chloester' 7 months ago
Teddy bear murderer!:(
First name Last name
'First name Last name' 7 months ago
Better than What's Inside?
'J4ckoM4tic' 7 months ago
What's inside?
caesar bahlaq
'caesar bahlaq' 7 months ago
' guy who knows how to operate a saw'', oh right''
littlemiss kitty
'littlemiss kitty' 7 months ago
I must be emotionless considering I didn't care about the teddy
Georgia Brown
'Georgia Brown' 7 months ago
Only disliked cos of the teddy bear
Mavis Vermillion
'Mavis Vermillion' 7 months ago
Nooo wtf the teddy bear part 😭
Ameer Khan
'Ameer Khan' 7 months ago
I wanna see people cut in half
accio_ meghan
'accio_ meghan' 7 months ago
the teddy bear one was completely unnecessary. It's like; No sh*t it's completely filled with stuffing.
Jessie Jones
'Jessie Jones' 7 months ago
I liked the video.. Then i disliked it when YOU MURDERED A FREAKING TEDDY BEAR
Amber Doodles
'Amber Doodles' 7 months ago
The teddy bear will haunt me for life
Kai Reese
'Kai Reese' 7 months ago
Could've at least picked some more interesting things...
Katherine Marquez
'Katherine Marquez' 7 months ago
I wanted to cry when I saw the teddy bear get ripped open, that was what happened to my favorite teddy bear....
'VYDZER' 7 months ago
more like what objects look like when buzzfeed tries to copy the 1000 degree knife challenge amirite?
'Changer' 7 months ago
when u straight-up just have no better ideas for your videos
'유미애릿' 7 months ago
I feel sad when the teddy bear is cut in half
Kawaii Toreli
'Kawaii Toreli' 7 months ago
Who else felt dust in their eyes when everything was being cut?
Gracie & Julia
'Gracie & Julia' 7 months ago
*I will remember youuuuuuuuuuu":RIP Tedddy
Jasmine Flores
'Jasmine Flores' 7 months ago
This guy obviously didn't know how to clamp the objects down well enough. It made me cringe everytime the things would move. He could have gotten seriously hurt too.
'AyaCedric' 7 months ago
time waster of the day
Rosa Zhang
'Rosa Zhang' 7 months ago
Emily Cardona
'Emily Cardona' 7 months ago
the mutilation of the teddy bear traumatized me
Claire Talbott
'Claire Talbott' 7 months ago
my heart broke at the teddy
'MiscellaneousVideos' 7 months ago
About the remote. You could just have just disassembled it instead if you want to see what's inside 😆
Kathryn Lanuel
'Kathryn Lanuel' 7 months ago
It looked like the teddy bear was running away I always knew they had minds of their own
Mohammed Al-Turki
'Mohammed Al-Turki' 7 months ago
poor teddy bear
Jurkush Ahmed
'Jurkush Ahmed' 7 months ago
I almost cried when he cut the teddy bear 😭
angry pigeon
'angry pigeon' 7 months ago
the only interesting one was the baseball tbh
Madi Mayfield
'Madi Mayfield' 7 months ago
How could they kill a teddy bear
hpfan4life 394
'hpfan4life 394' 7 months ago
Haven't you people ever seen Toy Story! What is wrong with you..... I'm actually quite a cold person but the teddy bear thing made me legitimately sad. Good going, Buzzfeed :'(
Fernanda M
'Fernanda M' 7 months ago
R.I.P the teddy bear
crazy crayon
'crazy crayon' 7 months ago
not the Teddy!!!!! :-((
'Cube8' 7 months ago
Am I the only one who finds it painful?
Angela Ivana
'Angela Ivana' 7 months ago
Sophie Adelia
'Sophie Adelia' 7 months ago
I could not watch the teddy bear being cut
'potterinu' 8 months ago
Made me think of the Jumanij shoe scene
Diarmuid Warren
'Diarmuid Warren' 8 months ago
What a waste Kids in Africa could have ate that
maile ariza
'maile ariza' 8 months ago
when he cut the teddy bear a part of me died
Flaming Unixorn PE
'Flaming Unixorn PE' 8 months ago
Poor teddy bear
Priscilla Liu
'Priscilla Liu' 8 months ago
The baseball looks like oatmeal to me lmao
Savannah Morgan
'Savannah Morgan' 8 months ago
Why is this so short
Rebecca Norman
'Rebecca Norman' 8 months ago
I literally went down to the comments when they cut the teddy like I can't watch that D:
Baddie -
'Baddie -' 8 months ago
Lmao the likes and dislikes
Linus Poon
'Linus Poon' 8 months ago
Can I see a saw cut in half?
Frazzles Riley
'Frazzles Riley' 8 months ago
was it just me or did anyone else look away when they did the Teddy?
cristle write
'cristle write' 8 months ago
4k likes and 4k dislikes
Niwa Subba
'Niwa Subba' 8 months ago
i felt bad for that teddy
Roasted HAMilton
'Roasted HAMilton' 8 months ago
Misty Starla
'Misty Starla' 8 months ago
this is like what's inside
Dorka Csontos
'Dorka Csontos' 8 months ago
I cried ok my childhood ruined, well done America!
Erin Nac
'Erin Nac' 8 months ago
They're hurting an innocent teddy bear :--(
Sidra Tv
'Sidra Tv' 8 months ago
Anyone else feel sad when it came to the teddy? 😔
Nadia Brown
'Nadia Brown' 8 months ago
Watching the teddy bear get cut in half gave me goosebumps
Bryndis Tinna
'Bryndis Tinna' 8 months ago
Noooooo not the bear!!!!
'supergirlrose54' 8 months ago
What has my life come to
Sarah Norris
'Sarah Norris' 8 months ago
Why does everyone have such a big problem with cutting a teddy bear open?
Bear Bun
'Bear Bun' 8 months ago
am I the only one that felt bad for the teddy bear?😔
Carmella Beilschmidt
'Carmella Beilschmidt' 8 months ago
The bear one is slightly terrifying
cyrus jacob
'cyrus jacob' 8 months ago
And that's how buzz feed copied What's Inside
Mirai Kobayashi
'Mirai Kobayashi' 8 months ago
Why so many dislikes? =_= |-/
SnowClone GT
'SnowClone GT' 8 months ago
Oh no iwant that teddy bear it look fluffy
'PinkyPurpleGalaxy' 8 months ago
OK loaduyguy
'OK loaduyguy' 8 months ago
teddy bear you are in a better place now?
Annabelle Zhen
'Annabelle Zhen' 8 months ago
It hurt to see the teddy bear cut in half 😭😭😭😭😢😢
Brendøn Urie
that poor teddy how could u do such a thing😞 #RIPteddy
'BunnyFett' 8 months ago
I changed my like to a dislike when you murdered the teddy bear.
Katelyn Cornette
'Katelyn Cornette' 8 months ago
So you've gotten so low you steal from other Channels now? Ok...
Nina Lam
'Nina Lam' 8 months ago
What were they expecting....
'cupcakedemon1029' 8 months ago
I've had dreams like this
'tarepandaval' 8 months ago
disliked because of teddy :(
'uNanooy' 8 months ago
««««And a guy who knows how to operate the saw»»»»
Amelia Gibbons (Student)
I stopped at the teddy bear... :-( 😰😱😢😭
Just A Bit Batty
'Just A Bit Batty' 8 months ago
Sassy Potato
'Sassy Potato' 8 months ago
Looks like someone is salty about their ex...
Tz Eva
'Tz Eva' 8 months ago
this is brutal! how can you cut a teddy in half!
Florence DyJhe
'Florence DyJhe' 8 months ago
not the teddy bear :(
Rebekah Ledbetter
'Rebekah Ledbetter' 8 months ago
There are so many other things you could cut in half that would have been so much cooler. Also I am not entirely confident the man operating the saw really new how to operate it safely.
zay zay
'zay zay' 8 months ago
oh no not teddy
agne arlauskaite
'agne arlauskaite' 8 months ago
Justin Reese
'Justin Reese' 8 months ago
Please make this a series
Leona Thomas
'Leona Thomas' 8 months ago
What was the point of this video
Raygen Croes
'Raygen Croes' 8 months ago
Bill Cosby
'Bill Cosby' 8 months ago
3990th dislike
Lulu Is on FIRE
'Lulu Is on FIRE' 8 months ago
nononono not the teddy bear aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa this is just cruel
BTS are the kings Fight me Bitches
R.I.P teddy 2016-2016
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