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Could A Sunken Continent Explain The Spread Of Lemurs Across The World? -
Published: 4 months ago By: Science Channel

By: Science ChannelPublished: 4 months ago

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What on Earth? | Tuesdays 9p
New data from NASA satellites reveal a sunken lost continent in the Indian Ocean.
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Jananan VS
'Jananan VS' 5 days ago
It’s called Kumari kandam not guys only have half the puzzle...kumari kandam is the full piece
Taufiqul Hasan Sany
I wish your videos last longer
Andrew Paresa
'Andrew Paresa' 2 weeks ago
So you’re telling me we were once a monkey?
kayp kayp
'kayp kayp' 3 weeks ago
It's Kumari kandam mentioned in Tamil texts nothing new
mohd adam abdul malek
Only u transform from Ape & Orang Utan generation. For us, we came from the generation of Adam & Eve which a good human and not likes animal characters..
Alfredo Moris
'Alfredo Moris' 1 month ago
This youtube channel is disgusting Sensationalism just like history channel....nothing far from crap
vocal vids
'vocal vids' 1 month ago
Off topic but he’s so cute!!!! 1:10
Rot Bake
'Rot Bake' 2 months ago
this is why you can't trust scientist anymore. They are insain.
ahmad fithri
'ahmad fithri' 2 months ago
'MRTN13' 2 months ago
It isn't 'sunken' like a boat. Water levels were very low during the iceage
'BOX FOX' 2 months ago
what about Pandaria
'IGOTAJOP America' 2 months ago
Could people brought lemurs to India or the other way around?
Leon Glaz3
'Leon Glaz3' 2 months ago
that super Contonent was called pangea
William John
'William John' 2 months ago
limuria lmao
'DKatro' 2 months ago
'8Epic8' 3 months ago
hello! wake up! its called pangea the lemurs migrated north east from present day madagascar to present day india
לביא גלזמן
'לביא גלזמן' 3 months ago
This is the science channel folks. The SCIENCE channel. What a load of bullshit
becky loves cibo
'becky loves cibo' 3 months ago
How pathetic you all are to be offended by a sunken continent it exists whether you want it to or not. Its older than us and it was a part of Human evolution because that area of the world has some of the oldest tribal people we know as the first humans. Who actually come from an even older race of people whose land Lumeria sunk in a major catastrophe not when the land split into different continents the sinking happened later than that.
Matt Chow
'Matt Chow' 3 months ago
It would've been funny if the monkey evolved into a picture of Guy Fieri.
Bus Bus
'Bus Bus' 3 months ago
Or you know Madagascar drifted away from India.
Peace Bwithyou
'Peace Bwithyou' 3 months ago
One of the earliest civilisation of human kind began on Lemuria (kumari kandam) Its written on Sangam Literature in Tamil which dates back thousand and thousands of years.
imaan hasbullah
'imaan hasbullah' 3 months ago
lol darwin?
Anime Fan
'Anime Fan' 3 months ago
Why do we keep monkey or ape or any animal that are related to those in cages?? They are our ancient ancestors!!! What's wrong with human!!! Keeping their ancestors in cage???!!!
Twilight Gardens presentations
Some scholars say that list continent was the basis for Atlantis and humans of advanced technology ten thousand years ago were wiped out. Others say these people were the decadent sinners that were drowned in Noah’s global deluge. I think landbridge and rising sea level after an ice age
Geetha Raju
'Geetha Raju' 3 months ago
That's called Kumari kandam
Bhavesh Ratan Pradhan
Brace yourself, soon the tamizhhhhaaans will started gathering over here shouting ban this video its "kumarikandham" 😂😂😂
Jose Bonete
'Jose Bonete' 3 months ago
Lemuria, torturia, birduria,planturia,fishuria, the possibilities are endless I’m going to have my lunchuria.
leo novalauncher
'leo novalauncher' 3 months ago
Trillanes is a look a like of the LEMUR.
Brutal Brain
'Brutal Brain' 3 months ago
Rommel Varela
'Rommel Varela' 4 months ago
Is a black hole is a portal
Dilman3000 Black
'Dilman3000 Black' 4 months ago
_Um interesante_
Admiral Cat
'Admiral Cat' 4 months ago
This is horribly done holy shiet! It doesn't make sense I don't know where to start
Evandher Brosnan
'Evandher Brosnan' 4 months ago
Lemuria continent where the language Tamil originated which is known to be the root of all languages
Bantu Piscies
'Bantu Piscies' 4 months ago
mauritius is seldom cited and it had to be like this. what did we do to you :,(
'CitizenKane380' 4 months ago
How convenient is that? " Missing link is in a place where all proof is gone" haha Its called science of the gaps
Senshi Atsuki
'Senshi Atsuki' 4 months ago
There is no "missing link" in human evolution. This is so wrong.
Zachary Bueckert
'Zachary Bueckert' 4 months ago
Evelution isn’t even real idiots
Randy White
'Randy White' 4 months ago
Hari Ram
'Hari Ram' 4 months ago
i think theres an mythology about it "kumarikandam"
'Meister' 4 months ago
Holy fuck this is so inaccurate
Fairy Frequency
'Fairy Frequency' 4 months ago
Leaping Lemurs... Like #117 from the Fairy Frequency channel! Wishing you a beautiful evening x) 🦋
Rusty Cuyler
'Rusty Cuyler' 4 months ago
Dont use the goddamn term "missing link" for fucks sakes. Thats how religious people think evolution works, with 'missing links', so don't encourage them.
'abz998' 4 months ago
We Wuz Lemurs
Edwin Contreras
'Edwin Contreras' 4 months ago
a lot of maybes in this video.
'speadskater' 4 months ago
Science channel. WHAT ARE YOU DOING?
Shockwave Shockwave
'Shockwave Shockwave' 4 months ago
Or they could just have been connected by a tiny landbridge, because India isn't part of Asia tectonically, it could easily just have drifted of from Madagascar to Asia
'barf245' 4 months ago
zoologist is said wrong, the way the video narrator says it then it should be spelled zooologist.
Steven Baumann
'Steven Baumann' 4 months ago
As a geologist I’m ripping my hair out. There is so much wrong here, I don’t even know where to begin. About the only thing that is correct is the possibility of submerged micro continents. I think I’m going to do a fact-check video on this. Which might turn into a debunking video.
Travis Norseman
'Travis Norseman' 4 months ago
What a load of crap
Dustin Fette
'Dustin Fette' 4 months ago
The comment and the first guy's name.
I like building Pc’s
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