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Thanksgiving Vine & Instagram Video Compilation 2016 -
Published: 11 months ago By: Dumb Genius

By: Dumb GeniusPublished: 11 months ago

456, 492 views

4, 769 Likes   239 Dislikes

New Thanksgiving Vine Compilation from the Top Viners of the Year 2016! Featuring Amanda Cerny, Chaz Smith, Josh Peck, KingBach, Thomas Sanders, Austin Miles Geter, Ry Doon, Hampton, Aaron Chewing, Brandon Bowen, Eric Dunn and more! Check out Team Internet's The Purge: Black Friday video ►

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xMoDzMoDzx !!
'xMoDzMoDzx !!' 8 months ago
What's the name of the song at 1:40
Clash obama
'Clash obama' 9 months ago
danger stairs
'danger stairs' 9 months ago
0:00 is pure shit
Doreen Tyler
'Doreen Tyler' 9 months ago
'FireDog' 10 months ago
ジ lol
'Ilovechocies' 10 months ago
I only came to see de storm lit rapping
Eliezer Perez
'Eliezer Perez' 10 months ago
On your therd wife oooooooooooooooooooohhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh get wreked boi
Viinii Games
'Viinii Games' 10 months ago
Musical 0:18
Mr Skrufy
'Mr Skrufy' 10 months ago
"О боже"
'Jarino' 10 months ago
1:39 what's the song please
'leevihermanni' 11 months ago
like = awesome day sub me = help small funny videos maker in his bd!
larayea jones
'larayea jones' 11 months ago
28 30 making me lol
'Ozikk' 11 months ago
1:39 Whats The Song?
Валерий Жиганов
2:16-3:08 пришлите мне этот отрывок музыки
Growing Blue
'Growing Blue' 11 months ago
who else gets annoyed about the last empire war Z
Crazy Schipper
'Crazy Schipper' 11 months ago
1:11 о боже... еее
Julien 1412
'Julien 1412' 11 months ago
first song?
Maggie Myers
'Maggie Myers' 11 months ago
Lol i love this
HITDJ Nightcore
'HITDJ Nightcore' 11 months ago
Jessie White
'Jessie White' 11 months ago
там был русский чувак )))
'MrZephyr' 11 months ago
Русский)) 1:10 Он сказал : " О боже ! "
Seth Rodriguez
'Seth Rodriguez' 11 months ago
6:14 song?
Jada Miles
'Jada Miles' 11 months ago
Lily. Is so ???????¿M
Jada Blaise
'Jada Blaise' 11 months ago
it is not funny
Mentalkid !
'Mentalkid !' 11 months ago
Mentalkid !
'Mentalkid !' 11 months ago
• Commenter of God •
1:10 Еее Русского можно узнать по фразе *О боже*
Dazza Johnson
'Dazza Johnson' 11 months ago
your channel has lost all relevance.
'Minihulk' 11 months ago
wait. I thought vine is shutting down?
Rahim&Zaki Vines
'Rahim&Zaki Vines' 11 months ago
music in first video pls
nico willis
'nico willis' 11 months ago
at 5:43 wtf is in the middle of his eyebrows
Funny Videos
'Funny Videos' 11 months ago
Safety lessons with pinky the stickbot
I didnt celebrate thanksgiving my mum wasnt here 😪😭😪😭 Im not doing this for likes i just want to share my problems with u guys 😌
'Xdomination111' 11 months ago
I didn't even get to eat because I was sick
Dominique north
'Dominique north' 11 months ago
great vine. I love it
Alondra Es extrañia
'Alondra Es extrañia' 11 months ago
For thanksgiving I ate tacos (ones from Mexico not from the US) ikr it's sad
'Miguel' 11 months ago
Malorie Obholz
'Malorie Obholz' 11 months ago
it's 3 more
Dakari Long
'Dakari Long' 11 months ago
2:16-3:08 sry
mary hartwell
'mary hartwell' 11 months ago
How my thanksgiving be is a good rap and has a good beat
epicrage 09
'epicrage 09' 11 months ago
nice rap
Joshua kg Briones
'Joshua kg Briones' 11 months ago
5:30 he is watching lyrics
'sailtheplains' 11 months ago
"You think this a Chinese thanksgiving" oh hahaha. i laughed and then felt guilty. You Thanksgiving fuck!
Rãïnbøw Çløùd
'Rãïnbøw Çløùd' 11 months ago
2:40 when he was raping was lit bruh they need to add that to the you name it challenge
Ahmed Lasen
'Ahmed Lasen' 11 months ago
any see the one at 1: 40
Ahmed Lasen
'Ahmed Lasen' 11 months ago
Bloody Pie
'Bloody Pie' 11 months ago
who's a teenage girl bcuz I want 2 ...
If i jungle or top wee win
whats the name of the music 3:00
Zaki Kat
'Zaki Kat' 11 months ago
6:30 instead of videoing why dont you help that old man
Comedyshortsgamer Vlogs
Hoy huy severa doy who you se hate on Ginés Sabina Thievy soledad this from anotaré perdón just do what i do tele tiempo to short The hecho up
Josue Ortegon Lopez
'Josue Ortegon Lopez' 11 months ago
song? 2:18
Marcusplouis 110
'Marcusplouis 110' 11 months ago
Aye ! Fire at 2:18
Mr. Miyagi
'Mr. Miyagi' 11 months ago
Im asian, and I ate mash potatoes AND rice
'Gvantsa' 11 months ago
1:45 music please?
Donut Lose
'Donut Lose' 11 months ago
song at 2:40?
Konrad Gumiś
'Konrad Gumiś' 11 months ago
'Leshae' Thompson' 11 months ago
no one ever said white lives don't matter
'john' 11 months ago
r.i.p vine
Metrix YT
'Metrix YT' 11 months ago
So what happen to this channel?
Panos Zois
'Panos Zois' 11 months ago
Is anyone else bored by vines longer than 6 seconds?
Ysaiah Coker-Felder
'Ysaiah Coker-Felder' 11 months ago
black lives matter because were being killed
Blob Blob
'Blob Blob' 11 months ago
там русский был
Drizy Tay
'Drizy Tay' 11 months ago
White people always ruin shit
'olenetyulen' 11 months ago
1:10 сказал "О боже"?:D
C r 3 s t
'C r 3 s t' 11 months ago
why yall dont like thanksgiving leftovers
League O Hawks
'League O Hawks' 11 months ago
song at 6:15?
'coolfruit' 11 months ago
Why do people say vine is dead when people are still making them
Shikei Cosplaying
'Shikei Cosplaying' 11 months ago
hold up what i thought vine was shut down
Shayla Ruiz
'Shayla Ruiz' 11 months ago
whats the song at 1:00
'SubulationVL' 11 months ago
hey jesus (yo jesus) thanks for the food (thanks a lot), I think you're a really cool dude
Betito Betito
'Betito Betito' 11 months ago
5:43 he reading
Quad MC
'Quad MC' 11 months ago
Lmao 😂😂😂😂😂
dragon master 5
'dragon master 5' 11 months ago
tvg sk t vfc m
'Armando' 11 months ago
whats the remix song at 2:20?
Dab Nation
'Dab Nation' 11 months ago
LOL 💀💀💀1:36
Dab Nation
'Dab Nation' 11 months ago
OMG 1:36
'DusieK' 11 months ago
1:11 "O boże" Polak? :DD
Michael The Gamer
'Michael The Gamer' 11 months ago
Song at 1:06?
'gabemcboss' 11 months ago
as my Aunt would say "pray these sinners for these dinner's
llez win G.
'llez win G.' 11 months ago
1:42 is soooo lit... whats d title of d song pleaseeeee.. tnx
Yami Rene
'Yami Rene' 11 months ago
1:10 О боже Хд
KaiTheKat S
'KaiTheKat S' 11 months ago
Song at 103
Russian Bear
'Russian Bear' 11 months ago
0:01 song?
NGuueexn Ngân
'NGuueexn Ngân' 11 months ago
what song in fisrt clip
XBO3X184 call of duty black ops 3
what is the song name 0:10
Link _legendary
'Link _legendary' 11 months ago
sara ama
'sara ama' 11 months ago
No man is a failure who is enjoying life with *(I G R O C K E T D O T C O M)*
Itz Me OwL
'Itz Me OwL' 11 months ago
i just had a ad about the new xbox ones and i have to wait 2 more days man i can not wait to play some battlefield 1
Emma Isabella
'Emma Isabella' 11 months ago
Only one site can make you hell famous on instagram just *(IGROCKET D O T C O M)*
'Caruk' 11 months ago
Czy w 1:11 nie powiedział o Boże?
Janno Ambos
'Janno Ambos' 11 months ago
2:18 .... what song?
'ITS YOUR GIRL WALUIGI' 11 months ago
I love all the Thanksgiving roasts. I'm sad today because my mom didn't cook the turkey, my aunt did so there's no turkey leftovers. :(
Denise G
'Denise G' 11 months ago
buddyrv V
'buddyrv V' 11 months ago
Who is watching this after thanksgiving
I Am Not ReAl
'I Am Not ReAl' 11 months ago
sadly this channel is coming to an end. been watching since I was 10. thanks man.
Abdualziz zhrani
'Abdualziz zhrani' 11 months ago
please give me like #قنات_هياخليك بالله لايك الله يعطيكم العافية 😊
John Burke
'John Burke' 11 months ago
love your vines
'savageleaf' 11 months ago
1:48 Ooohhh... Roasted like a overcooked turkey. 🦃🔥🔥
'savageleaf' 11 months ago
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