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TEARS OF JOY | Markiplier's Adventures 2 -
Published: 10 months ago By: Markiplier

By: MarkiplierPublished: 10 months ago

2, 832, 778 views

143, 967 Likes   829 Dislikes

I love this game! It's such a delight to play and goes over some really great memories from years past. I'm honored that the developer took to the time to craft and finish such a cool experience. Please give them some support and encourage them to keep on creating awesome things! And thank you all so much for being here and creating these memories with me. I'm so happy to be able to do what I do and it's all thanks to you guys!
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'Markiplier' 10 months ago
Also thank you all so much for watching! I'm honored that you guys have stuck by me for so many years as we've made such incredible memories over the years. I can't wait to make so many more in the future!
Ditya 14
'Ditya 14' 25 minutes ago
Ewwww gross
Kristy Emery
'Kristy Emery' 2 hours ago
Mark got touched by this game.
Sans the Lazybones
'Sans the Lazybones' 6 hours ago
*S H U T U P N U R S E ! ! !*
Elsa Ramos
'Elsa Ramos' 7 hours ago
'HAJAR MOHAMMED' 8 hours ago
I... I don't e-even know w-what to s-say I - I also have n-no w-words to s-say... See mark c-cry just b-breaks my h-heart in to a million p-pieces. Thank you m-mark for e-everything u h-have d-done to us a-and your f-family and f-friends.. Just t-thank u
awesome Kayla
'awesome Kayla' 8 hours ago
The end made me sad and so does the part where marks dad came,😭😭😭😦😦😦🙍🙍🙍😿😿😓😓😔😔😞😞😟😟😢😢😥😥👪👪👪
Alibaba Mongolia
'Alibaba Mongolia' 10 hours ago
KittenDragon Cat
'KittenDragon Cat' 17 hours ago
There r 828 idiot fuck heads that watched this vid. 😂 Lol wuv u mark😢❤❤❤❤❤❤
Valentine Family
'Valentine Family' 19 hours ago
This is the first time I’ve seen mark cry and I think it was adorable! I watch this channel every singe day. When I am sad mark always cheers me up. I wish so much that I could see mark in real life he is the best YouTuber ever. Thank you every one who likes this comment and thank you mark. You’re all awesome!
Girl cross sans [vampire][kinder]
Girl cross sans [vampire][kinder]
I'm not crying guys....I am just cutting onions...*sniff* WAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA
'Weltfenos' 24 hours ago
The next markiplier adventures will include a fist fight of Amy and the nurse
Simon Percy
'Simon Percy' 1 day ago
Oh mark I'm sorry...your😦😦😭😭
RöÇkËt RåÇçÖöÑ vÖłVö HD
R.I.P Marks Father
Fire Panda
'Fire Panda' 1 day ago
what about Chica..... were is Chica and Amy.....
Ruby Jean
'Ruby Jean' 1 day ago
Infinite explosives coming out of my nipples! Youve done it again.... i laughted so hard I fell off my bed.
FidgetGuy 55
'FidgetGuy 55' 1 day ago
tiny box tim falling sounds like a 4 year old getting his nips twisted
Chomikowa Zuzia
'Chomikowa Zuzia' 1 day ago
Did you cry
Krystyne Gitura
'Krystyne Gitura' 1 day ago
your videos are just sooo funny 😂😂😂😂😂
Sherion Edwards
'Sherion Edwards' 1 day ago
I'm going to cry 😢😭🙁😳
Sherion Edwards
'Sherion Edwards' 1 day ago
Gaming Gear
'Gaming Gear' 2 days ago
The mic quality in this game. It's amazing either way bruh.
The Meme Team
'The Meme Team' 2 days ago
Your poof is a meme
Video Cat968
'Video Cat968' 2 days ago
I sat at the top from the crowd with the sweat yay sweat I ant crying mmmmmmm T^T
'KitCat_HD' 2 days ago
Omg this is a sooo nice game and story and i love the end 😍😻
Jorge Vera Vera
'Jorge Vera Vera' 2 days ago
I am so happy that I can come home and wach your videos when I get bulled because I can't spell you gest Cher me up and it makes me whant to bee a better person so I can bee just like you and from the bottom of my heart thank you keep up the good work. Your most thank full fan Ayden Vera 👍👍🙋
'Attipatti' 2 days ago
What is the intro song
Alicen Belsome
'Alicen Belsome' 2 days ago
Are you crying?
Matilda Goransson
'Matilda Goransson' 3 days ago
Do that dance, mark. You go boy! 🌈
Aaliyah Lancaster
'Aaliyah Lancaster' 3 days ago
Nice dance moves btw 👍👍👍👍👍
Raven Blood
'Raven Blood' 3 days ago
Am I the only one that thought of he-man and "I HAVE THE POWER!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!" When he pulled the sword out of the stone
Zombie Man
'Zombie Man' 3 days ago
Mark the part where you met your father made me sad
Officer Derp
'Officer Derp' 3 days ago
For some reason, when I was watching the dad scene, I thought Mark's dad was going to turn into a bad guy and kill Mark. Lol I'm messed up.
Travis Ericson
'Travis Ericson' 3 days ago
Koby Taylor
'Koby Taylor' 3 days ago
I had an add about the mark flag on the moon and his dog Chica was on the moon in a space suit😋
'caaavie' 3 days ago
ohhh man markkkk you made me cry :(((
Bonnie Bonnie
'Bonnie Bonnie' 3 days ago
Maya Chambers
'Maya Chambers' 4 days ago
So I started watching this, took a brief scroll through the comments and saw everyone saying that they were crying and thought 'man there's no way I'm gonna cry'. Fastforward and I crying right with you Mark because that's what you do. You connect with people, and that's what makes you special as a person and a youtuber. When you're happy, you light up the world with your videos and tweets, and when you cry, we're all here to cry right along with you because you have reached into every single one of our hearts.
Jelly Wolf
'Jelly Wolf' 4 days ago
The Dad part made me cry
The albururgus P
'The albururgus P' 4 days ago
Mark’s not gonna cry at all
Melody The neko
'Melody The neko' 4 days ago
*finishes watching the video* Yay! Congrats Mark, you are an inspiration to me and everyone else here on Youtube. No matter what, you can get through the hard times,even if they have no end. P.s. Congrats on 18 million subscribers!
'lt' 4 days ago
Jayden Campos
'Jayden Campos' 4 days ago
End so sad
Md Mahamudul Amin Rafin
Markiplier you are the best you tuber I have seen because when play scary games you don't got scare and you play happily but it's so funny that's why you are my favourite you tuber
Neva Seleš
'Neva Seleš' 4 days ago
mark is having the best day in his life
frisk the fallen panda
I cried right at the dad part
frisk the fallen panda
I fucking knew that darkiplir was gonna be in this
Skylight 905
'Skylight 905' 4 days ago
Awww Mark that's so cool
Andrew Maalouf
'Andrew Maalouf' 5 days ago
Did mark dad died
I cried I love you mark!
'SnowyStormz' 5 days ago
Mark's dance at the start was so cute oh my god he's so precious
Kawaii World
'Kawaii World' 5 days ago
Um I think l have dust in my eyes soo it's makeing water come..come out of me eye..yeah...eye balls
Pheoa Draws
'Pheoa Draws' 5 days ago
Purification in progress.
David Gill
'David Gill' 5 days ago
David Gill
'David Gill' 5 days ago
I will never die...👿...FUCK YOU DEVEL
Jason Cox
'Jason Cox' 5 days ago
Jason Cox
'Jason Cox' 5 days ago
Lol ur crying😂
Cuphead Bendy
'Cuphead Bendy' 5 days ago
I migth post it tomorrow your the best
Cuphead Bendy
'Cuphead Bendy' 5 days ago
I will make an animation for you ok
Asriel Dreemurr8271
Tiny box Tim sounds like toad
Happy Puppy
'Happy Puppy' 6 days ago
Aaaawwwwww, STOP CRYIN MARK!!!! Y-YOURE MAKIN ME.... Ma-making... me... C-cry ..... Goddamn invisible onion cutting ninjas
Colourless Ashes 158
Awwww don't cryyyy
Cute be2cutebirds
'Cute be2cutebirds' 6 days ago
Aurora Nemesis
'Aurora Nemesis' 6 days ago
That was soo coool😭😭😭😭😭
Sharm Show
'Sharm Show' 6 days ago
Mangle XD
'Mangle XD' 7 days ago
ohhhhhh i'm gonna cryyyyyy this is so sad but dont cry couse i cryyyyyyyyy. Bye. 😭😭😭but its so cool and sad
GΣΣΚ 1107
'GΣΣΚ 1107' 7 days ago
I watched this when it first got on YouTube and I still don't think I can get over that intro
Funtime Jessie Nunan
I'm your new fan!
'Gyvern' 7 days ago
In the beginning I think we all died some inside lol
Manu pineda2005
'Manu pineda2005' 7 days ago
Asdasdasd ase he is so... Cuteeeee! First time I see mark crying!
Lilly lils D bog
'Lilly lils D bog' 7 days ago
Love your mustache sorry im not good at that word
Freddy Fazbear
'Freddy Fazbear' 7 days ago
Markiplier,Could you please make a video of you playing "The Eight Pages"?
Hoverz GT
'Hoverz GT' 1 week ago
I laughed at "AHH" part lol
kittey mata
'kittey mata' 1 week ago
Sad and happy 😄😭
Alexander Taylor
'Alexander Taylor' 1 week ago
there was also jeff in the first one
bryan barrera
'bryan barrera' 1 week ago
'Hello' 1 week ago
Seen this about one hundred times
'jaleah07sanchez' 1 week ago
Ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha go to hell!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
'Julia RICHTER' 1 week ago
Omg, I was crying at the dad part! This is so sad and ahhhh
Chris Sims
'Chris Sims' 1 week ago
That dance though
cool sambaa cool sambaa
that so sad markiplier and markiplier dad
saili and Jayden Lee and Borges
Even luciplier
saili and Jayden Lee and Borges
I didn’t know that darkiplier is gonna be in this game
'dewanscorpion' 1 week ago
We bid you return dadipliar
Harley Quinn
'Harley Quinn' 1 week ago
Mark y u so dang sexy😵😵😵😵🙏🙏🙏💓🎆🎊🎉🎇
lps rainbow factory Cannaday
Hi markipliar
Space Kitten Wizard
during the slender one > the one with the tree's, you can see a house which has a bow on it.. possibly home of tina?
Lupus Lumber
'Lupus Lumber' 1 week ago
As soon as I saw marks dad I F L I P E D OUTT
Coco 40
'Coco 40' 1 week ago
Yes Your Fans Are Dead.
suger sprinkle
'suger sprinkle' 1 week ago
Victoria Contreras
Mark maby you should try musicliee
Dharma Fathahillah
Friendship is magic
Peter Peter
'Peter Peter' 2 weeks ago
the end is so COOL
Adorable Nightmare
'Adorable Nightmare' 2 weeks ago
Dun't cri Mark! >:<
Catherine Wyatt
'Catherine Wyatt' 2 weeks ago
Tiny box Tim :I'm ok Mark thanks to you Mark: awww Me: oh my fucking God XD
Alex_Potter_Malfoy Tv
Well...I cried...again. Thanks Mark.♡
cheyanne raphoon
'cheyanne raphoon' 2 weeks ago
The ending is so sad.
Eliza Babcock
'Eliza Babcock' 2 weeks ago
Your so amazing
Valerie Furnea
'Valerie Furnea' 2 weeks ago
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