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TEARS OF JOY | Markiplier's Adventures 2 -
Published: 5 months ago By: Markiplier

By: MarkiplierPublished: 5 months ago

2, 461, 594 views

135, 292 Likes   745 Dislikes

I love this game! It's such a delight to play and goes over some really great memories from years past. I'm honored that the developer took to the time to craft and finish such a cool experience. Please give them some support and encourage them to keep on creating awesome things! And thank you all so much for being here and creating these memories with me. I'm so happy to be able to do what I do and it's all thanks to you guys!
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'Markiplier' 5 months ago
Also thank you all so much for watching! I'm honored that you guys have stuck by me for so many years as we've made such incredible memories over the years. I can't wait to make so many more in the future!
Dylan Renard
'Dylan Renard' 54 minutes ago
omg Mark i love you sooooo ❤
Hayato Iki
'Hayato Iki' 3 hours ago
I've already watched this when it first come out but it still ends up making me cry every time I wish I could have a hug from you thank you so much mark for everything that you have done I and everyone of your fans love you so so so very much thank you so much 😊
Cole Mac303
'Cole Mac303' 3 hours ago
I really cried at the end
Cool Cat87
'Cool Cat87' 3 hours ago
I almost cried!! and that's rare for a Markaplier video!
Susan Meow
'Susan Meow' 4 hours ago
A invisible ninja cut onions next to my eyes!!! 😭
Lily Hessman
'Lily Hessman' 5 hours ago
Mark don't cry!!!;_; u made me cry!!!;_; I love u mark, you mAke me laugh, smile,and now cry -Lily and as always see u in the next video. buh bye!!!
Vault Guy87
'Vault Guy87' 6 hours ago
Play world of tanks you would suk and it would be halairious
DestoyerPrime 4
'DestoyerPrime 4' 6 hours ago
'azora53' 8 hours ago
the screams were in sinc!!!!!!
teal dragonrosexox13
I'm crying, that was beautiful!
Epic Tiny r
'Epic Tiny r' 8 hours ago
now im not really a crying person, but the dad scene just really hit me hard, and...I just broke, I started crying alot, that was amazing, and Mark? thank you so much, we're always gonna be by your side, we promise you that, so you can always count on us! We love ya Mark, to the moon and back!
lolly yolo
'lolly yolo' 9 hours ago
please observe mark in his natural habitat! POOF POOF POOF POOF POOF POOF POOF POOF POOF
'Swirlyop' 11 hours ago
my lil sis and i teared up ;0;
Oshawott Nate
'Oshawott Nate' 11 hours ago
i started tearing up when Markiplier's dad appeared
Deadass mia
'Deadass mia' 12 hours ago
im not crying my eyes are just sweating
Marley Grace
'Marley Grace' 12 hours ago
You know what else is from Markipliers magic touch .....JACKSEPTICEYE PORN
Tuesday Playz
'Tuesday Playz' 12 hours ago
Derp I sub u markaplier
Goku Hoque
'Goku Hoque' 13 hours ago
I couldn't stop crying 😭😭😭
neda eryılmaz
'neda eryılmaz' 13 hours ago
Dont cry smol beeeeeeeaaaaaaannnnnnn
Kennedi Reeves
'Kennedi Reeves' 14 hours ago
I'm pretty sure that we all most cried when his dad showed up😭😭😭😆
Brad Wise
'Brad Wise' 14 hours ago
mark on Halloween thre are manic an heads on a house
Kennedi Reeves
'Kennedi Reeves' 14 hours ago
Pretty sure we all cried when his dad showed up😭😭😭
'AlexisTheGamer' 14 hours ago
this is so cute
Kawaii Rainbow unicorn
Mark Your dad must have been a good man please no need to cry because you miss him we are here for you😀 you have brought us so much joy don't listen to the haters they know nothing they don't know the mark I know 😄😄😄😄😁😁😁
Abbigail Steele
'Abbigail Steele' 15 hours ago
Levi Ackerman
'Levi Ackerman' 16 hours ago
this is so sweet I cried for 2 Days because I know we believe in you, until the end 😂
scorpio clips
'scorpio clips' 17 hours ago
we will always love you mark we hope you had a good time with your father just keep making us happy please
kalehy perry
'kalehy perry' 17 hours ago
The part with your dad made me bust into tears, it was my favorite part of the game : )
Kimber Isgrigg
'Kimber Isgrigg' 18 hours ago
Me when Markiplier started crying: Shhhhhhhhhh don't cry!!! Me:😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭
Anime master
'Anime master' 22 hours ago
Mark i cryed so hard in this becase your dad passed and he was here danget you are my hero to me you keep me going in life I almost killed myself but then I watched you and I stayed alive so please just read and comment on this
Emily Moon
'Emily Moon' 23 hours ago
Friend:Did you gust fall Me:No I was attacking the floor Friend:.........sure Me:😎
The emerald Island
'The emerald Island' 23 hours ago
Mark this made me cry
The emerald Island
'The emerald Island' 23 hours ago
Mark I watched ur draw ur life I noticed that u said that ur dads last words to u where "I love u... So much
angel rodriguez
'angel rodriguez' 1 day ago
angel rodriguez
'angel rodriguez' 1 day ago
I feel like Im betraying Mark just thinking that the Ego Mark is hot...XD
Chloe Tomlin
'Chloe Tomlin' 1 day ago
The feels....🤧❤️💙❤️ we all love you mark, you make us proud❤️
Vicky Lin
'Vicky Lin' 1 day ago
JackMark&felix Felix
Im trying so hard not to cry right now
brenna x focy
'brenna x focy' 1 day ago
JackMark&felix Felix
mark: thats what the sound of love is......AHHHHHHHHH me: *looks at mark* AHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH
Mad Maddie Lucky the wolf
Instead of Marks dad itsss.........LITTLE BUTLER🎶🎵
Ellie Griffin
'Ellie Griffin' 1 day ago
Galaxy Wolf
'Galaxy Wolf' 1 day ago
that was amazing that they put your dad in! Just let the feelings out you don't have to hide we are here for you mark we love you and you are awesome
Lucky the kitten batqftim
Lucky the kitten batqftim
%99 of people: omg I'm crying me: wait, mark flew out of the comic book. where is the logic?
Hannah Blakeman
'Hannah Blakeman' 2 days ago
0:08 love it Mark....
Felipe Felipe
'Felipe Felipe' 2 days ago
Лилия Желева
I crying
Лилия Желева
Are cry?
Rose s kámoši
'Rose s kámoši' 2 days ago
Ava Alvarez
'Ava Alvarez' 2 days ago
Mark where you crying cause if you did it made me kinda cry
Adelina Dominguez
'Adelina Dominguez' 2 days ago
*walks up to mark and hugs him tightly*
Alexander Rivera
'Alexander Rivera' 2 days ago
I feel the same way about you
Am Mack
'Am Mack' 2 days ago
After crying from watching Mark react to Fan made videos. I came to this thinking it would make me feel better. It did until the end, I just broke down in tears. I love u mark and ur videos.
Meme Stealer
'Meme Stealer' 2 days ago
I was rather mad that he included his father in this.It seemed like a rather dick move,Mark and his family and friends aren't characters,they're people!
Casey Hynes
'Casey Hynes' 2 days ago
Scarlett Mitchell
'Scarlett Mitchell' 3 days ago
you are super bad gamer you are so bad even worse than a game I love you videos to make you want to laugh can you swing me on Roblox leader after you make a video
Laura De Costa
'Laura De Costa' 3 days ago
Mark, I just want to say thank you, too. for the wonderful words that you are telling us. when you started to cry I just hug you. and now... even if it's not real.. *hugs*
dung daohuy
'dung daohuy' 3 days ago
0:01 0:02 0:03 markiplier is crazy
dung daohuy
'dung daohuy' 3 days ago
markiplier is crazy
Dez Drawz
'Dez Drawz' 3 days ago
I started crying before mark did... is that even possible??? Anyways I love you sooooooo much.
Frosting Cupcake
'Frosting Cupcake' 3 days ago
i cryed all night cause of the end! i love you mark
Mariah Delgado
'Mariah Delgado' 3 days ago
"I get treated like dirt anway" Nurse said who said dirt got treated badly
A Crazy Fangirl Does Art
Aww Markimoo.......
'tqueen27' 3 days ago
yo at the end I completly forgot we were in a comic😂
Redwoof 77
'Redwoof 77' 3 days ago
I'm not crying i'm just in pain .. oh wait ... isn't that the same thing? ;-;
Julie Bannert
'Julie Bannert' 3 days ago
my marky was crying 😂
kyky kyky
'kyky kyky' 3 days ago
we looooove you
Lukeddunham dunhan
the dad part made me cry
Paige Alexis Xoxo
'Paige Alexis Xoxo' 3 days ago
Mark you made me cry
Gymnastics Lover!!!!
mom stop cutting the onions!!!!!!
Gymnastics Lover!!!!
im me!!!
Katy  Gaming
'Katy Gaming' 3 days ago
i laughing so hard 0:00
Happy gamer day 123
Markiplier I know how you feel my dad died in a car accident with my 4 year old brother 5 months after I was born and every time I think about him I still cry :( I feel you mark.
Melissa W
'Melissa W' 3 days ago
SO BEAUTIFUL 😭😢😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭
'Galaxyia' 3 days ago
I was cutting onions..... I SWEAR!!!
Vivianette Rivera
'Vivianette Rivera' 4 days ago
i cried in the ending
Talia Young
'Talia Young' 4 days ago
Mark your awesome 😃😀😄😁
Animation 14
'Animation 14' 4 days ago
Poor markiplier dont cry I dont wanna see u cry
Elizabeth Wagner
'Elizabeth Wagner' 4 days ago
poof is my notification ringtone on my phone
Dolores H
'Dolores H' 4 days ago
rip my life
The YouTube Crusader
I'm gonna make a actual comic of a mark adventure
The YouTube Crusader
16:00 Whitney warfstash
Joyful Vision
'Joyful Vision' 4 days ago
'BukketLisht' 4 days ago
Let it all out Mark...I cried too
Toriel Dreemurr
'Toriel Dreemurr' 4 days ago
when Mark cries I cry :'(
amanda brotherton
'amanda brotherton' 4 days ago
Beatriz Chung
'Beatriz Chung' 4 days ago
you have your own game?wow
Dawn-star- Pierre
'Dawn-star- Pierre' 4 days ago
good job
Rembalina AJ
'Rembalina AJ' 4 days ago
'AJthe GREAT' 4 days ago
Demi Start
'Demi Start' 4 days ago
me:don't cry! mark:waaaah me:waaaaaaaaah
Fire wolf
'Fire wolf' 5 days ago
Sailor Markimoo-
dragon fly
'dragon fly' 5 days ago
game: the skribuls won't hert you mark: then why did you make me kill them ( probably not origonal) me: * facsparm*
Monadelle Singleton
thank you TOO! markiplier!😁
The Engineer
'The Engineer' 5 days ago
'FancyPants' 5 days ago
I had subtitles on while watching this video, and straight up it says *Music starts with a slightly startled Markimoo.* , YouTube is hilarious!
quin cypher
'quin cypher' 5 days ago
Ok dont get mad but i fully expected at the dad part for Warf Stache to just show up like "NOPE! -3- wake up you son of a bitch" o-o ik tht is horrible but i thought thts what was gonna happen, but im kinda glad they didnt do that because thats kinda dark...
Simon Henrikkson
'Simon Henrikkson' 5 days ago
i ship tiny box tim and tina who ships it to?
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