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TEARS OF JOY | Markiplier's Adventures 2 -
Published: 6 months ago By: Markiplier

By: MarkiplierPublished: 6 months ago

2, 560, 832 views

137, 563 Likes   764 Dislikes

I love this game! It's such a delight to play and goes over some really great memories from years past. I'm honored that the developer took to the time to craft and finish such a cool experience. Please give them some support and encourage them to keep on creating awesome things! And thank you all so much for being here and creating these memories with me. I'm so happy to be able to do what I do and it's all thanks to you guys!
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'Markiplier' 6 months ago
Also thank you all so much for watching! I'm honored that you guys have stuck by me for so many years as we've made such incredible memories over the years. I can't wait to make so many more in the future!
Amy Smith
'Amy Smith' 3 hours ago
Those dance moves tho :P
Amy Smith
'Amy Smith' 3 hours ago
The memories will never stop being made! :)
Toy Foxy Ze geek99
'Toy Foxy Ze geek99' 6 hours ago
You dick
Frozen Soldier
'Frozen Soldier' 8 hours ago
Cooper 666
'Cooper 666' 9 hours ago
Solana Williams
'Solana Williams' 10 hours ago
Markiplier's videos are so amazing you make us laugh and cry at the same tine you spread joy to everyone who watches Thank You
Radford Family
'Radford Family' 10 hours ago
1 like equals 1 heart
Radford Family
'Radford Family' 10 hours ago
me to random
Radford Family
'Radford Family' 10 hours ago
thank you I will see you in the next video we love you bu by
Violet Ancira
'Violet Ancira' 12 hours ago
Don't be sad
Ruby and sapphire Lps
This is for kids , * says thinks like fuckery and dicktry and potatoes ass face
Ruby and sapphire Lps
What is this fuckery it's amazing
שלום עוזיירי
2,558,255 views (2.5M) and 764 dislikes. fuck those 764 haters!😠😠😠
Aidan Hiatt
'Aidan Hiatt' 16 hours ago
Marks Gone Super Sain I Dont Know How To Pronouce It?
Princess Cupcakes
'Princess Cupcakes' 17 hours ago
mark don't cry
Jack Oneal
'Jack Oneal' 23 hours ago
Leslie knope
Will Pickett
'Will Pickett' 1 day ago
wow you cryed i think thats the first time i saw you cry
Pixel Fun-Bear
'Pixel Fun-Bear' 1 day ago
I am crying so much Omg ;~; Poor Markimoo is crying in tears of Joy
Mendes Maria
'Mendes Maria' 1 day ago
No,no,no think you for this no all videos
Poezel Pootje
'Poezel Pootje' 1 day ago
i love hou you react to the game mark says a lot hou you realy REALY like the game :)
Malloryrocks 13
'Malloryrocks 13' 2 days ago
I literally cried at his dad
J Jolt
'J Jolt' 2 days ago
Yep mannequins are fucking scary ask hell if those mannequins were in my room I shit myself over 9,000
'_Milo_' 2 days ago
It's ok Mark, I hate mannequins too. After watching doctor who and hearing about all the movies with possessed plastic people...
Michael Mosley
'Michael Mosley' 2 days ago
I have been watching ever since 2013 and sucribed ever since 2013 mark. Thanks for cheering me up when I'm sad and thank you and see you in the next video
Green Gaming Yt
'Green Gaming Yt' 2 days ago
I cried whit you mark
Peachy Vicky
'Peachy Vicky' 2 days ago
I'm crying for real
songeebahh Frick you
marks dad: i love you son.... mark: i love you dad! marks dad: WELL NOW YOUR GROUNDED BECAUSE WHEN YOU WERE 7, YOU SPENT $34,000 ON A MONITOR, MICROPHONE, HEADSET AND MORE!!! mark: worth it. the end/ an alternate end xD edit: i forgot to mention, in a happy game. it takes a very sad turn which makes him and others cri evrytim and just makes me ter upp evrytim
'TheAetherBoi' 2 days ago
two things. 1. this was an animated fan fiction 2. Marks Dad part hit him hard since he lost him to cancer which is terrible...
Joy Anderson
'Joy Anderson' 2 days ago
This video but every poof speds up the video
Jeffery Young
'Jeffery Young' 2 days ago
Taylor Gutierrez
'Taylor Gutierrez' 2 days ago
Alyssa Schwab
'Alyssa Schwab' 2 days ago
so adorable! XD
Smile Sama
'Smile Sama' 2 days ago
Ms. Anonymiss
'Ms. Anonymiss' 2 days ago
Just a few seconds in and I'm already laughing
Irela Charvaria
'Irela Charvaria' 2 days ago
He cried?! OMF! I'm crying! I wuv you mark! Everyone can tell how much you love your fans and that you Dont do I for the money, you do it to make people happy. Thank you for making us happy. We love you Mark don't forget that.
Frisk the Skeleton Dreemurr
Frisk the Skeleton Dreemurr
Uhm... Mark...? Pause the recording at 19:37... One of the fans in the cage looks like Jack...
Rocky Callahan
'Rocky Callahan' 2 days ago
galaxy dragon
'galaxy dragon' 2 days ago
Crimson Stone
'Crimson Stone' 3 days ago
Who ever dod the voice is good
Brittany Burnette
'Brittany Burnette' 3 days ago
The word of the day is dicatry
Damien Crane
'Damien Crane' 3 days ago
Man that awkward moment when people think you're dead, and a cute girl leans in to kiss you and you wake up and all like- "Hi."
Damien Crane
'Damien Crane' 3 days ago
15:09 typical clueless Markiplier. "Mark! Look out!" "Whuuaat?" BANG!
Charlie Blanchard
'Charlie Blanchard' 3 days ago
wooo hooo im ascending, i vas never alive to begin with, has me in stitches XD
Galaxy Cupquake
'Galaxy Cupquake' 3 days ago
Markiplier is freaking awesome. his youtube channel makes me feel like this world isn't so cruel after all .
kittens rocks1
'kittens rocks1' 3 days ago
I cried when I watched this 😭 we love you Markiplier
Pineapple Bryant
'Pineapple Bryant' 3 days ago
He's about to cry at the end and its so.....;-; it also makes me cry ;~;
Pineapple Bryant
'Pineapple Bryant' 3 days ago
The warfstache is the new batarang
loudhayden 10
'loudhayden 10' 3 days ago
i didn't see sugeon simulater :(
Star Fox
'Star Fox' 3 days ago
I never thought I would see Mark cry!! I love u 2 mark
Jhanice V
'Jhanice V' 3 days ago
Lps Scarlet
'Lps Scarlet' 3 days ago
Who ships Mark and Tonybox Tim?
Cool Dude
'Cool Dude' 3 days ago
It was so cool that they brought Mark's dad in
Cora Demon
'Cora Demon' 3 days ago
O poof will never die but septiplyer is died dead (I still love ur vids doe)
JazeGaming official
I could not stop crying I love you mark!
Olivia Biancone
'Olivia Biancone' 3 days ago
I lost it when they saw his dad😭😭😭
Kira Winn :O
'Kira Winn :O' 3 days ago
Mark looks like something from Dragon Ball Z.
KittyLovvr Girl
'KittyLovvr Girl' 3 days ago
I'm crying 😩😩😩😩😩😩😩
eglė zylutė
'eglė zylutė' 3 days ago
Wooowww I didn't know thet you are such as ammaizing person markyplayer and that wben I soo thet you are sensitiv persom it make my feel like "omg he can't be more osum person?". Creators who created this game are realy cool people you are amazing. P.s sorry for righting some mistakes in text. Your new fane
SobaTheKiller _76
'SobaTheKiller _76' 3 days ago
The Kid of Mangle
'The Kid of Mangle' 3 days ago
nuuuuu markymoo is crying!!!!!
6B2_Enrico Fratesi
I cry ;-;
diane torres
'diane torres' 4 days ago
Pearl Williams
'Pearl Williams' 4 days ago
when mini mark screams he sounds like when you screems
Birgitte Skibenes
'Birgitte Skibenes' 4 days ago
Is your dad really dead, Mark?😢 If he is, then I feel sorry for you...!😭 R.I.P Mark's Dad😱😔 Me: I love.. *Poof!*❤Ⓜ Me = 🚺 Mark = 🚹 Me = Too young for a relationship💜
Willie Duran
'Willie Duran' 4 days ago
I cried when I saw marks dad sayin I love u so much
Marellash Pajara
'Marellash Pajara' 4 days ago
that thing made me cry
'SkyeDrifter' 4 days ago
Who came here just to see the "MMMMMM" section of this video at 4:42 ?????
Kawii Chan
'Kawii Chan' 4 days ago
HarleyQuinn & Puddin
i am sitting on my bed watching this and i am bawling my eyes out
Sammy Snake
'Sammy Snake' 4 days ago
I'm not crying, someone threw tiny box tim in my eye
Sherell Weldon
'Sherell Weldon' 4 days ago
Sherell Weldon
'Sherell Weldon' 4 days ago
Sherell Weldon
'Sherell Weldon' 4 days ago
Sherell Weldon
'Sherell Weldon' 4 days ago
ok guys 8ii
Sherell Weldon
'Sherell Weldon' 4 days ago
Markiplier You're My Greatest Fan
Sherell Weldon
'Sherell Weldon' 4 days ago
x Markiplier if you can hear me I love you you're my greatest fan I watch all your videos even spooky ones
'bnenomore' 4 days ago
10 seconds in & I'm already in stitches 😂 Shoooot, get it boo! Show the world you CAN dance to dubstep lolll **duck lips & all! ♡♡
Avery Goodhue
'Avery Goodhue' 4 days ago
Omg when mark saw his dad in the game I cried omgggggg 😭
Edward Grissom
'Edward Grissom' 4 days ago
Jeff call or 14 if you're out there you did an amazing job on scam great everything star rank 100 Stars
That girl Blogging
When I saw his dad I was like Me: who is tha--OMG! It touched me because when 'mark' said "dad?" I was like so surprised because my dad passed away also and it just made me sad. (I mean, I don't know if marks dad passed away or not but yeah..) this just really touched my heart that I cried till the end of the video. My mom went to my room because she heard me cry and when she walked in she asked me if I was ok. I told her nothing...I just hugged her because I really miss my dad, But what I will always remember is that he will always be in my heart just like mark and his father. Bless you and your family mark. I know he will probably not read this but If he does I just need him to understand that you make me happy every time I see you. I am so glad that you decided to make YouTube videos because without you or your friends, (jack, pewds, eithan, and more) I could've just loose faith and have a hopeless life. Wow that sounded deep. But anyway thanks for all the things that you did for us. You don't only deserve subscribers, you deserve l͟͟o͟͟v͟͟e͟͟. And this is why we are all here for you and obviously your friends and family. But we are here to support you and I'm sure you would do the same. Mark, you have an amazing heart and I know that all of us have too. I am really glad that you make videos just for us, and I am really glad that you're doing your best to make people laugh. (Which you do) and that's why you have an amazing heart.❤️ thank you for reading this especially the ones that are scrolling down the comments. We all love you mark and we all hope you have an amazing day, everyday! Love:~Lizzie
Edward Grissom
'Edward Grissom' 4 days ago
you're welcome and if you're going to play a game you got it if you're going to look up look up walkthrough so few walkthroughs I'll probably going to lie to you so I wouldn't look those up
Noel Estrada
'Noel Estrada' 4 days ago
so sad😦😦😦😢😢😢😢😢😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😌😌😌😌😟😟📵
Catchgirl 100
'Catchgirl 100' 4 days ago
Who the heck would DISLIKE THIS?!
timber wolf 2016
'timber wolf 2016' 4 days ago
I cried when it showed your dad mark
Chase Carpenter
'Chase Carpenter' 5 days ago
I love you so much Mark.
King Fuem
'King Fuem' 5 days ago
King Fuem
'King Fuem' 5 days ago
Chloe Hacker
'Chloe Hacker' 5 days ago
Who else fucking fan girled when that saw dark
Reath Andothas
'Reath Andothas' 5 days ago
You should VO this for the guy!
Noel Estrada
'Noel Estrada' 5 days ago
I cried 😢😢😢😢😭😭😭😭😭😧😧😯😯
'xydoit' 5 days ago
The dad end is made me cry
Toaster Ariff
'Toaster Ariff' 5 days ago
I'm so sad mark I'm worried about you and your dad
Anna Clark
'Anna Clark' 5 days ago
penis Monsters everyone XD 😂😂😂
Ducky The Great
'Ducky The Great' 5 days ago
Tessa Collins
'Tessa Collins' 5 days ago
I love you Mark!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Shelby Simons
'Shelby Simons' 5 days ago
I almost cried :(
Conrad Chester
'Conrad Chester' 6 days ago
ThatGurl Nikki
'ThatGurl Nikki' 6 days ago
omg I know this is late but this made me cry
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