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Plastic Golf Club Battle | Dude Perfect -
Published: 3 years ago By: Dude Perfect

By: Dude PerfectPublished: 3 years ago

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Golf is EXTRA hard with plastic clubs.
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Anika Rao
'Anika Rao' 3 hours ago
he will win
'bobthecreeper' 7 hours ago
love plastic golf do it again please
Diamond Bro
'Diamond Bro' 13 hours ago
Happy Gilmore jacket
garo vlogs and games
'garo vlogs and games' 16 hours ago
Have a Fun !!!,!,,
anima child 33
'anima child 33' 23 hours ago
if Ty win another battle i will burn my home made dude perfect poster
Xtrmin806 :D
'Xtrmin806 :D' 1 day ago
PLASTIC GOLF BATTLE DUES (2 if you're lame)
kobra11 ko
'kobra11 ko' 1 day ago
No 2015
Putul Sarker
'Putul Sarker' 2 days ago
This Video is soo cool
Mason Calgaro
'Mason Calgaro' 2 days ago
Azzy Dreamer
'Azzy Dreamer' 2 days ago
Cody = telaport
Did anyone see that they got there stuff out of the BMW? So that means that they bean driving the BMW
Sam Snowden
'Sam Snowden' 2 days ago
The thing is who bought it if no one won would they keep it?
'FFL FREAK' 2 days ago
what song was used??????
'JBM_42' 2 days ago
What happened to part 2 and 3
Saidutt Subramanyam
Ty the rage monster
Christopher Ireland
He will
Bts Dancer
'Bts Dancer' 3 days ago
Thumb up if you like dude perfect
lauraine cintron
'lauraine cintron' 3 days ago
By the way it's playoffs because first ty swong and missed and then the second time he made it.
lauraine cintron
'lauraine cintron' 3 days ago
By the way it's playoffs because first ty swong and missed and then the second time he made it
lauraine cintron
'lauraine cintron' 3 days ago
By the way it's playoffs because first ty swong and missed and then the second time he made it
Action Jaxon 16
'Action Jaxon 16' 3 days ago
dude perfect should do plastic golf club battle 2
RJ Harding
'RJ Harding' 3 days ago
.so cool DuDE
emma huckle
'emma huckle' 3 days ago
Hey I love your videos but my dad can deet you at a game of golf
Jackey Wang
'Jackey Wang' 3 days ago
Dugga The gamer
'Dugga The gamer' 3 days ago
Lachlan Smith
'Lachlan Smith' 3 days ago
Yes he will but once
Cookie Power 1
'Cookie Power 1' 3 days ago
Paul D Degroot
'Paul D Degroot' 3 days ago
Frisbee golf battle
Faye Carpenter
'Faye Carpenter' 4 days ago
Team Cody
Sri vidya
'Sri vidya' 4 days ago
Will coby ever win a battle
Chance Barnett
'Chance Barnett' 4 days ago
Jayden Wilson
'Jayden Wilson' 4 days ago
Garret said can only count to 10 but his score was 9 lol
Sabrina Khan
'Sabrina Khan' 4 days ago
Sagar Shirke
'Sagar Shirke' 5 days ago
do something with volleyball....i m u r Indian fan😇
YoYo Man
'YoYo Man' 5 days ago
More like welcome to the Plastic Golf Association where Ty makes up rules as we go because he doesn't care what anybody else thinks. Like if you agree 😀😁😆
Isaac Castro
'Isaac Castro' 5 days ago
Make a part 2
'Unreal' 5 days ago
Coby will win a battle
'Unreal' 5 days ago
Super cool
Brody Myrick
'Brody Myrick' 5 days ago
Charity Scamman
'Charity Scamman' 5 days ago
Get out of the bunker. Great golf game. Loved floating hole one
Ammar Munir
'Ammar Munir' 5 days ago
Supercalifragilisticexpialdocious. 😉😉😉😉😉😉😉😋😋😋😋😋😋😋😋😋😋😋😋😋😋😋😋😋
Thebestpubgplayer 55
He did in 2017
Kaiden Moore
'Kaiden Moore' 6 days ago
yes just give c o b y sometime
BigBeast Matt
'BigBeast Matt' 6 days ago
I love all of your videos
BigBeast Matt
'BigBeast Matt' 6 days ago
Can you guys make a all sports golf battle 3?
BigBeast Matt
'BigBeast Matt' 6 days ago
Nice vid I love watching your videos I wish I can meet you in real life your all my favorite I just subscribed to you you guys rock
Twisted Legendary
'Twisted Legendary' 6 days ago
anyone watching in 2018???????????????????????????
Random Cow
'Random Cow' 6 days ago
Battle wins after this episode Ty: 5 Cody: 2 Garret: 1 Cory: 1 Coby: 0
Brandon Middleton
'Brandon Middleton' 6 days ago
Cory is the “sand trapped guy”
'XTREME GAMER' 6 days ago
These Videos Never Let You Down. 🙃
'XTREME GAMER' 6 days ago
Lets All Pray For Coby
Michelle Kelleher
'Michelle Kelleher' 6 days ago
I am watching this video in 2018
Elijah Dawkins
'Elijah Dawkins' 6 days ago
josiah dobil/g
'josiah dobil/g' 6 days ago
Let me know yore phone number. Let me know in the comics scschon
Miguel Rodriguez
'Miguel Rodriguez' 6 days ago
MLG= major league golf
Jack Smith
'Jack Smith' 6 days ago
Yes he will win a battle team coby for life
TnT Adekunle
'TnT Adekunle' 6 days ago
do a challenge with Paul Pogba footballer and Diego Costa football
Sebastian Norboe
'Sebastian Norboe' 6 days ago
anyone else who is feeling that ty almost win every time so like this comment
Jackson Mettey
'Jackson Mettey' 6 days ago
Get out of the bunker Description end
IZombie Rapper30
'IZombie Rapper30' 7 days ago
How are Garrett and Cody not wet on par 3
Samaya Mahat
'Samaya Mahat' 1 week ago
Any one watching in 2018
Jwojo12 #1
'Jwojo12 #1' 1 week ago
Make another plastic golf one
jasmine stephenson
Dman playz
'Dman playz' 1 week ago
noooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! coby will NEVER EVER win.
Nicolas Perreault
'Nicolas Perreault' 1 week ago
Get out of the bunker!
Grant Garner
'Grant Garner' 1 week ago
Get out of the bunker
Mels van hemert
'Mels van hemert' 1 week ago
Nice Car ⛳️⛳️
Ezio Auditore
'Ezio Auditore' 1 week ago
Who was the narrator
Joseph Trevino
'Joseph Trevino' 1 week ago
I want Ty to win the car 🏎
Nikhil Lowe
'Nikhil Lowe' 1 week ago
The beard is good luck🧔
Who’s watching this after coby won giant sumo?
Mini Logan
'Mini Logan' 1 week ago
Amelia Nimey
'Amelia Nimey' 1 week ago
Amelia Nimey 🏆🎉🎈🎏
Surekha Praveen
'Surekha Praveen' 1 week ago
i feel like coby will win in battle 28
yash10 Sharma
'yash10 Sharma' 1 week ago
Every loser get a chance to become a winner
Thomas Pate
'Thomas Pate' 1 week ago
you guys are my favorite
Ammu Suryavadhani
'Ammu Suryavadhani' 1 week ago
coby always in final but never will win
Ammu Suryavadhani
'Ammu Suryavadhani' 1 week ago
coby i am a big fan of you but you stand worst in winning battles
day in the life of retards
I wanted that car 🚙
jill fox
'jill fox' 1 week ago
Stop talking like that
Ari Bershak
'Ari Bershak' 1 week ago
Coby will never win
Abiramreddy Satti
'Abiramreddy Satti' 1 week ago
He will win one
ezzeldin pro gamer tv
Why Do you make songs when you play
kazi gunt
'kazi gunt' 1 week ago
"Big men make big plays" screw that sh*t
'mlhellfish' 1 week ago
You should make a video and make it so Cobe I can win
'Xclar' 1 week ago
'Zorasdomain' 1 week ago
Ik this song
Big Dogs
'Big Dogs' 1 week ago
get out of the bunker
Henry Hong
'Henry Hong' 1 week ago
Tyler is the best out of the DP
Shahzain tube
'Shahzain tube' 1 week ago
Cheater Tyler he cheeted in the score Coby won battle in the last round it has to be a playoff
'JohnROBLOX' 1 week ago
Tyle Is Very Good At This Battle!
Harris Diller
'Harris Diller' 1 week ago
YEAH COBY : ugh tie won
Devin Toms
'Devin Toms' 1 week ago
Can you guys please do a dodgeball battle
Frank Sherlock
'Frank Sherlock' 1 week ago
he will
Janet Davidson
'Janet Davidson' 2 weeks ago
DengDanks Gaming
'DengDanks Gaming' 2 weeks ago
Ty just picked up a 4 leaf clover before the battle.. cause that’s lucky
Shreya Sinha
'Shreya Sinha' 2 weeks ago
siddhant chaugule
'siddhant chaugule' 2 weeks ago
epic shots vines
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