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Drake Yells at LeBron James During Game 4 -
Published: 2 years ago By: The Fumble

By: The FumblePublished: 2 years ago

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Drake was seen yelling at LeBron James from the sidelines and giving him dirty looks. After Kyle Lowry drained a 3, LeBron brought the ball up and Drake was yelling at LeBron. Take a look:

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'MrSecretSentai' 2 weeks ago
And then Drake became a meme
iTzz Lenny
'iTzz Lenny' 1 month ago
Drake's trash
lil d
'lil d' 1 month ago
I poop
Devin Baker YO
'Devin Baker YO' 2 months ago
"If I still had my hairline we would have won. Mane f*** Cavaliers"
Francis Ferdinand
'Francis Ferdinand' 2 months ago
Well 60,000 shouldn't be that much for an escort like drake. But Maybe drake is LeBrons lady and that's why he can tell him off. Cause money shouldn't motivate any one to act like that towards another being ya digg
Don Corleone
'Don Corleone' 2 months ago
dunno why she looks sooooo stupid hahah
Rod Blades
'Rod Blades' 2 months ago
LeBron said ITS EASY
Lil Vontrell
'Lil Vontrell' 2 months ago
He's a cry baby😆😆😆
Stayeslon Mitchell
'Stayeslon Mitchell' 2 months ago
Wen yo mom say u cant go out wit ur friends
Cea Eurales
'Cea Eurales' 2 months ago
1:18 when your parents pick you up early from a sleepover
Jonarudo Saiga
'Jonarudo Saiga' 2 months ago
Greatest Crybaby Of All Time! 😂
Christopher Pool
'Christopher Pool' 2 months ago
He just walked through a cloud of ass !
Ashley #LeGOATJames23 #GOATNewton1
Drake is just a Curry fanboy who is mad bc Rihanna wants King James's D!
I'm gonna cry 😂😂
Jason Oliva
'Jason Oliva' 3 months ago
1:18 When your mom voted for Trump
Eric Watler
'Eric Watler' 3 months ago
Best caption I suck i’ m a milktoast if the refs stopped helping and cHEATing for me I would suck and I do suck.... I wish everyone would get off my nuts I suck
Yewande Fadare
'Yewande Fadare' 3 months ago
Thumbnail drake like BOI
Nicholas Loychik
'Nicholas Loychik' 3 months ago
Why this girl hating so much god damn
'YvngSavage' 3 months ago
drake is triggered rihanna likes lebron instead if him
Cardale Collins
'Cardale Collins' 3 months ago
Why everybody hating Lebron.everybody knows he is the greatest of all time
'THE1ONE2016' 3 months ago
man this stupid... what the hell does Drake have to do with basketball.
Ricky Landry
'Ricky Landry' 4 months ago
damm ty is so sexy i would nutt in her
deondre nation
'deondre nation' 4 months ago
"How my momma gonna feel now that i already lost another game you know what she probably gonna spank me" from lebron james
'Gregory's Vlogs' 4 months ago
Get out of mind
Lee Borders
'Lee Borders' 5 months ago
Someone needs to punch drake in the throat
Brean Doss
'Brean Doss' 5 months ago
When you smell booty "you filthy mcnasty"
CJ Christle
'CJ Christle' 5 months ago
When you ask your crush out but she lays on your stomach and fart
Esteban Vazquez
'Esteban Vazquez' 5 months ago
"When you tell your mom to get you a Ps4 for Christmas"
Callum James
'Callum James' 5 months ago
Fuck up drake
Mallymal ATL
'Mallymal ATL' 6 months ago
The fumble hosts always have the boobs out
Neko Hiruちふや
'Neko Hiruちふや' 6 months ago
"When u see your friend wip in 2017"
Neko Hiruちふや
'Neko Hiruちふや' 6 months ago
"When u see your friend wip in 2017"
Kieron Onyejeli
'Kieron Onyejeli' 6 months ago
that moment when you spot kyrie in the crowd
do you know DE wey
'do you know DE wey' 6 months ago
LeBron:should have stayed home
- Ritzy -
'- Ritzy -' 6 months ago
We ain't seeing no warriors and cavs in finals
Mike Brown
'Mike Brown' 6 months ago
he think James hitting re re
Raul Rios
'Raul Rios' 6 months ago
Drake low-key wanna date a NBA player
'JayThaGoat' 6 months ago
pause on 0:07 you wont regret it
R I P Your Ankles
'R I P Your Ankles' 6 months ago
Sub to my channel
David Kassa
'David Kassa' 6 months ago
But we all still know drakes horrible miss
aj guzman
'aj guzman' 7 months ago
When your girlfriend dumps you 1:16
Fweaboiphil 23
'Fweaboiphil 23' 7 months ago
Why golden state won 2017 finals
Beau Lee
'Beau Lee' 7 months ago
This is lebron👿😿💩👺
'AndroidGamer' 7 months ago
Who farted
basketball fan
'basketball fan' 8 months ago
lebron said should of went to the warriors
young E
'young E' 8 months ago
Drake is the guy who go to watch his team play but bets against them
Laura Brooks
'Laura Brooks' 9 months ago
Caption: when u see ur ex... " Oh hell nah"
FuZe Rag
'FuZe Rag' 9 months ago
can't wait for xxxtentacion to beat his ass and I dont want to see drake run like he always did in his fights I want to see drake get hurt
Lemons Vlogg
'Lemons Vlogg' 10 months ago
1:14 no pussy for me tonight damn
Fire Monster1232
'Fire Monster1232' 10 months ago
I just blew a 3-1 lead"
Tony Odoms
'Tony Odoms' 10 months ago
he is going to kill drake
'leslie' 10 months ago
he was sad at for losing
Azrael Archangel
'Azrael Archangel' 10 months ago
Drake:Boy im bought to roast yo ass!!!
Opal Bogan
'Opal Bogan' 10 months ago
Lebron said i need to get some tickets
awesome bryan plays games
he salty
KingGrant The Playa
'KingGrant The Playa' 10 months ago
*Teen: What are Lebrons? Lebron:
Calvin Russell III
'Calvin Russell III' 10 months ago
Oliver Sacked
'Oliver Sacked' 10 months ago
The caption: When you find out curry's roasting you without noticing him
Mark Garcia
'Mark Garcia' 10 months ago
he was like I needa take a dump
war cloud
'war cloud' 11 months ago
thumbs up if somebody shoulda slapped fire out of Drake's metrosexual ass
Ace da last poet
'Ace da last poet' 11 months ago
LeBron James men when the pussy fishy lls
Joshua Neira
'Joshua Neira' 11 months ago
caption about to cry in locker room
Zari Hampton
'Zari Hampton' 11 months ago
I bet he was so mad when drake yelled at him
David Briggs
'David Briggs' 11 months ago
LeBron. James. is. a great. basketball. player. no. doubt. one. of. the. best. but. let's be. real he. is over rated and. a. flop. artist. most. of the. time he. uses. his. elbows. and. charges. regularly. let's get. it. KD. and. golden. state. all. the. way. 2017. NBA. champs. of. world war. 3
Yaw Mensah
'Yaw Mensah' 11 months ago
what someone says Kyrie Irving is better than Lebron
The King
'The King' 11 months ago
lebron is the best
Brandon Mayweather
'Brandon Mayweather' 11 months ago
look and next year bring out the broom labron smelled his fart that's y he made that face
'ConBurbi' 11 months ago
When I Hear something slick from the raptors lebron be like im comin
Angelica isme
'Angelica isme' 11 months ago
I miss biyambo
'tubenachos' 11 months ago
Drake is the new Spike Lee.
Jeff Stryker
'Jeff Stryker' 11 months ago
Drake is funny looking.
Sam Tanner
'Sam Tanner' 11 months ago
Caption. When you're mad at your Girl for cheating On you
edward naihe
'edward naihe' 11 months ago
labron can say whatever he want. he da man.
edward naihe
'edward naihe' 11 months ago
drake. funny dude.
'sauce' 11 months ago
Lebron James Caption: IM GOING BACK TO MIAMI
Edward Beard
'Edward Beard' 11 months ago
that boi look like somebody Stoll his hairline
Jamall Booker
'Jamall Booker' 11 months ago
Fuck Bron bron
cordero martinez
'cordero martinez' 11 months ago
Drake would get slapped down like a little girl. Dam Canadians trying to act gangsta. Keep that women talk in your hockey ring you dam hoser.
Deion Moore
'Deion Moore' 11 months ago
Lebron should go back to Miami
'Cole EDMAN' 11 months ago
Here's your comment who won the finals😂 obviously not the raptors😂
D Johnson
'D Johnson' 11 months ago
Raptors were swept in 2017.
Shaquille Robinson
'Shaquille Robinson' 11 months ago
drake is a hoe
Colton Nicholson
'Colton Nicholson' 11 months ago
cry baby James
'HAZZARD' 11 months ago
Just swept them lmfaoooo
Cryztal Wiley
'Cryztal Wiley' 11 months ago
Lebron was about to do something to drake
lego legoalen13
'lego legoalen13' 11 months ago
caption when your mom/dad says your out of pizza rolls
Garrett elliott
'Garrett elliott' 12 months ago
When you get rejetid
Timothy Jones
'Timothy Jones' 12 months ago
Lebron Caption: Lebron is really R Kelly and he was mad he wasnt recording the whole time he was fuckin the next young girl he met
GW Evans
'GW Evans' 12 months ago
Caption "temporary set back" Cavs win the series.
Lorvens Charles
'Lorvens Charles' 12 months ago
LeBron mine fuck this time and fuck them
Wrath of God
'Wrath of God' 12 months ago
you guys rage too much
Crispy Carl
'Crispy Carl' 12 months ago
I'm about to beat his ass😂😂
'orasis' 12 months ago
Just saying... Lebron would kick the living shit out of him.
the real Rahman
'the real Rahman' 12 months ago
fuck toronto fuck raptors fuck drake. Never will win a title motherfuckers. "We the North" fuck that shit lmaooo
Neil Cameron
'Neil Cameron' 12 months ago
Did that guy behind me fart?
elmos world
'elmos world' 12 months ago
TurboXtreme101 Player
King James sneezed
Dekelveon Lowe
'Dekelveon Lowe' 1 year ago
that dude look like Andre from empire
Cain Marco
'Cain Marco' 1 year ago
Lebron caption: you all haters and doubters watch, i'll come back from 3-1
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