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Published: 2 weeks ago By: D&B Nation

By: D&B NationPublished: 2 weeks ago

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'DJRICH STOP HATING' 6 minutes ago
Do u see the white boy he like omyyy myyy goshhhh
Angela Osiecki
'Angela Osiecki' 10 hours ago
body wave
guttaboi killenum
'guttaboi killenum' 12 hours ago
awwwww man somebody playing that lazy ball lol not gonna say who cuz the shot was kinda water but damn there's two sides to the court 😂😂😂.. no hate
SPORTS-HYPE/Miah Inspired\
Surprised the white guy is the best on that court
Vlone Matty
'Vlone Matty' 21 hours ago
i was finna sub but yall got bout 10 fuckin ads in every video and yall shit not even that good fuck outa here
Gmoney Cochran
'Gmoney Cochran' 1 day ago
This is exactly how he acts when Bianca does a prank on him
Eric Arnott
'Eric Arnott' 1 day ago
click bait
Anniya Wingfield
'Anniya Wingfield' 1 day ago
body waves
Jasmine Adams
'Jasmine Adams' 1 day ago
The Bodywavy
'AllN' TheFamily' 1 day ago
Dj and Kyrie 😍😍😍
'OTF.SAV' 2 days ago
dj fat😂
ll2kgoatll lli-snagll
aye did he say imma get my gun or a guard
Royce johnson
'Royce johnson' 2 days ago
yo is dat greg
Royce johnson
'Royce johnson' 2 days ago
yo Damian act like he run da court😂😂
Kennedy Horton
'Kennedy Horton' 2 days ago
y'all always say fight and it's just a argument
Nick Baker
'Nick Baker' 2 days ago
The white guy just like "fuck are these dudes doing? Imma just chill and wait"😂😂His face is priceless
Jaylen Holder
'Jaylen Holder' 2 days ago
Ankle Breaker 8:06
'sumanimeup' 2 days ago
all I saw was the title and the thumbnail and started laughing my ass off he so small
Princess B
'Princess B' 2 days ago
can the baby breath in the car seat?
catapileran bubby
'catapileran bubby' 2 days ago
get body wave biancca
Jahiem Beast
'Jahiem Beast' 2 days ago
People need to know the differences between fighting and arguing.
agile 23 oo
'agile 23 oo' 2 days ago
booty wave
You don't fight African Americans, Damien
mark osner
'mark osner' 2 days ago
this nigga daimain ass at basketball this nigga just run the 3 point line I'm sleep
Shady Caucasian
'Shady Caucasian' 3 days ago
*I would love to see you get dropped like a rock you chubby cunt.*
glenn harvey
'glenn harvey' 3 days ago
shut up oglvl Damien and bianca are the best like 24 7 your mad because you cant fight
Omega Beast
'Omega Beast' 3 days ago
they can have all the click bait or thumbnail traps all they want but i just watch this shit for Biancas fat donk even when she was pregnant she could of got the pipe 😏 so" go head go head "
saniyah smith starks
Imaniward6 Ward
'Imaniward6 Ward' 3 days ago
who is your ex😂
Alexyanna Haley
'Alexyanna Haley' 3 days ago
Body wave
Chris and Yuki
'Chris and Yuki' 3 days ago
Super click bait but it's all good though. Good to see know one got in trouble or hurt.
'Mobz' 4 days ago
Ya keep kyrie in a bag? Tf
Aaliyah Hancock
'Aaliyah Hancock' 4 days ago
Body wave
AlFa Gaming
'AlFa Gaming' 4 days ago
Where's the fight this is fucking click baye
JaJuan Foster
'JaJuan Foster' 4 days ago
He got dat mf💯🏀⛽️
zyonna brown
'zyonna brown' 4 days ago
Mimi Pretty
'Mimi Pretty' 4 days ago
Body wave
Randi Bogard
'Randi Bogard' 4 days ago
Do the body wave
shania faulk
'shania faulk' 4 days ago
stop being rude y'all would not like no one to come to y'all page and disrespect y'all stuff 💨💨💨🚪🚪🚪
Amionne Gould
'Amionne Gould' 4 days ago
Body waves
Tre Irby
'Tre Irby' 4 days ago
this aint no damn fight its a argument
Hana Tuaine
'Hana Tuaine' 4 days ago
13:10 when the arguing starts... Your welcome
Bilal R
'Bilal R' 4 days ago
That white dude is wet as fuck
Antwahn Philippe
'Antwahn Philippe' 4 days ago
I didn't here a word they said at the gym
Nyeisa Beckles
'Nyeisa Beckles' 4 days ago
Body Wave
Maria Legend
'Maria Legend' 4 days ago
Hollie Walton
'Hollie Walton' 4 days ago
Body wave
Cecelia Sajery
'Cecelia Sajery' 4 days ago
Minerva Rosario
'Minerva Rosario' 4 days ago
y'all talk so much crap but still be on and watching their videos
Cecelia Sajery
'Cecelia Sajery' 4 days ago
jack Overall
'jack Overall' 4 days ago
dame u cant shoot a basket ball bet I can beat your ass in 3s, if u not scared I challenge u to play me in basketball in 3s, I know you cant shoot the ball, I take your shoes and empty your shit pull up.
Ariel Ware
'Ariel Ware' 5 days ago
Body Wave😍😍
Jessica Cathey
'Jessica Cathey' 5 days ago
Y'all are always lit 🌊🦄🤘😂
keyan McCord
'keyan McCord' 5 days ago
boody wave
Henry Califor20
'Henry Califor20' 5 days ago
lol Damien tryna act tall
Khalil Khalilov
'Khalil Khalilov' 5 days ago
Bianca ugly asf no lie 💀💀
'ΣΙιτεΥτ' 5 days ago
13:27 15:08
Lungelo Kweyama
'Lungelo Kweyama' 5 days ago
what was the fight even about?😓I'm so lost in this video
'itsyaboyniiickk' 5 days ago
i wanna see hair on her head
runandgun savage
'runandgun savage' 5 days ago
why was this video uploaded Damien can't do nothing but talk point figures like he the far version of kyrie Irving
Cameron Jones
'Cameron Jones' 5 days ago
she looks great already really theres nothing to changed
Germaliyn Paulino
'Germaliyn Paulino' 5 days ago
Curly hair
YouTubes Finest
'YouTubes Finest' 5 days ago
That white dude got limitless range HoF, Deep Range Deadeye HoF, and Relentless Finisher HoF, and he a 99 ovr, on my mama
YouTubes Finest
'YouTubes Finest' 5 days ago
That white guy wreckin shit on my mama
MidiMinuit 7/7
'MidiMinuit 7/7' 5 days ago
Damien's wack and pussy
Morgan Scroggins
'Morgan Scroggins' 5 days ago
Uma Kalu
'Uma Kalu' 5 days ago
exactly I don't see no fight
Christina Shufford
y'all don't have the right to criticize them
Christina Shufford
first of all worry about y'all kids not theirs u don't know what they tf
Tray Wattz
'Tray Wattz' 5 days ago
I was there I was at the sidelines cheering him off no gay shit but they was holding him back I was dead
'Emi' 5 days ago
Why i don't play street ball anymore. Always a dude playing and arguing like he's about to get scouted for the lakers. Fucking streetball, charge it to the game and move on.
Ciara Levy
'Ciara Levy' 5 days ago
body wave
'ISIS JONES' 5 days ago
they stay stunting thats why its fuck d&b wana b nation nigga is that car paid off show us papers
Angelica Babaei
'Angelica Babaei' 5 days ago
Hey what's
Darius 2k16
'Darius 2k16' 6 days ago
These people with their clickbait titles. How do they have 1.5 million subscribers, their vlogs are boring as shit.
Fabrice Ngabonziza
Damien so short😂😂
'313khari' 6 days ago
How the hell can youtubers have mangers wtf lol
i love to eat lemon with sahlt
who tf make these niggas relevant
Malik Burns
'Malik Burns' 6 days ago
lowkey need to chill on the clickbait. keep up the work though
kimora slayed
'kimora slayed' 6 days ago
Sorry Damien but you ain't bout that life
Bryan Cifuentes
'Bryan Cifuentes' 6 days ago
What fight?? More like a argument haha
*Hugh mungus*
'*Hugh mungus*' 6 days ago
YO fuck off with this clickbait shit WHERE THE FIGHT AT that's why I hate fuckin channels like this
Desta Alemayehu
'Desta Alemayehu' 6 days ago
Hit me up on ig king_dests
Arcaya Dardon
'Arcaya Dardon' 6 days ago
Amari Aaron
'Amari Aaron' 6 days ago
Couldve very easily titled this vid "Damien puttin in no work at the gym"
Braxton Chambers
'Braxton Chambers' 6 days ago
I Wish Damien Would Clone Biannca And Ship Me The Clone Through The Mail
Brick Flair
'Brick Flair' 6 days ago
Bruh its time to join team baldhead, stop avoiding it
Fadumo Osman
'Fadumo Osman' 6 days ago
Wow you have to stop fighting pl you're a now father and husband
Aziza Swift
'Aziza Swift' 6 days ago
body wave
Ugo Ofor
'Ugo Ofor' 6 days ago
body wave
Samora Jolly
'Samora Jolly' 6 days ago
straight one
Samora Jolly
'Samora Jolly' 6 days ago
straight one
Frenchae Greene
'Frenchae Greene' 6 days ago
Body wave
Dream Big
'Dream Big' 6 days ago
Wavy body
Skyler Brown
'Skyler Brown' 6 days ago
Get a body wave
Tracy King
'Tracy King' 6 days ago
Lisudy Gedert
'Lisudy Gedert' 6 days ago
dude try in get in the game
The Surver
'The Surver' 6 days ago
bianca should get her hair curly
Lelani Marshall
'Lelani Marshall' 6 days ago
The white dude was like let me stand over here so they fight I'm good 😊 and safe
Takita Baugh
'Takita Baugh' 6 days ago
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