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Published: 1 month ago By: D&B Nation

By: D&B NationPublished: 1 month ago

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Lilly Mullis
'Lilly Mullis' 12 hours ago
Curly nigga
Nlmbs Robert
'Nlmbs Robert' 20 hours ago
I wada beat his a**
Gutbuckets_ Tj
'Gutbuckets_ Tj' 21 hours ago
Mfs was showing out in front of the camera gheeee 😂
Shamar Brown
'Shamar Brown' 24 hours ago
they don't know how to play basketball
Shamar Brown
'Shamar Brown' 24 hours ago
bro this is crazy
'itsMaliek212' 1 day ago
I like Bianncas real hair a lot better
Alena Sweet
'Alena Sweet' 1 day ago
am I the only one who peeped sat white boy that make me wanna be come a manager and invest
'lilkids1000' 1 day ago
they never got in a fight
Ciani Medina
'Ciani Medina' 1 day ago
the body wave
Kaila Adams
'Kaila Adams' 2 days ago
b.w and k.h bff
'b.w and k.h bff' 2 days ago
I think Bianca will look good and oranges red
b.w and k.h bff
'b.w and k.h bff' 2 days ago
my auntie name is Janae to
Yaafaav ._
'Yaafaav ._' 3 days ago
Damien's head reminds me of Humpty Dumpty
'HigHRollers' 3 days ago
12:37 when only the white dude aint the one beefin wonderin wtf goin onn
shaun jackson
'shaun jackson' 3 days ago
damien pratice on yo 3s and you well be all good and if i was you i would have slaped that guy cause he a lier and he cheated
Daija Kelly
'Daija Kelly' 3 days ago
why is the cover still on kyrie they are at home. They do not know how to take care a baby!!!!
Tysheem Williams
'Tysheem Williams' 3 days ago
Bruhh Damien can not run he fat
Jenay Nova
'Jenay Nova' 3 days ago
Tall white guy man he can ball hope he make it big
Recky Xz
'Recky Xz' 3 days ago
fuck you damian you click bait bastard Nobody passed the ball to your fat Ass cah you lazy Af
Lunx GFx
'Lunx GFx' 4 days ago
This nigga fight straight pussy shit man
dayshawn lomax
'dayshawn lomax' 4 days ago
her eyes tho , Bianca eyes is pretty
Mikaleliah Reynolds
Manger for what
Crystal Shaw
'Crystal Shaw' 4 days ago
I like your hair natural how it is right now, or do you have tracks
T1ercva beast
'T1ercva beast' 5 days ago
nigga moment
MaAd ScoPz
'MaAd ScoPz' 1 week ago
It was a verbal 1
SuperMan Gamer
'SuperMan Gamer' 1 week ago
who else just came here for the fight
Harneet Kaur
'Harneet Kaur' 1 week ago
Does biannca know how 2 cook?
'SUPER SAYIN' 1 week ago
Damien got buckets the sauce
local rapster
'local rapster' 1 week ago
whats their manager???
R_james77 Ems_xx
'R_james77 Ems_xx' 1 week ago
Is biannca maori?
Noemy Maldonado-Fair
when did you fight ?😲😲😲😲😲😲😲😲😲😲😲😖😫😩😴
Noemy Maldonado-Fair
body wave
twin Savages
'twin Savages' 2 weeks ago
Lol you wasn't going to do nuuuuothing boiii
'ALISHA COLLINS' 2 weeks ago
get on em
Willie Wilson
'Willie Wilson' 2 weeks ago
Being raped prank would be funny
Willie Wilson
'Willie Wilson' 2 weeks ago
Getting raped prank would be funny asf
Ajarius Hall
'Ajarius Hall' 2 weeks ago
binnca should get the curly hair it will look nice on her
Ajarius Hall
'Ajarius Hall' 2 weeks ago
damien don't let them contronl you
'fileerausveitsi' 2 weeks ago
one tip to d&b: save some money for a rainy day. this youtube thing isn't working out forever.
iStepbackk TM
'iStepbackk TM' 2 weeks ago
damien head longer than this vid
Kahshi Baptiste
'Kahshi Baptiste' 2 weeks ago
Body wave
Dayasia Taylor
'Dayasia Taylor' 2 weeks ago
her teeth are nice 😀😀😀
'TOBIAS WYLIE' 2 weeks ago
body wave
Young Rock
'Young Rock' 2 weeks ago
I will fuck the shit out of Beonca 💦. And I'll nut on her face
Canis Lupus
'Canis Lupus' 2 weeks ago
That muscular white guy was slaying those three pointers 😱😱😱
Mikal Pye
'Mikal Pye' 2 weeks ago
damian got spray ball
slothy thegod almighty
white boi was ballin
kendra jackson
'kendra jackson' 3 weeks ago
the curly kind
Brieana Sloop
'Brieana Sloop' 3 weeks ago
that was a argument not a fight to
Kaitlyn Odell
'Kaitlyn Odell' 3 weeks ago
B should just send ME all her clothes! ❤ lol love y'all
Michael Jay Juan
'Michael Jay Juan' 3 weeks ago
Michael Jay Juan
'Michael Jay Juan' 3 weeks ago
I think I saw the fight it's on 13:35
Brian Young
'Brian Young' 3 weeks ago
jay Smith really
Brian Young
'Brian Young' 3 weeks ago
damien is fresh for life and yo. girl bianca is fine asf
LoftyKy ENT
'LoftyKy ENT' 3 weeks ago
Mr. potato head bout get his ass beat trying act hard
'desiigner' 3 weeks ago
They made Damien sit bench😂😂
'KING RAY' 3 weeks ago
about 15:01
Jordan hamman
'Jordan hamman' 3 weeks ago
she is just mad because u r with a better girl
David Wait
'David Wait' 4 weeks ago
Where is the baby, shouldn't the baby be with you at all times?!?!?!😂🤔
Ty & KY
'Ty & KY' 4 weeks ago
Haters gone be haters 💯 they making money tho while y'all hating 💯😌😌😌
Myla Smith
'Myla Smith' 4 weeks ago
You guys were getting at the u guys and peaceee. Lol
Cee J
'Cee J' 4 weeks ago
Damien is so shit at bball wtf all that gear on and still carnt play lazy ass midget just waiting for the ball n hoop hanging looool wack
Jzoo Wap
'Jzoo Wap' 4 weeks ago
Rocker 14
'Rocker 14' 4 weeks ago
13:20 is the fight
Tyrone jackson
'Tyrone jackson' 4 weeks ago
76ers need to sign that white boy $100 that he can beat everybody on they team 1v1 except That rookie thats hurt And Joel Embid
'DA GIRLS!!!' 4 weeks ago
Y'all need to quit hating nobody was forcing you to watch this so if you ain't like it then leave that simple 😂
talaeya dollies
'talaeya dollies' 4 weeks ago
yall are hating on d&b nation
ItzYeGurl_ Platinum
'ItzYeGurl_ Platinum' 4 weeks ago
give the clothes to me shoot
Damarion Lynn
'Damarion Lynn' 4 weeks ago
Can't nobody hold me
Just Foolishness
'Just Foolishness' 4 weeks ago
Hey guys let's support each other's channels ‼️‼️
'Zayflux' 4 weeks ago
Never realized Damien was so short lmao.
Lone Wolf Reptiles
'Lone Wolf Reptiles' 4 weeks ago
white boy was wet like water looking like Kyle Korver ouch there
'ItzValky' 4 weeks ago
i got those kd8s
Dnaje Gaines
'Dnaje Gaines' 4 weeks ago
how do you play in long sleeve shirt?? is awkward
'TheGoat' 4 weeks ago
I missed the fight🤓💁.
Katelynn Roberts
'Katelynn Roberts' 4 weeks ago
fight at 13:53
Jason Nunez Jr
'Jason Nunez Jr' 4 weeks ago
What Kobe were those clean AF?💯
Nathan Hall
'Nathan Hall' 4 weeks ago
What a fight. I was kind of scared watching it!!!!
Rebecca Desrosiers
'Rebecca Desrosiers' 4 weeks ago
Body wave
'yolo269' 4 weeks ago
So he got in a fight because he sucks at playing basketball?
Steven coleman
'Steven coleman' 4 weeks ago
Damien was just standing around
'BARACK OBAMA' 4 weeks ago
Damien barley got the ball wonder why how sad😂😂😂
Ej almighty
'Ej almighty' 4 weeks ago
Damien almost got slept
serene Soto
'serene Soto' 4 weeks ago
white boii was litt making those hopes 😂😛
'KT ACTION' 4 weeks ago
all yall people talk reckless we are here to enjoy the channle nit beef
Vamp Life81
'Vamp Life81' 4 weeks ago
u were we've and u got all that hair
Cami B
'Cami B' 4 weeks ago
7 advertisements in 23min that's more than they show on any network in a 30min span...and ontop of that they've turned into clickbait pros smh
Pooh Montgomery
'Pooh Montgomery' 4 weeks ago
body wave
Luth Huncho
'Luth Huncho' 4 weeks ago
your girl is gorgeous. Yall cute together
jesus egnew
'jesus egnew' 4 weeks ago
it would be nice to meet him play ball with him tbh
'Aquas' 4 weeks ago
DaB these thumbnails and titles
'DJRICH STOP HATING' 4 weeks ago
Do u see the white boy he like omyyy myyy goshhhh
Angela Osiecki
'Angela Osiecki' 4 weeks ago
body wave
guttaboi killenum
'guttaboi killenum' 4 weeks ago
awwwww man somebody playing that lazy ball lol not gonna say who cuz the shot was kinda water but damn there's two sides to the court 😂😂😂.. no hate
'2K GOAT' 1 month ago
Surprised the white guy is the best on that court
Vlone Matty
'Vlone Matty' 1 month ago
i was finna sub but yall got bout 10 fuckin ads in every video and yall shit not even that good fuck outa here
Gmoney Cochran
'Gmoney Cochran' 1 month ago
This is exactly how he acts when Bianca does a prank on him
Eric Arnott
'Eric Arnott' 1 month ago
click bait
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