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Nikon D3400 Review - Unboxing & First Look | Nothing Wired -
Published: 2 years ago By: Nothing Wired

By: Nothing WiredPublished: 2 years ago

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Nikon D3400 Review - Unboxing & First Look | Nothing Wired
Nikon D3300 Review -

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Pretty bullshit camera No comparison with Canon 200d😎
Ali Ashorioun
'Ali Ashorioun' 3 weeks ago
swage brothers
'swage brothers' 1 month ago
when 1 lense 18 _ 55 what is the price of nikon d3400
Roo Baba
'Roo Baba' 6 months ago
No lens hood with the kit lens?
'Strafeanator' 6 months ago
Dope channel homie, wish you nothing but growth!
In Vlogs
'In Vlogs' 6 months ago
Pallab da Nikon d5300 ne d3400 kuntu bhal hobo
Kukhal Das
'Kukhal Das' 6 months ago
I went to the official NIKON service center, Guwahati ASSAM. And they told me that they provide warranty also to Online purchase Products. Just told me bring the WARRANTY CARD & RECEIPT along. Offline store retailers are just making rumours because they don't sell much as the , online retailers.
'dawnutsandcoffee' 9 months ago
Is the screen scratch resistant?
dhia weslati
'dhia weslati' 9 months ago
how much it is ? is she sell with the lense or not !
Snaz Rizvi
'Snaz Rizvi' 11 months ago
i have purchased D3400 from Singapore in 24k INR, BUT i m now confused that i should have to buy canon 700D instead of 3400d. being a music video maker d3400 is right choice?
suyog gupta
'suyog gupta' 11 months ago
Abe Bhai video jaldhi banna seko future forward ka bajan Kam gaya karo vo time commission dete hei.... jaldhi video ke topic PE aaya karo logo ke pass tuhmahre jase time nehi rahta
sam malik
'sam malik' 11 months ago
shld I buy the Nikon D3300 or the D3400..?? plzzz suggest..!!
'M. FADLULLAH' 11 months ago
hi i am from indonesia
Aswin Don
'Aswin Don' 1 year ago
which one is best cam(canon eos 1300d or nikon d3400) ?
Ride with Syed
'Ride with Syed' 1 year ago
r u frm assam
Zack Waller
'Zack Waller' 1 year ago
So the Nikon d3400 is properly the best for beginner photographers
'ARSH AYUB' 1 year ago
Nikon d3400 or Nikon d5300 Which one good for beginners??
Wendy Bombril Capoeira
I have D3100 and i need upgrade but i'm confused.. Some say D3400 couldn't be added external mic rode like D3300?
Zade More
'Zade More' 1 year ago
dont wear hats inside
Rohit Nair
'Rohit Nair' 1 year ago
just bought the body and both the lenses too for ₹33390
Musa Khan
'Musa Khan' 1 year ago
why there is no external mic jack in this model??
Ali zaib Chandio
'Ali zaib Chandio' 1 year ago
which better d3300 and d3400
Alex S
'Alex S' 1 year ago
this camera is a waste of money.
'CastrejonHDTV' 1 year ago
Don't need it. I'm fine with my D5300. It's a much better camera. Soon I will jump to full frame and get the D610.
Rithwick Ronald
'Rithwick Ronald' 2 years ago
Sir, I should go for dual kit lens or Nikon 18-140mm lens for Nikon D5300 ? I was thinking buying Nikon D3300 but it has no 18-140mm kit lens .
Usman Kamal
'Usman Kamal' 2 years ago
baby, babe... Dude honestly?
Chelsy A.
'Chelsy A.' 2 years ago
Woaw how can you buy like every latest camera 😂
RDC Productions
'RDC Productions' 2 years ago
external mic jack ??
Parashar Gautom Baruah
Hazarika Sir, Are you from Assam?
Horray!! Sir! You will sample photo and video please
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