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Most amazing magic tricks compilation 2016 best magic trick ever -
Published: 1 year ago By: Thùng Rác Online

By: Thùng Rác OnlinePublished: 1 year ago

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Carlos Tapia
'Carlos Tapia' 2 hours ago
este tipo es un clavo pero tiene mi like ese entretenido
Dóra Slezsák
'Dóra Slezsák' 10 hours ago
CUTE CATS!!!! 💖💖💖
maddy raheem
'maddy raheem' 19 hours ago
wow amazing
Mike Okunev
'Mike Okunev' 21 hours ago
wow good job
Monique Benn
'Monique Benn' 1 day ago
i like the one with the cat
Ronnie Ramjitsingh
So cool boy LOL
lakshita rao
'lakshita rao' 2 days ago
I just love ur tricks its so Damn awesome plz keep showing such tricks to us
Raju Shah
'Raju Shah' 2 days ago
this was awesome i love it
SuchCalle HD
'SuchCalle HD' 3 days ago
So fake
Carlo Solo
'Carlo Solo' 4 days ago
i know it edited but its really awesome
Brenda Bonilla
'Brenda Bonilla' 4 days ago
This is funny!!!😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂
Catherine Marcos
'Catherine Marcos' 5 days ago
Shane Rubio
'Shane Rubio' 5 days ago
Ang gaganda talaga Ng mga joke nila katolad Ng isang lalaki it's funny
Kylie Papworth
'Kylie Papworth' 5 days ago
How is he doing that
Tckp Im
'Tckp Im' 6 days ago
Love you mr. haker 😗😙😘😚❤💙💚💛💜💓💕💖💗💘💝💞💟
bea Gilbert
'bea Gilbert' 6 days ago
7:40 I want the cat so cute
Justin Balsley
'Justin Balsley' 6 days ago
Why do I feel he should be the next Steve for Blues Clues?
Emily McAffee
'Emily McAffee' 6 days ago
played some over and over again watch the video before up loading
Veer Singhverma
'Veer Singhverma' 6 days ago
Zack king tell me how do u do all this
lawand idres
'lawand idres' 7 days ago
Tube Pagla 24 Hours
is it real?
Maria Cecilia Ramos de Oliveira
Maria gabriela😎
Olivia Tsui
'Olivia Tsui' 1 week ago
it's editing tech but it's still cool tho
arifan d souza
'arifan d souza' 1 week ago
Nicki the wolf guard
this looks soooooooo fakeeeeeeeeeeeee
shirley dmello
'shirley dmello' 1 week ago
I also want to do migic
Sabrina Scallions
'Sabrina Scallions' 1 week ago
best videos ever
Kwenza Kay Zap
'Kwenza Kay Zap' 1 week ago
Is this real
'T K ASHWINI KUMAR' 1 week ago
editing thats all but nice
Mavis Fleming
'Mavis Fleming' 1 week ago
I have to say they are amazing no I should say incredible
Ramanand Chauhan
'Ramanand Chauhan' 1 week ago
Amaazing man
Danielle Weiss
'Danielle Weiss' 1 week ago
Amrendra Kumar
'Amrendra Kumar' 1 week ago
how are you make your video like that , would you like to tell me plz
Lagabay Tatauno
'Lagabay Tatauno' 1 week ago
funny and amazing
Kimi Mesarec
'Kimi Mesarec' 1 week ago
wow!WHAT fake videos!!!!
Gayan Gayan
'Gayan Gayan' 2 weeks ago
Gayan Gayan
'Gayan Gayan' 2 weeks ago
. p.
Rajiv Kumar
'Rajiv Kumar' 2 weeks ago
very nice
Chelsea Candle lock
'Chelsea Candle lock' 2 weeks ago
5.13 temple run
Chelsea Candle lock
'Chelsea Candle lock' 2 weeks ago
Marche Liner
'Marche Liner' 2 weeks ago
how in the world do you do that
Lala Maye
'Lala Maye' 2 weeks ago
is you gay
Sangeeta Choudhary
'Sangeeta Choudhary' 2 weeks ago
very nice
Cristina Orozco
'Cristina Orozco' 2 weeks ago
there es a lady on the plan you did go on a privet plan
Simona Sotelo
'Simona Sotelo' 2 weeks ago
magic wow
Luda Splichal
'Luda Splichal' 2 weeks ago
not really
Skabu Salab
'Skabu Salab' 2 weeks ago
😠ham lok ko ke buddhu smjha aksin bar bar dikharaheho
safiya hassan
'safiya hassan' 2 weeks ago
this is not real you edit this vedio you bloody
Javoy Bailey
'Javoy Bailey' 2 weeks ago
This is so FAKE
Camrin Davis
'Camrin Davis' 2 weeks ago
hi subscrilbe to Wwe Harder\
Mohan Kumar .
'Mohan Kumar .' 2 weeks ago
mehraj fatima
'mehraj fatima' 2 weeks ago
superb unbelievable...👏👏👏
Joshua Ginnish
'Joshua Ginnish' 2 weeks ago
The marshmallow chicken only turns into a real chicken if you have a GE GTW460ASJWW top load washer
der pyrotechniker
'der pyrotechniker' 2 weeks ago
is immer das gleiche
Camila Reddick
'Camila Reddick' 3 weeks ago
very super coooooooooollllll
nel fel
'nel fel' 3 weeks ago
So, so good!
'LTDominator' 3 weeks ago
Abdallh Tawil
'Abdallh Tawil' 3 weeks ago
كل التعليقت بل أنكليزي
Sierra Horsey
'Sierra Horsey' 3 weeks ago
this is fake to some people but I buleav it!
Olga Be
'Olga Be' 3 weeks ago
My comment
arnav singh
'arnav singh' 3 weeks ago
my comment
naeisnotamazing with amazingaliisnotonfire!
Is from Zach king
איתמר נגינסקי כהן
'SoulOfHonor' 3 weeks ago
most of these are just REALLY good editing
Brynne Stanfill
'Brynne Stanfill' 3 weeks ago
no just kidding I'm only 12 SIKE..........................
Brynne Stanfill
'Brynne Stanfill' 3 weeks ago
everyone that commented on this video needs to stop I am a police officer and people need to stop being so rude to people who try to do what they want!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Said Ali
'Said Ali' 3 weeks ago
ضحك صح كصكصجصكصجطشجذطط ش
'Heyitslolz' 3 weeks ago
Nobody died It's not my Bday I'm not in hospital Can I get a like for being honest? XD
rakesh chaudhary
'rakesh chaudhary' 3 weeks ago
Mars Senar
'Mars Senar' 3 weeks ago
Ana Rascon
'Ana Rascon' 3 weeks ago
wow o maigat
Tabassum Abbasi
'Tabassum Abbasi' 3 weeks ago
he is amazing.nice editing
Jaromir Bursa
'Jaromir Bursa' 3 weeks ago
Prozal Shrestha
'Prozal Shrestha' 3 weeks ago
it's a editing magic yes or no
shea smarr
'shea smarr' 3 weeks ago
that tight
kenneth quiñonez
'kenneth quiñonez' 3 weeks ago
huau como hisiste la magia
Callan Redhi
'Callan Redhi' 3 weeks ago
i totally agree it is annoying but really cool
'KANTILAL SOLANKI' 3 weeks ago
totally vidio editing
srishti sharma
'srishti sharma' 3 weeks ago
I tried the car thing .. and doctor said I will be able to walk after 2 days .
llama 101
'llama 101' 3 weeks ago
this shit is so fake
llama 101
'llama 101' 3 weeks ago
this shit is so fake
Kimberly Lopez
'Kimberly Lopez' 3 weeks ago
hay i imkimberly
Doggie_Girl 373
'Doggie_Girl 373' 3 weeks ago
Joshimar Enrique Quesada Jimenez
esta copiando los vídeos de otra persona🔪🐁🐁🐁🐁
Raquel Ortiz Martinez
Lizzy Jensen
'Lizzy Jensen' 4 weeks ago
i love the sweater asorise
Kiba Wolf
'Kiba Wolf' 4 weeks ago
i like the one at 5:50
Shirley Copeland
'Shirley Copeland' 4 weeks ago
the stuff is dum
Mr . President
'Mr . President' 4 weeks ago
do you knew somthing alse
Murali Mohan
'Murali Mohan' 4 weeks ago
hmm it would be heaven if real
Jelws 23
'Jelws 23' 4 weeks ago
Barbie Music
'Barbie Music' 4 weeks ago
That small cat is cute 😳
Nicole Jamieson
'Nicole Jamieson' 4 weeks ago
Guys skip to 3:45 in the vid and it says "It this stealing?" And I answer with a YAS u are, that is her orange juice not yours
Sniping shooter
'Sniping shooter' 4 weeks ago
Look at 15 42 two yellow sides on the rubix cube
'jzheng73' 4 weeks ago
axmedshugri cisman
'axmedshugri cisman' 4 weeks ago
Macie And Kyla
'Macie And Kyla' 4 weeks ago
Stop the magic
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