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Most amazing magic tricks compilation 2016 best magic trick ever -
Published: 1 year ago By: Thùng Rác Online

By: Thùng Rác OnlinePublished: 1 year ago

24, 252, 657 views

143, 685 Likes   26, 969 Dislikes

Jelws 23
'Jelws 23' 8 minutes ago
Barbie Music
'Barbie Music' 1 day ago
That small cat is cute 😳
Nicole Jamieson
'Nicole Jamieson' 1 day ago
Guys skip to 3:45 in the vid and it says "It this stealing?" And I answer with a YAS u are, that is her orange juice not yours
clash of clans and btd battles
Look at 15 42 two yellow sides on the rubix cube
'jzheng73' 1 day ago
axmedshugri cisman
Macie And Kyla
'Macie And Kyla' 2 days ago
Stop the magic
Heather Hartzheim
'Heather Hartzheim' 2 days ago
how do you do that
Brady VanDaele
'Brady VanDaele' 2 days ago
i agree Maddie442 is right stop hating on him he's also very talented. :)................................................................bye now
Forever&together Family
Can you teach me
kennedy parker
'kennedy parker' 2 days ago
Occasional who transition first signature distinction play.
shemeiko arthur
'shemeiko arthur' 2 days ago
it's stealing
Afiq Isyraf02
'Afiq Isyraf02' 3 days ago
Merah Rani
'Merah Rani' 3 days ago
at 8:40 that was at kuwait where I live
Misha Kabsh
'Misha Kabsh' 3 days ago
18:36 хотел бы я также!
Tracey Galasso
'Tracey Galasso' 3 days ago
can you get me a Kitty pretty please
krishna tiwari
'krishna tiwari' 4 days ago
that's weird bt awesome man
Amit Sharma
'Amit Sharma' 4 days ago
Krupakarthik 1642
'Krupakarthik 1642' 4 days ago
Cassandra Fennewald
I loved it
Cassandra Fennewald
I loved it
Bk makani
'Bk makani' 5 days ago
Awesome Dude
Sumi Jani
'Sumi Jani' 5 days ago
nice zack
Aung Ko Oo
'Aung Ko Oo' 5 days ago
window security
'window security' 5 days ago
djordje milenkovic
pusti film
djordje milenkovic
zombiland ful mouvi
Three Angels Boutique Hand stamped
you had 2 the same!
Abhishek Singh
'Abhishek Singh' 6 days ago
fake ha bancho
Abhishek Singh
'Abhishek Singh' 6 days ago
ITs Black Barbie
'ITs Black Barbie' 6 days ago
shit I though he was going come out my phone 2😂😂😂
mohd solanki
'mohd solanki' 7 days ago
zack bring me akitten plsss
gamergirl 45
'gamergirl 45' 1 week ago
'Someone' 1 week ago
he had been to do that
Fizah the angel
'Fizah the angel' 1 week ago
Sydni Hayes
'Sydni Hayes' 1 week ago
you are so amazing!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! how do you do that ?!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Ryan Tangree
'Ryan Tangree' 1 week ago
You're cool dude😉😜👍👌
uptown stoner
'uptown stoner' 1 week ago
I LOVE U ZACK KING (as a friend)
Vishesh Kirle
'Vishesh Kirle' 1 week ago
Robert Rao
'Robert Rao' 1 week ago
wow that is cool you know.
Amerie Cy Alcasid
'Amerie Cy Alcasid' 1 week ago
Amerie Cy Alcasid
'Amerie Cy Alcasid' 1 week ago
Good zach
Evelio Barcenas
'Evelio Barcenas' 1 week ago
No ja
kyle sokol from linden NJ
is dat real :p
whats new
'whats new' 1 week ago
keiran harris
'keiran harris' 1 week ago
Like this and have a great and splendid day
Malik Bishop
'Malik Bishop' 1 week ago
he got the most amazing magic tricks in the Galaxy.
Aydan Qenberli
'Aydan Qenberli' 2 weeks ago
Is that real video?
Jose Minimo
'Jose Minimo' 2 weeks ago
War Lord
'War Lord' 2 weeks ago
fuck the haters I subbed. everyone knows it's video editing tricks but it's still cool to watch especially if you dont know how it's done (those vids of a guy diving under an approaching train and the other guy diving under speeding cars on a freeway get me everytime). fuck the haters I subbed
Emma O
'Emma O'Brien' 2 weeks ago
That's not real
Rebecca Thomas
'Rebecca Thomas' 2 weeks ago
pinkApple 0.5
'pinkApple 0.5' 2 weeks ago
Aqrez Gaming
'Aqrez Gaming' 2 weeks ago
Saroj Gupta
'Saroj Gupta' 2 weeks ago
which app do you video make
joshua Hoskins
'joshua Hoskins' 2 weeks ago
'robinbrownlee' 2 weeks ago
I LOVE YOU shows
amanda jansky
'amanda jansky' 2 weeks ago
эльдар киселев
круто я в шоке , как ты это делаешь !?!?
Rahul Jangra
'Rahul Jangra' 2 weeks ago
Saheb Gouri
'Saheb Gouri' 2 weeks ago
very nice video 😂😂😂😂🙋
Mandy So
'Mandy So' 2 weeks ago
Destiny Stogsdill
'Destiny Stogsdill' 2 weeks ago
So 😎
Arielle Hebert
'Arielle Hebert' 2 weeks ago
Behold....the power of editing!
hinata Hernan
'hinata Hernan' 2 weeks ago
yasser escobar
'yasser escobar' 2 weeks ago
muy creatibo
Champ Gjendem
'Champ Gjendem' 2 weeks ago
deds is not real
Полина Гасюк
как он это делает?!!!
Leland Philipsen
'Leland Philipsen' 2 weeks ago
you stole this from zach kings channel you asshole
ketki singh
'ketki singh' 2 weeks ago
this is OMG!! video I know it's editing but thi is OMG.....!!!!!!:):);)
danielle eaddy
'danielle eaddy' 2 weeks ago
the game is temple run
Ivan Nurhidayat
'Ivan Nurhidayat' 2 weeks ago
ngeri po
Md Parvez
'Md Parvez' 2 weeks ago
Great................... impressive
Molly Eades
'Molly Eades' 2 weeks ago
like it
Kaitlyn Gering
'Kaitlyn Gering' 2 weeks ago
bow do you do that.
Black Kitty Riggs
'Black Kitty Riggs' 2 weeks ago
I don't believe it
Kate Nguyen
'Kate Nguyen' 2 weeks ago
Kate🦌🐈🐕🐅🦄🕊🐘🐁🐾🐕💡😁🎄🌷🍿🥇💲🎄☹️😩😟🙁😕😭😓😰😢😪😥🤔🤐😬😷red eye because I don't no
Martyneee awx
'Martyneee awx' 2 weeks ago
wow !
Maria del Carmen
'Maria del Carmen' 2 weeks ago
wooooooowww yes of ciudad
Jino Rocks
'Jino Rocks' 2 weeks ago
not a magic this is trick
D. V.1878 Ram
'D. V.1878 Ram' 2 weeks ago
Dhruv Jstinbhai Vadher
Vimal Kishor
'Vimal Kishor' 2 weeks ago
really aftereffects nice
Smile Queen
'Smile Queen' 2 weeks ago
omg how did you do that :)
Arish Jamal
'Arish Jamal' 2 weeks ago
Magical paper
Gopika Rani
'Gopika Rani' 2 weeks ago
If you are a magical man, then come to me today.
Che Caraga
'Che Caraga' 2 weeks ago
Emily and Kjirstin 999
I love the pig one
Emily and Kjirstin 999
I love the chick one
Emily and Kjirstin 999
Your videos are so cool how do you do it!!!!
JayDon Sarbah
'JayDon Sarbah' 2 weeks ago
lol zack
JayDon Sarbah
'JayDon Sarbah' 2 weeks ago
Junmo Kang
'Junmo Kang' 2 weeks ago
wow this is so fake
daiyre carter
'daiyre carter' 2 weeks ago
mad fake
Paige Ryan
'Paige Ryan' 2 weeks ago
cool you ROK
Kashish Patel
'Kashish Patel' 2 weeks ago
love you yaar
Savannah and Cole Kael and Jael
Some of them were fake
Kate Nguyen
'Kate Nguyen' 2 weeks ago
Boy RO
'Boy RO' 2 weeks ago
Cool but fake
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