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Most amazing magic tricks compilation 2016 best magic trick ever -
Published: 11 months ago By: Thùng Rác Online

By: Thùng Rác OnlinePublished: 11 months ago

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'PATRU SOLOMON' 3 minutes ago
Love 😘😘😘😘😘💏💏💏💏💏💏💑💑💑💑
athuluri bhavya
'athuluri bhavya' 1 hour ago
you have assume thoughts nice.....
Elina Khorova
'Elina Khorova' 2 hours ago
I know he is editing, but its funny.
Courtney Sadler
'Courtney Sadler' 6 hours ago
Hi u are the best but is this stuff real?
Kate Pereira
'Kate Pereira' 15 hours ago
Should this be titled how to edit your videos because it's a bunch of clips
Arionna And Nay Lol
'Arionna And Nay Lol' 21 hours ago
Gucci Man
'Gucci Man' 21 hours ago
'BEARBOY 95' 22 hours ago
zack king sucks
yeceny olivo
'yeceny olivo' 1 day ago
Otis Mochaman
'Otis Mochaman' 1 day ago
I found this video very entertaining. Good job!
Dinell Taylor
'Dinell Taylor' 1 day ago
if she don't like this magic Vines then watch the 10 amazing science tricks using something
Dinell Taylor
'Dinell Taylor' 1 day ago
all of you are wrong because that is making Magic you guys are all wrong but I don't know why
Gomez are you insan
good i lu ha ha😄
Biswajit Banerjer
best edit fuck
Ravi Kumar
'Ravi Kumar' 1 day ago
Ravi Kumar
'Ravi Kumar' 1 day ago
Maryam Alfalasi
'Maryam Alfalasi' 1 day ago
Daisyreen Besing
'Daisyreen Besing' 1 day ago
hey who have skype let just be friend i like the video incredable.
Kara-Lynne Grant
'Kara-Lynne Grant' 2 days ago
he is so cool,awesome and magical
Flurry Indonesia
'Flurry Indonesia' 2 days ago
Natalia Foster
'Natalia Foster' 2 days ago
This guy likes to repeat
Mr. Gamer3728
'Mr. Gamer3728' 2 days ago
omg the star wars kitten one is so cute!
Anaeloisa Torresvillanueva
que falso
nazmul ahsan
'nazmul ahsan' 2 days ago
it is fake
Ankit kumar
'Ankit kumar' 2 days ago
bar bar ek hi Chich ko repeat KARTA hai
Farah Ammar
'Farah Ammar' 2 days ago
★ ★ hero -
'jagatlalmy' 2 days ago
OMG, WOW... don't care it's magic or editing...
shaiza khalid
'shaiza khalid' 2 days ago
yo man that soo cool...keep up the great work
ShadowCookie Girl / xxxPikachuxxx
guddu singh
'guddu singh' 3 days ago
its really amazing
Sylvia Galea
'Sylvia Galea' 3 days ago
the cloud is not real
Erik Hagens
'Erik Hagens' 3 days ago
Super coooooool👍🏻👌🏻👌🏻👌🏻!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Liliana Luna
'Liliana Luna' 4 days ago
Fantastic KH
'Fantastic KH' 4 days ago
master of edit video
Anna Franklin
'Anna Franklin' 4 days ago
just awesome .. you did really hard work ..
cool girl08
'cool girl08' 4 days ago
😎 Zack
Zoe Rowley
'Zoe Rowley' 4 days ago
тнιѕ ιѕ є∂ιтιиg
Anete l.a.q
'Anete l.a.q' 4 days ago
Beest video
Bimlendu shekhar
'Bimlendu shekhar' 4 days ago
it is not experiment
'beatnix' 4 days ago
whut a fag.
'SwinubGoomy333' 4 days ago
If i get 50 likes i can start my youtube channel.
khloE Jonson
'khloE Jonson' 5 days ago
I hate and love this
Aubrie Benson
'Aubrie Benson' 5 days ago
your right
Aubrie Benson
'Aubrie Benson' 5 days ago
no nude
Aubrie Benson
'Aubrie Benson' 5 days ago
lucky kitty Miranda
i love it
Vick Lin
'Vick Lin' 5 days ago
This isn't really magic, he just edits the videos.
Mason C
'Mason C' 6 days ago
Camila Dorsey
'Camila Dorsey' 6 days ago
how do you do that
Emmy Muller
'Emmy Muller' 6 days ago
Movie efficient random dtevbx stake road golf secret general claim appropriate.
Taya Warren
'Taya Warren' 6 days ago
Macie Hurdiss
'Macie Hurdiss' 6 days ago
well done 💩
snowwight the penguin
not magic just fx
hello peeps
'hello peeps' 6 days ago
WoW is this supposed to mean something start playing at 19:45
Skylar Collins
'Skylar Collins' 7 days ago
How Can You Do All Of That Stuff?
Kacey Grayson
'Kacey Grayson' 7 days ago
to make it look it and chances his stetings
Kacey Grayson
'Kacey Grayson' 7 days ago
and adding
Kacey Grayson
'Kacey Grayson' 7 days ago
he is just uh oh yeah = the void to make it look like he's doing stuff in ploseble
Christine  Boyle
'Christine Boyle' 7 days ago
when he liked his own pictuer it played like 5 or 4 times
Denise Taylor
'Denise Taylor' 7 days ago
dose he keep the pets
'Awsomekid50000' 7 days ago
'Awsomekid50000' 7 days ago
I lobe magic but this ain't magic. its 2 videos put together.
Swedish Girly Gamer
This is not real magic we he do the manequin challenge you can see its that its sticky plastic -.- This all is fake
vivek sharma
'vivek sharma' 1 week ago
la nw
'la nw' 1 week ago
kan you tel me how to do the prented cat becas my mom ses she is not being anaver pet so ples tel me hou
Gurcharan Singh
'Gurcharan Singh' 1 week ago
dgttdggggggggggggggggggggg hhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh hhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh
'Ponyfilms' 1 week ago
I know they're fake but his do u edit them so fast
Megarooskie Conners
How are you so good at magic
Sharky Jaws
'Sharky Jaws' 1 week ago
I like the one where you are drinking out of the computer
Sharky Jaws
'Sharky Jaws' 1 week ago
'I-Tech' 1 week ago
great video bro...passes by me if you like!!
'Grace' 1 week ago
roses are red violets are blue I came for the thumbnail and so did you
Angelica Aguilar
'Angelica Aguilar' 1 week ago
jajajaja boys
Moni Abboud
'Moni Abboud' 1 week ago
not real
난 돼지랑 고양이가귀엽다
ভাটি বাংলার news
very nice......
'sheenufilms' 1 week ago
This is all fake looking video editing.
husain alabhoul
'husain alabhoul' 1 week ago
8:40 is he on kuwait?
Abdullah Asif
'Abdullah Asif' 1 week ago
not real
Casey Cody
'Casey Cody' 1 week ago
i wish he my brother because he could be doctor strange brother i wish bro see yah
Brent Harvey Magno
'Brent Harvey Magno' 2 weeks ago
Ffffffffff aaaaa kkkkkk eeeeeee F A K E
rehan sami
'rehan sami' 2 weeks ago
Anju Raj
'Anju Raj' 2 weeks ago
how do you that man
coocoo 142
'coocoo 142' 2 weeks ago
this should be called Zach king vines
Vika D
'Vika D' 2 weeks ago
21 million WHAT VEWAAS
angel garrett
'angel garrett' 2 weeks ago
pedophile in the making
Nukez Gamez
'Nukez Gamez' 2 weeks ago
who's watching this in 2017
Strikash Namiro
'Strikash Namiro' 2 weeks ago
Clara Nemeth Gibson
'Clara Nemeth Gibson' 2 weeks ago
how do you do it are those animals all of your pets
lisa richter
'lisa richter' 2 weeks ago
yea he stol it from Zack king
morgan ruvelas
'morgan ruvelas' 2 weeks ago
12:42 you can tell he is moving
Amoghavarsha Nripatunga
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Emma Gammon
'Emma Gammon' 2 weeks ago
Is that magic true lol
Martin Olczak
'Martin Olczak' 2 weeks ago
ahmad muradi
'ahmad muradi' 2 weeks ago
L A O Kill,,xmmnh. N c
Arelis Guzman
'Arelis Guzman' 2 weeks ago
that's why did you grab the pig's butt
Jess Allott
'Jess Allott' 2 weeks ago
Is this real
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