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Most amazing magic tricks compilation 2016 best magic trick ever -
Published: 10 months ago By: Thùng Rác Online

By: Thùng Rác OnlinePublished: 10 months ago

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Abror Saidali
'Abror Saidali' 28 minutes ago
How does he do that
Malinova Dineva
'Malinova Dineva' 44 minutes ago
qko. Bravo
Jaime Reyes
'Jaime Reyes' 2 hours ago
'ThinkPlanes' 3 hours ago
How do you make that egg shown in the thumbnail ??
Christine Carol Gadil
Thats cool magoc i like that to do that in real life
Kiron Foster
'Kiron Foster' 11 hours ago
That's amazing
Izeck Knight
'Izeck Knight' 16 hours ago
Sarai Romero
'Sarai Romero' 16 hours ago
I can see the glitch
Nathan Farley
'Nathan Farley' 17 hours ago
Or green screen
Nathan Farley
'Nathan Farley' 17 hours ago
I believe in magic.I just know your using photoshop or not.
Lovin Cookin
'Lovin Cookin' 17 hours ago
Today's Magic is just good editing skills
900 the best u tuber in the UK cory
you suke
Nandhini N.N
'Nandhini N.N' 21 hours ago
Super Bro Semma Magic
Jenny White
'Jenny White' 21 hours ago
that is cool
Jenny White
'Jenny White' 21 hours ago
that is cool
Adil Orudjov
'Adil Orudjov' 22 hours ago
Pip M
'Pip M' 22 hours ago
18:32 I'm dead xD
jon roy
'jon roy' 23 hours ago
it's animation only not magic
NoTalk Videos
'NoTalk Videos' 1 day ago
this is all illusion and simple maybe not simple editing
Louise Peeters
'Louise Peeters' 1 day ago
voter address cluster lecture scope proposal steel suburban.
steve campbell
'steve campbell' 2 days ago
I love how you do this stuff it is so cool
Elizabeth Martin
'Elizabeth Martin' 2 days ago
how do u do it??
Jaslyn Ashe
'Jaslyn Ashe' 2 days ago
how do you do that stuff
'BiscuitDaGamer' 2 days ago
Not even magic just editing from a viner
Xavier Duverne
'Xavier Duverne' 2 days ago
Cydia GFX
'Cydia GFX' 2 days ago
Emellie Pochet
'Emellie Pochet' 2 days ago
Carrie Oreilly
'Carrie Oreilly' 2 days ago
how do u do that can u teach me that or is it FAKE
Hannah Eady
'Hannah Eady' 2 days ago
Rusty Shackleforth
retards this isn't even magic i swear
Andrew Fugitt
'Andrew Fugitt' 2 days ago
Song at 6:38?
'legeogame' 3 days ago
The clickbait is over 9000
Gross Demon Zombie With Butter
It's video editing in the beginning xD
'Maddie442' 3 days ago
Stop hating on him. Okay we know it's editing but can you appreciate how much time and effort it took to make it look cool. You haters have to ruining everything because you think it's not obvious. Just enjoy the video everyone knows it's editing but it's cool
beast king
'beast king' 3 days ago
give me a tip
beast king
'beast king' 3 days ago
this is amazing
Kandi Kane
'Kandi Kane' 3 days ago
computer infection
Ella Nipoti
'Ella Nipoti' 3 days ago
These magic tricks are emazing
Lukasz Ogorzalek
'Lukasz Ogorzalek' 3 days ago
Love magic <3
Katty Love
'Katty Love' 3 days ago
This isn't magic douche bag filming and editing not even at its best your same old crappy douche baggy videos need to be deleted
vanessa floyd
'vanessa floyd' 3 days ago
i subscribe
Ianis Ionut
'Ianis Ionut' 3 days ago
Vrăjeală pe fața 👎👎👎👎
ella de vos
'ella de vos' 3 days ago
Wish minister creature curious laugh mainstream mystery expensive there.
Chloe Melvin
'Chloe Melvin' 3 days ago
It's not magic it's called editing skills
Breanna Perez
'Breanna Perez' 3 days ago
I love your videos.😘😘😘
Prayusha Tamang
'Prayusha Tamang' 3 days ago
how you can do magic
Margarita Matiuc
'Margarita Matiuc' 3 days ago
I am hacked
Jayla Miller
'Jayla Miller' 3 days ago
some are fake and some are real
Serena Occhino
'Serena Occhino' 3 days ago
you must be really good at editing your videos and stuff.
'Overgrind' 3 days ago
Great vid
Have Fun
'Have Fun' 3 days ago
Really good.... n impossible too...
Anh Lê
'Anh Lê' 3 days ago
lấy video của người khác về làm của mình
Ryan Hartless
'Ryan Hartless' 3 days ago
sameer khan
'sameer khan' 3 days ago
cool video editing.
Oliver Legarda
'Oliver Legarda' 3 days ago
us2 q nA mMhAtaY,,,,!!!
Nithish thank u
'Nithish thank u' 3 days ago
🤔ok. But. Repeated videos
Anonymous Dude
'Anonymous Dude' 3 days ago
That's clearly not magic
Sylveon AJ
'Sylveon AJ' 3 days ago
I hit the soccer ball from all angels WHERE IS THE PUPPY
Hunter Dorris
'Hunter Dorris' 3 days ago
i guess he is the mad hatter because he gets high on helium
Leilani Almeida
'Leilani Almeida' 3 days ago
I am the Legend27
wertel powea
'wertel powea' 3 days ago
fuckitie fuckitie fuck fuck
trea funky
'trea funky' 4 days ago
Its sooooooooooooo fake
Jenna YouTubeGirl
'Jenna YouTubeGirl' 4 days ago
#MasterEditer awesome!!!
Peyton Lambert
'Peyton Lambert' 4 days ago
I dont think its real
ian watt
'ian watt' 4 days ago
Temple Run?
ian watt
'ian watt' 4 days ago
yeah stop it is really messing up your channel
Sheri Squillace
'Sheri Squillace' 4 days ago
So fake
Allison Rah
'Allison Rah' 4 days ago
dude i love your magic tricks!
Alicia Trevino
'Alicia Trevino' 4 days ago
Why that thumnail tho 😐😕😖😖😖
Ac Bros Blue and Red
This video is so fake
M Elzy
'M Elzy' 4 days ago
show your Dick
Minecraft Awesomeness
This is fake
Michelle Carr
'Michelle Carr' 4 days ago
you are annoying and stop doing the same videos all over all over we are getting tired of it I know you are Faking It
Camden Burns
'Camden Burns' 4 days ago
Eww, your naked you are gross
Mad Hatter 66
'Mad Hatter 66' 4 days ago
how do you do the printing animal trick
orit telahoun
'orit telahoun' 4 days ago
You vari hngri
Grayson K
'Grayson K' 4 days ago
Its cool but stop showing the same videos over and over, please.
Rebecca Barragan
'Rebecca Barragan' 4 days ago
I love your pickachu cat
DaBlu Panda
'DaBlu Panda' 4 days ago
Not magic at all
Rebecca Plusklas
'Rebecca Plusklas' 4 days ago
wow thats so cool
Danny Bugg
'Danny Bugg' 4 days ago
LOL,you edit XD
Kylee Thoennes
'Kylee Thoennes' 4 days ago
Whitney Benge
'Whitney Benge' 4 days ago
how do u do the cat tricks?????
Whitney Benge
'Whitney Benge' 4 days ago
u r amazing!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!:):):):):):)
Abigail Baham
'Abigail Baham' 4 days ago
you keep showing the same video clip several times. Just telling you to let you know, not trying to be a hater! <3
Beryl Donkor
'Beryl Donkor' 4 days ago
he just bring the things computer mode
Alya Abdelghani
'Alya Abdelghani' 4 days ago
Since when magic is editing
Beryl Donkor
'Beryl Donkor' 4 days ago
this is just computer tricks he just cuts and edits we are not fouls man
Squiggie Squigg
'Squiggie Squigg' 4 days ago
Mehnaz Babaee
'Mehnaz Babaee' 4 days ago
Stop showing the same magic tricks in the same video
Rachel Backhouse
'Rachel Backhouse' 4 days ago
that is cool
Matthew Ortiz
'Matthew Ortiz' 4 days ago
temple run
Mara Ireland
'Mara Ireland' 4 days ago
during the section of the episode titled iPhone street magic the white guy standing on the side, I have the exact same style backpack from like kindergarden!!😰😱😮
Lee Mays
'Lee Mays' 4 days ago
Good shit
'Andy' 4 days ago
Do you think you should chemically burn off your own genitals for stealing other people's content for your own profit and badly editing it, making it worse? Y/N
Eimmy Valeria Frias Gutierrez
wtf 😕
'5jamesfamily' 4 days ago
good vidi I loveeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee ur vids I love them
zoester Smith
'zoester Smith' 4 days ago
estabon is watching you calls ghost busters immediately
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