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Most amazing magic tricks compilation 2016 best magic trick ever -
Published: 1 year ago By: Thùng Rác Online

By: Thùng Rác OnlinePublished: 1 year ago

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New Tech
'New Tech' 1 hour ago
hey nice video editing. i like it so much
Mousam Shanu
'Mousam Shanu' 1 day ago
I love it😘😘😘😘😘
Caitlyn Guenard
'Caitlyn Guenard' 1 day ago
too funny😅
Zernickov Toonz
'Zernickov Toonz' 3 days ago
kill urself
Raykel Moore
'Raykel Moore' 3 days ago
this is so awsome
Roman Serna
'Roman Serna' 6 days ago
woah how did you do that
Joey Atwaini
'Joey Atwaini' 6 days ago
Hilarious !!!
Make it Love it
'Make it Love it' 6 days ago
'mrcbrantley71' 1 week ago
he knows that he can't really do this so he need to stop acting like he can really do this
'mrcbrantley71' 1 week ago
you are the best magic show ever
Tiffany Calle
'Tiffany Calle' 1 week ago
brush seriously this is so.... fake
Flame Fireling
'Flame Fireling' 1 week ago
zach king edits not uses magic tricks
owliebeats 101
'owliebeats 101' 1 week ago
nice editing :T
Kari Raman
'Kari Raman' 1 week ago
very very difficult
dinesh Khranger
'dinesh Khranger' 1 week ago
Nice editing
Danny Cruz
'Danny Cruz' 1 week ago
Stupid i thought i was gonna see majic tricks !Not a bunch of editing and cgi ! Try that shit on America has talent ?
Varun Tej
'Varun Tej' 2 weeks ago
Princes Angela 360
'Princes Angela 360' 2 weeks ago
Nike Ardilla
'Nike Ardilla' 2 weeks ago
anjing kalian semua
Chrissy the American Girl
Omg! Thats so cool!
Antonio Borges
'Antonio Borges' 2 weeks ago
Sneh Contractor
'Sneh Contractor' 2 weeks ago
Do people understand what is editing
DRS Presents
'DRS Presents' 2 weeks ago
Nice, I also do similar Magics and even Martial Arts tutorials.
bhanu seth
'bhanu seth' 2 weeks ago
Marissa Caprar
'Marissa Caprar' 2 weeks ago
grand master Korben 2 1 2005
18:28 it's adorable!
jisha ms
'jisha ms' 2 weeks ago
it's real ?
renga nathan
'renga nathan' 2 weeks ago
plztell any video editing app
Waterrfall YT
'Waterrfall YT' 2 weeks ago
This guy either has really good editing or he is god himself put on this planet
Shyla Merritt
'Shyla Merritt' 2 weeks ago
Maryjoyce Cunanan
'Maryjoyce Cunanan' 3 weeks ago
very stupid trick..there's a camera trick behind it...WTF..
Andre Erlangga
'Andre Erlangga' 3 weeks ago
zachking he is cool
'txflyguy007' 3 weeks ago
how stupid is this guy
Lukas Bulicek
'Lukas Bulicek' 3 weeks ago
VERY GOOD!!!!!!!!!!
Abby Brady
'Abby Brady' 3 weeks ago
coolest video ever
Joy Anoje
'Joy Anoje' 3 weeks ago
Wout Stulens
'Wout Stulens' 3 weeks ago
it's all foto shopt
AmeliaWinters 0246
'AmeliaWinters 0246' 3 weeks ago
Shah Kulsum shah kulsum
amazing 😀
Edwin van de Mosselaar
Just Great! Very Skilled! & Original.
Sumit Gupta
'Sumit Gupta' 3 weeks ago
mother fuck you bloody helll😎😎😎😎😎
Stanley Li
'Stanley Li' 3 weeks ago
I do appreciate the editing but this is not magic by any means
Chris baker
'Chris baker' 3 weeks ago
I know they are tricks but it's still fun watching it
Steve Morse
'Steve Morse' 3 weeks ago
i love your vidios
Aditya Desai
'Aditya Desai' 3 weeks ago
what is this man🙏
Betty Farmer
'Betty Farmer' 3 weeks ago
shahraiz baloch
'shahraiz baloch' 3 weeks ago
Uni rainbows
'Uni rainbows' 3 weeks ago
Edit 😠 imposible
Prathami Mandhare
'Prathami Mandhare' 3 weeks ago
It's all computerized ,fake🙄🙄
A day in the life of god.
Anand Bissoon
'Anand Bissoon' 3 weeks ago
I think Donald Trump is doing an awesome job, Melania is soo beautiful also Ivanka is a great role model for you young ladies.
Rose mary
'Rose mary' 3 weeks ago
click bait . fck u
Ashleigh B star
'Ashleigh B star' 3 weeks ago
Jellooooo😄Lmao I clearly should have paid more attention in com tech 😂 cause that's some skills right there.
Sonika Sakoor
'Sonika Sakoor' 3 weeks ago
this is so cool how do you do it also want to try it
Creap Girl
'Creap Girl' 3 weeks ago
'MAX PLAYZ MCPE' 3 weeks ago
nice bro
Riya de
'Riya de' 3 weeks ago
deva guru
'deva guru' 3 weeks ago
adapa srinivas
'adapa srinivas' 3 weeks ago
he is so talented
Jon Ketchum
'Jon Ketchum' 3 weeks ago
The thing I like most about the video is how shitty it was
Ali DeFrancisco
'Ali DeFrancisco' 3 weeks ago
Sunil Raina
'Sunil Raina' 3 weeks ago
I want to do this
layla e adriele
'layla e adriele' 3 weeks ago
sou , agc
Ramsai Guduru
'Ramsai Guduru' 3 weeks ago
awesome tricks
Sumi Sarkar
'Sumi Sarkar' 3 weeks ago
John Paul Tacardon
'John Paul Tacardon' 3 weeks ago
how dumb cannyou get
Donut Lover09
'Donut Lover09' 4 weeks ago
I noticed that at 14:13 it was 8:59 don't belive me look
da unicorn
'da unicorn' 4 weeks ago
I don't care if it was editing or not it was still cool
Khalid Maan
'Khalid Maan' 4 weeks ago
2:34 cute cat
Md Rajeh
'Md Rajeh' 4 weeks ago
whatever it is but cool😙
prince massi
'prince massi' 4 weeks ago
How is he doing man???Totallyy amazing...
Theresa Ragan
'Theresa Ragan' 4 weeks ago
I love this!
Luthfi Gunner
'Luthfi Gunner' 4 weeks ago
is perfeck editing
Коля Тарасов
================================= This experiment is super--- #GoldenEggg =================================
Rabia Ilyas
'Rabia Ilyas' 4 weeks ago
Rehana Khatoon
'Rehana Khatoon' 4 weeks ago
don't like
Vignesh vines
'Vignesh vines' 4 weeks ago
i want. to meet au plsss
Sayal wagh
'Sayal wagh' 4 weeks ago
Frela _ap
'Frela _ap' 4 weeks ago
So cool 👍
Maribel Cerezo
'Maribel Cerezo' 4 weeks ago
is this real
Ruvimbo Pacule
'Ruvimbo Pacule' 4 weeks ago
this is so cool
Amelia Jakob
'Amelia Jakob' 4 weeks ago
'TOTAL HOW TO'S' 4 weeks ago
Khushwant Singh
'Khushwant Singh' 4 weeks ago
what your this apo
Bilal Subhani
'Bilal Subhani' 4 weeks ago
superb but un believe able
Sanjay Baloni
'Sanjay Baloni' 4 weeks ago
yah, I am commenting...let's see what happens😋
Achbar44 ˙
'Achbar44 ˙' 4 weeks ago
no yesminis
Berat Kaptann
'Berat Kaptann' 4 weeks ago
Sen gerzakalısın
Berat Kaptann
'Berat Kaptann' 4 weeks ago
Jenilyn Djan
'Jenilyn Djan' 4 weeks ago
you broke my screan
Я тут одна русская???
Iveth Reyes
'Iveth Reyes' 4 weeks ago
yo quiero ser majica
Patryk BIgaj
'Patryk BIgaj' 4 weeks ago
:( no working xD
That Guy
'That Guy' 4 weeks ago
Witchcraft I say! Witchcraft!
Shamsidar Md Ali
'Shamsidar Md Ali' 4 weeks ago
you crazy b zack
Mukesh Jatav
'Mukesh Jatav' 4 weeks ago
what a magic
TekeyAh Marks
'TekeyAh Marks' 4 weeks ago
Wow I wish I could do that
michelle prentovski
'michelle prentovski' 4 weeks ago
He coped it of zack king magic tricks copy cat
Rattanan R
'Rattanan R' 4 weeks ago
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